The Galactic Confederation  is a supervisory group  composed of certain ascended beings of the 4th,
5th and 6th Dimensions__ also called  "
The Federation of Light"__  arranging the most advantageous
conditions in the galaxy  to provide for regular human ascensions  on every planet.  On the many  3-D
planets__ which are "
Free Will" planets__ humans are struggling to ascend to the  4th__ or for some
__ the 5th Density.  It was usual for nearly all inhabitants  of each 3-D planet  to ascend at the end of
25,920 year cycle.

During  the more recent  Ascension Cycles  a problem  arose.  As the cycles passed, fewer and fewer
humans were ready  to make the ascension deadline.  Eventually,  only several hundred humans asc-
ended at each turn of the ascension wheel, and still later, only 120 people__ then only 75 made it,  &
finally,  after three consecutive cycles __  a total of over  77,700 years__
 nobody,  on  any of the 3-D
planets, achieved ascension. Something had to be done.

Ascension Committee  was formed of various  4-D,  5-D & 6-D  Federation members,  to come up
with a plan  to improve the evolutionary quotas  on the 3-D planets.  A Great Experiment was planned
and introduced to the Federation Council which eventually approved it for activation. What the Ascen-
sion Committee decided,  was to take all the 3-D planet humans who  
had not  ascended on their 3-D
worlds for three cycles,  and place them together  on a new earth-type planet,  with the idea that their
individual experiences  could be shared,  helping each other  figure out  what they needed to do__ or
not do__ to  achieve ascension.

Every one  of those new planets  appropriated for 3-D life,  is "
quarantined";  i.e.,  an energy shield is
placed around it  so outside,  off-world beings  cannot interfere  or in any way either ensure or distort
the new planet's inhabitants' attempts to ascend,  since 3-D planets are "Free Will" planets,  requiring
inhabitants to learn to lovingly exercise their Free Wi  l without preventing other inhabitants from man-
ifesting their own Free Will.  After another  25,000+  year period  passed__ still  without anyone asce-
nding__ the Ascension Committee  removed the new planet's shield,  with expectations  that benevol-
lent  off-world beings  would then  arrive  and teach the 3-D humans  how to  achieve  consciousness

What happened over time,  however,  is that the huge collection of  un-ascended humans,  consisting
of from  
twelve to sixteen different races  with hundreds of  extremely varied  cultural styles,  could not
get along. In fact,  most of the immigrants,  from the hundreds of planets,  began to resent each other,
to disagree  and eventually to  compete for power  and position__  and begin warring.  And  without a
quarantine shield, beings of both positive and negative natures pounced upon the new, little 3-D pla-
net, ravaging its mineral resources, taking control over, enslaving and using the un-ascended inhabi-
itants like possessions.  The benevolent off-world visitors  attempted to aid the un-ascended humans,
but were out numbered by the negative ETs who took over "Earth"__ Yes__ "OUR EARTH".

Most of us are by now,  familiar with the universal idea of  
Karma; i.e., whatever one does to another,
ensures that the same is done to them in the present lifetime,  or in a future lifetime.  Just as we have
a "personal karma",  there is also  "
Galactic Karma".  The  Ascension Committee  members,  who de-
vised and put that plan into being, are all held responsible f or what had happened on our new planet
Earth. They had to reincarnate__  again and again__ in physical bodies on 3-D Earth repeatedly, un-
til they managed to aid ALL Earth's inhabitants to ascend to 4-D. These poor souls__ frequently call-
led  '
Wanderers', have been living on our planet Earth in various lifetimes  for hundreds of thousands
of years doing whatever they can to raise the consciousness of an entire planet of__ by now__ eight
billion humans!

Humanoid beings have existed throughout the universe for at least ten million-five hundred thousand
years.  The humanoid form  is the basic pattern  for all physical entities  in this galaxy. When
 expanded into  billions and billions of  subconsciousnesses,  we first entered  this
solar system as  beings of pure energy.  Later, we formed nearly shapeless,  semi-humanoid physical
Edgar Cayce's  Hyperborean  "pudding-bags"__ for our spirits'  planet-bound  experiencing.
Edgar Cayce was our greatest prophet, whose predictions are still proving extremely accurate today.

Long after the mists began to fall, transforming Earth into a more watery planet, the ancient Lemurian
Race sprouted from the Hyperborean, centered in the Pacific Ocean region. Early Lemurians lovingly
cultivated their island empire. Basically empathic,  they merged with Nature and Mother Earth. Highly
receptive,  instinctive and  feminine minded with a  matriarchal  culture,  they thought and felt a s one.
Communication took place  through a heart-oriented telepathy,  and not until much later did the ability
to form sounds and speak aloud evolve. To our present civilization, they would seem cloaked in rom-
ance and mysticism,  their ethereal reality only a myth.  Yet their very naturalness  gifted them  with a
unique pragmatism.

Originally,  our humanoid material form  did not exist  on Earth
;  we developed  anatomical  shapes in
the  early part of the  Lemurian culture.  T
hrough  continuous meditations,  various new  bio-
chemical plant forms  began to evolve... "
The essence of  healing and  conscious growth  
was the most predo- minant thought  in the Lemurian community.
 Healing was  considered
harmony. To heal the self, all the individual  had to do  was to have  a basic  knowledge of the  
anatomy of the  physical body and its esoteric psychology"... "In the beginning, there was no
disease"... "The average life span in Lem- uria was several thousand years.  People left their
physical bodies when their souls felt that enough life experiences had taken  place.
"... In that
lifetime, the vibrational remedies assisted in regeneration of physical tissue and spiritual growth. (100)
( Chapter 11: "Medicine Bag"  http://www.futurerealities.info/Medicine.html )

Elves, fairies, gnomes and angels were no strangers to the early Lemurians. The mysteries of Nature
opened to them as they channeled Mother Earth's telluric forces and coaxed forth new mineral,  plant
and animal forms,  using a combination of hybridization and intentional thoughtforms. At all times they
were supportive to Earth,  who nurtured them in return.  Because they called up her  evolutionary for-
fces existing on the second dimensions of the planet __  nature spirits, elementals or devas__ skepti-
cal humans of today might look upon the Lemurians as having dabbled in magic. With their great abi-
ility  to love and  feel love in return,  Lemurians  were more like  shamanesses,  "beautiful  dreamers",  
whose soft voices  gently coaxed minerals, plants, animals or humans to  become more than they ev-
er knew they could be. Highly skilled in geomancy, they pruned, nurtured and  transplanted as group
minds. Co-creating with controlled thought,  intention and love,  they delicately and gracefully synthe-
sized a total beauty of themselves and all life around them.        

An intuitive notion  suggests  that our  human history on this planet  has been  manipulated by " elite"
groups far longer than formerly realized. Those extremely ancient civilizations__  possibly created by
off-world visitors__ which had hyper-dimensional technologies__ competed among themselves, each
attempting to destroy the other with that technology.  We Earthlings were  genetically altered in ways
that  dumbed us down  and made  each of us  a slave  who was the  "property"  of someone  or some
group. Not only our History, but also our  religions, mythology, politics, education, archaeology, biolo-
gy, anthropology, medicine, sciences, etc.__ every "belief system"  that has ever existed here __was
used to further keep us  compliant and in the dark. Those "lost" Hyper-D. and perhaps, other techno-
logies,  have never really been "lost",  but instead,  were hidden away here on Earth  for hundreds of
thousands, perhaps even millions of years, to maintain that control over us.

Coast to Coast AM program verified those insights.  Joseph P. Farrell, Harvard Ph.D.,  after many
years of research,  related how... "
The Greeks, Hopi,  Mayans,  Iroquois, Aztecs, Sumerians and the
Bible  all record  an ancient war against  "
giants"  in the dim past.  There seems to have been some
sort of  world-wide or civil war against the "giants
"  for different reasons,  including their sexual pra-
ctices and/or cannibalism. This cosmic war"...
among both  on-and off-world entities... "may have in-
volved  something  far more  destructive  than nuclear bombs__  Torsion or  scalar-based  weapons
that effectively annihilated both sides

ncient cuneiform tablets that suggest some type of genetic manipulation took place in which prot-
o-typical  Earth females and
Annunaki-type males were mixed to form modern humans to serve as
a slave race. This is particulary problematic, as our 'cousins' may return one day to claim us as the-
ir property",  Farrell warned.. . "Such genetic engineering experiments also produced chimerical be-
ings composed of various human and animal components that were handed down across the globe
as folk tales of mythical, monstrous forms",
he continued. (A "Birdwoman", perhaps?)

We are looking closer at the activity of one elite group if not several... "that has been in continual exi-
istence more or less since ancient times,  and their behavior is to try and preserve knowledge just for
themselves",  he said,  adding that their activity  is masked by  religion, mystery schools and temples.
Farrell has a book coming out, "
The Grid of the Gods",  which deals with the aftermath of this cosmic
war, and the physics of the "pyramid people".

But who are we Earthlings,  that "they" are so afraid of our waking up ? What potentials lie wi-
thin us  that they're so  paranoid about?  I truly feel it is  our capacity for
 Intense Emotion,  for  this is
what affects the Scalar Field__ the Creative Force Field__ through which hyper-D physics works. As
a Unified,  Global Collective Mind  entertaining  a particular  Loving thought__  we can  create a New
Reality and, if we so choose, neutralize those elite.

"Annunaki" created us to mine gold for them, although there is another theory that they needed
to upgrade their own DNA by mating with us. They were very tall, very strong and had greatly advan-
ced in technology. We looked on them as "gods
";  we wanted to be like them; we wanted to be gods
__ we wanted to be powerful and in control of everything.  And this attitude has persisted throughout
the patriarchal era  on our planet.  We've been trying to  ascend out of that  consciousness abyss for
over 200,000 years.

I lived a past life during the  End Times of Lemuria as a  "GMO-hybrid birdwoman",  and again at the
End Times of the  
First Atlantis__  after the Great Flood,  60,000 B.C.__  when I was an astrologer-
teacher in Babylon, attempting to elevate children's consciousness
; at the End Times of the Second
__  28,000 B.C., helping program huge crystals  to preserve the positive traits of that civiliza-
tion; and at the End Times of the
Third Atlantis__ 11,500 B.C.; as an  Essene during the Fall of the
Roman Empire
 and the distortion of  Jesus' teachings__  and every single time,  humanity failed to
reach the consciousness vibratory levels to ascend into a higher dimension.

Now I'm here  at the End Time of  the
Fourth Atlantis__  and  we're going to  make it  this time!  We
ARE  "making it" right now,  as the feminine energy  re-enters Earth,  and we begin to realize how we
were  unable to ascend previously  because we dis-respected,  manipulated and  destroyed  Earth in
our attempts to be  "godly" masters in control of not only other humans, plants, minerals and animals,
but also of Nature and the entire planet.

Our masculine nature was all about  "control", "power", "competition" and "possession." The old ways
of doing things  no longer work  on this planet.  Women have always  aligned themselves with Nature
and Earth,  because of bearing,  birthing and  nurturing children, They inherently understand nature's
laws and  ways of living well  with the planet.  The feminine nature  is all about  "relationships", "com-
passion", "cooperation" and "intuitive guidance."

Scientists eventually discovered that from the early days of  "
Pangea",  when Earth's continents were
all connected as one,  a
cubic energy grid  existed around Earth,  and later,  as Earth  expanded, the
continents moved away from each other and the cubic grid became a
tetrahedron__ a pyramid with a
triangle as its base,  and three equal triangles for sides.  Still later,  the tetrahedron  morphed into the
icosahedron__  with 12 pentagram shapes,  giving us an even larger planet. Earth has been creating
more matter  from within  Herself!  One tiny point of consciousness  may have  manifested a speck of
living matter  holding the potential  to re-create itself indefinitely.  When we consider  how one human
cell in the womb  can duplicate itself,  and those two again duplicate themselves,  and on and on,  we
can see that  if matter could always  create more  matter,  then the  Big Bang idea  would  never have
been necessary.

Our current physical reality__  the world we physically see,  hear and touch__  is only half of what ex-
ists as our universe. There is a second half__ a parallel reality that we do not experience when in our
usual,  waking beta-brain state. We may refer to that parallel reality as "
the Zone", or "the other side".
The two reality halves  are inter-dependent  upon each other.  
Each one  creates the other.
("The Source Field Investigations)

Over the past two years or so  it has seemed as if  the Past of humanity  is catching up with the Pres-
sent__ the Now__ and Future probabilities are seeping into the NOW as well. But once again, things
have changed since the  June 21st Summer Solstice. The Past and the Future are now EXPANDING
OUT OF THE NOW__ i.e.,  we are re-creating both our past and our future  in each present moment.
The Beacons of Light article below suggests that Now is the Time to manifest, to speak our truth and
to plant seeds of the New Reality. They tell us "Don't Wait!", "Do it Now"
; for ascension is happening
NOW and Earth cannot wait.

New Archaeological Finds  and knowledge  reveal our  true human and  planetary origins and history,
freeing humanity from dependency and control by negative group connections,  ideas, emotions, his-
tory and beliefs about our pasts,  such as events in the Lemuria and the  Atlantean Phases. The grid-
lines of  Earth's land and sea are healed of the grief, fear, pain, loss, suffering, nuclear distortion and
slave-mentality long imprinted in the past.

A late-night, online radio program told of finding the  "
Jordan Codices",  ancient, religious metal books
found  in a cave in Jordan  that may be  as important as  the Dead Sea Scrolls,  and may change how
we view Christianity__ and possibly__ unite Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths.

The "Elinen" comet,  recently prominent in the news  first appeared  10,500  years ago.  (The Guides
told me that the date marked the  F
inal fall of 3rd Atlantis.)  It is well known that the three pyramids of
Giza are laid out to reflect the three stars in the belt of the constellation Orion. Little known,  however,
is that  all stars in the Orion configuration  are reflected onto  the Plateau  at specific locations. There
is one point on the ground representing Orion's uplifted arm. This point in the desert,  correlating with
the tip of his hand,  indicates the exact point  in the heavens  where Elinen would appear  November,
2011. (Possibly, 11-11-11?)
Zachariah Sitchin  wrote many  revealing and amazing books,  including  "The Earth Chronicles" __
three books beginning with  
The Twelfth  Planet",  outlining the Annunaki history,  as he translated it
in ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets.  Now,  however,  thousands more Sumerian tablets have been
dis-covered  due to  archaeological digs  and  uncovered battlefields  in the recent  Mid-Eastern wars.
They reveal even more horrendous truths about  the history of our planet,  and that Sitchen was right!
The two  Annunaki half-brothers__  
Enlil and Enki,  from planet Niburu,  have held  our planet and its
inhabitants captive for hundreds of thousands of years, as the two of them, aided by loyal ETs and by
forcing their  human slaves__  us__  to join them,  have fought incessantly  for ownership  and control
of this planet.

The Annunaki  first came to  Earth 450,000  years ago from the "brown dwarf" planet,  Niburu, 4 times
the size of Earth,  with a 3600 year-long orbit,  now being viewed as our  Second Sun  visible from the
southern hemisphere of Earth.
(5-24-13 Newsletter Issue).  "Genesis",  the first book of the bible, tells
how "
The Council of 12"  Annunaki  dominated things  on this globe  with Anu(ruler of Niburu) and his
two sons, Enlil & Enki as top dogs.  

Annunki beings were described  as 12 feet tall__  while seated_ _and their lives extended over thous-
ands of years due to the lengthy orbit of their home planet. There is a Sumerian King list telling us the
first 8 rulers  reigned for  a total of  241,200 years.  We already know of  the genetic experiments  that
Scientists  Enki and his technician Wife  conducted on  early humanoids to manifest a slave race, but
they had already seeded our planet with life at a much earlier time.  They also experimented to create
new hybrids with many animals. (Hence, my past life "
Birdwoman" body created from combining hum-
anoid, ostrich and ET DNA).  When telling the  "Birdwoman" episode,  I did not mention  the presence
of very short men__ 3 or 4 feet tall__  either black-skinned,  &/or dressed in black suits and hats, who
"herded" and  "restricted" us mutations  with something like  cattle prods  for the Annunaki overlords. I
do not know who or what they were__ only that I was more afraid of these "little men in black" than of
the Annunaki.

Enki became quite fond of his "children", as he sometimes called us. Enlil,  however,  first-born of the
two half-brothers,  had their  father's favor,  and was  jealous of  Enki being  revered  by the  "Igigi"__
Annunaki  mine workers__ whom he had  relieved of their dreary  and  exhausting  jobs. Enki  was so
fond of  his human  creations,  that he brought  some up from the  African mines to  "E-din"  in what is
now Iraq and Iran, to tend the gardens there.

We  were  created  as hybrids. We  could not  reproduce  on our  own.  We probably  had no genders
at all,  although the male genes would have been  necessary to  give us  a muscular body to work the
mines,  but there were no
X or Y chromosomes. After awhile, our sterility became a problem, as cont-
inuing to create
homo sapiens by implanting the test-tube fetuses in the wombs of Annunaki priestes-
es,  surrogate mothers had to stop,  as they couldn't keep up producing enough workers after discov-
ering more and more gold. So Enki, unknown to Enlil, made us into males and females, and we beca-
me fertile. It is well known to present day geneticists that the
mitochondria factor exists only in femal-
es,  and was not present before 200,000  years ago. The biblical account of "Adam & Eve" was when
two homo sapiens  first discovered  they could conceive and bear children.  Enlil,  spying as the serp-
ent,  was furious when he found out,  for he feared  the "changlings'  could someday soon outnumber
the Annunaki on the planet.

When  Enlil discovered the  'changlings'  ability to reproduce, he expelled them from the Garden,  be-
lieving  that they would not survive in the wilderness,  as most of the homonoid beings had expired by
then__  and we changlings had the minds and experiences  of a 12-year-old,  leaving us naked child-
ren in the wild without any support or guidance.
What no one except Enki knew,  however, was that he had
also added  new genetic markers: one for
higher intelligence,  and another__  when activated in a secret way__ that could give us  the ability to
evolve our consciousness  to a degree high enough to become enlightened and rival the Annunaki in  
intelligence,  health and  longevity.  What Enki  failed to realize,  however,  was that since  earthlings
were the genetic result of "
the huge collection of un-ascended humans, consisting of from  twelve to
sixteen different races with hundreds of extremely varied cultural styles
", their Intelligence and Emo-
tional Strength__  our greatest gifts  (as well as our greatest challenge)__  and at its  peak of develop
ment,  it would surely evolve to Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness__ the two highest pow-
ers in the universe.

Surprisingly, the "liberated" changlings thrived very well, and soon began to cover most of Earth. The
Annunaki knew,  of course, about the  
Progression of the Equinoxes  on Earth,  (Newsletter 8-24-13,)
knew when their home planet, Niburu would make its  25,960 year  approach to our  Sun and planets
and that the "End Time" was drawing near, when Enlil__ then made supreme ruler of the planet by his
father, Anu,  who was also angry  about the  proliferation of the  changlings__  ruled that it was forbid-
den to tell any of the changlings about the coming catastrophs due to the two suns approaching each
other. However, when
Noah,  Enki's beloved offshoot, was in the temple praying, Enki hid, pretended
to be "God", and told Noah how to build an ark, fill it with the  DNA of every living thing on earth
; then
take his family and good-hearted friends,  with sufficient food and water,  into the ark  before a certain
date and to not come out for 40 days and 40 nights__ and you know the rest.

The Annunaki left Earth in their spacecraft and watched the devastation from the Great Flood from a-
bove.  When the  Flood ended,  and the waters subsided,  they returned. The Annunaki had built the
Great Pyramid at Giza  so they could  find their way back to  E-din  and resume mining the gold.  But
Enlil had a change of heart after viewing the suffering and obliteration to "his" planet and its lifeforms.  
Anu gave Enlil charge over all the land and its lifeforms__ and to Enki,  he  gave charge over the wa-
ters and  its lifeforms.  The Annunaki brothers  and other nobles  of  their ET race,  became  rulers of
various nations,  some  
"going in  unto the daughters of men"...  "finding them fair".  and  mating with
them. These offspring became the ruling class bloodlines of humans, loyal to Enlil,  doing his bidding
and serving in his armies__ as Enki,  along  with the  loyal earthlings  whom he had "saved", plus his  
own offspring,  eventually became the "Bloodline of the Holy Grail"   years later. Continually engaged
in war,  they attacked each other with atomic weapons,  and Babylon became the only city in the reg-
ion left untouched.

We've long thought  the Annunaki came here originally to mine gold  to protect  Niburu's atmosphere.
Michael Tellinger's research shows evidence for  countless ancient gold mines in Africa and Sound  
technologies for processing it. There is strong evidence that both Enki and Enlil, plus other Annunaki  
bigwigs have  been here for hundreds of thousands of years,  changing their names  as they became
ARCHETYPES  we've noted such as: " Zeus",  "Poseidon",  "Jupiter",  "Apollo",  "Diana",  "Juno",
"Thoth", "Hermes",  "Mercury",  "Venus" , "Neptune",  "Aphrodite",  "Anubis",  "Hathor", "Horus", "Isis",
"Osiris",  "Ra", " Seth" and even, "Yahwah", and "Jehovah", Throughout  history, the two brothers be-
came known as "
Enki the Creator", and  "Enlil the Destroyer"__  still  playing out their  good guy-bad
guy roles, fighting to save and uplift us to creator gods,
or to attack and utterly destroy us and Earth.

This writer's notion is that the Annunaki, in order to keep their original bloodlines pure through the
hundreds of thousands of years, had begun to perceive that their inbreeding had caused serious
alterations of their DNA. Our Earth, like all the "Free Will" planets, had been populated with twelve
to sixteen genetic strains of beings throughout the cosmos., because they hadn't been able to
achieve ascension to higher dimensions. The earthling homonids, who were collected on Earth, had
the gigantic DNA variety that could cure the Annunaki of their distorted genetics.

So they merged earthling and Annunaki genes to create a hybrid being advanced in intellectual and
emotional strengths. Then their males even mated with the earthling hybrid women, who gave birth to
children who became their puppet kings, emperors, presidents, prime ministers and rulers of the
planet. In today's world, we find that many of the royal bloodlines and dynasties of our planet have
descended from those same beings: and they have continued trying to keep their bloodines "pure",
until their inbreeding has caused retardation, insanity and a propensity for evil doings.

The nefarious Annunaki,  their descendants, and henchmen & women  operate mostly in Fourth Dim-
: 4-D. They have higher density technologies__ "Black Ops", that are at least one hu-
hdred,  and perhaps even one thousand years  ahead of what we ordinary humans have
;  and use it
them to aggravate us, impede our spiritual evolution and maintain control.

Artifacts reveal that Earth's  first civilization  had an  advanced understanding  of the energy lines run-
ning through Earth's grids.  The mining of gold was said to be for  balancing the atmosphere of Nibiru,
but it is  known now  (
Lawrence Gardner:  "Genesis of the  Grail Kings" __ Amazon.com )  that they
white power gold  which has a number of miraculous abilities. It has the power to restore phys-
ical body health  to the degree of  Immortality
;  it is believed to be the  "manna" which  Moses  "fed" to
his people after returning from Mt. Sinai  with the Ten Commandments Tablets, only to  find them ma-
king a golden calf and worshipping it.

White powder gold also causes
Invisibility. The "Prime Directive" of the universe,  as often mentioned
in the  "
Star Trek" and  "Stargate" series,  is never to interfere with evolving planets and their inhabit-
ants.  If the  Annunaki used  white powder gol   in the atmospheres  of their home planet and of Earth,
it could create a cloaking effect  that prevents any enemy space civilizations from finding Niburu, and-
or from seeing what was illegally going on with Earth and its inhabitants.

Particularly clever with the use of
Sound Energy coming from within Gaia, they used it energy to build
millions of stone circles  in South Africa  and huge monuments  around the globe__ including the Giza
Pyramids__  from granite and stone  containing large amounts of
 silicon__ which forms  quartz crys-
stals.  All The Ancient Wisdoms, Truths and  Technologies of the Ages are permanently  stored in the
giant crystals that  
Ra-Ta and his assistant,  Irini,  produced and programmed with that ancient know-
ledge,  and were all that survived the Great Flood  along with huge Pyramids  around the world. They
also used their technology to create social and political structures  introducing the concepts of money,
religion and the legal, agricultural and health systems that still enslave us today.

The most disgusting
?: Some of them are still here on Earth today__ playing out their roles against or  
within the New World Order. Tellinger foresees our greatest challenges as  (
1) To  discover  tangible
Signs that  we  are receiving help from  Higher Beings  to release us from our ignorance and slavery
and  (
2) To release from Karma__ which he  feels is  a benevolent cosmic law,  distorted by off-world
beings to keep us dumbed down so that our spirits within could no longer re-incarnate in physical bo-
dies with full memories of former lifetimes and of what we need to do to ascend and to be free again.  

The Fourth Atlantis
Our collective human karma was such  that after the  Lucifer Rebellion,  the Fall of Mankind,  and the  
Great Deluge ended third phase Atlantis about
11,500 B.C, we couldn't be "pure" Atlantean anymore.
Our present civilization was set up as an artificial, temporary  "Fourth Atlantis", and we humans strug-
gle still  to understand why we're here.  Everyone alive  on planet  Earth today  is a  former inhabitant
of one or more of the earlier Atlantic Civilizations.  We have come to correct,  to balance and to harm-
onize  what we created  or allowed to happen  in those earlier times.  But the need is dire.  This is our
last chance.  Time is running out,  for our sun has now  aligned with the plane of the Milky Way Gala-
xy,  and all planetary,  solar,  galactic and  cosmic cycle s and timelines  will culminate  by the  end of
2013 A.D.

The two Annunaki half-brothers,  Enki and Enlil,  were originally given control over Africa and the Mid-
dle East,  respectively.  Enlil was also made  Supreme Commander of all  Earth Annunaki territory, al-
though this right should have gone to Enki,  the eldest,  who supervised the gold mines in Africa,  and
it was he  with his  enetic scientist wife,
Ninhartsag, who created us__ homo sapiens sapiens__ from
the local homonoid primitives.

The Annunaki headquarters and spaceports at Nippor,  Jerusalem and  Baalbek, Lebanon in the Mid-
dle East,  where Earth's gold was shipped up to their planet Nibiru,  supposedly to remedy their atmo-
sphere that broke down whenever it approached Earth,  every 25,920 years.  However,  between
charia Sitchin'
s  and Gerald Clark's researches,  it is undeniable  that much of that gold was__  and
still is__ used to make  monoatomic  gold__ "
white  powder  gold"__ as familiarly known.  Books web-
sites or YouTube Videos of
Lawrence Gardner and David Hudson explain much more on this topic.

White powder gold  can create a number of amazing miracles,  but here we concern ourselves with its
ability to make us  
Immortal.  Yes... I'm serious!   We find now that the two  Annunaki brothers__  Enki
and Enlil__ both used this powder, as did their offspring, and they are nearly all still alive today! They
are  still at  each other's throats__ Enlil,  fearing the humans'  growing population  would  overtake the
;  and Enki working against him to not only save humanity, but to raise our consciousness to
the point  where we can ascend,  become  multi-dimensional  and  free ourselves  from over
years of slavery.

During the last
2000 + years,  the openly visible  "King"  of the original  4th Atlantis was  Enlil,  calling
"Markus Morphus", meaning "sleep" or "death". He & his cohorts  introduced drugs  to dumb
people dumbed down,  remaining dependent and dis-empowered.  With crystal electronic devices like
our walkmans,  IPods,  cell phones,  smart meters and  electronic games  which  slowly destroy  brain
cells,  they controlled people with  low level  electromagnetic frequencies (ELF)  that are  very disrupt-
ive of emotional and mental energy fields. Besides the problems engendered by the Lucifer Rebellion  
(creating only with physical, material means),  we Homo Sapiens struggle still under additional handi-
caps. We had been created genetically by 4-D  "god-like' beings
:  the Annunaki-Nibiruans-Nefelim,
who distorted our DNA and manipulated our minds and emotions. Unknowingly, we acted as their 3-D
puppets,  controlled by lies, fears and technologies,  playing out, over and over again, these wars, fa-
mines, plagues,  economic ups and downs,  political coups__  all  correspondences to Enki and Enlil's
competitions  among themselves \__ their power ploys  to gain and maintain control  over each other's
descendants,  over Earth,  Her inhabitants and resources.  They have  programmed us,  brainwashed
us,  enslaved us into  believing it is  "noble",  "patriotic",  "god-ordained"  to play out their  War Games
while they sit  and watch  in luxury and safety,  growing wealthier  and more powerful,  destroying and
polluting Earth, Her resources and us__ as if merely enjoying a game of chess, or watching the Super

Enlil spread his wickedness westward into Europe,  and on to  North and South America.  Enki,  how-
ever,  established the  United States  in the "New World",  as a land where  humanity from around the
world could gather,  learn to flourish in Unity and Love,  and serve as a  beacon to  the rest of the pla-
net. For millennia,  we've been  made to believe  that our ancient "myths" and "
figures"  such as  Zeus
or Nero,  Apollo or Merlin,  were merely ARCHETYPES,  when actually,  they were "
real beings' in va-
rious disguises adopted by Enlil & Enki throughout the centuries.  It was Enlil,  who sent Abraham out
out from Ur,  and called himself  "Yahweh",  "Jehovah",  "Jupiter",  "Zeus", etc.; and  Enki was the one
who started the "Zoroaster" religion, who told Noah to build the Ark and save the DNA of humans, an-
imals and plants from the Great Flood. He was also "EA", "Posiedon", "Neptune",  and "Ptah" in  First
Dynasty Egypt. Enki's wife, "Ninhartsag"__ the genetics expert__ was also "Isis", "Innana" & "Sheba".
Both Enlil and Enki began most religions of Earth except for Tibetan Buddhism, and Native American
beliefs as far as we know.

The Annunaki have a
"Counsel of Twelve", long presiding over Earth matters, composed of six favor-
ite sons and descendants of Enlil,  and six of Enki's.  Each one  is given the right to be  supreme rul-
ler over  the planet and humanity  during an  "
Age of the Zodiac"  according to the  25,290 years long
Precession of the  Ages, or "Great Year".  Every  Age of the Zodiac  equals 2,160 years__  of "Aries",  
"Pisces",  "Aquarius",  "Capricorn" etc.,  according to how the  Procession of  Ages  moves.  We have
been in the  
"Age of  Pisces"  for the last 2160 years, with Enlil's family in power.  But there's hope__  
We moved into the "
Age of Aquarius",  December 21, 2012,  as Enki and family took over. From this
writers present perspective,  it seems that  the two brothers  are still "warring",  as Enlil attempts to
maintain his control.  

We humans, however,  are now going through  a one-year period of readjustment__ a "re-orientation"
to everything on Earth, and to Earth Herself. The Enlil faction has been playing its very dirtiest games
over recent years in hopes of wiping us out__ or leaving us in  as much devastation  as possible.  But
that is over. Done. FINISHED.  Humanity  is now going through th e
Final Phases  of the  Ascension
, which will complete by the end of 2016.

Native Americans  are descendants of those Lemurians  who fled  their sinking homeland.  They kept
the ancient wisdom teachings within their hearts,  and it is to them we now turn  in our recent need to  
balance  left-brained, debilitating technologies of material force with the more  earth-centered, etheric
technologies and culture  of early Lemuria.  
Drunvalo Melchizedek  assised Native American Elders
to compile their ancient knowledge into movie form
: "The Shift of the Ages."__ at www.youtube.com.

In the late  
1990's,  genetic analyses  uncovered  evidence of  mitochondria  (mtDNA)  and new carb-
con dating indicated the Americas  had an influx of visitors over 100,000  years ago. People came not
only from the east, but also from the west at later dates.

Totems, or family tribes,  were first established in  Oregon by people from "Mu" (Lemuria), and in July,
2001, the same mtDNA present in  living Native Americans was found in a small tribe in the Gobi Des-
ert,  Mongolia,  in the Iroquois League Indians  of the American Northeast  and in the indigenous peo-
ples of the Yucatan
, land of the Maya. The same  mtDNA  indicates how people  from the South Seas
migrated to the Americas  around
50,000  B.C., some settling in the  "cliff dweller" or pueblo culture of
the American Southwest.
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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX