December, 2009

Many of us have long waited for the
Mayan Elders to tell us their truths about the "End Times". For 500
years, the indigenous peoples of the world held their secrets__ no written material existed__ the info
was handed down verbally from generation to generation.

TV and the movies have recently filled our minds with dire predictions and visual images about "the end
of the world." This is definitely NOT what is going to happen! With the assistance of Drunvalo
Melchizedek, the Elders have now produced a film entitled, "SHIFT OF THE AGES" that includes their
prophecies for Dec. 12, 2012 and the dates surrounding it. The Maya actually describe this Shift as
"Point Zero", indicating it as the Beginning of a new way of life on Earth. This is the fifth such Shift that
has ever occurred on this planet. Mayan Elder Cirilo Periz Oxlaj, or "Wandering Wolf, the Voice of the
Jungle", tells all in this marvelous film. However, the Maya need our help. They need us to spread word
of this movie through our internet connections, and, if we feel so inclined, to aid them with donations.
Some of this material will be included on
You Tube videos every twenty days ("Ahau" glyph days.)

For more information, please access and click on the November  "ALL SOULS
. The first paragraph is "Shift of the Ages: 2012", holding the important information. Scroll down
and find out how you can receive their newsletter and become an "Ambassador".