DREAMS 10-31-88:  were about Lemurian and Atlantean Civilizations. I believe my Lemurian
past was activated while on Orcas Island. (Chapter 8: "The Energy Artist",
( http://wwwfuturerealities.info/Energy/html ) In this dream,  I was a  "Creator" of some sort of
buildings,  and more. I was also  Teaching myself  in one dream__  showing myself around and
: "The Lemurians were small in stature, but the Atlanteans were GIANTS.!"

Begin with explanation of how Supreme Consciousness-Spirit manifested into billions of Consci-
ousness particles, etc. We were particles of Spirit energy at first, and together created the sun,
the planets and moons. We then chose to embody ourselves into the third planet out from the
sun__ Earth. We created the geographical features, and then the minerals, plants and animals.
Seeing how wonderful this was, we placed ourselves into what Edgar Cayce called "pudding
bags" of energy, and this was the Hyperborian stage of what was later to take physical form and
become Humanity.  

(See also "DNA ADDENDUM" regarding Lemurian times. & the GURUDAS info.)

2016: "ANCIENT ALIENS'' History Channel. In Guatamala jungles, EL MIRADOR existed in 200 B.
C.. Larger than Manhattan, the Popul Vuh originated, telling the Mayan'Creation Story__ quite
similar to the Bible's Genesis story__ that was then 2000 years old. El Mirador was abandoned in
150 B.C. . The Popul Vuh information was put onto Mayan Codexes, most of which were destroy-
ed &/or transferred to Europe. EL MIRADOR existed in an earlier time WHEN HUMANS HAD
ACCESS TO HIGH SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE (The Lemurians? Some of the Atlanteans used
and enhanced the Lemurian technologies, and later, the Egyptians obtained some of the
information from both Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations).

LEMURIA: (1988)
Long after the mists began to fall, transforming Earth into a more watery planet, the ancient
Lemurian Civilization sprouted from the Hyperborean, centered in the Pacific Ocean region. Early
Lemurians lovingly cultivated their  island empire. Basically empathic, they merged with Nature
and Gaia/Mother Earth. Highly receptive, intuitive and feminine-minded with a matriarchal culture,
they thought and felt as One. All communication took place through a he art-oriented knowing-
ness. Not until much later did the ability to form sounds and speak aloud evolve.

To our present civilization, they would seem cloaked in romance and mysticism, their ethereal
reality only a myth. Yet their very naturalness gifted them with a unique pragmatism. (More details
Archives , "Past Civilizations") The media often refer to our race as having "descended from
apes"; but anthropologists recently found fully devel oped, modern human skeletons in the same
east African location where early hominid forms had formerly been excavated. Both types had
evidently existed at the same time. Also, apes and humans have variations in their chromosomes
that could not possibly have evolved one from another. (193) And __ if the apes evolved into
present day humans__ why are there still apes on Earth today?

These earliest humanoids were not savages__ not even hunters or meat-eaters
. They were
nomadic. They roamed the land, living off vegetation, fruit and nuts. The scarcity of food in dry
seasons forced them to eat bone marrow from the left-over kills of large animals once hyenas and
buzzards finished with them. These bones were brought backto their camp centers and cracked
open. When modern anthro-pologists found the bone piles, they assumed that humans had been
the hunters. (194) Early Earth humanoids lived simply and were not warlike. Using the creatiity
codes, they did not have to "make" things out of matter, nor did they need physical devices or
machinery. Theby could directly access Multi-Dimensional Technologies to find everything they
needed for their survival with intuition and  heart in accord with the purposes of Nature and
Greater Self.
Marlo Morgan's book about the Austrlian Aboriginese, "Mutant Message, Down
reflects a similar lifestyle.

Lemurians were extremely intuitive. They began leaving their motherland several hundred thous-
and years ago, long before its final sinking, intuiting that their island empire would eventually be
entirely destroyed. Among the overseers of these Great Experiments, were those who insisted
that planet Earth should not be entirely abandoned by the
Galactic Federation. The ascended
masters of Earth, working under higher intelligences, foresaw how material technologies along
with  further genetic entanglements from the arriving off-world visitors, might completely eliminate
feminine spiritual principles from Earth. At that time, Lemuria was still in its prime. We're often told
about the problems that arose in Atlantis, but the flaws that led to Lemuria's withering have been
deliberately covered up. They too, had difficulties because they were so very heart and intuition
oriented. Although inspired by inner guidance, they often failed to take responsibility for caring for
themselves and Earth through physical actions, relying too heavily on divine intervention.
So just
how did we forget
Who We Really Are and become so materialistic, so competitive, so

: What is the significance regarding the past life in Lemuria... 200,000 years ago when I
had the "Birdwoman" experience?

HS: "These were some of the 'last days' of the Lemurian civilization. Much of the first great
island continent began breaking apart and sinking into the sea. As a child in the present life,
MaryAnn received an awareness of that life in order to activate within her the necessity for a
higher consciousness attainment for others and self during the 21st century 'last days' of the
Homo Sapiens sub-race on planet Earth, when Man was attempting to subdue his animal
nature, particularly through the' overcoming of the physical/emotional desires in favor of
developing the higher intuitive, emotional and mental abilities. "

"In those Lemurian times, there were many who still were a genetic mix of the 'Sons of God" a
nd of the "Sons of Man". There was still much of the animal nature present in the average Lem
urian of those times, and this was dramatically apparent in Man's physical body. Many people
had strong animal characteristics in their appearance, as well as in their personality (primitiv
e) traits. This was due to the genetic mixes of previous times. MaryAnn experienced being in a
previous body which was a combination of half woman/half bird.  The Lemurians, working ma
inly with flower and plant essences with those who were already preparing to incarnate their
souls through the devic evolution, plus some rudimentary crystal knowledge, were skilled i
n working beneficially (and a few, negatively) with animals. Some of the natural animal traits.
.. such as the limberness, speed and cunning of the cat... or the ability to fly or sing like a bird
... were highly valued and developed to a high degree of efficiency by the 'scientists' of the ti
e. The idea was to retain the desired abilities and character-istics of the animal's nature, and
yet to eliminate the animal0like appearances which many looked upon as deformities. Mary
pleasing notes, yet to the eyes of one's in this present life, even as a small child in that Lem
"Wagons loaded with animal/man beings were taken into Pyramids and Dome-shaped caves
where the experiments took place. Even though the motives were intended to aid these cre
atures, to Lemu-rian minds, the apparent connections between the man/animal creatures in
the huge, giant animal forms which nearly exterminated the human race in those earlier time
s, was intolerable. Much su-ffering and fear evolved because of the experiments."   

"A wagon ws returning with a load of 'altered' beings, among whom were many MaryAnn had k
nown personally while they were yet half man, half animal. During the great cataclysms rocki
ng the sinking continents, that wagon was damaged before her eyes, as she hid in the bushes.
When she saw what had been done to those friends... their surgical wounds not yet healed,
and their inability to function with altered, painful and grotesque bodies, she panicked and r
an from the  cage-like wagons, the wagon masters and the cataclysmic earthquakes, volcanic
eruptions and storms."

"Ever since, having perished within the following moments of that event, MaryAnn joined the
ranks  of those who seek to improve the human race, particularly during the times of Great Tra-
nsitions, but she always sought, since that experience, to encourage the 'improvement' through
the evolution of consciousness. Even today, she did does not care for what she considers "body
mutilations" or alterations in the name of 'health', 'progress' or 'improved appearance', but seeks
instead to offer to Raise Consciousness, knowing it eventually causes changes in the physical
form; for man)) as a race, a group or an individaul__and to allow them to make their own
choices in the matter. It was then, after that lifetime, that she first came into contact with the
goodly company and began to work with them in the improvement of the race through consci-
ousness evolution."        

HS: “In Lemurian times, early humans were empathic and telepathic, able to teleport information
from other densities, other times and  realms. This will be true again for those of  5-D Earth.  
Connections with Gaia, Nature, and all lifeforms, including matter, plants, animals,  ETs,
humans and many creatures that are still unknown to  Earth's humanity will be available and
common. As for the masculine part__ it is the male ability  and willingness to “take action”  
when something needs to be repaired or crafted on physical levels.  This will extend to issues
with groups,  with organizations, angels,  ETs, and other types of beings who can assist  earth-
lings or who wish for earthlings' assistance. Earth will be restored to paradise__ a natural  one,  
in which  all living  things will  flourish,  will  cooperate and create  even more  beautiful and
harmonious  life,  objects,  situations,  events. co-operation, higher guidance, intuition,  compa-
ssion... all must be upgraded for the NEW EARTH REALITY.