Thousands of years ago, the Maya knew that Humanity was not yet at the stage of fully craf-
ting their Light-bodies,  so they taught the use of the Tzolk'in Calendar as a Time-Recording

The Mayan Calendars are  powerful astrologically-based tool s for clearing the subconscious. There
were 17 different calendars used by the Maya, but we need only concern ourselves with two of them.
Long Count Calendar is the one involved with the December 12,  2012 date. The best source  I
know,  if you want to know more about the  
Universal Plan for Consciousness Evolution is:
(  Search: "Ian Lungold" To find your own  Mayan/Aztec Sun Sign & Tone Num-
r: (  Scroll down to "TZOLKIN CHARTS" for your Date of Birth.

By understanding & working with the Tzolk'in calendar, both harmonious or disharmonious vibrations
can be recognized.  An individual can access the  New World Reality  and exist in a higher density by
evolving their Light Body.

The  Mayan Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar  is a galactic consciousness map  presenting cycles of
creative intelligence evolution for individuals, Earth and all life upon Her
.  Each of the thirteen
Wavespell days  inspires an individual's mind and body in a particular way. At the same time, each of
the 20 solar glyphs urges the mind and body  to express that inspiration in a unique way__ with infor-
mation from a galactic code-bank.

Example:  A Wavespell Day #2, inspires one with a Challenge  to his Day #1 New Inspiration that he
must learn to cope with before he can best express it . If that glyph also falls upon a
MEN solar glyph
, he must resolve that Challenge to express  MEN's evolutionary purposes on the planet . Each of
the 260 days of a Tzolk'in year presents a different combination of a Number and a Symbolic Glyph.

The  Harmonic  Convergence,  August, 1987,  was a  Mayan Calendar  turning point  marking  25
years before  the end of the calendar,  and the Shift.  Inspiring pulsations  arose inside us.  Many felt
driven to go to some special place to receive energies or messages.  Mayan Day Keepers tell us that
July 26th, 1992  was an additional  Time Shift  when  all awakened  lifeforms  began to  "Transcend
Time'.   It seems these days  that Time is speeding up,  but it is really Creation that is speeding up__
events are occurring more and more frequently now.)

As an additional tool for interacting with Time,  the Mayan calendars present the current
Galactic Cy-
cle of Creative Intelligence
__ The Great Year.  Our current Great Year began about 25,920 years a-
go with  the second failure  of the Atlantean  civilization.  It reached its  half-way point about  
13,000 years ago
, when the Great Flood resulted , and the Great Pyramids were built. We were, on
February 2, 2013__ 42 days into the Ascension Process.  It's difficult to determine  whether hum-
anity or any individual  was shifting into a  New Density existence or not , if we chose  to determine a
Shift by what is occurring in the world outside at this time. What seems to be happening, is that many
people's consciousness and creative abilities are transforming within them.  Some say that this "inner
birth" of the "new human soul"  is an ongoing event  that may complete sometime by the end of
People who are actually going through the Shift, are now finding that their physical and subtle bodies
are mutating__ and they are starting to  comprehend their mission & service  for helping to create the
New Earth Reality       

David Wilcock's 1-13-13 blog: "December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality",
(  He presented some awesome new "pieces" for understanding just what
Mayan Calendar  ased its numbered days  nd cycles upon. Their Long Count Calendar of 5,125
...  "is almost exactly 1/5th of the 25,920 year cycle",  of the  Precession of Earth's Equinoxes.
Every Mayan Calendar Cycle corresponds to planetary orbits
."... "each of the sub-cycles the Mayan
Calendar is tracking__ 260 days, 360 days+5,  7200 days (19.5 years) and 144K days (397.4 years)
__ is directly synchronized with our solar system orbits."

The 260-day "Sacred'Tzolk'in"  is the most widely-appearing of these ancient cycles in Mesoamerica.
Robert Peden, an Australian college professor, found that 260 days is the smallest possible number
that interlocks all the inner planets' orbits together. The Maya built a system of divination around this
__ where they tracked  a
20-day cycle  and a  13 day cycle" .. (a Wavespell).. . "at the same time"....
"Each day in each of these cycles has a particular meaning similar to astrology. The effects we exp-
erience will change as these two cycles intersect through-out the entire 260-day period.

There follow numerous pages of David's article explaining the  Mayan Calendar's relationship to "Ge-
ometric Realit
y",  to  "Our Sun Orbiting a  Nearly-Invisible  'Brown Dwarf' Star" and  "Our Sun orbiting
another star  in a  25,920 - year cycle"__
 and how "This Geometry Appears When the Sun's Orbit is
Smoothed Out into a Circle."  This geometry may be the hidden reason for why the Mayan Calendar
works the way it does. It represents the mainspring__ the central axis__ in the cosmic clock
."...  It is
not for keeping track of Time__ but for
Lovingly Developing and Using Creative Consciousness.

Several nights ago,  the
History Channel presented a 2 hour program called  "Apocalypse Island".
It featured Jim Turner,  an archaeologist whose  interests led him to a deserted,  extremely wild and
rugged island  400 miles east of
 Santiago, Chili  in the  Pacific Ocean.  There he found  two Mayan
monuments... a statue of the Mayan Sun God, "
Ahau"  and a crouching jaguar behind him. (See. Ch,
: under "Double Identity".) Jaguar is the Mayan symbol for shape-shifting  &inter-dimensional
Chan Baloom, the last king of the great Mayan Empire,  reigned at the time this monum
ent was created.  Carved out of native stone,  these structures stand  150 feet high.  How the  Maya
managed to travel through Central and South America and the Pacific to reach that island over 1000
years ago, defies reason. The island, surrounded by extremely rough seas, is only reachable by boat
during the months of November & December.  The tomb of Chan Baloom has never been found. Can
it exist somewhere on this island? Does it hold more information about

Turner believes the island holds the key  to the mysteries  surrounding the  end dates of  the  5000+
year long Mayan Calendar. Outstanding as astrologers, the Maya knew that on the date of
three major astronomical events would occur:  
The final  transit of Venus across the Sun within that 5000 year cycle,
2.) The very last Total Solar Eclipse of the entire Mayan Calendar cycle,
The alignment of the Sun, Earth and the black hole Center of our MiIky Way Galaxy.

Amazingly, the Maya knew of these events, & even more amazingly__ figured out that  the only place
on Earth where all three could be observed was atop the monument on this island in the Pacific, and
ONLY on the date of 12-21-12.

4-2-10: Recent studies & artifacts showed how the Maya did travel great distances in their huge, ce-
dar tree dugouts.  Columbus recorded how his landing in the Caribbean  was met by a boat  carrying
30 natives,  paddling out to meet him.  It was carved from one log__ and twice as long as  Columbus'

Coast to Coast AM online radio  interviewed a man  who had  known  Edgar Cayce__ who said  the
Maya were a noble race that had connections with ETs  and other dimensional beings in their classic
period. Later, in
800 A.D., when they'd lost their connections with Spirit & became  violent & war-like,
a woman overheard the king talking with his counselors about beginning human sacrifices. She didn't
want to be a part of that,  so she and her family and friends  left the Yucatan  and went up the
ssippi River
where they eventually became North American Mound Builders.

In one of  this writer's past lives as a  Mayan emigrant,  I and others lef t the Yucatan in dugout cedar
canoes, traveled  up the Mississippi River to
Cahokia,  now in east central Illinois across the Missis-
sippi from what is now
St. Louis, and established a mound civilization there.  As a young man,  fulfill-
ing my year of "service" to the god,  I carried basket-loads of dirt on my back, held in place by a strap
around my forehead, helping build
Monk's Mound.

New reports show that the Maya also explored & traded  in other
North American mound areas,  in-
Ohio,  Georgia,  Florida and southward to all of Central American Venezuela, Columbia,
and Chili, traveling on the rivers and seas.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX