The Next Step toward Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies is to connect with High-
er Self, your Spirit Within__ and receive guidance.  

When you can obtain daily guidance from Spirit Within,  as Drunvalo Melchizidek says: "You have  
won the game of life

When performing manifestations or healings, we connect with Great Spirit-Creator's Energies through
Crown Chakra,  pulling them down through  pineal and  pituitary glands  (Archives)  to merge with
Gaia-Earth in our high hearts.

*   "Higher Energies."
    *   "Listening to Spirit Within."
    *   "A Prayer of Protection."
    *   "Subtle Energy Bodies."
    *   "The Chakras.".
             Consciousness precedes all manifestations of
                   both energy & matter.
             We are spiritual energy beings.
    *   "Meditation and Dreamwork."  
    *   "The Observer Stage."
             Superconscious-Higher Self Overrides the
    *   "Meditation."
              Yogic Breathing.
    *   "Dreamwork."
    *   "Higher Intelligences."
    *   "Discerning Truth form Lies."
    *   "Peak Experiences."

4-12-85: The Guides: "Adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion involving 37 planets, began with the 1st
Level of the Rebelling Systems. Each person decided whether he/she wanted to follow that plan."

ML: I feel they had connected with the general plan, but those who wrote it down were still somewhat
influenced by the "Hierarchical Setup" of our world at the time. In one sense, the basic premise seems
to be "
You have Free Will__ as long as it's 'God's Will"."

I don't buy that. Perhaps I'm mistaken__ but my experiences to date are that our consciousness evolu-
tion aims toward "MERGING IN ONENESS WITH SPIRIT'S CONSCIOUSNESS". Therefore, I cannot,
will not, digress from it. It becomes AUTOMATIC.

12-1-2017: Guides:  "Circuits to Universal Energies coming in and out of Earth were cut off after the
Lucifer Rebellion, so as to quarantine Earth from the Rebellion infecting other areas of the Solar Sy-
stem, Galaxy, etc.. They began turning on again  at the first  
Harmonic Convergence __Mid-August,
& many more are Reconnecting & Manifesting, creating a CIRCUITRY with the Universe."

"Chaos is necessary for Change to occur.  Nothing happens just once in the Universe. Infinity goes
in both directions.

Higher Energies
I'm in Idaho  preparing for the second week of the 1987 Vogel Crystal Healing Classes at Grand Tet-
on Park,  Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
 I receive an inner message upon waking:  "Kriya  is where you
can learn all you need to know  about energy
."  I have no idea what   kriya" is__ some unknown sac-
red site on Earth, a book, a person, a planet? I note it in my journal, but dismiss it to get ready for my
trip to the next session.

Dr. Marcel Vogel, our instructor,  flies to Jackson Hole from California.  At Salt Lake City, an unus-
ual looking man boards the plane to sit beside him. Although at least seven feet tall,  sun-tanned, with
sky-blue eyes, and young looking in face and physique,  he has snow-white hair & a small white goat-
ee. He says he's "
Heber",  & has just returned from several years in the  Tibetan Himalayan Mount-
. He'd heard of Dr. Vogel's class,  and would like to sit in on some of them.  Marcel welcomes him

Sunday morning, Dr.Vogel and some of the students drive into Jackson to attend Mass. Heber agrees
to lead the remaining students  in meditation and  prayer at the lodge.  The meditation is superb,  and
one fellow asks Heber where he learned this style, as it's quite different from the
Transcendental  Me-
he learned.  Heber replies that  his methods come fro m "Kriya Yoga" , which he's  studied for
years. "Yoga" means  "union", and "Kriya"  means "energies"__ so Kriya Yoga means  "Union of Ener-
gies." I joyfully recognize the word as the one received a week earlier.

Upon Marcel's return after lunch, we head uphill to the huge, circular Mongolian yurt in which classes
are held. I arrange to walk beside our tall visitor, telling him about my message concerning Lriya". He
links me with  
Self-Realization Fellowship  established by  Paramahansa Yogananda,  who  brought
Kriya Yoga to the United States from
India and Tibet in the early 20th Century.

A day later, Heber vanishes.
Grand Institute is about 20 miles from the Jackson Hole airport and Heb-
er had arrived with Marcel in the airport van.  He spoke to no one that last morning
;  nobody saw him
leave, and no car or van had been used.  Evidently he fulfilled his mission here & somehow transport-
ed to where he needed to be next. Dr. Vogel says,
"We've been checked out by higher powers."

By next January,  I'm deep into Kriya Yoga studies & continue them for years. They do indeed, teach,
all you need to know about energies."
Oftentimes__ we know who is at the door,  or calling on the phone,  before our eyes or ears
know it
. Our Human Energy Fields pick it up even before our brains or physical sense do.

These Energy Fields  function through the frequencies of our  Chakras__ energy vortices interfacing
with the energies of other humans, Earth and All Life Everywhere.
(Figure 2).

Consciousness precedes all manifestations  of both energy and matter.  It has the  power to
both create and to destroy.

Consciousness has long been cloaked in anomalies. Our old science does not accept anomalies bec-
ause they defy main-stream theories, can't be explained by the logical brain,  duplicated on command,
nor measured by mechanical devices.  New science attempts to include anomalies,  considering them
clues to revolutionary concepts of how the universe operates.

What to believe and who to trust, have become issues of primary concern in this topsy-turvy
world of rapid change.

How many years have we sought & followed advice from "experts" or "authorities"?  How many books
were read,  how many audios listened to, and videos or DVDs watched? Only to find in the end that it
didn't work for us individually?  

We need a completely P
ersonal GuidanceSsystem__ one tailored only to our individual needs,  to our
unique goals and special abilities.

A higher spiritual awareness was established in all mankind in the very beginning. The wise-
st teacher of all dwells within us.
 Look not for a "savior " to come down from the mountains,  
from across the sea or from outer space. The "
savior" dwells within us;  simply awaiting our

We are spiritual energy beings, playing The Game of Life in physical matter bodies. It's time we
reconnect directly with  divine, higher intelligence sources. Nothing could be more critical. As we eng-
age in creative activities, we learn how the Inner life
__ the Subconscious alpha state__forms the ma-
trix for our exterior life experiences.

Subtle Energy Bodies (Archives) form our body's Spiritual Matrix__ Basic Multi-Dimensional
They teach us how to raise our consciousness & cooperate with that  Creative Force
to harmonize both energetic and material bodies.

THE FIRST MULTI-D TECHOLOGY links us with the energies of Earth and Nature.

This SECOND MULTI-D TECHNOLOGY introduces Meditation,  Dreamwork and  Intuition, link-
ing us with our
Superconscious-Higher Self__our Spirit Within__our Primary Inspiration and
Guidance System.

Listening to Spirit Within
The" Greater Self"__or "Universal Consciousness", referred to in this text may be viewed by some as
'"God".  In childhood,  God" was viewed by some as an old man  in a long white robe and beard, who
either rewarded favored followers or punished those who defied dogmatic religious or  biblical teach-
We gave our Creator human-like aspects rather than perceiving a Divine  Force.  

We'll be using the terms, "Spirit",  "Great  Spirit",  "Greater  Self",  "Creator Source" or "Supre-
Consciousness". That so-called "emptiness" of space __ IS__ The Creative Force.

A Loving, Intelligent,  Self-Organizing Creative Force  radiates from our Creator,  who manif-
ested  All That Is,  Was and  Ever Will Be.  
This Force exists  within and around  every human,  all
plants, animals and minerals.  Everything in the Universe IS SACRED, because everything has SPIR-

We each have A HIGHER SELF to our individual personality.  

Our Collective Spirits Within__ all Humanity's & all life-forms' Higher Selves together__ ARE

We seek within for Guidance because the Universal Consciousness__ IS__All That Is, in keeping with
universal purposes and for the highest good of all concerned.

The Creative Modes & Skills used for engaging in Basic Multii-Dimensional Technologies include Int-
ention, Emotion
 ( Archives: Emote  IQ) , Sound, Thought  and Breath ( Breathing.html)  Connecting
with Earth and linking with Higher Self in intuition, meditation or dreamwork accesses the knowledge
for creating with these skills.

The messages from Higher Selves  never come to us as a "channeling"__ as when  another being or
force takes over your mind and body and controls you. Information and guidance come as a convers-
ation in which answers & suggestions respond to my questions.  I am never led to believe  that I have
to follow this advice, or that something ugly will happen if I don't.  They are always sent with  love and
kindness, and I am always fully aware of what is going on.

These days,  it's best we avoid most information  from outside sources.  We need  Inner Guidance to
make appropriate decisions, and to gain trust in the inherent goodness of life.

To access  Inner Guidance__ Higher Self__ it is necessary to
detach one's mind from whatever Dim-
ensional or Density Reality (
Dimensions.html) we are in as we read this web-book. We then move in-
to a higher density state of consciousness__
4-D, the Fourth Density__  5-D,  Fifth Density__ or 6th,
7th or 8th

4-D facilitates meditation, dreamwork,  visions and other paranormal actions, and teaches us
to Think and Act from Love Alone, before we can ascend to 5-D.

If, after  regular practice of  meditation,  you still prefer input from outside sources, try to discern what
lies behind this preference, and what is best for self.
Feel the "appropriateness" of it in your heart.

Only one thing  remains unchanged  in this universe__ our Connection with Creator Source,  
whether we are aware of it or not.  

We might say that if prayer is speaking to Spirit, then intuition, meditation & dreamwork are listening
to Spirit. Just as we schedule time, energy and space for eating, sleeping, exercising or creative arts,
so do we need to set aside quiet times and places for meditation or dreamwork.

After meditating successfully for some time,  we may become caught up  in the wonder & glamour of
the process__ the peak experiences  & the deep sense of bliss and joy__ to the point where we may
think these
sensations are the spiritual path, rather than using the input  to make positive choices &
changes in self.
The sensations are only  Signals  that we are__ in that moment__ in  alignment with
Spiritual Forces.

Although the methods below do teach us how to meditate and receive its benefits, they do not neces-
sarily guarantee overcoming negative attitudes, healing our-selves and others, establishing loving re-
lationships, or being of greater service to others__ unless we
apply the knowledge gained.  

When we cleanse our minds through meditation  and our bodies through healthy habits, we invite Sp-
irit' s Creative Force to enter in. Physically in harmony, bonded with Earth & Spirit,  mentally alert and
emotionally balanced, we remain blissfully alive and open to life's inspirational flows and bliss.

Spirit exists in everything, everywhere, at all  times.

Whenever a question is born, the answer births with it.

Through Higher Self's direct line of communication with Supreme Consciousness-Great Spirit, we co-
nnect with The Creative Force before creating with spiritual energies. Higher Self assists us to adjust
habits, beliefs,  attitudes,  thoughts, feelings and  behaviors  which  no longer are  appropriate  for us.
Meditation and Dreamwork are safe & pleasant ways  to recover those deeper issues  underlying our
current motivations and difficulties.

One of the best habits we can develop is
Journaling__ not only our artistic, health or relationship ex-
periments,  but most  importantly__ our efforts to  link with  Spirit Within, Earth and  Nature
; and cope
with life events.  For Meditation or Dreamwork, Journaling is a
must. Record experiences immediately
after a profound insight or dream, for they tend to fade within the hour.

After a year or two has passed,  it's particularly enlightening to  read the Journal  and view the pattt-
erns we're inwardly building.

Linking with Higher Self allows us to better manage mind & emotions, and live in the present moment
instead of in a troubling past or a dreaded future.

Consciously transforming our daily issues greatly accelerates our evolutionary process.

Reading over some old Journals,  I recently discovered that my dreams and meditations of-
ten represented
"forecasts: of my life for as much as twenty years into the future.

A New Relationship With Creator is Established.
Years of meditation trigger the autonomic nervous system to alter the body. Long-term medit-
ators gradually raise the creative drive (
kundalini) up the etheric spine, opening all chakras from root
to crown and beyond. "
Creating With Multi- Dimensional Technologies " activates when our pers-
onal creative energy rises to the heart and upper body energy centers. This flow through each center
balances and dissolves blockages,  and related core issues from youth  are released into the medita-
tor's awareness, suggesting more positive life alterations and how to process them.

Etheric Energy Centers__ Chakras__ below heart level,  relate to skills for functioning in a 3-D
physical world.

* The
root center, near the base of the spine, involves connection with Earth & actual physi-
cal surivival.

* The
sacral-reproductive center Issues are sexuality, material needs, self-esteem & person-
al values.  

solar plexus center just above the waistline,  refers to  relationships with  other beings,
with the natural environment&d our personal power. It is through here that  Psychic Senses
first develop.
Like creative talents, Psychic Skills are useful tools inherent within every individual.

supernatural phenomena  may occasionally occur to the regular meditator,  the goal is not
psychic phenomena,  but rather a direct link with Higher Self-Spirit, enabling us to receive guidance
for Life's challenges, clear subconscious patterns, clarify spiritual truths, & re-design our personal be-
lief systems.

Childhood Memories and Past Lives often arise in dreams or meditations, asking us to deal
with unresolved past issues.

For years, I thought if I acted, spoke and thought "just right",  my spiritual evolution would protect me;
life would be calmer and more secure. Life,however, is more a process of searching, discovering and
than one of adding up fame,  fortune or  rewards for our  achievements and successes. The
awful truth" is that we humans will not develop, Unless we are faced with conflicts and difficulties.

We want Life to become easier, safer and more delightful as time goes by
; but Life is closer to being  
a series of crises that require understanding, then resolution, & finally__ integration__ and then, sad-
ly, we move on to the next challenge.

What we truly require, is TRANSFORMATION, rather than COMFORT, STABILITY AND SERENITY,  
which don't allow for  growth in consciousness.  Let's face it__  each time we  "get our acts together",
we have to deal with the Next Step Up the Ladder.

Conflict provides the tension needed to develop a strong Will  through
intentionally chosen activities,  
words, and thoughts
.  If one idea does not work,  we try another,  then another,  & yet another__until
we "get it". But it's much faster__ and a heck of a lot easier__ to "go upstairs" to Higher Self__ for the
answers are all within us.

Meditation is the Key to successfully performing
Multi-Dimensional Technologies.  As the meditat-
ing mind focuses on non-material issues__ mind becomes  "
aware of being aware". From the Seeker
Stage, we move to the
First Enlightenment Stage of Consciousness Evolution, becoming aware
of how our very thoughts and feelings have an effect upon our health and even on our environment.

Consciousness  Evolution, or "Enlightenment", through daily meditation, can bring physical
.  Yogis use meditation to control ther autonomic nervous systems, skin temperatures, heart
rate, breathing, and blood circulation.

The brain actually pulsates against the cranium,  during meditation__creating a sound wave  that os-
cilats within the brain. These vibrations broadcast to the nerves of the middle ear, & may be a source
of the "inner voices" sensed by  meditators and channelers . Through feedback between the heart &
the aorta artery,  the meditational spiraling waves  electrically stimulate certain pathways in the brain.  
With long-term meditation, a circulating current is maintained that releases stresses stored within the
brain. Later, through long-term meditation sessions__ new neural pathways form, preventing storage
of new stresses and activating pleasure centers in the brain.

Through meditation, we can access the alpha, theta or delta zones at will, as well as access-
ing multi-dimensional realms
.  The peace of mind lasts for hours;  nd they're the only states prov-
iding for a  true understanding of the highest good for all involved.   


Higher perception faculties operate in geniuses. Mozart, Einstein and Nietzsche told of receiving in-
spiration from higher intelligences. Information came suddenly__ without request. They seemed to be
human conduits through which universal forces expressed. And their ideas arrived not in linear, piece-
meal fashion, but all-at-once__ as if with the flick of a universal light switch. Mozart, for example, upon
returning from one of his meditative walks in the woods, received an entire symphony in his head. He
would then sit down and write it out in complete & perfect order, from beginning to end, with no further

Inspiration arrives when the mind expands to receive new ideas.

Concentration requires a focusing of thoughts into a funnel of energy allowing for a single concept to
be captured in a nanosecond

however, is a Spiritual Creative Skill arising through Inspiration and Concentration, setting
both origin and target for the projection of energies from one point to another.  

Entering the
 Observer Stage of Consciousness Evolution__  we become spiritual warriors. How-
ever, we do battle with our
own thoughts,  feelings,  words and actions, using  Higher Self to inspect
our personalities in operation, then change them at will, if necessary. Its all-pervading power is an as-
pect of Self that has long been repressed.

At the Observer Stage, we're amazed at the power of the mind, wanting to know more about
its workings, and we overcome the duality of mind by perceiving conflict  as simply the two
sides of  the same coin which, when unified, express a broader truth.

Meditation and Brain Waves
For 50,000 years,  the Aboriginal peoples of Australia entered their  "Dreamtime"__ slower brain wave
states__ as they roamed the quiet Outback where the only sounds were wind, rain or insects.  During
a "
walk-about",  the elders had "dreamings", in which Nature Spirits guided them to desert foods, wa-
ter or remedies.  It was a way of  being in Unity with their world. On our urban & overdeveloped lands,
Nature Spirits usually relocate to more undisturbed areas.

Our  awareness,  like the iceberg,  exists with only 10% of our total mind  visible above  the waterline.
Most people's lives are run by the subconscious__ the 90% below the surface of awareness.

Meditation and Dreamwork open the subconscious to our awareness, & then the Supercon-
scious-Higher Self can override the negative sub- conscious programs.

All memories from the past, programming our belief systems, reside in the subconscious, alpha brain-
wave state. They underlie who we believe we are, and attract situations that reflect that belief back to
us__ because
 Earth's Schumann Resonance vibrates at the same level as our  Human Alpha

While focused in alpha as we daydream,  meditate or enter  hypnotic states,  we can change
impulses, desires and goals at will.
(See Archives for more info.)

Meditations are consciously activated waking dreams__  brainstorms getting online with hu-
manity's collective mind, with Earth's inner forces or with Spirit's universal network.

Dreams and meditations can bridge us with the Creative Force to influence even time, space,
energy and matter

Meditation electrifies us to move to other brainwave states and tap into  higher intelligences to find in-
formation stored in matter and energy fields normally not available in the waking state.

Through a meditative state we can enter multiple dimensions, one at a time, or several sim-

Recent researches show a definite shift toward theta & delta brain wave frequencies (Archives) & an
increased integration of left and right sides of the brain during meditative or psychic episodes.
In ancient Hebrew, the word, "sabbath" originally meant "to sit within oneself", rather than designating
a particular holy day of the week.

* The best places to meditate are in  Nature __  preferably Wilderness Areas, or a secluded
  spot in the back yard or garden.
* The next best is an indoor space reserved only for that purpose.
* Disconnect the phones, & avoid electronic appliances, as they can interfere with the body's
    electrical energy flow.
* Sit either on a cushion on the floor or a comfortable straight-backed chair.
* Keep the spine erect and upright. Do not cross arms or legs__ it "short-circuits" the body's
* Keep this space & time for meditation sacred__ for we create  a living energy field  around
    our bodies as we consciously connect with the Creative Source through our Higher Self.
* Meditate at the same place and time each day, preferably near sunrise or sunset.

At first spend ten minutes  quieting body and mind  before actually going into meditation.  Later, when
you can relax quickly,  gradually extend the total meditating time to twenty or thirty minutes. As techni-
que improves, it easily extends to an hour or more, but may seem as if only a few minutes have pass-

We know the technique is correctly performed when the joyful peace it brings lasts long after we stop.

It's probably best to avoid meditating too long, as it tends to pull the mental focus away from necessa-
ry physical duties. Some people even forget to eat, bathe or feed the cat due to zealousness in medi-

Every fifteen minutes spent in deep meditation replaces an hour of sleep. This holds true for up to five
hours less sleep per night, but the body needs at least three hours to process anything absorbed dur-
ing the day.
Dreams are a vital part of the sleep pattern, and most people's eyes need more rest.

If there's trouble stilling the body, try alternately tensing a set of muscles with each breath in,  then re-
lax them with each breath out. Begin at the feet and work upwards to the ankles, the calves, knees &
so on.  At the torso, flex front and back areas separately until you reach the heart area. Then move to
fingers, hands, arms and back__ and on to chest and shoulder areas.  Next, tense and relax the neck
muscles, front and back, working up the back of the skull and over the scalp, ending with facial  mus-
cles. Don't forget the eyes, ears and lower jaw.

At this point you may wish to  
consciously contact the cells of your body with every long, slow breath.
Again, begin with the feet and move upwards
;  express Love and a Sense of Oneness with each and
every group of cells.
Invite them and the vital organs of the body to join in connecting with Spirit.

These two exercises relax the body, and also give the mind something to think about other than one's
concerns of the outer life. As you become more proficient at meditating you won't need to do these ex-
ercises__ you'll just sit in your usual position, close your eyes and relax into the process within a few

Concentrating on the Breath also helps.
Yogic Breathing is a critical part of meditation. Most people
are shallow breathers, seldom using the full capacity of their lungs to charge body and min

* First, breathe in through the nostrils, filling the belly with air as far as possible without straining.

Second, still holding the stomach breath, fill the lung-chest area.

Third, still holding breath,  inflate your shoulder areas,  feel the collarbone rise up and out.  Do not
force breath into these areas;  simply allow the body to fill. Ideally, there should be no hesitation bet-
ween inflating the three sections__ it should be one long, smooth continuous wave.

exhale flows out through either the mouth or nostrils, releasing air from all three body cavities at
once. Practice inhaling and exhaling until it feels natural..

Inhale through the nostrils,  because air then moves upward in a double-spiraling motion
putting an  
electromagnetic charge on the air components which then transfers to all circulatory sys-
t ems. Whether the charge is positive or negative depends on what we're thinking and feeling as we
.  Whenever you have a sudden, shocking experience__  whether fearful or delightful__  don't
you naturally take a sharp, deep breath inward?  
This imprints that emotion into your body cells.

If you are doing an  Energetic Intention during the meditation__ i.e.: a Healing or Manifestation__ a
Sense of Oneness is necessary,  and this is achieved by
Feeling__ (not "thinking")__ that YOU and
the PERSON to be healed__  the OBJECT to be manifested__ or the  SITUATION to be changed__

At this point, a Prayer of Protection is usually said, or one may pray when first sitting to meditate.

The best  protection possible, is to hold
Unconditional Love for All Life Everywhere__ including self
__ and to maintain a perfect sense of
Harmlessness as did Christ. The Lord's Prayer or Twenty-third
Psalm are excellent
; or you may create a prayer for your personal use. The author's favorite, adapted
with permission, is from
Edgar Cayce's "Search For God, Vol. I":

"Dear Creator: As I open myself to the unseen forces surrounding the throne of grace, beauty & might
within myself,  I draw about myself  the protection found in  the thought of The Christ and His perfect
sense of Harmlessness.  Let me ever be a channel of blessing,  today,  now , to all whom I contact in
every way.  Let my going in & my coming out be in accord with that Thou would have me do,  and for
the highest good of all concerned.  And as the Call comes, here am I, Dear Creator__ Send me. Use

We note a major difference here: Many people use Prayer to request Divine Intervention:  "DearGod,
please do such and such for me
." The alternative is an understanding that we were created as ener-
gy particles
of the Divine Source;  and therefore  we are agents of that  Supreme Consciousness  &
eager to
serve Creator's purposes. Since we're all part of Spirit-Creator,  doesn't it follow that we too,
are creators?

Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies" means to Co-Create with Spirit/Creator. Therefore,
instead of "asking" Divine-Source to "do it" for us, we as
k: "How can I Best Serve Your Divine Purp-

Drunvalo Melchizedek and his trained facilitators taught the Merkaba Meditation in "The Flower of
"  Workshops, where this author received it.

Creating a living energy field__ a
star tetrahedron__ around the physical body  enables ascension to
higher dimensions, protection from outer harmful forces,  & an influence over electro-magnetics. The
Merkaba meditation is so powerful that it is usually taught person to person in a private or class-room
setting, but is now available online.

Other fine meditational sources are
Self Realization Fellowship__ tea-
 Kriya Yoga  techniques for consciousness evolution,  The Edgar Cayce Foundation:  A.R.E., The  Law of One Study Guide:  and  Paramahansa
"Autobiography of a Yogi" are also very entertaining and informative reads.

Now and then outside influences intrude upon the meditating mind__ the ticking of a clock, a barking
dog, cars moving nearby.  Accept them,  acknowledge them for what they are, and assure  the logical
mind that  "
this does not concern  us now". Then return to deeper attunement. Soon these noises will
not even be noticed.  

As meditation continues, breathing slows. It may even cease completely for long periods of time__ as
may the heartbeat
;  but generally, we don't realize breath or heart has stopped  until meditation ends.
Suspending the breathing process is extremely healthy__ science has shown it actually
slows the a-
ging process
& extends life expectancy.  However,__ do not force it__ let it  activate naturally in its
own time.

At some point during meditation,we become totally unaware of our body, thoughts, breath, or surroun-
dings__ we've moved to a deeper level__
Theta Brain Waves.  

We do not intend to impose beliefs on anyone here __ only to provide options __ each person's spirit-
ual truths exist within themselves,  & meditation can unlock those truths.  We need only to respect the
mystery, the Love and the powers of the Creator and be willing to open to them.

When body and mind are relaxed, breathing slowed and rhythmic, with Love in the heart & the Prayer
of Protection pronounced,  we've nothing more to do but to request guidance and sit in the silence.

if doing an Intention first state it aloud.) I sometimes like to simply ask,  "What do I need to
know or do now
?" And answers do come if we maintain the meditation mode steadily. Like most wor-
thwhile things, it takes practice.

Men tend to "see" symbols, beings or scenes in meditation,  and women tend to "hear" answers given
in words, or to simply "
feel" some sort of response to their query. Of course there are exceptions, and
some people will receive numerous phenomena.

Often, nothing special comes to our awareness,  but the bliss & love experienced extend far into daily
life. Answers or suggestions received in meditation, will come with feelings of Divine Love and Peace.  
If those feelings aren't there during or after meditation_ then it's probably our ego speaking, or an old
thought-form dredged up from the past.

In Meditation or Dreamwork, we use both left and right brains to confront a problem.

We can even direct the brain to work on the problem while we sleep, take walks, wash dishes or surf
the net.  

But we  "
pay attention" to  synchronicities  that relate to the problem showing up  during that day or
that night__ or possibly, the following day.

Imaging many solutions without feeling a need to judge or refine them, we can have fun just  "playing
with the puzzle" until the perfect answer does pop up.

During the New Earth Reality, in order to shift with Earth, we will not only
access the right, intuitive ho-
listic brain, but
live in it much of the time.

When we have meditated long enough for a particular session,  we've only to think that thought & we
become aware of
sounds, light or odors around us , feel the chair or  floor beneath us,  and open our
eyes to find we are back in everyday consciousness.  

Do not fear being lost in meditative realms
; the inner guidance system always restores us to the beta

Through meditation,  we shift smoothly into various brain wave states
;  but strangely, the exact mom-
ent of shifting always eludes us. We suddenly realize we are back in beta, aware of having been in o-
ther states, but not knowing how we got there or back.

Following meditation, our higher senses are much sharper, but our physical senses will  be dulled for
awhile. Avoid driving a car or  operating unsafe equipment soon after coming out of meditation.

Expanded wisdom can be activated within experienced meditators,  even when they are not engaged
in formal meditation.  Often, insights come when least expected__ flashes of
 "inner light" delineating
ordinary situations__ as while driving, walking, showering, making music, painting, or doing some rou-
tine task. We may not even have requested the guidance, but these happy, automatic downloads can
show us why we are experiencing difficulties, what we may attracting into our lives, or how we can go
on striving with determination and patience in spite of unfair odds.

The day comes when we no longer need to prepare body and mind,  or use rituals to move
into altered states.  We'll do so at will__ even while engaged in some other task
.  Eventually,  
we'll exist in "
The Zone" day and night__ probably first in alpha,  the "Dreamtime". There we'll access
information far beyond what reason usually allows.

Later, we'll activate mind and heart within a few minutes and immediately attune to the col-
lective mind of humanity
in theta, or even delta. We're then ready to gather a group and begin
creating with Part IV: 5th Density Multi-D,Technologies.


In the distant past, people spent lifetimes learning to reach this point. Even in the 20th Century, it of-
ten took many years to achieve.  Most people studied with a holy person, or traveled to sacred sites
where temples,  monuments & earth energies accelerated the  process.  With Earth's current intens-
ified energetics an individual can master meditation in a very short time. Twelve-year-old grandchild-
ren learned it in five minutes on their very first try. Then performed a
5-D Multi-D.Technology toge-
ther ten minutes later.   
           Dreamwork is excellent for showing us what Future Realities we are creating.
A few of us don't do well at meditation. For those, dreamwork is useful until they surmount inner fears
about  letting something unfamiliar  interfere with their minds.  We use dreams to access  the deepest
brainwave levels for information, then Journal and analyze them.

The  classic approach to  Dreamwork  is to first write down  in specific words__ what it is we
wish to learn from the dream before falling asleep,  & say aloud three times:  "I will remem-
ber my dreams in the morning".
Then forget it & go to sleep.  It may take several nights,  perhaps
a week or more,  but you'll one day recall your dream every morning  if you truly wish to do so.  Keep
paper and pencil near your bed and write them down as soon as possible,  as they fade rapidly. You
may find that important words or phrases such as "
catch the next train",  "blatant" or  "parasols"  are
either emphasized or repeated during a dream. They are important signals to help you remember the
words or phrases in the morning. As you recall them, they will trigger memory of the entire dream.

No one can  analyze our dreams  except ourselves.

Use a Journal for writing down a recalled dream as soon as possible after waking in the mor-
,__  at least in the  beginning.  Write the dream down on the left-hand page after waking. Later in
the day,  examine the writings and analyze them on the opposite page.  Soon we can see how certain  
symbols & events in the dreams  connect with our personal outer life.

Every image in a dream__ be it an object, situation, person, animal, color, number or other symbol
reflects some aspect of yourself.  

Perhaps a Black pyramid means "unknown information". Red color may imply anger, danger, wounds
or sex. Even nightmares contain incredible amounts of creative energy. All dreams serve both individ-
iual and planetary health & wholeness. They are important information factors in consciousness evol-
"Dreams, Your Magic Mirror", by Elsie Sechrist, is very helpful in learning to interpret person-
alized dream symbols.

Most people who consciously create  use dreams as inspiration.
Robert Louis Stevenson received
his idea for "
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" from a dream. Steve Allen, of TV fame, wrote more than 4,000
songs  & 30 books,  which he claims  were regularly influenced  by his dreams.  
Ingmar  Bergman's
films were inspired by dreams.

Many musicians, such as  
Johannes Brahms, Igor Stravinsky and Richard Wagner, used dreams
for original works as well as for revision of pieces begun in a waking state.  Contemporary rock stars,  
Bruce Springsteen and Prince are said to have  composed in their sleep, and Albert Einstein rec-
eived the
Theory of Relativity in a dream. Psychiatrist Carl Jung analyzed common images & themes
running through the dreams of large groups of people totally unknown to each other.  Incredible simil-
arities in these dreams evolved into his idea of humanity's
Collective Unconscious.

It is highly valuable  to be part of a Group  regularly sharing dreams.  We stimulate each others' sub-
conscious minds to open more fully in a trusted, supportive environment. Each of us has certain ima-
ges or words holding personal meaning for us and few others.

I often saw birds in my dreams__ either odd-looking birds or birds doing something unusual. They sig-
naled me to
pay  attention__ important information  was coming later.  I no longer have  bird dreams.
After having accessed higher states,  real live hummingbirds, magpies, & turtle doves appear close to
my window, and woodpeckers, crows or ravens tap on my windows to herald messages.

Dreams can offer Healings.
In the early 1980's, I had digestive problems. My dream request was, "How can I prevent these stom-
ach upsets?"

I dreamed of a circle of wagons much like the old western films, but these wagons had glass doors on
their sides.  Each compartment held  a type of food. Taking a plate  to help myself,  I sampled  a bit of
food from each wagon until I reached the milk wagon. The door wouldn't open.

The next wagon held cheese, yogurt and clam chowder, and opened easily.  

Next morning,  I wondered  why I could have  cheese and chowder,  but not milk__  all were dairy pro-
ducts.  A little experimentation proved  I could eat or drink  
cooked__ but not__ uncooked milk.  Follo-
wing the dream advice, I had no more digestive trouble.  

Although, unknown to me then,  in the early
1980's dairy cows were first given  antibiotics and growth
hormones to increase  their size and milk production. I was  severely allergic to antibiotics.  One of my
artist friends and her husband  used to have a dairy.  She told me that  the mainstream news  told the
pubic that  federal regulations were  that no antibiotics were allowed in cows milk when it was sold for
public use.  However, my friend secretly told me  the truth is that a small percentage of antibiotics was
allowed when the mild was sold.  Although the dream  never put a name to the imbalance,  it did show
me how to cope with it.

Lucid Dreaming
With continued practice,  we one day achieve  Lucid Dreaming__ dreams in which  we know
while experiencing the dream,  that we are indeed dreaming.  When this occurs, it signals we
are ready to use dreams even more creatively.  Lucid Dreaming is excellent  for making decisions. As
before,  we first write down the  question before sleeping.  During a  lucid dream,  one part of us  acts
The Observer Self,  who directs  The Dreamer Self  to do certain things  and The Dreamer Self
will comply. During the dream, we try out various possible endings for it.

All probable answers are offered within that same dream.  While still in the same dream, we ret-
urn to its beginning again and again
;  each time acting out a new resolution  & watching what follo-
ws. We are, in effect, viewing  
Probable Future Timelines in our private Dreamtime. When we awak-
en, we review the various solutions, choose what appeals to us and act on it in waking life.

Dreamwork's only drawbacks are that it's often difficult to interpret them__and of course, we
have to wait for answers  until we've slept through  a night or two
.  Meditation is faster,  always
available, more direct and easier to interpret.  Some dreams, however, are so vivid, so "real", we can-
not tell whether we are still dreaming or awake at that time
,  and wonder if we're having  a paranormal
encounter. The  test for this is to
 try to switch on a light during the dream.  I've never been able to
produce more light within a lucid dream. If it doesn't  light up__ we are still dreaming.

Another "test" is that, while in a dream, we may be looking at a certain scene, person or object, and if
we look away for a moment or two,
then look back at that scene, person or object, it will be diff-
erent__ or it has moved.

If it is not different or in a different place, it is either an awake experience, or a "waking vision"
__ not a dream.

These vivid dreams are probably  the most important to our consciousness evolution__  we
don't  forget them  within a few hours  as with  ordinary dreams.  In fact,  we may  remember
them the rest of our lives
.  We can have days or weeks of  extremely vivid dreams__ complete with
intense emotions alternating with periods of absolute blackouts of__
no dreams at all!

Some researchers  believe that  Dreams  indicate  
Creation's flow of Time  from  the Future,
rather than something coming from our past.

Both dreams and meditations indicate what's percolating inside us that hasn't yet manifest-
ed; i.e. : What we are Creating for our Future

Higher Intelligences
Higher Self, Creative  Force, spiritual guides, angels, nature spirits and all dimensional evolu-
tions of life can be reached through both dreams and meditations.  

When first we link with  Higher Self,  It may appear to us in a familiar form that is completely accepta-
ble at that particular time. Those people may perceive
H.S., as an angel, a saint, Jesus, Buddha, Mo-
or other holy person. Others might sense an opera singer, a master artist,  a biblical charac-
ter, a famous writer or a beloved deceased relative__ even an "alien".  

As time goes on,
H.S., takes the guise of other familiar figures so as to keep us comfortable.  Eventu-
ally, when we're ready to fully accept having a Higher Self, we discover that instead of  those glamor-
ous characters, it was really H.S. in disguise.

Anyone  apprehensive about  "who" or "what" is speaking  or appearing in meditation,  can
state aloud  before starting that  "
only beings of  highest good and  divine purpose  may res-
"__ or replace meditation with dreamwork for awhile.

The Five Basic Multi-D Technologies are tools for transforming our personalities.
Creativity begins in the Higher Self relationship. Through meditation and dreamwork,  H.S. takes
each of us by the hand  and leads us  step-by-step to  reconnect with our  basic goodness,  enter the
Dream-time__ the Zone__ and access all the knowledge & skills needed to live well on the planet and
Come Home Again to
 Who We Really Are. This prepares us to raise our vibrations, perform person-
al trans-formations and
Co-Create a New Earth Reality.

Yes, there will be  catastrophes and  hardships  in various places  around the world  during the years
ahead,  but everyone__positive or negative__  will ascend into  some version of another Density
. And
won't  be the "End" of Earth__ It will be the beginning of a New Consciousness and a New Earth.

If you doubt you are linking with Higher Self, try this: before meditating:

Write down this question, "What is it I can do  for the  highest good  of self  and those  I contact
that will prove to me I have truly connected with Higher Self"

Then enter the  meditative mode.  When you feel  lovingly  connected,  repeat  the  question
aloud,  and listen for the answer
.  As soon as it arrives,  don't stop to analyze;  just immediately say
"Thank you",  & without thinking,  write down what was received  as fast as possible,  without trying to
make sense of it while writing.  This is necessary so ego  does not step in & attempt  to change some-
thing ego might not want to hear. Then read what was written, and act on it soon.

At first, we may receive a word or two, a short phrase, a vivid image or be guided to a page number in
a book__ often the Bible or a favorite  inspirational text. A trip to the library, a phone call to a friend or
relative,  or a "Google Search"  may give further information on whatever  H.S. gave forth. Go for it__
no matter how silly or confusing it seems.  

When H. S responds to a question,  it's best that the information  be acted upon as soon as reasono-
bly possible.  If, after repeated meditations,  many informative clues have been given out, but the rec-
eiver fails to follow through on them,  the connection to H.S. will most likely withdraw until a person is
ready to follow inner guidance.

But when advice is used or acted upon,  more and more information ensues.  Eventually, the connec-
tion between H.S.and the conscious mind becomes clear,  complete & continual
;  and we will seldom
need to go into a formal meditation. Guidance arrives in the moment it's needed__ or even before

Sometimes H.S plans for us to encounter one thing, when body or mind wishes another.  But how can
body or mind overrule H.S.?  Doesn't Higher Self always remain in control?

Like Creator,  H.S. __ a fractal of  Creator Source__ will never  force its plans upon us,  never
demand obedience,  for we're here taking part in a  Free Will experiment
.  Anyone or  anything
claiming otherwise seeks to control through fear and negativity.

Once we've Bonded with Earth and Connected with Higher Self, we have completed the first
two steps in  "
Creating  with  Multi-Dimensional  Technologies".  The original plan for the human
race was that  each of us will one day
consciously become our H.S., and once we've done so, there's
always  another H.S. to that one, and another one, and so on__ all the way back to the Supreme Con-
sciousness__ Greater Self__  Spirit.  There will come a day  when we will have  conscious knowledge
of and complete consensus with Creator's Plans__forever in blissful Oneness with that Greater Love.  

Like Higher Self, advanced evolutionary orders do not interfere with the lives of individual humans un-
less invited, as is true of beings connected with minerals, plants, animals and energetics of the planet.

There are three orders within
The Great White Brotherhood:__ the Order of Michael, the Order of
and  the Order of Melchizedek.  This last is in charge of assisting humans to transform Earth
via human consciousness.  They prepare those of us  sincere in the  pursuit of enlightenment  to work
closely with the
High Command,  which is directed by Archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Remiel,
Yophiel, and Gabriel.

"Light", or Cosmic Information and Energy,  is brought into our world by  Gabriel and  other evolved
St. Germain,  of the  Seventh Ray of  Ceremonial Order and Magic  (the "Purple Ray")
has been closely connected with the  
Idaho Stargate Vortex  near Arco, Idaho.  He has revealed him-
self to a number of people in southeastern Idaho, as well as those around the world. St. Germain and
The Seventh Ray are associated with feminine powers, and are increasing that influence over all hum-
anity and Earth at this time.

Discerning Truth from Fantasy or Falsities:
One of the first concerns we have about meditation or dreamwork is: "Am I being inspired by gods
or by demons?"

Deep within our beings lie great riches, but there are also mental & emotional dumpsters heaped with  
old consciousness garbage waiting to be overcome. Inspirations & revelations can be distorted by ego
and by dependence on mass media or social opinion.  Listening to authorities outside ourselves  is of-
ten comforting because  it gives us  someone to blame  when things go awry.  But before we can trust
our inner guidance system, we must learn to discern true from false teachngs and messages.

How do we know what to accept or to discard ?  Our Inner Self knows the difference__  Consider
the choice we are about to make,  and if it  feels  "
lighter"__ "more loving",  then it is right for us.  If it
feels "
Heavier"__ "Fearful", then it is not the best for us.

CE TRUTH__and then get out of our own way.
The Universe is knee deep in TRUTH,  because in
Meditation, we are  One with Supreme Consciousness. Truth & Wisdom, therefore, exist everywhere.  
What we consider Wisdom  can come through someone else__ both friends and  those opposing us
from Nature,  books,  music,  art __ even from  what we think of as  the every day  nonsense  of  life.
Staying open to all sources without pre-judgment  is the Key. Perceiving what rings true for us  com-
es about by  showing up & listening  in a disciplined way
; or it can come from  simply  developing our
in-born ability  to  recognize such  Wisdom  from the inside out.  By carefully paying attention  to what
Life offers__ our Inner Self  will quickly learn to  recognize any Truth  that vibrates in accord  with our
spiritual path.

The answer we receive in dreams or mediations  may not be one we thought we wanted, but it will be
the right answer for us  in that present moment.  Truth evolves, too__ Answers will arrive  only as we
need them,  or are ready for them,  and not  all at once.  
The only thing that  remains the same in
this universe__ IS CHANGE
__ and so,  answers will change also,  adjusting to our need to know at
this time.  We only really need  one scrap of information at a time__ and the courage  to accept it.  It's
just the same  as the steps we take__ one by one__ to speak our  Truth  to others.  We show that we
accept an answer  by
acting on it. The answer__ call it Intuition , Wisdom,  Insight or  Inspiration is al-
ways a means of shifting from preconceived
probabilities __ to Inner True possibilities.

Doubt, Confusion and Anger are the many faces of Fear,  which are of our own making  and only need
to be "let go".  We will always know Truth when we hear it; so if we persist with faithful practice of me-
ditation or dreamwork, Truth will show up  precisely when  and as we need it__ fear  not-with-tanding.
Doubt or Confusion are sure signs that  our notion of the situation needs adjustment. By con-
tinuing to listen inwardly for the Truth of a challenge, fear evaporates into blissful clouds of loving wa-
mth as inner peace wafts gently through our body,  and, we greet Truth with a welcoming  cry__ "
Of Course! That's it
!"__ and we are instantly inspired and empowered to move forward.

When seeking the answer to a particular problem or circumstance__ especially in the early stages of
developing our "ear for truth", we often stop if we hear something that sounds familiar to what we had
considered on our own before requesting aid from "upstairs".  We may fear that immediately grabbing
onto the similar reply as "our truth", might send us on a false lead,  turning us away from more  pertin-
ent answers that Wisdom wanted to provide for our future directions.

With practice and experience__ once our connection to Inner Truth is  clearly established  & fully acc-
 the first answer heard inwardly  is most likely to be  the one  to follow up on. Yet,  unless
we stay open to additional potentialities,  it's all too easy to become confused  by the ego's infusion of
dis-belief, doubt, belief or opinion.  These feelings, of course,  are a sure sign that this is ego con-
sciousness at play, and should be discarded.

Karma occurs when what we project outwardly to others  recycles back to us  from a different outside
source__ with ourselves as the new "target." Once we understand about Karma, we have usually ent-
The Observer Stage of consciousness evolution.  Time will tell whether a message is true or is
not.  Another good reason for Journaling
:__ we can go back and re-read the original message.
Peak Experiences
Once connected with Higher Self, glimpses of the future may appear in dreams or meditation__
later to be confirmed  by outer events,  or several  
Synchronicities__ "Peak experiences"__ unusual
visions,  dreams, mind-opening encounters, "pops",  wakeup calls__ can arrive, requiring explanation.
We wonder  how and why these  paranormal phenomena happen? Are there laws or higher forces be-
hind their occurrences?  Just what skills can  H.S. help us attain?  
Is there a limit to these powers?
Can we manifest them at will? How do we access them and use them?

Peak Experiences occurring while engaged in creative activities,  dreamwork  or meditation,
open us to  spiritual themes woven into our lives
.  We are  hard-wired for these downloads;  our
brains, DNA, nervous systems and bodies were set up for them eons ago.  

As we continue our sacred journeys of self-discovery,
Synchronicities: repeated, incredible coincid-

Each synchronicity is a signal that we are,  in that moment, connected with the planetary en-
ergy network and the collective mind of humanity;
 i.e.,  we are  "linked in"  temporarily,  &  they
may be pointing out a direction in which we may positively move
. The next step is up to us, with the
approval of H.S..

New talents can appear.
We may be clairvoyant, clairaudient, have healing abilities, read people's
energy fields, communicate with other life forms,
or have a gift for  astrology, geomancy,  earthkeep-
or communication with the non-living.  

For many of us,  the greatest difficulties we had  in childhood or teens  turn out to be simple
misunderstandings, misapplications of amazing, unrecognized hidden talents."
Whether posit-
ive or negative, peak experiences provide glimpses of
a future potential gift birthing within us. Pay
close attention to ideas received, no matter how outrageous, and keep records of them__ for we have
the power to manifest them, providing we follow inner guidance and keep striving with integrity.

People who feel they have become "
Born Again Christians", have usually had a recent peak experien-
ence.  If we have an unusually intense mystical encounter and believe it has enlightened us,  we need
to consider  whether it was  a truly transforming event or not.  Listing  peak experiences,  both positive
and negative,  & examining them  without emotion,  we can better  understand our  personal origins  &
probable destinies.

First, we examine how we behaved, thought, felt, or believed just before the peak encounter
occurred .
Then we consider what, if anything, has changed about those aspects.  Unless we are be-
having differently, feeling, thinking or believing differently, & anchoring the inner changes with careful-
ly chosen actions, we have
not had a true shift in consciousness.

We've had a wonderful,  amazing__  perhaps informative__ encounter
;  but unless  we've become  a
more enlightened,  loving person  soon afterwards,  it's most likely
not a true  spiritual  transformation.
We haven't yet  been  "
born again."__ "Ye shall know them  by the  fruits of their labors;  not by
their roots

It takes courage to follow inner guidance.  Any new creative work  can be risky at times.  A temporary
enlightenment or success  doesn't automatically  insure a quick fix  or an immediate  smoothing out of
life's path. Often, the inner voice gives only partial guidance. The information was designed to encour
age us to search further or take new action.

It's best not to ask for too much information, transformation or guidance in a short time.
ery bit of insight brings  
responsibilities  for the  new possibilities  it presents.  These responsibilities
can  accumulate__  perhaps  beyond our present  ability to ground each of them  into reality.  Ask for
guidance when truly needed,  then act upon it,  observe it , and consider it as  a teaching experience,
learning from the results before attempting more.

In the fullness of time, we come to completely trust our inner vision & guidance as we journ-
ey towards  Home.
 We come to perceive  how all beliefs,  religions,  philosophies  and spiritual
paths stem from the same  Creative Source.
 All have value.  All need to be  respected.  We learn
that our ultimate purpose on the planet is
not to "be perfect".

The blessing of our struggles is to
learn from our experiences,
To harmonize our personalities.
Become as One with each other & Great Spirit in Unconditional Love for All__ to know, ac-
cept, honor & love ourselves
;  to accept all others and situations with the same loving heart:  to serve
the fulfillment of goodness,  peace, health, abundance & joy for Earth and Humankind; to "JUST "BE"
__ "IN THE "NOW"

Honesty, honor, humility, trust, humor, moderation and balance
are qualities to develop in ord-
er to contribute to a  
United Global Consciousness : a  Unity Consciousness__  a Christ Conscious-

If the spiritual being that is you is to Create__  and by Creating__ Know Who You Really Are,
you will eventually learn to operate successfully and at will,__with or without a physical body.

Whether we're  aware of it  or not, an Unconscious Telepathy is at play within us.

Our spiritual bodies are energetic lighthouses signaling various forms of both physical and  non-physi-
cal lives.

When a human is filled with loving joy and oneness__ positive entities sail into his energy fi-
elds.  On the other hand, if he becomes immersed in negative  emotion, thought or behavior,
aura becomes a murky beacon attracting dark entities and situations: to feed on his fears
and intensify that darkness until he learns to harmonize his feelings.

Once we learn to meditate or monitor our dreams,  we no longer need an "expert',  an autho-
rity or  intermediary__ a priest, minister, guru__  between us  & our Creator.
  We need no one
to tell us  what God-Spirit  is like,  what Spirit says or does ,  or what Spirit  expects of us.  We can go
Become as One with that  Loving- Intelligent-  Self-Organizing, Purposeful Creator and
receive our own benevolent inspiration, peace and guidance, designed only for our own well-being.

If you remember anything at all from this Chapter, REMEMBER THIS


                                           OUR "SPIRIT WITHIN" WILL TEACH US THIS!
                                   NEXT: "MANIFESTING OUR NEEDS."
"Creating with Mult-Dimensional Technologies"
                   By MARILYN LA CROIX