Pyramids are found all over the world, and in various configurations__ even mountains, mounds and
monuments such as Stonehenge have Pyramid Power.

Pyramid Power is a Technology__ not just a monument. It's a MACHINE that has no moving parts. "Pyramid"
in Greek means "
Fire in the Middle." The Egyptians call it "House of Energy."

A Pyramid has come kind of ability to hold off decay__ to stop things from rotting.

Torsion Fields.html.)__ are Sources of Universal Energy, Biological Life, Gravity
Gravity.html), Consciousness and "The Creator".

The Monuments and the Face on Mars, together describe geometric theorems. All those theorems
together describe a
Tetrahedron (pyramid shape with one equilateral triangle on the bottom, and three more
forming the upper part) inside a sphere: Earth or Mars planet (
Richard Hoagland).

There are huge active volcanoes on Mars (Olympus Mons) and Earth (Hawaii) at
19.5* north latitude, where
a Tetrahedron's corner touches the Mars/Earth spheres__ if the Tetrahedron's point is located at the South
Pole of the sphere. The rotation of Earth's molten core causes an up-thrust at 19.5*__ as on other planets.

There must be some kind of Force that creates such cyclones, which in turn = Gravity.

The GRAVITY SUBSTANCE is flowing INTO the planet to MAKE THE PLANET! This substance flows into
all physical matter.

The Behaviors of a Black Hole and an Atom are the same. (
Gravity.html). A Black Hole is a Gravity
therefore an Atom is a Gravity Vortex, and therefore__ GRAVITY POWERS THE ATOM.

Each Piece of Matter

(See Dr. Nicoli Kosorov Programs on David Wilcock: "Wisdom Teachings" videos.)

SHAPE POWER. Torsion Fields can be generated as the result of a distortion of the
Geometry of the Physical Vacuum, i.e., "SPACE"__ distorting the geometry of Space itself__ gives these

Every object having certain surface geometry will simultaneously
generate Left & Right Torsion Field
spins of a certain conformation depending on the geometry of the object
. (See SacShapes.html)

Torsion Fields can push against physical matter and produce vibration wiggles.

A Left Torsion Field spins to the left, and a Right Torsion Field spins to the right. (Visualize a Torus shaped
like a doughnut... "Torus Fun (Sacred Geometryby ieole".
We get clockwise rotation on one side, and counter-clockwise rotation on the other side.

Anytime we move an Impulse (a Vector) through Water/H2O, we get a Torus. Dolphins do this with their
noses while swimming underwater.

Pyramids bring energy into the Earth, but energy also comes out of the Pyramid. A tug-of-war goes on be-
Gravity and Levity (the opposing upward thrust). The Pyramids harnesses the Levity. Levity is fluid-
like, and starts spinning.

ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY is a "White Hole" emerging with a Spherical Shape. The Atom is just a
miniature Black Hole.

ELECTRICITY & GRAVITY are ultimately two versions of the same Field doing the Same Thing.
A PYRAMID CAN GENERATE ELECTRICITY. Consider all the monuments and pyramids
around the world as a Network of Power.

"The Force Fields of Earth: Are Megalithic Structures Around the World Part of One Vast Interconnected De-
" by Will Hart. (Atlantis Rising, Number 51.)

"The principle meridian spanning the globe is 30* N. Latitude.  The Great Pyramid of Giza and the mouth of the
Nile River sit on that meridian,  as does the mouth of the
Mississippi River,  the Tigris-Euphrates River  and the
sites of various  ancient civilizations.  A band of energy also spans the earth  just north and south of the
19.5* N.

"We could envision it as  a planetary-wide force field  that conducts massive flows of air  above the surface and
molten lava below ground. In Mexico, a string of active volcanoes extends across the country on or very near the
19.5 meridian including Mt. Colima,  Mt. Pacutin,  which are spot on , and Mt. Popocatepetl and Mt. Orizaba that
are within half a degree. "

"The volcanic peaks that  jut up from the ocean floor  known as the
 Hawaiian Islands  lie along this  corridor in a
straight line far to the west of Mexico. Kileaeu,  active since the early 1980s,  sits at
19.5*, as does  Mauan Loa,
recently active.  Continuing to  track this meridian  around the globe  we find active volcanoes in the  
Philipine Is-
lands, Arabia
and Africa all situated in or within a half-degree of this band of fire."

"The storms that  turn into hurricanes,  which routinely lash the  
Caribbean Islands  before slamming into Florida,
have their origins on the western coast of Africa. These dynamic flows of moist air travel across the
Atlantic pick-
ing up speed and momentum  as they whirl along the
19.5* meridian.  When they approach  80* W. longitude the
storms typically turn north and hit the coast of Florida, or they careen into the
Gulf of Mexico and then turn north at
or near the
90* W longitude.".

"What is it about this latitude that makes it so dynamic and potent?

"Before trying to answer that question we need to add a twist,  a curious human component to the equation. It ap-
pears that our remote human ancestors were aware of this force field and also of a magnetic counterpart running
on a north-south axis along the
80 and 90 degree West longitudes. In 1978 long before I was aware of the energy
field outlined,  in part above,  this author was standing at a  Mayan site in the  Yucatan studying an  archaeological
map. What jumped out at me was the fact that so many sites were aligned on or near the
90 degree W. longitude
from the Yucatan all the way to Tikal."

"When I  ran my finger north I came to the mouth of the  Mississippi River.  The Mound Builders  had extended the
geodetic and  geomantic work of the  Maya by  positioning their sites,  or very near,  the same meridian.  In fact,
Monk's Mound (Cahokia),  the largest earthworks in the Americas,  sits on the dot at
90 degrees W. longitude. At
the moment  I became aware of this alignment  I was standing on the same line,  only hundreds of miles south,  at
90 W. longitude, 19.5 N. Latitude."

"I had a faint idea that  these alignments were part of a grand design  that had some  ultimate meaning  and pur-
pose,  but no real grasp of the big picture then. There were too many of the  needed puzzle pieces  scattered al
over the globe  that had yet to be found and fit together. I filed the data under " Maya Alignment"  and  moved on
to the other anomalies. In time, Coral Castle came to my attention. Here we have enigmatic artifacts  left behind
by a modern-day builder who claimed to have rediscovered the secrets of the ancient pyramid builders."

"By all accounts,
Ed Leedskalnin levitated multi-ton blocks of coral into position with no help and no equipment us-
ing what he referred to as
"magnetism". The secretive builder of this curious site mentioned that he could only
perform this feat within an energy vortex
. Perhaps not surprisingly, Ed selected southern Florida near the 80
degree W.
longitude line.  I am going to identify that area as the tip of the so-called Bermuda Triangle that has
a history of causing problems with the magnetic equipment on airplanes and on board boats."

Leedskalnin never revealed all of his secrets
;  he would only say that  he used the force of  "individual north-south
flowing magnets
" within a vortex."

Coral Stone Coral Stone is a natural stone which contains various marine fossils and minerals, along with other
organisms that are often more than 65 million years old. This rock mainly consists of calcium carbonate and the fo-
ssil remains of  marine creatures.  Marine fossils  range from  clams,  gastropods,  snails and  brachiopods  which
were formed more than
240 million years ago in the Mesozoic period.

Temperature resistant: Coral stones stay cool even when exposed to sunshine.

Chris Dunn, in William Henry's "Revelations" interview, reported on mysterious markings inside one of the shafts leading out of the
Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Although it had been investigated several years ago with Gatenbrink's small robot, a new
device carrying a more flexible camera was able to move past the door with the copper handles to find unkown symbols dating back
. More investigation will be done this August. Dunn has long believed that the Great Pyramid was a tremendous power plant. www.

Later in the week, Dunn was interviewed by Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio from Sweden. New research and evidence point to the
fact t
hat the ancient Egyptians had far more sophisticated technology than earlier believed, including mega-machines that
not only moved huge blocks of stone, but also created them with absolute precision.
Building and operating a small machine
similar to what might have been used in Egypt, Dunn found it produced the sound of the human heartbeat. He believes the Egyptians
used acoustics (sound) in what he called "non-linear" ways that we don't understand today. Evidence reveals that these tremendous
technologies were lost after a devastating catclysm.

Q:  What is Limestone Made of?
A: Limestones are formed in a marine environment from the precipitation of calcium carbonate, the calcium having
been brought into the sea via the hydrological cycle.

Q:  What is Limestone Made Out of?
A: Limestone is made from tiny sea snails and other creatures similar to snails that lived in the sea billions of years
ago, they died and rotted and pressure formed. It is predominately  composed  of the mineral  calcite  (CaCO3),
along with  some impurities.  Real  limestone is not an alkali itself because solids can not have a pH. But calcium
carbonate, from which limestone is made, is a alkali when dissolved in water.

Most limestones  form in shallow,  calm, warm  marine waters.  That type of environment  is where organisms able
of forming  calcium carbonate shells  and skeletons  can easily  extract the  needed ingredients  from ocean water.
When these animals die,  their shell and skeletal debris  accumulate as a sediment  that might be turned into lime-
stone. Their waste products  can also contribute  to the sediment mass. Limestones formed from this type of sedi-
ment are  biological  sedimentary rocks.  Their  biological  origin is often  revealed  in the rock  by the  presence of

"As noted above when severe storms track across the
19.5* band and near the Caribbean Islands, then the tip of
Florida,  they usually turn north at or near the
80* W. longitude.  In fact, 1993 Hurricane Mitch made a direct hit on
Homestead, Florida, the site of Coral Castle. It smashed into the town with such force, that little was left standing,
except Leedskalnin's handiwork.  Let us now  try to picture what he meant by the term  "
vortex". Is it some kind of
super-physical or metphysicacal force? At one point I imagined it that way, but no longer."

"We see the force field or vortex at work  every hurricane season  when the severe winds  turn from their westerly
ly track and head north. If we draw the base of a simple triangle  from
Bermuda to  Puerto Rico and  put the point
near Homestead we can envision the storms  shearing along  the southern edge of the triangle as they turn north-
ward . Skeptics may doubt  the existence of the  
Bermuda Triangle  but there is no doubt  that the 19.5* meridian
and area bound by the
80 and 90 degree W. longitudes constitute an energy field or vortex."

"There is nothing paranormal about it
:  these are physical facts. Severe storms are vast energy fields containing
massive potency. That said, clearly  
Leedskalnin uncovered some as yet hidden potentials within the vortex and
knew something about the characteristics of earth's energy field that also remains a mystery.  It is equally clear to
this author that the ancients discovered this knowledge long ago, a fact not lost on Ed."

"In addition to Coral Castle,  there is another site in Florida  that caught my attention  and it figures into  this story
with some prominence . In
1999,  the 'Miami Circle'  was unearthed amidst  a great deal of fanfare. The find was
simple enough,  a group of stones set in the ground that formed a ring,  a kind of sunken Stonehenge
;  the find a-
roused a storm of controversy among archaeologists.

"The Miami Circle was positioned at
25 N. latitude, 80 W. longitude. If we were to pick the exact point of the tip of
the triangle this would be it.  Coral Castle is  not far from the circle,  so Leedskalnin's choice of  geodetic position,
__his vortex__  coincided with a spot that the ancients had also designated as a power point. Of course,  he died
long before the "circle" was uncovered, but Ed was obviously aware of exactly where he was in the energy matrix."

"In fact in a paper he wrote about his experiments with various types of magnets and how to use them to
 he made a point to identify the exact geographic position  where the work was conducted.  'Southwest
from  Miami,  Florida  between Twenty-fifth and  Twenty-sixth Latitude  and Eightieth and  Eighty-first  Longitude
." (Magnetic Current: Ed Leedskalnin.)'

"Exactly ten degrees west,  we find the
90 degree W. longitude (Maya) alignment that was of great significance to
the ancient cultures that build the pyramids in Central American  and to the so-called Mound Builders. At the time I
discovered this alignment the most popular idea was that
the ancients had constructed their sites according to the
ley line principle.
These were lines of natural energy or telluric force  that the earth was said to generate along wa-
ter courses, etc. Clearly the Maya-Mound Builder alignment fit the pattern since it included the general
N-S course
of the Mississippi River, which flows on or near
90 W. longitude.

"While the  ley line concept was useful,  my own working hypothesis  was a bit broader  since it included  
east-west  bands of  (
electrical) energy  and  vertical,  north-south bands of  (magnetic) energy).  I found
these bands were more precise  than natural features  with which they  often coincide since they  matched the lines
of latitude and of longitude."

Central America we not only find a string of Mayan pyramids running north-south from the Yucatan down to the
Peten Jungle of Guatamala; we also find a number of major sites including Teotihuacan, Cholula and Tenochtit-
lan (Mexico City
) positioned between 19-20 degrees N. Latitude extending laterally.  I mentioned above that Dzb-
in the Yucatan sits on this meridian as well."

"It was not by accident that sites from as far south as
Tikal, to Dzibilchaltun and north to Monk's Mound (Cahokia)
were set as precise geodetic markers on the 90* W. longitude.  It is also no coincidence that the Mississippi River
flows along this course and empties into the
Gulf on the same longitude.  Now, it is time to tighten up this energy grid
concept and prove that the pyramid civilization was global and was based upon a type of technology that was lost."

90 W. Longitude  intersects with the 30 N latitude  very near the  mouth of the  Mississippi River.  If we fol-
low that latitude east  we find the earth's central geodetic marker,  the
Great Pyramid,  near the mouth of
the Nile
. The distance between these two points is 120 degrees.  Are we not looking at a mirror image here?
The Mississippi flows from the north and empties into the gulf very close to the intersection of the
90 W.  and 30 N.
longitude and latitude . It just so happens that the Nile flows north from central Africa  and empties into the Mediter-
ranean Sea on the same longitude 120 degrees apart. "

"We must  delve deeper  into the human cultural side  of this mystery  before attempting  to comprehend the objec-
tive,  physics  side of it.  When  
Napoleon  dragged  160 scientists and  scholars  with him to Egypt  in the  late
18th century, he did so because he wanted answers. His scientists conducted extensive studies including  det-
ailed map-making  surveys. They quickly realized that the
Great Pyramid was  a geodetic marker and used it as
such for maps."

"There is simply no denying that  the sites mentioned above sit in the geographic positions they do,  and their po-
sitioning  implies foreknowledge,  design and purpose.  The
19.5 meridian  is also  significant in  Egypt since the
Great Bend'  just happens to occur at that latitude,  a few degrees east of  Dzibilchaltun.  In addition to the 25 N.
degree latitude in Egypt we find the Vally of the Kings and Luxor on the same meridian as the 'Miami Circle'.

"The significance of the
19.5 meridian is not confined to the earth. Researches have noted that sunspots general-
ly occur near this latitude on the sun,  the
Olympic Mons volcano on Mars  and the Great Red Spot  on Jupiter are
located at
19.3 and 19.5 exactly as is the  Dark Spot on Neptune. Perhaps even more astonishing is the fact that
D&M pyramid and Olympus Mons of Mars are 19.5 degrees apart."

Richard Hoagland has pointed out that there are  latitude energies that well up on the
surface of the
sun,  planets and Moon at 19.5 degrees. We already  described the en-
ergy field generated  at this latitude on earth  as well as  the early civilization  that was a-
ware of it.  In  Hoagland's view  this  band of  energy  is created by the  interferometry of
spheres, which he claims  is in the shape of a  
(star  tetrahedron). If a tetrahedron is ins-
cribed within a sphere with its apex  located at the
pole, the rest of the apexes will touch
19.5 degrees from the equator."

"The mathematically and  technologically  oriented focus on the  underlying form and  the physics involved__ that
Hoagland calls  
hyperdimensional__ involve the use of platonic shapes  and how they manifest energy paths on
celestial bodies and so forth.  However,  to the author,  what is important is the fact that this model  describes not
only the  l
ateral band  found on or near 19.5 ,  but the vertical bands as well at  80 and  90 N. degrees. Moreover
it appears that  ancient civilizations  positioned key sites  in accordance with these  bands of energy. "
When we
place a tetrahedron in a sphere as described above,  the points are separated by
120 degrees. We see
that the ancient Egyptian scientists chose precisely those meridians."

"Many researchers__ Munk, Cathie & Becker-Hagens__  have mapped the earth's energy grids  in detail over
the years. The features of the
19.5 meridian have been  established.  The Bermuda Triangle and the  Devil's Sea
off Japan  have been identified  as two areas  wherein  anomalous events  occasionally occur. Nevertheless,  not
much is known  about  the technology  of this  early  pyramid civilization  or places  where they  may have  put their
knowledge of this grid.  
This author  has not read  of investigations  of the mirror image relationship  between the
Maya-Mound Builder-Mississippi  alignment  and the  Great Pyramid-Nile  alignment or the fact they are 120

And researching further, I discovered that
Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars Sub-
merged StoneSstructures
lying just below the waters off  Yonaguni Jim  are actually the ruins of a  Japanese
_an ancient city sunk by an earthquake about 2,000 years ago.

That's the belief of
Masaaki Kimura,  a marine geologist at the  University of the Ryukyus in Japan  who has been
diving at the site  to measure and map  its formations  for more than
15 years.  Underwater formations off coast of
Japan picture the
Great Pyramid Built Inside Out. A French architect says each time he returns to the dive boat,
he is more convinced than ever that below him rest  remains of a
5,000-year-old city. "The largest structure looks
like a  complicated,  monolithic,  stepped pyramid  that rises  from a depth of
 25 meters [82 feet]," said Kimura,
who  resented his latest theories  about the site  at a scientific conference in June.  But like other stories of  sunken
cities, Kimura's claims  have attracted controversy.  Some researchers think  the major features of these structures
could be natural, rather than man-made.

"There is  something quite strange  about the  
Nile River  as well.  It is the only major stream in the world  that flows
from south to north,  and it does so along a relatively tight course  given that it extends for almost
4,000 miles . Per-
haps the  even greater anomaly  is the fact that the river spans
 30 degrees of latitude and,  as we all know, it lies at
the intersection of
 30 N. Latitude and  30 E. Longitude.  Could it be that the 90 West  and 29 East Latitudes along
30 N. Latitude  are not only  the two main  power points,  but also  two principal  energy spines  that balance the
earth's energy field? Another key point that was discovered some time ago was the fact that the
Great Pyramid, the
Pyramid of the Sun  Tiahuacan,  Mexico)  and Monks'  Mound  (Cahokia)  all have approximately the same size,
13 acres.  This implies that the builders were working  from some kind of  existing template,  as does  the fact that
they wanted to build pyramids in the first place."

"We can assume that not only were the geographical positions of these sites chosen for reasons having to do with the
earth's  energy field,  
the pyramidal  shape  was already  pre-selected. Using the tetrahedron model,  the  sun and
planets have  a dynamic internal structure,  which manifests  only a t
19.5 degrees  on the surface. A pyramid with a
square base is the best way to present this crystalline structure  above ground. The base can be oriented to the four
cardinal points, and it can be configured to any of a number of astronomical alignments."

"In essence,  
the pyramids were  micro-dynamic  models of the  earth, which acted as calendars and energy relay
stations . Space limitations prevent us from presenting a comprehensive theory of the technical system  the ancients
derived from  these alignments and site-positions. In fact,  to do the hypothesis justice and  fully present the evidence
requires a book length format that should be forthcoming later this year in early 2006."

Alignments to  stars and  etheric force-fields was  considered indispensable for  lifting Man out of the mire, the cons-
ciousness retardation  into which  he was entrapped. Every opportunity to reverse this condition  was given those who
came for the initiations__  the spiritual elite. In turn, these freed spirits could achieve for their land, tremendous accom-
plishments and understanding.

The field around the Giza Plateau in Egypt, with its Great Pyramids and Sphinx, served as a sort of "bulls-eye"
from which energy could be  radiated to areas at great distances.
 This energy was useful  in several different Den-
sities as a  Force Field that energized the entire  A
frican continent as well as the Giza area.  Such energy blasts raised
the whole animal kingdom's quality and aided the high souls gathering above
Egypt who were serving Earth,  to meet
with less friction. The radiation line was also broadcast to Europe, where power points already aligned with Giza.

All over the world,  centers of radiation  were placed  where earth's  magnetic pressure points  were located.  The ancient
humans  recognized the  effects of the Force Field upon their bodies.
The field around  Giza was of  tremendous pow-
er; its strong Attracting Force continued there for hundreds of years,
 producing mental alignments to the "hig-
her density world" of discoveries and advancements
, putting Egypt at the top of the power hierarchy. The decline of  
that power came after the
Fifth Century B.C..A vast reservoir of understandings of magnetic force fields was lost to the world.

Atlantean technological know-how , inherited by  Egypt added to the development of this "consciousness techno-
logy"  regarding the study of gases,  ethers,  the
crystal and finally  the use of Electromagnetism,  Magnetics Energies
Sound,  with the  full octave  of 12 notes.  Unlike all other cultures, Egypt strove for  purity in consciousness  in this
period__ it's greatest period__ and pronounced the rest of earth "dead of spirit".

Water As A Common Bond
Masaru Emoto  tested the effects of human thought and emotion on water crystals. After a temple priest prayed for an
hour, the misshapen, sample lumps of water crystals became transparent, hexagonal "crystal-within-crystal" forms. The
frozen samples  had changed  even at molecular levels.  
Water will  absorb information. The purer the water,  the better.
Water in pure,  clear mountain springs and streams  has beautifully formed crystalline structures,  while polluted or stag-
nant water crystals are deformed and distorted. Distilled water that was exposed to classical music makes crystals with
delicate, symmetrical shapes.  When he taped words  "
thank you"  to a bottle of distilled water, the frozen crystals form-
ed a shape  mimicking the crystals formed by water that had been exposed to  
Bach's "Goldberg Variations"__ music
composed  to reflect gratitude for the man  for whom  it was named.  When
Elvis Presley's song,  "Heart-break Hotel"
was played to this water, the frozen crystals that formed split in two!

When water samples  are bombarded with heavy metal music,  or labeled with harsh words,  or when n egative thoughts
and emotions  are focused upon it,  the water does not  form crystals at all and  displays  chaotic , fragmented structures.
When water is treated with aromatic floral oils,  the water crystals tend to mimic the shape of the original flower
: rose oil
added to water  will cause its crystals  to form the shape of a rose. But strangely,  when the words "
Do it'  were taped on
the water's container, they didn't affect the water at all
; but "Let's do it", formed beautiful snowflake-like crystals. Human
bodies and Earth  are both composed of  over seventy percent water,  suggesting that the positive thoughts and emo-
tions we imprint into our body's water have power to heal plants, people, animals and perhaps__ our planet
(Chapter 9: Common Bonds")
Over the years  my own and other researchers'  investigations of power places and vortexes  on earth have given me the
realization that most of these
sacred sites and stargates have springs or bodies of flowing water beneath them..

The Planetary Network
Magnetic streams  of energies  flow through Gaia,  varying their courses  according to  surface patterns.  Their  encoded
information integrates Father Sky with Mother Earth, Spirit with Matter, Heaven with Finite Reality.
Nature_ the subcons-
cious mind of our planet, responds according to how humans think, feel and act collectively.

In  David Hatcher Childress's  "Anti-Gravity and the World Grid"  there is a  diagram of an  energy grid  surrounding the
(Fig.3 )   All over the world,  military bases are built  on these  triangulated points.  Discovered first by  Russians in
the 1950's, both Russian and American astronauts saw two grids from outer space, pulsing alternately as if the planet was
breathing in and out.  One of these grids formed an
 Icosahedron  geometrical  pattern of  twenty triangles  with common
. The other, a Dodecahedron, consisting of twelve pentagons_ shapes with five equal sides__also having edges
in common
. They are  Sacred Geometry shapes  which overlap each other  to form the  Christ-Unity  Consciousness Grid
around our planet. This grid was completed February 4, 1989 at St. Louis, MO., with the completion of the Gateway Arch.
The Berlin Wall  fell shortly afterwards,  reuniting East and West Germany.  Russian research reveals that  this Grid has an
electromagnetic component to it.

Earth's invisible energy networ k is similar to a human body's energy network. Usually called  "
leylines",  Earth's energetic
lines  flow through and around  the planet  resembling a  huge ball  with strings  coursing over and around its entire sphere,
connecting all points within and over the surface of Earth. Holding
telluric forces,  they anchor energy movements into the
planet's 3-D time and space .
Everything on Earth has  one or more energetic grids around or within its material form, con-
necting all living things with Earth and connecting Earth to the solar system, galaxy and universe.
A huge, invisible scienti-
fic communication system spreads across and throughout Earth's entire surface.

An experiment proved that  this energy field really does connect  everything in the universe.  Dr. Vladimer Poponov disc-
overed a field that uses  
light  to link the  DNA of our bodies  with matter. Called the  "Phantom DNA Effect",  his work ind-
icates  that  the DNA of human  living tissues  affects matter  through  light particles  called  
photons.  Placed in a  vacuum,
the DNA-tissue  caused the  photon light particles  to align themselves  along the  axis of the  DNA  spira l helix.  When the
DNA  sample was  taken from  the vacuum,  the new  light  pattern  still held.  Dr. Poponov said,  "
This energy  appears to
be everywhere at once
."  In quantum  physics,  this is known as  non-locality.  This "ether"  (the  ancient term  for it)__ the
reative Force Field__  is now viewed as the  Quantum Hologram.  At this time,  our solar system is enterin g a powerful
energetic area in our galaxy known as
The Photon Belt.

Information instantly travels  along Earth's and  the Galaxy's  energetic networks no matter how great the distance between
points.  Our bodies directly  connect with  Earth.  
Dan Winter  attached electrical coils to a tree,  making it a living antenna
measuring the  Earth's magnetic fields.  He proved a local  Earth energy field was  linked with,  and  affected by human em-
otions  when a loving healer,  a meditator and  Earth  all resonated with  similar  vibrations  during meditations  or energetic
healing. ( "DAN WINTER: Sacred Geometry, Phi Ratio and The Golden Mean.")

The dynamics of Earth's planetary grids are greatly intensified at
nodal points  where 83,000 energetic  ley-lines cross, al-
lowing for the establishment of Sacred Sites where temples, monuments,  pyramids, mounds, churches and stone or wood
circular calendars  have been built, all empowered by the invisible energies flowing through  Earth's grid line crossings.

Vortices are spiraling energy whirlpools formed at these nodal points. A vortex connects Time and off-world locations and
anchors inter-dimensional realities into Earth. There are vortices forming suns in our Milky Way galaxy, a gravitational vort-
ex enfolding our entire solar system,  and on down to tiny vortices  in a single atom.  Vortices on our planet and  throughout
the galaxy and solar system have been here since the beginning
; we just haven't been aware of them. These energies, hol-
ding intelligence, are only subconsciously sensed by most humans  until they  
Bond With  Earth. Many  psychic, artistic and
creative people sense them and are drawn to those sacred sites.

Eager to learn  the global pattern of  his entire system,  I wanted to know  where all these sites lay  and what occurred there.
At the same time that friend  Penny discovered the triangular grid system, our
 Edgar Cayce  study group, organized in the
Lost River Valleys, Idaho.  Later , two  group members went to  
Edgar Cayce's,  A.R.E.Center  in the southwest near Casa
Grande, Arizona. They never mentioned  the grid system, but a friend told them that  before they arrived, a neighbor woman
had asked to meet them. When they knocked at the neighbor's door, she greeted them warmly  with several long  sheets of
paper in her hand. "
I've been expecting you",  she said. "I have  something for you  and your friend." Jim and Sandy were
mystified,  not knowing  what these pages  were for,  but brought them to our next study group meeting. It was a list of all the
known sacred sites around the world.

North American Vortices
There are  Five Primary Vortexes affecting th e North American Continent.  Four lie at the  corners of the  United States and
Canada with  one in the center. The corners are
:  the Bermuda Triangle near  Bimini off the Florida coast,  Sonoita,  Mexico,
just south of  Organ Pipe National Monument  in Arizona , Vancouver Island,  B.C.,  and  Nova Scotia,  Canada,  not far from
Montauk Point, Long Island, New York. A fifth vortex, the St. Louis-Cahokia Mounds,  straddles the Mississippi near the pop-
ulation center of the U.S.

October, 1988, when the planets Uranus and Saturn conjoined in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, my friend Melanie in Alaska,
and I in Idaho,  were intuitively  guided to meet at  Orcas Island in the  San Juan Islands near  Vancouver  B.C., Canada. Dur-
ing our  three days there,  I entered  the vortex  and was shown  visions of our  racial past.  We used  geomancy  and  the big
Vogel-cut ((tm) q uartz crystal to help re-activate the ancient Vancouver Island Vortex, dormant for over 25,000 years.

January,  '89, the railroad transferred Hal and me to St. Louis, Missouri. This city and Cahokia Mounds, Illinois, lie directly
across the Mississippi River,  forming the  central primary vortex for the North American Continent. Cahokia is the largest Nat-
ive  American Mound complex  in the world.  In
 April,  we visited  the opening of the new Cahokia  Museum. here, a Birdman
, found nearby, was being exhibited. (Figure 4)__ or is it a Bird-woman?

Meditating atop the great mound  I intuited its origins at about 10,000 years ago plus a spring and caves under the center of
the mound. Guides at the park and archaeologists denied this, saying the mounds dated  back to 800 B.C
. at about the time
the classic Mayan civilization disappeared from the Yucatan. However, a physics professor who'd retired from Southern Illin-
ois University,  later told me  in confidence that their archaeologists found evidence  that the big mound was  at least 10,000
years old,  but they could not publicize it because the information could destroy their mainstream archaeological reputations,
funding and jobs. Several years after we left St. Louis, a newspaper article published the proof__ a hidden cave and ancient
spring holding artifacts was found beneath the great mound.

A new  energy grid  was constructed  around  Earth  to ground the coming  Unity  Consciousness.  It was begun with  Egypt's
Great Pyramid  about  13,000  years ago  and activated at  St. Louis  through its  Gateway  Arch__  a huge "tuning fork".  In
February 4, 1989. I and other geomancers were privileged to help anchor the Unity Consciousness energy in that vortex.

Interrelatedness of All Things in Nature through grids, energy fields, vortices and sacred sites was being verified to me
__ but what had this  to do with the Creative Process? At the Temple of Luxor, as offered above in the "Progression of Ages"
vision,  Egyptian adepts  experimented with  consciousness raising  techniques, by-passing the  students'  logical left-brains
to bring forth their heart wisdom. Called the
Right Eye Horus Mystery School, this was accomplished  with physical activities,
emotional impact and energetic transmutations. Students spent  12 years in the  Right Eye  Mystery School,  and another 12
years in th e
Left Eye of Horus Mystery School,  learning the information necessary to ascend into higher dimensional realms
The student
became the knowledge,  instead of memorizing it. A Mystery School for Masters still exists in higher dimensions
above St .Louis. (

In the ancient temples and monuments, initiates embraced dramatic changes. First their emotions, thoughts, senses and be-
liefs transmuted, and soon afterward,  their physical bodies changed, too__ their DNA evolved. Recently the media announc-
ed  a newly-discovered  DNA  series,  a sort of  "instruction manual"  for development  of the  physical body. Amazingly, 150
of our human genes  are also found in plants,  and we have  all  but two or three genes in common  with animals.  Our human
connection with all life on the planet cannot be denied.

After retiring from the railroad, we spent summers in  Idaho and long winters in Arizona. From there,  friend June and I attend-
ed the
1994  Flower of Life Workshops based on The Left Eye of Horus Mystery Teachings and Sacred Geometries  presen-
ted by
Drunvalo Melchizidek; she in Palm Springs, California, and I in Austin, Texas.

Late December that year,  I went alone  into the  southern California  Mohave desert to meditate.  On a high ridge,  I sat on a
rock, closed my eyes, l inked with Spirit and asked for whatever guidance was appropriate for the moment. Ten minutes later,
I opened my eyes again and was surprised to observe an entirely different scene than when I first sat down. In front of me rose
a huge, horizontal ridge of red rock towers,  with pine trees and shrubs. "What's this?", I inquired of my inner self, who replied
"You will be in Sedona before the season is out." The red rocks dissolved, and the Mohave desert browns came back in foc-
us. June, too, was intuitively sent to Sedona, which had become a mecca for artists, psychics and healers.

1994 visit to Sedona began with arrival on March 21st,  the Spring Equinox,  at a beautiful RV  resort and state park near
Cottonwood, AZ,  along the  Verde River__  comfortable and convenient. Huge pine trees towered among pink and  rose-red
; wildlife and birds darted through the underbrush,  and at night, the lights of the old mining town of Jerome twinkled from
the cliff two thousand feet above us, like a mothership hovering beneath a canopy of stars.

The largest vortex/portal/stargate  ever seen in the Sedona area was then developing in  Sycamore Canyon  between Cotton-
wood and Sedona, only a few miles from our campsite. This was why we were here. I got little sleep that night
; as information
The Arcturians about Future Multi-dimensional Technologies poured into my awareness for hours.

Earth herself is so rapidly s hifting her energy patterns,  that all people,  plants,  animals and  even minerals are now on an ac-
celerated  evolutionary  path. We have  richer,  more powerful  creative talents  than  we ever  knew existed,  and  as soon as
one  human masters  a particular bit o f knowledge or technique,  it is immediately available to all__  in fact,  it's pattern is  bir-
thed into every child born after that discovery. Hence,  the importance of
 Jesus' ascension while in a physical body.  Now it's
our turn.

Why did the stars  play so significant a role in important archaeological works  uncovered over the many years?  Works which
revealed that nearly all sacred sites  were built upon patterns of star constellations?  What impelled the Ancients to build thou-
sands of monuments both underneath and upon the planet's surface, using celestial positioning in their arrangements?

The Idaho Stargate
Idaho's Lost River Valleys and surrounding wilderness are wild and beautiful. When we moved there I was forty-one years old,
and for the first time in my life,  I could paint all day,  every day. And I did.  I absolutely wallowed in it. I reconnected with Nature
and Earth and linked with the Stargate. I still thank Spirit for it every day.

East of Arco,  Idaho,  a  Vortex exists in the high desert  where the  Little and Big Lost Rivers  sink into the ground  to become
part of the huge  Snake River Aquifer.  This underground  water later cascades  out of the Snake River Canyon walls over one
hundred miles to the south through Thousand Springs,  a sacred creativity site providing water  to most of  south-central Idaho.
This water leaves the Arco High Desert fully a hundred years before it  reaches the canyon. The vortex's energies are used by
various dimensional orders of life.  

Star constellations reflect their  patterns  onto sacred sites on many  planets.  The stellar matrix  imprinted  into each site  also
holds clues revealing the location of another closely related  sacred site. Three stars in the constellation
Orion's Belt reflect on-
to the design of the
Cedonia-Face-on-Mars Complex, which in turn, describes the three Great Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

The Pyramids and spiraling vortices  are mirrored in the  Idaho Stargate,  whose three pyramidal buttes and vortex cover an a-
rea fifty times larger than Egypt's. Grids hold memory programs. Geometrical diagrams at sacred sites draw unique forces in-
to themselves and radiate information  back to the constellations they reflect. Through a vortex,  intelligence can be download-
ed from all of Earth's grids and sent to and from off-world sites and other dimensional realms.(
Figure 3)

The  Idaho Stargate  began forming 500,000 years ago,  when the Lemurians first began leaving their sinking  Pacific islands.
Highly skilled  in geomancy and assisted by  
The Arcturians,  they programmed  the spiritual and  metaphysical knowledge of
Basic Multi-dimensional Technologies  (Part II)  into Idaho's three dormant volcanoes to  preserve it until the cycles of time
would trigger Earth and humanity's evolutionary fulfillment__ a period referred as "
The Shift of the Ages__beginning Decemb-
er 21, 2012. The
Fifth Density Multi-dimensional Technologies (Part V.) are also founded on those  Arcturian and Ancient L-
emurian Mystery School

Although the three belt stars in Orion  are mirrored by the I daho Stargate's  three (now dormant) buttes,  the remainder of the
site reflects the constellation
Bootes.  Often called the "Herdsman" or the "Good Shepherd",  Bootes appears in the summer
night sky not far from the  Big Dipper, Ursa Major.  To find Bootes,  follow the  Big Dipper's handle  as it goes  away from the
"cup" and continue the arc  beyond the handle  to a bright orangish star. This is  
Arcturus,  third brightest star in our heavens,
at the base poin t of the large kite shape that forms the Bootes constellation.  Intelligences from Arcturus  broadcast technolo-
gies  about air flight to the  
Wright Brothers  and other  early inventors; and through  the Idaho Stargate,  through Sedona, AZ
and other vortices, they sent the
Fifth Density Multi-D Technologies (Part IV).

Corresponding to the star
Arcturus at the Idaho Stargate, is the  INL__the Idahp  National Laboratories __ operating under
U.S. Department of Energy  (D.O.E.).   It is a vast, nearly  900 square mile complex of corporate and governmental agen-
cies involved in  researching nuclear energy and other classified technologies__  mostly underground. The area is highly res-
tricted.  U..S.President,  
Harry Truman and a group of scientists  arrived in the Lost River Valleys of Idaho,  in July,1949,  to
establish the  INL,  immediately after founding the famous
Area 51/Dreamland in Nevada. The first  peacetime use of atomic
energy  produced electricity at the INL December 21, 1951, the Winter Solstice, at the very hour our first son was born, direc-
tly south in Downey, Idaho.

At the time we left the Lost River Valleys,  
Lockheed-Martin  was prime contractor operating,  among other things, the Star
Stealth Fighter,  Trans-Atmospheric Warfighter
 program and the  US nuclear weapons arsenal.  EG&G,  primary defense
contractor for the U.S.Government, is established at INL as well, involved in  
nanotechnology, agricultural, genetic and med-
ical research. They and Lockheed have also been  major participants in the mysterious "Dreamland", Area 51-Groom Lake,
Nevada complex northwest of Las Vegas. Several members of our Study Group were employed at the INL.

The INL complex,  the three pyramidal buttes and  Craters of the Moon  National Monument__  all part of the Idaho Stargate
Vortex__ lie exactly on one of  Earth's primary ley lines joining  Banff, Canada, and  Glacier Park vortices  with those of Salt
Lake City and Sonoita, Mexico. Another line links the  Idaho Stargate  with those at  Mt. Sasta, Clifornia, and Machu Picchu,

The guides told me  I was  "
Anchoring the Light"  in the  Lost Rivers,  Idaho area,  and in time,  some other person  or group
would take over,  freeing me to go elsewhere and do other energy work.  Earth's grids are now being re-aligned and reprog-
rammed.  Temples,  pyramids or  monuments  built thousands of  years ago,  hold vibratory  frequencies  in  resonance  with
Earth's inner energy network. They and today's true crop circles  are earth-works expressing universal truths. They're
where multi-dimensional experiences can occur__ as when a little girl can be  physically present  in a closet in 1937 U.S. A.,
while her consciousness simultaneously links with prehistoric episodes of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in  So. Africa.

Crop Circles
At the times of the Spring and Fall Equinoxes  and the Summer and Winter Solstices, between 1998 and 2001,  Earth's No.
Pole perfectly aligns with the North Pole of our Milky Way Galactic Center. This alignment only happens once in about 6500
years. On
September 22-23, 1998__ the Autumn Equinox__ Earth began this alignment and our Galactic Initiation. The No.
Pole  of our Galaxy is like a  crown chakra,  where the  galactic energies  move in  and out.  It is only during  Galactic  Align-
ments that  Earth  receives these galactic frequencies and becomes involved in intergalactic activities.  

The Star Sirius rises with our Sun every year on
July 26th in Egypt. The Egyptian Sphinx gazes directly at this point on the
horizon, but the Rising of Sirius occurs on different days  at different Earth locations, mostly through
July & August.  Earth
receives energies from the Galaxy and from Sirius each year.

If we imagine Earth/Gaia as a living entity that receives invisible communications from those locations in space, we can see
how Her many pyramids , stone circles,  monuments and temples were build to assist Her  in receiving these energetic com-
munications,  frequencies and information,  much of it from the stars. Our ancestors understood this,  designing and building
those instruments  for our planet's and our lifeforms' evolutionary needs.  Humanity also plays a role in this plan,  aiding Gaia
in ways that are mostly unconscious. The Sphinx, the hundreds of pyramids, monuments, temples and stone edifices__  and
the  Crop Circles__  were and are being created  at a higher consciousness  level  exceeding  present  humanity's  ability  to

Earth is like a living spaceship  traveling with its Sun  through the  Milky Way  Galaxy.  We can imagine  Her to be like a huge
bio-computer. When we download a new program or application to our personal computers, an icon appears on the desktop.
Perhaps Earth is a desktop for the  Galactic and Star downloads of the new programs, and each Crop Circle is an icon sym-
bolizing the function of a new program for our evolutionary advancement. There was, actually a crop circle that appeared like
a Mother Board  of one of our present day computers!   We must consider  how and when  these programs  will be activated,
and what will occur when they do. Is there a Master Program utilizing all of the smaller Crop Circle programs that will one day
be downloaded?  And perhaps, Earth is connecting to an Interstellar,  Multi-Dimensional Internet__  
gww"__ a Galactic Wide

September, 1998 to September, 2001, (9/11?), the Galactic Alignment was completed. Maybe we won't have a World
Trade Center anymore. Maybe Earth will join a Galactic Trade Center.

August, 21-22, 1998 was a Total Solar Eclipse. The "Aricibo" Crop Circe appeared: (Google Search: Aricibo Crop Cillce).
It  appears that the  'Arecibo'  formation was created on
August 20th. Although the binary pattern of the formation from aerial  
photographs could roughly be seen,  ome aspects were not quite clear enough to discern individual 'digits'. Visits to both the
formations indicated they were about 200m apart in the same field.
Earth is sensitive  to the mankind's collective min d. Crop formations,  except for those  hoaxed,  often reflect  the thoughts of
groups of researchers,  with the mass consciousness  of humanity , or of both.  
CSETI,  a crop circle investigation group and
experimenters recently telepathically projected certain symbols to the "circle-makers"  The exact same formations appeared
only days later,  near the experimenters' location in England. Communicating with us through crop circles,  echoing our collec-
tive thoughts, Earth announces her Oneness with us, guiding us toward full realization of our true identity as co-creators.


51.51 (5151) is the Key to turn Closed Circles into Open Vortexes: Frequencies to Accelerate or

PI (Pi radius squared = circumference of circles) 3.14 or 51.51 = Fibonnacci Circles = open circle Spiral.
English Crop Circles appear within 50-3* on maps.

THETA Wave frequencies = Earth's Frequency. We Dream in Theta.

51.51 degrees. Egyptians used all over Giza Plateau to create  5th Dimensional state.
Phi or Fibonacci Spiral - wave form sitting inside Great Pyramid
Grt. Pyramid goes from its BASE up to 51.51 inside, and on to 91.91 at the top... capstone.
Great Pyramid PHI spirals 1.618  Golden Mean Ratio. .. Open Circles.

Wilcock: #67. Gaiam TV.: "The shape of the Pyramid harnesses the Creative Force Field. Like a funnel, it
pulls that energy__ The Life Force__ into itself. It goes in at the bottom and rises to the top in a spiraling cur-
rent. Space-Time is fluid-like. The Pyramid amplifies this Life Force."
: Questioner: "is the large pyramid at Giza still usable for this purpose, or is it no longer
RA's Answer: Click on "Pyramids".
NOTE: RA uses the word "Distortion" frequently. He means it is a Change or a Stepping Down of the energy
from the original Law of One, Principle Energy.

51.51 Frequency of Length of Arc of Covenant.
51.5 = Address of Stonehenge,   Roslin chapel__ 51* to 58 * on map.

PYRAMIDS: Newsletter
June 15/16, 2011. "Richard Gabriel."

( Archives)
4-22-23-11: PYRAMID PEOPLE, PYRAMID PHYSICS.                               
4-14-11: Neanderthal... racial History & Time... Bigfoot?
4-22-23-11: Dealing with TIME, EARTH, WATER & FIRE...."ancient & lost technologies"... "as we collectively
affect global events."... "Hyper-dimensional Zone."...

8-31-15: The side angles of the Great Pyramid of Giza are 51.51 degrees.
A pyramid with a Triangular Base has 62 degree angles at each of the base's corners. This degree BROAD-

ANNUNAKI in South Africa:
Thousands of
cone-shaped stone tools found at the Adama' Calendar site.
The Great Pyramid has a Resonating Chamber for exciting energies, with th
e movements of the Sun to
use a an energy Source. (Light).
At Stonehenge, England, symmetrical interference patterns were found.
The Great Pyramid, cone-shaped tools & "ringstone circles of stone" in Africa, and Stonehenge, were made
of stone containing
quartz crystals. These Sacred Stones have an energy field around them in the shape
of a tube toris__ a "donut shape."
In a Meta-morphosized Field,
Quartz conducts Sound and Light, and has Memory.

A metamorphic rock is a type of rock which has been changed by extreme heat and pressure.
Granite an Limestone, are metamorphosized. Granite, under heat and pressure, forms tiny quartz crystals
within itself; and Limestone, forms from land which was once underwaters, and contains tiny water creatures
bodies within it, which are compressed and heated into rock.

Whitley Streiber was guest on hosted by George Knapp, (2011) discussing
events in the new version of Whitley's re-released, classic book, "
The Key". A strange man showed up in
1998 unannounced in the middle of the night and taught Whitley lessons. Many of this "Master of the
"'s revelations about the future are now coming true. He called Crop Circles... "two-dimensional portraits
of beings who were 'us' in another state trying to find a way to communicate with us in this state." He conclu-
ded with the importance of Meditation, which... "helps the soul keep its integrity after the body dies, and how
this planet at one time was covered by a gigantic instrument of communication and ascension." (Could this
be the world-wide grid of stone monuments and pyramids with the Giza Great Pyramid as control center?

RA: The ones " Egypt... "who were in contact with that geographical entity, which you know of as
Atlantis, had conceived of the potentials for healing by use of the pyramid-shape entities. In consid-
ering this and making adjustments for the differences in the distortion complexes of the two geographical
cultures, as you would call them, we went before the Council again,
offering this plan to the Council as
an aid to the healing and the longevity of those in the area you know of as Egypt.
In this way we
hoped to facilitate the learning process as well as offering philosophy articulating the Law of One. Again the
Council approved."

RA" The first, the Great Pyramid, was formed approximately six thousand [6,000] of your years ago. Then, in
sequence, after this performing by thought of the building or architecture of the Great Pyramid using the
more, shall we say, local or earthly material rather than thought-form material to build other pyramidical
structures. This continued for approximately fifteen hundred [1,500] of your years.

Meanwhile, the information concerning initiation and healing by crystal was being given. The one known as
Akhenaten” was able to perceive this information without significant distortion and for a time, moved, shall
we say, heaven and earth in order to invoke the Law of One and to order the priesthood of these structures
in accordance with the distortions of initiation and true compassionate healing. This was not to be long-

At this entity’s physical dissolution from your third-density physical plane, as we have said before, our
teachings became quickly perverted, our structures returning once again to the use of the so-called “royal”
or those with distortions towards power.

Questioner: When you started building the pyramid at Giza using thought, were you at that time in
contact with incarnate Egyptians and did they observe this building?

Ra: I am Ra. At that time we were not in close contact with incarnate entities upon your plane. We were
responding to a general calling of sufficient energy in that particular location to merit action. We sent
thoughts to all who were seeking our information.

The appearance of the pyramid was a matter of tremendous surprise. However,
it was carefully designed
to coincide with the incarnation of one known as a great architect. This entity was later made into a
deity, in part due to this occurrence.

23.9 Questioner: What name did they give this deity?

Ra: I am Ra. This deity had the sound vibration complex, “Imhotep.”

23.10 Questioner:
Thank you. Then as an overall success, what can you tell me about the relative success
of the pyramid in any way at all? I understand that it was—
the pyramids for the purpose were basically
unsuccessful in that they didn’t produce the rise in consciousness that you’d hoped for, but there
must have been some success
. Can you tell me of that?

Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to remember that we are of the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow. When one
has been rescued from that sorrow to a vision of the One Creator, then there is no concept of

Our difficulty lay in the honor/responsibility of correcting the distortions of the Law of One which
occurred during our attempts to aid these entities
. The distortions are seen as responsibilities
rather than failures;
the few who were inspired to seek, our only reason for the attempt.

Thus, we would perhaps be in the position of paradox in that
as one saw an illumination, we were what
you call successful
, and as others became more sorrowful and confused, we were failures. These
are your terms. We persist in seeking to serve.

"THE GRID OF THE GODS". Joseph Farrell was the guest on . Commenting on his latest in a
series of books, Farrell considered the possibility that there is an
alchemical cosmology in the grid of very ancient,
megalithic stone monuments that form a network around the planet.
Is it possible that an ancient hidden elite laid out
an entire global construction grid, and then built it over millennia? Also consider if the "elite" behind this alchemical agenda
disguised an advanced science and concealed a higly sophisticated physics within religious myths and fake scientific dogma.

The dimensions, sides, heights, even corners__ as they relate to other corners, mid-points, etc. of pyramids, Stonehenge and
other world megalithic sites... are a form of hyper-dimensional geometry (6-D); i.e., they cause energies to move to &/or affect
dimensions other than 3-D, and, with either the power of Love or of Fear, engineer space and time. (See scalar waves... Oct.
19-20 Newsletter.) Finally, it may be that when the hydrogen bombs were tested (and are still being tested around the world),
they might have tapped into the unkown sources of energy from that grid... with runaway results!              
The first hour of this mind-blowing program is free; the second open to paid subscribers, in which Farrell talks about the
cosmic war and conflicting time scales in our current chronological data. They discuss the two factions of the surviving elites of
the cosmic war and their aftermath on Earth. One of these dark groups required bloody sacrifices at high points. Farrell tells us
this idea was programmed into us through religious and political myths. These elite are believed to have tampered with our
genetics &/or socially engineered us into a specific agenda. They announced that since they__"The Gods"__ gave us life and
domestic technologies, we earthlings "owe" them something. Hence, the continuous blood-letting, the sacrifices, including the
distortion of  Jesus' Teachings of Mastery, into the idea that "God's Only Son" was sent to Earth to be "sacrificed for 'our' sins."
__ putting us even further into debt to them. (What else is new?)

Then he described modern cities, which are laid out according to the knowledge of this grid, including what is behind Masonic
architecture, as in Washington D.C., Paris, France, and Rome. Farrell points out the striking similarities between various
megalithic sites,  even including Angkor Wat, Cambodia. His latest book explores the idea that these sites were laid out as a
key to our immortality, and discusses the physics behind them and the knowledge of this tehcnology written in the Vedas. He
says we are catching up to the level of technology that was once new, and shared his opinion about the elites releasing any
information soon

Hoagland calls this__  "hyper-dimensional technology"__  that uses  Sacred Geometry,  platonic shapes,
which can create energy paths on bodies in outer space.

Many ancient civilizations  aligned their sites  along the horizontal energy grid lines at  
80 & 90 N. degrees  
around the planet, particularly where east-west lines crossed there as well.

Researchers such as
Cark Munk, Bruce Cathie and Becker-Haggens have investigated earth's energy
grids in fine detail  over the years.  However,  not much is known about  the technologies used by  ancient
civilizations used at these energy sites.  It's known that the  
Great Pyramid of Giza,  Pyramid of the Sun  at  
Tiahuanaco, Mexico, &  Monks Mound at  Cahokia, IL  all have nearly the same size base of 13 acres. But
why use the shape of a pyramid? It all suggests some sort of secret template was used

The pyramids were built  with corners exactly aligned  with the four points  of the compass.  The triangular  
faces of the these forms were tilted at about
51.5 degree angles from the earth's surface, as if ready to re-
ceive downloads of energy from sun,  moon,  planets, constellations and the cosmos.  And,  they &  monu-
ments around the world  were built from granite or other stones  containing magnetite or quartz crystals__
which any computer fan knows can receive, store and broadcast information.

Water  was a  major  component of the pyramid's placement. Flowing water creates pizzo-lectricity. Tesla
understood this,  creating his famous  Tower with that technology,  offering free energy  to the world. The
pointed top of a pyramid shape  attracts lightning bolts  during storms,  so additional energies flow into the
pyramids from  north,  south,  east,  west,  beneath and from above.  They  generate power  by accessing
Earth's ley-lines, which flow from Her core, and carry electromagnetic energy.

My own experiences  with greater  psychic powers and  
4th Density  events  in the Lost River Valleys   of
Idaho  seem to verify this notion of Water being able to
intensify paranormal abilities.  Those regions are
named  Big Lost and Little Lost Rivers because they  flow from the northwest on each side of the Big Lost
River Mountain Range in southeast Idaho, meeting each other in the Arco  High Desert east of th e
National Laboratories
 nuclear energy site  where they sink underground and flow under that site into the
Eastern Snake River Aquifer, emerging at  Thousand Springs, about 100 miles south along the Snake River
Canyon near Twin Falls, Idaho. There they  merge with the  Snake River A- quifer,  which flows underground
towards  Boise for another hundred miles. It is believed to take a full hundred years for the Lost River waters
to reach Magic Valley, and possibly another hundred years to reach Boise.

KEYS ENOCH Pg. 493: " The NEGATIVE ENTROPY CREATES A VORTEX into which all life-
giving particles and their structures are dissolved, unless NEW WAVE STRUCTURES are introduced.
Where New Wave Structures are introduced, the CARRIER MEDIUM is re-used."

HIGHER ENERGY cannot be sent to people unless they have the HIGHER INTEGRITY of USING IT

Our local universe is now experiencing the DEATH OF OUTWORN FUNCTIONS as HIGH FREQU-
elevate our NUCLEAR STRUCTURE into a New Holistic Wave Continuum based upon a
"... "This will elevate Spiritual Man to a 5th DENSITY BEING."

"On a larger scale, the EXCHANGE of CREATIVE ENERGY with THE BROTHERHOOD creates a
RESONANCE so that Consciousness can make use of greater MAGNETIC- GRAVITY
. (This method was part of the building of some of the PYRAMIDAL models on the planet."
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                   By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX