The Naacal Mystery Schools were originally established in late Lemuria to assist humans to evolve their consciousness.
The keys to the "
Language of Light" were taught, but these keys were lost during the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis.

After the Great Flood,  as soon as  humans  were able to survive physically__  with shelter, fire, crops, livestock__  some
spirit beings, who in  former incarnations had  completed all or most of their Mystery School training, returned to  Earth as
guides.  About 12,000 years ago,  in what is now  Mongolia and Tibet,  the first attempts at r e-training  human conscious-
ness failed;  the people  were not ready. They were  too focused on  physical survival,  and  few humans  were  sufficiently
"awake" to even comprehend the notion of consciousness evolution. Little or no headway was made.

Some of the visiting beings  chose to  reincarnate in those  difficult times  to learn  What It  Means to Be  Truly Human and
thereby  become better teachers.  Over the  following ages of history,  very highly spiritual beings  came to Earth to set the
examples, to heal, to teach, to nudge humans back onto the path toward more inclusive awareness. Some, like Zoroaster,
Jesus,  Buddha,  or Baba Ji,  became famous.  Many others  came and went unknown to most of us,  but all made a differ-
ence, whether publicly recognized or not.

Mystery Schools were  re-established  mostly in  isolated  sacred places in  mountains or  desert areas,  as the hustle and
bustle of  living in highly populated  or structured  societies  was too distracting  for those  seeking inner guidance.  Places
such as Mongolia's Gobi Desert, Tibet, the Himalayan Mountains, China's pyramidal complexes, Egypt, Easter Island, Af-
rican,  Indian,  Australian sites,  the British  Isles,  the Hawaiian Islands,  the Essenes near the  Sea of Galilee, the Incas in
Peru and the Maya in Central America are some of the better known.  Many other sites,  such as the Arcturian-Idaho Star-
gate,  have been almost unknown to  any but  indigenous peoples  and shamans,  yet they  continue to this day instructing  
people to work with Multi-D Technologies in large or small groups. Some groups had only two or three members, yet were
completely valid in what they accomplished.

Thoth built the pyramid  after the Great Deluge, to serve as high tech beacons for the Annunaki spacecraft re-
turning to their Earth space port in what is now southern Iraq__ what was recently designated as the "No Fly Zone" for
dam Hussein's
forces.  According to  Zacharia Sitchin,  the pyramids had to be  rebuilt after the  Great Flood and  Polar
Shift destroyed  many original  landmarks  that formerly guided  incoming spaceships.  The pyramids,  we know, had other
amazing effects on human consciousness as well.  Thoth encoded into the Three Great Pyramids,  energetic, sacred geo-
metrical templates for planetary consciousness evolution  to be completed before 2013 C.E.. These pyramids later served
as initiation chambers for those who did complete their Mystery School teachings.

Carl Munk's analysis of geographical positions of great monuments of Earth,  placed The Great Pyramid as the "navel of
the Earth", marking the  center of the 0 degree meridian line  that indicated the  longest stretches of land  running in both a
north-south direction and an east-west direction around the entire globe. It founded a grid system aligning all Earth's pyra-
mids and monuments across the entire world.

There still exists a  Mystery School for Master  in the etheric realms above St. Louis, MO. Extraterrestrial beings frequently
came there to teach humans around 8000 B.C., but this was kept secret by the priesthood; little of it actually  reached the
people.  The ETs  who came to  enlighten the colonists,  bore the  
Sirian  physical characteristics of  large  stomachs and
high craniums  as did their children,  who were products of  mating  ETs with humans. taking this as  a sign of  superiority,
the nobility began binding babies' heads in cradle boards,  forcing them to grow into the priized 'longhead" shapes. Some
humans  today carry genes  producing such  long-heads,  and in  museums  around the world,  similarly shaped, fossilized
skulls can be found,  particularly in Egypt and Peru. The idea that this cranial deformity was once natural or genetic is sup-
ported by the existence of  elongated skulls in the fetuses of some Egyptian mummies. An excellent 2014 update on these
"long-heads"__  is  "
Brien Foerster  &  L.A. Marzulli  -  Hour 1 -  Paracas  Elongated Skull  DNA Analysis  and The
Nephilim Connection"

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                           By Rev. Dr. Marilyn La Croix