10-2017: TIME IS A DIMENSION OF THE 4TH DENSITY.
Palm Sunday, 3-24-91:  DIRECT KNOWING:  "Meditation at New and Full Moons is imperative to remain attun-
ed during these
transitional times. This will be a period when many are attracted to group vibrations. There will
also be tremendous changes in individuals during the decade of the
1990's, which is a time of Catharsis, an em-
ptying of doubt, fear, guilt and judgement,  and a time of  Healing and  Purification in preparation  for the coming
Earth Ascension after
2011 A.D..  A period which  includes the  Laying of Foundations of  what is to be manifest-
ed. We have until
January, 1992,  to blueprint these foundations, to find our "place" and our "people" with whom
we shall experience the ascension process.

The years from  2000 to 2011 A.D.  will be vastly different  from anything ever experienced  by those now living
on earth before,  for 'history', as presently known, will gradually disappear. With the coming greater socialization
of behavior,
people are being encouraged to belong to  the collective of their choice, one which supports their u-
nique individuality instead of dissolving it, as has been the case in much of past 'history
'.  Globally, there is dev-
eloping the assertion of multiple group identities interacting as Group Minds to decentralize past historical tend-
encies of religious-state type governments, dictatorships, monarchies & fascist fanaticism. A greater self-detach-
ment is necessary to fulfill humanity's new evolutionary imperatives."

"Knowing that one's Higher Self is always available to the lower self, we soon recognize the need to activate Un-
conditional Love within the heart in order to contact Universal Mind &/or Universal Will/Purpose/Plan. Once tele-
communications (telepathic downloads) have been received from the  Universal Plan,  & are personally acknow-
ledged or acted upon, verification comes through  Synchronicity events,  confirming that we have indeed attuned
to the Greater Reality Plan

It is no longer necessary to find  'Reasons For'__ or to ' Analyze' the incoming communications__ once we have
learned to trust them enough to Act on then willingly. Under such Trust__ i.e., acting upon the Universal Plan in-
formation without analyzing or needing 'answers' as to the  Purpose or Motivations behind instructions__ or their
future results__ a  Light Being finds himself acting '
Pre-conditionally';  i.e.,  he has already accomplished the fut-
ure task,  or
has met a future need or request before the need arose or a request was made. This is how the Cos-
mic Dance works__. in 'Now-Time', when past, present and future are experienced simultaneously."

"Analysis is useful  when & where the received  Universal Plan Concept  has been brought to your awareness, &
you then need to step down that concept by putting it into words, thoughts or actions which can be, & need to be,
understood by the concrete mind of self or others, and to pass it on in a verbally understandable manner.

When we are perfectly 'tuned in' to Source,  we will be thinking, acting and living 'From the Future'. This is what
'precognition' really is. Recognize the difference between  "
Living From the Future' & what society calls 'Fortune-
or 'Forecasting'. "This 'PRE-CONDITIONAL' action denotes the kind of Service that may be performed du-
ring this
Earth/Humanity Transitional Period. This type of service is in preparation for Non-Incarnated States of
__we do not need to be incarnated in a physical body to serve in this manner."

"The recent phenomena of '
Doing the Study Group Experiments Before they have been Assigned', (or even read)
is an example of this type of 'Pre-Conditional' action. Whenever we have
'Transcended Time'__ there is no lon-
ger 'past', 'present' or 'future'__ it is as if we earlier received the tele-communication input and have experienced
the assignment in a  
Conceptual, Inner State of Being, prior to the meetings;  and when the new lesson experim-
ent is suggested, we realize we have already  '
Done It' on a non-verbal level , and have only to bring it down into
words through our analytical, logical, concrete mental faculties"... our left brains... "and relate our personal vers-
ion of the experiment to the rest of the group. Some of us will find we have already verbalized the new idea to o-
thers, or have put it in writing before attending the meeting. Each person interprets the incoming tele-communic-
ation in an individualized manner. This promotes better understanding of the Concept communicated.

One of the reasons it works like this is that the lesson-experiments are done FOR THE GROUP__as well as for
SELF ,and therefore, the Group Mind__  working from a higher dimensional level__  DOES THE EXPERIMENT
for all the members of the group. When working through the Group Mind, the more we,  as individuals as well as
a group, continually Clear,  Forgive &  Let Go of our Pasts__ our 'history'__ the Greater our ability to  Work From
the Future__ to Create the 'NOW' From the Future.

"As individuals we may find a need to either  do more Service Work now,  or to Find Friends  with whom we may
trust and confide in,  to whom we can safely release our doubts, fears, confusions & judgments,  & against whom
we can 'play off' our ideas, intuitions &
synchronicity event verifications. Whether we choose a Talking or a Writ-
ing method, we need to take care that the talking or writing does not take the place of Acting On the new ideas &
projects. A CTING upon the incoming concepts is in itself an act of FAITH and TRUST  in what we are privileged
to receive, and fuels the Process so that more Input arrives."

"Those already familiar with this process will find  this year (
1991), & in the following 20 years,  a great increase
in the  tele-communication receptions.  So much will be changing__ so many opportunities  will be presented__
that one must choose wisely,  for we cannot do all,  or be all, to everyone in our contacts.  We may need to make
adjustments in our relationships at that time.  Let them go with love,  with forgiveness an d understanding  in our
heart, being grateful for their sharing presence in the past.  New relationships will occur spontaneously.  We will
recognize our  fellow Lightworkers instantly__ as long-lost kindred souls & friends from earlier times and places
once again make contact

"Individually, as soon as possible__ CLARIFY YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM, YOUR PURPOSE HERE ON EARTH &
ORGANIZE YOUR PLANS IN A BROAD FORM.  Once clear on these,  as you begin them to mind regularly, the
details within your broader plan can be allowed to 'flow freely' out of the daily contacts__ whether vertical or hor-
izontal. If one's 'Vision',  one's Ideal for the group's or the world's future is correct,  the 'successful' outcome  is so
a-mazing,  so sure,  that it may prove to be more difficult to handle than the  'failure-lessons' of the past.  Most of
you reading here have had some previous experiences of having to handle this type of 'success syndrome'. Rec-
ognize it now as having been a preparation for the present transitional period."

"This will also be a  HARVEST PERIOD. By
1993__ your 'Vision'__ if in alignment with the Greater Reality Plan,
will be manifesting beautifully and smoothly upon Earth.  Synchronicity events will be occurring regularly.  If not,
you may need to make necessary adjustments by
December of 1993. The 'Harvest will occur in several ways:  
1.) "We'll be 'harvesting' the Souls who are Awakening  and aiding them to prepare themselves for the Earth-Hu-
manity Ascension between
1992 and 2011__ 20 years until  Saturn and Jupiter again oppose each other on the
zodiac wheel. Some of you may feel a need to learn the rudiments of Astrology in order to stay  'On Time'  as the
vibrational resonance of our planet  moves past the speed of light.  Our planet's vibration  reached the  Speed of
Light threshold in
February of this year. (1991) You probably noted some adjustments in body, mind & emotions
during this period. Not all of them were pleasan__, depending upon just how clear & open you were able to keep
your lower self."
2.) "Everything you have learned in this and/or past incarnations__will be called into practice on Earth's physical
planea in order to prepare Humanity for ascension to higher dimensional consciousness. Some of you may learn
Meditation or Dreamwork and similar methods  to keep yourselves attuned vertically. Others may feel a need for
Past Life Explorations in order to re-access necessary skills & knowledges for this present transitional period."

"We are here together today  because we have a part to play__ a vital function__ necessary to assist  Mankind &
Gaia  through this  wonderful opportunity.  We may not have been clear on this  before coming__ or even  known
why we came here__ but we will  KNOW our  Next Step without any doubt by the time we leave here.  We chose
to incarnate at this time in Earth's 'history'__ and therefore we have brought  our personal energies with us for lo-
ving service."

"INITIATION opportunities for humanity & for individuals will become increasingly frequent, for the Initiation Pro-
cess activates geometrically,  rather than arithmetically  in the 3-D Earth  Space-Time Continuum.  Once the 3rd
Cosmic Initiation__ (the 5th Earthling Initiation)__is achieved, opening the door of the
4th Density through Time,
Space and Gravity, and we enter into
5th and higher densities,  the Process stops being geometrically progres-
sive & becomes
Nuclear__ a sort of  Super-Nova  Explosion of Consciousness occurs__ and the process moves
Beyond'__ or 'Outside of Time' This enables Light Beings to work from the future, or All-Time, into the present or
Now-Time, and with
All Dimensions & Densities of the known universe."

"In our present universe, we can experience in
6 Densities__ the 7th Density being Consciousness Itself, which
is an independent variable  not limited to space, time or gravity,  (which are 4-D constraints.) The 4th Densitiy is
a PORTAL__ a Door-way__ to the higher densities. Once we have moved through that doorway and can dwell at
will in the 5th or higher densities,  WE OURSELVES BECOME THAT DOORWAY,  aiding those humans still as-
leep to move through the doorway, too."

"Lessons of Self-Defeat will be uppermost,  including the issue of  sexual anomalies.  Parental Disfunctioning in
early childhood will be found  to be behind many of these anomalies.  Parental Disfunctioning __'the 'sins' of the
father-mother'__ repeated in families for hundreds,  or even thousands of years__ has been brought to a head by
present generational changes  in gender roles and role-models. This lies behind  humanity's and Earth's present
: "How to be a success in life").  If we can clarify,  purify & then release
our own sexual &/or gender relationship issues during the rest of this year, we will hold the KEY to healing Hum-
manity's false perception that '
Violence is Necessary for Survival'.

"The 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST' still holds true on Earth today,  but over the next 2
0 years"__to 2011__ "the
'Fittest' will not be those  who have achieved strength physically, financially, politically, or intellectually,  but the
ones having developed direct lines of communication with SOURCE,  with EARTH & HER LIFE-FORMS, & with
AWAKENED FELLOW SOULS with whom they achieve Telempathic Mind Links.

"Many will come forth now with FALSE CREDENTIALS. It will be necessary to use the Intuitive-skills to thrive in
this period. Those
not uplifting consciousness  in attunement with  the Ascension Program,  will find themselves
caught up in ROTATIONAL CRISES OF SECURITY ISSUES, eventually promoting physical debilitation."

"The process of  Self-Activated  Consciousness Evolution  actually creates a  NUCLEO-GENESIS  __ ("the crea-
tion of chemical elements"_
_Answers.com; "The Big Bang"__  Wickipedia)__ "for the birth of even higher levels of
inelligence".  These "INTELLIGENCE BOOSTS"  are the  basis of an  Accelerated Learning Program.  Instead of
teaching children to memorize data gleaned from what others have chosen to say about 'history' or 'science', chi-
ldren will be taught how to Solve Problems  individually  and/or in small groups , thus activating the Accelerated
POSSIBILITIES through Direct Knowing of 'GREATER SELF'."

999-2000 A.D.,  these Direct Lines of Communication need to be fully developed,  for the Synchronicity fact-
ors plus Crystal Technologies  will replace verificaton for Positive Attunement.  Current physical plane communi-
cations__ travel, phone, mail, TV, radio, internet, etc.__ will be in a chaotic state due to  INFORMATION WARS
which begin during the  GULF WAR CRISES in
1990-92,  and will no longer be  available or  fully trustworthy as
sources of information or verification. One will need to go on Pure Intuition and Telepathic Rapport,

"Psychometry,  Inner Group-Mind Consciousness Attunement  from a Distance,  (Remote Viewing) and/or  Direct
Contact with Gaia and Higher Intelligence. Evidence of this will become public between

"It is necessary to keep in mind the fact that for every major consciousness breakthrough, an individual (or huma-
nity in mass) achieves__ a NEW FORM must be built.  The physical body will change slightly.  Body Workers__
holistic healers, crystals, vibrational remedies, etc.__ can aid greatly here. Our DNA & Genetic Factors are cha-
nging drastically, bringing some strange and difficult or impossible-to-diagnose symptoms. These include Sens-
ory Disturbances
: Hearing, or Visual distortions,  a nd touch, smell and taste alterations.  Nosebleeds, pressures
in various parts of the head, neck, hands & feet; tingling or 'electric shock' sensations. Skin peeling off in various
parts of the body. Much sinus &/or bladder upsets. Feelings of pressure or sound in the ears, as when at high al-

"These may be accompanied by periods of extreme fatigue,  mental disorientatio n & a need for more sleep than
normally,  alternating with periods of  super-energy,  when little or no sleep is needed  and the mind races along
at break-neck speed. The emotions will also fluctuate in such manner, alternating between over-emotionalism__
anger, crying, sadness or vague fears__ and  almost non-emotional periods  when we don't seem to  'care' about
anything.  During these 'non-emotional' periods,  we will be working inwardly on mental issues, & may find short-
term memory losses,  disorientation , inability to concentrate, and  'spacing out'  quite common.  How many of us
are 'seeing' mental pictographs, hieroglyphics, flashing intense colors or lights__ colors that are not a part of our
'rainbow' spectrum of light__ or 'hearing' strange languages or sounds? These are early-stage methods by which
the higher intelligences train our minds to receive tele-communication inputs."

"If any of these symptoms are continual,  or are interfering with your ability to function on a day-to-day basis, get
help from the practitioner of your choice. You could simply have an ordinary illness in the making.

"For the rest of us,  Meditation, Dreamwork, and/or Self-Healing methods will be almost vital to maintain our ability
to function as our Higher Selves__ to do what we have come here to do  during these changing times__ while our
bodies are changing so rapidly. By now__ all know how to maintain good health__ it was all given in recent years.

"Some people will experience occasional episodes of the sense of 'dying' and/or 'near death' events. This is part
of their preparation for the Ascension. They sense that the no-longer-necessary things of the old 3-D world & en-
ergy are leaving__ i.e., dying' __ and strongly relate to that sensation
. However, these people can help others to
deal with the negative emotions of  cutting loose from a fading culture  which is no longer supportive  of a higher
dimensional existence. To some,  this will indeed  feel like 'dying',  but it is
not to be feared,  and human or other
beings will be there to help and to lovingly guide ."Our bodies or faces may outwardly appear
10-20 years 'older'
at times, and then at other times ,
10-20 years 'younger'. This will level off after 2011 to an appearance best des-
cribed as 'a look of indeterminable age.'

"Whenever we make a major change in Consciousness,  we need to create a NEW FORM through which to Exp-
ress that Consciousness.  As the physical and subtle bodies change,  we will more rapidly build & discard forms
or vehicles through which to serve &/or express These forms can be anything from physical bodies, groups, rela-
tionships, organizations, new communities, careers__to creative activities including music, sculpture & painting,
astrology, dance, sports, writing,  remote viewing,  healing, channeling , gardening, homemaking, crafts,  ecolo-
gy, inventions, etc...

"It is best to stop looking for  ''ANSWERS'__ for  'WHYs'__ during this period.  Learn to live with  UNCERTAINTY
as things change and events occur ever more rapidly__ even with CHAOS as a way of life__

We are coming together now to help each other Synchronize Our Energies and develop our spiritual gifts; to get
ourselves Tuned In and On Schedule as we move,  along with our entire solar system & galaxy,  through this EL-
ECTROMAGNETIC NULL ZONE  which promotes an Accelerated Learning Process,  speeding up our Evolution
of Consciousness__ our Higher Abilities.

"We're moving now towards less of the  Left-brained, Sequential Logic, Concrete Mind of the past, and into more
of the  Right-brained, Wholistic,  Inter-dimensional,  Telempathic Mind.  We will still use both minds
; but first we
will "Go Upstairs' through our Right Brain for VERTICAL RECEPTION of Guidance & Wisdom, bring it down into
the Group-Mind, and then use the Left-Brain, Logical Mind to "TRANSLATE - INTERPRET and EXPRESS these
higher concepts through words or actions. This process is known as  '
as '
THE TRANSMUTATION OF MATTER'__ for it needs to be done with Unconditional Love in order to work!

"Be FLEXIBLE__ Learn how to ADAPT___to CHANGE QUICKLY as the need arises. STABILITY will depend up-
on our ability to rapidly change and adapt

We need to explore our questions about Time. Time is born of what we call The Ego, and what the Native Ame-
ricans call the "
Self-Lodge". The ego is the illusion of form. To remain in form one must have a Concept of Time
because of the similarity of the two. Time is a construct of the Mind, because the mind IS ego. It desperately ho-
lds on to Time, clutching it like a tryrant, because it wants to Survive."

"Once we leap the boundaries of  Time and step into
TIMELESSNESS,  we step onto  the sacred  Dream Wheel,
where the ego is no longer needed. Ego is an entity that struggles for survival and fears the loss of form because
it knows it will 'die'."

Karma__ If a great teacher chooses to stay on this Earth to teach,  he/she may take on karma  in order to stay in
form.  Once we release Mind from karma, we have the ability to step out of Time into  FORMLESSNESS. This is
the Law of
DOUBLING__ the process of Remembering from one Form to another. Leaping over karma, we are a-
ble to be in be in more places than one simultaneously.  The world hasn't changed__ our self-lodge has. Why do
you suppose we see great women and men of knowledge who have addictions to alcohol or food!

"Because addictions are karmic__ & they keep us nailed down in form. There is an  Illumination of higher   know-
ledge. The true answer__ that which illuminates us__ is within.  It illuminates__ in a new way__ even that which
is clearly seen."

"If a teacher takes on  the karma of food & weight gain in order to stay in form,  It has been referred to by famous
spiritual teachers as  '
taking on planetary karma'. There may be a corollary here with one's previous concepts of
Gravity as a reflection of desires with the form. Weight gain could easily fit this idea.:

"It also helps explain the need to be  RECLUSIVE in order to lose weight,  for with no one around to teach__ one
could then lapse into  FORMLESSNESS & TIMELESSNESS.  Since ancient times  this has been  accomplished
Dreams and Visions.  Why do some tell us to  'fast' and 'go on vision quests'?  It is because they know that for
the two halves of our brain to reach each other,  and reach us__ and translate messages__ all blocks to this pro-
cess have to be eliminated.  Dreams and Visions are the  building blocks of  
Sacredness.  We must BE STILL to
smooth the path for our sacred twin brain halves. We must make  Direct Contact with them  so they can speak to
us with clarity, and we don't need to interpret anything.
You may be wondering why the above Channeling was entitled: "TRANSCENDING TIME". I
had received it, and recorded it on
Palm Sunday, March 24, 1991. It was during the first half of Octo-
ber, 2017
, that I discovered all this information.

We STILL had not ASCENDED! even though we all thought it would happen on the Mayan Date of
Well__ we didn't  move to a higher density__ but we did leave the  Piscean Age and  enter the
Aquarian Age,

Mainstream News from September, 2017 on had been telling us that the United States was going
to "reset its economic system" on
October 15, '17.  The Alternative News was full of dire warnings re-
garding what could happen on * after this date. The banks would close to accommodate the "reset", &
that means stores will have to close,  as well as gas stations, & any business  that needed banks to re-
main open. Some of us might even find our electric system shut down  if it relied on coal,oil or gasoline
to drive its turbines.  We should all stock up on food, water, medications, etc., for perhaps as long as 2
MONTHS in some cases!

As I kept hearing and reading all that,  I asked Higher Self & Guides to please tell me just what I & my
family, friends & neighbors really needed to do. I already had water, some food, vitamins & meds stor-
red up, due to past experiences living in other areas,  where we had huge winter storms, earthquakes
or floods__ but not enough for two months!

During the above
Palm Sunday transmission NO DATES were given me! At that time I naturally assu-
med__that since we were all hoping for Earth & Humanity's Ascension to take place__that it may occur
soon after the transmission, so I entered dates for the near future from
March, '91 on. I did not expect
the transmission to be so long__ nor to include so much information  about how to deal with the ascen-
sion period itself.

: The more I read over the 4-91 channeled information the more I began to understand that
it was telling me about the REAL ASCENSION PERIOD,  which hadn't yet begun to occur__& that be-
ing led to the 1991 channeling__in
2017__was for a purpose. And what else than to ANSWER MY RE-
 OCTOBER 15, 2017__ & ONWARD!  YES!
1991 I was assuming we were about to Ascend__and so__ WAS I THEN  INFORMED OF WHAT I
" in 1991?
2-5-89: MEDITATION: "We have been waiting for 'Perfection.'  Since we do not often experience a sense of perf-
ection in self,  we do not always perceive it in others, in our surroundings, our activities, or in quiet times. Devel-
oping an expanded, more conscious awareness of the 'rightness' ,  the perfection that exists in each present mo-
ment__  the  Holy Instant__  the  Eternal Now__ will enable us to live in the Moment, rather dwelling on the past
or the future."

"We may have eliminated much of the Past,  yet we still wait for a 'Future'  which we hope will be 'better' that the
present. However is not All Time as One, and are we not Now experiencing the future of yesterday? We can stop
examining, analyzing, judging self as to '
what more needs to be achieved'.  We are complete in Self at every mo-
ment. It is by Living Fully in each moment  that we can experience the completeness,  the perfection of the Now,
and of the Future, for under those conditions, THE FUTURE IS HERE, NOW."

David Wilcock on Time: Time will alter itself to foster our spiritual understandings.  And both Altered Time
Altered Space can ov-erlap each other, or one may presents itself before the other__ or vice versa.

We need to Learn How to Work and Live With T
he New Physics. Two kinds of Time and Space exist:  Objective
(consciousness)__ Time or Space that exists as  intellectually provable units
;  and  Subjective  (subconscious)__
Time or Space existing as  intuitively or  multi-density experienced units  that can be  stretched,  expanded, comp-
ressed or manipulated__ like bubble gum__ according to our state of mind.

Normal States of Time: Time appears as sequential and orderly, while Space appears as air filled with solid ob-
jects.  Our environment and all that we perceive are normal, ordinary  and what we are used to. Nothing changes.
The integrity of our perception is unchallenged.

The New Physics Time  is becoming more like our  present perceptions of  Space__ as if it were  inside a huge,
ever-expanding ball of  fluid-like potentials,  and we can move instantly  or interminably  from one point  inside that
ball to another__ or to many points simultaneously.  "
Future Memory" occurs when we are in altered states of con-
sciousness and have a  "rehearsal" or "acting out"  of a previously written script
;  only to later have a  NOW Time
repeat experience of that first script.  Our understanding of Space & Time is shifted. Past,
Present and Future__
the three "dimensions" of Time
__ are no longer confined to their  previous "linear order"__ The New Physics
allows Time to re-order itself in any manner what-so-ever!

"TIME" is the PROCESS  by which we  perceive changes  in the universe.  It's like the  still frames in a  movie film.
Our mind weaves them together  to create an ANIMATION of what we Observe__ a moving,  changing perception.
(A cartoon Space like Time is not a "thing"__  it's a form of our animal understanding  and does not have any inde-
pendent Reality. So__ THERE'S NO ABSOLUTE,  SELF-EXISTING MATRIX  in which physical events occur. WE
CREATE EVERY MATRIX.  This comes back to what
 Einstein was saying about  Space being Relative. A meas-
urement of how far
Disney World is from my house would be entirely different from your observation when travel-
ing there at a different speed.

Altered States of Time:  Subjective Time begins to separate from  Objective Time.  The same separation oc-
curs with
Subjective Space and Objective Space.  Time is no longer  sequential and orderly.  Space changes and
objects appear less solid and dependable.  The space-time coordinates we are used to  lose their relevance.  Our
perceptual modes of awareness  are freed to expand and enhance,  while sensory feedback either  decelerates or

ML:  We've seen Time  jump ahead or reverse itself in  "Time Loops".  After carefully re-reading Chapter 1: "The
Creative Modes",  written between 1996 & 2006,  and editing text errors,  I found the "answers" to the problems I'd
been fussing over in the present!  This helped me resolve an attitude & fear  I'd been holding  for several lifetimes
over 700 years!  What if I told you that these Time Loops occur on a regular schedule,  according to the calendars
of various astrological systems__ particularly the
Mayan Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar__  which is  A Time Map for
the Evolution of One's Consciousness?

D. Wilcock: " Zoroastrian scripture,  back in the time of Atlantis__  seems to be the origin of all the world's  "End
" myths and legends. (ML: A nuclear war at the end of the last Atlantis caused a polar shift.)  Current physics
models, however,  now indicate that  we can  change the rate of Time  with our own consciousness,  adding that if
there's  a solar burst of energy,  it slightly changes  the flow of Time.  
David believes that..."what is  happening to
us is that  the energetic increase we're experiencing  is making  abilities that used to be  in the hands of Masters
Jesus available to everyone."

"There exist secret technologies that can  
slow Time down or speed it up,  and this is accomplished by  creating a
rotational wave in the gravity field,  as
Gravity is what powers Time. David believes we' re heading into a Gold-
en Age
after 2012,  although there will be some natural catastrophes beforehand, and we'll discover that there's a
whole lot more to
 Being Human  than we're presently aware of.  According to ET and ancient sources, human be-
ings apparently go through certain energetic springboards  that radically transform human evolution into some sort
Light Beings__ and this may come about through shifts in the way that Time runs."

Tibet and India, he revealed,  there is absolute proof that 64,000 people  have raised their  personal vibrations
to a level that has turned them into
Light Beings.  Recent quantum research shows that  when an object  moves or
vibrates past light speed,  Time speeds up__ as we and  Earth are doing right NOW.  Raising our  consciousness
means that  through controlling our thoughts, emotions & actions , we cause the atoms and molecules  of our bod-
ies to vibrate at ever-increasing speeds. Okay then, you master guys and gals__ rev up!

The second half of January, 2010, brought an increase in paranormal episodes.  Healing & manifesting occurred
even more quickly and much more easily. We had to be very careful of how/what we think and feel, for it manifest-
ed almost immediately. In fact,  just daydreaming about something for a few minute s can attract it  within the hour.
Time and space now seem irrelevant.

The  Monroe Institute  experimented with  sensors attached to the body  during  higher states of  consciousness
while very low brain wave frequencies__t
heta or delta__were the norm. In those states, suggests Marshall Payn:
he force of gravity is a function of the  inverse square of Time. There's nothing  else left to  change"..."The eq-
uation for the force of gravity would then change, explaining 'psychokinesis
'." (the ability to move matter with the
Can Light-workers Alter Time? (117)

Payn suggests that
vibrational frequencies are a function of Time. Human brains ordinarily function mainly in bet-
a states with vibrations  less than that of a dog's hearing level.  If a light-worker can change his brain wave levels,  
could he... "
have a wider receptor range, thereby "hearing" or;"seeing" another's vibrational waves? And thereby,
"? Can a psychic affect Time in a fashion so as to extend his receptor range?"

Time may be a key to psychic phenomena.  If we evolve our consciousness & develop spiritual gifts,  can we then
Transcend Time as the  Maya predicted?  Payn continues:  "Time as we view it  conventionally goes  wacky at
either high speeds  or when dealing with tiny things,  the world of  quantum mechanics physics.  It's different"....
"The physics of every day,
Newtonian physics can't explain it. Macrophysics__ that of the very large & fast, can't
either. Serious research indicates the answers lie in
Micro-physics, where Time as we know it gets weird."  

When psychics  bend spoons,  no fracture points are found,  only sections where the  spoon seems to have  melt-
ed.  If an energy artist  can speed up the  molecules' vibrations,  the resulting friction  could be enough to  melt the
metal,  allowing it to bend.  Could she also slow down  the molecules'  vibrations?  
Payn has seen a  pencil move
through glass  without breaking the glass. "
Suppose a psychic can somehow  slow the timing,  the frequency of a
molecule's vibration,  so its amplitude of vibration would occupy, say,  only one unit of space__ ten percent of its
normal occupancy.  Now there might be sufficient room  for the pencil molecules  to pass by the glass molecules
without obstruction. Maybe.
Late afternoon, December 31, 2013, our eldest son, "L" and I had a strange experience of Time/Space. L. keeps
a computer at our house,  which is closer to his local business.  We were each working at our computers
;  I on my
desktop, and he on his laptop. He was organizing the month's payroll report, and it was nearly
5 PM  before it was
ready to print. As the machine clicked away, we discussed the New Year Party plan for our family. When the print-
ing ended, L. checked it over. "
Oh, no!", he exclaimed.  "I got the date wrong!  But I made sure it was  December
31, 2013
. How could this be? Rats!  Now I'll have to do it all over again!"  
But when he checked his monitor screen, the date was indeed,
December 31, 2013, on the payroll record.  

I had to laugh out loud,  recalling my astrology experiences  with Time Zones.  "
Wow",  I said.  "It was New Year's
Day at Greenich, England.  The Prime Meridian is there.  It is the point on the globe where the Time & the Date  
change for the entire planet.  It is 7 Time Zones__ 7 hours__ east of us in our  Idaho Mountain Time Zone
;  and
as it was only
5 PM here when you printed the report, it was just turning Midnight__ January 1, 2014, in  Green-
ich, England__
New Year's Day."

"We had Altered Time & Space by speaking and thinking lovingly about our family's coming New Year's
festivities__ previewing them in our minds  as if it were already happening;
 and you  printed the report at
he moment Time changed at Greenich. Feelings of Love can raise our frequencies__ &  raise the  frequencies of
our room and its contents__ including the printnter__ linking us with those locations holding vibrational states that
synchronized with ours."

Time & Space are Illusions.  We can think of the Universe as a huge sphere in which every moment, ev-
ery day,  every event,  is occurring  simultaneously;  and every location,  place, and spot exist through-
out that entire sphere as well. However, t hat Universal Sphere has no boundaries;  it expands & exists  
forevermore__  time-wise and space-wise.

4-2-10: TIME is collapsing in on itself. "The present moment is expanding to include more & more of the past and
the future
." (Red Ice Creations.com).  Or are the past and the future rushing inward to meet in the present moment?
Strange events combining past with future are indeed occurring:

4-22-10:  Because of the Chili earthquakes,  which moved  Gaia's axis slightly,  we now have a different
relationship to Time.  
Each of us has control over how our personal relationship to Time changes  We can cha-
Timelines with our own free will.  If we do not "take charge" in any way,  the default answer is that  Time will
shrink. Time has a natural tendency to shrink, anyway
:  it is of the nature of humanity because everything is rela-
tive.  Even our atomic clocks  are having to be  reset ever more frequently.  Changes made by the Chilean earth-
quakes have caused Gaia  to change her shape slightly,  with a more elongated,  or "egg" shape, & her equitorial
length has become slightly shorter__ her midsection now rotates at a faster speed,  and this changes our relation-
ship to Time.
(Beacons of Light.com)

All energy moves in a cycle. Time is not linear__ it's cyclical. Francois Masson & David Wilcock (Divine (Cos-
 agree that there may be  "major suprises"  in store for us__ "surprises of noticeable increases__ begin-.
2011 or sooner. For more information about Timewave Zero,  check Terrence McKenna,  Bashar & Gregg
Braden's "
Fractal Time" on YouTube.com, and Mark Starr and Graham Hancock on Coast to Coast AM.

Exopolitics Radio interviewed  Andrew Basaglio and  Laura Eisenhower about  life on Mars. They believe hum-
anity has now shifted to a "
Third Timeline"  for our future,  one in which  we are building  our new consciousness
reality. The
"Fourth Timeline" will be available after our 2011-2013 Shift of the Ages,  considered the long prophe-
sied "
Golden Age."  David Wilcock feels  we will make that shift sometime between 2011 & 2013. He senses we
will be raising our consciousness in small steps up to that date.

Arcturians gave the13:20 Sacred Tzolk'in to the Maya.  It teaches us about the Creativity Process, but the
Mayan Long Count Calendar  is the one which predicts   he Shift of the Ages. During the  Galactic  Underworld-
8th Wav
e level of consciousness,  beginning January 5, 1999, our main focus was on  Preparation &  Unification.
The "Days" of every Underworld  are when intuitive thinking & acting  are strengthened or made visible. The Days
are ruled by yin-yang polarities holding potential for conflict. (Note the present East-West wars.)

During the Galactic Underworld,  our tasks were to perceive reality through the right brain, form groups & commu-
nities that share, collaborate and co-create together with compassion,  merge opposites,  end separation, end the
"growth-gain-achieve-compete" attitude,  create Peace and Oneness within self,  trust our intuition  (Spirit Within),
and release from the need for material wealth and control over others. If we are to evolve ourselves into images of
our Creator, we must know the
Cosmic Time Plan (www.mayanmajix.com) Check on "Learning Lab".

4-22-10: And the Time Shifts continue. One evening while the sun was still shining,  I looked out a window at the
neighbor's garden,  surprised that although it was
mid-April,  they had not yet  cut down  the dried cornstalks.  A
few days later, they had been removed. However, next day, as I glanced outside while talking with my daughter__
the cornstalks were still there!

Every person has a Tesla scalar interferometer between his ears.  The two halves of our brain can, betwe-
en them, generate scalar waves__ to our feet when we walk on hot coals, or to our hands  when we bend spoons.
The energy between a sender and a receiver is Time/Space.  We, with our minds,  cause Time/Space  to curve
and oscillate,  which affects mass.  Electromagnetic scalar waves  are the agent of the curvature
." (Thomas Be-
 We create Zero Point Energy within our brains,  which provides an exact mechanism for  psychokinesis,
levitation, psychic-energetic healing, telepathy, precognition,  post-cognition & remote viewing. Prescription drugs,
however, can keep us from receiving intuitive downloads.

6-1-10: Drunvalo Melchizedek's web broadcast, "The Birth of a New Humanity" was marvelous.  It should be on
You Tube soon, The effects of  Choice will manifest  ever more rapidly  as Time closes in on itself  from now until
the final days of the Shift.
                                                          PART II
                                                          TIME AND SPACE DISTORTIONS
11-3-10: Previously, I mentioned having the curious feeling of "coming home" in some manner. Friends relate how
they, too, feel they are  "I
N A DIFFERENT PLACE",  but unable to describe it. Are the physics of our environment
changing as we release our addictions to TIME and SPACE to enter the
5th DIMENSION?  As far as Time is con-
cerned,  we no longer need to " save" things for future use,  for whatever we need in the NOW,  lies just within our
grasp. We have only to intend__ and it's there.

Newsletter 7-25-13:  "Time IS  Speeding Up.  Everything is speeding up  to the point where  everything from our
history will happen all at once at  Zero Point.".... ALL the
 Timelines of every life lived on Earth,  are ALL heading
to the Zero Point." ... (This explains the crowding of events in our lives right now__ "as if they're overlapping each
other"__ and the "figures" in my bedroom representing several of my more recent past lives.)

"The Synchronicity Key compellingly argues that time is cyclical, not linear. We also make the case that these
cycles are powered by vast, unseen geometric patterns in space."
(Divine Cosmos.com)

This "Geometry of the Cosmos"  ultimately gives us a tangible model  for how history is  repeating itself __ with
such astonishing precision. The geometry itself acts as a  consciousness-influencing structure  in which  we orbit
through in space.

2,160-year "Age of the Zodiac" cycle,  appearing in many ancient cultures and myths worldwide, is one of the
most stunning examples of how this works. This seemingly tired old concept from our ancient past  becomes a key
to unlocking a brilliant new tomorrow.

Joe & Lena Stevens: "Secrets of Shamanism": "Shamans view time differently  from the way most of us were
TIME,  if held rigid,  creates containment, restriction and limitation.  For shamans, time is a flexible, mal-
leable vehicle"
(ML: fluid) "that can be manipulated with simple know-how. When Time is made to stretch or con-
strict, it becomes a tool of power necessary for success. How can this be?"

"Picture the world this way. Ordinary Reality" (ML: 3-D) "is the world of form or,  as some shamans call it__  the
"tonal".  It is the reality where differences exist,  and where everything seems to be separate. it is the world of ta-
bles & chairs, trees & rocks.  For shamans,  the source of this world of form is the
nagual  or spirit world,  where
everything that cannot be named exists. Thus the physical world & its source
 (ML: unity) together create a realit-
ty where the tonal & the nagual exist in a dynamic tension to one another continually." (ML:
magnetic & electric?)

Within the nagual or spirit world,  Time does not exist as we know it in the tonal or physical world. Since the na-
gual is the source of the tonal/physical, in order to
manipulate Time, you simply need to dip into  the spirit world
and call forth its resources.  Putting it another way,  if you want something done,  you go to the top.  In this case,
you to the source."

"By going to the source, shamans gain access to all Time Frames.  As a result, they are free to retrieve all infor-
mation from the store of all knowledge both past and future.  Imagine for a moment that  all present experiences
are being eternally recorded on a giant blue record.(
ML: CD-DVD disk)  Imagine, however, itw alive with life en-
ergy and animated continuously. Envision that this record has an infinite number of green record stacked on top
of and below it  representing the past and future. You can go even further & imagine that oj  all sides around the
blue and green records are stacked an infinite number of yellow records representing alternate or probable pas-
ts, presents and futures. Now visualize shamans traveling into the spirit world  where they emerge in the hole at
the center of the record. Here, from a central point, they have immediate access to a great range of possibilities.
The important consideration for them  is to know what they are looking for.  Allies and power animals act as gui-
des to this living library, leading them to find out exactly what they want to know."

"Not only do shamans  gain access to this living record  to retrieve knowledge,  but to learn to shift the course of
events so that the outcome emerges differently. This doesn't mean the original result didn't occur.  It means that
the original result is that__ it is relegated to a  side stack or  probable occurrence  and a  more desirable one  is
shifted to the central stack.

"Shamans are able to manipulate Time in a number of ways.  First of all, they know how to Stretch Time to make
it slow down,  as was the case with Sally and her exam deadline
;  or, in some radical cases__to avoid an accid-
ent. (
ML: Portland Freeway)__ we unconsciously  used our inner shamanic ability  to perform the act.  Shamans
carry out those TIME WARPS consciously."

"A second way that shamans  manipulate Time  is by  speeding it up,  so that  a long time  goes by quickly. They
can sit still for long periods of time  & experience that time  as if it had gone by in a twinkling. Yogic shamans of
India put themselves into suspended animation for long periods__ sometimes asking others to  bury them in the
ground for the duration to demonstrate their powers.  When their followers dig them up after days or weeks, they
emerge smiling and very much alive.

3-21-14: While working on Chapter 4: "Spirit Within" of  "Creating From the Future", I discovered that after chang-
ing to the new computer's  
Windows 7,  the page width had changed itself,  so I corrected it to  100 pixels shorter.
After a week of working on the website, the page width had changed back again!. I had to correct it all over again,
which took hours of correcting the word count as well. Every few days I'd re-check it, but it was fine.

Then, at the
Spring Equinox, IT HAD ONCE AGAIN CHANGED BACK!. I ask H.S. what is going on:

MEDITATION: 3-21-14:"TIME IS SHIFTING  from what has been known as  "past",  "present" and "future"__  to
ALL NOW TIME__ and for awhile,  one will shift in and out of  the three time portions.  Use your  Mutli-D-Skills  
to shift the web-pages to what you prefer, rather than doing it the physical way

ou have been thinking most of the morning about placing words on Chapter 4 to end with 'ONE MUST LEARN
,' "

You also chose to  'RETAIN AN ABUNDANT HEAD OF HAIR'  instead of losing so much d ue to your meds,  as
you combed or brushed it. You later bemoaned the fact  that it was 3 weeks into


ML: OKAY__ Thank you. I 'm perceiving that  The Arcturians were instrumental  in aiding me to change my
consciousness, and to develop the Higher Creativity Technologies .
And, I do believe you Sirians are aid-
ing the RETRUCTING OF EARTH AND HUMANITY TO THE 4th & 5th LEVELS. Is this correct?

Guides: "YES__ RIGHT ON!".

4-11-14: GAIATV. "Beyond Belief". The REALITY OF  TIME TRAVEL.  George Noory & Ron Mallett. SPACE &
TIME can be altered  by using LIGHT.... LIGHT can create  GRAVITY.... GRAVITY can affect  TIME.... The
stronger the GRAVITY, the more TIME slows down."

Courtney Brown, Remote Viewer with The Farsight Institute, agrees: "If you change the frequency of an object
or T
ime-line event, it disappears from one dimensional reality, and appears in another."

The most important thing about the mind that the Russians uncovered, is that Mind and Mental Things exist in
Time__ but not in 3-D Space.
 Mind is a totally EM system__ but is comprised of only non-observable time__
polarized photon operations.  If, as the Maya said,  we are to "
Transcend Time" when the Shift completes,  will we
then forego the use of our left brain mind?
This could be why we are NOW so forgetful and why the days seem to
be getting shorte
r. Modern science often defines 4h Density as "Time". From our personal experience  we know
one of the factors of
4-D is that it serves as a  Passageway  between the various dimensions.  It is also composed
of our
Mythology and our Archetypes __ our "beliefs" through such mental constructs. We know, too,  that the glo-
bal controllers
work through 4-D, programming our mental "beliefs" and creating fear through mass media. So__ if
Transcend Time__ will we also transcend 4-D? And without their 4-D connection will the global elite be unable
to manifest their diabolical plans? Let's hope so.

We now have definite proof of
Time Travel. The work of Dr. David Lewis Anderson, physicist, regarding "Time
Technology & Research
" is available on www.youtube.com and in his books on Time Travel. (Search: "Freeman
Interviews Dr. David Lewis Anderson on Time Travel
." This interview series begins with an Introduction followed
by 7 more videos, each about 10 minutes long. It is, without a doubt, the best information on this subject I've ever
Coast to Coast AM (www.coasttocoastam.com) has several archived interviews of Dr. Anderson if you are
a paid subscriber. (At $5 a month, this is the "best buy" online for a 4 hour program every single night.) Back in
2002, Anderson and team  created small time warp fields that could accelerate time by 300% within the field, as
well as reverse time. He described the initiation of a time  warp field as quite spectacular to witness... "between
the combinations of different chemical reagents  and high energy lasers  we use to excite or initiate a time warp
field" ... "a lot of light, a lot of energy."

2002, the effects have increased by... "two orders of magnitudes"... both in time acceleration and retarda-
tion rates, and living organisms have been successfully tested in the warp fields. By regenerating "
closed timelike
"... (bending space/time so time loops back on itself), we're finding it... "just as easy to move backwards in
time as well as forward."

Currently, countries such as
Japan, China and especially India have been experimenting with time technology.
Through a device called the
Temporal Tremor Detector (TTD), Anderson's team is able to track such experiments
by observing disruptions in the spacetime fabric.

Dr. Kirby Surpise on Veritas Radio:  "TIME moves inside a sphere of uncountable opportunities, rather than in
astraight line. The passage of Time is actually our movement through one parallel universe to another, then anoth-
er and so on, within that sphere. This allows any human being to change the sequence of his life at any moment.
We create the miraculous coincidences__ the synchronicities__ of our lives__ through the Creative Force Field.
(Part I:
http://www.futurerealities.info/Process.html) Our Thought that generated the synchronicity does not neces-
sarily indicate a direction in which we "should" go__ it is a signal that we had at that moment, attuned to universal

On a
Laura Lee Audio Program http://www.lauralee.com/index.cgi?hi: Preston Nichols &Peter Moon revealed
little-known information about Time and Time Travel

1915, Nikola Tesla created a tower on Long Island, NY, at Warden Cliffs Station that was related to Earth's
energy grids..."Today, there is a shore, nuclear power plant there, built about eight miles from
Brookhaven Insti-
,  and about sixty miles from Montauk, NY."... the site of  numerous secret Time, Free Energy and Consci-
ousness experiments.
Richard Hoagland (www.enterprisemission.com) has more information on this.

Nichols related that up until the  Philadelphia Experiment in 1943,  humans were insensitive to  Electromagnetic
Energy Fields,  and that
Wilhelm Reich speculated  that human beings  are very psychically susceptible  to the
400-450 MHz range of

He went on to say that the pyramid shape always relates to Time in some way__(we've heard about the "Time-
line" inside  the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt)__ and that the  
Stealth Bomber was a  hyper-dimensional vehicle
that had a pyramidal shape & was flat as a pancake__ reminiscent of the "Phoenix Lights" event in
1997. Earth's
grid can be used as an amplifier, & the
Tesla coil device, when placed on a grid line, can actually tap the power
of the Earth. Montauk, NY, was a huge thought transmitter where they could target weather & precipitate material
objects from the ethers__ and it all happened "
Out of Time".

1987 at Grand Teton Institute crystal-healing classes, Dr. Marcel Vogel told us: "Time and Space do not ex-
ist. You intitiate Time with the start of your thinking.  When you write down what you  perceive,  feel or  believe,
SEQUENCE TIME and precipitate this pattern of thought more and more into a state of objective reality."

Nichols, on the Laura Lee program, added: "The mind of man is a Time Function, so if you're going to get into
the mind of man, you must generate a Time Wave. That is the first cousin to a Time Device. A Time Device al-
ready exists because our essence__ our non-physical beingness"... our Spirit Within... "is encoded in the
Space Continuum

Sigma Conferences held on an army base just outside of Olympia, WA. in  1978-79, they re-designed the sys-
tem, adding the
Delta-T Antenna__ or 'change in Time antennae', modified after two pyramids, base to base, one
pointing up and the other down."... (An
Octahedron, one of the Platonic Solids, & the geometrical form into which
Earth's energy body is currently morphing.)

They were told to build a stable Time Machine. They were attempting to create a Time Portal, not sure whether it
actually became stable or not, between
1978 and 1981... "It opens from Time-A to Time-B and you can go thro-
ugh bodily or just in consciousness. It forms a hole in Space & Time where you could walk, for example, from
Dec. 5, 1980 right into Dec. 5, 1940."

You take a radio signal and change its frequency rate to go very fast__ to go from F-1 to F-2, very fast__ and it
distorts Space and Time. But by controlling these frequency hops and these amplitude pulses while  putting into
it an astronomical amount of power, you're able to literally
bend Space and Time, and control it with the proper
translaters-transducers known as the
Delta-T Antennae. In the center of the Delta-T, it would first create a twister
in Time, and then a spinner, & then you essentially get something first cousin to a black hole, which is a worm-
hole between
Time-1 and Time-2."

1981, they went back to WWII Germany, and then back to Mars, and projected into the underground of the
Mars pyramid, finding relics of an old culture there.
Duncan Cameron said he, when there, also thew a switch
from "on" to "off" that was the solar system's defense. This may explain the big increase in aliens arriving since

Peter Moon: "They went back tens of thousands of years__ perhaps 200,000 years ago on Mars. A dark force
was basically in control of it all. The pentagram shape is symbolic for Mars__ or pentagons.

Al Beilek told them, "The ETs know that there are certain bio-rhythms of the planet when things like Montauk or
Philadelphia Experiments readily happen. Earth peaks in 20 year cycles"... (Jupiter conjunct Saturn cyc-
les)... "and others".... The
August 12th date was important. A woman who researched the Mayan Calendar bas-
ed on planetary cycles, explained how they synchronize with human cycles. She discovered correlations with the
August 12th dates between Jose' Arguelles' Dreamspell Calendar__ & the Classic Yucatec Mayan Calendar....
Dreamspell noted that
August 12, 1943 (Philadelphia Experiment) was a Galactic Activation Portal. There was
another in
1983, but the next will not occur until 8/12/2043.

"Beilek said Tesla was also involved in the Philadelphia Experiment. The woman then did the date for Tesla's
July  22, 1942, which was even more significant because it was a Polar Kin Date (Classic Mayan
Calendar) which can activate an en-tire spectrum of
Time. The important point is that Tesla's date is one of dis-
solution: "
I dissolve in order to survive."__or, "CHUEN: Blue Monkey Plays Magic."

The "Matthews Function" for going in and out of body, occurred after John Van Neuman invented the modern-
day computer in the
1940s."... (ML: I worked with those computers in the family business as a teenager.).. "Many
people were sent individually through a tunnel in Time to
6037 A.D., and all went to a dead city in ruins where a
gold horse stood on a marble pedestal.
Duncan Cameron felt it had some sort of machinery inside."

They did a lot of WWI and WWII viewing through the time tunnel work. There is a large school of thought that
we really
lost WWII__ it became a Time Battle, where it was the Nazi Time machine battling the American
Time machine
, and the American's finally won out at a future date beyond the war."

Nichols: "Did the Philadelphia Experiment HAVE to happen at the 8/12/83 date and in the 20 year cycle? The
Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments were only several incidents in a long string of experiments going back
in Time,
3.6 million years, & into the future as well. They think the 'Fall of Atlantis"... (Fall in Consciousness)...
"was due to the Time Device going awry. This information came from a 'read' by six different psychics. They al-
so saw 'something drastic' happening in the future around
2012-2016__ almost as if Time Stops for awhile."

We're dealing here with a set of one order of magnetics where you're crossing the electrical field__ the magne-
tic field__ within our reality
."... "Now, considering the human psyche__ it's all Electro-Magnetic  induction__ im-
age induction, through the imaginary components of the EM equations, from one reality to the nex
t."... (i.e., from
one dimension to the next)... "I
maginary components appear when you solve equations in electro-physics__ you
get a real solution and an imagined solution. The imaged resolution is the one 90 degrees rotated out of our re-
ality, essentially. This is what the 'curl' factor is  in electromagnetics. This new curl is referred to as a sphere th-
at's rotating,  and the curl is normal to that sphere. But the sphere is one reality reference frame, and the curl is
the normal/90 degree rotation  to the next reality or reference frame.
 Tesla worked with imaginary components.
Ninety degrees shows up  in a lot of
Sacred Geometry,  which maps out the whole invisible fields." (http://www.

Moon: "There were connections between the CIA and the MK-Ultra program. The Phoenix Project inclu-
Montauk/Project Redhawk."... "Other scholars substantiated Zaccharia Sitchin's work"..regarding our off-
world genetic origins.

A woman caller to the audio program said  when she puts her consciousness  into her
3rd Eye  and focuses very
hard,  another part of her opens up,  and she has perfect vision, can go out of her body, anywhere. But, the body
she uses is like a mass of silvery cells. She doesn't have a physical form then.

Moon: "A lot of the UFO's and alien vehicles are really holographic projections."... "Some of the Mystery Schools
were very positive, but others negative. Like the
'DUNE' book and film__ all have their own agendas."

Nichols: "At the Thames River in Britain, another  Philadelphia Experiment was done. Wormholes are generat-
ed for Time Travel.  If you connect  a series of wormholes,  the Time  frames of the  different  areas  connecting
them change,  so that gradually you are changing  the rate of the Time Flow  over the entire Universe when you
do this.  This is how you modulate   the
Time Continuum and make a Time Wave. That was  one of the side eff-
ects of the
Montauk Project.  By opening a portal between  Pt.-A and  Pt.-B  (a potential future),  they make that  
.". "In the 'TOTAL RECALL' film,  what he saw inside the pyramid  matched perfectly with what Du-
ncan Cameron described on
Mars before the movie was made."          

arth and humanity are in a Time Warp... (http://www.futurerealities.info/Wierd1.html)..  (Scroll down to "Space
"in a reality that we essentially created  through all these  Time projects__ we're in  a loop we created.
The soul is capable of Time Travel, i f you're not tied to a physical body.
"... "In 2012-2016, Time collapses in on
itself; Past meets Future

Moon: "The occult technique called "spanning the distance' occurs when you're in an internal here & now, and
you go to the future or past__ you're going into a different reality.

Nichols: "We are seeing the"... "same signal from the 70's & 80's picking up again. There is also a channel bea-
con coming out of  
Montauk underground, via a camcorder influenced by a particle beam radar from the cliffs. Is
this the next form of mind control? A particle beam can  interrupt or distort synaptic exchanges  between human
nerve cells in our neurological system. It's also rumored that it can be used to replicate the
DNA and do progra-
mming directly into the
DNA.  They may have used this in the  Gulf War.  Big helicopters went over,  the enemy
just suddenly threw down their guns and gave up.

1989-90, the Air Force had a contract to build maintenance on Montauk air base. They re-furbished & upgrad-
ed the power lines."... "We need now to protect ourselves from rays, etc....We tell these stories to alert masses of
people to open their minds and raise their consciousness.
When enough people have raised awareness to a
high degree, they will be above the level of vibrational consciousness on which these mind control de-
vices can affect them.
"  (Emphasis added)  "If your consciousness  is above that level  you aren't subject  to it.
Control your own mind & educate your subconscious  to what is going on in the world  and in your surroundings.
Be concerned about keeping your own synoptic interchanges entrained by self. This is done also through higher
consciousness levels.  Remember,  your
Energy Being  interfaces directly  through the magnetic matrix  to your
p-ysical being.  If you keep your  Energy Being strong enough,  where it's controlling the physical being, you are
the only one who can then control that physical being,  and you won't have feedback  from the EM Being  to the

Laura Lee: "It's the immune system of the psyche, then?"

Nichols: "Yes. You have to educate & activate your psychic immune system. They're using all frequencies from
ELF"... (extremely low)... "up to microwave.  It doesn't matter  which frequency__ raise your consciousness  and
you'll be in control

Wilcock's book then continued:  "Time is three-dimensional"..."Everything is there  all at once. The past, pres-
ent and future positions of"... a distant star... "all give off measurable energy,  & only the  strength  of the energy
changes."... i.e., the energy is weaker at the past & future positions  and stronger at the present position.... "The
future actually casts a shadow into the past__ which we can see & measure with relatively simple technology.".
..."Remote viewers rigorously demonstrated their ability to see events in the future before they actually happen-

This is why using the
Moon Phases  (Chapter 6: Timing)  with Intentional Energetic Healing modalities increases
the chance of complete & permanent healings
; and often, those healed do not even remember that they ever had
the illness or injury.
Space and Time are only the way  our Mind puts it all together. There are many,  many universes,  making up a
Multi-verse. Anything that could possibly occur in one universe, could happen in any of them. So when our physi-
cal bodies die and self-destruct, it's only the Energy operating through our minds. This Energy doesn't go away at
death. One of the surest laws in science is that
Energy Never Dies__ it cannot be created or destroyed__ it can
only transmute into something else.  So when we die,  we are no longer in this 3-D reality, for Life has a non-limit-
ing dimensionality  to transcend  any individual history or universe.  It's like the flower that  returns to bloom again
and again in the Multiverse springtimes."

Itzhak Bentov:
"Normal State of Time":  "Time appears as sequential and orderly,  while Space appears as  air filled with solid
objects. Our environment and all that we perceive are normal, ordinary and what we are used to. Nothing hanges.
The integrity of perception is unchallenged."

"Altered State of Time" : "Subjective Time begins to separate from  Objective Time.  The same separation oc-
curs with
Subjective Space and Objective Space.  Time is no longer  sequential and orderly.  Space changes and
objects appear less solid and dependable.  The space-time coordinates we are used to  lose their relevance.  Our
perceptual modes of awareness  are freed to expand and enhance,  while sensory feedbac
k either decelerates or

"Convergence of Time": "Objective Space overlaps with Subjective Time;  Subjective Space overlaps with Obj-
ective Time
.  Everything converges, making it possible to  be everywhere at once, all at the same time. There are
no longer any separations. Nothing divides.  Normal coordinates and definitions disappear altogether. Limitations
of any kind no longer exist."

                                                                             SUMMARY Part I
There is a Higher Part of ourselves__ call it Spirit Within, Angels, Guides, or Higher Self__ that best  Knows what
we need to learn, understand or do for the evolution of our consciousness. This guidance will not necessarily oc-
cur according to the old linear time of  past, then present, then future.  Nor will Space  present itself in the manner
we've been accustomed to. We may find ourselves flipping back and forth between here and there__ or both here
and there__ or everywhere at once.  Time will alter itself  to foster our spiritual understandings.  And both
and Altered Space can overlap each other, or one may presents itself before the other__ or vice versa.

We need to Learn How to Work and Live With the
New Physics. Two kinds of Time and Space exist: Objective
(consciousness)__ Time or Space that exists as intellectually provable units; and  
Subjective (subconscious)__
Time or Space  existing as  intuitively or  multi-dimensionally experienced units  that can be stretched, expanded,
compressed or manipulated__ like bubble gum__ according to our state of mind.

Normal States of Time:  Time appears as  sequential & orderly,  while  Space appears as  air filled with solid
objects.  Our environment and all that we perceive are  normal, ordinary & what we are used to. Nothing changes.
The integrity of our perception is unchallenged.

The New Physics Time is becoming more like our present perception of Space, as if it were inside a huge, ever-
expanding ball of fluid-like potentials,  and we can move instantly or interminably  from one point inside that ball to
another__ or to many points  simultaneously. "
Future Memory" occurs  when we are in an altered state of consc-
iousness and have a   "
rehearsal" or "acting out"  of a  previously written script;  only to later have  a NOW  Time
repeat experience of that first script.  Our understanding of Space & Time is shifted.  Past,  Present and Future__
the three  "
dimensions" of Time__ are no longer confined to their previous  "linear order"__ The New Physics all-
ows Time to re-order itself in any manner what-so-ever!

Altered States of Time:  Subjective Time begins to  separate from  Objective Time. The same separation occ-
urs with  
Subjective Space and  Objective Space.  Time is no longer  sequential and orderly.  Space changes and
objects appear less solid and dependable . The space-time coordinates we are used to  lose their relevance. Our
perceptual modes of awareness  are freed to expand and enhance,  while sensory feedback either decelerates or

We've seen Time
jump ahead or reverse itself in "Time Loops". After I carefully re-read Chapter 1:"The Creative
Modes",  written between 1996 7 2006, and edited the text errors  I found the "answers" to  the problems I'd been
fussing over in the present! This helped me resolve an attitude and fear  I'd been holding for several lifetimes over
700 years!  What if I told you that  these Time Loops occur on  a regular schedule,  according to the calendars of
various astrological systems__ particularly the
Mayan Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar, which is A Time Map for the Ev-
olution of One's Consciousness?

DREAMS  can show us  How and  What we've been Creating.  They can  introduce us  to the next stages of
Creativity forming for the
Finalization of Ascension. The incoming Feminine Energies will be prominent, as High-
er Technologies proliferate in
New Earth: we may even learn to "Fly" through the fluid-like "Ethers" formed of e-
nergetic potential, to visit various time periods, locations and/or dimensions.

We must first investigate our inner selves, asking: "
What determines my new order of Past, Present and Future?"
and "
How do I deal with Time while Creating?" &  "How Do I Handle Things in Time Loops?}__ The "ethers" are
Creative Force Field__ the so-called "empty space" of the universe, inter-penetrating & embracing all matter.

It is an energy field composed of Potentials,  waiting to be impacted  by human  thoughts,  feelings,  activities  or
devices  to change it into physical matter. We can best change things  with our thoughts, emotions and intentions
within that same  Moment that we  recognize a need or  a possibility for change__ for we are usually "charged up"
about the issue at that Moment!  Many of us,  when faced with a challenge,  a sticky situation, or unwanted news,
immediately go into  a defensive mode,  and start visualizing how we'd like t o "tell off" or "harm"  who-or-what we
view as the perpetrator(s).  We are extremely emotionally charged-up  in that moment.  However,  if our emotions
and thoughts are negative,  we will most like experience a negative result; but if we are instead, seeing t

he humor of the situation,  or holding a sense of  compassion  or harmlessness  to the  perpetrator(s),  we'll most
likely see a positive outcome.  We could even  express Gratitude for this  opportunity to learn something  nd/or t
evoke the highest good for all concerned
. Whatever__ we are in that moment "highly charged" for Intentions &/or

The  "
Ethers"__ "Creative Force Field",  or  "Morphic Field" are,  quite literally,  the energetic  manifestation  of a
Universal Mind.  The vibrations of this  
'universal fluid'  create geometric patterns.  Any vibration of this fluid - any
change in its basic state __ is what we call  a "
thought".  We can create our own geometric vibrations in this fluid-
like energy with our own thoughts.  We can do this to  "
magnetize"  certain things to us__ such as in  The Law of
Attraction. As we become more advanced, we can use this same power to
levitate objects" (move them in space)
...with our Minds & Hearts__ or even manifest physical objects out of the air!

Great Masters were able to do this  because they understood  
The Great Quantum Secret: HUMANS ARE "THE
D" - "THE CREATIVE FORCE FIELD" - "THE ETHERS"__Since December 21, 2012, each of us
is becoming  "

* (8.) On 1-15-13__ a day of a huge  Portal Energies  entering Earth__ the  "High Strangeness"  expanded to the
rest of the house  as a lot of things began to malfunction,  making a rather frustrating day.  An hour-long program
I'd looked forward to viewing that afternoon,  was rescheduled in favor of a  political announcement. However, my
show would be available that night from
1 to 2 AM__(Being after midnight,  it would then be  January 16th). I set
the VCR to record from  
1 AM to 2 AM on  January 16th.  Next morning,  it hadn't worke!.  We tried several more
times to correct the problem over the following days__ he last test being for only
5 minutes, from 12:30PM to 12:
the afternoon of January 18th.  Nothing. Rats!

Later that night, (
1-18-13), H watched BBC News at midnight. As he headed for bed 20 minutes later, he heard
the VCR click on  and begin recording! ( By then it was
January 19th) . He was surprised,  but after 10 minutes,
shut it off and went to bed.

When he mentioned it next morning,  my first thought was that  it was set for the wrong Time Zone;  but we hadn't
known we could set Time Zones with this VCR. I checked through some of the "alphabet" Settings under "Progra-
mming", and sure enough__ it was set for "
HAWAII", (HST)! What?__ How could it change itself?

I reset it for
MOUNTAIN time, (MST) and began to run another test for five minutes only, from 12:30 PM to 12:35
. Then I discovered it had, instead,  programmed itself to go on at 12:30 AM, & off at 12:35 AM!  Well, who or
what changed That? I was about to push the final button when H called out; "Oh, no__ the
DAY is wrong, too!" It
January 19th, instead of just after noon on the 18th when we had set the numbers. We corrected it, and re-
set it for an hour long program. Finally, it worked!

As an astrologer, I realized that "
12 hours later" from our MTN TIME, would be on the other side of the Internat-
ional Date Line,  and would then be  the following day.  But what had caused the Timer  to  CHANGE   ITSELF?
There's no one else here who might have done that.  
Time had jumped ahead t welve hours into the next day__
Space had jumped back half-way around the globe!

"Objective Time (consciousness) exists as intellectually provable units."
"Subjective Time (subconscious) exists as intuitively or multi-dimensionally experienced units that can be stret-
ched, expanded, compressed or manipulated__ like bubble gum__ according to our state of mind."

This had to be a... "
Time Convergence: when  Objective Space overlaps with  Subjective Time; &/or Subjective
overlaps with  Objective Time.  Everything converges,  making it possible  to be everywhere at once, all at
the same time.  
There are  no longer  any Separations.  Nothing divides.  Norma l coordinates  and  definitions
disappear altogether. Limitations of any kind no longer exist."
(Itzhak Benton)

: What State of Mind caused this "Convergence of Time" to happen, and Why? How do we live with so-
mething like this? Makes your head spin, doesn't it?

We've mentioned before how  
The Laws of Physics are different in higher dimensional realms.  In accord with this
theory, the
"High Strangeness" has escalated during the month from December 21, 2012 to January 21, 2013. We
find that
TIME seems to be expanding &/or contracting, and unusual events involving Time are occurring regularly
around our home. I want to share the rush of such events below, how we've been attempting to cope with the cha-
nging planetary physics since the "
Three Days of Darkness"__ Dec. 21, 22 & 23, 2012  and the Galactic Bubbles
Bursting on Christmas Eve. Things work very  differently now, & our challenge these next two months  is to Learn
How to Live and Work With the New Physics.

Itzhak Bentov wrote, "Stalking the Wild Pendulum:  On the Mechanics of Consciousness".  He decided  there
are two kinds of  Time and Space:  
Objective (consciousness)__ Time or Space that exists as intellectually prov-
able units; and
 Subjective (subconscious)__ Time or Space  existing as intuitively or multi-dimensionally experi-
enced units that can be  stretched, expanded, compressed or manipulated__ sort of like bubble gum__ according
to our state of mind.  Bentov told how people who'd had  
Near Death Experience s or consciousness transformat-
ions of one sort or another,  sometimes experienced
"Future Memory". It was as if they had previously lived exac-
tly what they would experience sometime later. The paranormal episode  seemed like a rehearsal or preview of a
previously written script.  The present,  or "NOW" experience,  felt like only a "
repetition" or "dream" of the former

These individuals had "
Remembered the Future", or,  "Created the NOW event from the Future" while in states of
consciousness where  their understanding and sense of Time and Space  was altered from the  usually accepted
sense__ in both the paranormal experience, & the NOW reality experience. It seems that Time, whether objective
or subjective, can deviate in ways we've never even thought of. Or we might ask ourselves, "
Was the paranormal
experience the True event,  & the present experience, only a Re-enactment
?"  There was no difference between
them except for the time variation. Either experience could have been the "
True" one. What this episode seems to
be showing us,  is that  
Past, Present and Future__ the three  "dimensions" of  Time__ are  no longer  confined to
their linear order, as
The New Physics allow Time to re-order itself in any manner what-so-ever!

But what determines the new order?
Time and Space instantly change__ strongly impacting our lives.  And if we don't change with them,  things pass
us by. When blissfully engaged in a favorite activity,  we are in a higher state of consciousness closely connected
with our environment, with creative potentials & with the mass consciousness of humanity.  We become "attuned"
to what's going on in the world. But if we're one who usually "
follows the herd" to mass media publications, TV, or
online gaming, we are distracted from recognizing New Earth changes occurring outside our "
personal paddocks"
__ and one day may break out of that controlled and limited space to find that World Time and Space have chan-
ged beyond our comprehension or ability to deal with them . Religion was once called  "
the opiate of the masses",
but these days,  it's
Celebrities, Consumerism and Sports  keeping many blind  to what's shifting  just beyond the

Time has sped up to such a degree  that events occur  faster than we can  perceive or  understand their causes.
Are Effects now occurring in our lives Before Their Causes can be recognized?  Higher Self agreed: "
The Future
 are beginning to occur  before the Past or Present Causes occur."  Maybe everything that we wished for,
dreamed of,  or tried to manifest for our
Future,  has now become our Past,  so that we are experiencing our past
desires, as our
Present. Huh?  Does the Future then produce  what we experienced in the  Past that we have not
"let go of", "harmonized", or "erased" charges from it?  Are Past & Future both occurring in the Present?

But what triggers off a past or future event? Some present day emotional charge, memory, or connection?    

Then it hit me__ The crazy problems with  things collapsing are  
Forcing us off the Systems,  because SOMETH-
ING BIG  IS COMING DOWN  THE TRACKS,  and we need to be ready for it.  It's telling us  to be  PERSONALLY
RESPONSIBLE__ to take our power back from the "systems"!  
H.S.: "Yes, the world  IS transforming so fast now,
that everything is in chaos, & things won't work well,  if at all.  The controllers  are losing their grip,  & our social
and commercial systems,  our infrastructures are  falling apart,  drifting away, and  without  appropriate replace-
ments,  more errors are made and things become scrambled.  Mistakes,  delays, and  unwanted substitutes  will
show up and some items, people and businesses we used to depend on may no longer be there for us

What is the Quantum/Cosmc Level Leading Us To?
1-15-13__ Was a day when  huge Portal Energies entered Earth__ and things began  to mess up. The  VCR was
set to record a  re-scheduled,  hour-long program for after midnight,  but it didn't work. I n fact, the entire VCR quit
working!  No amount of button-punching  (or snarling)  seemed to correct it.  The next day we found that the VCR
timer had reset itself t o the  Hawaii Time Zone__ half-way around the world from  
Idaho Mountain Time__ on the
other side of the
International Date Line. The timer's setting had  Jumped Time  ahead 12 hours into the next day,
Jumped Space backwards, halfway around the globe!

This had to be another Multi-Dimensional Event__ "
A TIME CONVERGENCE"__ when Objective Space overlaps
Subjective Time;  and/or Subjective Space  overlaps with  Objective Time."  Everything converged,  making it
possible to be
everywhere, all at the same time. There were no more separations. Nothing divided. Normal coord-
and definitions disappeared altogether. Limitations of any kind no longer existed. (Itzhak Benton)

Multi-Dimensionality allowed for the two different Timelines of the "A: Fifth Paradise New Earth World" and the
B: Sixth Catastrophic End of The World" to BOTH manifest since 12-21-12 because New Physics allows for
... "
accelerating energies that do not follow any particular course, in a period where everything happens at once
or in rapidfire succession,  and nothing is really clear as to whether it's positive,  negative or even  aimed in any
particular way. Predictions seldom hold true and plans go awry. The formerly ridiculous suddenly makes sense
(Itzhak Benton)

"The Galaxy  in which you reside  is the  'society/group/environment'  into which you wish to Integrate!"  Past,
Present & Future are all happening RIGHT NOW.
 Whatever is happening right NOW has all happened before
__ is STILL happening  right NOW __ and is also happening  in the FUTURE__ right NOW!  And I'm  creating  all
this__ right NOW.  All this is ME__ It's Me,  You,  Everybody and  Everything else alive, right NOW.  And I/We can
have the past, the present, and the future however we want it__  right NOW and forevermore. Or__ we can chan-
ge it in an instant__ right NOW!" But it must be done with
Unconditional Love for Everybody and Everything.

A Huge Portal opened January 15th,  projecting A New Relationship to Time; i.e.; "Time will wait for us." We
need to learn  how to explore and live  every moment of these  Multi-D games. A Video web-address was e-mailed
me to be viewed by
January 15th, but I didn't see it until the 18th.  I decided to try it, although it was probably too
late.  Surprisingly,  it did open and I did view it! For the first hour I was even more amazed__ everything discussed
had been related to me by
H. S. since December 21st,  and was mentioned in previous Newsletters:  (A "Future
"?)  We were asked to:  "Become aware of the ways in which we  Dealt with Time"  and to  "Stop segreg-
ating"__ and not to Exclude these times from others,  recognizing  We Are Living Two Lives.  We have been liv-
ing our Inner Lives one way,  and our Outer Lives with others in other ways."  
(That is,  we have been  dreaming,
meditating, feeling and planning in certain ways,  but behaving, speaking and reacting in opposing ways.This has
to end
; it will no longer be possible!  

The Planetary Hierarchy said: "When the soul takes leave of its previous form, there occurs a process  of tran-
sformation dealing with the
Galactic Genetic Code for consciousness evolution. This a part of theCreative Pro-
cess  and  informs Higher Realms of the progress or lack of progress made by the soul in incarnation. Once  his
is re-coded into the genetic makeup, it is always available to the soul. However, when a soul  again takes a new
form,  that genetic code of information  is  held within the new physical form's cellular memories.  Once this par-
adigm is wholly,  continually integrated into the individual's conscious mind,
TIME ceases to exists for him other
than the
Collective Present__ the Eternal Now __ and he also becomes continually conscious__ i.e.;
One way to intentionally experience
Time Variations is to become involved in doing things we are most passionate

ry-thing is speeding up to the point where everything from our history will happen all at once at Zero Point.
"... ALL
the timelines of every life lived on Earth
,  ALL heading to the Zero Point." ... (This explains the crowding of events
in our lives right now__ "as if they are  overlapping each other"__ and  the "figures"  in my bedroom  representing
several of my more recent past lives.)

Med.Bag.html: "TIME is a Bridging point  between DIMENSIONS,  or between ENERGY & MATTER...  Nothing
happens just once in this universe; infinity goes in both directions

2-11-14:  When asking H, S. for Guidance of late, She directs me to a  past Newsletter, or a page and paragraph
in a book I am now reading,  or a book I read years ago.  Today:  "
I can't believe it.  Again  I WROTE  THE ANS-
        (The event occurred before the cause?)  

7-24-15:   MASTERING TIME: in 4-D... PATIENCE. .. TIME was invented by us to teach us how to make appro-
priate choices. Karma and its consequences are about Time. In reality, Time has no Dimensions__ no Past,
Present or Future. This enables us to Jump Timelines. If ALL TIME is happening "now", in this and each moment,
then we can move forward or back to what we have been perceiving as "before", or "after" or "now". WE CAN
ONLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE __Right Now!__ for if we choose to make No Difference__ all our "Now" moments
__ from then on__will consist of the same thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, perceptions a in that moment of
choosing Not to make a Difference.

Supposing a Challenge arises on our life. We can:
1. Get frustrated, angry__ blame someone else or "fate".
2. Worry about it in each future "Now".
3. Knowing that whatever we choose to do, or not to do about the challenge, will determine our "Now" in a split
second. We can take the attitude that tis challenge was created by our previous "Nows", and our Higher Self set it
as a learning experience.

H. S: "What does Love & Oneness wish to see me do Now__ Next__ with the chalenge?" We most likely
have a preference; i.e.; "
I want health and safety __ But, will this well-being choice bring a challenge to others if
I make this choice for myself? "
Then, if we're in Love & Oneness, we sense that an outcome for the highest good of all concerned__ is the best

So WE SET OUR INTENTION__ one way or another__ for self, or for all concerned, And as we INTEND:
What's best for us.... What's best for others.... What's best for All.

We STATE OUR INTENTION ALOUD, but with the courage to allow Spirit/Universse to decide the process &
timing for it, as well as what the highest outcome will be; waiting (without holding a positive or negative emotional
charge on the outcome) to ACCEPT A SEEMINGLY  (for "Now:) negative outcome, while KNOWING that

Michael Tellinger, midnight guest on  Coast to Coast AM online today__ June 15th__astounded listeners with
a discussion of t
he Annunaki civilization that existed in South Africa from 450,000 years ago up until the Great
Flood, about 11,000 B.C
.. We have covered some of Michael's amazing information in previous newsletter issues,
most thoroughly in the
May 28-29, 2011 issue__ the two Midpoint Days of the recent Third Day. It seems these
Third Day & Night major issues are about RECOVERING LOST TECHNOLOGIES. Will the coming Days and
Nights eventually reveal all the hyper-dimensional technologies kept hidden from Earth's population and perhaps,
even restore them?

Saturday, Feb. 9th & 10th: How Atlanteans CONTROLLED TIME. "We come from the ETHERS & JOURNEY
TO THE STARS" = How to unlock all by using this KEY to MOVE FREQUENCIES FROM HIGHER LEVELS


"We move from the Stars to the innermost planes of consciousnes

                                                                      MEDITATIONS 1989        
2-5-89: MEDITATION: "We have been waiting for 'Perfection.' Since we do not often experience a sense of
perfection in self, we do not always perceive it in others, in our surroundings, our activities, or in quiet times."

"Developing an expanded,  more conscious awareness of the 'rightness' , the perfection that exists in  each
present moment__  t
he  Holy Instant__  the  Eternal Now__ will enable us to live in the Moment, rather
dwelling on the past or the future."

"We may have eliminated much of the past, yet we still wait for a 'Future' which we hope will be 'better' that the
present. However is not All Time as One, and are we not Now experiencing the future of yesterday? We can stop
examining, analyzing, judging self as to 'what more needs to be achieved'. We are complete in Self at every
moment. It is by Living Fully in each moment' that we can experience the completeness, the perfection of the
Now, and of the Future, for under those conditions, THE FUTURE IS HERE, NOW."

3-3-89: Noon. Was at the computer, and got "dinged" to take a message.
Coming from witihin is a message about the totality of the succeeding generation. The attachment to the
material plane cultural exigencies is keeping the individual & the society or community as a whole from advan-
cing in their evolutionary purpose." ( See
Journal XXIII pg. 159)
M: What can we do about this?
A: "Take the time DAILY ... in fact, several times daily... to tune in on the higher realms and other dimensions.
Stay in practice for doing this, for it will be necessary to be able to almost instantaneously open the gates, due
to coming shake-ups in thy life-styles.
You as an individual, need to be continually aware of thy connection
to the other dimensions, in order to facilitate the opening into the earth plane of the planetary heritage.

. We do not require that the
mundane aspects of they life be forsaken...
.only that you  remain ready and able  to recognizer our vibration
and our 'call'.  Things will begin now to move along  much more quickly
...Yes, even  more quickly than the
past few months. To remain effective in thy Service, it is necessary that you cultivate the ability to keep up. We
have finished."

1989: ML: In the ancient Mayan wall of information in the Cave of Records, are there 3 levels or more of sacred
geometrical symbols, each level based upon the previous level's form, as in the EGYPTIAN WALL RELIEFS?
(ARCHETYPAL, ECTYPAL & TYPAL? ) (Here I was led to investigate the Law or Book of "SACRED GEOM-
ETRIES". pg. 8: "The Bridle relates to the archetypal PROCESS OF LEVERAGE; the principle that

A: "Yes, Every New Race builds/creates its own gversion/variatioin of the archetypal, truth/process/principle.
You are correct in the idea that at present, society needs to RECONNECT WITH THE ARCHETYPAL GOD/-
UNIVERSAL/LAW PRINCIPLE LEVEL and then create/build them for current needs of the race."

In each Significant Past Life of HEALING-TEACHING SKILLS, you and your Soul Groups repeatedly contacted
Archetypal Principles, the Universal Laws, Cosmic Laws and re-interpreted them for the current transfor-
mations of consciousness of mankind. This relates to your Capricorn Midheaven project for the present lifetime,
as well." (
10* Capricorn: COSMIC MOTHER: Creating Opportunities for Others to Evolve through,if they so

Each level of consciousness achievement requires a RE-PROGRAMMING OF THESE COSMIC PRINCIPL-
ES into the human paradigm...the collective unconsciousness... and the collective unconsciousness.
is what a
COSMIC MOTHER does. ... 'SHE' is an Archetypal Process within "Her-self". She is the Womb in
which the
Cosmic Laws of gestated/formed for BIRTHING into the Human Racial Consciousness, as forms,
ideas and their variations to be used upon the material, practical planes. This is why the "
Virgin" always gives
birth to the 'male' child (the practical,
Mental, Mascline). The "Egg" then is penetrated in an archetypal process.
The Mind, in receptive, feminine, contemplational meditation, penetrates the archetypal 'Egg' & the Life Process
, creating the new idea/form with variations that can be understood and used by modern races."
The Guides.