By  MARILYN LA CROIX
                                                                           CHAPTER 14: "LIGHTWORKS"    

                                                                       "VISIBLE LIGHT & COLOR"
The Fourteenth Step to Creating From the Future and the third,  Expanded Multi-Density Technology is to Create
with  "Light".  When performing Multi-D. Intentional manifestations or healings,  stand up,  lift arms up to the sky &
move them vigorously as if conducting an energetic orchestra__You are!

    *  "Lighting Up from Nothing."
             The Language of Light.
              Human Energy Intake.
    *  "Co-creating with Light."
              Living On Light.
    *  "Electromagnetism and Light Technology."
    *  "The Human Light Body."
               All Creation is formed from Light.
              The pineal gland regulates energies.
    *  "Into Higher Densities."
    *  "Electronic High Strangeness."
    *  "More High Strangeness"
               Carrying Intention from repairing to creating.
    *  "The Greater Plan to which we attune and work."

"Lighting Up from Nothing"
July 4th, 1986.  Restoration and cleaning  of the Statue of Liberty  has been completed,  and thousands  of ships
from the world over  sail into New York Harbor  to help the United States  celebrate its  200th birthday.  The  four-
hour-long ceremonies are broadcast on TV all evening.  Outside our  Lost River Valleys, Idaho,  home,  the sky is  
nearly dark by 6 P.M.due to  the dense clouds and  blowing dirt from a terrible windstorm that continues for hours.
The local fireworks display is cancelled.

"Can't do anything outdoors tonight__ let's watch the big celebration", says H. We carry snacks to the living room
and settle down  before the TV screen.  Near 9:30 P.M.. I go to the kitchen for a drink of water.  The wide window
above the sink looks out over  Big Lost River Valley  and the village below.  The storm has abated.  I remark to H
"All the lights are out  down there; must be a power failure from the storm."

H. looks out the living room windows. "They're out all over town!", he says.  We exchange puzzled looks when we
realize that our lights are still on
; our TV is working and we haven't had even a flicker of electrical problems.

Next morning, friends from down in the village below are puzzled
: "What did you do to keep your electricity work-
ing last night?  Ours was off for hours,  and so was the whole town's.  We looked up the hill and could see lights
on at your place. How did you manage that?"

I have no answer. But I wonder__ have our study group meditations somehow contributed to this strange pheno-
The Fourteenth Step to Higher Creativity, & the Third Expanded Multi-D Technology  is to
Co-create with Light.

Earlier. we examined the subtle affects of light and color on humans and other living systems. Creativity codes are
known as the
Language of Light". Both magnetic and electrical forces flow through  Earth's ley lines, vortexes and
sacred sites, as well as through human nervous systems.

Hydrothermal vents were discovered  deep in the ocean at the  Mid-Atlantic Trench. Life was coming from energy
inside earth. Bacteria, EME, & sulfide from black smokers. Shrimp & clams are eating the bacteria.  

The higher the altitude,  the more concentrated this "light". The Lost River Valleys  of southeastern Idaho are over
a mile above sea level, very dry, volcanic in origin and often windy, providing the energy artist with an abundance
of "light" energy for research and experimentation.

Once we understand how Mind, Emotion, Intention, and Breath are keys to energy activations, we can develop u-
nique methods for coping with the massive Earth Changes, & for co-creating the New Reality.  Working mainly as
groups, Lightworkers attempt to develop five characteristics

) A willingness to experiment.
b.) Unconditional Love that replaces fear and anger.
c.) Imagination balanced wisely with logic,
d.) Consecration of motive.
e.) Ability to weigh evidence wisely and accept only that compatible with the highest intents.

Add to this list: "
Purity of life and regulation of thought"__ and success will be yours.

Remember:  We are not meant to discover everything knowable,  but only as much knowledge that we may apply
wisely for the evolution of the race, & for those whom we may be able to influence within our sphere of contacts.

Right now, we live in a material cash economy, believing we must have money in order to survive. As this is being
written, our social systems are changing drastically. The stock market fluctuating, global warming, oil prices esca-
lating, people behaving insanely__ road rage, terrrorist and gang violence, suicide, suicide bombers, murder, sol-
diers returning from the Middle Eastern wars  with strange illnesses__ immigrants arriving in droves  & many peo-
ple abused, kidnapped and raped.  Jobs and services are lost or out-sourced. Elections rigged. New diseases ar-
ise and trusted medications fail to heal,  as both adults and children become physically and mentally ill at younger
ages and ever more frequently.

Education, government, insurance, communication, judicial and medical systems are  run as "Big Businesses", ra-
ther than as service institutions. Corporations may lie and cheat employees, investors and the public. Whales and
dolphins beach themselves.  Huge numbers of fish and birds  mysteriously die  in a flash of time.  Crops fail, bees,
bats & butterflies disappear,  seeds no longer germinate, and food, medicine, water, soil, air and toys are contam-
inated. Volcanoes erupt more frequently,  drought in many places & floods in others.  Increased hurricanes, earth-
quakes,  tornadoes & extreme weather fluctuations  threaten our food supply__  while self-serving politicians gov-
ernments ignore both plights & rights of citizens.  Local and state governments and schools are financially strapp-
ed, terrorism expands & martial law is invoked.  These are indications that the  "
End Times"  of the long-promised  
Shift towards a higher dimensional Earth are happening NOW.

So what do we do?  Some people are hoarding food,  medicine and supplies,  setting up fortresses or secret plac-
es in the mountains, woods, deserts, & underground__  even arming themselves  for protection against  proposed
world-wide riots.  Some are replacing investments and savings with  gold or silver. But there are other way
s:  bas-
ically,  just staying attuned to Spirit-Creative Force for guidance, s tayin g Loving, Calm, in Oneness &  Serving by
Co-Creating beneficially with Intentions.

We need to form groups which use Intention to manifest a new and better reality.

Human Energy Intake
Electromagnetism is a balanced combination of electricity and magnetism. Combining both male & fem-
ale energies,  it is a powerful, natural force generated by  Earth, sun, moon, planets, stars,  the universe
and the cosmos. These energies,  when combined with Spirit and Love,  can heal and nurture everyone
and everything.

Each time one of us has a realization or a focused visualization,  we emit frequency signals that can be sensed by
others.  Some-times called
 "The Wind"__ it is how  a Group Mind functions and grows  It occurs automatically
without our rational understanding,  or having an image or awareness of it because  it happens  within our bodies.
We each raise our energetic vibrations according to how much we are able to handle.

Prana, in Sanskrit, means "pure energy"__ the basic life force.  

In the
1960's, the Russians invented the  "tobiscope" which detected and measured  Pranic energies. In this proc-
ess,  they discovered that  "
all life forms radiate this energy & the state of this energy could be manipulated."  The
effects of color, sound, negative ions & other external forces on our subtle energy bodies was also verified, confir-
ming what the Hindus said for millenia
:  "Prana is in the air and can be converted into energy."

Other human body researchers learned that: "An individual's energy field could be reflected, refracted, po-
polarized & combined with other forms of energy. It can create effects similar to electricity, magnetism,
heat & light
, But it is separate & distinct from all of these. This new energy can somehow be conducted or trans-
ferred through  known conductive materials,  as well as through what were otherwise thought to be  insulators. As
we co-create with
Expanded  Multi-D.Technologies, we activate and direct this creative drive at will.
Arc hives for further details)
Co-creating with Light
Plants photosynthesize sunshine and turn it into chlorophyll.  Butterflies and roadrunner birds of the southwestern
U.S.  love to sit in the sun when the temperature is 60 degrees or above because they can literally energize them-
selves from

We're higher up on the food chain,   but all the nutrients we eat  can ultimately be traced to  plant life and solar en-

Universal and human co-creativity use electromagnetism  from both inner and outer sources to direct the electron
of the atom to radiate light or

Electromagnetism is the "LIGHT" that connects our consciousness with each other and with the worlds
of Multi-dimensionality..

"Living On Light"
1990: I walk from thirty to thirty-five miles a week in the St. Louis area parks,  repeating affirmations for health &
well-being while in The Zone. Curiously, even though I also decrease fats, sweets, starches and the portions and  
caloric count of my daily food intake, after six months I've lost only six pounds of weight.  I meditate for understan-

"Since humans are connected with All That Is , everything you need  already exists within you. This expands up-
on the phrase earlier given
: 'The Creatures need to create from within themselves." There is a need to reeducate
& re-orient the physical body & mind  to an understanding that  you are basically  energy beings__ Light Beings.
Spirit within is attempting to live on Light and the essence of substances rather than on material foods. Humans
bring prana in through their eyes  from sunlight along with  electromagnetic energy  from the higher dimensional
realms. These, in turn, energize the blood, carrying the energies to the brain and body cells."
In higher dimensions or densities, we don't need as much food or sleep as in
3-D.  This might explain some of the
world's current obesity difficulties,  for the more we think, feel and act in higher states of consciousness in the Zo-
ne, the less food & sleep we need. It is
3-D actions, thoughts and feelings that require sleep & food. As we evolve
our consciousness even further, we may need less__ or perhaps__ none!  

After returning to
Idaho from St. Louis,  I experimented with "Light Technology" to see if I could  live more on Light
& less on material food as the meditation suggested. (See
Archives for the "Living on Light Experiment")

1996, many Lightworkers began experiencing vague discomforts  as chakras, muscles, body organs, tissues &
DNA adjusted to Earth's changing frequencies and magnetic field.  Higher Self suggested I avoid animal products,
basing my eating plan mostly on fruits, vegetables & whole grain products, avoiding  sugars,  white rice,  white po-
tatoes, white flour & caffeine. When I followed this plan, I had no problems with the body changes.  Each of us,  of
course, will choose what our individual body requires during these shifting times.

Living on Light  is a natural consequence  of consciousness evolution.  Most people go through  gradual  physical
changes in direct proportion  to their consciousness escalation. There is, however, a very high level of conscious-
ness at which the individual can eat  anything and everything desired__ or nothing at all__ yet maintain a healthy,
energetic body.  Before experimenting with  
Living on Light,  or with any other  Expanded Multi-D Technology,  do
check with Higher Self  before trying to manifest this or any new situation.

In the
1980's, while traveling on art business,  I always lost two pounds per week  while in Canada,  but never un-
derstood why,  as we seldom ate out,   preferring to buy groceries locally  and cook most meals in our RV.  Then I
learned that Canada banned meat and milk from US cattle  that had been given  steroids,  hormones or antibiotics
to make them grow faster and larger. Do vibrations of these chemicals remain in the meat & dairy products and af-
fect us when we eat them?  (See  "
Living on Light Experiment" in Archives.)

The Arcturians say, as a natural consequence  of consciousness evolution and earth changes,  humans will one
day choose to nourish themselves  with sunlight instead of material foods,  thereby enhancing both  themselves &
the planetary ecosystem.
Theresa Neumann (1899-1962) was monitored by doctors and the Catholic Church for
close to
35 years.  The only food  she was observed to eat during all those years  was the tiny  communion wafer
taken on Fridays. There are people here on Earth now who ingest only high energies.

Electromagnetism and Light Technology
When our energy fields go beyond cellular, molecular and atomic levels, we get to the Electromagnetic level. At
our bodies' most basic levels, energy exchanges of an electromagnetic nature are continually occurring.

EM helps to create compatibility and harmony between life forms.

MEDITATION: "Through electrochemical reactions  within the body,  there is a  continuous  transformation  from
chemistry into energy  and from energy back into chemistry.  The exchange of energy  in our bodies  takes place
through an exchange of
ions, which are simply components of molecules__  groups of atoms__ that have lost or
taken on electrons, and hence "hold"
... positive or negative... " electric charges".  Ions and molecules are invisible
portions of the  electromagnetism present  throughout the entire universe.  An exchange of ions can  rejuvenate or
devastate the molecules of our bodies."

An electronic change always precedes any biological or anatomical change.

How is it possible to sustain physical bodies with Light?__Because: Consciousness is a constantly evo-
lving energy operating in the Time-Space/hyper-dimensional Realm.

Space and Time can be altered by using  LIGHT__ Light  can create GRAVITY__ Gravity can affect Time
The stronger the Gravity, the more Time slows down.

Our lower personality self cannot produce electronic anomalies. It is our Higher Self__ Spirit Within__ that raises
our vibrational energy, resonates our bodies with higher frequencies and enables us to forego food as we know it
and dine on energy in its nearly pure state.
Light then becomes a nutrient.

"The Human Light Body"
After retirement H. & I spend five months of each winter in the U.S.southwest . In 1994, we purchase a large RV.
Our new bedroom is in the "gooseneck"__ the raised section called the "fifth wheel"__ which rides over the bed of
the pickup truck while in transit.

Early in
March, H. takes a few days to pull the small, old RV back to Idaho. I stay behind in Arizona due to teach-
ing commitments and preparations to attend the "
Flower of Life" workshop in Austin, Texas.  I meditate & "power
up" my Merkaba energy field daily.

The first night alone,  I read and watch TV.  When I step up into the raised bedroom  to prepare for bed.  I pull the
opaque shades down, turn off all lights and sit on the end of the bed with eyes closed,  ready for evening prayers
& meditation.

After a few minutes, I realize some light is still falling on my closed eyelids. "
Thought I turned everything off", I say
to myself. Opening my eyes, I find that all the electric lights
are off, but the little room is filled with  blue-white light  
similar to strong moonlight. Every detail is clearly visible. I can find no source for this light__then I realize it's com-
ing from my own body!

Each night before sleep,  this light glows within the little room.  When I arrive at the  
Flower of Life workshop,  I re-
experience a similar light in my motel room. Next morning I ask our facilitator
Dawn, what might be causing it. She
confirms  it was indeed coming from within myself.  This occasionally happens after people have been performing
Merkaba Meditations for awhile.   
[The following information is from
Dr. Marcel Vogel:
* "Our brain is an INTERFACE creating a connection to Higher Dimensions &/or Densities.
* The ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD created by our brain RESONATES all our body cells
* Each DNA Structure reinforces this EM FIELD.
* A DODECAHEDRON is a Vibration similar to that in Fluids or Waters
. (See Sacred Geometry, Archives.)
LIFE as we know it.
The DODECAHEDRON assembles DNA with the Hydrogen and Oxygen in a drop of water.
* This Code is written into the Fundamental Core of the Geometry that is all around us.
* DNA now becomes the CENTRALIZED UNIVERSAL GEOMETRICAL FORM that was discovered 2014
DNA appears to be a QUANTUM FIELD that doesn't require other life first.
* DNA is a precipitation of the Universe.
* This MERKABA/UNIVERSE is at the center of every POINT IN SPACE & TIME, and CREATING LIFE__
because the same structure equals the DNA & Protein, which Life is made from.
The Merkaba Meditation is one of the keys to accessing the creativity codes of "Light".  When in the
Merkaba __  the Zone energy bubble__  we can influence the EM Spectrum
The Merkaba is the first stage of manifesting  Lightbodies.
The Mayan Sacred Calendar, the Tzolk'in, is a format for learning to access these creativity codes and
 manifest  our true selves and our visions as we Transcend Time.
* A Merkaba can also serve as a UFO.
* All Creation is formed from Light
Light is mass, in its liquid state that has liberated itself from a state of rest and is attempting to return
 to the levels of the  Ethers.
* The
"Ethers"__ the Creative Force Fields Potentials__  are mass that has accelerated beyond the vel-
 ocity of light.  We can observe its effects,  which are gravity,  electricity,  electromagnetism  and the
 speed of light.

* Spirit/Creative Force
, being omnipresent,  can make us aware of Itself by first slowing down the velocity of the
etheric time flow to the speed of light, and then transforming it into matter through the gravity curvature. What me-
taphysics calls
"ether",  science now calls  "unified field theory", "Torsion Field-hyperspace", "free energy"  
or "zero point energy".  

* The Creative Force is Loving, Intelligent, Purposeful and Self-Organizing.
Our human etheric bodies are integrated perfectly with the Ether/Creative Force & serve as intermed-
   iaries for it.
* Portions of the EME band can both affect each other and change into each other
We learned that  SOUND can  SPIN,   convert into  LIGHT__ & then into  various forms of  ELECTRICAL

* LIGHT also  converts back to SOUND  when an object's atomic particles  vibrate at a slower rate
.  The
same occurs with
 CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS__  they may vibrate at a slower rate than the body. Is this why
many people in expanded evolutionary states can't tolerate prescription drugs?

  (See Archives for further info.)

* It is our belief in a
need for physical things that prevents us from  directly absorbing the elements that keep us a-
live and well  directly from the environment.  We can even  protect ourselves  when in  high energy fields because
othing from a lower field can negatively penetrate the higher__ the higher would absorb the lower.

* Through the eighth chakra__ our body take in spiritual energies and information.
* Through our
brow chakra__ assuming that our crown and eighth chakra have been fully activated__ (Figure 7)
  we can  also radiate energy outwardly into the physical world of matter.
* This way__ AS GROUPS__we influence what manifests in the outer world using higher creative skills, co-creat-
  ing according to Universal Purposes with
Expanded Multi-D Technologies.
* The characteristics of healers' energy fields match the behavior of hyper-dimensional physics.

Healers' expanded-state fields  hold higher frequencies  which focus energy  to our physical organism.
*  Lightworkers  are not only able to absorb and adapt  the energies of Earth and outer-space for collecti-
   ve & universal purposes,  but can also generate & project  their own energies into the environment.
*  In meditation__
The Zone,  the Dreamtime__we create  a living energy field  around ourselves. The after-
   effects of this deep meditation last for hours, and with regular practice  we can maintain that expanded ener-
  gy field around us continually. "
*  "From within that field, we can absorb, change or produce electromagnetic phenomena that affect the
   Earth's 3-D energy fields
." (Dr. Marcel Vogel).
The PINEAL GLAND/BROW CHAKRA, is a powerful regulator of energies, especially from sunlight. Astr-
ologically speaking, the pineal is a glandular sphere which becomes imprinted with the momentary zodiac forc-
esat the moment of one's birth. Figuratively, it forms the center of the horoscope chart wheel. When activated, it
plugs directly into  Earth's energy fields  and into the fields of  zodiac constellations,  oscillating to form  its own
magnetic field."

"The pineal takes in light.  Some reptiles can see with their pineal glands, but not with physical eyes. The pin-
eal is often called the "
third eye".  Although related,  they are not really the same.  The Third Eye develops due
to the frequency vibrations of one's Higher Self projected through the pineal & one's personality forces projected
through the

"When the two forces interact,  they create the
LIGHT  in the head.  At a still later stage,  Higher Self  radiations
will move through  the pineal-brow center to activate the
ETHERIC HEAD AREAS  to stimulate the atoms of the
brain, until both brain and etheric vibrations merge with those Higher Self frequencies."

"When we release a focused thought, it takes on a sacred geometrical pattern which oscillates, thereby emitting

& LIGHT.  This is not just a metaphor.  The third eye  has been shown  to imprin t a thought upon
Polaroid film.   EMOTION is the act of using our glands  to bend and throw  the magnetic lines.
Our glands
seem to have been designed for bending light.
" (Dr. Marcel Vogel)

If visible light and colors  have nutritional value for our body,  then could it follow  that the rest of the EM spectrum
might also serve as nourishing energy?  Is it possible,  as we raise our consciousness,  to change our own biolog-
ical receptivity by bringing in the Light,  by absorbing other portions of the EM spectrum  into our bodies__ for ins-
tance, X-rays, radio waves, microwaves, radar or even human thoughtforms__ i.e.,

"Into Higher Densities"
1996: While Judy, Jackie & I are together in Arizona, we frequently find ourselves in a higher dimension, our vo-
ices taking on that peculiar resonance  as when in a Vendome-Merkaba, living energy field. Things don't look too
much different here,  except that the room glows with a strong golden-white light and we see no light sources ref-
lected off shiny objects and no cast shadows. Our bodies, the plants in the room,  and the air itself seem to be ra-
diating that light
A similar phenomena is related in
Baird Spalding's book,  "Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East,  Vol.
"... "Our garments and everything about us seemed to radiate a pure white light"... "Any resistance to this ener-
gy immediately magnifies its volume a nd therefore its velocity. The ones setting up resistance against it, or att-
empting to set up their Personal Will  only harm themselves.  If they do not set up any  resistance to this light, it
will pour its healing balm through them as well as it does through you
." We had a demonstration of this in ( Cha-
pter 7 ) with the incident of  Rusty and the controlling shamanic energy.

"Electronic High Strangeness"
In the mid-1980s,  I take a class in computer programming  and purchase a computer for astrological chart comp-
utations. S oon I notice how one of our lamps flickers on and off  when I move my hand near it. This seems to ha-
ppen when I've been meditating or intuitively working with astrology charts. Am I "imagining" this, I wonder again?

Several years later,  at the Vogel Crystal Classes,  student
Lori and I realize we had shared the same dream two
weeks earlier  and we recognize other students who were also in the dream.  Lori confides she has healing skills,
but can no longer be near audio or video tapes. She "erases" them just by holding them in her hand.  And she dr-
ains batteries of energy in a few seconds and "blows out"  light bulbs as she passes by.  I tell her of my own exp-
eriences and we wonder why I seem to "turn them on", while she 'turns them off".

At the
August, 1987 Harmonic Convergence,  Sherry & I go to Idaho's  Craters of the Moon National Monument
to meditate and commune with nature spirits. I have an etheric contact with a being from the future. Next morning
as I awaken,  I'm inwardly told I can  "
learn all you need to know about energies from 'Kriya'". Personal  & collect-
ive information pours in during the next few days

Since that day,  the "electrical disturbances"  increase in frequency.  It begins to annoy us  the way lamps turn on  
whenever I pass by, and soon I'˜m  affecting the computer disks, too. If I'm not careful when I move to  an intuitive
state to interpret an astrology chart, then drop back into a lower mental state to begin writing,  I erase entire sect-
ions of the disk and have to write it all over again.

A few years later, H. and I move into a high-rise apartment building in downtown
St.Louis. Surrounded by elevat-
ors, electronic devices and equipment of every possible sort,  I find I have some  minor influence over  machinery
and electronic devices.  One day the apartment dryer runs a few minutes, & stops.  I inwardly "ask" what's wrong.
"Overload" is the answer. I take out the biggest, thickest towel and the dryer works perfectly from then on.

Most of these unusual things happen when I'm alone or when other people are too far away to be aware of what's
happening, so I still hold that childhood mindset that this is somehow my "overactive imagination". I keep investig-
ating it in private, however, because I"m so very curious about when I can do it or not, and under what conditions
it works.

While in St.Louis I take a workshop with
Al Morrison,  internationally known astrologer. H. & I have lunch with Al,
and we compare notes. My Aries Sun lies exactly on Al's Ascendant, and he confides to me that he can no longer
use a computer at all__ his energy field not only erases the disks, it even crashes the computers.
November, 1990:  H. retires and we return to Idaho. The electrical phenomena escalate. He noticed lights going
on in St. Louis, but now it happens when I'm six or more feet away from them. I want more people to see this phe-
nomena in order to assure myself that they are
really happening.

Soon a new development arrives
:  I can intentionally  "repair" the remote control for the VCR  by "asking" it what's
wrong. This differs from the incident with the clothes dryer  because here, the remote control "tells me"  the sequ-
ence of buttons to push to correct its imbalance. It works on the very first try. H. is witnessing and commenting on
this event,  indicating that it is not "just imagination".  Something very unusual is indeed occurring.  (Then "doubt"
leads me to wonder if I'm somehow "
hypnotizing others" into perceiving the same things I do.  But I don't think this
is the case, since H. is very uncomfortable about such matters and would not be a willing participant.)

When we move our consciousness from  
3-D to a  higher density__ it bypasses the  EM Spectrum  at or near the
speed of light and enters the  
hyper-dimensional state.  Electronic magic occurs when we are in higher energetic
states such as  U. Love & Unity Consciousness. We radiate energy from those levels. It is then that we affect ma-
tter,mind, emotion and energy in the 3-D state.

This is the premise behind healing, telepathy and  electrical anomalies:  Our lives are basically Energy

The individual creator works her energetic "magic" on a tiny portion of the EM band, but Loving, Unity Conscious-
Groups can perform miracles on both the entire EM & hyper-dimensional bands to transform 3-D space/time
"More Electronic Strangeness"
1996:  Study group member, Patty, chairman of the local Travel Council,  reports that when she is out of town on
business, the soda pop vending machines spit ice cubes out whenever she passes within six feet of them.
another study group member,  works long hours at the Arco hospital nursing home.  She becomes annoyed when
trying to sleep after several twelve-hour shifts & her family doesn't respond to her repeated requests to turn down
the TV volume.  Finally__ completely frustrated__ she hops out of bed,  marches over to the TV set,  punches the
"off" button__ and all the power in the house goes out.
he night of September 16, 1996, the TBS TV channel airs a program about people abducted by UFOs, who ex-
perience similar electronic anomalies in their lives. They had also developed psychic abilities. Had they been in a  
Merkaba?  Do "ETs" use these living energy fields as their space ships?

I decide Higher Self is orchestrating these EM anomalies to help me understand some truths or principles. Medita-
tion suggests I  "
carry the research away from the repairing aspect, and on toward the creating aspect." Hmmmm.
Now how do I do that?

If we live in a holographic universe,  each of us is not only a fractal or particle of that universe,  but also the entire
hologram. We exist everywhere and at all times. As individuals, we are not only a drop or a wave upon the sea of
life,  we are the entire sea as well.  With the  electronic anomalies__
an intended effect__ the repairs came about
when I considered myself to
Be One with the devices;  the same energy or force flowing through and between us.
The holographic theory explaining why we can access past lives,  perhaps also explains Remote Healing and mir-
aculous feats attributed to people of ancient and present times who journeyed far in consciousness development.

Tests indicated that in order for a cancer cell to become malignant, it must first sustain damage to its  DNA. Inves-
tigation of the various portions of ultraviolet light clearly revealed that certain types of
light not only assist cells to
repair their DNA, but also stimulate longevity within the DNA.  Later we learn that DNA not only absorbs & "lives"
on light, but
radiates it as well.

MEDITATION: "Man will discover that  Consciousness can be transformed into other forms of energy. But in or-
der to use this energy for advancement of the race,  you must unfold 'The Light'  within you which can mirror the
work of the
Brothers of Light." (Arcturians)

We do not need "gods" of science, politics & religion controlling Earth.  Neither need we indiscriminately affect el-
ectrons to control the physical world.

There is a Greater Plan to which we attune and work.  

Transmuting personal limitations & using creative skills with groups in Love & Unity Consciousness are neccess-
ary to evolve us into planetary co-creators  who produce and direct flows of high level energy to benefit both Hu-
munity and Earth.  We can experience ourselves as being nourished by the Light, or we can
Become the Light &  
radiate it outwardly.

Some readers will not  fully comprehend what is said here,  & science may never  fully prove the inner understan-
ding presented,  but truth will always be proven and communicated by Lightworkers__ because  they live it every
day of their life.

The canvas we paint upon now__is Life itself. The End Times do not mean the destruction of Earth & all her life-
forms.  It only means the end of an  Old Consciousness Civilization  that is no longer appropriate.  Neither will we
be returning to any systems from the past__ we'll move far beyond. We'll leap eagerly into an entirely new kind of
existence.  Instead of fossil fuels or minerals mined from Earth's physical body, we'll use etheric forces__the "free
energy" of space itself.  

Light pulsing light becomes an activating force in increasingly sophisticated, yet simpler technologies until we can
move entirely beyond physical machines.
We will co-creatively manifest our needs as Spirit/Creative Force
does__ from energy alone.
MEDITATION: 9/19/10: "Music talks to us.  Music creates the matrix of the world__  the mathematics of the Uni-
verse__ harmony, balance, rhythm, order, unity, attunement, life affirming,  life restoring and rejuvenating.  And
when we move into that matrix we go to a special place__ one that links us with the  Heartbeat of the Universe."

"Let us remember how  to contact the Heart of the Universe, which is shared with every living thing that ever ex-
isted, that does now, or ever will exist."  
I've found music will more easily link me with  Higher Intelligence during meditations. That very evening__ "Radio
Out There"
from Australia,  talked about the importance of music in Higher Dimensional Realities__ how it can a-
ffect our emotions, our intelligence.

We may find that Sound and Light are Major Energy Sources in the New Earth Reality.

The ease & harmony with which  this ascension process unfolds for us is directly proportional to the a-
mount of Light__ Joy, Peace, Unconditional Love and Oneness__ we are able to hold within ourselves.

The Maya predicted that exactly on December 21, 2012, "THE SPIRITS WOULD RETURN ROM THE PLEIAD-
Drunvalo Melchizedek told how his spirit guide, "THOTH", revealed that our present-day Earth Conscious-
ness Level  would begin to end in
2012 A.D.,  & this was substantiated by other psychics  who have been unable
to "see" any future lives or events beyond that date. That has also been this writer's experience  up to
1986. Alth-
ough I did have precognitions of some events that occurred in this lifetime, I had never been able to contact a fut-
ure lifetime for myself__despite numerous earlier past life realizations.

And, it was
March, 1986  when I had my first episodes of the  "Electronic Anomalies"; & it was also March, 1986,
when Earth first entered the
Photon Belt__ a portion of space filled with the Light Particles: "Photons".

Addendum 3-26-16:
12-29-88:  Audrey called at  8:45 this evening,  to say there were  Beams of Light in the sky,  shining up
from Earth
towards the zenith above.  I went out and looked. Yes__ some were very strong and bright, others__
more towards the north__ were weaker & thinner
;  But all around the horizon, t he light beams shone upwards to-
wards a circle of sky overhead.  In the midst of this circle of darker sky overhead,  was the planet  
Jupiter__ right
next to the  
Pleiades at 29* Taurus !  This was exactly opposite  29 degrees Sagitarrious__ the Center of our
Milky Way Galaxy

Is this a sign__ an omen?  If so__ it seems to be a very good one. It's very cold out tonight__ 24* below last night.
The air is sparking with ice crystals.

DREAM: 3-13-10: I was holding a book with red (life force) made of something similar to Vellum__ scraped young
animal hides__ used for writing & painting before we had paper.  With a tool like a magic-marker highlighter,  I be-
gan to draw on the red pages. To my delight, the marker use "light" instead of ink,  and wherever I drew,  portions
of living, moving pictures appeared in glowing colors.

MEDITATION 3-13-10:  My favorite music pulled me into higher states of mind  where I saw myself from behind
__ waving my arms about as if conducting an orchestra.  On closer look , however,  I realized I was  PAINTING!
But it was not with paint pigments. I was
Painting with "Light".  

Wherever I moved my arms, portions of a landscape or floral scene, a street scene or seascape would magically
appear in brilliantly colored lights that glowed and actually MOVED.  I seemed to be PAINTING A NEW REALI-

DREAMS: 4-1-10:  The "PAINTING WITH LIGHT" Dreams continued:  We had created a "Light Show". One per-
son used beams of two complementary colors (i.e., blue & orange).  I told her to 'drop the intensity of at least one
color, or it would be clashing to viewers' eyes__ too strong a contrast.

She then used dark blue and a light peach tone. Someone else chose two other colors. I chose purple and cream
(light yellow).  We cast those beams of light all over the darkened end of the large room__ one at a time at first, &
then two, then all three combinations together. We flashed them in curving, twinkling patterns of light.  It was then
Harmonious.  UNIFICATION?... "ONENESS"!

DREAM a night or two later completed the lesson. Our Earth-Team members were experimenting with In-
tentions__ trying different ways of doing them. Then a huge computer screen appeared in front of us  & a dialog-
ue box popped up in its center. It said
: "Try doing the experiment leaving the Intention out!"  I was flabbergasted
__ but somehow "
knew" what it meant. After waking, I realized:


MEDITATION: 11-10-88: New Moon in Scorpio: "The Mind is a Crystal.  Its many facets are  simultaneously ref-
lective,  and yet transparent.  A crystal coheres energy into a laser.  Each facet reflects clearly as we Focus our
perception on that facet. Yet other facets may appear to be distorted__ some incomplete, others exaggerated, &
still others diminished and out of proportion."

"As with mineral Crystals, the entire Mind will take on whatever Color is projected upon it. But when White Light
is projected upon Mind, the crystal diffracts it into the Seven Colors of the Light Spectrum,  which is only one of
many very narrow bands of  Earth's Electromagnetic Spectrum.".... "Which in itself is a narrow band of the Solar
Spectrum within the Galactic Spectrum,  within the Universal Spectrum, within the Cosmic Spectrum of Energy."

"Most human minds are imperfect at this stage of evolution__ cloudy and unclear. If a human has not yet consc-
iously willed toward clarity of mind and the Will of Spirit/Cosmos. When the Human Crystal Mind__ the PINEAL
GLAND__ becomes perfectly clear, it becomes  a receiver for  transmissions from the Galatic__ and later,  from
Universal Higher Intelligences."

"But, before this occurs,  the Crystal Mind must be freed as well from the Colors applied by the Ego, by Emotion,
by False Beliefs. Cloudy Perceptions (such as cultural overlays &/or racial and sexual misapprehensions.'__
We have finished."

                                      NEXT:  "EXPLORING ENERGY."