By MARILYN LA CROIX

                                                                 ABOUT THE AUTHOR

                      "You will be engaged in activities other than art.  It will be a growing time, a
                            learning time. The world is in need of the simple truths of life as you express
                            through your art.  Look deeply into the heart of your  expression through art
                            and portray this   simplicity and beauty  in other mediums  as in application
                           to  the future  that you  see for people.   Bring the  peace,  serenity,  truth and
                           simplicity of Nature to Man."
                                                                                                       Reading from Robin, New Zealand, 1984

Although I'd been involved in creative arts since before grade school, and was a professional artist
for many years,  those words triggered something from deep within  that led me down  a path I can
only describe as  "
A Search for the  Truth of  Higher  Creativity"  that could help us through  the long-
prophesied End Times.

Fine Arts were both  respected and  practiced for  generations in my  family.  My Dad had his own "Big Band
style"  orchestra until the  depression  ended all that, and had a darkroom where he developed his films and
photographs.  His brother,  my Uncle Bill,  made a career of art__ first as a teacher at  Los Alamos, NM, and
translated  scientists' papers into  lay language to be  printed in scientific journals for the California
Jet Pro-
pulsion Lab
.  He eventually became Art Director for the  Pasadena City College. At age 90,  he still wrote
books on quantum physics and creativity for young people.

Music,  art , literature and  sports were my passions in youth. I majored in art education at the University of
Minnesota,  and after  marriage and children,  studied with the  
College of  Southern Idaho  and the  Univ-
ersities of  Idaho
 and of Utah,  and receiving an Ordination and Doctorate  from the non-denominational,
Universal Life Church
in California. But the most cherished of my spiritual and creative training came from
private instructions from professional painters, and from
 Edgar Cayce,  Dr. Marcel Vogel,  Robt. Fritchie,  
Drunvalo Melchizedek
, and Kriya Yoga.

My personal search began by  investigating the  mysteries of the past.  We sometimes hear of secret societies
operating long ago. The ancient  mystery schools of Lemuria & Atlantis led to similar schools in Egypt, India
and Sumeria. Treasures known to the Crusaders and learned men such as
Plato,  Leonardo da Vinci and No-
are still whispered about in connection with the Knights Templar, the Cathars, the  Illuminati, the
Freemasons,  the Rosicrucians and the  Great White Brotherhood__ s ocieties which still exist today.  Goals of
money,  jewels or gold  don't seem to be  important enough to have  kept these groups striving so long and so
rigorously. So what were they really seeking?

What if  I told you that these  "treasures"__ hundreds of thousands of years old__  refer to  humankind's true
origins,  to our creative potentials and to  how much influence we have on our reality , both individually and  
collectively?  We are living in a period  fraught with waves of uncertainty  triggering intense  acceleration of
personal,  global,  solar systemic and even galactic expansion. Time flies faster and faster,  and will continue
to do so until we "Transcend Time", as the Maya predicted.

We need to address the issue of what sort of reality we want to craft for our future, for it will  determine how
we  navigate and manage life in the New 5th  Dimensional Earth.  A major issue  for me in youth was the  ac-
ceptance and understanding of frequent paranormal events hinting at another side to life. In this text,  we ex-
plore our creative  potentials  through  myths, ancient lore,  astrology & astronomy,  history,  science,  philos-
ophy, psychology, spirituality and paranormal experiences. Our real human history is not about politics, wars,  
technology and economics,  but about growth in consciousness. Consciousness  determines it all,  and creative
arts__  because they develop  imagination,  visualization,  innovation and  problem solving__ are an excellent  
pathway to that expanded awareness.

Creative Arts are not the only pathway to higher consciousness, but they have proved to be an excellent way.
Art activities are a journey of self-discovery.  The artist draws upon her  individual uniqueness as she creates,
and what she gives birth to mirrors  who she really is and how she relates to others. Workshops on painting,  
meditation, astrology,  energetic healing and the evolution of human creativity were given in Idaho, Missouri ,
Illinois, California and Arizona over thirty years. The practical techniques of a seminar could be taught in on-
ly a few days, but to shift the students' awareness to a point where they could understand and use the Higher
Creativity Techniques required at least a week. It was long after the book was begun,  that the rea-ization ar-
rived that most of us are now here on Earth to learn about  
The Creative Process and How to Apply It Appro-
priately to Raise Our Consciousness.

"Raising Our Consciousness Frequency" by mastering our thoughts, emotions,  beliefs and behaviors, enabled
us to Ascend along with Earth to a higher frequency dimension. Earth has already reached that state of exist-
ence.  Many humans also raised their consciousness and ascended with  Her into 5-D,  the  Fifth Dimension,  
where we are open to even higher states of mind and co-creating with The Supreme Source, as creator gods.
The opportunity is open for all of humanity to do so, if they choose to prepare for that..

"CREATING A NEW EARTH" was originally entitled "Creating From the Future" and was meant as a prerequis-
ite booklet for enrollment in the seminars.  Researching and writing the"booklet" became an eight-year-long
journey that greatly expanded the subject matter and uncovered an astonishing concept about End Times, as  
mentioned in so many world-wide spiritual texts__ one that demanded to be broadcast world-wide,  it inclu-
des insights gleaned as a teacher, astrological counselor and  alternative healer open to people's most private
feelings, thoughts and spiritual yearnings. Skills and knowledge from both  ancient mystery schools, from the
present and from the future are offered. Not just a story__ it is an experience.

Artistic, scientific, psychological and  spiritual discoveries by professional  researchers and  brilliant scientists  
document the book's unique concepts. the Skills developed by people engaged in Fine Arts, Invention or any
type of Creating something that never existed before in quite the same way,  are the same Skills required for
Co-Creating withe Spirit/Source. Over two hundred interviews of  artful  individuals reveal the thoughts, feel-
ings and motives that inspire practicing artists to Create; how and why they innovate, and what unusual skills  
develop  through their work. That  book went online  
April, 2006. I chose this method of publishing because
it allows for continual updating and refining of the book's information with new research and insights.

As artistic projects draw them deeper inside themselves, creative people often enter altered  states of conscio-
usness known to  Australian Aborigines as  "The Dreamtime"
.  Each chapter of the book  includes at least one
pf my own mystical encounters.  As with a series of p aintings at an exhibition,  they provide glimpses of a life
known only to a  relatively few people on  Earth today;  a whole  New  World,  enfolding the  hidden patterns
generating our  exterior lives and events.  These personal adventures are shared because,  like parables or my-
ths, they tell stories that cannot be f ully grasped through data or images alone. They symbolize certain truths
about our humanness, reflect novel viewpoints and enhance our sense of life's meaning. They carry us beyond
the ordinary limits of wisdom.

A broader perspective is presented,  merging the fields of self-improvement, spirituality and mystical encoun-
ters with both astronomical and  historical cycles of  human consciousness evolutions.  Chapters are arranged  
according to an ancient Mayan  process of  developing our Creative Consciousness,  following the  Universe's  
twenty-two steps toward Manifestations. Each chapter broadens the reader's inner sensitivities and opens him
to a new level of creative energy. It's best to avoid skipping chapters
; reading out of sequence may destroy the
pattern of unfolding awareness and promote confusion.

What is true for me may not be true for you at this time. Do not accept these ideas as your own  until they've
been well tested in your daily life. Then choose What Works for you and discard the rest. Readers who serio-
usly persevere  will be propelled into  expended states of intellect,  intuition,  creativity, abundance hope and
confidence to co-create a magnificent future for Earth and humanity.