Planetary Networks
The Lost River Valleys of Idaho  had a 7.3 earthquake in October, 1983,  with over 400 after-shocks in
the first three days alone. Talk about "unstable equilibrium".  After the quakes, my friend Patty and I felt
that something  enclosed beneath the geographical area  around Arco  had been released by the earth-
quakes.  Patsy was studying the  Middle East and ancient Egyptian pyramids  while I was investigating
Mexican, Native American and  Mound-builder  pyramids and temples.  Both of us  absorbed everything
we could find on  Tibetan and Southwestern Native American sites as well.  Neither of us was sure why
we were doing this,  but we felt that old, mysterious Seekers drive. We just HAD to find out something.  

Then Patty discovered that  when we drew lines  on the world globe  between the sites we had studied,
they formed  a series o f equilateral triangles  connected in  a belt  extending around the world  near the
Tropic of Cancer, from fifteen  to thirty-five degrees,  north latitude. Jane, friend and neighbor, confided
she felt odd sensations when driving past the three huge pyramidal buttes__ now inactive volcanic cra-
ters, rising abruptly from the Arco high desert flatness. Patty and I had similar feelings and our curiosity

North American Vortices
The end of December that year,  I went alone into the southern  California Mohave  desert to meditate.
On a high ridge,  I sat on a rock, closed my eyes, opened to the planetary grid and  asked Spirit to send
whatever was appropriate for the moment. Ten minutes later,  I opened my eyes again and was startled
to observe an entirely different scene than when I first sat down__ in front of me rose a huge, horizontal
ridge of red rock towers, with pine trees and shrubs.
"What's this?", I inquired of my inner self,  who rep-
:  "You will be in Sedona before the season is out."  The red rocks dissolved,  and the Mohave des-
ert browns came back in focus.  June, too, w as intuitively sent to Sedona,  which had become a mecca
for artists, psychics, geomancers and healers.

Hal and I had  been in Sedona  ten years earlier  on the art show and gallery circuit  when it was  known
primarily as an art center.  After visiting the galleries and shops that year,  we drove up  
Oak Creek Can-
,  a favorite spot for local painters.  I sat directly on the ground  and worked on a watercolor there until
near dark.  I felt a mystical,  soothing energy about the place a nd came away refreshed in some indefin-
iable way__ as if I had absorbed something from deep within those red rocks.

This was before I knew about Sedona's powerful vortices. In fact, Oak Creek Canyon was the first__ its
purpose was attunement to  Mother Earth.  Now-a-days,  people come from around the world to visit the
astounding beauty of the red rock formations and experience the sacred healing powers and time porta-
ls of the numerous vortices. Oak Creek Canyon was devastated by wildfires in
2006,  purifying it for use
as a sacred site where people will gather to live in the New Earth Reality.

1994 visit to Sedona began with our arrival on March 21st,  the Vernal Equinox.  We found June &
George at the  
Dead Horse Ranch State Park,  but its RV campground was full.  We would have to go
into town to the  Wal-Mart parking lot for the night, t hen bring the rig back by 8 AM  in hopes that some-
one had vacated a space__  but there were three outfits ahead of us on the waiting list. After visiting our
friends in the campground for about an hour,  a ranger appeared to tell us we were "the luckiest campers
he'd ever seen.". Some poor fellow had become down with recurring malaria and left for home. Since we
were already there with our rig, we were given his space.

It was a  beautiful resort along the  Verde River,  comfortable and convenient.  Huge pine trees  towered
among pink and rose-red rocks,  wildlife and birds  darted through the underbrush,  and at night,  the old
cliff-side,  mining town of Jerome glimmered two thousand feet above us, like a mothership  hovering be-
a canopy of stars.
The largest vortex  ever seen  in the Sedona area  was then developing  in Sycamore Canyon  between
Cottonwood and Sedona,  only a few miles  from our campsite__  this was why we were here.  I got little
sleep that night
; information about future technologies poured into my awareness for hours.

A Creativity Vortex
We moved back to Gooding, Idaho in 1998. Magic Valley in south-central Idaho, with its Creativity Vortex
had  an uncommonly large percentage of  resident artists and innovators. The
Sage Brush Art Guild of
painters,  began in the
1950's and recently moved  from producing only material art-forms to  creating on
higher levels. They found public exhibition space for school art classes, collected and sent a truckload of
art and school supplies to war-torn Iraqi school children,  donated art books to libraries,  provided free or
low cost art instruction to local artists and volunteered as after-school,  enrichment-program art teachers
at the elementary school.  Funds were donated yearly  to the school art departments in the county. They
supervised the annual  Gooding County Art Exhibit,  open to all Idaho artists,  for over thirty-five years. In
March, 2007,  the Sage Brush Artists merged with the  Snake River Artisans group of crafters to sha-
re meeting space and asistance and exhibition space with the yearly County Art Exhibit.

The "Eye" (center) of this  Creativity Vortex sits at  
Thousand Springs  near  Hagerman, Idaho,  where
the  Snake River Aquifer waters  from the  Lost Rivers  tumble from the  black lava canyon walls  into the
lower Snake River. There, the international organization,
The Nature Conservancy, conducts experim-
ents in water purification  using only  native wetland plants.  They succeeded in  returning the  
chemical-laden irrigation runoff  from the  north side of the canyon  to 98% purity  before it  returned to  
the Snake River. They hold an Art Festival every
September to raise funds.

Since we returned to Gooding, Idaho,  a
University of the Arts was established in  Sun Valley, Idaho
with its subsidiary,  the Western States College of Performing Arts and Humanities centered at the
Schubert Theater Opera House in Gooding.  It offered classes in the Performing Arts, Film Technol-
, Professional Wrestling, Feng Shui and Healing Arts. They frequently showed  mystical and alter-
native movies such as  "
Indigo" and "Indigo Evolution"  plus films the college itself created. They hosted
an afternoon session with  
Kryon  and featured  well-known musical groups.  Not bad,  for a town of only
3500 people. In
2007, the college relocated 35 miles away to Twin Falls, Idaho, more centrally located in
Magic Valley. The old theater is still used occasionally for local cultural events.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                         By Rev. Dr. Marilyn La Croix