Water...whether liquid, solid ice or vapor, gaseous, is a Universal System for Life Itself. Our Earth is
also 70% water.. The memory element of thought  forms magnetic domains.  A crystal will precipitate
water. Like a rain dance, Often after I performed an Environmental Healing, a rainstorm would follow.


"WATER HOLDS MEMORY__ It holds all knowledge in the universe."





In  Dr. Marcel Vogel's  "Psychic Research  Institute", an additional way to "charge water" was found
by using
SOUND.  First, the sound of a trumpet was used to charge the water. Then the CHANTS of
the  Veda and other sacred texts  were added. The result was a million-times greater charge onto the
water's molecular structure, as confirmed by a radionics instrument measuring the vibrational spectra
of the water.

The various pure spring water samples  were also treated with a "D" cell.  Each of the secondary me-
thods of treatment  gave some improvement  to the water's charge__ but none  came near the sacred
sound additions to the water.

Other experiments lowering the water's
TEMPERATURE increased it's capacity to store EM energy.    

The water used was from Stewart Mineral Springs near Mt. Shasta, California. Other pure spring wa-
ters were used from various sources, and the purer the water  the greater the resulting charge .

Opposite  19 degrees Pisces is  19 degrees Virgo, where the September 10, 1988 Solar Eclipse
occurred,  while I was on Orcas Island,  & had the OOBE Vision of an ancient Lemurian hut and tem-
ple, and was told
: "The Creatures need to Learn to Create From Within."

The Sabian Symbol for 19* Virgo is:  "The stimulation that comes from a group effort towards a spi-
ritual goal.  When Man has learned to operate in a new element__  WATER,  representing the ever-
flowing stream of PSYCHIC ENERGY, and in a sense at least,  the ASTRAL  WORLD"...  "a deeper
meaning is that  Man is now able,  mystically speaking,  to cross the river and reach " THE OTHER
SIDE", "or to swim back TOWARD SOURCE."... " What is needed is EMULATION, not competition

Dr. Vogel: "Light,  Sound & Heat  are given off by  Structured Water. Vol. I, H20 = the Process-
ing systems for  the processing of  Divinity  Involution into more  (Personality, Ego)  and  Evolution of
when joining with Source, back to Divinity.

Websters" Definition of INVOLUTION:
(1) An act or an instance of  enfolding or entangling: involvement: (2)  An  involved  grammatical
construction usually characterized by the insertion of clauses between the subject and predicate.
b: Complexity, Iintricacy. (2) Exponentiation.
c: .A shrinking or return to a former size.

MEDITATION  3-31-88 : On Cahokia Mounds,  IL.:  "The pools of water were used to  detect earth
tremors, but their primary function was similar to that done  prior to your creating the mandala pain-
tings. The water, standing in the sunlight, and at times aided by programmed crystals,  and at other
times,  receptive to lightning during storms,  became  'structured" or  "charged".  The priests'  sensi-
tivity  allowed them  to be aware  of the lightning charges. Then the water was  programmed  by the
priests for  various purposes
:  healing,  protection,  well-being,  information, etc.. It was considered
then as 'holy water' is considered today. Water from the pools could be programmed to aid in child-
birth, the ascension of the soul after death of the physical body, for growing plentiful crops, for rais-
ing consciousness and for facilitating meditational research and cosmic attunement."  

"At times,  sweet herbs,  flowers and gemstones were added to the pools for holy days and ceremo-
nies.  It was an  earlier form of the  Baptism that is  practiced today  in present religions,  but it was
basically the Earth and environment that were baptized."

"WATER LINKS LIFE TO EARTH:  therefore, the pools of water served as  the early receptacles for
the  linking of Spirit with earthly forms.  The water was later placed in vessels  which had first been
purified in the pools,  and then carried to various locations where use was made of the water's spe-
cific program. Water that has been charged with Spirit's Love  has the ability to keep on expanding,
to ever bless"....
We have Finished."

MEDITATION: "Program pure spring water as instructed under "Structuring Water" below. Program
it with  Unconditional Love,  Oneness/Unity Consciousness,  Abundance,  Perfect Health  & Safety,  
Service-to-Others and to  Earth with Gratitude.  Pour it into  a water course__ river,  stream,  canal,
lake__ that will eventually empty into the ocean."

                                                         STRUCTURING WATER
Water was  a major component of the  pyramids' placements.  Flowing water creates  pizzoelectricity,  
and will hold a program. Structuring Water was told to me by
Dr. Marcel Vogel. He showed me how
to do this  because it could enable my water-color paintings to be better controlled when I painted. It
increased Surface Tension, so that  when I added watercolor paints (minerals) to it, the water would
then  flow across the surface of the paper  under more of  my control  through mind, heart and  one-
ness.  I would, however,  first ask the paint-minerals  "what they wanted to happen". They would tell
me,  and my painting would nearly form itself under my brush  as I visualized what the minerals and I
wished to see manifest.

One  begins structuring water  by obtaining  PURE SPRING WATER__  preferably  water which has
been  LOWING UNDERGROUND.  It has to come from  a natural spring in Nature's wilderness area,
from a Holy Spring  so designated  near a church  or shrine , or from a  deep well in the countryside,
which has been tested, and known to be pure__ free from pesticides, fertilizers, and harmful bacteria
or mold.  One of our sons living in the countryside near the Snake River,  has a deep well containing
pure spring water that flows underground  towards the Snake River.  

I use that water for the  New Earth Intentions.  There used to be plenty  pure spring water in the Lost
Rivers area, and especially near the Craters of the Moon. However, with the Lost Rivers now dry ex-
cept for 3 weeks in the spring, it  ay not be easy to find such pure water there anymore.

This spring water must be gathered and stored in a  sterling silver, quartz or glass container that has
no markings or "cut-work",  no words, names or labels anywhere in or on it.  A clean  jam jar or bottle
from olive oil or salad dressing that meets those conditions works well.

1. First ask Higher Self or Spirit for PERMISSION to structure the water. If "Yes", continue:

Place the spring water  in a silver, quartz or clear glass dish  in the sunlight  for two or three hours.
The more sunlight  that falls upon the surface of the water,  the better.  Next: place e ach hand on an
opposing side of the water container,  holding  Unconditional Love & Oneness with the Water in your
heart and mind,  and drawing in and  holding breath  as you  State aloud
: "CLEAR",  visualizing  the
water as perfectly clear and pure .
Pulse your breath__ breath in,  then blow out through nose  with
strong force__ into the water.  ("Pulse Breath"  means to  blow  your  breath  out  in one,  quick  blast
through your nose, releasing all previous thoughts and feelings..")

3. Take your  quartz crystal in one hand,  holding it with its point up, and  Clear the crystal by placing
your thumb & one finger on opposing facets of the crystal's sides. Take a deep breath,  hold it as you  
think, visualize and state aloud
: "CLEAR". Release breath and do same for the other crystal facets.

4. Program the cleared crystal  with your Intention. (You may want to write out the Intention on paper,
so as to be sure of the words you're going to use.
Use only positive words__ none such as "can't",
"doesn't", "is disappearing", "Pain" or "is gone".

An Intention Example:  "I Intend that  Earth,  Her Lifeforms &  Her Elements are fully regenerated with
Divine Life Force and imprinted with the  Divine Blueprint of the Golden Age-New Earth Reality. All is
restored to Divine Love, Oneness and Intelligent Infinity, now and always".

5. Again, breath out, then pull air in filling belly, lungs, upper chest and shoulders areas, in that order;
still holding breath__ visualize the crystal in your mind,  holding both breath and vision  as you
speak aloud the words of your Intention.  Pulse Breath again__ & visualize the program  entering the

6. Repeat the action of #4:  "Close eyes,  enter meditative state, connect with  Earth & Spirit, etc."__
but this time,  hold the crystal,
point-down, over the water's surface,  and after again filling body  with
breath and holding it, repeat the Intention aloud, as you visualize the Intention passing f
rom the crys-
tal into the water
. Pulse Breath.

7. When finished, CLEAR the crystal of the programmed Intention, and re-program it with Divine Love,
before putting it away.  If you are using the water f or a particular purpose,  it is not necessary  to use
all the water at once.  Any water you wish to save for later, should be kept safely away from any elec-
tromagnetic devices; even from wall outlets.  cell/mobile phones, computers or devices with batteries.

8. You may wish to check if the Intention has been imprinted into the water using pendulum, dowsing
rods,  kinesiology,  or verification from  Higher Self.  If you get a  "No"__ repeat the process  until you
have a "Yes".                                  

These  experiences  suggest that  "The event  or effect  will occur before  the cause of it".  This was
brought home to H. and me when we ordered a water distiller, as our current method of purifying tap
water was not fully serving our needs.  Surprisingly, t he device arrived
March 7th. We set it up and
began using it  just one day before the Japan quake and tsunami, and the resulting release of radio-
activity.  Less than  a week later,  TV news channels  related  how  low traces  of radiation had been
found in the waters off southern
California  and the Pacific Northwest. Idaho is about 600-700 miles
from  the west coast  with several ranges of  high Rocky Mountains  between us  and the ocean,  al-
though I wondered about our normally western winds  and how rainwater could pick up radiation and
toxins and dump them even on eastern slopes of mountains.

Guides: "Please purify the Waters of Earth first, then the Electric Grid followed by learning to man-
ifest Pure Food and Water for All. The Timing is up to you, depending upon how the process moves
along. Use your Intuition to know when to do each Intention. Keep your head in your heart. Actually,  
you already have the information you need to work with over the coming months. Enjoy!."    

1989:  Experiments with structured water  bring  additional surprises. I try watering household plants
with it, and they thrive.  A two quart,  open stoneware pitcher filled with this water sits on the kitchen
windowsill and is used to nourish house plants.  Sunlight and evaporation  strengthen its  structured
water's programs.  Lost River Valley's  tap water was  very pure,  coming from  deep springs  with no
cheicals added.

After a few weeks  we notice  a fuzzy grayish film  on the  inside  of the pitcher.  By spring, with more
aunlight available,  the film turns  bright green.  Examining some of the  hair-like growths with a mag-
nifying glass,  I discover they are little plants__ complete with tiny leaves!

Experiments in the Vogel classes  showed us how  Unconditional Love  keeps on expanding  outwar-
dly over time,  
Ch. 10: "Standing Waves")  ready to be absorbed  & used by anything and everything
in it s sphere of contact.  Once we imprint U. Love into the water  with the structuring process, all we
need do i s reserve a little of that water in the pitcher after we water our plants, then add more water.  
No need to re-structure again.  The reserved water imprints its U. L.  into the newly added fluid, rest-
oring the required ions while sitting in sunlight and air.

late spring,  we note that the cedar wood bolster  just under the kitchen window's exterior is form-
ing a similar fuzzy green coating of tiny plants, even though it is in intense, mile-high sunlight most of
the day.  By the start of summer, the green fuzz has leaped ten feet across the redwood deck to dec-
orate the deck railings, too.

Inside the pitcher,  I find a small black,  shiny lump about the size o f the head of a straight pin,  firmly
attached to the green fuzz.  I decide to leave it alone and watch what happens.  It grows.  By the end
of summer, it reaches the size of a large pea__ and begins to move around in the pitcher__ it's a live
black snail!

12-25-10: Christmas. Guides:  "Put your thoughts now towards  Being At Peace with all that comes
into your sphere of contact.  The year ahead will be  absolutely amazing.  Consciousness  progress
will escalate  beyond anything expected. After
March 21, 2010,  your Intentions will manifest as ne-
ver before, and your children will be amazed  at the power within themselves.  Keep a stiff upper lip
and Love, Peace & Oneness within. Recall the "Good News" that L. shared with you."

ML: L..had good news about his finances.

MEDITATION"  "May I please have  a further understanding  of our role in the  Great Plan of  Recon-
structing  Earth/Gaia
 and Her life-forms?  I was told to "Start with  "WATER", and that  People would
be  contacting me  for  information  about  restoring water  to various areas,  to assist  Earth  in those
areas with healing Life Force,  as Earth was  dying there!  I did so.  Please show-tell me  what I need
to do next in my work with Earth and The Plan, if anything.

Guides: "As one becomes aware of The New Earth Plan, let thy heart  precede thy Mind__ in One-
ness. WATER, etc., is correct  The Structuring of it, as thou knowest. Now see how  
 plays a role in Earth's Divine Plan. You have information on this already. Also check David
 information on EM as applied to consciousness, energy and matter creation."  (More on
Water below).

I felt sleepy after this message  & lay down for awhile. Just before waking, I saw a square shape with
a narrow border around it. Inside were circles of various sizes, each touching the circle  next to them,  
and some moving, "squiggly" lines inside those circles, suggesting  energy  of some  sort __ perhaps
EM? I was reminded of
Wilcock's info presentation on Gaiam TV:  "Source of Time, Space, Matter,
": "Information exists as  a DIPOLE in the Creative Force Field  which  communicates instan-
tly throughout the Cosmos

DIPOLE: (Wikipedia:)
"This article is about the
electromagnetic phenomenon."..."The Earth's magnetic field is approxim-
ated as a magnetic dipole.  In physics there are several kinds of dipole
: An electric dipole is  a sep-
aration of positive & negative charges. The simplest example of this is a pair of electric charges of e-
qual magnitude  but opposite sign,  separated by some  (usually tiny) distance.  A permanent electric
dipole is an '

David Wilcock #111.(Gaiam TV)
"Group Intentions affect the Electromagnetic Field Fluctuations & can be measured by computers.
Therefore,  we can also affect physical matter in our own reality. Experiments with Water's  Memory
Retention in white blood cells began in
1985, when bio-molecules  communicated with their recept-
or molecules by sending out low-frequency Electro-magnetic signals, which the receptors picked up
like radios tuned  to a specific wavelength__ those from Torsion Fields.  How can a molecule act as
an antenna for EM wavelengths of several kilometres? How does water's memory fit into all that

"Torsion Fields have
non-locality.  Can our DNA  Electromagnetically  'TELEPORT' itself?   Our
universe  an exchange information with computers
; so we can do so with living and  non-living forms.
We can affect the  flow of  Electricity  in the computer.  So, why not so  affect what's in water?  Con-
sciousness can generate  Torsion Fields that  change the  structure of  water,  and  heal__ because
Earth and All Her LIfeforms have water in them, too!"        

Viktor Shauberger believed that EM Forces  cause decomposition of material substances, and that
Nature uses both the  magnetic  and  electrical  types of  EM frequencies  to do  Her work.  His book,  
Living Energies", tells of his experiments  with natural energies for water purification, river and flood
management,  soil fertility,  propulsion and even  home power  generation (free energy). He goes be-
Steiner's bio-dynamic farming to suggest that  with proper water maintenance and encourage-
ment of rivers and streams  to flow in their  natural serpentine patterns,  the land would be free of the
need for not only chemical, but also animal fertilizers.

Water is an
electric crystal  and can be programmed like a crystal. Human thoughts & emotions  aff-
ect water crystals.  After a temple priest  prayed for an hour,  the misshapen,  sample lumps  of water
crystals became transparent, hexagonal  "crystal-within-crystal"  forms. The  frozen samples  had ch-
anged even at molecular levels.

Water in pure, clear mountain springs and streams has beautifully formed crystalline structures while
polluted or stagnant water crystals  are deformed and distorted.  Distilled water  that was exposed to
classical music makes crystals with delicate, symmetrical shapes. When the words  
"thank you" were
taped to a bottle of distilled water,  the frozen crystals produced a shape mimicking the crystals form-
ed by water  that had been exposed to
 Bach's  "Goldberg Variations"__  music composed  to reflect
gratitude for the man for whom it was named.  When   
lvis Presley's song, "Heart-break Hotel" was
played to this water, the frozen crystals that formed were split in two!

When water samples are bombarded with heavy metal music,  or labeled with harsh words,  or when  
negative thoughts and emotions  are focused upon it,  the water does not form crystals at all and dis-
plays chaotic, fragmented structures.  When water is treated with aromatic floral oils, the water crys-
tals  tend to mimic the shape of  the original flower
:  rose oil added to water  will cause its crystals to
form the shape of a rose. But strangely, when the words
"Do it'  were taped to the water's container,  
they didn't affect the water at all
;  but  "Let's do it", formed beautiful snowflake-like crystals. Human
bodies and  Earth are both composed of  over seventy percent  water,  suggesting that  the  positive
thoughts and  emotions  we  imprinted into our  body's water  hold a power  to heal  people,  animals,
plants and__ our planet.

Scientists proved that
an electric current through water containing a crystal with one side etched with the figure of an eight-
legged bug. Over months of continually running currents through this water, the bug etching became
two, then three-dimensional. It detached itself from the crystal, eventually swam to the surface of the
water, lifted off and flew away.

At the
True Enlightenment Stage,  only what was created or re-created with U. Love  is retained and
carried back to Creative Source,  where it re-joins Source to form a sacred foundation upon which to
lovingly build our future reality.  
Dr. Vogel  explained how the electromagnetic process of adding  
electrons to the atomic orbits of water  seems to move it to higher dimensions.
prove that  every healthy cell in our body  is surrounded by  structured water,  but diseased c ells are
surrounded by water  that is short one electron.  Energetic Healing  may work on "scientific levels" by
re-structuring the water in the body to receive not only the missing electrons, but additional electrons
as well.

1-4-11: ML: The family agrees to re-do the electric grid intention,  but to ask for  more lasting results.
Is this OK:  and of the 3 Intentions, in which order need they be done, and the timing for them?.

Guides:  "The Colors of the Wind  are the  Rainbows of  the Mind.  These are  what you  think and
feel  while in your  day-dreams, intuitions, intentions and even in the beta state. You can 'tune' from
one 'color'  (frequency)  to another at will,  as you have been learning.  Continue to  learn to  master
your thoughts and feelings until it becomes a Fine Art.  Seek the  higher dimensions  and learn how
to co-create with them__ Here, the left hand enters in."

"Wait until after  January 7th  to repeat  the electric  grid intention,  and have the children  help set
a date for the group Intention of same. Meanwhile,  inform each of  Deep Breathing  to charge up, &
how to evok
e  Unconditional Love  in their hearts. Explain also, the idea of 'not over-riding anyone's
free will'. This is very important."

"Yes, you are having a combined cleansing after your Personal Season Day  (
1-2-11),  and a down-
load of energies,  plus solar energy from the sun. These energies are the  'SOMETHING BIG'. prev-
ously mentioned.  They are about  Unity Consciousness  and the more  Feminine Nature  of life  on

"As for the  3 Intentions:  Please  Purify  the  Waters of Earth  first,  then the  Electric Grid  Intention,
and then  begin learning to  MANIFEST  PURE  FOOD &  WATER  for all.  The Timing is  up to you.
It depends upon how the  process moves along.  Use your  intuition  to know when to do each Inten-
tion... but complete the 3 before
3-8-11... Yes,  the GROUP SEASON DAY.  Keep your head in your
heart... actually, you already have the info you need to work with over the coming months.  Enjoy."

"Each time one of us has a realization or focused visualization,  we emit  frequency signals that can
be sensed by others.  Sometimes called  "
The Wind",  that is how  the group mind  grows. It occurs
without you rationally understanding it or specifically having a picture or realization of it, because it
 electromagnetically  within the body.  You create  the rising of energy  according to how
much you are able to handle
" (Plaeidians)
The evening of March 20th an e-mail arrived from Tom Kenyon with a message from "The Hathors"
telling  how to make  "
Medicines of  Light"  that would  protect  and heal Radiation Poisoning, Neuro-
toxins,  Mutating Bacteria and Viruses,  which they say will occur more frequently in our near timeline
http://tomkenon.com/medicines-of-light). The idea is to  connect with  Earth and higher intelligences,  
and pull down the energies  into our heart,  then transfer them  to a container of  PURIFIED  WATER
and drink it.

We couldn't do this if we hadn't already ordered and received the water distiller, as our former method
only removed chlorine and some fluoride.

I did the Hathor's procedure around noon the next day, and that  afternoon, a thorough but gentle bo-
dy cleansing took place. Around supper-time,  I noticed a lovely fragrance in the air__ a sort of mix of
peppermint and a floral essence I couldn't identify.  I could smell it all evening , and went  around the
house sniffing everything to see where it was coming from. I finally realized__ it was coming from me!
My body was exuding this delightful scent.

4-12-11: PORTAL DAY #4:  We again  Programmed the  purified water.....   Last night and today we
had a huge, G-1 class geomagnetic storm from the sun. (Sensitives probably felt this in their bodies).
programmed the purified water from the distiller  with the Hathor's  "Medicines of Light"
to prevent and heal radiation,  neurotoxins,  bacteria and viruses in our bodies. I'm not sure if Hal us-
ed the water to make his coffee, but around 1 PM he felt well enough after two weeks of a nasty cold
__ to go to  the golf course  and maybe  play a little golf.  It was  the first  beautiful day  in weeks. He
came home later moving in a lively way, seeming happy with his voice sounding "well".   

LIke Earth's upper levels,  our bodies are about 80% water. Our blood is mostly water. Water will car-
ry a Message,  and can be programmed  with information and  Intentions. It will even take information
from the Cosmos. It can carry this information to other places as well as to & throughout our bodies.

Our Consciousness is linked with Matter at the Quantum Level. When a healing program is placed in
water, it will transfer that healing to any distance.  "
Radionic Healing"  first places  a bit of a patient's
blood into a vial. The frequency tone known to harmonize a particular disease or dysfunction, is then
struck and imprinted into the vial's blood, thereby projecting itself into the blood in that human's body
__ at any distance__ and his/her blood's water instantly heals.

The purer the water, the better it works. We can "stir" the water within us by walking in circles, danc-
ing or traveling.
Anything  RHYTHMIC will encourage the Life Force.  If we place very pure water in
sacred spaces__  in 13 jars that have each been dowsed by pendulum, kinesiology or dowsing rods
__ 13 patterns will appear in the water.  Like  "changing gears".
The number 13  is the  hieroglyphic
representing the musical scale.          

1-8-11: MEDITATION: I've had several low days ; just can't seem to get my energy back,  and I seem
to be in a different frame of mind... as if the  "real life" is happening inside me, and my outer life is the
dream.  Almost as if I'm meditating  all the time.  Can't seem to focus well, either. Working on the web-
site or writing__ even talking seems harder. Trouble putting words together that make sense.  What's

Guides: "You've reached  a major point in  consciousness  evolution.  Congratulations.  This is the
more feminine energy  impacting your mind.  The right brain,  feminine,  is now in charge. Keep the
Love in the Heart, and all will be well. It's as if you now
'feel' your way through life, rather than think
and then act. About the Intentions... when J. is ready, set a day for doing the intention and  let them
choose whether to be in physical presence with each other or to work separately from their homes."

"You may note you are LIVING IN THE NOW more than before, and words take Time to say  to read,  
to write. Soon, this, too  will fade, and you will seldom use words  except when speaking with those
whose frequency has not yet reached that state. Do not worry. All is in perfect order."

M" and her friend in another state asked to be included in our Electricity Intention. How do I go about
adding them to the group?

Guides: "If the children choose  to be together physically,  phone her & have her & friend Intend al-
ong with you. If doing the Intention separately,  inform her of your date and time. As you yourself In-
tend,  visualize their etheric bodies  standing within an energetic 'egg' that is their physical location.  
When scripting the Intention,  state and visualize  the 4 Idaho homes  and the energetic home loca-
tion of the 2 out-of-state women."

2-16-11: MEDITATION:  I know we need to do an Intention for freely available food and water for the
family and all needy lifeforms, and the gasoline prices are skyrocketing, although there doesn't seem
to be any lessening of its use. I'm asking permission to do a second Intention for our gasoline power-
ed vehicles and machines to run on free energy, also.

Guides:  "Stay with your alternative remedies... they do help, and will continue to do so until some-
time in April. Your physical changes and cleansings are not pleasant, we know, and they will abate
over the next 6 or 7 weeks. Do the food Intention we requested before March 8th, and yes, the gas-
oline Intention would be helpful too, for it will assist Gaia, as well.



9-8-14:ML: I am so amazed and so grateful  for all these marvelous meditations I've received over so
many years.  Is there anything you'd like to add for this article  on the history of the
Maya,  the Mound
and Cahokia?

Higher Self:  "Yes. We would first like to remind you__once more__ to use only your own material.
This is necessary so you can see THE BELIEF SYSTEM that you, yourself have created, which oth-
ers need to know at this time."

"As for the subjects of the article
; there are dark undercurrents to this lifetime,  as technologies and
anything labeled "secret" manifested. The great problem with  a hierarchy or elite group holding the
"secrets' to the success and flourishing of a culture,  is like putting all one's  knowledge and  resour-
ces into a paper bag, and expecting them to remain safe and usable. Something always happens to
the Top of the Hierarchical Pyramid... and thereby, the necessary knowledge and technology is lost
to the inhabitants lower down on the  so-called  "totem pole". This occurred in Cahokia. The coming
of the  European groups  from the east after
1803,  brought new diseases,  new desires  for both the
commoners  and the elites,  and when  they died from illness,  or from  violent attempts  to maintain
their positions and secrets, all was lost."

"It is still a threat in this 21st Century. The great Earth Changes could wipe out any capitol city and
government,  industrial or  military center  in moments.  All secrets could be lost.  We applaud your
attempts  to distribute the ancient teachings  as gleaned  through your many lifetimes.  Earth needs
them now. You have recently seen how your "dreams"  are starting to come true, with the Feminine
Empowerment,  the charitable actions of local groups, of some banks and  businesses, and particu-
larly the Bio-Geometry heard a few nights ago.  You may want to take more notes  from that project,
as it relates to further advancements in Sacred Geometry, etc.. We have finished."

Video: (YouTube.com) "Mary Magdalene". Brings water  to a dying  village near Rennes la Chateau  
in southern France, by raising the land with her consciousness to create a positive water flow.

Water carries information,  even in our bodies.  Water will take  information  from the  Cosmos__ the
purer the water,  the better it works.  We can "stir" the water within us by walking  in circles,  dancing
or traveling. Anything RHYTHMIC  will encourage the Life Force. Place very pure water in sacred sp-
aces__ in 9 jars,  each dowsed by pendulum, kinesiology or dowsing rods: 9 patterns soon appear in
the water. Like "changing gears". The number 9 may equal hieroglyphics for the musical scale. Water
is an electric crystal & can be programmed like a crystal.

Water As A Common Bond
Water will absorb information. The purer the water  the better.  Water in pure, clear mountain springs
& streams  has beautifully formed crystalline structures,  while polluted or stagnant water crystals are
deformed and distorted.  Distilled water that was exposed to classical music makes crystals with deli-
cate, symmetrical shapes. When the  words "
thank you"  were taped to a bottle of distilled water,  the
frozen crystals  produced a shape  mimicking the crystals  formed by w ater that had been exposed to  
Bach's "Goldberg Variations"__ music composed to reflect gratitude for the man for whom it was na-
med.  When
Elvis Presley's song, "Heart-break Hotel"  was played  to this water, the frozen crystals
that formed split in two!

When water samples are  bombarded with heavy metal music,  or labeled with harsh words,  or when  
negative  thoughts  and  emotions  are focused upon it,  the water  does not  form crystals  at all  and
displays chaotic,  fragmented  structures.  When water is  treated  with aromatic  floral oils,  the water
crystals tend to mimic the shape of the original flower: rose oil added to water will cause its crystals to
form the shape of a rose.  But strangely, when the words  
"Do it'  were taped  on the water's  contain-
er, they didn't affect the water at all ; but "
Let's do it", formed beautiful snowflake-like crystals. Human
bodies and Earth are both composed of over seventy percent water,  suggesting that the positive em-
otions and thoughts  we imprinted into  our body's water  hold a power to heal people, animals, plants
and perhaps__ our planet.

Sound,  Shapes and Light  can affect us positively or negatively.  Everyone feels inspirations evoked
from the
Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal , the Sidney Opera House or the grand cathedrals and pyramids
around the globe; but the shapes of a swastika, a vulture or skull can bring feelings of fear or disgust.
For many artists,  the very act of  painting  is therapeutic  during troubling times,  improving  mentality
and lifting emotions.  Art heals the split between  old and new realities  when it affects bodies, minds,
emotions or spirit within.
Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX