When performing  manifestations or healings,  we connect with  Spirit-Creator's Energies  
through our crown chakras, pulling them down through the Pineal
and Pituitary Glands.

The  Pineal Gland is located  in the center of our brains,  directly behind the space between our eye-
brows__ the
brow chakra, inside the center of the skull,  level with a point  between the eyebrows. As
we  raise our consciousness, we gain intuition  and clairvoyance;  profound Time dilation,Time Travel
to past or future; the ability to view subtle energy bodies or auras; to "
read"  the super-conscious side
of life; journey to, or scan other dimensional realms; and to encounter spiritual beings or other mystical
transdimensional modalities. The brow center's quality gives one
conscious intuitive skills.

Pituitary Gland, at the base of the brain, is surrounded by a small bony cavity. At a certain stage
of consciousness evolution,  the Pineal and the Pituitary  link together,  which forms a  Magnetic Field
to activate one's "
Third Eye", and allows us to use our mind  in any direction we choose, turning it ext-
ernally towards the world of phenomena,and internally toward the world of spiritual beingness.

The Third Eye is a
"light receiver" which can pull in an energy from beyond our present frame of refer-
Light is a Grid through which and by which,  all higher forms of energy are transduced  (i.e., al-
tered from one level to another level),  so that humans can receive them. "
Light", with a capital "L",  as  
modulator of human life__ is not  fantasy__ all higher consciousness entities know of "
The Light". The
mind,  when modulated by thought-forms of Light from  Higher Evolutions,  links with that  higher order
of evolution,  as an expression of instant data  in the mind continuum.  Accordingly,  the mind analyzes
its own understandings derived from  its own Network Grid  of different synaptic levels,  which change  
according to  the programming of the  consciousness eraser within.  The network of firings  connected
with thought-forms can occur every
milli-, nano-, etc., fraction of a second, depending upon how coor-
dinated the mind's  physical and non-physical  mental perceptions are.  This initiates contact between
the spiritual and mental activities of the  
Brotherhoods of Light  with material worlds having  "a beginn-
ing" and "an end." (i.e., with material worlds like Earth that are not yet infinite.)

11-13-85:  In the past week or few day,  whenever I "enter the silence", I set off a hot flash__  break-
ing out into a sweat,  feeling a buzzing through me, and radiating tremendous heat! It must stimulate
the Pineal or the Pituitary Glands.

The pineal also
takes in light. Some reptiles  can see  with their pineal glands,  but not with  physical
eyes. The pineal is often mistakenly called "the third eye". Though related, they're not really the same.
The third eye manifests as the result of vibrational interactions between the Forces of the Soul__ wor-
king through the pineal__ and the Forces of the Personality__ working through the pituitary body. The
forces can interact, and when strong enough, produce the "light in the head".

Light passing through the pineal goes to every cell in the body instanly. This "3rd Eye" pineal "looks
up". It's lens receives light from above. Back around the time of "The Fall of Man", we didn't have the
top part of our head. We grew it later. Our pineal originally was at the very top of our head, with a thin
skin over it, receiving Light/Energy from above.

The pineal gland has now atrophied from being olive-sized in childhood, to the size of a pea in our
adulthood, due to the Cabal's actions to atrophy it. It used to be the size of a quarter before "The Fall".

Science has discovered the  psychedelic compound of
DMT__ dimethyltryptamine__ a structural ana-
analog of
serotonin and melotonin and a functional analog of other psychedelic tryptamines. Its' pres-
ence is widespread throughout the plant kingdom. It is often consumed by indigenous Amazonian Am-
erindian cultures through the consumption of
ayahuasca for divinatory and healing purposes.

The pineal gland is filled with water,  which can flip in and out through Time-Space.  Inside, the pineal
has rods and cones  just like the retina of our eye. This is why it is called "The Mind's Eye". The silver
cord seen  when one's energy body exits the physical body,  is anchored in the pineal.  It is our "Gate-
way"  to inter-dimensional realms. The
tympany of the inner ear serves the pineal  as a hyper-dimens-
sional, torsion field physics,  tracking system. The pineal rests face up towards outer space  while we
lie on our backs.

Project Looking Glass"  was formerly used  as such a  tracking system  to see  into  the future  by the
dark cabal after they retrieved it from the  Roswell, N.M. UFO crash in
1947. They used it to plan their
dire deeds  against humanity and Earth  by making  Contact with higher dimensions,  and opening and
sp ing through stargates.  They eventually rejected it  after realizing  it only showed them "future prob-
abilities",  rather than those events "carved in stone". It also negatively affected the viewers'  intellects
and brain structures in negative ways.

When our pineal gland is activated, we can "see" beyond our common light and color spectrum, to that
higher frequency dimensional network  that is available for  raising our consciousness to the next high-
er frequency level of density-dimension. This is a type of
Telepathy  that first becomes available to us,
enabling us to communicate with higher intelligences in other Galaxies that exist in dimensions beyond
our present 3-D. If you are now communicating with these higher dimensional networks, then you have
already moved  into 4-D.  Lightworker contacts complained recently  of a sort of  "sweet-tasting"  liquid
oozing down into their throat areas at night. It is the pineal emitting even greater amounts of melotonin
and serotonin due to our bodies' increasing frequency levels.

When your brain's cerebral cortex receives the seratonin,  it moves slightly, and rotates slowly, releas-
phosphene patterns:  temporary, irregular patches of color. Most of the actual information process-
ing in the brain  takes place in  the cerebral cortex. The flashing,  cerebral cortex is  divided into lobes  
that each have  a specific function.  For example,  there are specific areas  involved in  vision, hearing,
touch, movement, and smell.  Other areas are critical for thinking and reasoning.  Although many func-
tions,  such as touch,  are found  in both the  right and left  cerebral hemispheres,  some functions are
found in  only one cerebral hemisphere.  For example,  in most people,  language abilities are found in
the left hemisphere.

Small changes  produced by
seratonin cause changes in your reception sensitivity and in the intensity
of the signals you send out.  (When I had a full time day job and a family at home,  I would often do my
painting in the middle of the night. This seemed to  "work better" for me,  somehow. Today, though, I'm
now and then awakened at about 3 or 4 AM, unable to get back to sleep, realizing there's a "message"
trying to come in. I go to the computer and type it. In about an hour,  I'm back in bed, sound asleep.)

Darkness has been shown  to produce 30 to 40 times increase  in the normal production  of seratonin.
Sunlight, including that coming in through our window, as well as  man-made light,
decreases enzyme

Too much  s
oda pop,  flouride,  refined flours or sugars, and fats can calcify the pineal__ hardening it
into a useless lump.  Hence,  the dark cabals attempts to  alter our foods  so we cannot perceive what
they are doing to us,  or raise our  consciousness and  ascend,  which will  bring an end  to their  dirty  

The pineal gland-brow chakra, is a powerful
regulator of energies during the daytime , especially from
sunlight.  Astrologically speaking ,  the pineal is  a glandular sphere  which becomws  
imprinted  at the
exact moment of our birth with the  Zodiac Forces.  Figuratively,  it forms  the center  of the  horoscope
chart wheel. When activated, it plugs directly into Earth's energy fields and to the fields of  zodiac con-
stellations, oscillating to form its own magnetic field.

Sunlight does NOT  destroy our  personal memories,  but rather  prevents the "memory mechanisms,
which  we must have activated by darkness, to connect with higher intelligences
. The brain produces
its own "light field"  when the
"Divine Light" activates the pineal  through mediation or prayer; then the
brain can change its nerve actiivity,  allowing us to connect with those higher levels/networks of intelli-
gence__  when the  pineal  interfaces with our  Merkaba -Energy Body- Light Body  activity.  
We then  
"send" and receive" thought-forms through the pineal, no matter how far the distances, even interste-
llar and interplanetary communication is possible
.  Such experiences can change our understanding
of Space, Time, and the Universe.

The amount of  
magnetite  in an individual's brain  may determine the individual's ability  to sense EM
(electromagnetic) vibrations. Is this what "
psychic" really means? When we open to other realms while
linked with EM energy fields and waves,  what is actually contacted? On the physical level,  research-
ers recently discovered  cells in the brain  containing magnetite crystals,  indicating an ability to sense
energy fields, as do homing pigeons, dolphins, whales, lemurs and butterflies.  The proximity of these
cells  to the pituitary and pineal glands may contact information from Earth's magnetic field to regulate
the release of  brain hormones  which directly control levels of awareness.  Research shows evidence
of  organic crystalline structures in the body,  including the  
rhodopsin molecules  in the cone and rod
cells of the retina, which are assembled in crystal-like plates.

crown-seventh center  at the very top of the head  connects with the  Pituitary gland in the center
of the skull. It concerns our evolutionary questing__  seeking the meaning of life and searching for our
origins as consciously evolving beings. Complete activation of the crown center initiates the final,
Realization Stage
of consciousness.  Normally we think of the brow-pineal chakra as being the next e-
nergetic center above the throat.  However,  when dealing with  Higher Creativity,  we find that  forces
can take a different route, depending upon the individual's stage of enlightenment.

This  seventh energetic center  is symbolized by the  Great Pyramid at Giza,  Egypt,  which  has been
encoded with vibrations  enabling a human being to  connect with his higher self,  spiritual guides and
intelligences.  Through a fully open and  functioning crown center,  he-she receives  the necessary in-
structions for
managing their own consciousness evolution.

When the crown chakra has activated, an energy polarity sets up between the pituitary and the pineal.:
A triangle of  higher creative energy comes into play. Then
the individual can fully enter into and experience within dim-
mensions other than the third. Usually, the first and second
dimensions open first followed by the fourth and soon after,
the fifth. As time goes on and consciousness evolves, other
dimensions  gradually become  a part of one's  experiences
and service. At this point,  in Unity Consciousness, one can
begin to co-create with divine intelligences and play a direct
role in building new cultural realities.

Ancient spiritual teachings  called this  phenomenon,  "
Shepherd's Crook
".  It is exemplified in the night sky  by the
Constellation Bootes, "
The Herdsman". The Idaho Stargate
in southeastern Idaho  geographically reflects this constell-
ation,  whose major star is  Arcturus , third brightest star in
in the heavens. Arcturian intelligences oversee the input of
hyper-dimensional,  non-material technologies into Earth &
humanity. They also play a major role in the formation of crop circles, which relay this type of informa-
tion to humanity through Earth.

When the Pineal and Pituitary cells are linked and the Third Eye is opened, there will be instances of
Synchronicity such as you have never before seen
;  a loving union of consciousness that draws upon
millennia of feeling separated,  and desires this division no more. The Third Eye  is a vehicle  through
which we receive  more coherent thought patterns.  When we release coherent thought,  it has a geo-
metric pattern
; it oscillates, and therefore, emits sound with thought__  and with it comes  light. This is
not just a metaphor, the Third Eye can imprint a thought upon polaroid film, as shown by kirlian photo-
graphy of one's aura.
(Chapter 1: "The Modes".)

E-motion  is the act of  using our glands  to bend and throw  the magnetic lines.  Our glands  seem to
have been designed for bending light.  Visible light and color
s have nutritional value for our body. Can
we then say  that the rest of the   EM spectrum might also serve as  nourishing energy?  Is it possible,  
as we raise our consciousness,  to change our biological receptivity by bringing in the Light, by absor-
bing other portions of the EM spectrum into our bodies__ maybe, X-rays, radio waves, microwaves, or
human thought-waves?       

MEDITATION: 11-10-88: New Moon in Scorpio:  "The Mind is  a Crystal.  Its many facets are sim-
ulanteously reflective,  and yet transparent. A crystal coheres energy into a laser. Each facet reflects
clearly as we  focus our perception on that facet,  yet other facets  appear to be distorted__  some in-
complete, others exaggerated, and still others diminished and out of proportion."

"As with mineral crystals, the entire Mind will take on whatever  Color is projected upon it.  But when
White Light  is projected upon it,  the crystal  diffracts it  into the  Seven Colors of the Light Spectrum
which is only  one very narrow band of "
Earth's Electromagnetic Spectrum"...(See Archives)..."which
in itself  is a narrow band of the
Solar Spectrum,  within the Galactic Spectrum,  within the Universal,
within the
Cosmic Spectrum of Energy."

"Most human Minds  are imperfect  at this stage of evolution
__  cloudy and unclear__  for the human
has not yet  consciously willed towards clarity of mind and the Will of Spirit/Cosmos. When the hum-
an Crystal Mind__ the Pineal Gland__  becomes perfectly clear,  it becomes a
receiver for the trans-
missions from
Galactic, and later, from Universal Higher Intelligences."

"But before this occurs,  the Crystal Mind must be freed also  from the Colors  applied by the ego
: by
Emotion, by false mental attitudes  and the cloudy perceptions, such as  cultural overlays &/or racial
and sexual  mis-apprehensions given in
 The Emptying Process,  as presented of by  Dr. Peck in his
book, '
The Different Drum'. We have finished."

TELEPATHY  evolves  between yourself  and those worlds  of other Dimensions  that are in  a similar
frequency with your thoughts. Because of
The Law of Attraction, Lightworkers can then receive higher
frequency radiations  of "Light"  projected into  their third eye  from these  higher frequency  Networks.
The word ,"Light"__ with a capital "L", refers to a divine emanation from a higher evolutionary manifes-
tation of a number of outer-space  chemical consciousness forces which can co-exist with many
tromagnetic spectrum
s. The word, "light"__ with a lower-case "l", refers to that portion of our
common Earth EM spectrum of light,  (as from the Sun), and colors,  with a wavelength  between Infra-
red light, and Ultra-violet light. Matter in our universe is gravitationally trapped, "frozen" light.

This First type of Telepathic communication allows you to  move your consciousness into new energy
fields with your higher mind  (Higher Self) by sending out a clear and strong  Thought from your Third
Eye,  which has now connected with,  and is working with, The Law of Attraction. (i.e.,  you must send
out a signal  which is  positive and clear  as to what you wish to  know or experience,  for you will  get
back  exactly what you send out.)  All this takes place  because an  "
Arc of Light"  (note the big "L") is
now over-lighting your  Third eye and controlling the pineal's neuron activity. The Pineal,  in turn, con-
trols all the light  (
little "l")  activity for your  cerebral cortex to comprehend. The Pineal  ejects seroto-
nin enzymes  when it is in a dark place,  and this  stimulates your  psychic experiences,  including the
"phosphene patterns",  which are flashes of light and color  without regular shapes that you "see" with
your inner eye behind your closed eyelids  when in a dark place. You may be able to reproduce these
phosphene patterns by pressing on your closed eyes with your fingers. Again, a dark room is best.

When we practice any type of Telepathic Communication, the "Light" which activates the pineal gland
is the
Ain Soph Light,  which is also called  "The Eternal",  or "Divine Light"__ a synthesis of the many
Creator Gods. (Ascended Masters, Angels, etc.__ YES,  we are learning to become "creator gods"__
that's what this Ascension business is all about.) This Eternal Light is made up of the divine radiations  
which are sent forth to create the light spectrums and bring in  the "Secrets" and "Mysteries" of the In-
Ifinite Divine Mind of Spirit from one heavenly hierarchy into creation.

The  language of  Telethought  Transmission  contains the  "rebirth signals"  from  structures  in deep
space (and hyper-space) which are  fused with the  chemistry of our  biological system to educate our
consciousness to understand communication  from beyond our present reality level. Telepathy MUST
TAKE PLACE,  because  the preciseness  of biological signals  in the human body  does not  allow us  
to organically  come in tune  with the many levels  that are necessary  to work with  different biological  
information systems,  which share the same "life space" as Man,  but exist on different levels of biolog-
ical enumeration. Hence,  the preciseness o f biological language  prohibits the  meandering  between
levels and planes  of creative consciousness reality,  because the  biological languages  are based on
locked-in information which doesn't permit creative interface between differing consciousness layers.

We are senders and receivers like radio crystals. We can actually place our consciousness on wave-
lengths and project our thoughts  by modulating and de-modulating  our brain signals  according to the
communications network. Higher Intelligence,  in tele-hought communication with our third eye, forms  
a linkage  between the thought-forms (of the  Higher Evolution) and our mind,  providing the immediate
contact with the Higher Evolution. Accordingly, the human mind is preset in the primary stage of High-
er Language Systems of Light. These higher language systems are activated within the human mind
through polarized "mental" contact for linkage with our inductive reasoning.

Our ability to Observe,  is an inherent part  of the outcome  of any measurement. Yet, we must under-
stand how the mass of an object  or level of mass reality can be  
changed by the energy of a project-
ed thought-form energy packet. Where thought-forms interconnect with perceptual mass, the thought-
form can influence the reality mass of an object,  causing its form, structure & dimensions to change.
Hence,  to the eye of the observer,  a radical change takes place in the reality mass as the perceptu-
al mass interacts with thought-forms.  

This enables Telepathic Communication  to provide a  "Lettering"  using primal  divine Letters  (picto-
graphs) allowing for biological  reprogramming  between the  layers of consciousness. This method of
communication provides the capacity for information transfer through these projected Light geometries
which take the ambiguity out of Sound-Vibratory Language, and give language a greater meaning and
opportunity  for diversification  and function in life.  Telethought communication  is also able to imprint
super-biological instructions which are PROJECTED  INTO OUR BODIES  IN ORDER TO  PERMIT

In superspace there is no before,  no after,  no next. The sequence in Time  is meaningful only in
con- nection of the physical self to the Higher Self,  which allows events of the material worlds (such
as our Earth), that are  filtered through the human self,  to connect with the Group Mind.  Particle
waves,  nu- clear vibrations and emanation energy levels, heat and variable vibrations, etc., are thus
converted to eternal  domains of Light. The processes of the Group MInd tuned into the right energy
grid with com- patible networks of  telethought communication,  can instruct the human self with
signals which persist in "real time" by color patches of quantized brain activities which can order the
material events. Hence, it is  highly significant that  

When we release a Focused Thought, it takes on a Sacred Geometrical Pattern which oscillates,
thereby emitting Sound or Light. This is not just a metaphor. The Third Eye has bee known to imprint
a Thought upon Polaroid Film.

In tele-thought communication  with non-physical worlds,  there is no "time-lag",  the processes of the
brain are instantaneous" provided the third eye network is compatible with the Merkaba (Light Body").
The mind,  in so far as it is  communicating through  mass-perception  (i.e.,  the mass of the  physical
energy fields__  Creative Force Field__ Ethers) is limited to duration
;  however, if it is communicating
through non-physical thresholds,  it is limited only by sequence in thoughtforms. This means, with the
proper thougtht-forms,  there are NO LIMITATIONS  to telethought communication  PROVIDING THE

5-9-13: Woke between 3 & 5 AM covered with cold sweat. Sheets and pillowcase sopping. No fever,
but was tired most of day before.  Some say it is the Pineal gland releasing lots and lots of old prog-
ramming, including some of that of the Collective Humanity, as
H.S. told me several days ago.

Human glands and emotions  can bend magnetism and restructure environmental sites. We need to  
find ways to  monitor the new technological inventions'  effects on the grids of Earth,  for the new
energy devices
may sap Earth's magnetic grids to exhaustion unless we learn to collectively recharge
them with Unconditional Love: the most powerful zero-point, magnetic technological tool on the planet.

3-21-14: The Pineal Gland expands when we are in 4th Density__ the Pituitary Gland expands in 5th
If you came into this present life as a 4-D human, with your pineal already expanded, you will
not have the headaches associated with that change. However, ear pressures and "Ringing" are the
Pituitary expanding mind capabilities. Little muscle spasms at the edge of the left armpit indicate your
High Heart is expanding into the threshold of 5-D.

3-23-14: The Pineal Gland  regulates our "sleeping and waking" with stimulations  from the release of
the hormones  it manufactures__  
serotonin  (wake up) and  melotonin  (relaxed)  hormones__  and it
sweating, which cleanses the Pineal of the old consciousness (3-D or 4-D) reality junk to pre-
pare for the new 4-D or 5-D to enter in. I used to perspire during Study Group meditation with others;
but Now I can generate that greater energy by myself.

150 megahertz is  the frequency of human DNA.  This is also  the frequency  that activates our pineal
glands to produce psycho-active events. The pineal  is also sensitive  to the dangers of  radio waves
(cell phones, smart meters, assistance-alert pendants, MRIs, etc.) and to signals coming from the Co-
smos. When tuned on,  the pineal produces DMT
-Dimethyltryptamine. (  Search:
DMT: Pineal Gland and the Mystical Experience - Rick Stressman." 1 hr. 50 mn. Dimethyltryptamine
is a substance that can cross the brain's blood-barrier, and fosters Direct Telepathic Transmitions.

Research  has proven that  All Life has  magnetic sensitivity  to Earth's  Schumann Resonance of 10
hertz, which is increasing toward 13 hertz
; which would cause ascension to the next higher density.
Our very
DNA  emits low frequency  electromagnetic light energy.  In fact__ All Life is Electromagnetic
sensitive, and the cells of our body can recreate themselves with light frequencies.

Microwaves, whether from ou
r microwave oven,  or one of the over five million  microwave towers in
the world,  affect  everything  containing water.  Up to 60% of our bodies are water.  
stop the production of melotonin
,  the hormone which  helps us sleep, and creates  free radical
cells  in the darkness of the night. These free radical cells prevent cancer and are anti-aging. Scient-
tists found that people with prostate or breast cancer, and autistic kids have less than 10% of the
required melotonin.

Melotonin and free radicals can only be produced in complete darkness. If the pineal senses the  tin-
iest bit of light  from its receptor in the small area between our eyebrows, melotonin does not develop.
Our pineal gland produces five times more healing energies than the Vitamin C from fresh oranges, or
Vitamin C capsules.  

The less melotonin the pineal produces, the less sleep occurs, which has been proven to cause heart
problems  and compromised  immune systems.  
Our bodies only heal while we sleep!  Melotonin and
the free radicals only come out at night  to help us sleep and heal  when there is No Light.  Night Shift
workers  have been found  to have  increased incidents of cancer.  And experiments  have shown that
man-made light__ the same as sunlight__  negatively affects the pineal's production of both melotonin
__  the " happy hormone__  and the  production of  serotonin__  the chemical  the pineal  secrets that
works as a
neurotransmitter.  It is regarded by some researchers  as being responsible for maintaining
mood balance, and that a deficiency of it can lead to depression.  

When we can work with the  Light inputs of the  higher orders of intelligence,  we can begin to induce
seratonic enzyme reactions with combined Delta and Alpha brainwave levels of thought so as to direct
our consciousness to go BEYOND OUR BODY
.  Once you have been polarized by Light patterns and
can receive telethought communication, YOUR BODY CAN  WORK WITH  MULTIPLE BIOLOGICAL
the Light, YOU CAN CREATE MATERIALIZATIONS, BIO-GENESIS from other consciousness layers.
Timing for the chemical codes in our bodies  first imprints into our pineal glands through that area be-
tween  our eyebrows  at the moment  of our birth. This timing  correlates  with the  
Ascendant  Zodiac
of our natal astrological chart wheel.  The zodiac degree of that point on the wheel,  and the as-
pects/angles to it from planets at birth, disclose our individual  purpose or mission  for incarnating into
the present lifetime.
 Archives for details)

MEDITATION is the Key to successfully performing MULTI-DIMENSIONAL TECHNOLOGIES. A
part of the
EM field that fills the nervous system rests a few centimeters above the skin, outside of the
body. This field is an organ just like the heart or the brain.  It is in
quantum super-position... (like an)...
electron,  effectively everywhere in the universe  and nowhere specific.  It may be imprinted by inform-
ation from anywhere and at any time. With it,  you may see other worlds, you may see the past and
the future,  you may see into  the lives of those around you.  Some scientists  believe  the
is the center of this organ.

This suggests  a new form of service as a "
Keymaster"... i.e., going into other dimensions with med-
tation for information and guidance...and while there,  healing ourselves  or manifesting our needs in
the New Earth World Timeline. According to the New Physics information recently received from
id Wilcock,
 the Pineal  has like, a tiny TV in it__  bringing through  Sound and  Pictures to our higher
consciousness at night. We now will need to practice more meditation so as to move oftener and more
quickly into those higher realms.

While Meditating, Higher Self's radiations move through the pineal-brow center,activating the etheric
head areas to stimulate the atoms of the brain until both brain and etheric head vibrations merge with
those Higher Self frequencies.  

Some sources say the Pineal Gland was what the Bible calls "
The Holy of Holies."


[This article uses David's, Corey's and Heather Sertain's own words. Do not use more than
500 verbatim words (and give them credit) if using this information in the web-book.]

Our human thought process can actually change the rotation of the Earth. Our Sun can do it, but a hu-
man Pineal Gland can control the
ELECTROMAGNETIC (EM) fields and types of EM Energies. i.e.,
the entire Light Spectrum. Very short wavs of EM ae arriving from cosmic energy all the time... and we
have very slow, longer waves such as AM Radio Waves which are 6 ft. long.

The Pineal produces short-length radiation... not harmful to us, or anything on Earth.

                                                 MASS CONSCIOUSNESS
The closer we humans are to each other, the more metaphysically powerful we are. Due to the proxi-
mity of the Minds and the Consciousness working together, (ML: Oneness?) it can affect the entire
Earth, if not neighboring planetary bodies as well.'

THE CABAL has been doing much to prevent us from knowing about the pineal and mass conscious-
ness in many ways, for far too long. They know how to manipulate our human collective conscious-
ness into causing negative events to occur in our world. Their "magic" is not really magic__ it's just the
manipulation of us to cause things to happen, to ourselves and our planet.

They've used a lot of distractions to keep us from realizing the power we have in our
DNA and the
PIneal Gland. This organ is important both Spiritually and in the Cosmic Space around us. It's not just
Earthbound; it's a Communication Device as well as an Awareness Device. Without it, there'd be a tre-
mendous amount of things we'd be unaware of.

                                   IT IS THE FOUNDATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.
The many things the pineal is purposely exposed to pull down its functionality, if not to completely shut
it down.

Sodium Fluoride is added to water supply systems__ they keep adding more and more. (ML: Arco
waters vs. Gooding water?)  It's all over the U.S..

WILCOCK: The interior of the pineal is WATER, with small cystals in it. The pineal has no blood-brain
barrier; therefore, anything in our bloodstream can get into it. Fluoride attaches to those tiny crystals
and gives the pineal a "bumpy-looking lump" , seen with X-rays. It's calcification.

Our negative government uses to control our type of being__ our population. The suppression of our
pineal gland has been gong on for hundreds of  years!

                                                   TO PREVENT CALCIFICATION
1. CHANGE DIET. Change the type of water we drink. (Corey): Mainly guarding what goes into our :"
temples"__ (our bodies). Distilled water will pick up minerals from our bodies, and help to de-calcify .


Humans can also
Solids, liquids and gases can be
CONNECTED TO THE EM FIELD that we humans produce in our
s, because all ELECTRONS (in the outer shell of the atom) are manipulated by these EM FIELD
FORCES. These Force Fields are waves that travel through, and propagate through Space & our at-
produces__ can affect/change atmospheric conditions. (ML: Lynn's home fire, window, storm)

(ML: But 1 person can intensify or reduce the strength &/or direction of the storm).

The CABAL/INDUSTIAL-MILITARY GOVERNMENT is afraid, because the less we humans are aware
of what we CAN DO__the less we're going to do.

Another human suppression by government is that of suppressing our DNA. Our population has had
upgrades of our DNA over time, such as catastrophic events (ML? which can trigger us to  intend to
change our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and lifestyles)

Some of these catastrophic events are controlled by alien groups. How they manipulate Earth catas-
trophies is through Earth's Inner Core. This Core is responsible for Her Magnetic Field, which is a
SHEILD, right now. (
Jan. '17) It's been under depletion for a number of years. It goes through cycles
of growing much stronger, and very weak. Some of that is cvaused by Earth's "PARALLAX" which oc-
curs eve 26,000 years. (ML: The Great Year.) It's four to five thousand years away from another
plete Parallax
that has to do with Earth's wobble. That wobble will change, and we'll have a different
North Star.''

When the above things occur, they are Time Windows to manipulate the planet and its plates will
move, catastrophic events occur and Human DNA is changed.

(Corey): The Magnetic Shifts are also due to interactions between the Sun and Earth.
The tall type of Pleiadian "Nordics"__ Tall, No Body Hair__ They help raise our consciousness.  (ML:
Visited by one with "Dad" in hospital, 9/16 when Enomoto spoke with me & Jeff.)

Some of the "Tall Grays" are controlled by the Pleiadians. Small Grays are robotic, controlled by the
Reptilians, and evil.
H.S.: "Just go on doing what you are doing now. You may not be aware that you be-
gin each day with a Plan... but often just "go with the flow" of what comes to you to
do in the moment. This is what is needed to get through each day during these up-
serting changing times.

Stay Loving and in Oneness. You have made a collection of information regarding
'How to make it through these End Times'. Put them together. Organize them. Then
consider a Plan for learning to follow them, and then DO IT, dear one. LOL"

M: Okay, I'll give it a try. Thanks. I SO DO STILL WANT TO HEAL MYSELF AND

There are many ways of healing. It always starts from within self, of course. It
will come to you at the appropriate time, as always."

M; Thank you. Who is speaking, please?

"It is I.... GAIA. Did "we" not just mention the nutrients in the snow?"
"The Human Race has a Purpose  (in the Universe)...ASCENSION."

"We are essentially
electrical because when we turn our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs into
"gold" ("God")__ then the EM in our body is able to flow without any resistance."

"Love of Humans__ for Earth, Creator & each other, CHANGES THE EARTH'S PHYSIC =

"The environment must be COLD for Electricity to flow better."

J.W.: The PINEAL is activated by SUNLIGHT. When light enters  your eye, it changes the chem-icals
being emitted by the Pineal. The CHEMTRAILS are designed to prevent the Sun's new energy from
reaching our Pineals. "
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX