June 3, 2013
                                                     "ASCENSION 103"


Due to unusual circumstances, as covered below, we are publishing to the Internet ahead of schedule, as we feel
the necessity to share this marvelous event with readers as soon as possible:

MENSION. And, as unbelievable as it may seem, an entirely new Earth, in a higher dimension, has finally emer-
ged for those who were ready to make their transitions along with Earth. If you've been unusually close to any crows,
ravens or blackbirds, or seen them doing unusual things, it is a signal that
you are ready to ascend to a higher di-
                                                                             Part II
In the May 24-25 Issue we related the roles that the cosmos, the galaxy, our two suns, Earth's ascension, planetary
splits, and comets and meteors are playing in our human Ascension Process. Newer information is that the massive
outpourings of energy from the Galactic Center__ from the bubbles first noted by astronomers in 2012__ are gam-
ma rays coming from over 25,000 light years away. We also included a 1988 channeling from the Planetary Hierar-
chy outlining Soul and Soul Group (Monad) transformations via Galactic Genetic Codes within the ascension por-
tion of the Creative Process. These factors are moving humanity toward immortality, and insuring that at least a por-
tion of humanity will ascend into higher dimensional realms beyond control of the dark hats of Earth.

Our next question then, is
"Can collective Humanity overcome the dark controllers with spiritual intentions,
by writing congressmen, with public protests and petitions, by forming our own local and state banks,
institutions, community gardens, charitable & barter systems and schools unconnected with corrupt
state, federal or global hierarchies__ or can we, by raising our consciousness, move with Earth out of
3-D and into
4 & 5-D higher frequency realities?"

Is Planet Earth Really Splitting?
"The polar vortex was intact at 50 millibars (heights in m) on January 1 to 3, 2013."
"The polar vortex forms and deepens as its atmosphere loses heat to
space in the dark, long Arctic winter nights. It was split in two by massive
coming heating from below. A series of intense storms in the far north
Pacific intensified a very long wave in the lower atmosphere. Energy on
that planet-sized wave went upwards from the lower atmosphere around
the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau and broke into the stratosphere,
causing major sudden warming. It rapidly reversed the strong cyclonic
winds in the stratosphere around the pole, creating a central dome, and
breaking the vortex into two smaller vortexes. We can see it splitting by
making a map of the statistics at the heights a weather balloon would rise
to reach the very low atmospheric pressure of 50 mb.
A standard atmosphere is 10mb."

"The sudden stratospheric warming has split the polar vortex in two.__ The polar vortex had broken in
two (50 millibar heights) by January 10 to 13, 2013"

Earth's Ascension Role
We earlier mentioned Earth's future ascensions into the higher dimensions & Her planetary splits. Our family mem-
bers have been extremely tired this past week and sensed that "Something Big" was just around the corner. Last
night the rain poured and poured down or hours, breaking a long, spring dry spell in this area. I heard it during the
night, and recalled how those long, intense downpours often happened in the past after we'd completed a major
healing episode. I said to myself: "Something's being released".

Things may look pretty much the same outside, but thoughts, feelings, beliefs and events are becoming more and
more positive. In our yard today, we noted the extreme blueness and clarity of the sky, and the clouds building up to
look like piles of whipped cream. No more chemtrails. The light outside and inside the house has a more golden
tone, and is brighter and clearer, seeming to caress everything below. All of Nature seems to be rejoicing in this
great event, which has not occurred for over 75,000 years.  

I love shasta daisies, and we had several beds in our yard. They usually bloomed in June, but this year, they literally
"invaded" our yard in mid-May. We had one bed at the far end of the backyard for years, but it was overtaken by
wild morning glory vines and had to be removed four years ago. I'd hoped their seeds would sprout the following
spring, but no such luck. This year, however, several plants grew and began to bloom in May.

H went out to water a plant hanging on the "shepherds' crook" pole next to the patio this morning, and two humming
birds arrived to flutter around his head, as if joyfully celebrating Oneness with him. Our local squirrel approached the
patio, saw us watching him through the window, and raised up on his hind legs, excitedly waving his paws in the air
above his head. Turtle doves, mourning doves, white-winged doves and robins hopped across the patio and repeat-
edly flew up and down and across the yard.

(Medicine Cards: by Jamie Sams & David Carson:)
In Native American Medicine, Blackbird announces the need to "Keep Order" or to "Create Order". Mourning
symbolizes the "End of an old relationship, and start of another." (not necessarily a human-to-human relation-
Turtle Dove brings "Love."

Hummingbird: "In Mayan teaching, hummers are connected to the Black Sun (whose position in our astro-birth-
chart shows our greatest challenge for this lifetime) and to
the Fifth World__ which we are now entering. They can
tell us how to solve the contradictions of D
uality. Hummingbird conjures Love, has an inherent sense of beauty and
brings the promise of joy."               

Crow knows the unknowable mysteries of creation and is the keeper of Sacred Law. Crow can bend the laws of
the physical universe and "
Shape Shift". This art includes doubling, or being in two places at one time consciously,
taking on another physical form. Crow is an omen of Change and has no sense of Time, seeing past, present and
future all at the same time; and says: "
Honor the past as your teacher, the present as your creation, and the future
as your inspiration.

Raven is the bringer of Magic.  If we fear Raven, it is because we need to learn more about our inner fears or self-
created demons. Raven's powerful magic medicine can give the courage to enter the darkness of
The Great My-
stery__ the home of all that is not yet in form.
Raven is the messenger of the Great Mystery, and when Raven ap-
pears in your life, you are about to experience
a change in consciousness. Raven is present in any Healing, guid-
ing the change in conscious that will dispel "dis-ease" or illness. If you've been visited by Raven, magic is in the air
and something special is about to happen. The mystery, however is
how will you respond? Will you use this mag-
ic to enhance your spiritual growth? Or will you limit the power of the Great Mystery by trying to explain it away?

Part III
SUNDAY, JUNE 2 2013: The Ascension is on__ and we are moving faster than expected__ for a message arrived
today from
Jesus Sananda, channeled by Jahn J. Kassl, June 1, 2013. received in German, and translated by Dr.
Georgi Stankov
of Munich:... "We enter the era of miracles, in which new paths for all people open up, in which
the divine fullness will pour down over humanity in a never before seen abundance, with unprecedented intensity,
in a light flux from the primary source of all beings, which cannot be affected by anything or anyone."

"I am
Jesus Sananda, the guardian of the earth, who has opened the door wide to the light, which has already
been passed by many tried and true light warriors (
Planetary Ascension Team) these days."... "Today I have
been instructed by
The Creator to announce to you the following Good News:

"In a renewed act of grace by the Creator, a time window has been created to avert the approaching and devas-
tating events on 4-D. This was possible because the sky is clear and the air clean" (no chemtrail manipulations
anymore! Note JJK) "which was made possible by the ascension of the earths to 4-D and 5-D because an unex-
pectedly large number of people on 4-D have awakened."

"If this process continues in this radical way, then the assumption is justified that the disaster scenarios on 4-D
that were intended to help humanity achieve their growth can be decisively mitigated. Therefore,
The Creator
created more
4-D earths, so that those people who really aspire to an experience full of suffering, will attain this
environment, and those who still want to 'play' on earth, however, in search of completion remote from any suffer-
ing, will also find a suitable environment."

"This means that by the grace of God, the cards are shuffled anew and many new things are possible, which seem-
ed impossible only a few days ago. This means for all new Ascended Masters, who are still on this earth and have
directly linked their life missions to the ascension of the earth, that
their individual ascensions are indefinitely post-
poned "...
"For the people on 4-D, this means a new opportunity to a relatively safe ascension to 5-D at a later
time. Regarding the level of 3-D__ here all decisions have been made and this dense planet goes back deep in-
to the darkness, beginning a new cycle of turmoil – the events to this destination are already underway."

In summary, this means:
"The Rescue of the
4-D Earth by the creation of new holograms, so that many people will have instead, tempered
experiences of suffering, before they finally arrive on 5-D. The “direct hologram”__, the new 4-D hologram that is
exactly this earth which has emerged from the 3-D, on which
I, JESUS THE CHRIST, did not die on the crucifix,
corresponds to the hologram on which the events are mitigated. All people, who want to further act in suffering, will
gather on these planets newly created by the Creator."

"This means that overall,
a great migration is imminent. Yet you see little evidence now to this event, but as soon
the first major “disasters” that will happen on 3-D penetrate your consciousness, it will become clear what is
described here:  
Saving the Earth 4-D. The time window for this will close in the coming weeks." "Without announ-
cing a specific day,
this process will be given no longer than 90 days to unfold."... (ML: until August 30, 2013.)... "I
am the guardian of this world, an overarching and guiding force for this earth, with the love for our brothers and
sisters this new grace of The Creator has been made possible. It is a time of great wonders and a time in which
no one will be forgotten … unless a person chooses an unambiguous path through barren desert landscapes."

"We have an exciting month before us and an exciting time already behind us, we are in the time when facts are
created. The new sky was the beginning of many events, which will now follow and which I have come to you to
ML: The message indicates that there will be some catastrophic events occurring on 4-D Earth, but these will not
be caused by the dark hats, nor as severe; it is Earth, re-birthing Herself into a New Reality. Those who have ascen-
ded with Her, will be safe__ either by not being harmed while the catastrophes occur in their areas, or by being in
areas that are not affected by those changes.
It seems now, that the first portion of my personal mission here on Earth__ along with hundreds of thousands of star-
seeds, lightworkers and wayshowers__ has been accomplished.  Earth Herself, with Her elementals, minerals,
plants and animals, has ascended and divided Herself into several 4th and one 5th Density hologram planets. A goodly
portion of humans__ far more than was originally hoped for__ have done so as well.

Humans who ascend to 4-D or 5-D will find that because there are 13 "levels" within each dimensional
octave__ i.e., between 3rd & 4th, or between 4th and 5th-D__ they will find themselves slipping in and out of
the various levels and dimensions from time to time. Moving into a higher dimension and immediately
remaining there is virtually im-possible, as the individual will need to learn how to maintain the appropriate
thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words and actions associated with each dimensional level, without creating new
karma for themselves or their groups.

Since this Newsletter is no longer connected with 3-D, it is no longer possible to inform/inspire those left behind in
3-D __ Planet B. It will now be written and published to the Internet onl
y in 4-D or higher levels. Therefore, we will
continue by covering information related to further introduction of the Non-physical New Technologies for living in
the 4-D new earth, and for ascending into 5-D or beyond.

                                                                           June 18, 2013
                                       "SURFING THE FOURTH DIMENSION"
                                                                 Part I

We're taking a closer look at Earth's Fourth Dimension: Ascension does not mean we are "leaving" planet
Earth. We are, instead ascending/moving to another planetary version of Earth, that exists in a higher dimension
than 3-D in which most of us were born.

Ascending to higher dimensional realities in a physical body has never been done by humanity before. Previously,
people who had achieved the necessary levels of consciousness, died physically, and their soul/sprit moved on to
the next dimension, where they remained in spirit form, or incarnated in a new physical form in the new dimension

Therefore, although
Dec. 21, 2012 was the "Turning Point" for ascension to begin, it has had its delays, it's
temporary set-backs, as the Higher Realms are also moving to higher levels than they previously occupied, and
since this was all so new, often what was planned didn't manifest as expected. Other methods, other approaches
then had to be implemented. The humans who are the "earliest prepared" for ascension may be "test pilots" for
this process. There are bound to be glitches, do-overs, and so on and so on. It's up to Source, the Higher Realms,
our Higher Selves, Guides and Gaia to decide how all this will happen. We humans are the GREAT EXPERI-
MENT'S success or failure.

Earth's First Dimension: 1-D,  is where Elements and minerals reside in Gaia's crystal core__ Earth, Air, Fire and
Her Second Dimension: 2-D, is where nature spirits, devas, and all life on Earth except humans reside.
Her Third Dimension 3-D, is where Humans reside.
Her Fourth Dimension, 4-D, is the realm of imagination, dreams, astral travel, and of Myths and Archetypes.
Ba-sically, it is A Passageway to Other Dimensions__ It is Psychic Experience. Each dimension has 13 steps or lev-
els, within in its octave of frequencies; allowing for variations on what can be contacted and what can be done,
dep-ending upon which "step" or "frequency level" of a dimension one is now experiencing.

Courtney Brown, Remote Viewer with The Farsight Institute: "If you change the frequency of an object or timeline
event, then it disappears from one reality, and appears in another."

The Ascension Process is a transformation. Every Transformation, whether on inner or outer levels, follows five
1. A
new concept, issue or situation arises.
2. Another concept or issue in opposition,
in contrast to, or that challenges #1 appears.
3. To balance #1 and #2, we must find a
Common Bond or Purpose held as important by both perspctives.
This is
The Turning Point of the Transformation.
4. One or more
Techniques are developed that will evolve #3, the Common Bond or Purpose, into reality.
5. The last step is to become fully Self-Realized and capable of
Applying the Techniques to manifest the New

In this web-book, "
Creating From the Future", we often refer to the state of consciousness which connects us with
4-D as "TWILIGHT TIME". It, too, is a Turning Point. It is the state of consciousness that acts as the Common
Bond or Purpose merging our 3-D states of mind with 4-D states of mind, leading us to even higher dimensional
states of mind, and the
Self Realization Consciousness that lie ahead." Earth recently split Herself into two plan-
ets at the end of May, 2013__ Planet A/B, which was in both 4-D and 5-D, and Planet B, which is still in 3-D. Shor-
tly after that, in early June, She again split, but this time, creating a separate Planet A for 5-D, and 7 other planets,
each on one of the lower 7 levels of 4-D. The old 3-D version still exists as Planet B, where all the mean-spirited,
darkside humans have gone.

We will now examine the types of lifestyles existing on those 7 4-D Planets, as an aid for each of us to
discover if we have ascended to Planet A/5-D or to one of the seven 4-D Planets. Or, if we are still on the
old 3-D Planet Earth.
Actually, Gaia, Planet Earth's Spirit Within, no longer has anything to do with the old 3-D
Planet Earth.

An Ascension Candidate will spend many lifetimes on each of these
Planet 4-D Levels. The sooner he/she mas-
ters the lessons for each level, the sooner they will move to the next Planet. The
upper levels of 4-D__ 8 through
13__ are much more abundant, multi-dimensional, "psychic", happy and leading toward perfect health and immor-
tality. It seems we humans don't learn well unless forced to change through various types of suffering and misery.
Lucky us. It is important to pay close attention to the exper-iences and episodes of each 4-D Level, for once we
reach the 13th level, all the timelines of the past merge into one timeline, and anything still unresolved from the oth-
er 12 timelines will have to be balan-ced and harmonized before we can move into Planet 1 in 5-D.

Level One 4-D Planet Earth: Experiences of The End Time Catastrophes. Volcanic eruptions, huge earthqua-
kes,  magnetic pole reversal, intense hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wildfires and toxic skies, water, food and soil
as Earth Shifts into a New Reality. Genocide and genetic experiments merging humans with animals, with ETs and-
or  with machines to turn humans into slaves for the Controlling Elite. "Survival of the Fittest" means to be capable
of working for the controllers__ or be exterminated. The "Ancestor Gods" Return. World Wide Religions, child  
por-nography rings and human sacrifices to "False Gods" terrorize humanity. There is also a strong sensation of being
abandoned by Spirit-Creator Source. The first ideas of a sense of responsibility for self, fellow humans and Earth
coupled with a desperate longing for the key to lifting out of this hell-hole arise.
Lessons to be learned in order to advance to Level 2, 4-D: "False Gods" exist, Religions, Politics, Educa-
tion and Science can be used to control, enslave, genetically mutate and even to exterminate humans by the
millions. Development of compassion for fellow humans, and the realization that each of us has a responsibility
for the well-being and security of humanity, though we have no inkling as yet of how to bring that about. Past life
sensations__ our first taste of Multi-dimensionality__ suggest we may have lived in other times, other places__
even on other planets, with strange people or beings. We may "see" our bodies as a different race or gender.
We briefly sense our spiritual lessons for this lifetime.

Level Two 4-D Planet Earth: Catastrophes continue, but with less impact on those few humans who become
aware of the impact of their own past negligence and behaviors on the present world's events, and begin to seek
information on re-establishing civilization based on the well-being of planet Earth and all her lifeforms. Connections
with Nature lead to discovering one's personal talents and spiritual "gifts" in Multi-dimensional episodes, including
visitors from other-dimensional locations, missing time, and invisible beings for the more compassionate.
Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 3, 4-D: Personally connecting with Earth and Nature. Becoming
aware of new personal talents, spiritual "gifts" and one's  mission for this lifetime. Perceiving or communicating
with invisible beings or friends. Visiting other-dimensional locations &/or people. Periods of Missing Time or
Space suggesting "Another Side to Life". Taking steps to lessen the dangers and troubles affecting personal

Level Three 4-D Planet Earth: Most humans still focused on physical survival, although catastrophes occur a bit
less frequently, and in fewer locations. The Controllers begin dividing up the planet's geography for specific types of
control. The more compassionate humans seek spiritual and more Earth-friendly lifestyles, and gather in hidden
locations around the planet to develop their personal talents, study, share information and set up informational
re-sources for those just now beginning to seek ways out of their suffering. Some attempt to inspire others with their
abilities and discoveries __until skeptics and fearful parties destroy their credibility with false condemnations.
These pioneers soon realize a completely different program is needed, and seek other ways of reaching the survi-
vors' spirits. In time, a Master Teacher arrives from a higher dimension to assist the group: but the project fails, as
too many earthlings are still dumbed-down, fearful, exhausted and thinking only of physical needs, with no time, en-
ergy or courage to pursue risky paths.
Lessons to be learned to advance to Level 4, 4-D: "'Something Else is Going on Here'" in this miserable
world than what we've know about Earth Life so far. The Teacher informs the small Group of the Principles of a
more spiritual and Earth-friendly lifestyle than they've previously known. The Group begins to practice these
Principles in their own personal lives, becoming living examples to those in their contacts.

Level Four 4-D Planet: Catastrophic earth changes lessen to only about half as severe or as frequent as at Level
One, 4-D. The Controllers partition the land, setting up individual "feudal estates", using higher technologies to
create new transportation routes between the "estates", for new trading centers on and off world, and for their con-
stant searches for more gold, minerals and elements to create their own physical paradises, using human slave

ET' "gods" frequently descend at the estates and council the Controllers, who discover they themselves are being
controlled by the ETs. Groups of humans are trained to become household servants, yard, garden, cropland wor-
kers and entertainers for the Controllers. The "Lords" of each estate use slave women as sex objects, taking the
more intelligent unto themselves for breeding more slaves. The practice relates back to the Southern U.S. Plan-
tation lifestyles of the pre-Civil War period in 3-D Earth. With their focus on personal "belongings" and attaining
more power and wealth, the Controllers feel more secure, seldom seeking out any rebels to their dark causes. The
spiritually-oriented Groups of survivors, extend into more territories, setting up their own homes, lands and families.
Trading with other Spiritual Centers takes place. Formal education is established to teach the Spiritual Principles
to those seeking a better way of life. Benevolent ETs arrive, teaching more spiritual and ecologically friendly higher
Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 5, 4-D; The power of groups holding similar goals and practicing
similar Spiritual Principles is realized as the pathway to better lifestyles. The earth catastrophes, now far less of
a problem, can be viewed as the creation of a new geographical landscape that is virtually unspoiled, unexplo-
red and unsettled, providing more security to the expanding needs of the Spiritual Groups. With one or more
of the family's traders and explorers absent from home for weeks at a time, those still at home learn to take on
more personal responsibility and skills for self, family and Earth's well-being. Formal schools  are established
for the young and for newcomers. Higher Technologies begin developing in the Centers, and citizens try to em-
ulate the ET's characteristics.

Level Five 4-D Planet: Traders, explorers carry the new concepts of group oneness and educating spiritual prin-
ciples to many more humans eager for a new way of personal lifestyles. Cities and towns are esta-blished by the
Spiritual Centers, with meeting halls where problems and ideas are discussed and voted on by the populace. Se-
curity expands as the residents realize their true security lies in their cooperative endeavors as groups. Fears
Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 6, 4-D: Multi-dimensionality expands as some of these citizens
discover they have healing abilities, similar to those shown by the ET teachers. Others begin expressing their
fine arts, crafts and musical skills to the public, lifting the spirits of all exposed to them. Self-dependency, last-
ing friendships, standing on one's own two feet  and leadership abilities become the norm.

Level Six 4-D Earth: A spiritual leader is born among the Spiritual Groups, and the various Centers become
con-nected and maintain communication with each other. Music becomes a higher technology for healing, manifesting
and evolving consciousness. The Collective Spiritual Centers become known around the planet, and are recogni-
zed as the proverbial "Promised Land". More humans pour in as fast as they can evade the Controllers, who now
have so many slaves, they can't keep track of them all.

A spaceship platform is built in a mountain range by some newcomers to the Spiritual Centers, intending and pray-
ing for ETs to land there and transport them to higher dimensional realities. ETs do come __but they are the Cont-
rollers who have learned of the Spiritual Centers' powers, and are determined to destroy them. Their first action is
to bring a devastating plague to the mountainous regions, which extends across the planet. Having learned higher
technologies form the benevolent ET teachers, the citizens use Intention, Prayer, Oneness and Unconditional Love
to heal the plague. However, the influence of the Controllers__ in league with the dark ETs__ frightens many of the
Spiritual Center citizens into once again accepting them as their "Gods". The  Newcomers revert back to slave
mentality, and they and the Controllers begin fighting each other.
Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 7, 4-D: With the disaster of the Return of the Ancestor Controllers,
coupled with the citizens becoming more secure and more independent, the idea of "One God" is firmly estab-
lished,replacing the thousands of years of belief in the Controlling "False Gods" who demanded obedience,
played favorites and punished non-believers. The Spiritual Community is split in two, with one faction aligning
with the Controllers and other further engaging in Oneness, Unconditional Love, Community and Planetary
Service as never before. It becomes most obvious: "Once you find and develop your powers, BE CAREFUL

Level Seven 4-D Earth: The two civilizations have both developed their powers to a high degree, but many be-
come confused as to which Path to take in life on this planet. Some try to play both games__ the material, com-
petitive, separate, self-serving, fearful game, loyal to the "False God" Controllers__ and the spiritual, Loving,
Oneness, cooperative, service-to-others game. But one can no longer do so, as this is still 4-D, and the old 3-D
paradigm world is dissolving; relationships based on it are fading away and new ones coming into being.

Some of the Spiritualists leave the Centers to go out to form a new world on their own, seeking something better
than a world constantly at war. The Gender Gap increases, as women are considered inferior members of the hu-
man race, most of their rights taken away, and many die from abuse and neglect. Children are threatened with
strange illnesses, school riots and freak accidents. Some are sacrificed to the "gods" as petitions for better wea-
ther conditions, more money, and more minerals from Earth, to fight the ongoing wars. Men leave wives at home for
decades to fight wars, and marital infidelity becomes common for both men and women. Spousal homicide festers
behind closed doors. The economy fails due to the expense of the wars, and many families lose their jobs and their
homes. Some find solace in the New Earth's lush wildernesses which have sprouted after the earth changes died
down. Those continuing with the Spiritual, Oneness, Love path, begin to have
deja vu episodes and visions that lead
them to safer, healthier environments.
Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 8, 4-D:  Another Turning Point is needed. It becomes clear to those
with vision, that a Divine Higher Force is the true controlling element at work on #7 planet Earth and sooner or
later, they must decide which faction IS that Divine Higher Force and merge with It__ or cease to exist. But which
one is it? The confusion and consternation lead many to drop away from any form of organized Religion
forever-more, realizing they were happier, healthier and safer under the Spiritual Center forms of living. As the
Spiritual groups grow larger than the Controllers groups, their power increases exponentially; help arrives from that
Divine Force, and the return to a truly New Earth paradigm is about to birth.

The higher 6 Levels of the Fourth Dimension will be covered in Part II of the next newsletter issue. In the
meantime, enjoy the
Summer Solstice on June 20, 2013, as the Sun swims into the water sign of Cancer at
11:05 PM, MDT.
Being Psychic" is not some weird, abnormal condition; it is a natural, necessary state on one's spiritual path of
consciousness evolution__ a state which many organized religions and governments don't wish to see activated
__ for when a person is "psychic'; i.e., able to contact Gaia, their Higher Self and other higher dimensional Guides
for information, there is no longer need of relying on anything  or anybody else as one's authority or guide.

H.S., St. Germaine, Arcturians: "The Fourth Dimension is about 'Time', but not as scientists propose. One can
Transcend Time in 4-D.. i.e., connect with past and future lives, to the history of the human races, of Earth, solar
system, galaxy and universe__ like the Akashik Records. Feelings, thoughts, beliefs, sensations, or dreams
become energies that take on a life of their own, causing events, changes, in one's personal realiy, and collect-
ively, cause Earth changes. This is why 4-D still has some negative events occurring. The 13 octaves, of course,
determine the amount of and the intensity of dire events. You may 'hear' or 'see' them, but not necessarily
par-ticipate in or be affected by them."

"Emotion is a driving force in
4-D. Anything wished for, desired or intended with strong emotion (positive or
neg-ative), will manifest__ definitely__ sooner or later in 4-D, and possibly, somewhat in 3-D. As for the '7 plan-
ets' of 4-D... This is not entirely true. It is 7 'reality level holograms' that have been manifested. People are on
each of these reality levels... (they can also e called timelines)... according to the degree of their personal fre-
quencies; i.e., the frequencies of the octaves of 4-D. Some of us are on the 7th reality level/timeline: the 7th
step/level/realilty timeline in the 4-D octave. We are basically well protected from major dire events here."

Becoming Psychic
Being "Psychic" is really changing one's perception of the world, of spiritual matters and of all life by freeing oneself
from culturally-conditioned concepts and beliefs; i.e., by checking over one's life, perceiving and understanding the
truths behind what parents, religions, governments, advertisements, health care systems, etc. brain-washed us into
believing. Actually, anyone who is truly healthy is automatically "psychic."

A human
pineal gland__ centered behind one's eyebrows__ must be developed to a high degree before our psy-
chic energy activates. We can speed up development by working with music, painting, sculpture or any creative
endeavor__ or with
Tarot Cards, I Ching, or Astrology. At a certain point, the pineal gland begins to look through our
pituitary gland__ in the very center of the lower brain__ and our highest psychic energy takes place. Psychic ex-
periences and phenomena do not necessarily mean we've contacted wisdom; it really means we have achieved
mental understanding of how the outer world relates to our inner worlds. So, a person can have tremendous psychic
powers; but that doesn't necessarily mean they are a very wise or a very nice person. How we respond to, or act
upon the information received through psychic abilities, is what defines our level of consciousness achievement.

Fourth Dimension has been used by the Dark Hats for their rituals, ceremonies and "spells", and for choosing
the dates for manipulating their dastardly deeds onto our planet's 3-D physical plane existence. They also have
technologies 100 years in advance of what we have in 3-D or 4-D, and use them to pull those deeds off.

We may enjoy psychic powers for awhile, but if the energy behind it comes only from mental work, the energy is
soon depleted and creative powers wane. What we want to do, is hook up Uncon-ditional Love and Oneness with
the spiritual generators__ Gaia/Earth, Higher Self/Guides and The Creative Force Field. There must be higher in-
tentions behind what we attempt; i.e., psychic powers are not meant to be used for self-benefit alone.

In our Twilight Time
psychism, we can sense emotions, thoughts and energies caught up in another individual's
personal energy fields. These are not necessarily true and may not indicate the basic essence of that person.
Clairvoyance, on the other hand, is a spiritual perception, a simple "knowingness"__ a recognition of the true es-
sence of the soul or spirit inhabiting that body.

Psychic manifestations on the 3-D or 4-D planes are really a merging with the divine universal pattern guiding the
energy flows of Earth.
Synchronicities__ amazing coincidences__ indicate when we're in touch with collective,
planetary, galactic or universal agendas. They do not necessarily predict the future for us; instead, they are "sig-
nals" from the collective human consciousness showing us the direction in which our group mind is moving, what
we are collectively creating, and what could possibly (not probably) result. When we experience synchronicities,
we know we are, in that moment, both treading our intended personal paths and connecting with humanity, Earth
and higher intelligence. If we don't like what we have "seen", we still have a chance to change it.

We can deliberately invoke synchronicities by focusing on universal-spiritual intentions or on humanity's collective
consciousness while in higher states of consciousness. Remember__ miracles occur from Expanded Creative
Realms__the hyper-dimensional states__ where the Creative Force Field (photons, ether) enables things to

Many people get "stuck" in the Twilight Phase, so enamored of their new-found psychic abilities, they think they've
already arrived at the peak of their spiritual journey.
They have not. Psychic manifestation is only a brief stop along
the way toward something greater__ one step in a longer process. In fact__ we may have to make a conscious ef-
fort to give up our lower psychic gifts, if we are to attain True Enlightenment

Yatri, in "The Unknown Man", says, "At this point we need a master navigator"..." a school or a discipline,
forstrangely, this whole relatively 'lowly' territory has been poorly recorded. It can have all the outward signs of
schi-zophrenia" ... (or ADHD or Autism)... "or other... mental disorders"... "the first rude shock of awakening the
vast dynamos of power"... "the first glimpse and consciousness of 'infinite energy'"... "the opening of the heart
and throat centers. The accompanying extreme emotions and thoughts can threaten to overwhelm the balance
of the experiencer, especially when extraordinary powers suddenly become available. If at this stage, the"...
(individual)... "is tempted to misuse these forces, there can be a liberation of energy so overwhelming, that
consciousness plunges back to the rock bottom of evolutionary level one"...."He needs authentic guidance, or
a great deal of luck."  

Connecting with our Higher Self brings that guidance.

"SETH SPEAKS/ (Multi-dimensional Being) Part 3"