News 7-25-13
Oil painting of Mountain-Road scene towards Mackay.
MRS. HEINZ--- JOHN KERRY  Astrol. Prediction.
Visualizing future in front of console with light, buttons, etc. ... wildfire towards L's home.
I knew the gender of each of my children while carrying them in my womb. (early 1950;s.. no

MEDITATION 9-23-14. Autumn Equinox.
Pre-sleep: Had Insights regarding the ISIS Middle East as being manipulated by the U.S. or western
forces __maybe Arctic, too__ to give excuse to again invade Iraq & other nations in the area.
Also, the man who got into the White House with 800 round of amunition__ was anotehr "false flag"
to promote esyablishment of U.S. martial law.

Fell asleep before answers came, but the C2C program tonight brought those answers. I was right!
This kind of informtion arrival is happening almost every day!

Part I: OUR CURRENT HUMAN STATE OF EXISTENCE. ) "The "morning after"__ December
__ we found ourselves STILL HERE, and not much seemed to have really happened. But then we
sensed that something DID happen__ something wonderful that is still unfolding__ and will be for
some time to come."  

During Christmas Day night, I awoke to see Hal standing at the foot of his bed, gazing down at the
floor beside the bed.  He was fully dressed,  wearing his cozy,  old brown sweater  and khaki work
pants.  He had not moved  after a few minutes,  so I asked,  "
Hal__  is everything  all right?"  And
"another" Hal answered from his bed: "
Yes, why?"  "Oh, Ah__ nothing", I said, unnerved. "I thought
I saw you standing at the foot of your bed."
He just turned over & went back to sleep, as the
stand-ing figure faded away__
A Time Loop? (2015: Three years later, this episode repeated.  Hal
just returned from a 2 week stay in the hospital after a life-threatening illness!)

11-28-84: I received some numbers in A DREAM:  9-0-8-9-0-1-1. The NUMBER "8" VIBRATED!/
I was trying to write it down my Dream, and when I wrote "9,890,011"__ it was wrong, but the first
way didn't seem right, either. So I thought it might be 9-8-9-11. THIS COULD BE A DATE in
September 8 or 9 (I was confused abut which.)

1-2-89: ML: Abba__ have you any messages for us today?
A: "Tremendous changes are occurring in the life during this coming period."
(ML: we had just moved from Idaho's Lost River Valley to St. Louis, MO,)
A: "These changes in thy life will be as "The Shadow Cast Before"__ the forerunners of the great
changes in humanity and in the Earth itself. by observing what occurs to thee in a detached
manner, thou mayest foretell corresponding changes in society and the race as a whole; and
eventually in the planet. The Timing is, as always, sure but variable
ML: Thank you, Abba. Now, is there a Galactic Communication for me today?
A: "Please stand by to receive"__ "Greetings, sister."__ "Absolute recognition of the incurred
hyper-stasis elevates the Doppler Effect in its effects, to the point where it causes a Red Shift to
surpass itself and create the condition known as Red-Violet Shift.
This is the state wherein the
purely phys-ical connects with the purely spiritual__ a total synthesis of a human,, a race,
and a planet &/or solar system. This is__ on higher levels of perception__ the "rosey-violet"
of very white light hue and intensity, at which Matter Become Spiritualized. This is the
We express it in terms of "Color",
so as to provide an analagous learning experience. This Color/Light can acualy be observed by
viewing the Aura of an individaul in deep meditation, and in resonance with the Galactic frequency
as of now."

"The Aura, commonly perceived as a brilliant, royal-blue, tending toward the sky-blue, will change
as one Enters Various Densities__ various States of Consciousness__ various Rays being
activat-ed through thee.' The 'Reading' of the Aura can be incomplete, unless the Reader observes
the Aura over a period of time, and under various physical, emotional, mental &/or spiritual

In the near future, New Age Psychologists will learn to activate these various conditions in
their clients through artificially created Vendomes'"_
(ML: Vortexes, Portals, Stargates, "Black
__ "and then 'Reading' the individual's subtle energy fields while that individual
experiences those conditions."

Then, with such information at hand, the psychologist can proceed to treat the individual,
using the Color VECTORS as suggested by the Vendome readings
. Through such procedures,
each level, density, state of consciousness, &/or subtle body, energy field can be re-balanced and
re-aligned within its appropriate field, and then co-ordinated with all the factors mentioned just

ML: Can this be used with our present Crystal Techniques? Could it be done through some
kind of remote healing techniques?

A: "The current Crystal Healing Technique, such as thou hast learned, can indeed be adapted
for such use. When various colored lights were broadcast through a crystal by Dr. Vogel with
his puls-ating light machine,
those who experienced its effects were doing so under various
states of consciousness, densities, rays, etc.. None had been previously prepared to enter a
specific state of con-sciousnes prior to viewing the pulsating colored lights through the crystal."

"The crystal, also needs to be programmed for specific corrective effects prior to being placed upon
the pulsating device. The appropriate program must first be ascertained through the VENDOME
ex-aminations, and then coordinated to the VECTORS as indicated. A study of VENDOMES &
VECTORS will clarify this procedure."

"It is important to note that t
his is a Tremendously Powerful Process. It should be used only when
thoroughly researched, experimented with and understood. For example, thy experiments with the
Red Light and the Martial Music to activate they physical body metabolism, simply served to further
stimu;ate thy etheric body. T
he colored light has its strongest effects upon the Subtle Bodies,
and less upon the Physical.
These colored light effects, when properly imprinted into a subtle
body, will eventually induce a physical body correlation."

"In your experimental case, the color and sound treatments (using the red) further stimulated your
etheric subtle body, but since  your weight gain problem was CAUSED  by an OVERLY STIMU-
LATED ETHERIC BODY, it would have worked otu as an INCREASE IN WEIGHT. This did NOt
OCCUR__ you did lose 3 1/2 lbs. over the 4 week period, but since you were mentally and
emotionally WILLING the physical body to decrease its atomic substance, there was a tremendous
conlflict occurring between the etheric attempting to increase the weight__ and the phsyical
attempting to decrease the weight. THE RESULT: iNCREASED BLOOD PRESSURE! Pondering
upon this ex
perience, and the VECTOR-VENDOME studies, one may appreciate the vast
9-11-15: A: "You have now, in your possession, various colored filters__ and the researched
effects they will produce__ upon the bodies, in your possession, which would be useful for
this technology,
and especially so if a pulsating light source can be obtained."

Itzhak Bentov  decided there are  two kinds of  Time and Space:  Objective (consciousness)__
Time or Space that exists as intellectually measured and proven units; and Subjective (subconscio-
us)__ Time  or Space  existing as  intuitively or  multi-dimensionally  experienced  units  that can be
stretched, expanded, compressed or manipulated__sort of like bubble gum__according to our state
of mind.  People who'd had  Near Death Experiences  or consciousness transformations of one sort
or another,  sometimes experienced  "
Future Memory" . It was as if they had previously lived exactly
what they would  experience sometime later.  The paranormal  episode  seemed like  a rehearsal or
preview of a previously written script. The present experience, felt like only a "repetition" or "dream"
of the former event

These  individuals had  "Remembered  the Future",  or,  "Created the  NOW event  from the Future"
while in states of consciousness  where their understanding and sense of Time and Space was alt-
ered  from the  usually accepted sense__  in both the  paranormal  experience,  and the Now reality
experience. It seemed that Time,  whether Objective or Subjective, can deviate in ways we've never
even thought of.  Or we might ask ourselves,  "
Was the paranormal experience the True event, and
the present experience,  only a Re-enactment
?"  There was no difference between them  except for
the time variation. Either experience could have been the "true" one. What this episode seems to be
showing us, is that
Past, Present and Future__ the three "dimensions" of Time__ are no long-
ler confined to linear order,  as
The New Physics  allow Time to  re-order itself  in any manner what-

David Wilcock
 had a new article on  http;//  on 7-14-13,  which I found  late one
evening.  I read to 1 AM,  but skipped over his  audios and  videos  related to the subject matter due
to their length and the lateness of the hour.

Next morning, I began listening to David;s interview on
OM Magazine:
htttp://   What I had earlier written on  7-13-13,  
was what David said  on that audio interview with OM!  He also verified my idea that we all can tune
in to  ideas, thoughtforms, inventions and feelings of others__ and do so  before they are made pub-
public (Future Memor
y?)__ but not by hearing it in actual words;  it comes simply as "Knowingness".

Wilcock: "PI Ratio... 1.618,,, x Circle Radius = Circumferance. The Pi Ratio is the basis of all life &
lcreation.... When it moves to Resonance Points, something major always happened to Humanity &
1991 = USSR fell. These resonance points began happening closer and closer (the sense of
Time speeding up!) until the changes occurred every second by
12-21-12__ 2 days before Bush in-
vaded Iraq. The cabal had in
1947, gained control of "The Cube" from the Roswell crash. They used
it to see the future for Timing their evil deeds.

They saw that  
Kadaffi in Libya,  was going to find a device,  "The Looking Glass" which would ena-
ble them to see far into the future,  and so they invaded Libya,  but Kadafi had given it to  Hussein in
Iraq,  so they invaded Iraq 2 days before
12-21-12,  when the  Resonance Points changed. By 2015,
they occur every instant. However, they eventually came to realize that the Looking Glass gave them
the "answer" that  whoever was using it,  was desiring with his consciousness.... what he "expected."
came through.

Veritas Radio interviewd Clif High from WebBot , a company
using... "radical linguistics" to reduce extracts of dramatic postings on the internet into an achetypal
database"... "calculating the rate of change of language".Their WebBot method then forecasts
probable futures.
Free Energy: This year (2011( will see new electrical and free energy devices
popping up__ nothing definite yet__ due to the dramatic language distractions of more immediate
challenges that are causing fog around all events in the more distant future.
Nuclear Problems:
WebBot maintains that various concerned groups around Earth who've been actively urging greater
safety and moving away from nuclear energy plants, are now acting differently__ more of an "I
want to know" attitude"
. The larger mass of humanity seems to be in "active denial"__ shielding
themselves from any more information about the dangers now so apparent around the planet. There
is also concern about why no world scientists, physicists have gone to aid Japan's disasters.
Fukishima is viewed as a deliberate attack, and is affecting the entire world with radiation.
(Remember, nothing is written in stone; and if it is, we can change it together.)

WebBot Predictions: 2011: The Economy is in meltdown, also... possibly around
October-November this year. The many pyramid schemes (think  Ponzi Scheme/Bernie Madoff)
which have collapsed, are forerunners to a world-wide economic collapse. Pyramid schemes are
built "from the top down", with one or a few higher-ups and needs a next lower layer with a little
larger number of members, and the next down still larger, and on and on. Well, they always
collapse__ because they run out of new members for another lower level; the population can't
support any more levels so only those near the top benefit. This is what's been happening with our
world-wide economic system.
Along with the economic crash, WebBot sees
food riots for October-November this year due to
weather affects on crops during the summer plus economic problems. There is a possibility of
UFO/ET Disclosure. If ET becomes known, there could be a great breakdown globally in religious
institutions as the population realizes how they've been lied to for millennia. However, billions of
Buddhists, Hindus and Chinese won't 'give a hoot" about the lies as their belief systems are

There are, however, strong indications that the
Vatican Library will be looted by mobs__ whether
due to anger of ET Disclosure: "
They have billions in wealth and secret knowledge and lied to us all
this time
"; or due to Food Riots,"They have billions in wealth, while  we've been working and
"; or to the growing Universal Harmony__ or all three. These issues may distract the
controllers from protecting the Library, but WebBot indicates it to be something more like an
"accident". Too fuzzy to tell at this time. (Again, remember this is only a trend and not written in

* WebBot: Sun Changes are more apparent now. Our Sun's light is shifting away from the red light
spectrum and more toward the blue & violet, somehow affecting plants, animals and humans. A
Native American seer foretold "
leaves turning from green to purple", but no explanation of when or
what this means. The Sun's rays, of course, directly affect or DNA changes, and speed up the
spiritual renaissance. Similar solar changes in the past suggest a coming ice age.
* Comet Elinen probabilities show no death coming from it, but some minor influence on
earthquakes. It's mass is unusual for its size, which is the opposite of our Moon which is too light for
its size; Elinen has to be very, very dense. As for
Planet X, WebBot sees it as a disinformation
campaign. (See the last entry in this newsletter which covers the  
Comet Elinen Conference June

WebBot: Earth Changes are also partly due to Sun Changes. Calleman's version of the "end" of the
Mayan Calendar is
October 28th, 2011. Clif's interpretations suggest that Australia, having it's
Spring around
September 4th, will then experience intense storms, heavy flooding and wildfires in
various regions. In the U.S., the
New Madrid Earthquake Fault could become active, although no
specific date is set. There could be a series of 3 minor quakes beginning around
October, building
tension into
November, each with higher energy peaks and lower energy "valleys", ramping up to
December when the entire New Madrid area would be affected. Airplane Travel is very
dangerous now due to the many volcanic eruptions and expecially the radiation clouds at high

Understanding changing cosmic energies and how these influence human consciousness
enable Mayan Timekeepers to make
precise predictions about the future." (Hunbatz
: "Mayan Wisdom: The Astronomical Cycles of Time.") (PARAPHRASE)

11/09: I'm getting more and more verification that my intuitive hunches have been right on__ for
years and years. PRECOGNITION.

ML:2-18-15: I just cleaned out my "Favorites" file to help me get off using "outside info" today. Then
began putting SpiritGifts 10 info into this web-page!... Asked for assistance with what to keep or "let
A: "You need to have some idea of what is going on in the world. The uprisings in the Middle East
were instigated by the global controllers, and will spread through that part of the world, then move
outwards toward Southeast Asia, through Africa and eventually into China and the Western nations.
Things will look pretty dim for awhile, but all will work out for the higher good of Gaia and her
lifeforms. Have faith and keep a positive, loving outlook as much as you can. Encourage others to do
the same."

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX