Living in a New Reality
                                  May 2, 2011

So here we are living in the middle of the
CORE DAYS  where the past meets the future, and beginning NIGHT TWO of
the 9th/Wave-Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar this
May 2, 2011.  In this 18 day-long period, we will be deal-
ing with issues related to the "SUN" and to "WARRIORS".  We will be "Measuring" and "Defining" the Form of the Action
to be taken in order to fully manifest our New Consciousness,  and we will encounter  Reactions Against the New Consci-
ousness. The last NIGHT TWO we experienced was from
December 20, 2001 -  December 15, 2002. The US invaded

As we review the events that occurred  since the midpoints days of  DAY TWO  (April 14th to May 1, 2011)  which dealt
Germinating the Seeds of the New Consciousness: ("Rules for Being Human", "The Point of Synchronicity", Precog-
nition" and  "The effect occurring before the cause",  we will see how it has been  an Expansive Push of the  New Consci-

4-24-11: The Guides suggested I avoid listening to online programs  or reading articles  dealing with other people's id-
eas of spirituality and  follow only  Divine Inner Guidance from now on as things will soon become very confusing  with all
the various "ideas" and "ideals" being put forth on that subject.  Reading and listening to information  about our personal
"missions" at this time is okay.

MEDITATION: 4-28-11:  I'm concerned about our trees having leafed out over the past two weeks but the leaves are still
yellow__ not green. Also, we've had an extremely cool spring with much rain and very few sunny days__so many freezing
nights that no one has been able to plant their garden or even get into wet fields to plow. I've also had the feeling for sev-

Guides: "The tree leaves are adjusting to the changed atmosphere. The yellow leaves on the trees are due to lack of
sunlight to form chlorophyll , to colder nights and to  increased pollutants in the air from various sources.  Earth's axis
continues to shift dramatically and magnetic north is moving southeastward even more rapidly then before,  changing
climates in various regions of the world. You are experiencing weather patterns more similar to the
Washington & Or-
states  although not as humid as with ocean frontages.  Your regional weather pattern  has shifted several hund-
red miles more eastward  than formerly,  and also a bit more north.  The same for those of  the eastern U.S. states with
huge tornado-windstorms. This "tornado alley" used to run from
Texas through  Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and to the
northeast.  Recall all the wildfires in
California. Now the fires are in Texas."

"The SOMETHING BIG is occurring NOW as scientists find new information about the Universe & also SOMETHING
BIG about to occur  regarding ET visitor relations. This is positive information, so no need to be concerned."

5-1-11: The last day of the SECOND DAY period__ and what a way to end it:  Osama bin Laden is declared dead. My
personal thoughts are that  he died  a long time ago,  but his legend was kept alive  to continue  threatening the  Western
world with terrorism.  He played his  "Boogie-man" role well,  helping push us to  expand our consciousness  even higher
through the fear. The end of an era, perhaps?                                                                        

                                                                              May 10-11, 2011

5-2- 11: CORE DAY: New Moon 13 degrees Virgo: Sabian Symbol: "A powerful statesman overcomes a state of po-
litical hysteria."... "The focusing of the collective need for order & structural interdependence into a personage who incar-
nates the answer to this need."... a personage endowed with  CHARISMA... the elusive & mysterious power  that comes
from a mans' or a woman's openness to the power of planetary evolution."

Scientists at  Purdue University  discovered changes taking place  in the  nuclear decay rate  in particles  being bomb-
arded from the depths of the Sun.
 He discussed this unprecedented change and what we are likely to experience as this
phenomenon continues.  
This energy  that increased its activation in 2006  will alter everything on Earth,  includ-
ing the human body.
The process may be happening  because our solar system is entering a portion of the galaxy that
is affecting our Sun__ and us__ in ways we have never seen before.  It may be the cause of  our evolving consciousness
and of our young children being powerfully psychic.

Gnostic prophecy includes the term,
"INRY", meaning "by fire (or frequency) Nature is renewed, made Holy, or Whole."
It relates to the "Return of the Son",  or "Sun"__ bringing a  "New Name of God"  (a tone or frequency) . With this cosmic
change,  particles in our bodies and in Earth are radiating more energy than before.  We know very, very weak radiation
changes can cause mutations in, for instance,  fish DNA levels, resulting in observable changes in their  offspring__ be-
autiful mutations,  such as rainbow stripes.  Young children's DNA is in a more rapid state of growth  than adult DNA, so
they will present more observable changes than grownups.

Consciousness has been proven to pass through solid matter  such as walls, mountains or the entire planet.
Because this new energy from the Sun moves right through solid matter,  it must be considered as  coming from a living
conscious being. Is our Sun a "living conscious being"? Could this be the "cosmic sap"__the "
itz" oil__ predicted by the
Mayans to enter the world in
2012__ and is it a new "cosmic sub-atomic particle"?

DREAM of myself and a young girl wrapping our arms around each other and flying thorugh the air to a strange land with
huge people & huge stones shaped like animals. I liked it. It was so real__ when I awoke,  I didn't know where I was for a
moment or two.

Australian woman scattered basalt (volcanic) stones around her farm. Later tests showed the energy lines had rearr-
anged themselves into harmonic patterns  (a
6th dimensional aspect),  and the crops not only produced greater yields,
but also grew in larger sizes.  Researchers placed seeds inside or between megalithic stones & they yielded
3-4  times
larger crops.

Working with earth energies is called  "
Geomancy". The Giza & other pyramids around the world, Avebury Hill, Zimba-
ruins,  Lake Titicaca's "Island of the Sun",  Mayan, Aztec & Peruvian stone temples and structures  project these
earth energies world-wide.  Both feminine (
magnetic) and masculine (electric) line s cross at major sites &  power points
all over
Britain__ some even extend as far as  Russia.  Round stone towers in Ireland cohere earth energies  & broad-
cast them throughout the land to enhance agriculture and well-being.

These energetic flows and sacred sites hold both
Sound and Healing aspects. It is well-known that healing often occurs
spontaneously at these locations. The crossings of lines  create multi-dimensional vortexes where humans meditate, da-
nce or chant at Soltices, charging themselves up to become inspired by higher intelligences or to enter shamanic states
of consciousness.
Newman spent years tracing the influences of  Toltec and Olmec cultures extending across Mexico
and into South America.  Prime symbols of Olmec culture are the "big stone heads" & the Jaguar__ indicating a "door
to the other side"__ a portal to other dimensions.  He also discovered that the  
Mayan Long Count Calendar__ the  one
beginning in
3113 B.C. & ending in 2012 A.D.__ was first found in ancient Olmec calendars in the  Vera Cruz, Mexico
area.  Legends suggest that  the Olmecs & Toltecs  were refugees arriving on  the northeastern Mexican coast  from the
Atlantean culture.

Sound occurs first at Sacred Sites through a symphony of water, growing plants, shifting sands, insects, etc., inaudible
to human ears,  yet connects with Earth's magnetic field  to form a link with all  planets,  moons and the  Sun in our  solar
system.  A mysterious ringing noise can be heard  bouncing from one side of the globe to the other & back in a few sce-
onds, and the
Schumann Resonance is also a "sound" frequency.

The conflicts and stresses in the
Middle East may be related to this area being the oldest known civilization on Earth__
Sumeria and  the Annunaki__ and a huge geomantic center with a stargate in Iraq.  All sacred sites around the planet
are oriented from  the
Giza Plateau in Egypt.  Therefore, the Mid-East rebellions  are like to spread outward around the
world.  The Great Pyramid and other sites  may now be cohering energy information  coming from the Sun  & broadcast-
ing it all over the planet to awaken us humans.

Tesla did  thousands of experiments"... "showing that th e Earth is 'alive'  with currents of energy  that surface  in various
frequencies everywhere. He realized that this energy can be used to power any apparatus imaginable, and for any appli-
cation imaginable. This energy did not need wires to be conducted; it was carried in the particles & molecules of air in a
way that was not understood before.  The Earth acted like a capacitor for this energy__ an  in-exaustible storage device
that could provide any amount of energy needed anywhere.  It is obvious that this kind of free energy was not well receiv-
ed by the controlling electricity giants. It was not long before they destroyed everything Tesla had invented & the
FBI con-
fiscated his patents"... and imprisoned him... "
because of his financial debts."
We've learned that  Symbols are an aspect of the 4th dimension;  Light of the 5th dimension;  Sacred Geometry
of the 6th; & Sound of the 7th.  
The Annunaki__the ancient dwellers at these circular ruins and gold mines__ underst-
ood this and were able to combine multiple dimensional aspects to create what they needed.
Micharl Tellinger offered
more amazing information about
Sacred Geometry & higher dimensional symbols  that could explain much about the an-
cients' skills and knowledge.
[Emphasis added]:

"The ANKH is synonymous with Sound Frequency in the generation of energy inside CONCENTRIC CIRCLES or amplif-
ication chambers.  A CROSS  represented  the  KNOWLEDGE OF MATTER"... "A SERPENT  represented  Vibrational
Frequency o r the OHM shape__  "A HORSESHOE" shape is often identified as one of the 6 symbols of OM.  Om is reg-
arded as the PRIME SOUND OF CREATION due to its vibrational frequency.  The SERPENT is been seen as THE CR-
EATOR in most ancient cultures"..."The PENTAGON  is associated with  the CREATOR"... and a 5-pointed STAR repre-
1.618 ratio."... a  DOT  above a SERPENT... "could r epresent  a STAR  like  SIRIUS,  or another star  associated  with
Creation and Worship among ancient African cultures."


May 20, 2011
                                                              " BUMBLE BEES AND NATURAL LAWS"

May 20th, 2011 starts the THIRD DAY of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. It runs for another
18 days through June 5th.  All Third Days are about  "SPROUTING";  about  "ESTABLISHING THE  NEW CONSCIOUS-
NESS" &  "ANCHORING IT TO EARTH IN THE PRESENT"  We will need to  GATHER RESOURCES, & we will be req-
uired  to make an important CHOICE.  We must by now  be very clear  about what we wish to behold  as our New Reality.
Then we may not only Intend that the chosen reality has already manifested,  but also LIVE every day  AS IF WE ARE AL-
READY IN THAT REALITY.  he Mayan Calendar  is an expression of the
Time Factor in Creation & Evolution. The Maya
said we can add "Love" and "Childbirth" to our keywords of Time, Fire, Earth, Water, Birth, Sun and Warriors.

The THIRD DAY of the
8th Wave/Galactic Underworld was December 15, 2002 - December 5, 2003. U.S. and Britain
launched war against
Iraq in March;  Bush signed a bill banning so-called  partial-birth abortion procedures, and U. S.
supreme court  ruled in favor of  gay marriages in
November.  What was happening  in your life then?  The major world
changes that year were very numerous, so if you're interested, give a look at
. "2003 World History".

May 19th-o May 28th,  we are also experiencing the last series of  10 MORE PORTAL DAYS (Oh, goody.) This
is a period when...
"energy returns to the Cosmos.  It is a space of time when we  reach out for  NEW INFORMATION
and FREQUENCIES.  We know that we are now receiving information,  but find it difficult  to realize it in a manifested
physical way. Describing what we receive is difficult, but we will be able to articulate the remembrances when we once
again return to"... "the first series of next year's
10 Portal Days, 210 days (30 weeks) from now." (Aluna Joy Yaxk'in).
We can best make our CHOICES  by attuning within to receive divine guidance,  with love in our hearts and "letting go"
of any fears or expectations about our answers.

Reactions Against the New Consciousness" are typical of any NIGHT TWO, which we have just completed:

* Since the death of
Bin Laden, the U.S. Homeland Security now attempts to take away more of our rights & privacy
under the guise of instilling  yet more fear of terrorist "
relations".  There is talk of putting scanners in train stations & up-
"security" at airports and U. S. borders.

* Since U.S. citizens have cut back on using pricey gasoline, the oil barons are losing money (horrors!); so the US now
taxing us  according to  how many  miles we drive,  rather than  how many  gallons of gas  we use. This
would be a great hardship  for those living in the  
Rocky Mountain states,  as towns & cities  are much farther apart than
back east  or on the west coast.  Many in
Idaho must drive  80 miles each way to work & back since losing jobs in local
areas. And what will farmers do?

MEDITATION: 5-14-11: The Guides: "Your body,  as of others l iving in the Light,  is indeed having its final transfor-
mations.  We know it has not been easy  & we applaud your efforts to stay positive  as much as possible. The 'down'
days are usually due to energies coming in  that will push the "cry" buttons  for more releasing, & for  finding out that
you don't really  "need"  some of the things you thought you had to__ or wanted to__ have or do. The lack of mental
focus is due to the earth changes__ you will feel that the outer life is like a dream and the inner, the 'real" life."

"There may be more soreness & unusual sensations in the pelvis and lower torso now due to the ascension & body
changes. The lower torso/pelivc area  is the only part of the body that has not had  major physical transformation sy-
mptoms other than the big bellies since the physical ascension began. Group Intentions will begin to manifest publ-
icly in

Much of current scientific experimentation involves  attempting to '"force" certain things to occur,  rather then observing
Nature, understanding her laws & how they work, then cooperating with these laws to achieve desired results.  (
"The Great Mother tells how to bond with Earth & Nature.)  Magnetism is in everything in nature, and we need to live in
ways that respect and use it.
Tesla learned how to use magnetism  in ways that could  benefit the world.  "Once you're
on the right path with  
Nature,  things just fall into place naturally. There's not even any need to try.  Everything is re-
ally simple and beautiful, if you can see it that way."

Who we really are is: ENERGY.  We are energy beings,  & we're all part of the energy flow throughout the multi-verses,
& we're all connected.  We're already free__ just caught in the idea and programming  that says we have to be in some
sort of servitude to "work",  to "earn",  and then  "pay" someone or some group  for our needs.  Our consciousness det-
ermines  which dimension we are in and,  therefore,  we are the choosers,  the creators  of our own reality.  Earth's and
our own New Reality will be in a higher dimensional state.

Our 3-D brain  doesn't want to hear anything  outside of what it has bee n "programmed"  to recognize as "real",  so we
have to clear our minds and let intuition take over and guide us to effortless manifestations.  If we can learn to "not think
bout anything",  we will connect with intuition and other dimensions, other realities. The ideas of Time and Space only e-
xist in 3-D &4-D, so as we move in and out of other dimensions, we are going outside of and then back into Time.

Light forms our 3-D reality (Light is a creative aspect of 5-D). Teleportation takes us out of 3-D & into another density
reality and back again;  but our brain may not recognize  that we have  "seen" or "felt" the other density  because it's not
used to recognizing that reality
;  so it may be some time__ or never__ before we recall  any part of that visit. This is why
we are finding it hard to remain focused on 3-D tasks at times. "In
Ether Technology,  there's no past  or future__ only
"now". Remain attached to your intuitive Zone,  & the problem you are working on will come to you;  it will almost solve it-
self." It becomes a "new now". Keep your brain out of the way. It is a state of "
knowing", rather than of "believing."

Everything is alive; everything is "real"__ right Now.  It just "is"  as you observe it  or deal with it  in this moment . When
we consider an idea,  situation or object  as in  the past or  the future,  that idea,  situation or  object is  no longer "real".
In the very next moment,  it could be a n "unreality". Energy is always in motion. Our consciousness affects it & we crea-
te our reality in nano-seconds by perceiving it and accepting it as "real".

There are no limits__ except those we place on ourselves.
The Guides have said:  "When we are connected enough
with natural law,  we know that the things we need will be there when we need i
t."  We can throw away our textbooks &
records,  leaving us with no burdens,  no excess baggage. We are creative energy beings with the capacity to do any-
thing we can imagine.

5-16-11: ETHER TECHNOLOGY: We have complicated ourselves with so much academic learning over centuries__
many of us can't see what's really in front of us. The materials that go into a project__ or into a spacecraft, for example
__ are not as important as  the consciousness creating it,  operating, or using it__ i.e.,  what we're doing &  how we're
arranging the materials.  Everything has an alignment with
Sacred Geometry.  The Giza Pyramids in  Egypt  are one
example:  In their Sacred Geometry  they embody  the simplicity of how  ley lines, meridians, electrons, neutrons  & at-
oms flow;  and when we  follow these patterns,  there is no need for  any force.  Atomic solids' different angles  & degr-
ees are important  because of  the phases  they fit us into.  A double tetrahedron,  when viewed  with your  mind's eye,
looks like a diamond.  After aligning with the natural flow,  you see nothing inside this except flowing energy.  If we can
understand it, we can manipulate it because
everything is alive, everything has consciousness. If we focus on some-
thing with intention,  then let go__ turn it over to universe__ it will happen.  
What's required  is  to stay  out of the way
long enough to let it happen, and we'll see it manifest.

When the ancients built their great temples, stone calendars & South and Central American huge structures, t hey used
this method. We still cannot replicate them because they aligned their buildings with the lines and laws of nature. Acous-
tical conditions were applied with huge horns and drums that resonated with the vibrations of the stones they wanted to
move__ even uphill.

A BUMBLE BEE teaches us that despite the fact modern science considers the bee's aerodynamics to be "impossible"
for flight,  it is created with cavities & proportions  that enable it to fly & to hover . When they beat their wings fast enough,
they reach the vibrational frequency of their surroundings, creating a vibrating field around their bodies perfectly attuned
to the earth's resonance.  Once they reach this frequency,  a magnetic field forms around their bodies,  enabling them to
e free agents and move independently of gravity fields.

We can change the resonance of anything. Bridges,  when crossed by warriors or horses  stepping in cadence  will have
their frequency changed so much,  they collapse.  You can change your REALITY  by changing your frequency vibrations,
become a free agent and move independent of gravity fields.

Using this
Ether Technology, we need only to know who we really are (energy beings), that we have the power to chang-
e our vibrations through changing our consciousness, & then manifest, heal & create any reality we desire. Even genet-
ic effects don't have to occur  unless we allow them.  Because we are all connected through this  "Ether"  (The Creative
Force Field), we are really only  ONE GREAT BEING  through all the many universes,  just as the cells in our bodies are
all part of one human being's  greater physical body.  And when we link with that  Oneness,  we have at our disposal,  a
Greater, more Powerful Consciousness.

Because we
homo sapiens were created to be a slave race,  we have long held the notion that  we have to "work" and
"earn" in order to "receive"&d have our needs met. In nature, this is untrue
; nature only asks us to be observant of  wha
is happening, and the knowledge comes through into us. It's very easy: If you cultivate a love for any subject, and pursue
it with that love, the subject matter itself will show you how to do it, as long as it's in resonance with nature's laws.
& Marsha Ring built their house according to feelings,  not thoughts__ the house itself  told them what and how it want-
ed to be.  (As did my pigments as I painted watercolors.
Chapter 1: The Modes)  This house is pictured  on his website.
They use solar power & have  air wells for water__ an ancient method from
 Asia &  Africa__ structures like  huge bee-
hives of rock raised so the air goes in at the bottom, condenses under the roof, and drips down into the cistern below.

The secret government discovered they needed an evolved consciousness to operate the back-engineered spacerafts
they designed from captured off-world crafts.  They are one form of electro-magnetic devices. This makes them fully ca-
pable of visibility or invisibility.  Their vibrational frequency  is too fast for our physical eyes to perceive unless they drop
their speed down. There are many different frequencies in Magnetism, just as in light & sound frequencies. Magnetism
is "
all the laws of nature in one magnificent conception".

We can overcome the dark-siders' selfishness & greed by not opposing, resisting or applying any kind of force to intro-
duce what we have to offer. It's a matter of
Time. The vibrations of Earth are rising rapidly now, & the natural laws of na-
ture are coming back into full effect. Our human consciousness is rising to the point where it's aware of the natural laws,
as well. It's "what goes around comes arou
nd". What the dark-siders are doing in opposition to what they should be do-
ing will "backfire" on them. These technologies belong to all of us. In nature, there are no secrets__ things either are, or
are not. The dark-siders are afraid for their lives, now, but we can't "attack" them because they, too, are part of ourselv-
es. Now they're locked into their money & power world and it's not working that way anymore;  according to natural law,
everything belongs to everyone. The Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have always known this. We can
show respect for all those  who secretly created the new technologies  & welcome them back into the fold  as they offer
their discoveries to all.

When I was much younger, my meditations told me,"THOU SHALT BECOME AS ONE". I had no idea what that meant
until years later. Now I know that Oneness  has never let me down,  & never will. The internet has facilitated our awaren-
ess of this Oneness & is drawing us closer together. The Mayan Calendar's media coverage has also made us aware
of the rivers of Unity converging now, causing even greater & faster changes in ourselves and in the masses. (Several
churches in our community are coming together this week to organize to more efficiently & effectively help the needy.)

NATURE IS NOW WORKING WITH US.  Life here is changing 180 degrees. W e've waited
hundreds of thousands
of years
for this change to come. The Ring of Fire is very active, as are Sun flares and climate changes; and Japan &
the rest of us are finding out how nuclear power is
not the best for Earth & her lifeforms.  We ourselves,  as we awaked,
created these changes by changing our consciousness__and that's how we will change the prophecies as well. The ca-
tastrophes will increase in number & intensity  until we wake up  & CHOOSE different ways of living & being. By raising
our own consciousness, we avoid more disasters and major earth changes.

We must also align ourselves with the cosmic visitors, for they too, are part of the Oneness, and we must all cooperate
with each other, as that is how nature works. Everybody will "
get it"__  whether in ecstacy,  or in kicking and screaming.
We had to go through  all these earth changes & catastrophes, etc.  because we have not been able to awaken without
them. Many of us are living in fear now of loss of income, property, health or individual rights. Many of us have not want-
ed to hear about the "new technologies",  "the new consciousness" &  "the awakening" to our true history and  "who we
really are." Many of us are still "stuck" in the old ruts of what to believe & who to trust  because of being programmed to
remain dependent on "higher-ups" & self-proclaimed "experts"  with fancy letters after their names__ or bulging pocket-
books. These disasters have had to occur so the masses will wake up and become as one.

2011 is the year of big changes__ 2012 will begin reconstruction of the New Reality, the Earth and the Galactic Matriix.


May 28-29, 2011
                                                                             "GATHERING RESOURCES"

We are at the
Midpoint Days of the THIRD DAY of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar in wh-
ich the most significant points of this Third Day are revealed. This Third Day began  
May 20th and ends  June 7th as
we move into the Third Night.  A Solar eclipse occurs J
une 1st,  a Lunar eclipse June 15th and another Solar eclipse
July 1st. Whew__ tighten your belts. These 18 days of the Third Day phase are about "Sprouting"__  Establishing the
New Consciousness" & "Anchoring It to Earth in the Present
". We are asked to decide once and for all just what good-
ies we want in the New Reality & to LIVE WITHIN THOSE CHOICES DAILY as we GATHER RESOURCES for the mo-
nths ahead.  We are still in the 10 PORTAL DAYS which end
May 28th,  but June 1st also marks the middle of the 9th
Wave__ we are halfway home!

These days we seem to be bouncing back and forth,  in and out,  between the notions that we have to "win out" over our
existence in an inconsistent,  often dangerous world  and the infrequent "ecstatic surety"  that we are,  somehow,  a vital
and cooperating particle  of a universe that only wants to  hug us to its bosom.  I was then surprised  to find myself clean-
ing out yet more closets, files, cupboards & drawers.  Realizing that if what I really need  is always going to  be there  for
me, then I guess I can do without a lot of the toys I thought I might still need. In contrast, all sorts of information about New
Reality Resources poured in from many directions. Some of the more interesting and informative are below:

COMMUNITIES: "Transitioning Whidbey Island" (Puget Sound, Was-
hington State).  We'd been to beautiful Whidbey  years ago and found a  thriving artists colony,  lightworkers and  native
americans practicing their ancestral crafts. There are 11 videos here  on the subject of  Transitioning Communities to ti-
ckle your fancy.





"CONTRIBUTIONISM":  Check out "Michael Tellinger's" videos.

PORTAL DAY: I Gathered a few websites, videos & audio Resources, until I remembered WE NEED TO GET OUT OF
. Any resource such as buying or saving seeds for a future garden or storing up food  &
water in fear of a future disaster or food shortage  is anchoring the thought  of some great catastrophe  soon to occur in
the New Reality. This is one of the things we've wanted to avoid. On the other hand, a trusted medical source states how
the riots & protests in the
Middle-East are really due to food shortages__in particular__ wheat. Egypt, the first to rebel
has to import all its wheat. (I am, however, stocking food at this time as a hedge against rising prices, &  also ordered a
sourdough bread starter packet.)

My list began, of course, with the usual conditions
:  "Unity Consciousness/Oneness,  Unconditional Love, harmony, co-
operation, equality, peace, beauty, Earth restored to stability & perfection, beneficial climate & weather, perfect health
and happiness, free energy resources and abundance, no monetary system, free education, work we love, pure water,
food, air, soil, etc. for All.

Asking Higher Selves for assistance,  they said my "lengthy list"  could be pared down  to a simpler version . I came up
EST GOOD FOR ALL LIFE CONCERNED " seeing how this would include all of the earlier intentions.

DREAM:  I was taking lessons from a woman I did not like. (in fact, I was a bit afraid of her).  However, as the class was
ending, I tried to find some "good" in it, and complimented the teacher on her fine preparations and presentations. She
was pleased.  I then prepared to get into the pool and  "swim my laps".  But a  HUGE EARTHQUAKE &  WINDSTORM
shook the building  and I called out to the other young people to  "STAY AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS TO AVOID BE-

MEDITATION:  Revealed the dream as a signal for needed changes in my understanding of the New Reality. The "Tea-
cher" is our own
Inner Selves.  Higher Self once told me I was  "teaching myself"  through writing the web-book & news-
letters. The Earthquake in the dream was SHAKING UP OUR INNER SELVES to AWAKEN & the Windstorm was BIG
INFORMATION COMING FROM OUTSIDE SELF. Inner Teacher Self sometimes tells us things we don't like to hear, &
therefore, we fear it may not adequately guide us, as we have so long relied on outside info__such as 'WINDOWS"__
nternet Explorer, TV, newspapers, "experts" opinions. Each time we go to these "windows" to "see outside" we are ne-
gating our inner wisdom.


Other peoples' ideas are appropriate for them,  but not necessarily for us . When we listen to outside sources  (whether
negative or positive),  we put "shoulds" & "should-nots" on ourselves, often cancelling  what intuition has suggested be-
cause of a thousands of years-old habi t of relying on  "out there".  We may even forget which info came from without or
from within. Then we get confused & sometimes make poor choices. When things later go awry, we blame ourselves__
either for not listening to inner guidance or for following outer advice.

We must  forgive ourselves  for our poor choices__ they were,  after all,  "LEARNING OR TEACHING TOOLS"  that we
created for ourselves.  We always get a second chance,  & a third & a fourth,  & so on until we "get it". Seeing the good
that came out of the choices that didn't work well shows us how they may have prodded us to find & develop new poten-
tials and capabilities within ourselves.

THE NEW REALITY IS INSIDE US__  not outside of us. In the New Reality, "EVERYTHING HAS GOOD IN IT". Our per-
sonal perceptions of life are what create our New Reality.  In the dream, I was about to ENTER THE WATER (the Zone)
and SWIM MY LAPS__ to  "practice using inner guidance & skills to teach, heal, manifest or help self & others in some

I might add that in the early morning of the day of this dream, the terrible tornado struck  
Joplin, Mo.. The evening news
told of a hospital  being damaged by the whirlwinds  while the staff was ordered to  "MOVE EVERYONE  AWAY FROM

5-23-11: PORTAL DAY: Intuiting that the New Reality is so unusual, so miraculous, that  at this time we cannot truly fath-
om the truth of it. So we must "create" our New Reality step by step, day by day, moment by moment, both individually &
in groups, guided only by Spirit Within and always from the Heart, in Oneness and in accord with Uinversal  Purposes &
for the  Highest Good of All Life Concerned,  keeping in mind that "everything is alive", and must be considered in every
choice we make. Riding the 9th Wave  can be like surfing an ocean wave  as it crashes upon the shore;  we must adjust
our balance to the movements of the wave,  moment by moment.  The old ways  that helped us stay balanced in the past
will not  serve this challenging present.  We must create  novel ways  to remain safe & upright.  Co-operating with others
may be the key.

We are at this time,  harmonizing everything that has happened  up to now  in human history , including  personal history.
We make our choices based on erasing the past and creating for the Whole,  rather than choosing from what ego wants.
We can perceive Earth in each present moment as already being the paradise we prefer.

5-4-11: PORTAL DAY:
* Shades of Indiana Jones: A NASA satellite used infrared to discover 17 pyramids, 1000 tombs & over 3000 ancient
civilizations buried under
Egypt's sands.

* Strange weather patterns  with intense storms are racing across the globe.  We see a huge cold front  marching down
from the north over northwestern
U S. & western states, plus a huge warm, humid mass of air sneaking up from Florida
and the south.  The jet stream swoops far down into Texas & Oklahoma areas,  then curves steeply up towards the nor-
theast,  exactly between the merging of the two fronts. This is causing a humungous "tornado alley". What's most strange
is how this danged pattern has  "blessed us" for so many days.  Weathermen say this type of hellhole  (don't we have en-
ough already, for mercy's sake?)  only occurs  when the magnetic poles  have moved drastically, which usually precedes
a shift of Earth's geographical poles. Do you sometimes feel the Earth moving under your body? It is!

5-5-11: PORTAL DAY:  Coast to Coast AM,  during it's first hour, 11 PM to Midnight, featured Richard Hoagland with
some brain-boggling space news.  
(1) Mars was not formed  by orbiting the Sun  during the days of  solar system origin,
as were our other planets.  It was once an orbiting satellite  humming around a larger planet .
(2) NASA  announced that
the interior of the
Moo n holds as much water as the oceans of Earth.  Our Moon was not formed,  as earlier thought, by
some planet smashing into another with chunks breaking off to later cement themselves into a whole__which makes the
Moon another planet. When
India sent its recently orbiting spaceraft to check out the Moon's atmosphere, their samples
indicated carbon dioxide, nitrogen  and 100 times more water  than the
Apollo missions had determined  40 years ago.
(3) The comet "Elenin",  now popping up in  internet news,  may be a kind of  giant spaceship,  timed  to surprise Earth
this fall. (I got thrill-chills when I heard this bit.) Hoagland says it is traveling in a
hyperbolic trajectory  ( Had trigonometry
in high school,  but I'm not going  to even  try to touch  this one!).  See  
( ).
Good Luck. This trajectory moves through the plane of the other planets of our solar system.  He suggests the Moon is a
secret hideout for the elite "
break-away civilization"  that has developed  hyper-dimensional technologies a s were used
to fell the
World Trade Center buildings. What's really strange is that  Astrology has long viewed the Moon i n birth charts
as a "
veil" of emotional states  between our collective consciousness  & the Sun's broadcasts.  It also ttriggers changes
urged by other planets and represents the public's viewpoint. Close your mouth__ it fits!

5-26-11: PORTAL DAY:  The Texas House passed a bill  to stop the  TSA scanners and  "pat-downs"  at the states' air-
ports.  A state law already exists making  "groping an individual's private parts"  illegal. It is well -known now  that the sca-
nners project 400 times the "safe amount" of radiation into the body tha n
Homeland Security tells us.  Ninety-eight perc-
ent of the representatives voted in favor of the bill__ until the
Department of Justice sent a letter declaring the federal go-
vernment supercedes all state governments  and if this bill passes the state Senate, too, it's goodbye to all Texas airport
traffic.  When the screaming was heard  inside the locked meeting chambers.  protesters gathered outside began shout-
ing "criminal" & "treason"  until state police arrived & shuffled them away. Reporters contend this action is a step toward
martial law & if they can get away with these humiliating and invasive actions, "
Americans will allow anything". This may
be setting the stage for forced innoculations.

5-27-28-11: PORTAL DAYS__ Midpoint Days __ , THE "SHIFT" IS HITTING THE FAN:
* Egypt re-opens its border to Gaza Strip after four years, allowing Palestinians to freely stroll over. Israel protests the
move, citing it could allow unfriendly weapons and militants to enter Israel.

* Fiat Corporation buys out  U.S. government's share of stock in  Chrysler,  giving Fia t full control of the company . Is this
Karma harmonizing the out-sourcing of jobs? Seems now we're out-sourcing the corporations, too!

* NATO bombs  the center of  Gadhafi's compound  as the new rebel administration  is running out of money.  Countries
that promised financial aid have re-nigged  & are instead sending business men seeking contracts  in the oil-rich country.

* Eye iris scanners are the security device of choice  in airports around the world,  but U.S. refuses this technology.  Sna-
pping a scan of our eyes from a few feet away & comparing it with a huge database of "
persons of interest" could do aw-
ay with the invasive TSAs and gropings.  However, the
American Civil Liberties Union suggests the devices could be us-
ed to scan citizens anywhere at any time without their knowledge, constantly tracking everyone in the country as we "sne-
ak off" to the mall, church or ballgame, leaving us without any privacy whatever.

* MSG (monosodium glutamate)__ suspected to cause weight gain.  Used in many  processed foods,  some  not labeled
with the ingredient__  is also being blamed for  headaches,  nausea,  increased appetites and other negative side effects.
Scientists find that MSG triggers
"leptin resistance"__ damaging the brain's hypothalamus__ "More Sweet Gorging"?

Canada reports  their marketing has "changed forever",__  as consumers have fundamentally changed to seeking more
than just materialistic satisfaction; they now want their purchases to "make a difference" in some way.

* President Obama came through with vital funding for  early childhood education,  a $500 million grant program to help
America's most vulnerable toddlers  get a fair chance at a lifetime of "quality education", (but it may also read as:"brain-
wash-them-even-earlier".) Statistics show that across America one out of four teenagers is bullied in their neighborhoods
and schools; 160,000 stay home from school every day  due to fear of being bullied,  and every month nearly 300,000 are
physically attacked  inside their secondary schools.  With cell phones and social networking,  it's around-the-clock & imp-
ossible to stop because the culprits are anonymous. Some are committing suicide because of it.

www,  reveals how federal student loans have become "predatory, turning a generation into debt-
or slaves
". America's total student loan debt now exceeds its national credit card debt. The problem lies with the student
loan advocator in the  
Department of Education  which determines the default rate on student loans, misleading Congress
into  raising  allowable limits on colleges  for lending.  Most colleges  then gleefully  boost tuition rates,  whether they need
more funds or not.  These loans allow no  bankruptcy protection, statute of limitations or the ability to re-finance the debt in
an open market. As a result, it can mean a lifetime of debt; if a loan is defaulted, it can double or even triple due to  penal-
ties and fees.

* A SOLAR WINDSTORM  hit Earth's magnetic field May 27-28.  Geomagnetic activity should remain active  for up to 48
. The Sun is waking up with new sunspots moving over it  with at least one of them sizzling with C-class  solar flares.
Even stronger blasts are likely soon

* Newt Gingrich scrambles  to justify his claim  that he is "very frugal" with his  $500,000  revolving  line of credit with Tif-

* The GOP leadership  created the  "Ryan Plan"  to gut & privatize  Medicare & is pressuring elected Republicans to vote
for it.  The present Medicare drug program  shovels public money  into insurance & drug company coffers. Had the govern-
ment bought the drugs instead, the costs would have been lower and the benefits far higher.

* Marcin Jakubowski,  founder of  Open Source Technology is  open-sourcing blueprints for 50 farm machines,  allowing
anyone to build their own tractors or harvesters from scratch. This is a first step in writing an instruction manual for a compl-
etely self-sustained village__ starting cost,

* A Washington group  protesting a recent court decision  that dancing , picketing & marchin g were arrested just for that   
dance. A dance-in at the J
efferson Memorial led to five arrests and a clash with U.S. Park Police. Posted on YouTube, the
incident appears to show the police using force to push the arrestees to the ground.

So many are now urging people to plant gardens & grow their own fresh fruits & vegetables__then you must can or freeze
them for winter use. We
80-year-olds can no longer do that. I asked the guides what we could do. Nothing much came
through except some good feelings;  but after dinner,
PBS TV channel had it's weekly "Outdoor Idaho" program. The subj-
ect was  local produce,  farmers markets & a network for offering the products around the state. Several were near us. Our
local high school students are also putting two city blocks into a community garden.  There is even a website informing  us
where & how to get what's called "
Idaho's Bounty". ( The groups involved are also striving to find
a way to produce & provide sustainable food through out the year as well as a sustainable cooperative community. "
Ask &
ye shall receive