CHAPTER 10: WEIRD SCIENCE 101                             
                                    "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!"
                                                                         Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz".

Understanding the "Inner-net" is the Tenth Step to Creating From the Future with Multi-Den-
sity Technologies.
 When we perform Intentional  Multi-D. Manifestations or Healings,  we "Become
as One" with the Creative Force  Energies.

    *  "The Space Warp."
              A Group Mind.
    *  "The Basic Energy Field of Creation."
    *  "The Fifth Density Circulatory System."
              Subtle Energy Bodies.
              New Chakras Forming.
    *  "Chakras and Related Issues."
    *  "Triggering Consciousness Evolution with the Creative Drive."
              The Shepherd's Crook.
    *  "Transplanting Creation to other levels.
              The Meridians.
    *  "Immortality."
    *  "The Electromagnetic Spectrum."
               Scalar Energy Fields.            
               Magneto-Electric Energy__Entropy & Tachyons.
    *  "Regeneration"
                A new physical body from one skin cell.
    *  "Consciousness transforms energy and matter.

                                                            "The Space Warp."
Study group member and painting buddy, Helen, and I enroll in the Vogel Crystal Healing Workshops
at Grand Institute, Wyoming,  
July, 1987. Dr. Marcel Vogel,  former  senior scientist with IBM, world-
renowned for his work with  electromagnetism and crystals, is our instructor. Our trainer the first week
Bob Fritchie,  healer, professional engineer and businessman.  The workshops present the Power
of Mind & Love to heal with quartz crystals  and the potentials of humans as energy beings.  We learn
to  recognize,  contact and manipulate  energy fields in and  around the body.  Bob presents  a series
of  hands-on experiments and  demonstrations  providing  profound learning experiences and offering
a depth of understanding that activates expanded creativity for years afterwards.

Helen and I park our RVs and our families at a campground in Jackson Hole,  and drive the forty-mile
round trip to  Grand Institute each day.  We feel uncomfortable munching  bologna or  tuna fish sand-
wiches in the lodge dining room where the menu is strictly organic vegan,  so we eat our bag lunches
outside in the pickup truck during the two hour noon break.

As we eat lunch the first day,  Helen and I excitedly discuss the morning's classwork  and our joy and
gratitude for receiving it.  We notice our voices  sound strange__ resonating or echoing  as if within a
huge hollow tube. It's very quiet outside
;  we hear no wind,  birds,  or cars passing on the roadway, &
feel completely isolated  in our own little world.  We rather enjoy  the novelty,  yet giggle about it nerv-

On the second day it happens again. In fact,  it occurs whenever Helen and I  are together away from
the grou__ but only while we discuss class information. The third day of this  odd resonance,  we look
up to see  Bob standing beside the pickup. "
What are you two doing out here every noon?" he teases.

We explain the situation and Bob says  we'd be very welcome to join the others__ no one would mind.
We'd noticed, too, that we missed out on  discussions occurring during mealtimes. I tell Bob about our
strange voices.
He says that through the teachings we'd been exposed to in class,  & through
our intimate discussions, we've formed a  Space Warp__ an "energy bubble"___in which no
energy can enter from out side  and none can  exit from within.

We're elated.  We've discovered a  new metaphysical skill all on our own!  Not a bit tired driving back
to the campground late that night,  we passionately discuss  the unusual events of the day, little real-
izing what we've gotten ourselves into.

Next morning, we try to absorb  the information offered in class,  but nothing seems to  make sense to
either of us. We whisper back and forth,  trying to work through the confusion,  but we can't. Then we
notice that we've become virtually invisible to both instructors and classmates, who'd previously been  
very open and friendly. We speak to other students,  raise our hands to ask questions or volunteer to
participate in group experiments, but no one notices us. We're totally isolated__as if we no longer ex-
ist in 3-D reality. This continues through the day. Now,  even when
not in the truck, we hear the reso-
nance of our voices. We are trapped inside our own energy bubble!

On the way back to town that evening, we feel angr__ hurt. We decide that  
Marcel & Bob  think we
intentionally shut ourselves off from socializing with others at the Institute, and are going to "
teach us
a lesson
".  We'd both had difficulties  finding funds to take this workshop,  and now also feel cheated  
because we can't learn. Worst of all, is being socially outcast from those wonderful kindred souls.

As we drive through the dark night,  we become even more outraged. It seems futile to attend the rest
of the seminar. We become so upset,  we begin shouting and hurling angry remarks  at both Bob and
Marcel, saying how "unfair" they're being,  nd that they'd" better get us out of this thing" before tomor-
row's class,  or we're going to demand our money back  & go home!  Somehow__ we know  they can
hear or sense what we're saying
; we're "mad as hell,  & we aren't going to take any more of this!" (It's
months later,  before I realize that during this outburst,  we automatically accepted the idea of Telepa-
thy and used it!) Later, Marcel & Bob verify it, laughing with us over the entire incident,  saying, "
were you two mad going home that nigh

But that same night in bed in the  RV,  I can't sleep.  Slipping on a robe,  I pad outside barefoot  to sit
beside the pond. As always,  Nature soothes and calms,  and soon I'm meditating & praying for Spirit  
to help me release from this "bubble thing", and especially to release my anger and hurt over the inci-
dent. Immediately, I feel the bubble dissolve and along with it__all anger and fear. I go to bed & sleep

In the morning,  I feel wonderful.  I chuckle to myself over the incident,  deciding it was only our over-
active imaginations coupled with the fear of missing out on information. But Helen confides she feels
even worse than the day before. She's had little sleep, and if things don't change today, s he's going
home tonight.

Back at Grand Institute, I have no trouble absorbing the lessons, and the other students are as cong-
enial as on the first day. But something is very wrong with Helen,  still caught in the  bubble thing. A-
fter  an hour or so,  she leans over to whisper that she can't see, hear or understand  anything going
on and couldn't write notes if she did. Her eyes have a faraway,  almost glazed-over look to them. I'm
really getting worried about her.

Classes are held in a giant yurt__ a Mongolian circular tent  about sixty feet in diameter with a wood-
en floor and a peaked roof,  topped by a circular steel ring enclosing a six-foot wide glass dome at its
center.  ob has individuals  stand under this dome  to explore their energy fields.  At the  mid-morning
break, Helen is still in "la-la land", and Bob comes towards us with a sheepish grin on his face, noting
I'm no longer in the space warp. He apologizes for the  confusion & inconvenience, saying he and Dr.
Vogel had asked our higher selves for permission  to use our discovery of the  "energy bubble" to run
some experiments of their own.  They'd known of  the phenomenon , but had never before  seen any-
one produce it. The moment he says this, I know it's true__ H. S., had indeed given permission.

When class resumes, first on the agenda is Helen . Bob explains the space warp  and his & Marcel's
decision to run tests to see just  how strong the warp really was__ what  types of things  could occur
within it,  and whether  certain energies could enter or exit.  They had  considered its use for healing
techniques. I tell the class about our experiences  inside th  Space Warp,  and how I managed to re-
lease from it.

It's a beautiful mountain morning  with clear blue skies  and only a few of the little,  puffy white clouds
that normally cling to the  highest crags of Grand Teton Peak. The sun pours down  through the cen-
ter glass dome of the yurt, and Bob calls Helen to stand under it as he uses "Big Bertha", Dr. Vogel's
huge, thirteen-sided quartz crystal, to release her from the Space Warp. Bob performs the usual pre-
paration technique, working directly upon Helen's etheric energy field,
(Chapter 12)  pronouncing the
required mantras.  Nothing happens
;   Helen droops  like a wilted flower.  

Bob uses  dowsing rods to measure her fields  so we can all see what's occurring. The rods
indicate no soul inside her!. Helen's consciousness is completely out-of-body!

Bob asks Helen,  "Where are you?"  In a  far-away voice,  she replies  she's  "up on the mountain"__  
probably meaning
 Grand Teton Peak,  considered a sacred crystal mountain where ascended mast-
ers meet each autumn equinox. "
What are you doing up there?" asks Bob. "Getting a great teaching",
she replies mechanically.

(We're all  "getting a great teaching"  all right. )

Charging himself anew, Bob takes special care to ground his own energy field with Earth,  & repeats
the technique to an exact degree. I note he's perspiring now,  calling upon all his skill and knowledge,
and pulling in all the higher-dimensional energy he can for this release.

As Bob completes the crystal healing technique & commands  Helen's release  from the Space Warp,
a huge lightning bolt flashes down through the glass dome,  splitting the air between them,  accomp-
anied by the biggest,  loudest crash of thunder ever heard.  And where there were  blue skies & sun-  
sunshine only moments before, the light above the glass dome turns inky black, & rain pounds down
in such torrents tha  even though we scream to talk, we still cannot hear each other.

Bob calmly continues to balance & close Helen's energy fields.  She starts to look like  her old self a-
gain, her breathing stabilizes, her color returns__  She's back in physical body. The rain continues to
pour down for twenty minutes as the heavy tension in the yurt gradually dissipates.

Later Bob tells us they learned that  we must not keep someone  in the Space Warp  for too
long a time, for with the soul consciousness fully or partially withdrawn,   the physical body
begins  to energetically decline, and beings from other dimensions of Earth can enter & con-
trol it for their own purposes.

In this case, it was an Elemental (
Chapter 16) that entered and pretended to be Helen's soul,
saying it was  "
up on the mountain getting a great teaching"  in hopes it would be allowed to
remain in the body  until it gained permanent control . Actually,  Helen's  Higher Self  played
along with the experiment  and allowed this to happen  for the enlightenment of  all present.
Needless to say,   we'll be  forever grateful to this dear soul  for agreeing  to this experience
which taught us all a tremendous lesson about other-dimensional energy fields.

I called the energy bubble a  "Vendome",  because I sensed  the doming of an energy sphere around
us. At the lost Rivers, Idaho, study group meetings over the next seven years,  we found a  Vendome
manifested whenever we lovingly increased our vibrations, enabling us to maintain Unity Conscious-
ness for longer periods of time.

Consciousness can realize self as either a separate, individualized personality (as a particle)
__ or as a  unified Group Soul,  totally connected with  All That Is (as a wave). Spirit/Creative
Force and Higher Selves think,  speak and  act as  a Group Mind.  Spirit recognizes  no other
way of being,  nor has It  any concept of  judgment,  discrimination or  dis-unification,  for all
humans also are that same Being.

Our study group found that the Vendome was what ancient Hebrews called a "Merkaba". It...
"creates  and controls time  translation  and is the hook-up or overlap  between  dimensions
of Light."
The Vendome/Merkaba increases geometrically through Time & Space,  and is the vehicle
which humanity & the planet are developing,  that enables them to shift into hyper-dimensional areas.  
Sometimes referred to as a "
Light Body",  it is a living energy fiedl generated  from a living being hold-
ing Unconditional Love. It is a spinning vortex  shaped like a huge star tetrahedron extending fifty-five
feet  outward from the body.  The spin  changes one's  vibrational frequency , and when spun fast en-
ough, expands for miles as one disappears from 3-D view.
 We later learned that the SPACE/TIME
WARP can be used as a SPACESHIP.

A Fifth Density Circulatory System
A Higher-Density,  invisible energetic network connects all Creation. This stream of life mean-
ders through all space, energy and matter,  flowing through humans , Earth, animals, plants, minerals,
e-ergies, space and through the solar system, galaxy and universe.

The physical body's blood flow, digestive,  nervous and brain systems are well known.  Until recently,  
the mechanics of sending data or impulses t o living organisms  have been basically limited to the ner-
vous system, to chemical agents in the body and to genetic factors.

These physical lines of interplay  are paralleled by  the 5th-dimensional system__ operating
within human energy fields.  Our understanding of this  "Inner-net",  which includes both el-
ectromagnetic &  magneto-electric  energy spectrums , is the Tenth Step  towards  Creating
From the Future
. This Field is in constant flux. We might compare it to newly-mixed Jello__ still fluid
__ yet holding the potential  to be formed into a solid by human observations, thoughts, emotions, ex-
pectations and intentions.

We've examined energy lines and centers connected with Earth's sacred sites,  (Chapter 3).
Earth's grid system  is paralleled by  a human body's chakra network of energy movement).

This system uses
the artistic elements of light (color), sound & shape to draw down from higher
levels of awareness, the energies needed to
renew the human body as it evolves its conscious-
 Connections to both inner and outer states of life  are sensed through this energetic system in
our bodies.

The Subtle Energy Bodies
All Energy and all Matter have vibrational frequencies  co-existing within the same physical
space and time without necessarily interfering with each othe
r. Around our physical body  and
inter-penetrating it, lies a series of invisible energy fields called
subtle energy bodies__etheric, emo-
tional, mental and spiritual,  extending outwardly  from the physical  in that order__ each  vibrating at
progressively higher frequencies, overlapping & inter-penetrating each lower frequency subtle body.

Humans are now in the early stages  of developing their energy bodies.  One of life's goals  on Earth
is to construct adequate  physical & subtle bodies & build them  into  crystallographic forms__ "
". The better we build, the more we carry with us after the physical body dies.

Consciousness does not  disappear after death;  it's what we retain when we  transcend the
physical world, as Christ & millions of near-death-experiencers have demonstrated.

When  Expanded Creative Energies  enter through the subtle bodies'  invisible energy lines,
a whole new physical body surface or several major body parts__  tissues,  organs or limbs
__ can be  regenerated  out of only one skin cell.
 Even the  lower energetic centers  of the body
can, in this way, be transformed  into Creation's more expanded energy levels.  We are living here on
Earth in a  3rd-density physical body__ a barometer__ a testing zone  for what-ever needs balancing  
or healing in our lives.  We're evolving into energy beings who'll no longer need a physical body once
we master our "energetic lessons".

New Chakras Forming
Within the etheric body,  the energetic centers (chakras),  are aligned along the etheric spinal column.
The Life Force,
chi or prana, collects in these energetic body areas. Chakras are  biological vortexes
__ transformers__ stepping down incoming energies,  then delivering them to cells, glands,  organs &
nerves. We've had seven major chakras within our bodies for thousands of years. An eighth chakra a-
bove our heads is also used by the Truly E-lightened Stage individual. (
Figure 2)

Our creative drive moves upwards  through the seven major chakras  to trigger consciousness evolu-
tion. We introduced the effect of fear on energy centers in an earlier chapter, (
Chapter 7). At this time
on Earth, five additional chakras are opening, changing our bodies & connecting us to expanded den-

1) Diaphragm chakra,  between the  solar plexus & heart chakra,  just beneath the bottom of
the sternum.
2) Thymus chakra,  halfway between the  heart and throat chakras,  sometimes called  "The
High Heart".
(3) Medulla Oblongata chakra, or "
Mouth of God" where the spine connects with the  back of
the skull.
(4) Universal Male chakra, above the top of the head and to the left side.
(5) Universal Female chakra, above the top of the head and to the right side.

Each chakra has,  or will manifest , a physical endocrine gland.  
In accordance with  the activity
and condition of each chakra,  its related gland will secrete,  not secrete,  or over-secrete the hormo-
nes used by the physical body  to promote optimal health and well-being.  There are over  one hund-
red chakras in our  physical body, in factz__ with two important ones on the soles of the feet and two
on the palms of the hands. The subject is complex.  At this time, we need to know only that both maj-
or and minor centers exist  and a little about how they function  in order to better understand how Ex-
panded Multi -D Technologies work.

The Chakras and Related Issues
Unbalanced  feelings,  attitudes or beliefs  cascade through  the subtle bodies  to eventually
disturb the physical. Toxins__ chemical, psychological,  or environmental__ cause the most
physical damage in the body area nearest the most out-of-balance chakra.

For example,  if the solar plexus-third energy center is unbalanced,  issues about personal power,  
about having control over one's life  and connections with other people and all that lives are distress-
ed. An underflow of energy here presents a personality that is cowardly, meek and submissive__ the
"doormat" or "victim" of others.  An over-flow of energy  through the solar plexus results in control and
domination, manipulation,  anger or abuse of others. This center concerns  how we relate to others &
they to us, including our sense of connection with Earth and Nature.

Problems with the solar plexus center  can eventually manifest distress in the organs of digestive and
purification__ ulcers,  gall bladder,  diabetes & sometimes kidney, liver or problems around the diaph-
ragm. The adrenals might also be affected,  although the
root or base chakra  can also be  involved  
with  adrenal hormones. These dysfunctions suggest we may be "playing old memory tapes" that long
ago programmed us with fear, guilt, or inadequacy.

brow chakra inside the center of the skull,  level with a point  between the eyebrows,  is directly
connected to the pineal gland. It involves intuition and clairvoyance,  the ability to  view subtle energy
bodies or auras, to "read" the superconscious side of life & scan other dimensional realms. This cent-
er's quality gives one conscious intuitive skills.

crown-seventh center  at the very top of the head connects with the pituitary gland in the cen-
ter of the skull. It concerns our evolutionary questing__ seeking the meaning of life and searching for
our origins as consciously evolving beings. Complete activation of the crown center initiates the final,  
Self-Realization Stage  of consciousness. Normally we think of  the brow-pineal chakra  as being the
next energetic center above the throat.  But, when dealing with Higher Creativity, we find that the for-
ces can take a different route, depending upon the individual's stage of enlightenment.

s seventh energetic center is symbolized by the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, which has been
encoded with vibrations enabling a human being to  connect with her higher self, spiritual guides and
intelligences. Through a fully open and functioning crown center, she receives the necessary instruc-
tion for managing her own consciousness evolution. (See
Archives for info on additional chakras.)

The amount of magnetite  in an individual's brain  may determine the individual's ability  to sense
(electromagnetic) vibrations.  Is this wha t "
psychic"  really means?  When we  open to  other  realms
while linked with EM energy fields and waves,  what is actually contacted?  On the physical level, re-
searchers recently have discovered cells in the brain containing magnetite crystals, indicating an ab-
ility to sense energy fields. The proximity of these cells to the pituitary & pineal glands  may use infor-
mation from Earth's magnetic fields to regulate releases of brain hormones  which directly control lev-
els of awareness.  Other research indicates evidence of organic crystalline structures in the body, in-
cluding the
rhodopsin molecules in the cone and rod cells of the  retina... (eye) .. which are assemb-
led in crystal-like plates.

There are rules for  how energy and matter  behave in  other dimensional realms.  Once we
learn these laws,  we humans can  alter EM frequencies.
 We can  alter  our thoughts & feel-
ings, focus our attention and through Intentional techniques,  change our own or others' en-
ergy fields__ even alter Weather and Environmental energy fields.

When  male and female natures__ left & right brain hemispheres__ are fully integrated,  two different
pathways can open
: If the crown center has not fully opened, then the brow center is represented  by
the pineal gland connected with the
Medulla Oblongata__ the "Mouth of God",  where the top of the
spine meets the base of the skull, and where intuitive guidance and information come into the individ-
ual's brain to be used to further evolve his spirituality. (
Figure 7-A). However, until both crown & brow
centers are  fully connected through this spiritual triad,  the individual will not actually enter into or ex-
perience within those higher dimensional realities.

When the  crown chakra has activated,  an energy polarity sets up
between the  pituitary and the pineal.  A triangle of  higher creative
energy  comes  into play. Then  the individual  can  fully  enter  into
and experience within dimensions other than the third. Usually, the
first and  second dimensions open first, followed by the  fourth and
soon after, the fifth. As time  goes on  and consciousness  evolves,
other  dimensions gradually  become a part of  one's experience &
service.  At this point,  in Unity Consciousness,  one can begin  co-
create with divine intelligences & play a direct role in building new
cultural realities.

Ancient spiritual teachings call this polaity  "
The Shepherd's Crook". It is  exemplified in the night sky  
by the Constellation Bootes, "
The Herdsman".  The Idaho Stargate in Idaho  is a geographical reflect-
ion of this constellation,  whose major star is
Arcturus,  third brightest star  in the heavens. Arcturian
intelligences oversee the input of hyper-dimensional, non-material technologies into  Earth & human-
ity. They also play a major role in the formation of crop circles, which relay this type of  information to
humanity via Earth.

The eighth,  or cosmic chakra  above the head,  is our  connection to  higher creative  forces
brought down from cosmic and universal levels. When this center is fully activated, the ind-
ividual can enter i-to and experience in many dimensional realities simultaneously. This 8th
center holds  the advanced creative power necessar y
to transplant Creation from one level
to another.

Do not try to open the chakras or deliberately intensify their energies in meditation; let them
open naturally.  
Planet Earth and all life upon Her are vibrating in tune with  Her higher centers right
now. During the  
July 21-22, 2009, Total Solar Eclipse,  Earth's pineal center began to open, & hum-
ans began to experience occasional telepathy  and intentional manifestations of their thoughts & feel-
ings. By
March 9, 2011,  we began expanding so fast, that our brains sometimes couldn't keep up.
We need to use only Iintuition & Higher Self's guidance now. Better to stay in sync with Mother Earth,
unless we have specific permission from H.S..

The five new chakras presently opening in the evolving human being  are manifesting in re-
sponse to new energies entering the galaxy, solar system and planet.
The Andromeda Galaxy,
the  Dwarf Sagittarius Galaxy and our  Milky Way Galaxy  are merging now,  & all life in our solar sys-
tem, Earth included, receives more information.

the new diaphragm chakra  between the solar plexus and the heart center opens,  a person
fully enters into Unity Consciousness & his H.S. links with the
Higher Light Spectrum__ also known
The Seven Rays,  Hyper-dimensional Realms,  Higher Densities  or the  Magneto-Electric
.  As this new diaphragm chakra   merges with the eighth chakra above the head__ a living
energy field forms around the body__ permitting the individual to functio
n as a super-species being
in as many as nine dimensions at once within our local universe.

An invisible network of twelve major channels called meridians connects the etheric & phy-
sical bodies, forming an energetic interface  between the two
. Nadis__ points where meridians
cross__ are used by  acupuncturists to relieve pain
and treat physical or emotional dysfunctions. The
meridians connect the chakras and carry the life force from the envir-onment into the body. Disturban
ces in these meridians or nadis  can manifest as distortions  or illness in the etheric and physical bod-
ies, as can any energetic anomalies in the chakras.

After the Fall of Mankind, nearly
13,000 years ago, we sank so low in awareness over the next sev-
eral millennia,  we were no longer able  to receive the  advanced star programs.  Our higher chakras
stopped operating consciously,  only affecting us subconsciously. The twelve bio-physical meridians  
of our 5-D  circulatory system  also lost direct contact  with our higher selves &  non-physicall,  divine
intelligences. Even acupuncture no longer worked.  Something had to be done, and we had less than
another 13,000 years to do it,  before Earth moved from its  octahedron energetic shape  to a star tet-
rahedron shape (like the Merkaba)  which would put us into a hyper-dimensional,
4-D existence.  A
program was designed to lead us back to Creator via the Basic Multi-Dimensional Technologies pre-
sented in
Part II.  This program brings change through energy transferences. Change first occurs int-
ernally for an individual,  then externally  through forms for his  new outward expressions.  Cleansing
the inner self with  Basic Multi-D Technologies prepares one for brain wave states  fostering an inner
guidance system, allowing one to remain continually open to Spirit-Creative Force guidance.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Fourth Density:
The effectiveness of 4-D rituals  is based primarily upon  the motives of the  participants as
they literally  manipulate symbols. This is,  according to ancient sources,  the very essence
Magic. The magic__ if we can call it that, is an opening of passageways between the phy-
sical world and the spiritual world
. When used in appropriate ways, even mounds and earth-
works can be used to open the portals between different densities of reality.

Attempting to progress through life  by physical means only,  eventually  leads to the  death of  some-
thing. Progressing by raising consciousness & becoming spiritually attuned, brings life__ and eventu-

Our sciences have discovered much about chemical and electrical changes occurring in our bodies &
brains during
4th-Density rituals and consciousness evolving practices. The brain holds  certain
areas that can be influenced bya ll sorts of  paranormal experiences,  including out-of-body episodes,  
near-death-experiences, visions, ecstatic flights,  the awareness of ghosts, shadow people and other-
world beings, & even religious teachings.
Even though our brain is basically a biological organ, it
originates both electrical and eletromagnetic fields

We might perceive
Electromagnetic Energy (EM)  as an Energy pulling the material world together  
and giving us a way to perceive or measure it. What really happens, is that we begin to reside in a lit-
eral "sea" of  Electromagnetism.  When homing pigeons are  released to fly home, we'll see them first
fly up into the air, then make two complete circles and take off in a certain direction. But they don't fly
in a straight line
; they zig-zag back & forth.  What they're doing, is circling to sense the EM energy as
it flows from their home, then heading in the direction of that particular frequency. When they lose the
EM homing signal,  they veer from side to side,  correct their course, finding it again, &  repeating this
action until they arrive home.

Until the  
1970's & 80's,  science thought  that our brains were not affected  by magnetic fields, but in
,  they found  the magnetite mineral in human brains,  which also existed in  the brains of homing
pigeons, and was used as their "compass" for navigation. Magnetite was known to  align with any EM
fields near them, and as it does so, it vibrates in tune with that present field,  as we see iron filings do  
when moved by a magnet on a sheet of paper. Magnetite crystals float in a fluid inside our brain cells.
Experiments revealed how the vibrating magnetite inside certain brain cells__ homing pigeon or hum-
an__ produce electrical charges in the brains, changing moods & activating experiences. This means
we humans can interface with and affect the many EM fields surrounding us in our environment.

Scalar Energy Field s are a phenomenon that may  shed light on th e information  field intuit-
ives may be accessing. Scalar refers to a quantity that has magnitude or size, but no motion
__  for example,  pressur
e.  The pressure of a gas has a value,  can be measured,  but press-
ure has no motion.  When applied to  field theory,  scalar refers to  fields of  potential energy
and information that lie  outside the usual spectrum of EM energ
y. This can be confusing be-
cause  scalar fields  may be  coupled  with EM  phenomena.  
Glen Rein  said that  unlike  EM
Fields,  Scalar Fields are independent of  Distance and  Time. They can affect  other spaces,  
can have negative ion energy, and can even travel backwards in Time.

"Thought, arriving from the brain or heart is scalar in nature.  This means it is
apriori ..."from
cause to  affect;  from a general law  to a particular instance."... "to matter,  is steerable  and
infinite has  no relationship to Time or Space. It is__ if you will"__ "
before matter."...  (Web-

A new  Slim Spurling/Light-Life Tool,  the Alchemical Scalar Transmitter, the AST... Will be used
to amplify the thought or Intention initiated  through a highly developed use of  human brain
capacity  that stems from the  ancient Taoist tradition of harmony of the yin-yang.  The proc-
ess will provide direct access to the Elements of Nature and with the harmony generated by
the use of this technique, command Earthly Elements  such as  Radioactive Isotopes to sus-
pend their fissile nature and be inactive or inert substances stabilized by the essence of the
neutrino sea that is influenced and directed by scalar intention.

As mentioned in  (Chapter 3),  sacred sites and mounds were often formed over intense magnetic an-
omalies. Recent findings indicate that
during eclipses, gravity will change,  (although the cause is
unknown). It's called
the AllisEffect__a possible reason why the recording of the Moon's movements
over its
18.62 year metonic cycle of eclipses was so important  to the mound builders.

One may wonder  why we need to know  all this information about  gravity, mounds,  eclipses,  etc.. if
we'r'e learning to heal human beings. The reason is once we 're able to heal  plants , animals and hu-
mans__ we'll eventually be required to heal much more as well.  During Eclipses,  those mound build-
ers held ceremonies that could actually change the effects of Gravity, allowing crops to grow to great-
er sizes. They could also influence Weather.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum  impulses ALL  subtle & physical bodies  through the etheric
 Earth's magnetic field is swirling & changing continually due to the sun's activity, but the night-
time side of our planet remains fairly stable. Is this why natural crop circles form in the dark,  and why
UFO's are more frequently seen at night?

Ancient  Geomancers and Seers  did not have to contend with the  intense EM pollution  as presently
experienced by today's industrialized culture.  Urban residents are particularly impacted by every sort
of EM field,  wave and disturbance.  We may be  blocking ourselves from our  natural inner  guidance
realms with our abundance of technological devices.  Electromagnetism is a balanced combination of
electricity and magnetism.  Being a combination of both  male and female energetics,  it is a powerful,
natural force generated by both  Sun & Earth.  When either the  electrical or the magnetic component
of the EM force becomes dominant,  the imbalance causes unnatural EM to occur. Inner cities & pow-
er stations__ for instance__ generally are too heavily tipped  toward the electrical side,  and in effect,  
produce EM "pollution". Unbalanced EM negatively affects our health, and In extreme cases,  may re-
sult in a blockage of the flow of the Life Force.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum  which we experience in  3-D consciousness,  is divided roughly  into  
twelve known portions  functioning within  the physical planes  of the  planet.  When a  disturbance is
produced at any point in space  by creation of an EM energy field__  that disturbance travels through
space as a Wave. We measure these waves by their Frequency__ fast or slow__by their wavelength
__long or short__ and by their amplitude (intensity ). We know that Earth's vibrations are rising in fre-
quency very rapidly now,  and our  physical and energetic bodies  are trying to  synchronize with her.  
The EM wavelengths can range from many miles to less than a millionth of an inch. The wavelengths
are  important to understand  as we  create with  Multi-Dimensional Technologies,  for it is the  
length of consciousness
, rather than the frequency,  which determines the Density of Choice for both  
Earth and humans.

There is a  
Language of Light in our universe, formed of symbols,  facilitating instant communication
with the
 Universal Mind__ the  pro-creator language  carrying the  Greater Plan for Life,  which can
encode information into a crystal or crystalline substance.  Once we energy artists enter the
Truly En-
lightened Stage
, we become  Lightworkers__ regularly receiving  such encoded communications  in
dreams, visions or meditations.

The ultimate source of EM radiation is  the atoms of the radiating system.  When  negatively-charged  
electron particles of an atom are excited by appropriate means,  they move to higher energetic states.
When they return to their original state__ stepping down from higher energy levels__ they emit radia-
tion whose frequency equals the decrease in energy involved in the transition__ most commonly__ as
heat, sound or light.
(See Archives for more on the EM Spectrum)

What if I told you that  the next step for  the evolution of  human consciousness is that of be-
ing sensitive above & below the Visible Light & Heat Range of the EM Spectrum?  
Solar flares
excite chakras, endocrine glands & living cells to trigger mutations of species. Our Sun has been pro-
ducing more frequent & more intense solar flares  than known in human history.  As we move through
this Third Millennium,  increased Sunspot activity is releasing more energy  to stimulate the activity of
living cells, including
mitochondria,  the specific electric power plant of live cells,  and to accelerate
the endocrine gland functions  associated with our chakras.  The present  solar flare cycle  peaked in
2011, 2012 & 2013. Could we say we've been "revved up"  for something very unique in  human evol-

We are seeing certain health problems impacting humans all around Earth, involving our Nervous Sy-
stems and Memory  due to the  Sun's increasing energy flow.  This is to  "charge us up"  because our
nervous system  is the portal to our  "inner eye",  that enables us to  Remember  Who  We Really Are,
Where We Came From, and Why We Are Here Now."

The nervous system  must be able to  take the electrical curren t into the body,  transduce the  high
energy  and fit it inside the body,  and let the body evolve and nurture itself  on this high energy that
is Consciousness. This is literally what is occurring

"it is as if you were to  take a newborn babe  and feed this babe a formula  that would  force it to grow
from a  day-old infant into a  thirty-year-old adult  within one year.  That newborn child would  become
thirty in one year."
 Barbara Marciniak: "Bringers of the Dawn".  

Examining our  3-D  EM Spectrum,  we find shorter  wavelengths of radiation occur at the higher freq-
uency end of the spectrum, while the longer wavelengths occur at the lower frequency end.  
science books  seldom tell s about a  thirteenth portion of the EM band  which is  even lower
down on the  frequency scale__  having  very slow frequencies,  but wavelengths far longer
than electricity:
 human brain waves are the longest waves  with the lowest frequencies of the
EM spectrum
. (See Archives for more.)

Through our etheric bodies,  the chakras serve as pumps for Earth's vibrational frequencies,  and the
ductless glands are in turn  conditioned via the chakras. In this way,  we express creativity  by receiv-
ing and projecting thoughtforms through the grid networks of the planet. We feed energy to each oth-
er when we  lovingly apply creative skills from our higher centers  and move them  throughout Earth's
space and time. When we love one another, perceive the good in others,  and work well together, we
feed our energetic bodies. Deprived of this love, the etheric body begins to shrivel. Spiritual practices
such as prayer, meditation, yoga, rituals,  and linking with Nature or  engaging in creative arts, we ac-
cess the 4th or 5th-density energy fields b oth within and around our bodies. We can make any space
into a sacred space simply by Intending it be so.

One of the first exercises students of advanced yoga & mysticism learn is how to activate &
strengthen their light-energy bodies by working with energy fields.
It takes only thirty seconds
of strong emotion coupled with a loving focus  to enable all the body's cells to activate their potentials
with each other.  We then affect our immune system  and our genetic coding,  charging our body cells
with tremendous power and energy.

We develop an ability to sense  the EM vibrations given off by  persons, things, ideas or pla-
Even our eyes can take in not only the visual energetics surrounding us,  but also the EM which
sunlight provides.  Eventually we unite with everything of like frequency . Just as wavelengths deter-
mine our Dimension of Consciousness,
Frequency determines who or what we're Attracting__
or what is Attracting us.

As we expand our consciousness  to be more inclusive__ sensing more & more of the universe__ we
contact more and more life-forms, persons, places, things, events or ideas  than ever before, until fin-
ally we  Become as One with All Life Everywhere.  We use our higher creative gifts to meld Universal
Purposes with  Multi-D Technologies.  As  Truly Enlightened individuals__ Lightworkers__ we radiate
those Intentions outwardly into the physical world of matter & into higher dimensional realms as well.

The various portions of the EM spectrum  tend to overlap each other. For example,  part of the Radar
& Radio sections extend into the TV portion,  & Microwaves also include some  Radio & Infrared heat
waves. There is no clear cut division. But when we move into the EM portions where atomic particles
and components  radiate at very high frequencies,  we must turn to
 hyper-dimensional physics to
explain how those waves or rays behave.

Different colors (wavelengths) of radiation  interact differently  with the endocrine system to
stimulate or inhibit hormonal production,  & those chakras corresponding to particular states

of consciousness and personality types, are each responsive to, or ignited by a different co-
 If the seven original major chakras of our bodies  and their associated endocrine glands relate to
the seven colors  of the visible light spectrum,  then it may be that  the five  newly developing chakras
may relate to other portions of the  EM Spectrum__ or even to portions of the
 Magneto-Electric Spec-

Magneto-Electrical Energy,  lying beyond  and parallel  to the EM spectrum,  is the Magneto-
Electric Spectrum (ME), an energy band believed to function  beyond the speed of light
. The
barrier  between these two radiation energy spectrums  is sometimes called the
4th Density
 or Hyperspace.  This may be  what facilitate s exceptional human experiences i n multi-
density realms.

Positive Space-Time matter is associated with  EM radiations of electricity.  Negative Space-
Time matter is associated primarily with  the magnetism factor of EM, and a force  described
as  Magneto-Electric Radiation  (
ME).  The subtle energies  beyond the  Four Fundamental Forces,
may act in concert with human consciousness.

 Einstein-Lorentz Transformation Theory suggests that when an atomic particle is  accelerat-
ed to approach the speed of light, its kinetic energy (
energy associated with motion) increases incre-
dibly.  Particle accelerators such as the  
Hadron Collider in Switzerland, are built to observe these
effects . Until now, textbooks on physics stated  it was impossible  to accelerate a sub-atomic particle
beyond  the speed of light,  because the  mathematical calculations involved in this activity  arrived at
solutions which contained the square root of a "
minus one"__ considered an imaginary number. How-
ever, recent experiments enabled an electron to instantly teleport from one location to another & back
__ faster than light-speed. (See
Archives for more on ME Spectrums.)

More daring mathematicians consider this square root of "minus one" to be one of a system of numb-
ers called "
hyper-numbers." that can be used in equations to describe the behavior of  hyper-dimen-
sional phenomena
such as the subtle energetic interactions of living systems__ perhaps what we've
earlier called a
"Space Warp" or "Vendome-Merkaba".

The  Einstein-Lorentz Transformation explanation  includes a simple graph with a curved line plotting
the velocity of a particle  from "
at rest",  on up to,  and beyond the speed of light.  However, a second
curve on the graph  appears opposite the first curved line,  somewhat like a mirror-image,  lying in the
right-hand section of the diagram where  the
hypernumbers exist.  Dr. Tiller calls this right-hand port-
ion of the chart,  "
Negative Space-Time".  The left-hand portion,  indicating the movement of the part-
icle in physical space and time, is called "
Positive Space-Time".  Negative Space and Time is not un-
known to physicists,  some of whom have suggested  the existence of a particle known as a "
which theoretically can exist only at speeds exceeding the velocity of light.

Entropy is a system's natural tendency toward disorder. In general, most systems within the physical
universe lean toward increasing entropy & disorder over time
;  i.e.__ in 3-D reality, things eventually
dissolve. When the life force exits a physical body,  the shell left behind begins to return, aided by the
earthly micro-organisms, to its original raw materials
: a typical positive entropic process.

An exception to this,  is the behavior of  Living Systems  which take in  the raw materials  of food,
light and water,  and organize  their components into complex molecular structures  like protein,  
or collagen.
 Living systems display  negative entropy; i.e., the life force of living systems seems
to be associated with tendencies toward increasing order.

Negative Space-Time Matter is primarily  magnetic in nature. Experiments with  laying-on-of-hands
healers  and their effects on living systems,  reveal that  the growth rate of plants  can be accelerated
by a healer's hands, which intensify the kinetic activity of enzymes in a manner  similar to the effect of  
high-intensity magnetic fields. When the effects from  healers' hands were  measured on  the enzyme
trypsin,  previous tests indicated that  high intensity magnetic fields  speed up enzyme reaction rates.

What was most interesting, is that these experiments involved several types of enzymes_ some more
harmful to the body's health,  some more beneficial , and some having  little or no impact on the body.
When energy from healers' hands was applied to the various enzymes, some of the  enzyme reaction
rates accelerated over time, some had a decrease in activity, and others showed no change.
In each
instance,  the activity of the enzymes  was altered or maintained  in whatever fashion would
bring greater stability and well-being  to the health of the physical body
.  It was as if some inn-
ate, or
Infinite Loving, Intelligent, Self-Organizing, Purposeful Force was in control, gently nud-
ging toward negative entropy within the human body energy field.

The human etheric-energy subtle body is the blueprint for the cellular systems of the physi-
cal body
. As a self organizing,  holographic energy template  tending toward increasing order,  our e-
theric body  has  negative entropy  and co-exists  within the  Magneto-Electric  Spectrum in  Negative
Space-Time. EM Energy,  we know, can create a  Space-Tpme Warp__ a Vortex__ but it is the rapid-
ly vibrating center of the vortex (Merkaba-Vendome) that pulls us into the ME Spectrum and Negative

When in  
4th or  5th-Density  Realities:  the Tiller-Einstein  Model  of  Negative  Space-Time__
strong thoughts and emotions manifest instantly
.  This model's higher energy spectrum, existing  
beyond our commonly known EM spectrum
, is known by various names:  "Magneto-Electric Energy",
space energy", "free energy", "hyper-density energy" or the "Zero Point Field".

Unity Consciousness can completely change our lives
, enabling us to experience Multiple Den-
sities of reality simultaneously, whether awake or a sleep. Transferring from a  
3-D  to a 4-D or high-
er Density__ or vice versa, one moves through the EM spectrum at or near the speed of light.

When a  human consciousness  enters higher density,  energetic states of being __  the ME
Spectrum__ he can then communicate with matter   affect the emotion, consciousness, en-
ergy and matter that exist in  lower density or  dimensional states.
 This is  he premise behind
telepathy, remote viewing, energetic healing, omniscience, manifestation and ascension.

A part of the  EM field that fills the  Nervous System rests a few centimeters above the skin,  
outside of the body
. This field is an organ  just like  the heart or the brain.  It is in "quantum
, like an electron, effectively everywhere in the universe  & nowhere specif-
ic.  It may be imprinted by information from anywhere and at any time.  With it, you may
other worlds, you may see the past & the future; you may see into the lives of those around
you. Some scientists believe the pineal gland is the center of this organ.

It always precedes manifestations of both energy and matter.  Artistic,  holistic thinking and  perceiv-
ing,  can interpret and integrate  vast amounts of  seemingly unrelated bits of information into more in-
clusive views of the universe.  This is what
 Autistic or ADHD children do. It may be  that our children
with ADHD or Autism are receiving  huge amounts of  information continually,  and this gives them so
much trouble focusing. Our great-grandson was diagnosed with ADHD  and given
ritalin  to control it.  
At our home,  he had a grand time playing with some art materials. For his ninth birthday, we sent him
a set of watercolor pencils, brushes, drawing pencils, a sketch pad and a booklet with forms & instru-  
ctions  for making his own comic book. He opened the present,  and immediately  began to draw and
paint__  for hours on end!  
He focused for long periods of time!  Art activities  require  using  the right
holistic brain to create, which can perceive patterns and synthesize many different  bits of information  
into a whole thought or concept. Through higher creativity,  we can access  magnetic energy fields &
and the ME Spectrum, increase our energy, then express that energy outwardly into the world of mat-
ter, to activate "magic"and "miracles".

As Lightworkers involved in Multi-D Technologies, working with "super-energies", we will stay attuned
to each other and to our environment,  adapt to the needs of the moment in accord with universal pur-
poses, and find harmonious solutions  to problems facing humanity and the planet. We can communi-
cate with matter through an
EM Spectrum; but through the ME Spectrum/hyper-dimensional state, we
influence matter from more expanded states of consciousness.

We must always first ask permission before creating with our new medium__  Energetic Int-
ention__ for Consciousness can transform or distort both energy and matter.

We are living in very unusual times. Astronomical cycles, earth changes,  cosmic rays and solar flares
are precipitating opportunities  for major regeneration of Earth and humans. Some people believe that
the kind of transformations these cycles are thrusting upon us have never happened before in the his-
tory of humankind. But, in fact, opportunities for them may occur regularly on that  
26,000 year cycle.
At any rate, something really tremendous is occurring, and each of us plays a vital role in bringing it to
a positive or negative conclusion.

Brain Shifts into an expanded, more inclusive consciousness occur to the entire human race
fairly often
. Researchers have found a total of seven different evolutionary triggers in the experi-
ence of the race as a whole. Each factor alone can catalyze a global crisis, urging our species to eith-
er expire or transform itself through a brain shift.  These crises include planetary pollution,  drastic cli-
mat and extreme weather changes,  causing both material destruction and dwindling or contaminated
food supplies, over-population,  world-wide plagues, failing energy resources, or
 Acculturation: the
introduction of Beings greatly advanced in intelligence or technology.

What is most unusual during our present world-culture,  is that all seven crisis situations are
now occurring to us and our planet at the same time.
 It matters not  whether these  evolutionary
triggers are really happening or not. What does matter__ is whether or not we Fear them.