Living in a New Reality
September 5, 2011

We now move into the
SIXTH DAY of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. Over the past
18 days we have watched the beginning of the
Destruction of the old consciousness world, and Today through
September 22nd, we will see the very beginnings__ The PROTO FORM__ of the highest expression of
the New Consciousness begin to arise

Every Sixth Night is a period o f
Enlightenment, and its Keyword is "Birth". This is a time of flowers for the plant.
For we humans, it was the time of adolescence. In human history, it was the creation of the first tools, the first att-
empts at agriculture & constructed shelter, the renaissance, and more recently,  in the
8th Wave/Galactic Under-
world, it was the period from
1952 to 1972__ the Cold War, Elvis, the Beetles, the Beach Boys, the flower child-
ren and the civil rights movement of the sixties

Dr. Marcel Vogel: "There is a continued rebuilding of a set of patterns in and around us of information bands
which link us to each other and to the infinite

When artists begin  painting, they usually have a definite subject in mind__ a landscape they are viewing or have
photographed,  a still life set-up,  animals,  human figures or perhaps  a fantasy dream they had. They know what
they want the painting to look like when it's completed.

However, as my own  painting experiences grew, I often began a watercolor painting by wetting the paper & then
dropping various colors of pigment onto it in very simple random patterns, letting the water carry the colors to wh-
ere they wished to go.  I was not THINKING about what  
I wanted  the painting to look like  when finished__ I had
no idea what would evolve__ I was only FEELING what was needed moment by moment .
Sometimes I
would spatter color &/or drag sticks or old credit cards across areas__ or run my fingers through parts of it,  deli-
berately & thoughtlessly distorting  the painting's surface.  This slap-hazard way of starting a painting  caused un-
expected fusions of color, strange shapes, lines & textures to appear in the wet paint.  New, surprisingly novel ar-
rangements birthed from that higher state of consciousness.

Then the
 INTELLECT  took over again__  something beautiful  had to be organized  out of that chaos,  offering
major opportunities for new versions of old ideas. I could then stand back,  observe the work in progress  from a
distance or in a mirror, turn it sideways or upside-down until I began to see the first inklings of  recognizable sha-
pes and patterns birthing into life upon the page. I than had a  PROTO FORM  of the finished work of art  staring
up at me.

Creativity demands the courage to risk.  When we do so,  we find that exploring, innovating,  discovering &
resolving are far more meaningful & exciting than following safe patterns toward trite standard results
When we're able to
approach Life from perspectives of both non-defensiveness & harmlessness, we're
more comfortable with our personal choices , more willing to overcome our personal insecurities, and
more eager to investigate the shadows of our inexperience and explore the unknown ahead.  We then
Create Life From Within Ourselves.

Going into this Sixth Day  will be quite similar to  a spontaneous painting process__  we will have to  let our-
selves  FEEL our way__ without  THINKING__ through each and every moment  of each and every day
allowing life to  flow effortlessly &  staying with that flow  without any notion  of what will manifest  from our loving
decisions &  harmless actions
.  For the next 18 days or so,  we will  barely begin to sense recognizable patterns
or processes  arising from the creative choices we've made  , but we will receive  FEELINGS, IMPRESSIONS, a
SUGGESTION or TWO, of what is attempting to be delivered into our new lives.

Birds, fish, whales, dolphins do not  THINK  about their next move... they  FEEL  the  group's choice &
all of them  suddenly  move together  at the same time,  whether changing direction,  diving or  swoop-
ing up towards the light. This is  ONENESS... UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS
. Mind can sense Time,  but emot-
tion cannot,  so
the less we  THINK  and the more we  FEEL  our way  through the  moments,  Time__  as
we've known it__ will seem to disappear.  It's going to be all
 NOWS.  The Full Moon in  Pisces,  September 12th
may give us some  Revelations about  what new reality issues  might be  manifesting.  The Midpoint Days
:  9/13-
14,  will reveal  the most significant issues  of this  6th Day's  creative process.  Meditate frequently  & pay  attent-
ion to dreams.

A dear friend from our
Lost River, Idaho days,  now living in Texas,  e-mailed a few days ago about the challen-
enges of  the extreme drought  with shortages of water and hay crops  for the small herd of horses  he cares for. I
replied with reports on  what was going on with us and our family;  friends and community here in south central Id-
aho, and our attempts to lighten the economic and health burdens carried by every one of us.

I  was surprised to see how very long the letter became, and as I edited it for typos, I was amazed to re-
cognize all the love,  the empathy, the compassion and the giving and sharing that was taking place in
family & community,  and the way that  our needs were somehow  automatically met. Even body aches
& pulled muscles  disappeared  overnight  without any  healing rituals   r remedies.  Despite the  down-
ward economic trend,  the loss of control of our lives,  the more frequent health issues and concern on
every level we were somehow living a beautiful life. It seems the more we feel & express appreciation &
gratitude, the more will manifest for us to be appreciative and grateful fo

I realized then:  The promised
GOLDEN AGE exists not only in the future. It is already beginning here__ NOW__
it's always been here, waiting for us to
SEE it,  to UNDERSTAND its process,  to ACCEPT it  &t hen to LIVE IT!  
So once again, we see  Miracles,  Birthings,  whenever we've let go of the past,  of old material objects, of an old
consciousness,  & old ways of doing things. The more we let go,  the more
 A New Reality  manifests before our

As I photographed,  sketched and painted from Nature,  I began to see and feel  a basic pattern running through
all visual forms  and the awesome relationships b etween those forms.  I began using this matrix  as an underlying
foundation for all painting
. I built up shapes, lines & textures of trees, figures, mountains, flowers, buildings, etc.__
everything visual__ based upon this underlying blueprint, becoming more conscious of
how everything interrel-
ates with everything else.

My friend Melissa sent pages from Lawlor's "Sacred Geometry" book (then out of print). In them I immediately
recognized the Golden Mean Rectangle & Spiral Form as part of my painting compositions. The Golden
Mean proportions were used by Renaissance and Old Master artists, and are still effective in today's art &  archi-
tecture .
Light is a 5-D element,  Geometry,  a 6-D element, and both are part of the foundation for manifesting
3-D physical things.

Years later,
Melissa sent videos from one of  Drunvalo Melchizefek's seminars which included Sacred  Geom-
etry.  And
there was my  Oneness Pattern in its entirety__ the same pattern I had perceived as underlying ev-
erything in Nature  and upon which I designed my paintings
: The Flower of Life__ & yes,  it IS the universal matr-
ix through which everything in
3-D manifests. www.flowerof

In 1994, I attended one of  Drunvalo's amazing workshops.  He has now written "The Ancient Secrets of the Flo-
wer of Life, Vol. I and II",
based on the information he'd presented. This symbol is found world-wide in ancient stru-
ctures and is...
"the primal language of the universe; pure shape & proportion."... Reality itself is created through
the proportions of its geometry. The Flower of Life pattern,  considered sacred among both ancient & modern cul-
tures worldwide, holds all the Sacred Geometrical building blocks of the universe__ The Golden Mean, the Platon-
ic Solids, Spirals, Star of David, the Vesica Piscis, the Tube Torus and many more. The Platonic Solids, Star Tet-
rahedron,  Icosahedron &  Dodecahedron are... "
important because they are found in the rudimentary construct-
ion of organic life,  as well as in music, art,  language  & in consciousness itself"__affecting
us on subconscious


Dr. Patrick Flanagan's book, "Pyramid Power", interpreted the energy of particular geometric shapes. Dr.
Nicholas Begich
and Dr. Reijo Makela carried this research further, seeking correlations between geometrical
shapes and sound waves.
They found that an object's shape could intensify the transference of energy.
This energy exchange was
transferred by scalar waves and took different forms... "including electrical
energy, heat, light and sound"... confirming that geometry combined with sound has definite effects on all
living things.
("Towards a New Alchemy", Dr. Nichols Begich.) Michael Tellingers' recent discoveries in South African ruins
have confirmed this theory.

Geometry is now a major tool for understanding the new physics of Time and molecular bonding. The
Flower of Life symbol CONTAINS ALL KNOWLEDGE, and illustrates the CONNECTIONS underlying all life
everywhere in the universe
. For more information: do a "Search" on for "Drunvalo
Melchizedek: Flower of Life

On the Economy:
* "
Neil Keenan and Keith Scott"   Scroll waaaaay down!.
* "
What Would a New America Look Like?"
On the Spiritual Side:
* "
Changing of the Guard: failing systems of the old paradigm."                                                   
Far Out Wierd:
Williiam Henry's "The Elixir of Life & the Philosopher's Stone-Available Now!"
The Controllers Manipulation Process:
* "
Neil Kramer" on Veritas Radio: Click on "Radio", then "Past Shows".

The Darksiders know how to use
6-D Sacred Geometry to keep us focused in a "low frequency" life filled with fear
and compliance. Neil explains what constitutes a "low frequency" life, and how this way limits perception and keeps
us functioning far beneath our potential. He talks about how "The Controllers" use symbolism and timing to make
sure trauma leaves a fertile ground for further manipulation of our psyche and behavior.

For the control system to work, it must perpetuate distinctive positive and negative forces: capitalism vs. socialism,
the reds vs. the blues, and Muslims vs.Christians vs. Jews, as there must be somewhere to channel aggression and
despondency. He says science is controlled, academe is compromised, and that we know close to nothing of reality,
and adds:

* "The biggest disease is the normal construct in this low vibration. Pop and movie stars and kings and princesses
and junk food and war and competitive sports and Facebook__  its all limiting, drab rubbish. If you come to a place
of stillness, the unmoving mind, a place of balance, that neutral space__ you see the world as mysterious & extra-
vagant." ... a higher frequency life.

* "The dark 'construct' tells us we know most of what there is to be known, but as you walk your own sovereign path
as master and warrior, you realize that science and politics and education know almost nothing about how the world
works and fits together."

* "Human potential is stunningly massive in terms of what is attainable."

* "The mainstream is broken; but thank goodness the world is much more bright and wholistic and positive than we
assume. It is there to support us physically, mentally and emotionally."

* "Empowerment... is about changes in our lives, relationships, bodies, culture, material resources, and systems that
don't serve us well anymore. It's about new relationships and taking risks to express our uniqueness. Don't be afraid.
Understand that our unfoldment is a Creative Force supported by the universe, that your whole Life is but an instru-
ment for Transformation."


September 13/14,2011
                                                                      "THE END GAME"

MIDPOINT DAYS of the SIXTH DAY of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar are showing
The Most Significant Aspects of this Sixth day as we continue "BIRTHING" the PROTO FORM of the New

* Benjamin Fulford:  "It's all coming down.__ "Humanity is about to be freed!"
* "I
ran Sets Bail for Jailed Americans."
* "
Drought threatens way of life for Texas ranchers." USAToday
* "
Household income drops to lowest point since '96." USAToday
* "
16 'Super-Earths" Discovered by European Southern Observatory HAARP's Spectrograph."
* "
More American tailoring religion to fit their needs."  USAToday
* "
Victims say criminal charges against Pope not a stunt."  USAToday
* "
Bitter battle over high fructose corn syrup claims."  USAToday
* "
California Medicaid Expansion: A Lifeline for Ex-Convicts."
* "
USDA to Ban 6 More Strains of E-coli in Ground Beef."

Alternative Cancer Cure. Coast to Coast AM: Dr. Leonard Coldwell discussed the
dangers of chemotherapy... "Nobody dies from cancer anymore; they die from the side effects of the so-called
'treatment'."  He sites a UK study which showed that 27% of patients undergoing chemo die within the first 30 days.
He claims that flax seed oil has been proven to fight breast cancer better than chemo, and advised that cancer
cannot survive in an... "alkaline, oxygen-rich environment." Therefore, he suggests people consume a gallon of water
with sea or pink salt every day and switch to a raw food diet.

"Fed report blames missteps by BP, others for Gulf oil spill."  USAToday
* "
GOP rivals blast Perry on vaccine order and ties to Merck."  USAToday
* "
Bachmann misstates facts on HPV vaccines."     USAToday
* "
Illegal-immigrations issue sets Rick Perry arpart from rivals" No fences along Mex border?  USAToday
* "
US tries to prevent Palestinian statehood bid at UN."
* "
Stocks higher ahead of talks on Greek debt."  USAToday
* "
Fewer pat-downs for kids in TSA security checks "  USAToday
"Spy Satellites, Google Earth Now Guarding World's Great Ancient Sites."  http://newswatch.
* "
Drug-resistant TB spreading fast in Europe."   USAToday
* "
Column: Drug shortage: What Can I do?" USAToday                        

Gaia: "Aches and pains will soon be lessened. Healing self and/or others takes time. After the Equinox
September 23, 2011), manifesting will speed up considerably in that department. We know that things often
seem to be 'not working' in your households these days, and this is because as you move across and back the
5-D threshold, you leave behind the electonics, the machines, the fear and such; so see these irritating delays as
signs that you ARE moving to higher level vibrations

9-11-11: PORTAL DAY as well as the start of a NEW SACRED TZOLK'IN YEAR. With all the dire news and events
occurring these days, we may find ourselves mired in JUDGEMENT. The Guides sent information on how best to
deal with this. When the "judged" incident occurs, ask yourself "DOES THIS MAKE ME FEEL LIGHTER OR
HEAVIER"... If Lighter; It's right for us NOW. Whichever we feel__ IT'S OKAY. I'M OKAY; YOU'RE OKAY.

A SOLUTION FOR FINANCIAL CHALLENGES: (A true story.) A woman was burdened with economic troubles, and
one day as she was leaving work, she found a $10 bill on the sidewalk outside the door. She gleefully picked it up,
pocketed it and exclaimed, "
HOW CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?"  She then walked to the bus stop at
the corner, where she spooted a $20 bill lying next to the signpost. She picked it up and again cried out even louder:
"How does it get any better then THIS?" As it began to rain, she decided to use her new-found gifts for a taxi ride
home. As she stepped out of the cab and turned to go to her apartment, she glimpsed a tiny sparkle of light in the
gutter__ it was a diamond bracelet! Again, she whooped for joy, but did not use the phrase as before. Result: no
more "free gifts."

This phrase, when used with true joy and gratitude, can manifest positive results after any incidents of unexpected
pleasure, whether financial, relationship, health, weather, entertainment, etc.. I tried it next evening watching a football
game on TV with family members. Often becoming angry over unhappy incidents in the games, the men would often
shout, shake their fists and hurl nasty words at the screen. When the preferred team made a touchdown, I used the
above phrase silently in my mind. Soon we were all laughing and howling until we nearly cried hilarious tears at the
continual fouls and ineptitude of the players. Althought "our" team lost, It was a very enjoyable evening after all.   

EARTH CHANGES:  When our daughter and son-in-law attempted to visit Glacier National Park the first weeek of
September, they were turned away, for many of the roads had never been plowed of snow and the lakes were still
frozin! H & I used to visit Glacier Park in eartly
Septembers to paint and photograph, and although the higher
elevations had some snow along the roadsides, the lakes were always completely clear of ice or snow. We could
hike around in our shift sleeves. So much for "global warming"         
In direct opposition, our southern and eastern states have been experiencing terrific heat waves as well as flooding
in many places. Wildfires have devastated Texas for
300 consecutive days, while the northwest has had an unusually
cool summer and winter was a bit warmer than usual, as well... Are we on different Timelines?

Steve Quale on Coast to Coast AM Sept.5th, told of 38 volcanoes now active around the world and this does not
include undersea volcanoes. Since Sept. 9th, Sunspot activity hurled 3 major coronal mass
ejections in the general direction of Earth, two of which were X-Class and can trigger global blackouts and
long-lasting radiation storms. There was a blackout in the San Diego, CA, Yuma, AZ and Baha, MX areas.
Comet Elenin was hit by a massive CME (Solar Flare)
August 19th, causing it to appear fuzzy and possibly,
disintegrating it. Elenin is predicted to come closest to our Sun on
Sept. 10th, this year. Richard  Hoagland still
believes Elenin is an intelligently controlled  craft of some sort and is being escorted or accompanied by numerous
smaller spacecraft.

Index Angel: "As Earth ascends, you won't notice a dynamic difference from one day to the next. There will be no
ribibon-cutting ceremony, so to say."...

"Earth's planetary mass started spiraling from its place of manifestation in 5th density as negativity amassed in
the collective consciousness of her ancient civilizations. The planet's descent continued in consonance with the
inhabitant's reduced evolutionary status as darkness increased in their thoughts, motives and deeds, and
eventually the planet reached deep 3rd density in mass and her population regressed to that density in spiritual
status."  "However, throughout the millennia that Earth's body and the collective consciousness of her people
were mired in that low density, Gaia, Earth's soul, remained in the much higher energy plane where her planetary
body was created. And some souls who incarnated on Earth during those millennia__ God's meseingers and
some visionary philosophers, scientists and artists__ were highly evolved souls spiritually and intellectually.

"At this juncture in Earth's ascension, her planetary body has reached high 3rd density placement in its galaxy.
While the bodies of many of her residents are at that density mass-wise, bodies of persons who have embraced
the light are being changed into 4th density at cellular level.

"In spiritual evolution, the residents range from 2nd to 7th density, and a few have devolved to 1st density in this
lifetime by the darkness of their free will choices and their persistance in consciously refusing the light that is
constantly beamed to them. Almost all lightworkers who incarnated to complete 3rd density karmic experiencing
have done that successfully and have attained 4th density spiritually. Most souls who left their homelands in
advanced civilizations to assist Earth's less evolved souls have retained thier 5th, 6th or 7th density spsiritual and
intgellectual evovlement status.

"Why is Earth going to stop at 5th density instead of continuing into higher planes? When she reaches 5th, where
her planetary body originated, it will be back in balance and contentedly orbit in that spac

THE SEVENTH DIMENSION: "SOUND' is the manifesting element of 7-D. "Physical resonance results from
vibrating air 'shaking up' molecules and causing the energy system to synchronize with itself in standing waves,
which out of random chaos, produce order, symmetry and stability. Standing waves are inherently self-reinforcing
and accordingly tend to maintain their existence. Consequently, they are a fundamental characteristic of any
self-organizing system, such as your body".... "Sound can produce order out of randomness by causing an energy
system to synchronize with itself, producing standing waves."..."Aany increase in coherency moves in the direction of
a greater life force and increased health." (
Iasos "Interdimensional Music.")

A blocked system in a human being has a lower vibration than his nervous system, and certain types of music can
resonate with both.A profound like exists between human brain wave patterns and the missing vocal frequencies.

Sharry Edwards
has dicovered it also corresponds to the motions of the planets. ... "all diseases are really
psychossomatic (caused by mind and emotions). You can temporarily remove the symptom, but for the permanent
cure, you must remove the cause, which is always in the feelings and thinking." (See also "
The Power of Sound" in
Chapter 9: Art as a Common Bond.)

The way music heals is through focus (a creative skill).  By placing our entire attention  on any music,we synchronize
and resonate with it. The intention (creative skill) then of both composer and performer then merge with us through
the music. Whatever their motivations, we will experience a similar effect while listening.
Freinds June and Joyce and I, listened to a new audio cassettge of
Tom Kenyon's music. The title gave no clues
other than that it was a meditation. After the first side ended, we discussed what we had experienced. Each of us
had envisioned various spiritual figures, such as
ST. Michael, Gabriel, "Raphael, Babaji, Jesus, Yogananda, the
Virgin Mary, Buddha, Mary Magdalene, and so on. Then we begn to listen to the second side__ and discovered
that the cassette had been wrongly recorded, with the first half on side "B" and the second half (which we'd just
heard) on side "A", On the side meant to be the introduction, Kenyon described how we would be hearing music that
evoked images and principles put forth by ascended spiritual beings. The music had worked its magic without us
even knowing what we'd be hearing.

VIBRATIONS. "The vibratory levels of SOUND affect mental, emotional, physical and spirtual bodies positively
or negatively. Noise jolts your intire energy systems. Noise from a gunshot or car backfiring or thunder, for
instance, has a short-lived impact; noise from an evening of raucous or dissonant music, for exmple, or a day of
working with roaring machinery has exponentially longer lasting and more adverse effects.
"When that kind of noise is unavoidable, its effects can be somewhat ameliorated with as much solitude and
serentiy as the affected persons can manage. The soft, gentle tones of melodious music, the sound of flowing
waters and the energetic emanations of trees are extremely restorative and helpful in regaining the light withing

"In addition to the sound of WORDS, the words themselves have vibrations. Loving words spoken sweetly by
parents to their children are nurturing and assist them in achieving balance. Conversely, not only does yelling
harsh works to children__ to anyone!__ destroy their balance and the balance fo those who yell, but when their
thoughts of those instances come as memories, the low vibrations return again. Although with less intensity,
written words also emit vibrations, so choose your wors carefully to benefit those to whom you write and yourself
and select reading material that will lighten your heart and mind."

"It is our high vibrations that are connecting you with kindred spirits and causing reluctance to spend time with
some individuals whose vibrations are low. When the latter kind of encounter can't be avoided, keeping your
thoughts positive will help you to stay balanced, and the light wtihin balance will help raise the vibrations all
" Index Angel

* "
How urban slums & third worlds can feed themselves":
Guys                                       From :                
* "
Who's building the Do-It-Ourselves
?"                                                                                                                         * "Living Right on the'Wrong'
Side of Town
* "
A New Jobs Plan? We Need a New Economy: The Path to Real
."                                                                                * "Less Work, More Living: Working fewer hours
could save our economy, save our sanity and save our planet.
"                        * "North Dakota's Economic
'Miracle'__ It's Not Oil.
"                                                                                                        POLITICS:  
* "
The Simultaneous Policy."
* "
Dysfunctional government: Head of ATF sacked as evidence mounts of a
."                                                                 and _Furious.html
* "
MSNBC distorts post-debate poll results to falsely depict Ron Paul as just barely winning."     
* "
We Can Change History!"
* Inside the Space Program:  Bob Dean on   1 hour.
* "
Perpetual Motion Machine__ Free Energy."
* "
As wildfires rage across Texas Feds take control and scuttle volunteer fireworkers."
* "
Gibsons Guitars raid proves the environmental police state wants your wood products and guns."
* "
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sues trucking company for sidelining alcoholic truck
"EPA declares hay a pollutant in effort to drive small, mid-sized family cattle ranchers out of business."
* "
Customers lap atop store burglar, suffocating him." CNNNews

Wiliam Henry: "The 911 Memorial: What Does it Really Mean." Occult symbolism in the 911 Memorial?    36 minutes.

September 23, 2011
                                                               "EXPECT MIRACLES"

We are pleased and excited to announce that the Controlling Cabal is now being overthrown! For details, go to and listen to the audio of
David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford. A major PROTO FORM
of the New Consciousness.

EARTH CHANGES: Alfred Webre's video, "Andromeda Council Update on Elenin, Brown
Dwarf, Nibiru, Earth Changes, 4-D Earth":
* "The financial collapse will take place in
late September and October, 2011."... "This will be the final period of
preparation for         Ascension."
* "Comet Elenin is a Mother-ship of the Galactic Federation."
* "It will trigger the visible split of Earth into Ascended Earth (A) and Catastrophic Earth (B) in
October 2011."
* "First Wave of Ascended Human Masters is expected to leave between
October 16 and November 11, 2011."
* "Earth will receive a second Sun in
mid-October, 2011." (See also "The Book of Knowlege: the Keys of Enoch."
J. J. Hurtak:      "Population II Life Systems: Physical civilizations of higher consciousness using two or more
sun/star systems. The worlds and                 civilizations of higher technology just entering into the consciousness
layers of thought-form technology and the work of the                    masters.")
* Earth is to enter the Photon Belt on
* "Earth's ecology is on the brink of collapse, so various ET groups have chosen to break the "No Intervention" rule
and take steps to restore the planet's environment. They're doing it NOW, starting with the cleansing of the contrails
which have kept humans from developing Unified Consciousness projected with rays from the Galactic and Universal
Centers."   (
Dr. George Stankov)       
Another PROTO FORM of the New Consicousness!

Red Ice Radio program features 3 interviews with Marsha Shafer. In the last video she relays information about
the coming Disclosure and Mass Visitation of our Intergalactic "Cousins", which is planned to take place following a
series of events:
1.) Numerous, world-wide sightings of intergalactic spacecraft. 2.) Personal contacts with individual
3.) Discovery of an ancient civilization on another planet in our solar system. (Probably Mars.) 4.)
Realization that the "ancient civilization" is still there__ alive and thriving! (See also "T
he Discovery of Life on Mars." )

From Marsha's own website: ... "You Build the Future by going first within, and then
moving on to your outer limits, sharing your unique potential doing what you love and making a
." (Emphases added.)

Today we move into the
SIXTH NIGHT of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. What a ride it
has been so far! There are only the
Midpoint Days of this Sixth Night, Oct. 1st & 2nd, and then the Seventh Day...
Oct. 11 thru 28th... the very last period of this entire Mayan Calendar__ ending a 16 Billion year cycle. There is no
"Seventh Night". (Not sure I could stand it if there was!)

The Sixth Night is the last "dark" period in the cycle. In the plant's life, the flowers wilt and die, setting the stage for
development of seed pods. This is what happened to the Mayan Civilization right on cue. Throughout history, there
have been major conflicts and revolts during this period. In the
Planetary Underworld, it was the Viet Nam War. In the
more recent, the Galactic Underworld, it was
November, 2009 thru November 2010. Major earth changes and
terrorism abounded:
January: Haiti 7.0 Earthquake.
February: Winter Olympics, Vancouver, B.C.; 8.8 quake hits Chili.
March: Multi-country offensive launched in Afghanistan; Bombs disrupt Iraq general election; US & Russia sign arms
control treaty; Female suicide bombers hit Moscow subway; More bombings in Caucasus region of Russia.
April: Militant assault on US embassy in Pakistan; Government troops and demonstrators battle in streets of
Kyrgyzstan; Iceland volcano erupts, causing ash clouds disrupting air travel in north & central Europe; BP oil rig
explodes in Gulf of Mexico.
May: Terrorism and riots around Thailand elections; Picasso painting sells at record-breaking $106.5 million at
Christies auction; British PM, Gordon Brown resigns; US, Russia, China and others agree to impose 4th sanctions
on Iran's nuclear program; Israeli navy attacks flotilla of cargo ships and passenger boats carrying aid to Gaza.
June: Japan prime minister Yokio Hatoyama resigns; US finds over 1 trillion in mineral resources in Afghanistan
mountains;  Fighting escalates in Kyrgyztan; Over 100K die in Afghanistan mountains; US & Russia agree to swap
captured spies;
July: Massive flooding and record rainfall in Pakistan kill 1600 with 14 million displaced.
August: PM Putin bans export of Russian grains due to heat, drought and 800 wildfires; US plans to add civilian
contractors as troops leave Iraq.
September: American female hiker charged as spy, released but 2 male hikers retained since 2009.
October: 1st of 33 Chilean miners rescued after 68 days trapped 1 1/2 miles underground; Suspicious packages in
plane from Yemen bound for US hold explosive materials.
November: Irish government requests $100 B bailout from European Union, as Irish PM announces dissolution of
his government with new elections to follow; North Korea attacks island of Yeonpyeong in South Korea.

During this Sixth Night we will be
Resting and Fine-Tuning the PROTO FORMS of the New Consciousness.
Our Keyword is "
DAWN". Benjamin Fulford's blog on Tuesday, Sept. 12th, stated that "Humanity is being Freed"
as a new Global Financial System is organized and activated.The information below focuses on those
as they appeared during the last half of this Sixth Day.

Carl Callemen:  An update on "The End of the Mayan Calendar and"... "Transparent Consciousness." He mentions an Economic System idea that could evolve after the Shift__ one which
resonates with my own and other lightworker contacts' recent expriences with money matters__ "We're being paid
by trust in Divine Providence", he states, adding that we need to "let go" of the idea of Growth, turning instead to one
of Stability.

Veritas Radio Mel Fabricas, host,  presented a 2 hour panel discussion with Jame
Gilliland, Bob Dean, Michael Tellinger, Brooks Agnew
and Neil Kramer at ECETI Ranch near Trout Lake, WA,
June. The audience asked questions on a variety of topics related to the Shift, and each speaker replied with
his unique perspective. It was the most informative and enlightening online program I have ever heard. It was offered
as a "bonus" to Veritas subscribers, accessible only through their e-mail invitations.

One speaker revealed that on the day of the
911 tragedy, a category 4 hurricane was poised just off the coast next to
New York City. It was never reported by the weather services and disappeared immediately after the disaster,
suggesting that the hurricane's tremendous forces were used by the controllers to manipulate the World Trade
Center destructions, probably with HAARP technology.

This strongly implies that if the "power wanna-be's" have Weather Control Technologies that can escalate 911s,
weather anomalies, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and pollution, then no doubt this technology can also be used to
reduce or eliminate such disruptions as well, and are being hidden from the public with their intention to destroy not
only 90% of humanity, but Earth and other lifeforms as well.

President Obama allows states to exempt themselves from the federal "No Child Left Behind" educational
requirements, providing they set high standards critical to the nation's economic future."
* At the Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, scientists are baffled when a subatomic particle apparently travels
faster than light.
* Palestine submits a bid to UN for statehood.

* "
From our perspective, a line is being drawn in the sands of human consciousness. And this line is nothing less
than the demarcation between those who uphold the schism between matter and spirit as perpetuated by the
world's major religions and those who don't
."__ A Hathor Planetary Message, Tom Kenyon.

September 23rd, 2011, marks the AUTUMN EQUINOX as the Sun entered the Zodiac sign of Libra at 3:06
. We will now begin to see manifestations of the intentions made at the Spring Equinox, March 20th. As we
move into the New Reality Consciousness, we will be changing the way we create and manifest__ again. We will be
creating new things that enhance the consciousness on the planet, and we will be creating with ATTENTION rather
than with desire or intentions. Just by Focusing our Attention on a thing or situation, it will manifest. However, this
could be negative things as easily as the more positive, so maintaining a loving heart and mind is imperative.
Economically, we can let ourseves be fed by the world as we give and share with the world.

"When we merge with someone, something"... or a situation... "and become One with it, we will KNOW everything
about it as it happens."... "Giving up the separation from the"... Creative Force Field, our body becomes like a new
brain... " that IS the field, and can shape-shift itself or into other realities by changing its frequency."  (
Penny Pierce
on )

September 11th, the sacred Tzolk'in Calendar had its New Year: All the PORTAL DAYS will now be tranducing
energy or information coming from the Source into our physical world. This is also our History. This is a space or
time when all information that has been received over the past 4 months begins to make sense. (
Aluna Joy)

Beacons of Light: "The Challenge": "Many have chosen to become what we call Lightworkers on this planet. The
word 'lightworker' is a chosen title which is given to anyone who chooses to spread Light on this planet. Many have
come in with the intent, and now the doors are open. There will be no exposure unless you choose to walk through
that door. Many of you are very afraid of that door, for it means that you lose your safety and you become exposed
and vulnerable. Yet, dear ones, that is when you become the most powerful. That is the point when you become
comfortable with your own vulnerability so that you can balance your male/female energy. This is now happening on a
global basis, because of the choices that each and every one of you is making in your individual lives right now.

Did I make this decision out of fear, or am I making this out of love? Am I looking to grow, or am I looking to empower
other people?" Now you will find where your true motivations are. Many of  you have already gathered all the"...
possessions... "homes, cars and all the fun things in life. We tell you that this is not wrong, but it does not bring that
many times more happiness because the happiness is right in the beginning in the present moment. It is the very
small piece of it that fulfills what you need to pretend to be a human on planet Earth, for your spirit needs very little.
Grow that part, work with that and watch as your world begins to change because we no longer believe that the
Economics need to crash. You can only look back for less than a month and you will see the market raise and lower
according to expections. Whose expectations? Everyone expects all the economics to be very flat over movements,
but that has not happened. Why? It is because there are"... you... "'little gods' out there that are recognizing the many
opportunities. They that are starting to think five years down the road, that are starting to build something that will"...
thrive... "and even though they are scared, they are taking a breath and letting their worlds become big again. That
will help you
Take Your Power. Feel the resistance. Feel your challenges and feel your fears. Just do not
live by them.
" (Emphasis added)

* ... regarding our advancement into the Light.

HEALTH: I first learned to heal with meditation & prayer (Chapter 4: "Spirit Within" ), then with crystals and energy
Archives: "The Original Energetic Healing Process."), then with Intention (Chapter 12: "Energetic Intentional
"). Most of these brought permanent healings, but a few did not. I realized that we were partially following the
path of today's standard healing modalities: i.e., we were usually treating the symptoms instead of their causes.

For a
Permanent Healing to be assured, we need to eliminate the causes behind the dysfunctions, which are
always psychosomatic__ i.e., in our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. When I asked the Guides abot this, my "answer"
arrived in the form of a website: with that day's (Sept. 8th) program, in an audio interview of Dr. Dain Heer. His
technique was tested on my 11 year-old challenge of muscular pains due to nerve damage from being given the
wrong meds in a hospital In 10 minutes, the pain was completely gone__ and is still gone over 2 weeks later.
A replay of that program is only available to "Silver Level" paid subscribers. However, Dr. Heer has written a book
about this technique__  "
Being You: Changing the World." as well as related topics and his other books,
available on

Witt the cost of alternative supplements and remedies rapidly rising earlier this summer, I asked the Guides about
buying in larger quantities to stock up for the future. They told me no need__  just order as they're needed. I was also
concerned about the "
Codex Alimentarious" bill up before the US congress. (Check it out on The
Guides'  answer left me puzzled; what is going to happen that lies behind their suggestion? Then this message
arrived a few days ago:
Guides: "As the individual evolves her consciousness to higher and higher vibrations, the
body will automtically heal itself. The energies from Earth and from outer space are accelerating this pheomena
day by day

Vertias Radio "Gwen Olson: Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher." Click on "Radio",
then "
Past Shows".

When I gave workshops on painting, I often learned as much from the students as they did from me. In the New
Reality we are no longer "teachers" or "leaders", standing on a platform and telling people what to do. We now walk
beside our fellow lightworkers, sharing similar challenges and experiences, and together figuring out how best to
deal with them. Each of us contributes our unique know-how and energies for the highest good of the whole.

Earth is re-distrubuting her waters around the globe. Many people are now having, and will continue to have,
challenges with water__ either too much water, too little water, or polluted water. Water relates to Emotions; and
probably our greatest challenge these days is to OVERCOME FEAR. (
See Chapter 7: "Dragon Taming")

We leave you today with a tip from
J. Z. Knight,of Ramtha fame: State aloud 3 times with loving attention: "I HAVE
ALWAYS HAD ABUNDANCE IN MY LIFE NOW", and watch what happens the next day. Gratitude and Appreciation
will also assist with other types of manifestation. For example: "I HAVE ALWAYS HAD HEALTHY EYES WITH
NOW." Allow Universe to choose the timing and the process by which it manifests.