May 12, 2010
                                                                                    "THE CREATIVE IMPULSE"

We may be having flashbacks of other realities, plus downloads of information. Some of these inputs appear (waking or
sleeping as clay tablets, parchments or scrolls on which hieroglyphics or symbols appear in vertical columns. The Creative Cycle we
are now experiencing has occurred at least six times before, so our consciousness has been through this previously. Sumerian and
Mesopotamian clay tablets hold the same patterns as the understanding of the ancient Vedic texts, which are the foundation of
Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism and Taoism. They all have similar understandings of the Wave levels of the evolution of conscious-
ness cycle with 13 sections of "Days" and "Nights" each, as does the Mayan Calendar. In the Bible, Genesis states that Creation
was made in seven days.

Tricia Cannon says the Essenes were a chapter of the Great White Brotherhood Mystery Schools that existed 4000 years
before Jesus, and 400 years after. The Great White Brotherhood was also known as "The Melchizedeks.
" Some of our
downloads may
be from those ancient teachings.

At the present time, there is a sense of compulsion, and an urge to become more consciously aware. This is the Creative Im-
pulse, fostering more unity among peoples, and an urge to create the future with Spirit/Creator/God, using our spiritual talents
Expanded Multi-dimensional Technologies. Like the "Big Bang"__ something came from nothing. The Creative Force
drives the universe. People are now splitting off into two or three groups in communities, nations or global organizations. The
middle-class is disappearing in the West as we either move economically upward with the wealthy elite, or downward into the
poverty level.

As for consciousness evolution, there are three groups: one that has awakened fully and will ascend into higher dimensional reai-
ities; a second that is still asleep and involved in negative thoughts and actions; and a third group that sits in the "middle-ground"
__ those still caught up in old-world fundamentalism, or are unable or unwilling to change. In school classrooms, the students are
either becoming academically and athletically super-involved, or they are sinking to the level of report card failures and dropouts.
There seems to be so very little or none at all still in the former "middle group" that just "gets by."

David Wilcock ,in his recent Video: "2012 Event Horizon", tells us that... "DNA is the physical result of an intel-
ligently-structured energy wave that creates life wherever and however it can, according to a design that remains fairly
consistent throughout the galaxy. Evolution occurs in sudden bursts of time, triggered by galactic energy processes.
Our entire solar system is experiencing rapid climate change due to this charge-up that has already been transforming
and evolving DNA for some time, but will apparently result in a sudden quantum shift we have not yet experienced."
David is not sure whether this will occur in 2012 or not__ various sources give different opinions.                                  
June 1, 2010       
Every person has a Tesla scalar interferometer between his ears. The two halves of our brain can, between them, generate sca-
lar waves
__ to our feet when we walk on hot coals, or to our hands when we bend spoons. "The energy between a sender and a
receiver is Time/Space. We, with our minds, cause Time/Space to curve and oscillate, which affects mass. Electromagnetic sca-
lar waves are the agent of the curvature." (
Thomas Bearden)  We create Zero Point Energy within our brains, which provides an
exact mechanism for psychokinesis, levitation, psychic-energetic healing, telepathy, precognition, post-cognition and remote
viewing. Prescription drugs, however, can keep us from receiving intuitive downloads.

The Arcturians informed us of "The Frequency of Free Will Choice." Those of you who are now living on the new timeline are
ready to operate at the frequency of Oneness or
scalar wave frequency.... "The scalar wave is the frequency of free will choice.".
_. "it corresponds with Intent".. and by intention... "alters the state of electromagnetic particles. These particles, when program-
med with intention, combine or cluster with like-energies to form a pattern of energy that superimposes itself into physical f

Choice is now your most powerful tool"... "The divine clay by which you now have the tools to mold your life anew." The scalar
wave frequencies will form around us in our spheres of influence, forming... "
information pockets ripe with potential and attracted
to those with the same  light quotient as these participating fields of intelligence
."... "Some of us who are ready to complete this
phase of our ascension process__ merging the divine masculine and feminine principals
"..."will be assisted by the scalar
waves to ... "
procure the physical modalities required to build the physical structures and way stations of New Earth."

We are moving through a period of Fine-Tuning necessary to work consciously and effectively with these energies. If we are in
tune with these frequencies, we will notice... "
a subtle shift in our human abilities, marked improvement in life, a sense of well-
being and radical changes in how we interact with the world

We are part of a Process that is going somewhere__ in fact, We Are The Process. Everything, every relationship, every organiz-
ation, culture, work of art, blade of grass or pebble on the path has consciousness, is Alive. And everything is inter-connected.
Everything is always moving and changing, and this change-movement is accelerating__ faster and faster__ so we have to
to the rising need to continually change the patterns of our lives. We're not going to be living some sort of "formula" or "dog-
ma" or some pattern from the past__ WE HAVE TO MAKE IT UP AS WE GO ALONG. Hence the need for Inner Guidance, for
Expanded Co- Creativity. Allow the situation, the environment, the participants (including yourself) to create their own solutions
together__ like an orchestra, conducted by the Divine.                  

The current astrological aspects have brought constant tension to most of us. We are, from mid-May to mid-June being asked to
face the deepest layers of our wounding; they are hitting us in the face. For myself, with a preponderance of males in the family,
it is the old "battle of the sexes", in an attempt to introduce the feminine energies. Yes, it can be quite painful, but the aspects can
also reconnect us with Earth/Gaia as we cleanse ancient and current deep-set pains from human violence, cataclysms, and the
abuse of Mother Earth. We can regain our Oneness with our planet. Multidimensional News sent a meditation :
. Only 12 minutes long, it links you directly with Gaia/Earth; and it is
one of the most moving meditations I have ever experienced.

Gobal Coherence Initiative tells how the Schumann Resonsnce, solar flares and storms, and Earth's telluric forces and earth-
quakes can affect our health with such occurrences as hypertension, seizures, neurological disturbances, heart attacks, plus in-
creased crime, violence and terrorism. There is more suicide, depression, mental illness and memory, attention and seep diso-
rders. The balance of  
melatonin with seratonin is involved in the transit of these energies. Too little melatonin brings on the ne-
gative experiences, while larger amounts produced in the body temper the negative effects and encourage enlightenment. Mela-
tonin is produced when we are in a dark room__ the darker the better.

We have a tiny nightlight in our master bathroom, and we left the door partly ajar in case one of us needed to find the bathroom
in the middle of the night. We've both had some sleep disturbances now and then, but since I closed the door to within only 1 or
2 inches, we go to sleep within minutes and sleep deeper and longer. However, as the sunrises earlier in Spring, I often wake up
long before I want to get up.

A past life memory was verified when Coast to Coast AM online radio interviewed a man who had
known Edgar Cayce, who said the Maya were a noble race that had connections with ETs and other dimensional beings in their
classic period. Later, however (800 A.D.), they lost their connections with Spirit and became violent and warlike. A woman over-
heard the king talking with his counselors about beginning human sacrifice rituals. She didn't want to be a part of that so she and
her family and friends left the Yucatan and went up the Mississippi River where they eventually  became North American Mound
Builders. (My past life memory is of helping to build Cahokia Mound in what is now Illinois, directly across the Mississippi from St.
Louis, MO.

DREAM: I was with a group of friends, preparing for the "end of the world'. It would come by fire (mind or volcano), by earth
(quakes), by water (floods) or by air (winds, tornadoes). Someone called out to us to look at the sky__ it was black with smoke.
We could see the sun peek through only as a "ring of light", appearing in the dark skies as a narrow circle with a black interior.
We hurried to set backfires and clear a barrier to protect ourselves from the wildfires.

Mona Lisa Schulz gave some interesting information on .She says our eyesight and hearing fade as we age
to promote greater clairvoyance. Shamans in indigenous tribes always had to give up some part of themselves so their higher
spiritual gifts could come forth. Some lost a hand, a leg or their eyesight, for example. This explains why so many  evolved light-
workers have some kind of disability, illness or injury that does not heal, even when they themselves have healed and manifested
hundreds of others. Perhaps, if they were entirely well, they would not continue focusing their lives around a spiritual path. One of
the major problems with being a shaman, a seer or healer, is the loneliness of the isolation required to commune with Source
and nature spirits and perform their skills.

Speaking of Healing: it seems that as we women take better care of our physical bodies, new opportunities arise to fulfill our vi-
sion or mission__ to manifest our Life's Purpose. I awoke one morning at 5 AM, just aching all over except for my head and inter-
nal organs. When I asked Higher Self about it, I was told to check the electrical devices. So I disconnected the bedside lamp (we
also keep a small flashlight there in case there is a power outage), the CD player across the room, and removed the battery pow-
ered remote control for the CD player from my bedside. Back to bed__ by gosh, the pain was gone!

Barbara Hand Clow , gave definitions of the Nine Dimensions. She says everyone will begin to open to
all these nine dimensions at once when the Shift occurs, 12-21-12. While editing some of the chapters in this web-book, I reali-
zed that most of the paranormal episodes mentioned herein could be viewed as having occurred while in other  dimensions than

According to Clow, the 1st Dimension is the iron crystal core of Earth, in which the Cosmic Akashic Records can be read, and
the Inner Earth space between that core and the planet's outer crust are where the 2nd Dimension exists. Here we find the
elementals, the nature spirits, the minerals and chemicals which are all living entities. I have worked with these beings for mani-
festing and healing yards and gardens, and for acquiring hard-to-find material needs. We can call upon these entities for assist-
ance in manifesting and healing, and thereby attain sustainable wellness. Books by Michelle Wright tell us how to do this.

Computer glitches have been occurring every few days, but it was possible to fix them without calling tech support. Because of
those glitches, a great deal of information from this website was lost. So I called on the 2nd dimensional beings. Don't ask me
exactly why this works__ I don't know__ but it did work!

I'm picky about my polo shirts, only buying a type sold by two catalog companies. I've wanted a navy blue, plus a black polo shirt
since last winter, and spent the entire winter until mid-May searching catalogs and the Internet for them. They are a bit more exp-
ensive, but are often put on sale at the end of the fall season, or when there is an overstock. No such luck; my favorites just were
not to be found. I gave up.

A few days after discovering Clow's information about the 2nd dimensional nature beings, I entered our walk-in closet to get a
clean shirt, and right in front of me, sticking out from my oft-worn polo shirts, was a black one in my size, and bearing the label of
one of my favorite companies__ just like I wanted! I pulled it out and called out to H: "
Who put this shirt in here?" He came over
and looked and said he'd never seen it before. Wow__ I hadn't even done an Intention__ I'd only silently thought about how I
might ask the elementals and nature spirits for new shirts. I thanked the nature spirits and delightedly put it on.

A few days later I did the laundry and ran out of hangers. I figured I could double up on a few things in the closet and went to do
so. Once again__ right in front of my eyes, hung a new navy blue polo shirt, exactly as desired, and in my size. The tag showed
other preferred catalog company. I again asked H about it, but he had never seen that one before either! So I had my new
polo shirts, and it cost me
: one unconscious intention. Now, this is getting downright spooky!

I keep a list of things I need to buy online. One of these lists is for
MZ Essential Oils, for allergies in season. I keep a large bot
tle of "Breathing" oil on hand, and when the spring allergy season hit, I realized it was getting low and I'd better put it on my list.
isualizing having the full bottle soon, I also added a new one, "Sleep Well", needing something for a sleep problem I was hav-
ing at that time. I delayed ordering, wanting  a larger order to save on shipping.

A day or two later, I was rummaging around in a basket we keep under the coffee table for items we often use in the living room.
I was amazed to find a HUGE bottle of "Breathing", sealed and unopened, in a corner of the basket. I'm into that basket several
times a day, and I'll swear that bottle was never there before. And I had not ordered it yet, either.

As if that weren't enough, the next day I went to the closet to put some items away on a shelf, and caught sight of a 4"x4" plastic
bag, with some Kleenex tissues stuffed into it. "What the heck is this,?" I exclaimed. I opened it to find __ Yes!__ a small bottle
of "Sleep Well" wrapped in the Kleenex, also sealed and unopened. I'd never ordered that one, either! If I had, I would never
wrap it in Kleenex or put them in a plastic bag. What is going on here? I had to believe the nature spirits sent this remedy, too. I
thanked them and later told H and family. Of course, since I was 78 years old, their reply was: "Oh, it's odd how things get push-
ed forward in the closet after we've forgotten about them."__ and, "Oh, we don't always remember where we put things." Yeah,

Drunvalo Melchizedek's web broadcast, "
The Birth of a New Humanity" was marvelous. It should be on You Tube soon, and he
says "WE HAVE MADE IT"__ We will indeed Shift between now and 2015 because we are getting our spiritual work done! The
effects of Choice will manifest ever more rapidly as Time closes in on itself from now until the final days of the Shift.

Global Coherence Initiative Research Team reminds us that we can change the course of planetary events. While solar cycle 24
is becoming more active every day, affecting all beings on Earth, we can choose how to react to these changes. The increasing
solar activity also has a positive effect:  "
It is a time when opportunity and creativity can flourish along with increased individual
and collective enlightenment.
" ... It's a good time to learn how to cooperate more fully with each other and with Earth, leading to...
a global consciousness transformation and increasing peace."... We can prepare ourselves for this by... "committing to redu-
cing fear, becoming more responsible for our own energy
"... and increasing Unconditional Love, care and respect for others
and ourselves.

"Unconditional Love is Spirit in Action__ our True Self. The same force that moves the Universe to evolve is in us and moving
us to evolve, as well.
The Primary Drive of Life is to create novelty__ something original__ by which Spirit comes to fur-
ther know Itself
. We are awakening now to the entire Creative Process__ the Foundational Creative Impulse of the Universe,
which is a driving force moving towards pro-creation. To know true spirituality in self is to realize the infectious inspirations com-
ing from within True Self, conveying a sense of implicit realization of that mystical source of meaning and knowingness.
Global Coherence Initiative Research Team)

 June 21, 2012
                                                                      "HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER"

DREAM: Earlier this month, I dreamed about an explosion in what appeared to be a railroad station. People there were seen on-
ly as silhouettes wearing vintage clothing__ women with longer dresses  and wide-brimmed hats, men in suits with long jackets
and fedora hats__ the 1920's or earlier?
I thought of Orly Station in France__ Paris, maybe. Was it bombed in WWI or WWII?
Some online research revealed that "Orly" was the airport outside of Paris, and the only bombing on record there was in 1938
when an American's suitcase bomb killed several people at the Turkish check-in counter in protest over some imprisoned Amer-
. There was also an "Orly" railroad station in Russia, but no bombings that we know of.

A few nights later, another dream arrived, with more silhouettes. This time
a row of homes__ with a lighted sky behind them. A
light -colored fog or mist began to glow behind them
. Suddenly, they all burst into flames at once! Again, it seemed something
from our past, rather than a future vision. My first
thought was of an atomic blast; could it have been Nagasaki or Hiroshima? My
usual procedure after a disturbing dream, (although I seldom have them) is to feel compassion for the location and the partici-
pants and to  Intend that the episode be healed, forgiven and the location cleansed of negativity. We may be clearing and healing
episodes from our individual and collective pasts with our dreams.

No doubt you are all as tired of hearing about the Gulf of Mexico oil gushers as I am, but here are a few different perspectives:
The Gulf of Mexico oil leaks, so upfront in the news media, are to date the greatest environmental disaster in human history. It's
a colossal Wake-Up Call for humanity. In our last issue,
we related how the 2nd Dimension is where minerals, chemicals, nature
spirits, and elementals reside, and that they are living entities
. In her recent article, Barbara Hand Clow suggests that... "The la-
test BP gusher is not about a pocket of oil that will soon empty out.
BP has pierced the circulatory system of the Mother and
She is bleeding
. This is the great cataclysm of our times that will likely cause mass extinction of many species."

If any of you lightworkers are experiencing extreme exhaustion, weakness, or even occasional nosebleeds of late, you may be
resonating with Mother Earth__ Gaia. What happens to Earth has been proven to be felt within our physical bodies. Our blood is
formed with iron and saltwater. Earth has an iron core,and there is more saltwater on Her surface than anything else. Indeed, hu-
man actions affect Earth, too, and they also affect other dimensions where we dwell.

In an article on
Spirit of Maat, Norma Gentle commented on the oil spill. She views this episode as forcing us to examine how
we extract minerals from within Earth, and is also forcing earlier-recorded facts about the damage or current forms of oil drilling
done to the planet into both our personal and general media awareness. We need to remember that:
"Change is constant" ,
and what doesn't change easily, bit by bit, will ultimately change swiftly and dramatically.

Norma continued: "As the doorway opens between the consciousness of humanity and the consciousness of oil"... (remember is
alive)  ... "it allows for a deep and dramatic change in how humanity and oil relate to each other. As long as humanity under-
stands that we have dominion over even the
consciousness of oil, we will respect it. This spill is allowing humanity to open the
door to understand, first at a subconscious level in dream states, that there is a
partnership here with oil, water, dolphins, crust-
aceans and all those layers of consciousness of
the other. We will no longer choose to abuse it as easily. When we can see
there is a consciousness and a power within Nature to rebuild, to re-organize, and to creatively solve problems, humanity will
be-come more aware of its partnership with Nature."

"We need to realize that the next step in our consciousness evolution is a combination of shared consciousness with Nature and
humanity. Most of us have heard about the
marvelous experiments with water that coaxed it into beautiful (or not so beautiful)
crystalline and other shapes, and intended it to hold programs for our well-being.
But have we considered that water's conscious-
ness may have its own preferences for the shapes or the programs it might hold

Norma's article suggested novel ways of meditating to connect with the oil, the water and the lifeforms in the Gulf of Mexico and
them what they would like to become or have us do now.
:  My subsequent attempts to communicate with the 2nd Dimension through meditation have been amazing. In a 2-D state
of mind, was able to contact the water, oil and other minerals connected with the Gulf leaks. The extreme Love, Joy and Grati-
tude that flowed from them was overwhelming; it was reminiscent of painting with watercolors when the paint pigments them-
selves (made of minerals) would inform me of what they wished to be in the artwork.

There is only One Mind in the Universe. Water, oil, sand, rock, mountains, minerals, plants, insects, animals, humans, microbes,
bacteria and viruses__ and Earth Herself__ are all parts of One Greater Being, connected in Unity Consciousness, and "
we do to another, we do to ourselves
." Perhaps the way to resolve this gusher dilemma is to send Unconditional Love to the
Gulf's water, oil, lifeforms and to Earth, and ask them what they suggest as solutions
. We can also send Unconditional Love__
and Forgiveness__ to those entities responsible for the catastrophe and for rectifying it in a benevolent, peaceful manner for all
forms of awareness involved. Then Thank all the consciousnesses who agreed on higher levels to be a part of this tremendous
lesson for all of us on the planet.

And it has turned out to all be so unnecessary. Thomas Gold, in the 1950's' announced the "
Abiotic Oil Theory" from his re-
search, proving that oil is formed not only from dead dinosaurs and animals, but is being constantly created beneath Earth's
crust. The corporate oil predicators have kept this a secret from us to justify their high oil prices by making us believe we are
"running out" of oil, gas, etc.. In the 1970's the Russians drilled about 300 deep wells to access this renewable oil. We must end
this personal and corporate greed and terrorism that is raping our planet and killing her and her lifeforms, including us humans.

These Gulf Gushers are possibly the foretold "terrible event" that was expected to devastate people's sense of security, but
would, in the end, turn out to be a blessing. Let us pray and Intend that the secreted higher technologies are now being used to
stop the oil leaks, and for weaning us off or oil addiction.

June 4, 2010: PROPHECY?  From the computer room, I glanced into the living room to see a white-haired woman lying back
against the sofa cushions as if very ill__ or dead. Her eyes were closed and one hand rested beside her cheek. She wore a
bright blue dress with sparkling objects around her neck and wrist, suggesting diamond jewelry. My first concern was for a dear
friend of mine who recently had her 84th birthday, but she seldom wore jewelry, let alone diamonds. A second look proved the
figure was simply the way light fell upon a group of cushions, plus a bluish pant I'd been hemming that afternoon. Yet, every time
I looked over there, I' see that same old woman.

Next day, David Wilcock had a new blog on "
Divine Cosmos", relating a dream he'd had about an elderly woman with white hair,
who was dying. In his dream, it turned out to be
Queen Elizabeth, who'd recently celebrated her 84th birthday. David suggested
his prophetic dream might indicate the fall of the British Dynasty. The Euro is not doing well at all lately. 2/14, the Queen recently
began her "abducationt", handing the royal reigns over to her son, Charles, Duke of Wales.

As Uranus joins Jupiter at 1 degree Aries__ a powerful cardinal point__ we can expect shake-ups, evolutionary changes and
sudden surprises, particularly in the Space/UFO/High Technology areas and wake-up calls to our higher consciousness. Stan-
ton Friedman,
highly respected nuclear physicist, announced on mainstream media that there are indeed UFOs and extraterres-
trials in and around Earth, and that the government and the global controllers have been covering it for close to 60 years.  Click on "War for Disclosure Goes Red Hot."

We need to be on the alert as the global elite controllers have run out of money, and some of their attempts to attain more fund-
ing will probably be to start another World War__ possibly in Iran__ as we're being impacted with reports of "WMPs" again in
Iran, and that Osama Bin Laden has been in Iran all this time. They're really reaching deep-down into the disinformation/propa-
ganda barrel these days. They also want to control the Internet, radio and TV talk shows.

Our sleep has often been interrupted every few nights by frequent potty breaks. This is most likely due to
more toxins being re-
leased as our body's DNA and cells change
. We are also dealing with many breakdowns in our electronically-run devices, lawn-
mowers, communication devices and cars. It's fix, fix, fix these days.

Another download came in the middle of the night: a big blackboard with chalk symbols drawn similar to what one might see on a
mathematician's board. I didn't recognize any of them, but assumed it was more "DNA adjustments". The next night as I was get-
ting into my twin bed quite late, I glanced at the digital clock on the other side of H's bed to see the time, but part of his head was
in the way. I was about to sit up for a better view, when suddently__ the clock moved 4 inches to the right where I could plainly
see the time! I
sat up__ and it went back into place again! As I tested my eyes, moving them up and down and from side to side,
the clock would repeatedly shift and return to its original place each time.

A major problem with Living in Two Realities at the same time, these days, is usually one of communication. People either
don't hear me, don't understand what I say, or I don't understand or hear them__ maybe both. I expressed my feelings of "
ignored like a piece of furniture
" verbally and loudly, during an intense family conversation.

Later I wondered; Was I spending too much time in the New Reality, neglecting family and friends who were still strongly connec-
ted with the Old Reality? Or, were we becoming "invisible" to each other via the differing reality vibrations, with none of us feeling
valid or supported by each other because of it?

In the past I've tried to ignore these types of incidents; but that just lets it continue, and often makes it occur more frequently and
more intensely. HS suggested I deal with this for the present by
staying out of Old Reality issues; i.e. not joining in the conversa-
tion about 3-D, mainstream news, or standard beliefs. It's not easy, but so far it's working, although
I sometimes feel left out of
the loop.
In those moments, I just try to remind myself that it's due to the New Reality arriving, and not intentional by family or
friends__ t hey'll catch on in time, at their own pace

Still later I found that my verbal expression of annoyance did gain attention, bringing underlying tensions out into the open. One
family member came to me with an apology and the realization that he'd had a difficult time with his supervisor at work that day,
and was projecting it onto other
s. I kept quiet, sympathized a bit, and projected Unconditional Love to both of us. He continued
with an expression of his hopes, dreams and worries about the near future, the state of the world and his own mental state
due to being asked to jump through too many hoops that were dependent upon someone else's time schedule
. I responded with
few words regarding my own vision of the New Reality that would be fair, far more abundant, healthy and joyful for all than we
can even imagine right now. We were both comforted.

: The Arcturians have downloaded 5th Dimensional energies into us and there will be more of these downloads
from now through July 5th.