March 10, 2011
                                                                   "WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSE"

So here we are,  FINALLY,  at the beginning of the
9th Wave, Universal Underworld__ the last step of the Mayan Cal-
16+ billion year long period of consciousness evolution. We have from now to October 28, 2011 to raise our
consciousness to the state in which we will Shift into a higher density existence with Earth.

These first 18 days__from
March 9th -March 27th,  are the "DAY ONE" of this Underworld,  during which we are ex-
periencing the initial expressions of the  
New Universal Consciousness.  We're now given "clues"  as to what the New
Reality Consciousness will be like.  We know it will be a
Unity Consciousness__ an awareness of Oneness & em-
pathy with every living thing on Earth, and soon__ within the Galaxy also, & finally__within this Universe. We are Sow-
ing the Seeds of Unity Consciousness right now. The
Maya say Day One is about "Fire" and "Time". With the spee-
ding up of events,  huge earth changes,  consciousness rapidly expanding and chaos in the
Middle East and around
the world, we can clearly see what they meant.

COPPER GEM ELIXIR  (Vibrational Remedies:  Pegasus  can be used  to overcome  the physical
discomforts of the
DNA & body changes now occurring. Lacking that, one or two ounces daily of wine made from the
dark purple, concord grapes will also aid the digestive processes. (If you are on prescription medications, check with
your doctor or pharmacist before adding an alcoholic beverage to your diet.)

INNER GUIDANCE: "The Creative Imagination is now being stimulated to its highest degree  through higher dim-
ensional atunement.
Manifestation is one of the terms for this. We can now move beyond the psychic, the physic-
al, the teleportation, the telekineses, the telepathy__ they are no longer needed.
One need not move food, shelter,
information or services with one's mind from place to place
, for what is needed can be manifested entirely thro-
ugh a fertile and loving Imagination.  It is to be  'CREATED FROM WITHIN'__ with Love in the Heart
. It is the
ability to use the Creative Imagination well."

The Point of Synchronicity was passed  during the journey to this  9th Wave period  in Time & in Space.  What
one requires for physical sustenance & service  comes into one's possession before a need is perceived__ most
of it with little or no monetary outlay."

"Watch carefully now,  for instead of t
he Idea coming to mind first, evoking an emotional desire, & then being ver-
ified by a  later
Synchronicity event__ now  the fulfilling element of a future need i s the 'event' which appears
first to one's experience and perception
, and the "idea", the "desire" or "need" will be the later synchronous ev-
ent. [Recall grandson in his high school physics class when in 10 minutes he solved a university team's problem
they'd worked on for 3 weeks, stating that, 'The effect occurred before the cause,']
 (Chapter 2: Creative Skills).

This brings you Precognition Skills. In this way__ which is a 5th Density matter__ shall the final lessons of Abu-
ndance be brought home to you on all levels. Yes,  you have rightly intuited that this was a long-term learning exp-
erience chosen by the group,  & your bodies have served you well as signals, as symbols, of the need to fully und-
Universal Abundance."

"We are fulfilled before our awareness of 'need' arises.  
Everything needed for your sustenance & your service
is already totally within your field of being.
 Humans seldom understand this,  for they have been taught for mil-
ennia  to seek fulfillment  from outside of self__ a masculine way__ when  
It Is All Within__ a feminine way.  Learn
to create with Love from the Heart,  to create totally from Within,  to
Become as One with the desired Change, ra-
ther than creating from or with external elements into exterior matter."

5:00 PM MST. SYNCHRONICITY!  Several hours  after completing  today's newsletter,  I read  my e-mails. One from
Lynne McTaggart  nearly  blew  my mind.  [].  Note
the messages above concerning  "
The Point of Synchronicity"__ "Precognition Skills"__  &  "The effect occurring be-
fore the cause". TIME  is certainly doing a dance on our brains!


March 28, 2011
Today we enter the
FIRST NIGHT  of the 9th Wave/Univesral Underworld  of the Mayan Calendar.  Much has transp-
ired since
March 9th   when we began  the FIRST DAY of this 9th Wave,  which was predicted to be  about "Fire" &
Time".  We had a huge  X-level solar flare (Fire) March 10th , & the very next day , the tremendous Japan earthqua-
kes & tsunami began,  affecting lives  around & withing  the
Pacific Ocean .Individuals  and groups around the world
responded with  intentions , prayers  & offers of  technological,  financial & humanitarian aid to relieve the suffering &
deprivation. The courage & integrity  of the Japanese people  under extreme stress  touched our heart  as an  exam-
ple of how to be
& act during catastrophes . It was the  Initial Expression of the  NewConsciousness__ the entire
world' s Collective Consciousness  was expanded and unified in spades!  In regard to the Libyan conflict, as far as I
know,   this is the first time that  
Muslims (Saudi Arabia, etc.)  and Christians (Western Nations) cooperated.

This episod
e  was clearly an instance of "Fire",  including the damaging,  heating up, &  exploding of the  nuclear rea-
ctors intensified  by entry of the planet
Uranus  ("The Awakener" and ruler of Air ,  Outer Space &  High Technolo-
) into Aries,  an astrological Fire Sign.  Uranus was being squared  (stressed) by Pluto  ("The Transformer" &  rul-
er over  
Water)  in Capricorn,  an  Earth Sign,   promoting earthquakes.  And as if that weren't enough,  Uranus was
also sextile (easy enegy flow)
Neptune (Unconditional Love, Illusions and ruler over Water) in Aquarius  (Groups,
Hidden Enemies, High Technology, Off-World Visitors.).

Rumors and stories about
 what could have caused this devastating upheaval  ran rampant on the Internet. Some say
it was caused by the  dark elite" from  deep underground  Nevada and New Mexico,  U.S.A.. Others claim the nucl-
ear devices were drilled deep into the ocean floor off Japan's coast, later to be triggered by remote control. It's likely
that several different groups
& technologies were used.  A Coast to Coast AM  program  March 24th featured Rich-
ard Hoagland
(  reporting how just before the big quake, "magnatometer readings sp-
ked from
Project HAARP in Alaska" (but this info was subsequently removed from their website).

Hoagland went on to relate that
 after the quakes, the reactors were reported to be "hot".  Then we were told they had
"cooled", but next day they were "hot" again, then "cooled", and so on and on. After my own Intention fo
r Japan &  the
Pacific area, I ran the  Environmental Harmonizer set on northern  Japan on a a world map. Next day we heard the re-
actors were "safe", although in a day or two,
 the opposite again occurred.  Also, the tap water of  Tokyo was labeled
as unsafe for infants, and yet, the very next day, it was "safe" for babies to drink. It doesn't make sense__ you can't cl-
ear out radiation that fast. ("Time").

"It will seem as if Earth and humanity are on a roller coaster__ sudden, fearful descents into the darkness__ then
a fast-rising swoop up into the Light. This will repeat until the dark rides are shorter & less severe, and the Light ri-
des climb higher & remain high longer. Well done, pilgrims. The coming month of April, 2011& in particular, the
April 17th Full Moon Period  will bring intense challenges and changes. Try to stay out of fear. Keep Love in the
heart and hold down any over-concentration of empathy,  or you could be constantly in  second-hand suffering  &
fear for those negatively impacted by the changes.  All will work out for the highest good." ( See  Title Page)  Sadly,
Jose' Arguelles passed from this 3-D Earth on Wednesday, March 23rd. It was in the late 1980's when friend Me-
lissa sent one of Jose's  Dreamspell Games,  that I first became interested in the  Mayan Calendar.  His book,  "The
Mayan Factor" is a classic now. It  initiated me into becoming  a Daykeeper  for the Calendar. "The Dreamspel  Day
r: ( ) The Foundation for the Law of Time: (;
Planetary Art__ "Artists of the New Time": ( )

3-14-11: The Group Intentions for  releasing from the Electrical Grid System  for family and for Earth did not work we-
ed 2,
if at all. Only small reductions in our power bills, (one was even higher!)  which could have been  seasonal chan-
ges in temperatures between February & March.

The Guides  explain: "The recent electrical intention did not work because  the physics of Earth  are more quickly
changing as human consciousness expands__ therefore, manifesting/healing works differently now. This doesn
mean they will not work at a future time.  As always, the
Process and the Timing of an intention is up to  Universal
Creative Force.
"Time" is speeding up so greatly now; it continues to move faster & faster to your perception.  We
are entering a period of Cyclical Time__ or Holistic Time__ when each moment holds  Past, Present and Future
NOW__ rather than the linear time that humans have been perceiving for thousands of years,
 with events occurr-
ng one after the other &  with time between to seek information or support  to deal with them.  There will not be "ti-
me" to do a ritual  or even a simple one-line Intention, or to seek information elsewhere, as events will occur in di-
zzying flash-forwards, & even flash-backwards, as well as flashes into & out of other dimensions & densities. You
will need to depend entirely upon  Intuition__ your  Inner Divine connection to Higher Selves, Guides, Spirit With-
in__ to sense what to  think, feel, be or do in each moment.  Outer world  news & communications  will not be able
to keep up with reporting on these rapid-fire events"

"The way to cope with this new type of
Time was presented in the March 10th Newsletter__basically, WHAT ONE
S & FEELS  STRONGLY  WILL  IMMEDIATELY MANIFEST . So convince Yourself  that every  positive
need is already lovingly manifested__ safely, healthily, comfortably, beautifully, gracefully & is functioning norm-
ally__ and IT IS SO!"

The experiences suggested by the (above) was that "The event or effect will occur before the cause of it". This was
brought home to
Hal and me this month. On March 3rd we ordered a water distiller, as we felt our current method of
purifying tap water was not fully serving our needs. Surprisingly, the device arrived
March 7th., We set it up & began
using it just one day before the
Japan quake and tsunami,  & the resulting release of radioactivity. Less than a week
later, TV news channels related that low traces of radiation had been found in the waters off southern California and
Pacific Northwest. Idaho is about 600-700 miles from the west coast with several ranges of high Rocky Mou-
ntains between us & the ocean,  although I wondered about  our normally western winds &  how rainwater could pick
up radiation and toxins and dump them even on eastern slopes of mountains.

The evening of
March 20th, an e-mail arrived from Tom Kenyon with a message from "The Hathors", telling how to
make "
Medicines of Light"  that would protect & heal /Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, mutating Bacteria &
Viruses, which they say will occur more frequently in our near timeline ( The
idea is to connect with Earth and higher intelligence, and pull down the energies into our heart, then transfer them to a
container of
PURIFIED WATER & drink it.  We could not have done this  if we hadn't already  ordered &  received the
water distiller, as our former method only removed chlorine and some fluoride.

I did the Hathor's procedure around noon the next day, and that  afternoon, a thorough but gentle body cleansing
place. Around suppertime,
 I noticed a lovely fragrance in the air__ a sort of mix of  peppermint and a floral essence I
couldn't identify. I could smell it all evening, and went around the house sniffing everything to see where it was coming
from. I finally realized__ it was coming from me! My body was exuding this delightful scent!

An inter-dimensional experience occurred four days ago. I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and
when I returned to bed, I sat down, ready to swing my legs under the covers, but paused when I caught sight of a sha
dowy figure about
18-24 inches high  standing before the closet door just 3 feet in front of me. I rubbed my eyes__
but it was still there, waving its arms to attract my attention. I then realized it was a gnome or some sort of nature spi-
rit from the 2nd dimension.  I had appealed to the denizens of 2-D for assistance with the Intention to aid Japan &
the Pacific Ocean area, & this little being was letting me know they had heard my plea and responded.
More "hyper-dimensional physics"? I laughed & gave him loving thanks. Yes, life is getting "curiouser and curiouser"

So today,
March 28th,  we enter  the FIRST NIGHT of the  Universal Underworl d, the coming  18 days will deal with
"Earth".  It is, of course, an extension of the foundations laid during the FIRST DAY just completed. There'll be more
to do with "Fire" and "Time",  & with hyper-dimensional physics, too. Inner assimilation of the seeds sown during
the New Consciousness begun March 9th is what is required .  We will have to Identify the  Challenges & Obstacles
to be Overcome before the Second Day__ April 14, 2011__ arrives.  The First  Night of the previous 8th  Wave/Ga-
lactic Underworld, occurred between Dec. 31, 1999 & Dec. 25, 2000.

Something concerning similar obstacles will take place
 in the March 28 to April 14, 2011  period.  My sense is that
by the end of April we'll see not only the disappearance of some of the "dark elite's" dirty tricks, but also the first hints
of the Golden Age's Birth.
                                           LIVING IN A NEW REALITY NEWSLETTER

                                                                                         March, 3, 2011
                                                                  "INNER GUIDANCE THROUGH FEBRUARY"
First Electricity Intention for our family was done in early December.  It was quite successful,  although various
members had different results. When the power bills arrived a month later, a couple who normally had a winter mon-
thly bill of about
$280  (a large, all-electric home)  were charged $240,  with a note attached: "Estimated".  One son
who had earlier stated he'd be happy with only
$47-48, instead of his usual several hundred dollars each winter mo-
nth, received exactly that
: $47.00.  H. & My bill was  $9.57, instead of the usual  $44.00,  because the power meter
had been read  a day or two  before we did the Intention.  (We heat home and water with natural gas.) Our youngest
son's bill was
$0.00 in place of his usual $180.  He wondered if a mistake had been made, & called the power com-
pany to see if he might be receiving a huge bill the following month when the mistake would be discovered. The cle-
rk looked up his account and said not to worry,  as "
we've over-charged you,  & you probably won't have to pay an-
ything until late next month."

MEDITATION: 1-12-11:  If I do not continue using the Merkaba,  will I lose my knowledge about Intending, healing &
A: "As for the Merkaba,  anything you love will remain with you. We see your sincerity & your attempts at making
a difference. Just
Be Who You Really Are, and all will work through in fine order." Thank you.

MEDITATION: 1-15-11: PORTAL DAY. Good Morning.  K.B says our manifesting, healing & creating will not work
well until after the Spring Equinox  (
March 21) or into April.  If this is true,  maybe we should wait until then to try our
2nd electricity Intention?
A: "You are attuned to the Mayan Calendar, and familiar with the 3-9-11 move into the Ninth Wave/Galactic Un-
derworld. Also, you are, each day, building a foundation for the days to follow. As you know, things move in cycl-
es,  so you may need to do the intention several times  as you & your family  become more experienced & skill-
ful at this. Continue with the website. It will soon be needed by youth and young adults as they awaken
M: Is there anything else I need to know today?
A: "Note that you are now 'receiving' with your eyes open,  and that telepathy is increasing,  as with J. yesterday,
and also soon with
M. She is a good receiver, as she will soon find out. Recall in the Vogel classes when others
found your energy almost overwhelming.  Soon you will need no e-mails,no telephones; however, many are not
yet ready for this,  so verification will not be appearing for awhile.  How long,  we cannot say , for it depends upon
people's choices and ability to 'let go' and other possibilities
M: What do I need do with all my art materials?  I feel a need to clean out much of it,  but not ready to give it all up. I
still want to paint so badly at times. Will this be something that can move into the New Reality with me?
A: "Your attention needed to be placed in other areas during these preparation for ascension times. After the S-
hift you may still desire  to paint and make music,  and that is fine... teaching, too.  However,  when you see what
else you can do at that time, you may forget all about the painting part of 'arts and crafts

MEDITATION: 1-16-11:  Well__ we're all agog about this  "13 zodiac signs" thing  that is in the news.  Has  Earth's
axis changed its tilt, and do we need to add another zodiac sign... "
Ophiuchus"? What's really happening?
A: "Thou knowest thy experience a few years ago  of seeing the sunrise location change from your bathroom wi-
ndow.  Yes,  the axis is changing... but slowly.  It will right itself  so there is no more wobbling.  As  human consci-
ousness becomes stabilized, so the planet changes accordingly. Yes, there will be only
360 days in the year, &
the calendar will eventually be adjusted with the
Moon Phases__ 13 signs & 13 houses. Ophiuchus & the13th

The dates given for the changes in the articles are off.  Someone is confused  or is attempting to influence peo-
eople with the  
Sidereal Zodiac,  which has been about one sign earlier than the Tropical in current use. The sig-
ns should be adjusted FORWARD, not backward. This explains why you have noticed that the seasonal weather
changes  are arriving about  
3 weeks earlier  than a few years ago.  Yes, y ou said a few days ago  that  'spring is
here',  when all the rains, warm weather, tree buddings and robins arrived. This is also partly why there is confus-
usion about an
'ice age' or 'global warming' arriving. The zodiac will be adjusted for the 13 signs & houses, but
the real change will be in the SEASONS. The
Equinoxes & Solstices need to be adjusted for this. It matters not
how one  labels signs & dates__ but rather the INFLUENCE they have on individuals and the collective. Recall
your inner message many years ago to
'leave astrology and go only with intuition.'"

MEDITATION: 1-18-11: Well, our second electric intention may have hit a snag. L. would like us to do it together &
on Saturday.  When I asked
H . if he wanted to do it together or separately, and if Sat. was okay.  He said he didn't
give a XXX!  I asked why this made him angry,  & he replied "
I don't know."  Later, he calmed & said Saturday was
okay with him, and I should "g
et the thing organized" (which, of course was what I was trying to do.) What do we do
now? Evidently he is not completely sure about this.

A: "Go ahead with your plans, even as H. seems not to be wholly committed to the idea.  Remember, he has ba-
sed much of his life on  'forging ahead'  under challenges__ not to be 'against' anyone, but to make life better for
you & the family. It has not been easy for him, either. He was born with a huge handicap & had many more chall-
enges to overcome in his life, too. Times are changing now & there's more of a need to '
co-operate' than to 'take
charge' &  
"give orders'.  Remind him of his ability to overcome challenges,  & how you not only  appreciate what
he'd done for you & the family,  but your first attraction to him  was in respect to his 'strength of will' & his ability to
'overcome challenges'... among other attributes. He wants to feel he is a major player in the family too, now, and
since he is now retired, he often feels ineffectual.
M: Thank you again. Had a great talk with H about the above, and things immediately smoothed out .

MEDITATION: 1-19-11:  All have agreed on  Saturday,  1 PM for the Intention. I need to script it now.  May I please
have your guidance on this?  Our plan is to make sure  the Intention is  EXTENDED  for longer than 1 month,  as be-
ore. I see that first attempt as a  "learning experience"  for the family. Is it okay to extend it for a year, perhaps, or for
some other period?
A: " You can extend it  up through the Shift,  if you so choose. Yes, you will be  guided by  Gaia  as you script the
." Thank you.   

* POWER UP with Deep Breathing.
* FEEL LOVE in the Heart.
* State aloud: "Let this intention be in accord with Universal purpose and for the highest good of all concerned."
* Tell the group to continue MAINTAINING LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS as you state the Intention aloud.
* Ask all present to VISUALIZE themselves living in the new reality with Love In Their Hearts.
* Ask them to FEEL THE JOY OF IT,
* Detach from the Outcome.

MEDITATION: 1-20-11:  After relating the  P. Brown story to  M last night,   I had qualms about our doing this Inten-
tion for  releasing from the corporate power grid.  Will this endanger my family and friends? W ill they invade our ho-
mes,  take our computers and records, etc....put us in jail?  I don't want a repeat of the  
Cathar episode.  Maybe I'm
being foolish  to do this.  Maybe it's my ego  wanting to  "
make a difference"  &/or "shine"  in the eyes of  family and
friends?  I thought I was empowering others to overcome the global elite controls over humanity. Now I'm wondering
if I am, instead, endangering them
A: "Fear not.  Just keep a  sense of harmlessness about it.  You do not wish  to harm anyone... simply to provide
more options  that can release  ALL humanity  from the influences over-riding  their free will,  & to protect Mother
Earth. You asked for protection & you have it."
Thank you , Gaia,  Maybe I need another "sign" to be fully confident.
(The "sign" came later that afternoon on an online program that gave me more assurance of our safety.)"

MEDIATION: 1-22-11: We did the 2nd Electrical Intention as planned, although C.'s husband B. opted to not join in.
... he didn't believe in it, and at the last minute,
L. was unable to join us due to a change in his work schedule. There
were only the
4 of us...2 men, 2 women.  We went ahead,  although not knowing what will happen with C. & B.'s ho-
me & acreage . It was beautiful__ the men remained in  "
la-la" land  for a full  10 minutes after we finished. I sensed
they were  "processing" something.  We all had teary eyes afterwards,  & the house & yard felt  very still & peaceful.
And before they left,  
3 flickers (large woodpeckers, symbolizing "seeking within") appeared in our yard.  Have you
any comments about this episode?
A: "As you intuited from the numerology of  the date and time  (1 PM, 1-22-2011),  it was the beginning  of a new
energy for your family, as well as the '
222' implying you are all in ascension. Well done, pilgrim."         
M: Who is speaking now please?
A: "The Arcturians."
M: Of course, the Arcturians__ in charge of raising consciousness and higher technology.  Thank you so very, very

MEDITATION: 1-24-11: WAKING INSIGHT: If the family chooses , we could meet regularly to have guided meditat-
ions &/or discuss our dreams. Would this be appropriate: I also had a "
reply" from you this AM  as to whether it's a-
ppropriate to help other people at this time or not. You said
"Only when asked". Thank you.
A: " If family wishes,  guided meditations could be useful at this time.  As for your diet plan, avoid more process-
ed foods and starches

MEDITATION:1-25-11: About my dream  several mornings ago... my paintings hanging crooked  because the walls
were not perpendicular... not upright.  And the light not working.  Is this showing me my creations (Intentions) are not
entirely "upright" & the "light" (
Creative Force) might not be working with us because I set inappropriate boundaries
on the Intention  when asking that  it
continue in force until the Shift of the Ages completes?  Did I,  by doing this,  un-
knowingly create the Intention that
we will NOT be using free energy-zero point energy AFTER the Shift, when we're
in the New Reality?  
A: "That is correct.  You are, as you told M. yesterday,  laying the foundations for the New Reality every day now.
We know you understand this.  Do your Intentions  with the thought  that  they will continue when  the New Reality
has completed. Yes, there will be some affects  on your homes, yards, devices, etc. from this Intention. We know
you corrected the Intention yesterday,  and we thank you
M: No, We thank you!!. NO LIMITATIONS NOW, HUH?

A: "YES.  the first electrical intention  worked in various degrees  for different people  because of their beliefs ab-
out it,  and lasted only that one month  because  it was a learning experience  to give them  confidence for doing
more Intentions in the future."
M: I've wondered about the CROP CIRCLES. Who is creating them, and what are they meant to do on our planet?
A: "Crop Circles are created with the cooperation of  Gaia,  Nature Spirits from  inner earth's  second dimension,
from the plant kingdom , plus zero point energies from space... and guided by  non-physical entities such as the
Arcturians. Their purpose is to awaken humanity's consciousness  to other  dimensional existences & beings, to
teach that
Earth and all life on Her are alive and interconnected,  and to recognize that o ther evolutions exist on
in & around Earth,  and that all are  united & cognitive of human  thoughts, feelings, history & culture. It awakens
humans to  other beings,  other energies, to telepathy,  to kinesiology,  to the power of their own thoughts, feeling
"  Wow! Thanks! First I've heard that truly makes sense!

leectricity Intention when doing it with L. that Earth and all her lifeforms are free from the global controllers". etc.
Is this appropriate
A: " Yes, in fact, we sent it!"

MEDITATION: 2-1-11: Went to ER 2 evenings ago with sinus congestion and severe dizziness, ringing, noises in
No fever, aches or pains, no coughing. They took blood tests... everything completely normal, no bacterial or
viral infections. Checked for flu virus...None. Got a sulfa Rx. The doctors asked about the splint on my finger.l laug-
hed at my popsickle stick remedy.  I said I didn't know what caused the tendon tears,  except it might be  from too
much typing on the website.  They asked what that was about.  I told them  "
creativity"... that  I'd been  a pro  artist.  
Wanted to say more about the
Inner Tech, Energy Healings with Intentions, but not sure how to word it. I wanted to
"Speak my Truth",  but feeling the way I did,  how could I ever help out with their patients,  when I'm not completely
well myself? And what else can I do for the sinus condition?
A: "As you know,  you don't have to be in physical presenc e to do healings. You might also teach hospital st-
aff members to do i
t.  As for the sinuses, most is from ascension symptoms & greatly increased downloads of
cosmic energies,
but continue the meds & do some Love Intentions for it during the days. All will be well soon."  

MEDITATION: 2-7-11: Last night I had an e-mail from the scalar wave people about their new  'nano wand' for he-
aling. Would this be safe and beneficial for me to use?
A: "Yes, the wand would aid you, although you already have the abilit y to heal with your mind and heart. In fact.
as your Light Body expands,  you will heal by thought projection alone.  Recall the incident in Sherry's sh-
op with "
Cathy" & her TMJ? (Chapter 20).  The wand could help you  understand & sense the various energies
more fully. As to the diet...
avoid all pork meat. You will understand why in the near future."

MEDITATION: 2-11-10: I seem to be getting worse instead of better... I can't stay in a positive mindset  when I'm in
pain and despair. What is it I need to learn or change to be well?
A: "You heard the doctor correctly... you do NOT have infections in your ears,  sinuses or elsewhere.  The "cha-
 Drop the over-eagerness  to gain information__ especially from outside sources.  It does not often  serve
you well,  for you sometimes get confused later on  between your inner guidance  and what you hearor see from
without.  Go with the  heart's feelings  and inner guidance.  Love heals all,  as you've often said.  
Do the  healing
meditations 3 or 4 times a day for congestion
. We applaud your efforts to be more discriminating in what you fe-
el you 'need' to hear. Stay as positive as you can, dear one.  You are making headway, whether you realize it or

MEDITATION: 2-19-11:  I'm inquiring about another TUNE  that rang through my head repeatedly  as I was waking
up this AM.."
So This Is Heaven.. etc." Never heard it before. What does it mean? I was thinking about doing some
intentions before going to sleep, and noted that the room was still filled with stars... more than ever before.
A: " The waking thoughts & stars at night, indicate that you have developed your Light Body to a higher degr-
and are at that time, in the 5th dimension. You are also working with the 6th at times, as you may have
noted by your recent attracting of
Sacred Geometry information and its use in manifesting and healing. You will
move back and forth between dimensions in service to
Gaia and her lifeforms. Well done, dear one."
M: Whoa!... Thank you!  What do I do now?
A: "Learn to move in and out of the dimensions at will, & create more of the reality you desire for your ex-
istence. Aid Gaia in her transition,  & teach those who are ready  how to do the techniques you present in
the web-book.

MEDITATION: 2-16-11:  I know we need to do an Intention  for freely available food and water  for the family  and all
needy lifeforms,
 and gasoline prices are skyrocketing,  although there doesn't seem to be  any lessening  of its use.
I'm asking permission to do a second Intention for our gasoline powered vehicles & machines to run on free energy.

A: " Stay with your  alternative remedies... they do help,  and will  continue to do so until sometime in April.  Your
physical changes & cleansings are not pleasant, we know, & they will abate over the next 6 -7 weeks. Do the food
Intention we requested before
March 8th,  & yes, the gasoline Intention would be helpful too, for it will assist Gaia,
as well.
M: I see__ March 8th is the Manifestation of the Vision for my Personal Season Days.  
A: "Some C2C news online is fine. You need to have some idea of what's going on in the world. The uprisings in
Middle East  were instigated by  the global controllers, & will spread through that part of the world, then move
outward towards
Southeast Asia, through Africa  & eventually into China &  the Western nations. Things will lo-
ok pretty dim for awhile,  but all will work out  for the higher good of
Gaia and Her lifeforms. Have faith and keep a
positive, loving outlook as much as you can. Encourage others to do the same.

M: I had a dream  about being on a train to "go home" to where I grew up. But we didn't know where we were while
on the train,  as no one announced  the towns or cities we passed.  It seemed it was a  "run-away" train . Therefore,
we did not really know  where we were going, either.  And when we did reach my home town,  I met an old friend  (a
doctor's daughter who married a doctor),  she said there was no taxi service, so "we have to have our own vehicles
to get around". I realized than that there was no one from my childhood family was still alive or still living in that town.
My thought was that "
we really can't go home again",  & woke up not knowing where to go  or what to do next. What
is the significance of this dream?
A: "It is symbolic of your state of mind & of events during this period before the Universal Underworld begins on
March 9th.
Y ou and the world are in a sort of limbo state,  during which things occur that make no sense, or don't
occur,  or have no future or past connection. You must live in the
Now,  trusting that all will be understood  in time.
You are not 'going home' to the are going to a 'new home'
;  one that is mostly of your own making. Cre-
ate the Reality you wish to be 'at home in'  during these limbo times.  We know you feel 'stuck in mud' now, & in a
sense, you are,  but soon forward movement will take its place, and at a very rapid pace. So rest while you can, &
consider__ prepare to create  what you wish for  the New Reality. The 'doctor's daughter' tells you  that each must
create their own Light body to heal or manifest in the New Reality.