November 7, 2012
What's Happening in November?
It is time now to "stop gazing at our navels", to get out and look around at the world, the the Alps, the
Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Nature, Universe__ the Stars. It is a time to Stretch and Grow, to break up
routines. Often philosophical during this period, we're RECONSTRUCTING our Belief Systems, our
Philosophies, our "model" of what life is all about. All this is being based on those "shadows" that
we encountered within us during late
September through early October, & Surviving may require
that we Move Beyond a "Sunday-School God" to a more mature expression of our spiritual sensibi-
lities. We may go on a quest of some kind, perhaps even a physical journey to distant lands, which
will seem to stimulate our philosophical or spiritual notions about life. It's kind of an exciting time__
A time to recover Astonishment, Amazement, Wonder.

Time itself continues to speed up, and the following
two weeks or so will be about releasing past
beliefs or notions about life in order to be ready when the
New Paradigm Operating System be-
gins to actualize itself physically after:

* NOVEMBER 13th: New Moon -Total Eclipse of the Sun__21 degrees Scorpio. A tremendous
Healing & Manifesting Day. New Patterns and Archetypes will be seeded within humanity's collec-
tive consciousness, helping to balance duality. The Global Tyranny__ the earthquakes in
Chile &
New Zealand; Japan's earthquake, tsunami & nuclear meltdown; Oct. 29th: 7.7 quake north of
Vancouver Island, B.C.; Oct. 22-31st: Hurricane Sandy__ so prevalent these days will most lik-
ely implode on the tyrrants in Italy this month, for besides the
November 13th New Moon/Total So-
lar Eclipse
, there is also a Lunar Eclipse, November 28th at 6 degrees Gemini__ the Midpoint
between the
September 21st Autumn Equinox & the December 21st Winter Solstice. November
brings the Sun to 27 degrees Scorpio, opposite 27 degrees Taurus, in perfect Alignment
The Pleiades. December 12th starts the New Mayan Caldendar, and on December 13th,
another New Moon occurs.

Each of these dates is a punctuation mark designating a MAJOR POINT OF DEPARTURE. In Geo-
cosmic Research (astrology), when something major occurs
twice in the same period, it produces
CHANGE;  but when major events occur
three times in the same period,  it produces a CONTINU-
ING NEW PATTERN. All the pieces are now on the chessboard for something significant to follow.
What will be lost, or gained, and by whom?

We can also expect more storms, bad weather and earth movements this month, rising food prices,
and the possibility of group protests, riots, due to delays or cancellations of the
US Election becau-
se of the East Coast weather disaster &/or corrupt voting machines or practices, & false reporting.

The New Paradigm Operating System Expands
Every tick of the cosmic clock leading up to December 21st, is another New Beginning. The Sept.-
Oct. days
preceding this month's Reconstruction of beliefs, of philosophies, were about exploring our
association with group finances, group consciousness and group resources of all kinds. We probably
encountered experiences that were so overwhelming, so devastating, that we could not face them or
figure them out until that
late Sept.- early Oct. period ended. We had to face what we'd been hiding
in our deepest, darkest "closets"__ our unconscious, for years__ perhaps for eons. We Needed Help.
Did you get it? I did__ from family, from other Lightworkers, and from Higher Self; and yes__ from my
Galactic Families. That recent period introduced the Planetary, Solar Systemic and/or Galactic Par-
digm through which this present Time of
November 7 through 20th, will reveal the requirement ne-
eded to "ground" what we have so recently Reconstructed__ to make it part of our "
repertoir"__ our
resources__ to use it for discovering our Individual & Group Roles that will allow us to live abundan-
tly in 4th Dimensional New Earth.

Discovering our Galactic Families, our Individual and Group Roles in New Earth.
* A most unusual and informative web-in-bar with Lauren Gorgo & Susan Carroll was held online
October 25th
about Releasing Our Wounded Egos, & Meeting Our Galactic Families, who came
here to assist Gaia/Earth  Most of us Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers, etc., are "
born-ins" or
walk-ins", & we are usually a mix of galactic families. The Arcturians are the eldest Family of our
galaxy, the first to come to assist Earth and seed Her lifeforms. Of the three
Sirian star families__
Sirius A sent the Cat People, Sirius B, the Dolphins & Whales, & Sirius C, the sharks and fish.
Sirius C taught the Dogons in Africa. The Pleiadeans helped create the first humanoid being &
have made multiple visits to Earth__ the most famous to
Billy Meier in Switzerland. Andromeda
is an entire galaxy, and some of their members are still here on Earth in nature. Many also came in
as the humans we call "
nerds", assisting us and Earth with computer-type technologies. A lot of our
galactic family genes are stored in what science has been terming, "
junkDNA", which is to be react-
ivated after
December 21st.

If you feel you may be a
Lightworker, Starseed, Wayshower, Indigo, etc.__you can look back o-
ver your life and find the moment when you were "
born-into" or "walked-into" your present body. It is
often a time of a severe injury or illness, or a traumatic episode that dramatically changed your perc-
eption and way of life.

If you would like to meet or converse with your galactic family-families, ask them to visit in meditation
or in dreams. The
Annunaki from planet Nibiru, were here (and some still are) mining gold & tinker-
ing with our human genetics, but unlike the above mentioned galactic families, they have not yet asc-
Three nights after discovering my galactic Families, I awoke at
5 AM to the sound of several small
trucks or very noisily-mufflered cars in the alley behind our home. They didn't seem to drive on thr-
ough. Their engines rumbled & rattled for at least
20 minutes, seemingly in the same spot out back.
H had moved the patio furniture for the winter earlier that day, placing the table & chairs under a tarp,
and tying them down, with heavy rocks & boards on top. The matching bench he moved to behind the
"gooseneck" of the 5th wheel RV  in the backyard near the alley,  but the tarp he usually covered it
with had worn out, & he planned to buy a new one next day. The heavy metal bench was clearly vi-
sible from the alley, & with Halloween only a few nights away, I was concerned that the alley visitors
might be planning mischief or theft.

So I got up, went to the living room's glass patio doors and turned on the outside security light to warn
away any mean-spirited notions, but the cars/trucks did not move, and I could not see them from the
patio door windows, due to the RV and a row of tall arborvitae trees between us.

I tried to wake
H, but he couldn't hear me from the living room, & by 5:30 AM the cars or trucks slow-
ly moved out the other end of the alley. I went back to bed, but could still hear them either searching
or chasing each other around the neighborhood streets. Finally at
6 AM I got up to the living room a-
gain, opened the doors & leaned out to see if I could spy the bench. I couldn't. But a very bright light
in the eastern sky directly across from the open door, drew my attention; I hadn't noticed that earlier!
But I saw it was moving very, very slowly__ almost imperceptibly__ to the right (southward) and a bit
higher, & that meant it had probably been behind the tree in the neighbor's yard across the alley when
I peered out earlier.
Then I thought: "That object isn't moving__ it's just hovering there. It's the Earth
that's slowly moving towards the horizon

I've always loved to "sky-watch", ever since I was very young and Dad would take me out at night &
show me how to find
Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades, as well as the Big & Little Dippers directing
us to the North Star, and
Cassiopaea in her "chair" in the sky. And, being a professional astrologer
for quite a few years, I became familiar with sky maps and the locations of the zodiac constellations.
I knew the Sun had  just entered the sign of
Scorpio, and would not rise in the east for another 2
(We're in the Mountain Time Zone, but very close to the Pacific Time Zone line).

I also knew that stars twinkle in the sky due to their great distance from Earth, & any planets visible
to our naked eyes shine with a steady light. Furthermore, there were a lot of clouds around the sky
this night. This object was NOT a star, NOT a planet! Imagine if you held a green pea between your
fingers at arm's length. That would be similar to the size of this object. It's brightness was greater
than any planet or star I'd ever seen, & so intense that rays of light shot out from it both horizontally
and vertically. This was similar to that night in
August, 1988 when another large, bright object appe-
ared in the eastern sky over the
Lost River Valleys of Idaho, even though forest fires burning two
million acres in both
Yellowstone & Idaho blocked out not only the stars & the Moon, but made the
Sun at noon only a dim red ball. (
Appendix A2) "UFO/ET ENCOUNTERS"__ "The Ride of My Life".

I watched this "craft"_
?_ for about 15 minutes, & noted it kept slowly climbing higher and towards the
south, but its projected arc was much too low to be following the ecliptic path of a rising moon, sun or
star at this season of the year. I sent feelings of love, joy and gratitude toward the object, and tried to
attune to any message it might have to impart, but nothing came through, so I simply thanked it for co-
ming, and retired to bed.

The following three mornings, I arose at the same time as on the first night & watched the eastern sky
for longer periods because the sun, moon & stars rise a bit later each day as we approach
er 21st,
with the shortest days & longest nights of the year. There were no visible stars or shining o-
bjects in the eastern sky at all, except on the third day when I did see a few faint, tiny stars very high
up in the southern sky.

In the days that followed, I could not rid myself of the eerie feeling that there was some important sig-
nificance regarding the sighting of this space vehicle. It had had that same, basic "flying saucer" sha-
pe that was seen so many years ago by
Billy Meiers & others,&d which I had seen in a much larger
& clearer version at
 Craters of the Moon, (Appendix A2)  UFO/ET ENCOUNTERS: July, 1988, "The
". It resembled two pie pans glued together with their open sides face to face, & a sort of "bub-
ble" form on top with portholes.

The world's earliest reported modern day UFOs were cigar-shaped, silvery ones, often with a red light
at their rear. These were first thought to be from
Arcturus, but it was later learned that Arcturians, be-
7th & 8th dimensional, did not need spaceships for travel. The "flying saucers" are from the Ple-
; the very round & flat "pancake" types from Sirius and those from Andromeda resemble huge,
elaborate metal horseshoes or scorpions. ( There is no information regarding the origins
of the huge, black triangular crafts  with lights in a "
V" or triangular pattern recently seen in  Arizona,
Illinois & at Black Diamond, Washington. There is speculation that they may originate from
right here on planet Earth.      
MEDITATION NOTES: 10-12-1988: The word, "KUCHAVIK" was used frequently in a dream, as if it
were a keyword for something. I was told to "
remember that word." Later in that morning's meditation,
I asked for guidance about the dream, & was led to "
The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch" by
J.J. Hurtak.

* Pg. 584. "Kuhavim: Distant star universes beyond the immeditate universe serving the local hierar-
chy of each
Paradise Son of Light as an expression of YHWH'S  Garment of Light. They are spirit-
ual universes continually being evolved and re-evolved beyond the visible spectrum.  They are the
highest model for the material worlds and during the time of 'the cycle of cleansing', new worlds are
brought forth,:
 (empasis added) modeled on the Kuchavim."

* Higher Self: "Stones, upon which are recorded the ancient teachings of the TAKLA MAKAN per-
iod. That name relates to the geophysical location & the individual who will unearth them after they
are brought into the open daylight. The
China earthquakes  will help to reveal them  to the eyes of

M: "What do the teachings, the KUCHAVIK, reveal?

H.S.: "That there have been incredibly ancient, yet technologically advanced cultures on Earth in the
past, & that beings from other worlds have walked the Earth planet/plane in the past. There are souls
incarnated within this present time & culture who existed in physical form during the days of the '
, who have the inner eye that can 'read' and decipher those stones."

* Acacialand: "Ancient civilizations realized that Earth is a living organism, and that there are locati-
ons on the Earth's planes that correspond to certain sky constellations. The ancients also knew that
there are bio-magnetic forces within the Earth body and super-magnetic forces within the star
bodies; & that these forces are at their highest intensities at those specific locations.
These lo-
cations were recognized by the ancients as 'para-physical doors', & as primary civilization fountains
that feed the evolutionary process of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE

Update: In November, 2011, Peter Moon told about the strange chamber under the Romanian Sp-
hinx in an interview on Carl Munk, years earlier, spoke of the Bosnian Pyr-
September 19t 2012, Linda Moulton Howe, on her website, related how it
has now been determined with carbon dating,  that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in
Visoko, Bosni-
is 24,800 years old.

The Orion Constellation Forms Portals Over Ancient Sacred Sites.
* The discovery & research covering Adam's Calendar stone monument & circles throughout South
, proved them to be oriented to Orion & a number of other stars as far back as 280,000 years,
when the
Annunaki mined gold & created our homo sapiens sapiens species of humans. Videos. Search "Michael Tellinger".

* We know that the three Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, reflect the three stars in the "belt" of
and that the three dormant, volcanic buttes in the Arco High Desert also reflect those Orion stars an-
choring the
Arcturian-Idaho Stargate. (Gaia.html Scroll down to:  "The Idaho Stargate.")  Whatever
the recent shining object was,  and where-ever it came from,  we may never know for sure. However,
since Higher Self had earlier suggested I check meditation notes from
November, 1988 and watch
e-mails for information useful for this newsletter issue, I did so, & found several with links to websites
referring to the  
Orion constellation rising over th e Middle East__ plus three of our own solar system
planets appearing exactly above each of the three
Giza Great Pyramids 11:11 PM, December, 21,
("How does it get any better than this?")  These three stars in Orion's belt point to the Pleiad-
to their right; & to Sirius to their left. The information received via e-mails & the 1988 meditations
led me to the understanding of my role, my place in the Galaxy, and that the bright, shining spaceship
had come to welcome me to my galactic families. (Once again, information from the past, present &
future merged.)  

Earth is revered by Numerous Civilizations in the Universe because of Her Huge Diversity__
mineral, plant, animal, and human DNA.
As I write today,  I often gaze out the windows at the  beloved,  quaking aspen trees that embrace our
home. The freezing nights & warm afternoons have turned their ever-twinkling, heart-shaped leaves a
brilliant gold, and many also show the dark browns of early frost. The thirty foot tall aspen just outside
the computer room window casts its golden glow throughout the room, & I note how among its thous-
ands of leaves, no two are exactly alike! Some are all gold, some all dark brown, but their sizes, sha-
pes and stem angles differ slightly. Others show spots and stripes of brown in gloriously diverse patt-
erns, fluttering like butterfly wings with every air current__ in designs that would inspire any painter,
any musician or dancer.

This tree is only fourteen years old,  but its main trunk is a foot thick. Here and there,  black circles of
various sizes where branches have been lost or cut off, dot the trunk and main branches. Above each
circle is a ridge or wrinkle in the bark shaped like an eyebrow, with another ridge-wrinkle forming a "re-
versed" curved mark below the black spots, making each grouping look like an eye peering out from
the tree. With every tremble from the slightest breeze, they "wink" at me from behind the leaves as if to
say, "
We share a secret." And we do__ trees have talked with me since I was a small child.

The smaller nearby trees have lost most of their leaves except for a few near the very tops that look li-
ke someone threw  a handful of small black stones against the vivid blue sky,  & they stuck there. This
loving connection with  Earth & Nature;  this delight and gratitude for the  seldom-noticed glorious gifts
surrounding us in every season,  in sunlight or moonlight, in wind, rain, snow, fog or drought, & in that
comforting stillness of the eternal, divine spirit within every living particle on the planet__ this is Ours in
the New Paradigm Operating System.

From Where do Power and Success Originate?
We humans had a highly developed civilization in the Third Atlantis, which became corrupted with co-
mpetition & conflict for Power & Success, and was destroyed by the Great Flood, about
13,000 years
. We few survivors had to begin all over again. Little did we realize then that this destruction of our
old paradigm would teach us to INDIVIDUALIZE__ to become an entire species of powerful, one-of-a-
kind humans with unique experiences and knowledge to offer to Creator Spirit.

Science is now proving the theory of  entanglement__ how we are all connected with everything
in the universe__ & we are Consciously Unifying into a WHOLE once again. Think: "
I'm another you,
and you're another me
". From now on, any attempt at separation is going to cause trouble. In the New
Paradigm Operating System
,  we must Embrace Change  as the way to grow in consciousness;  we
Promote compassion, sharing, co-creating, and cooperation instead of competition and control.
We must
Refuse to participate in the old paradigm's greed, hatred and fear systems.

There are two approaches to using THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (Chapter 5: Unconditional Love)
to create a better life for self and for the planet:

The first focus is on using that Law to "Empower Self" so as to attract more & better relationships,
health, wealth & beneficial environmental circumstances, with the Intention that "
Reality Will Serve Me."  
We might ask ourselves, "
How does this 'serve' Humanity and Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Universal
Plan and Purpose

2.) The second approach focuses on "Expanding One's Consciousness"__ i.e., not 'lifting' it to a 'hi-
gher level'__ but
Merging  with More and  All That Exists__ to  "Become Reality"__ as we co-operate,
co-create with All That Exists, for the highest good of All.  We then "
Serve Life Itself"__ becoming ONE

There is a higher intelligence__
Greater Spirit__ guiding human evolution. This intelligence empowers
the "highest good"  for
All That Lives in Multiple Dimensions.  Remembering that  You are part of  that
Oneness, meaning that Your Personal Reality will be for the 'highest good of self", as well as for All.

We're all headed in the same direction; but there are myriad ways of getting there. This free online bo-
ok, "
Creating From the Future" enables an individual to develop his/her own spiritual path, by contact-
ing Greater Spirit and Gaia/Earth, and embracing the divine love and suggestions from both; by being
able to
Change at will  by following our own inner guidance system,  & remaining free of ancient, mod-
ern, mainstream or alternative organized teachings; and by progressing through the
Seven Stages of
Consciousness Evolution
: "Sleeper, Seeker, First Enlightenment, Observer, Twilight Time, True En-
ightenment,  Self-Realtization", in his/her own, uniquely divine & loving way. We can all partake of the
Highest Good for All;  if we just "
Keep to Our Path"  and allow Spirit to guide us__  everything we truly
need will be there for us before we even realize we needed it.
* Has a beautiful new pdf format for the September/October Magazine. Don't
miss the article: "
URANUS RETROGRADE: The Collapse of Satan's Pyramid" by Salvador Russo". It
will bring you much comfort.

* If you are up for it, a new website featuring a half hour of Alternative News is now
available every Friday evening with
Alfred Lambremont Webre, of Search:
YouTube for "THE NEWS Live" for NOV. 2, 2012: Hurricane Sandy as Environmental War." Hint:
Informative, but don't listen just before bedtime.

* Search: "Say Hello to the Talking Elephant."

I tried to find the more positive videos, websites and articles to offer in these Sections, and surprisingly,
they turned out to be quite one-sided.

* "Project Camelot: Compton Rom Bada: Ascended Health." Since January 5,
humanity began developing Integrity Consciousness, & last year, 2011, began turning toward
Unity Consciousness. We know that creation has speeded up, but few have realized that our consci-
ousness now changes every
18 days. Our ability to process information is increasing. Plant based and
fermented foods grown in microbial rich soils, enable us to process more and more information.

Compton also relates that the microbes in our bodies can communicate with each other and with us,
assisting us to raise our consciousness & to link with Gaia/Earth's information. Two amazing Videos__
1 hour and 1/2 hour each__ introduce a new natural health system developed from the world's indig-
genous peoples' remedies, using microbes from the soils of sacred healing sites to rebalance our bod-
ies' health & prolong life. Compton's website: also offers a free Newsletter.

"Interconnectedness: A Time Bomb in Medicine?" Includes the following quote from Larry Doss-
"The fact that  your friend's friend's friend, someone you've neither seen nor heard of, is affecting
your health has begun to rattle many of the gatekeepers in medicine. This field may be a bomb with a
delayed fuse that is getting ready to explode in the very heart of materialistic medicine. A few medical
insiders are already raising the possibility that something radically different than usual may be going
on, something possibly related to a collective consciousness linking distant individuals.

Among those suggesting a role for consciousness in social network phenomena is Dr. Robert S. Bo-
clinical associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine at New York's Stoney Brook
. In discussing the spread of obesity in his 2011 article in Explore, "Evidence for a Comm-
unal Conscousness
", he says, "Frankly, obesity that develops from social connection, without fa-
ce-to-face interaction, suggests Emotional Telepathy

If these experiments don't take your breath away, they should. They suggest that the notion of human
isolation is a myth.  Human consciousness can manifest in the world beyond the brain. We are linked,
united, entangled. For better or for worse. Until death do us part. And perhaps__ even then"... "DON'T

"VITAL UPDATE!!!  IMF plan to dethrone bankers & wipe out debt!!!"... "So there is a magic wand
after all. A revolutionary paper by the International Monetary Fund claims that one could eliminate the
net public debt of the
US at a stroke, and by implication do the same for Britain,  Germany, I taly or

* BUSINESS: "US sues Bank of American for 1 B."
US suit alleges 'brazen' fraud at Countrywide."

* "How A Real President Responds to Crisis"

Like so many, I couldn't make up my mind about who I wanted  to vote for for president. Actually, I didn't
want either candidate, sensing that things would continue in the same old patterns, no matter who ma-
de it into office. But then I recalled
Jesus' comment: "Ye shall know them by the fruits of their labors__
not by their roots
", and Hurricane Sandy affected my choice. No doubt you've already voted by the time
you read this Issue, but I just had to include the following for:

* "These men have Issues!"__ Eric Francis:
"Meet the Natal Horoscopes of Obama and Romney"

minutes. (Keep a stiff upper lip, and__ SMILE__ no matter who wins or loses!)

assisting a healing, ask client what he/she wants to change. In stating the Intention, avoid using
3-D terms such as "tumor", "broken bone", "infection", "heal", etc.__ they don't exist in 5-D.
Holding Unconditional Love in your heart, Become as One with All Life Everywhere, and state loudly:
"I Intend that all humans of Earth are using Telepathy to communicate with All Life Everywhere, if they
so choose, from this day forward
." Visualize the positive outcome. Express Gratitude, give Thanks, and
state aloud: "
How does it get any better than this?"

                                                            November 20, 2012
                                                 "IS THE SUN GOING BANANAS?"

The "
Kuchavik" and "The Greater Circle" programs were received during a New Moon in Scorpio
lunar phase 24 years ago during a
1988 dream, relating that: "The Egyptians had the Greater Cir-
cle at first, but disregarded it when the Great Pyramid was built & put into service.
" Kuchavik-Ku-
chavim" was covered in the
November 6th Newsletter.)

Meditating on the dream, it was suggested that I ... "Consider, if you wish, the relationship betwe-
en the
Circle & the Pyramid. "Consider the Process by which the Circle evolves into the Pyramid."

I then discovered that Earth regularly changes Her energetic body's shape according to the Platon-
ic Solid series of geometric shapes each time  She and Her lifeforms evolve in consciousness.....
The continents of Earth originally were all bunched togeth-
er as one land mass in a spherical energetic form called "

220 million years ago they broke apart and transformed into an energetic pyramidal shape
of a
tetrahedron with one equilateral triangle at its bottom and three more forming the sides. Later,
the continents, volcanic ridges & seismic fault lines morphed into a shape that was a combination of
cube and an octahedron  (two four-sided pyramids joined base to base).  The last shift expand-
ed the planet's tectonic plates into a combination of an
icosahedron (having 20 equilateral triangle
faces) and a
dodecahedron (with 12 five-sided pentagon faces). The force behind these energetic
shifts of Earth, is that when the vibrational frequency increases, expansion automatically occurs wi-
th the geometry becoming more complex. ("
The Source Field Investigation", David Wilcock).

GOING IN CIRCLES: The "Greater Circle"__ (or Cycle)__ is a master astrological chart comb-
ining the chart wheels of three different time periods. It begins with the Traditional Astrological Zod-
iac Wheel, based on the number
12, representing one passage over Twelve Zodiac Signs & Twel-
ve Houses, & corresponding with
Twelve Stages of Consciousness Development. The Great-
er Circle, however, uses
Intuition in place of astrological cookbook data.

Jose' Arguelles, researcher, visionary and author of "The Mayan Factor" (1977), remote viewed
Humans, Earth, Solar System & Galaxy are part of a larger galactic engineering proj-
ect being engineered from another dimension.
 When we consider that the Traditional Zodiac
can also relate to the Great Year period of 25,625 years known to the Maya as a beam of
galactic energy corresponding to a whole evolutionary phase, & lay that 25,000+ year-long Cycle
over the Traditional Zodiac Wheel, we have the
foundation for The Greater Circle. Then we must
also consider the effect of the
29+ day-long Moon Cycle, (Timing.html  Scroll down to "Moon Cycle
"). By laying that atop the other two wheels, we have the complete GREATER CIRCLE:

We are then told how, in the early 13th century B.C., there occurred an actual historic rupture, a
sort of sociological trauma, which has been registered in..."
the Greek myth of.. "Perseus behead-
Medusa to the final overthrow of the goddesses' chief shrine by the Hellenes."... i.e, the denig-
ration of the feminine,  which included
Earth/Gaia__ the Divine Mother. This date corresponds on
the Traditional Zodiac Wheel to the middle of the
Age of Aries and the beginning of the Balsamic
of the Moon Cycle on the combined Greater Circle.

"We are currently living in the
Balsamic Phase, also known as the Dark of the Moon__ the latter
phrase having derived from the last three and a half days of each month-long lunar cycle, just prior
to the
New Moon, when the night is exceptionally dark.  "That's the bad news. The good news is
that the Greater Circle New Moon Phase is slated to commence on December 21, 2012 A.D.
or..."we may be looking at
2013, say March 20th, the Spring Equinox, or perhaps more likely May
(aka Beltane__ "the beginning of summer")__ And then we start another 25,625 year-long Gre-
ater Circle all over again!"

So What Does That Mean for Us?
The Greater Circle's closing point represents the beginning of the passage of our entire galaxy
into an incredible harmonic synchronization state of being, shifting the templates affecting
our relationship to ourselves, our galaxy and the universe. Josee
' Arguelles... "believed that
2013 would be the time of real magic; a time of integration & stabilization at a higher level of co-
nsciousness when humans would 'test drive' their newly awakened powers. He believed that hum-
ans were meant to becom e
living oracles  with the capacity of  divination__ to Know All through
mind; to tune into and resonate with All levels of being

We can appreciate the vast scope of Jose's visionary powers: "
In relation to the changing cycle,
we will look at"...four... "levels: galactic, solar system, scientific & human levels."... The Gal-
actic level:
12-21-12 marks the conclusion of the passage of our solar system through a galactic sy-
nchronization beam;"... The Solar System level describes the effect of the Sun on Earth & Her life-
forms. "
The Scientific level: 2012 marks the conclusion of the biosphere-noosphere transition, the
scientific term for the present planetary crisis;  
he Human level: 2012  is humanity's deadline  to
collectively change its consciousness

The Galactic Level
"Arguelles suggests that we are part of a larger galactic engineering project being engineered fr-
om another dimension. He perceived the
Galactic Maya as star travellers who incarnated here, at
a specified time , to seed the planet  and to leave clues of our planetary being for this stage of our
transformation. He believed the Galactic Maya (not the Classic Maya) were masters of  time travel
& telepathy who brought to this planet a system of astronomy & mathematical calendrics, which we-
re the jewels of a particular knowledge system."...
The New Paradigm Operating System?

"In 'The Mayan Factor' Arguelles put forth that the Mayan calendar is actually a measure for calibr-
ating different beams or density waves. He concluded that what we call the 13 baktun Great Cycle"
... (long count calendar)... "
is actually the measure of a synchronization beam"... emanating thro-
ugh our Sun...
"through which  our solar system  is currently passing. This beam cycle  began in
3113 BC and ends in 2012 AD."

"The beam,  
5,125 years in diameter,  commenced 13 August B.C. 3113,  a date  marked by the
Mayan Long Count Calendar as 4 Ahau. This precise date, 4 Ahau, will oc-
cur again on
December 21, 2012. Exactly 1,872,000 days will have passed__ a cycle of 13 bakt-
uns of 144,000 days
each.  But this beam is just  the last fifth  of a larger beam  that is  close  to
26,000-tun (25,625-years) corresponding to a whole evolutionary phase"... of the Greater Circle.

The Solar System Level
According to 'The Mayan Factor'".. The Maya had a mission to make sure that the planets and star
system are  synchronized with the galactic beam  by
12-21-12. The affect of the beam  on Earth is
the acceleration  of human activity around the planet__ called,
recorded history. This also creates
material technology. Toward the end of the beam, where we now find ourselves, acceleration beco-
mes exponential with
7 billion humans, exponential curves of carbon dioxide, changes in weather,
species extinction, war, drought, etc. This is what Arguelles referred to as the
climax of history and
matter, the end of the 13th baktun."

As we reach the beam's end"... the Balsamic Moon Phase... "Jose' foresaw a major evolutionary
upgrading of the planetary life process  that would begin to stabilize  in
2013. At this point,  Earth
will be perfectly aligned with the galactic center in the constellation
Sagittarius. He anticipated a
period of adjustment until the New Beam phases in by
July 26, 2013__ galactic synchronization."

The beams coming from the center of the galaxy, focus through the Sun as a type of radio progra-
ms that coordinate with the
2-year-long sunspot cycles.... "These sunspot cycles then transmit the
beam through peak solar activity, sending solar information to Earth. When the energy beam cha-
nges its frequency, the filter (Sun) changes accordingly. Different ages represented different sta-
ges of the beam."... The Maya were able to pick up the solar pulsations"... This meant they could
calibrate human activity and watch it plunge deeper into materialism and farther from nature

Jose's understanding was that the
ElectroMagnetic field...  ((EMSpectrum.html)... "is a function
of and controlled by the solar sunspot cycles"... "that affect the EM field, creating different mental
quickenings or shifts in consciousness. This process accounts for the shifts of
Time, thinking and
beliefs throughout history.

The sunspots may be carriers of information from different star systems and dimensions to planet
earth. What we call sunspot cycles... "
pulse to the binary sunspot cycle in approximate 11.3 year
cycles and then change polarity approximately every 23 years. When these sunspots reach maxi-
mum points, it discharges. Massive discharges mean the Sun is undergoing major internal chan-
."... Our current sunspot cycle is set to peak in 2012 thru 2013.

The 260 day Tzolk'in sacred calendar was a tool used by the Maya to record the binary pulsation
of these sunspots, with their cycles of
"... 13-day units repeating 20-Wavespell times... "for a total
260 days. Sixteen of these Tzolk'in cycles comprise an 11.3 year period, the time for one maj-
or binary sunspot cycle to complete itself. The pulsation of each of the binary spots would account
8 Tzolk'ins, which Jose' mapped out in his book, "Earth Ascending" (1983)

Jose'..  "also discovered that the Tzolk'in is a harmonic of the Great Cycle & can be used to map
out the entire
5,125-year historical cycle, as if it is measuring not individual gestation, but spec-
ies gestation, since five great cycles total
26,000 tuns, a fractal of the 260-day human gestation

The Scientific Level: Law of Time and Biosphere-Noosphere Transition
"Arguelles believed that 2012-1013 is the time of the biosphere-noosphere transition, a theory or-
iginally put forth by
Russian geochemist Vladimir Vernadsky. In this context, the 5,125-year
cycle is but an instant of geological time and so can be perceived as a mutative phase. When the
mutative phase of the biosphere completes,
a New Evolutionary Stage begins__ the noosphere."
(The noosphere term was used by some visionaries to describe "
Earth's sphere of human thought",
or "
our collective consciousness"__ which includes, not just humanity's consciousness, but that of
all life wth-in and on Earth.)

The biosphere-noosphere transition directly relates to Arguelles's 1989 discovery of The Law of
, which makes a distinction between artificial time and natural time. The Law of Time states
that the galaxy & everything in it is held together by one common timing frequency, a
13:20 ratio
constant, which maintains everything in a unified condition through synchronization. This
ratio can be found in the
human body with its 13 main articulations and 20 fingers and toes."

By contrast, modern civilization operates by an artificial, irregular mechanistic timing frequency
12:60 (12 month calendar, 60 minute clock). This is the frequency which is an actual paradigm
or belief system that the human race lives in. This belief system is held in place by the
Gregorian calendar
that creates the world paradigm of 'time is money'."

Jose' saw that
the whole Earth is now encapsulated in this artificial machine frequency that is des-
troying our planet by disrupting its balance. When the balance is sufficiently disturbed, then a shift
is inevitable.

He felt that the crisis the world is now undergoing is the effect of the biosphere-noosphere transi-
iion, the chaotic shift into the new order of planetary reality. In a 2009 article, he wrote: "
when we
speak of the advent of the noosphere, we are refrerring to the mental disclosure of
a new cosmi-
cally generated, holographic field fractal
__ one that will replace the old one. All it would take for
this to occur is a momentary break in the planetary
EM field brought about by an immense CME"
... coronal mass ejection..."or even a shift in the Sun's polar magnetism. In that momentary ru-
pture of the
terrestrial EM field, many negative conditioned beliefs (memories) could be eras-
ed or severely scrambled, &,  more significantly,  a new operating,  holographic field fractal
might be instantaneously set in place. In this way, the next wave of
cosmic evolutionary int-
would reveal itself."

The Human Level: 13 Moon Calendar - "Going au Naturel"
Arguelles felt that "most of the troubles in the world today are a result of placing our trust in human
laws and machine technology, rather than trusting the natural law of the cosmos
."... "concluding
that a
calendar is a programming device whereby the society that uses it, creates its psych-
ic field of influence and organizes its collective lif

In the Gregorian calendar there's very little cyclic or periodic order. Months are uneven; the len-
gth of months does not correlate with the number of seven-day-long weeks that exist; & their num-
bers change every month.
There is no cyclic or periodic order; this is why civilization is in ch-
aotic disorde
r."... "As a species, we've veered out of synch, away from our natural atunement with
the cosmos and into a linear way of operating. So the question was
: How to break the linear time
? How do we access Galactic Consciousness? "

Arguelles found..."the simplest way to access these mathematical codes was through daily
use of the 13 Moon/ 28-day matrix
. As deceptively simple as this sounds, it has profound imp-
lications, so much so that he traveled the world several times over bringing this message to ev-
ery continent.

The 13 Moon calendar year is a solar-galactic cycle that meshes the 365-day 3-D solar cycle
with the 260-day 4-D galactic cycle (Tzolk'in) every 52 years
. It can be used as an intermediary
between one's mind & being & the experience of the form & process of galactic consciousness
. It's
daily use helps entrain the consciousness into the threshold of Galactic Consciousness
"Jose spread the 13 Moon calendar to more than 90 countries worldwide.

ML: "I follow a combination of the Moon Cycles and the Tzolk'in in my journal and with spiritual
work. They are excellent for creating, & they provide a feeling of comfort & harmony with Nature,
Gaia and the Galaxy. But I still use the
Gregorian calendar for mundane, daily matters__ to coor-
dinate with others for birthdays, holidays, or community and family events.

The essence of Jose's message was: "
human civilization is living in artificial time that is destroy-
ing the biosphere
. To reverse this situation requires a collective return to natural time in reverence
with the Earth where time is not money, but
Time is Art."... Jose' wrote: "The ancient Maya fore-
saw that
the next evolutionary cycle would be the true solar age. They envisioned 2012 as the en-
try point
of a purified humanity ready for the new solar age. And they were right. The Sun is und-
ergoing a tremendous transformation right now, altering the very nature of life on Earth."

In order for us to survive,
we've got to strip down__ get Back to Nature, root in the garden, and
lighten our load. I
n the new Solar Age we will learn that our telepathic thought waves are re-
ally solar signals
, and that our mental evolution through the noosphere is to prepare us for
heightened soul travel
. We'll all become like One Being with a billion autonomous cells,
working in unison to become enlightened
. And since we will see that we are the planet, we
will know that it is the planet that is becoming enlightened,
and our job is to make it an
enlightened work of art__ an Art Planet__ a jewel of the galaxy
* From an undercover source for
David Wilcock's recent article in (
"DISCLOSURE: Camelot on TruTV Tonite: Insider '
Daniel' Comes Forward.":

DANIEL" enlightens us as to how and why the Sun heats up, changes it will be going through dur-
ing the Shift of the Ages, and how this affects the Solar System, Earth and Humanity.

Jumpy, Bumpy and Sizzling
"In The Reciprocal System ...stars do not heat smoothly, but tend to stay at a specific tempera-
ture, then suddenly jump to a new temperature range as the magnetic ionization level increases
(which controls its age limit).
That is why we have a distinct color-temperature class system for
identifying stars
. The discrete jumps become very visible when you look at a diagram with the
correct evolutionary sequence,
as stars move from red supergiants, to orange giants, to main
sequence__ distinct bars on the graph with few stars between them
. The earlier stages of heating
up take bigger jumps than the later ones, so that is obvious here. Astronomers consider the giants
to be separate from dwarfs because they do not realize the stars heat and condense in quantum
steps__ they assume a continuous change, so they miss the connection.
"... "With all the dust and
debris in our area of space,__ usable for stellar fuel__ the sun is growing in size and getting hotter,
moving from a class-
G (yellow) star to a class-F (yellow-white) star." (There is disagreement as to
whether this is 'nebular  dust', or the so-called 'photon belt', or a proto-star that is intersecting the
plane of our solar system.)

Glowing in the Dark at FTL Speeds
"When you consider these consequences from a corrected stellar evolution, one conclusion is
global warming is not due to flatulent cows, but to the fact the sun is getting hotter, and will
continue to get hotter.
"... ("About 9 minutes into Jesse Ventura's 'Conspiracy Theory' TV program,
Global Warming" (season 1, episode 3), he interviews a reclusive 'climate scientist' who has
come to the same conclusion__ i
t's the sun, not man, that is the cause of warming."

"In the Reciprocal System, when you accelerate matter past the speed of light (FTL) it becomes
radioactive__  it emits radio waves while it is throwing off particles. That's why they call it 'radio
'. It has to do with the fact that"..."atomic explosions in the stellar interior are violent enough
to push motion past the speed of light, something that cannot be accomplished by
means in particle accelerators."... 'Once Uranium 236 is accelerated past the speed of light,
the inversion takes place and the stable zone becomes
184-52=132. The atom has to throw off
104 units of mass (2x52) to become stable at FTL speed. This throwing off of isotopic mass is
radioactive emission."
Body Scans at Sub-light Speeds?
"When high-speed matter drops below the speed of light, it must re-acquire the isotopic mass it
lost. In
U-236, the FTL mass was only 132. When it drops back to sub-light speed, that mass must
increase back up to
235 amu, which is kind of backwards radio-active emission on the other side
of the speed of light boundary__ the atom absorbs particles and emits x-rays, not radio waves, as
it builds mass back. All elements dropping from FTL to sub-light will emit x-rays, and all astrono-
mical x-ray emitters are demonstrating this process__ including our Sun

The only sub-light speeds in the Sun are in the photosphere."... (The imaginary surface of the Sun
from which the solar light we see appears to be emitted.)... "
Once you get deeper inside, the mag-
netic ionization level is much higher and the age limit destructions are constantly accelerating ma-
tter to
FTL speeds, which is why the lower layers of the photosphere are a radio source__it is the
boundary to FTL motion. Every now and again, the Sun burps and some FTL matter comes out
from the core to the photosphere, immediately starts cooling and drops below the speed of light
generating a burst of
x-rays and a rapidly expanding plasma__ a coronal mass ejection__CME.
Because of the reciprocal relation, FTL motion is expanding i
n time, so compressing in space.
When it drops sub-light, that compression re-expands like a spatial explosion. So
EMEs are a
good indicator of how turbulent the core is at FTL velocities

Now you know that the reciprocal process to radioactive emission is x-ray emission, and both
have to do with crossing the FTL boundary (sub-light motion in 3D space to FTL motion in
). FTL acceleration produces radioactivity; deceleration produces x-rays."

"Time to Put the Pieces Together"
The Sun is getting hotter from all the dust and debris the solar system is now experiencing. The
increased fuel will
raise the thermal destructive limit, which will cause a corresponding increase in
magnetic ionization level
, which will make more elements available for the stellar combustion
__ so the Sun is going to get brighter and hotter.

"Initially, this wll occur as bright flashes, like a mini novae, until sufficient material is available to
hold the magnetic ionization limit at the next quantum step. At that time, t
he Sun will suddenly
jump up in stellar class
,"... i.e., from a yellow star to a yellow-white star... "and remain there...
(These bright flashes of the Sun have been reported
since 2010 at the higher altitudes, where the
atmosphere is thinner and there is no pollution/smog layer. The increased intensity (flash) lasts for
several minutes to several hours and tends to be
laser-like, causing peculiar damage in a small
areas, such as t
he sudden death of plants and trees (Leaves are burned to a crisp) or the cra-
cking of car windshields.)...

"The Sun will then suddenly go dark and go out; but only for a short time. First there will be
huge burst of radio waves. Then as the Sun 'returns"__ a huge burst of x-rays, and possibly, a
huge burst of matter from the Sun
. Afterwards, the Sun will be brighter and hotter__more white
than yellow.
The gravitational balance of the Solar System will also change. The sun will
push the planets further out in their orbits
making the year longer, and we will survive the
Sun's heat because Earth will be farther away
, and will establish a new and different eco-

"This event may cause the Earth's crust to expand and open at tectonic boundaries, forming more
surface area and a drop in ocean levels. All the properties of humans, animals, plants, minerals__
all life__ gets 'upgraded' to higher density/dimensions.
"  We must ask ourselves__ "Is this 'the
particular knowledge system'__ T
he New Paradigm Operating System?"
* November 16, 2012: "Sun Unleashes Monster Prominence"
"NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) captured a giant explosion on the Sun Friday, Nov.
the monster loop of glowing red plasma was so massive, its arc expanded beyond the SDO's
camera view. Fortunately,
the colossal solar eruption was not aimed at Earth and should have little
effect on the plane
t". Video and more details at

* October 29, 2012: NY Daily News
You may not have felt it, but the whole world shuddered on 11 April, as earth's crust began the
difficult process of
breaking a tectonic plate. When 2 huge earthquakes ripped through the floor
of the
Indian Ocean, they triggered large aftershocks on faults the world over, and provided the
best evidence yet that the vast
Indo-Australian plate is being torn in two."

eologists have spent five months puzzling over the twin quakes - of magnitude 8.6 and 8.2 -
which took place off the coast of
North Sumatra. Events that large normally occur at the bounda-
ry between tectonic plates, where one chunk of Earth's crust slides beneath another, but these we-
re more than
100 kilometres from such a sub-duction zone. What's more, both involved rocks
grinding past each other sideways with very little vertical movement - what geologists call
strike-slip earthquakes
. Yet strike-slip quakes this large had never been reported before."

"Comment: This is another unprecedented event, that we can compare with other unprecedented
events that are occurring all the time now... Well, it seems that geo-scientists have quietly been
connecting the dots between space weather & changes in the
interior of the Earth resulting in an
increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity. Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov, Chairman of World For-
um -
International Congress GEOCATACLYSM-2011, states... 'we are at the beginning of the
so-called 'global energy leap' on our planet and in the Solar System in general
.'" Source: Link.
"New Scientist, 26th September 2012"       
* "Time to Re-Make the Doughnuts".
After releasing our past beliefs and philosophies in early November, and adopting the new in prep-
aration for the New Paradigm Operating System which should physically materialize by December
we now Activate our Personal & Group Roles for New Earth. There are only 4 weeks befo-
re December 21, 2012!

In one sense, we feel a need to "
Get A Job", after receiving some sort of "Education" over the pre-
vious 2 weeks. The logical consequences of this  is to find some way to play a role  in the culture
with that education. There will be changes in our social status__ in our roles in community. There
will be the "
birth of a child" of some sort__ a flesh & blood child, or a "child of our mind"__ of  our
"inspiration". This could be a major First for us.

There is an undercurrent flowing within us and through the world,
 arising from the notion that we
feel we are
 "running late"  in this nearly 26,000 year-long Greater Cycle. We have become more
mature, and there is a symbolic correlation to "
Old Age". Our bodies may even temporarily take on
an "
old" appearance in facial expression  and slowed-down body movements,  particularly. This is
especially true i
f your astrological chart shows activity with  Saturn, the Moon, the sign of Capri-
corn, and your Sun or Ascendant.  With Pluto in early Capricorn, Lightworkers,  Starseeds and
Wayshowers are all looking and feeling more than a little "world weary" these days.  

The myths and biases of our culture have encouraged us since childhood, and particularly in youth,
to "be ambitious", to "make something of ourselves", to "get noticed". We are asked to be "taken
seriously". And strangely, during the next few weeks, we will most likely Do Get Noticed__ but it
won't mean so much to us. It's a sort of "
deflated letdown" now, because we've struggled so long
and so hard preparing for this New Way of Life for the past 26,000 years__
A Greater Cycle.

If we look deeper, our sense is that from now on, through the coming few weeks, we will strive to
"give something back" to community, to Earth, to the Solar System, Galaxy, Universe. Our joy comes
from "acting out" the natural, logical consequences of all the stuff we learned over our many lives in
The Greater Cycle. Our dignity, then, arises from our Ability to Have Our Gifts Accepted.

"Acceptance" has probably been the toughest issue with which I've personally had to deal over ma-
y, many life-times, and especially in this present life, for I usually was__ and still often are__ per-
ceived as being "different" somehow, & therefore I often felt I was on the outside of things, looking
in, instead of playing a "
real" role. No doubt most  Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, etc. also
experience the same.
 It is still this way to a point for me__ I have always felt as if I'm "living in two
" at once__ an "inner world",  & an "outer world", which is even indicated in the palms of my
hands__ I have
two lifelines.

Higher Self: "The Lemurians were deeply connected with Earth. They used gems, stones, plants
animals to ground themselves and to learn of the Earth's vibrational influences. The Atlanteans
were more Sun-connected. They investigated and used the Solar Vibrations. We
Aryans" ...pres-
ent humans... "are more Pluto-connected. We are investigating the Forces of Consciousness Ev-
olution, of Transformation, of Sub-atomic Energies, and the Creative Process. The New Race__
Aquarians__ will be investigating the conditions of INSTANTANEOUS CREATIVITY__ cont-
inual, speeded-up change__ a release from linear Time, so that ALL IS SYNCHRONICITY__ &

ML: Are there non-mandatory link-up areas for receiving pure energy/information which can
be used for the total
transformation of the physical plane into the next order of evolution?

"Although there are indeed lesser sites for inner recall of information, as at the Craters of
the Moon area and surrounding high plateau, these lesser sites deal with the preparation of the
Lightworkers, the Wayshowers, etc
... in service at future as well as present dates. There are both
subjective and objective sites, each type serving a necessary function. There must be Lightwork
ers, Starseeds, Wayshowers at the mandatory sites for the energies to be anchored for the com-
ing in of the ships."

UPDATE: "Shadow Ops Pilot" The triangular spaceships mentioned in the
November 6th Newsletter Issue, may be from Mars, having been reverse-engineered from an ET
craft in the
1960s. The "Venture Star" trianguular craft takes people to Mars in 33 hours.
NOVEMBER 13th. New Moon in Scorpio/Total Solar Eclipse at 22* Scorpio.
As mentioned in the previous newsletter, this is an
ACTIVATION POINT. It has opened us to the
time period in Gaia's__ (Earth's Inner Spirit)__ great vision for this planet & all its lifeforms wher-
ein a spiritual quest is activated. One factor to this quest is for each of us to activate a new level
of ourselves
that more fully expresses our talents, capabilities and uniqueness by moving into an
even more expanded degree of inner awareness. A second factor is for us to
activate checks and
balances in the outer world to prevent the dark forces' future attempts to prevent the fulfillment of
Gaia's vision and disable humanity.  

We can accomplish this by revving up our personal energies to their highest point,
& by aiding our
fellow humans
 as we radiate that energy and act with love and kindness in our daily lives.  We do
not need to directly "
attack" or interfere with the shenanigans of the dark team, for Gaia is handling
this Herself.

This month __
November 13th to the next New Moon, December 13th at 22* Sagittarius__ is
magical, & has tremendous force behind it for manifesting or healing, on all levels. Spaceweather.
com reported an interplanetary CME shockwave Nov.13th, disturbing Earth's polar magnetic fields.
This is the
Sun and Earth in tandem, sending even more energy to the Activation Point. November
22nd, is Thanksgiving Day
this year.

The astrological pattern shown by
 today's (Nov. 13th) chart,  suggests the tremendous energetic
powers as above mentioned;
 but it also makes the same increased energies available to the down-
&-dirties, which will not pass up a chance to activate even more dastardly deeds, fear and suffering
around the globe.

In effect,
 the various dark factions  have been  fighting each other  recently:  Benjamin Fulford's
weekly news article reveals how__ "
Obama was cut off from his election finances by the Pope &
Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family"...(Japan)...
"and others did not step in and finance him, according to
CIA and Asian government sources. O-
bama returned the favor  by complying to a request  to purge Bush/Naxi operatives from the gov-
ernment and military__ sources say"... (  Click: "Weekly Geo-
political News and Analysis"

So the dark elements will no doubt now close ranks for a few "last minute" desperate attempts to try
and stop
Earth's and humanity's ascension over the next few months.  As this is written,  they have
already, once again, pitted
Israel and Palestine against each other in a false flag attempt to start
WWII.  The first volley of missiles  towards Israel  came from  Israeli agent/provocateurs,  with the
munitions landing in empty fields, rivers, etc., where no persons or buildings existed. Israel then re
sponded with greater war efforts, followed by destructive return fire from the Palestinian side.

Note the repetition of the
#"22",  which in numerology indicates , "The "Number of the Master"; so
we will see more attempts at "
mastery and control." The chart suggests more earthquakes, storms,
and water-events__ perhaps tsunamis, flooding or torrential rains.

Our response to all this terror is to
not allow ourselves to be emotionally manipulated by their pro-
bable, "magic tricks". Do not engage in this battle__ that is Gaia's territory. We humans are,
however, a major target, so
rev up your inner and outer energy fields, join with others, stay out of
fear and depression, and become the strongest Master of Life you can be.

The asteroid
Vesta's location in this chart, symbolized "children skating on thin ice". It seems that
right after the election,
 President Obama put into law, the right for any state to petition the White
House for a "peaceful secession" from the union with
25,000 or more signatures. This option was
already offered in the
US Constitution.  One week following Obama's housecleaning, 40 US Stat-
es signed petitions to secede from the US union, and by November 14th, all 50 states were
said to have completed petitions. This may simply be a "
heads up" to the government that the pe-
ople are fed up with what's been going on__ or it may be an arranged ploy  to justify  the national
 further meddling with it's   citizen's human rights__ or, another political group  taking
over control of the states. Oh, this will be a "v
elly, velly,  innnterrresssting" period!

NOVEMBER 19TH: Pleiadean Alignment.  Earth was exactly aligned between the Sun & the Ple-
iades constellation yesterday. The Sun in Scorpio, directly opposite the Pleiades' star, "Alcyone"
Taurus. Scorpio is the serpent, the birth canal for channelling and anchoring of the Divine Fe0
minine. Pay attention to what happens around this date,  not only on a personal level,  but around
the globe, for the Pleiadean agenda is one of
spiritual development toward the ability of a species to
live in harmony with each other__
Unity Consciousness__ and in balance with Nature. This sug-
gests that every 5200 years, Earth experiences a 'star seeding'. It holds the potential to benefit all
humans, and to activate
Starseeds even more strongly.

NOVEMBER 28. Lunar Eclipse... Moon 1* Sagittarius.  More Healing & Manifesting. "Old
Army veterans gather to reawaken old memories."

* After stating our Intention aloud, we can intensity the energy of that Intention by standing up, lift-
ing our arms toward the sky, (Creative Force Field) and moving them rigorously as if conducting a
cosmic orchestra, while
Visualizing the positive outcome. Dancing (joyful motion) also is very effec-

Unconditional Love in your heart, Become as One with the US Senators and Repres-
entatives and state loudly: "I Intend that the United States Congressional members co-op-
erate and co-create with each other and with all concerned to peaceably resolve US and
global problems in keeping with Creator's purposes, for the highest good of Earth and all
upon Her, from this day forward.
"      Visualize the positive outcome. Express Gratitude, Give
s, and state aloud: "How does it get any better than this?"