1-2-89: MEDITATON: ML: Would Lori's experience with Sound & Light  after her healing in North
Salt Lake (
Sound.html) explain how humans and the planet "put on their garments of light"?

"From, a physical standpoint, Yes. However, the 'Light' that is so often referred to is a high
state of Continual Consciousness
on both inner and outer levels, that causes the Arua-Electro-
magnetic Sheathes
to vibrate so intensely, and at so high a frequency, that it glows with light. At
this stage, an individual, race or planetary entity could sustain itself with 'food" from the etheric, ra-
ther than from the dense physical.

11-24-96: MEDITATION: ML: "Perhaps we ground our Light Bodies to Earth by Compassion &
Love. Our Light Bodies are no doubt 'LOVE" anyway!"

2-19-11: MEDITATION: ML: I'm inquiring about another TUNE that rings through my head repeat-
edly thee days. It started again as I awoke this morning. "
So This Is Heaven", etc.. It sounded fam-
iliar, but I don' recall ever hearing it before. What does this mean, please? I was thinking about doing
some Intentions last night before going to sleep, and noted that my bedroom was still filled with the
"stars"__ more than ever before.

A's: "The waking thoughts and the increased Stars at Night indicate that you have developed
yourLight Body to a higher degree, and are, at such times, in the 5th Density.
You are also
working with
6-D at times, as you may have noted with your recent attracting of Sacred Geometry
tion and its use in Manifesting and Healing. You will be moving back and forth between densities
in service to Gaia and Her life-forms. Well
done Dear One!"
ML: Whoa! Thank you. What do I need to do next?
A's: "Learn to move in and out of the densities at will, and create more of the Reality
you desire for your New Earth existence. Aid Gaia in Her transition, and teach those who
are ready how to do the techniques you present in the online book,
'Creating From the Fu-

As individuals develop their Light Bodies, changes take place in their energy fields.
ML; Our coffee-maker broke down__ it was # 3 within a few short years. We discussed
our living room lamps seemed to burn out so many bulbs, and blamed it on poor quality bulbs.
I told Hal how,
when we raised our consciousness, the Electromagnetic Frequency of our
bodies increases,  and we affect electrical devices.
 Explaining the Light Body Process as a
preparation for ascension to higher density worlds, I suggested his, mine and our visiting children's
Light Bodies may be forming and affecting our light bulbs and coffee pots.

A" "In the later stages of this Process, the frequency of the emitted photons increases consid-
, so no further interference with electricity occurs. We also achieve a "higher curing
abil-ity" with such methods as "laying on of hands" or "energetic" and "crystal" healing
. In
add ition,
the body radiates very intense astral light, which is not seen with people's physical
eyes, but is mentally and emot
ionally experienced as subliminal feelings, but cannot be
consci-ously interpreted by most of them. T
his astral aura is beyond the limits of physical
detectabil-ity, but can be measured with conventional instruments. It's intensity increases
exponentially in the last stages of the Light Body Process."

3-29-13: ML: I ask Higher Self why our Energy Healing no longer seems to work well.

HS: "The healing abilities  of those who heal with Energies, were transmuted to a higher
level, so that you would, instead, teach people how to heal themselves, instead of them
becoming dependent upon energetic healers."

2-8-10: Light Bodies.  "The Light Encoded DNA Filament  and Biomolecular
Quantum Communication.
" (Download the Beautiful PDF from here.) The message is awesome__ if
you're brave enough to wade through a lot of technical jargon  and pick out the nitty-gritty to
 How Our Light Bodies unfold and how we really do mutate from a carbon-based
body to a crystalline one... "As a prime antenna for electrical magnetic (EM) radiation, DNA can
receive light,  transduce it,  compute a response and re-emit EM signals that will have a very definite
modulating effect on specific molecules or even extra-cellular targets. However DNA is not just
restric-ted to receiving EM frequencies, as DNA shows structural organization characteristic of
fractal an-tennas. This would enable it to receive and transduce Zero Point Energy__allow it to
interact more directly with the morphogenetic field__ the Creative Force Field__ the Ethers. These
subtler forms of energy will interact more directly with consciousness, and in that way influence
either the expan-sion or contraction of conscious awareness."

"When the information within light__ EM__ is received, it can be stored, computed, and transmitted
holographically by DNA."... (EMSpectrum.html) " It is not at all novel to suggest that  DNA functions
computationally,  as has been demonstrated"... in the test tube... "and its  computation  skills within
the biological system has already been recognized with specific applications."   

1-11-11: ML: Must we create the Merkaba to go through the Shift with our memories intact?
A: Of course, if you wish to later have recall of this and other past lives. The Merkaba  is another
name for The Light Body."

1-12-11: ML: If I don't use the Merkaba, will I lose my knowledge about Intending, Healing and Mani-
esting after the Shift completes?
A: "As for the Merkaba-Light Body__ anything you Love will remain with you."

See also "
The Science of Luminosity" in Lemuira__ Gurudas.