June 12, 2012
                                                              "THE FLOW OF SYNCHRONICITY"

Thriving in a New Reality
After seeking information about our new reality to find what's available that can be useful for the cycle's further
development, our focus now becomes INWARDLY DIRECTED. We feel and contact our roots__ the BASICS of Who We
Are and Where We Are Coming From. We want to withdraw into our "nest", our "home"; we need silence in order to hear
that Inner Voice. We are "
pregnant with ourself", preparing to "give birth" to something new during this period. Steven

Significant Dates
*JUNE 4th:
Since this Full Moon with its Partial Lunar Eclipse__ another healing & manifesting opportunity__ we're
sensing a strong need to ensure at least relative safety by PLANNING AHEAD.

* JUNE 6th: Another huge wave of energy arrives with the Transit of Venus Over the Sun__ and yes, it's  another
healing/manifesting day. The importance of this event was forecast in a
2008 crop circle design, implying that a new
concept/vision will appear, making us aware of our dependence on some factor of this 3-D civilization, showing us how
Nature can readily become subservient to man's restless ambition to dominate the entire biosphere through an
all-too-human planetary socioeconomic organization.
Dane Rudhyar.

The "planetary socioeconomic organization" mentioned could be that New World Order, the New Financial System
keeps promising or, hopefully, a Global Unity Consciousness. At any rate, "something new" is certainly about to
happen__ we can feel it__ and we're impelled to Exchange Information about it that will sway the hearts of those who are
still unaware of this new realization or knowledge__ or, "Other minds may attempt to move the public's mind through
violent actions."

This Venus transit over the Sun is about relationships, passions and finding out what we truly value. It is an opportunity for
a huge Turning Point when we finally understand the meaning of these issues. We can now unite masculine (Sun) and
feminine (Venus) elements and reconcile opposing goals in relationships.

Along with the Venus/Sun happening, there are two more major events in a series of three, signaling interventions in our
Historical Process. One is the
SUMMER SOLSTICE (More below) and the third is a longer period with Pluto (the
Transformer) and Uranus (the Awakener) in a square aspect implying "conflict". Pluto will plow up anything long hidden,
whether in social structures or our psyches, and Uranus triggers our Higher Self, starting
JUNE 20th, and continuing 3 1/2
with long-lasting ripple effects afterwards. It is somewhat similar to the revolutionary spirit of the 1960's. We can
wade through these events by following the Passions we now have, and going with the Flow of Life's Synchronicities.
(More at  "
System Restore", below.)     

* JUNE 19: NEW MOON in Taurus, conjunct Alcyone, Pleiades__ the same degree as the May 20th Solar Eclipse! A
Technique: "It is impossible to fully understand anything, except when its OPPOSITE is taken into consideration, revealing
two different perspectives of an experience that will form the foundation upon which to build a new approach to life."

* JUNE 20: SUMMER SOLSTICE. A most powerful opportunity for healing or manifesting for the highest good
of the planet and humanity. Another
Point of No Return, requiring a MAJOR DECISION and a RE-ORGAN-
IZATION for the STABILIZATION OF OUR ENERGIES. Many celebrations planned around the globe for this day.
Consciousness & Hypnagogia
The morning of May 26th, just before awakening, I "saw" behind my closed eyes, what seemed to be a TV screen__ a
rectangular shape with "real life' scenes and "real people" moving through them__ in technicolor!

When I opened my eyes, smaller rectangles of colorful scenes__ one at a time__ appeared on the white closet door
facing me four feet away. Each seemed to have a cartoon-like background. For instance, one with a supermarket counter
displaying fruits and vegetables attractively arranged in patterns, had real people moving about in front of it. The
background was obviously just a stylized, cartoon-colored drawing, but the people in front looked alive.

A second scene appeared on the white wall beside the closet door, with a group of black & white cartoon drawings, as
one might see in the daily newspaper. But, although many held similar objects or figures, each drawing was of a different
rectangular, triangular or circular shape and size; and they were arranged with some overlapping others__ suggesting
three-dimensionality__ some in the center, and all randomly placed within a larger sphere. It reminded me of the "Flower
of Life", a Sacred Geometry Element. (
http://www.futurerealities.info/FOL.html) Two of these Black & White cartoons had
backgrounds of what seemed to be jumbled body parts__ arms, legs, hands, feet__ with a human skull in front of them. My
first thought was that this had something to do with the idea of Life & Death.

I was not only surprised, but also a bit apprehensive. Was something wrong with my eyes? Why am I seeing these
pictures__ on the wall? None were recognizable as scenes from past or present experiences. But as I closed my eyes to
ponder on this strange occurrence, COMPLETELY REAL SCENES  with light and color began to manifest, with cars,
objects and people moving through them. I was sure I was remote viewing then, but had no inkling as to when or where
these places existed.

The word, "cartoon", seemed a clue.
Wikipedia says a cartoon is a ... "2-D illustrated visual art, referring to a typically
non-realistic or semi-realistic drawing or painting intended for satire, caricature, or humor. In the Middle Ages, a
'cartoon' was a preparatory drawing for a piece of art, such as a fresco, painting, tapestry or stained glass
." Today,
quilters make such drawings as guides for placing fabric shapes, colors or textures; or, they follow a similar cartoon
created by others.

A cartoon can also be used as a symbol for an idea, or an "un-real" realilty or paradigm. In my pre-waking state, the
backgrounds were cartoon-ish, but the figures MOVING in front of them were real. The black & white cartoons when
awake, however, were arranged in a particular pattern symbolizing the "Flower of Life"
http://www.futurerealities.info/Therapy.html)__ the pattern that holds the KEYS TO ALL KNOWLEDGE IN OUR 3-D__ and

I ask HigherSELF: "WHAT IS THIS?__ "Is this phenomenon, with eyes both closed and opened, showing me a new step
in our consciousness evolution?" No answer came forth, however, which sometimes occurs when the answer is quite long
&/or complicated, so I asked that a "signal" regarding the understanding of this episode be given within the next day or two

Image Induction
That afternoon, refining the May 29th Newsletter Issue before putting it online, I went over the "Time Travels: Sci-Fi
or Reality
" section and found a paragraph or two relating to the above scenes/visions while asleep & awake:

"Preston Nichols: "Time and consciousness have an
ElectroMagnetic component."... The human psyche ex-
ists in their personal reality across parallel dimensions and relates to a much larger system of physics than the old

"Now, considering the human psyche__ it's all EM induction__
image induction, through the imaginary components
of the EM equations, from one reality to the next."... (i.e., from one dimension to the next)... "'Imaginary components'
appear when you solve equations in electro-physics__ you get a real solution and an imagined solution. The imaged
resolution is the one 90 degrees rotated out of our reality, essentially. This is what the 'curl' factor is in Electromagne-
tics. This new curl is referred to as a sphere that's rotating, and the curl is normal to that sphere. But the sphere is one
reality reference frame, and the curl is the normal, or 90 degree rotation to the
next reality or reference frame. Tesla
worked with imaginary components. Ninety degrees shows up in a lot of Sacred Geometry, which maps out the whole
invisible fields."...                  
Peter Moon: "The occult technique called 'spanning the distance' occurs when you're in an internal here & now,
and you go into the future or past__ you're going into a different reality."... "If you keep your Energy Being strong
enough, where it's controlling the physical being, you are the only one who can then control that physical being,
and you won't have feedback from the EM Being to the physical."

Laura Lee: "It's the immune system of the psyche, then?"

Nichols: "Yes. You have to educate and activate your psychic immune system." This signaled that Raising Conscious-
ness produces an Un-Defeatable Immune System, and perhaps__ Immortality. Later that same evening, I came across
another Signal:  

"This last great Energy shift brought another powerful crank forward in the 'frequency dial' which has drastically changed
our relationship to the space/time field."... "This state is similar to being within the
hypnagogia state, a different brain
wave state which places our conscious awareness in the dimensional space between '
being awake and being asleep'"...
(Some say dreaming occurs in the 4th dimension, and being awake is in 3-D, so... "the space between waking and
sleeping"... is a passageway between two different dimensions." Other sources also suggest that hypnagogia is "
Bridge to Other Realities

En.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia: "Before you go to sleep at night"... "pay attention to that space where you are just
about to fall asleep to unconsciousness. As your body is deeply relaxed, you will feel warmth spreading in your body and a
low tone ring in your ear. Sometimes if you leave a light on, you will see the light flicker in your periphery vision, or see an
object appear in your periphery. This is the entry into the hypnagogic state." (It is the state where Astral Projection is
practiced, as well.)

"This state has been outside of our 'waking' visible light spectrum__ and
is now being reintroduced to us while awake.
This state is when you are just beginning to 'see' the layers of the illusionary hologram's matrix architecture. Over the
course of history, philosophers and historians both have documented many theories about the consciousness state."..."In
actuality, these objects in view (while in hypnagogia or lucid dreaming) may be encoded symbols, geometries and math
that are used in the language of the holographic matrix field that reflects our perception of reality. The brain neurochemistry
will organize these holographic bits into colors and shapes that MOVE or FIT TOGETHER. (These holographic matrix
fields are set up as a hierarchal system of '
celestial management structure' that define and govern each dimensional
plane of existence.)"... "Science refers to these MOVING OBJECTS commonly observed within the hypnagogia as the
Tetrus Effect' of which has spawned a video game that many have played on our cell phones or computers." (Wikipedia)
Was my waking vision with its spherical grouping of black & white cartoons symbolic of our current Earth's 3-D, imaginary
reality matrix?

Yun-Wen Shaw wrote: "To dream, and altogether not to dream. This synthesis is the operation of genius, by which both
activities are mutually reinforced."

"This brings us to the realization that the next series of these incredibly high octaves of
'galactic' frequency are being
sequentially downloaded to our planet and into our bodies. It is changing our DNA Structure. We are feeling this energetic
impact as a deep foundational cellular shift in our bodies. Everything we thought we are is moving away rapidly. We are
beginning to 'see' the PATTERNS OF THE ILLUSION MATRIX and the STRUCTURES that define its architecture.
Are We
without this Matrix to define us? We are about to find out."  Recently, HigherSELF suggested I ... "Investigate the
ELEMENTS and ENERGIES as they relate to Earth's MATTER/STRUCTURES."

The System Restore
"Similar to an old computer system being updated, we are undergoing a Process similar to a 'System Restore__ to the
factory reset
.' This is akin to the reforming of our hard drive (wiping away all data archives) and the total replacement of
'motherboard' circuitry."... "Needless to say, if the foundational structure which manages our every bodily function (i.e.,
breathing, sleeping, eating, hormonal distribution, energy management functions, etc.), and its '
personality program' is
being replaced, we are going to feel very odd, disoriented and, at times, in a state of total nervous system exhaustion.
This will be a recurring theme as the ascension waves continue."

"This has been an especially powerful frequency download, and its '
factory reset' has been especially potent and powerful.
For many of us, the ability to have an
'average' accepted functioning that is generally required of our 3-D body and the
personality attached to it has been severely compromised. We have had to slow down our movement tremendously. This
means we cannot continue in whatever foundational lifestyle patterns we had (old energy patterns) and must find new
creative resolutions in supplying our (newly soul infused) body with what it needs to be nourished. Additionally, the
energetic platforms that supported our old lifestyle are officially nonexistent, so if we persist in the old ways, we will find
ourselves suffering greatly. Many times it just requires letting go of what it appears to be on the surface, such as anything
we're perceiving as an
'insurmountable problem' and the mental 'analysis paralysis' that comes with our old way of
'strategic problem solving'. Strategic Problem Solving has flown out the window and only the 'NOW moment' presence
remains. (Anyone still working with a mental PRE-PLANNING STRATEGY in micro-managing their life will continually run
into obstacle after obstacle, like two steps backward and no steps forward.) We have been given a new control panel for
our life and we are now learning how to use it by GIVING UP CONTROL."

"In order to create inner harmony, we can no longer ignore the places within ourselves that we have neglected or abused.
Every vulnerability, limitation belief, sore spot, emotionally hurt areas, and physical issues are blaring to the surface,
demanding our attention. Many times we have been physically '
shot down' to make sure we 'sit inside it' and not run away
from it by creating distraction. It has been incredibly uncomfortable for many. We are truly walking the path of forced '
' these days.

Shifting Dimensions
"MEETING and CREATING form the BASIS of this paradigm shift
. In 3-D reality, you meet, run into and WAIT for that
which you WANT to experience. On the other hand, in a
5-D reality, you follow, flow and SURRENDER into each pattern
that you know YOU have created with your thoughts and emotions. From
5-D you can observe your 3-D expression trying
NOT-to-TRY' and fighting that moment of surrender. You are having this struggle, not because you
are afraid, but because your
3-D habits still dictate your behavior.

"As you move into
5-D, your every thought and emotion becomes manifest. In fact, that is occurring right now, but the
re is still enough left of '
time' that you don't always realize the connection between your thoughts/emotions and the reality
that you have created. Now that you are on the very cusp of the 5-D paradigm of reality, your thoughts and emotions may
still be FEAR (ego) BASED. Fear/ego based emotions encompass fear, anger, sorrow, rage, anxiety and depression.
While the energy pattern of your consciousness still contains fear-based thoughts and emotions, you create a reality that is
3 or 4-D because the vibrational resonance of your consciousness is too low to adhere to the
5-D matrix.

"Your resonance must match the resonant frequency of any given world in order for you to adhere your consciousness to
the frequency pattern of that reality. 3-D PATTERNS are
angular, separate and opposing, whereas 5-D PATTERNS are
flowing, united and circular. It is not possible for an angular state of consciousness to adhere and flow to a circular matrix?
Also, '
trying hard' to control your energy field will not work, for 'trying' is a 3-D behavior. You only try hard to do something
because you doubt (fear) that you can easily do it. Think about it; if you Know you can do something, you don't '
try'. You
do it."...

"Your earth vessel has, hidden within its unused brain, turned-off DNA. Now, our Galactic Light and Unconditional Love is
turning-on this unused DNA and downloading and booting up your new
Multidimensional Operating System. This System
has been latent in your human brain for millennia, but if you go back in your memory to the peak of Atlantis, you will
remember how to use it.

"You will
'remember' how to acept that your innate thinking is multidimensional. To think mulitidimensional, you must
release concepts that are bound by
time, ego, separation, gender, polarity, opposition, as well as anything that is
fear-based. The challenge is that in order to release all fear-based thoughts and emotions, you must be conscious of them
before you can choose to refuse to participate in them. In other words, when you catch yourself in the midst of a
fear-based thought or emotion, you must recognize that it is, indeed, based on fear. You would think this is an easy task,
but it is not. Fear has become such an integral part of 3-D life, that most of it goes unnoticed.

" In fact, consciously identifying any form of fear can only occur when we are
not trapped in the 3-D Game. As we have all
experienced, it is not difficult to recognize fear when we are in a high state of consciousness. For one thing, the
juxtaposition between the unconditional love of our higher consciousness and fear is very obvious. Furthermore, when we
are experiencing unconditional love, it is a simple task to release fear by unconditionally forgiving ourselves for
experiencing it. Unfortunately, we only have a few of our 'minutes' to become conscious of our fear, as the fear will release
adrenalin into our systems, which will lower our consciousness into 3 or 4-D.

"Once your consciousness has returned to the resonance of your 3-D reality, it is very difficult to love yourself free of fear.
In fact, once in a state of 3-D consciousness, you are more likely to judge yourself for having fear and to become angry
(fear-based) at yourself for '
doing it again'."... "Once you return to the habit of being 3-D, fear and self-judgment are the
first to greet you"... "when you are trapped in
fear, work, conflict, time, loneliness and other 3-D experiences,"... "only fear
and its best friend, self-doubt, can interfere with this Process. Remember the
'right way' to do this is 'Your Way'. YOU are
your own Path of Ascension. YOU are the Portal to your Ascension."  

"The 97% DNA that is now being turned-on by the incoming light and love is filled with miniature wormholes into the
multidimensional world that has eluded your conscious perception. Additionally, your Multi-D Operating System is being
connected to and over-riding your 3-D Operating System every time you surrender to your higher frequency of SELF.
Remember, you cannot attach, connect or forge ahead into your 5-D SELF, for those are 3-D actions. Instead, you employ
the 5-D actions of
accepting, merging with and falling into your higher frequency expression of SELF."
"In this manner, you can become ONE with the feeling, reality, expectation that seems so close and yet so far. Furtunately,
close and far are 3-D terms which are becoming increasingly obsolete. Other things are also becoming obsolete in your
reality such as
worry, darkness, fear, money, work, wars, taxes, restriction and much, much more.

"Can you BELIEVE that these 3-D experiences are leaving your reality?

"Can you take the risk to BELIEVE that everything you have felt inside your higher states of consciousness is REAL?
"Can you BELIEVE that the 3-D is an illusion, a holographic projection?

"Now, in order to surrender into that which you SO deeply desire, that which you are ready to experience, you must
BELIEVE that it is REAL. How could you step into an illusion? Actually, the answer to that question is quite simple, for that
is the BASIS of our 3-D reality. For myriad lifetimes you have volunteered to flow-out a version of your true, Multi-D SELF
to step into a 3-D world BASED on the illusions of
time, polarity, separation, competition and limitation. Gaia's 3-D
version of Earth is graduating into Her Higher Expressions now. Gaia wants you all to join Her, but She cannot wait much
longer for your decision to surrender.The cosmic energy field that is sufficient to '
take Her Home' is HERE NOW.

"You are feeling a sense of urgency and a need to become, but you may not be sure about what you will become.
Therefore, you must surrender to that which is unknown to your 3-D self, but well-known to your Multi-D SELF. Your higher
experession of SELF has logged in-to and out-of myriad realities and has had many experiences of ascension. You only
need to consciously connect to your Multi-D Operating System, so that you can remember your SELF__ NOW!"

                                                                 The Venus Transit of the Sun
That same evening of June 6, 2012, renegade thinker and scientist, Robert Lanza, on Coast to Coast AM online,
offered his theory of "
Biocentrism", revolving around the notion that all the constants... (Elements)... of the universe,
including matter itself, depend upon the Observer. This theory also explains why all the Laws and Forces of the universe
are fine-tuned to the existence of Life. Without conscious observers, the universe would not even have properties or
events. Everything__ even the universe__ is ALIVE!

What we perceive as a Reality is a Process that involves our consciousness; and an external reality... if it
existed... by definition, would have to exist as space. This is meaningless because Space and Time are not
absolute realities, but Tools of the human and animal mind
. Color is completely subjective; even blind people have
their own notions of what "red" or "blue" or "black" is like. Science can change brain cells so that we would see a blue sky
as green or purple, for example. And the same thing applies to virtually all the properties. So what is going on is that
everything you are Processing right now, is going on in your head: For instance, if you dream, you are able to re-create
space and time__ you can fly and move. You're able to come up with that sensation even though it's all in your Mind. Your
mind puts things together, using space & time as tools.
Space & Time are concepts of the Mind. These are the ways we
put everything together. Our external and internal perceptions are interwined; they are different sides of the same coin, and
cannot be divorced from one another. Objects exist only as "
Probability Energies", and have no existence in our reality
until they are observed by a human or animal. Whether we observe or don't observe it, makes all the difference in the

* The behavior of sub-atomic particles all link to the presence of an observer. Without the presence of a
conscious observer, they are just existing in an undetermined state of probability. The measurements that we
are actually making right now, determine the path they took billions of years ago.
So, again, this is what we're
finding at the microscopic level, with these particles, that BASICALLY, the particles are just statistical projection
uncertainties until they are observed.

* Without consciousness, MATTER dwells in an undetermined state of probability. Any universe that could
have preceded consciousness, only existed in a probability state.
When you study atomic matter at its lowest level,
it has no properties until it's actually observed, so its actual location in space and its position in time are not perceived
until you actually objserve them.

* The universe is fine-tuned for life, which makes perfect sense because Life creates the Universe, not the
other way around; i.e., the universe is simply the complete, temporal logic of the Self.
This goes way back to the
Big Bang question: How did all the laws of nature and everything else just suddenly appear like magic and pop into
existence one day? What we're seeing in the universe is simply a Projection of Ourself.

* "Time" is the Process by which we perceive changes in the universe. It's like the still frames in a movie film.
Our mind weaves them together to create an animation of what we observe__ a moving, changing perception. ( A
* "Space", like "Time", is not a thing__ it's a form of our animal understanding and does not have any
independent Reality. We carry Space & Time around with us like turtles with shells on their backs
. Thus,
This comes back to what Einstein was saying about Space being Relative. My measurement of how far Disney
World is from my house woul be completely different from your observation when traveling there at a different speed. So
there's no absolute distance between any object and any other object.

What Does All This mean for Us?
One of our biggest fears is the fear of Death__ that our physical body dies and there is nothing left of us. Space & Time
are not objects; they are the way our mind puts it all together. Quantum physics recently stated that there are many, many
universes, making up a MULTI-VERSE. Anything that could possibly occur in one universe, could happen in any of those
universes. Therefore, death doesn't exist in any real sense in the old commonly accepted scenarios. All the probable
universes exist simultaneously, regardless of what happens in any one of them. So
Biocentrism extends this idea, and it
suggests that
Life is an Adventure that serves to transcend our linear way of thinking. So__ when our bodies die and
self-destruct, it's just Energy operating in our minds. This Energy doesn't go away at death. One of the surest Elements in
science is that Energy never dies__ it cannot be created or destroyed. So when we or someone else dies, we do so NOT
in this random, billiard-ball matrix, but in the Inescapable-Life Matrix. Life has a non-limiting dimensionality to transcend
any individual history or universe. It's like the flower that returns to bloom again and again in the various Multiverse
springtimes. This means we are on the wrong track by assuming that everything just "popped" into existence one moment
in a Big Bang.
Biocentrism has impact, not only on issues of life and death, but also on everything we're trying to do in
science and in our consciousness evolution, and that is to understand how the universe is put together, why it's here, why
we're here__ and what it's all about.

Self Mastery requires another applied level of a Multidimensional Lifestyle Approach. Many of the intense recent changes
are occurring within our foundational life structures, including radical dietary changes, changes in biorhythm and
biochemistry, sleeping and napping patterns, a radical turnstile of abrupt changes moving within relationships, residences,
finances, technology, health and jobs. It's very surreal every day; everything happening in the exact NOW moment.
Synchronicity Signals occur when our inner and outer events mirror each other.
Perhaps there's really only ONE SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS in the Multi-verse, and each of us is a particle of that
Divine Super-Consciousness. Perhaps this Shift of the Ages is the Processing of a Plan, a Purpose,
existing in our subconscious, just waiting for us to waken to it by paying attention to Synchronicity. Perhaps UNITY
CONSCIOUSNESS means that the
Divine Super-Consciousness is in CONTROL, and we need to FLOW with that

                               Living in a New Reality
                                                                           June 26, 2012
                                                                         "CRITICAL MASS"

MEDITATION 1988: I'd asked to receive an impression of a future life or lives that are a significant extension of both this
present life and of past lives

"BEINGS OF LIGHT__Whole Light Beings who evolve through consciousness__ through total attunement with
Univeral Consciousness, Universal Love and Universal Plan & Purpose. There would be absolutely no need for the
material things of Earth, neither to serve nor to sustain the physical body's vitality, for there would be no need for a

"The Service rendered would be completely accomplished through Thought-form Sensing, Forming and Projectiong.
The present life is an attempt to reach that state and to experience it long enough to be able to evolve through that
state__ and nought else."

ML: I have difficulty understanding how one can, at this present time, live in such a state and still function through a
physical body on the material, 3-D plane.

"The body is an extension__ a tool of the Mind-Consciousness. Consciousness alone, when in continual contact with
Divine Mind, can sustain the body-tool. This can be learned even at present through practice of increasingly longer
'time' periods; but one has to be sure not to allow 'time' to dominate the mind. Releasing  linear time prevents Mind
from giving its energy, its power to 'time', which is a major cause of fatigue on the earth plane."

ML: I can sense myself as a Being of Light just fine, and continue it until I want to do something such as write or type
onto a computer disk for future analaysis, or send it to someone in a letter or horoscope report. Then I feel a need to use
this physical body__ or when I wish to paint a mandala, for instance.

"Consider WHY you want or need to write it down."
ML: Iin case I need to reclal or use that information later.

"If the thought, message, experience came from SELF, then it originated from SELF'S connection with Source and
can always be retrieved."

ML: If another human requests information, a painting, astrology report, crystal healing, etc.__ won't I need to use the
physical body to do that?

Cannot Mind, Heart & Love accomplish that? Teach Them how to use their own Higher SELF and Unconditional
Love to personally receive what they need to know. Then they do not need to ask others, for they can go directly to
Source for guidance. Or, you may transmit, by Mind & Love, Source's original thoughtform to the person requesting

ML: If I create the mandala physically, is it necessary to infuse the gem elixir, or can I simply gain an understanding from
Source as to what thoughtform programs would be healing to the individual, and then simply project them into the
painting with Mind & Love?

Yes__ that is exactly what could be done."

ML: It seems that then I would be serving as a teacher or guide. Could this be done simply by projecting the thoughtform
program dirrectly into the person's mind or body__ or genetic code, heart, etc.?

"Yes__ as long as it is in keeping with Cosmic Law. However, keep in mind that many people at present are not much
in touch with their own unconscious or subconscious, which is where the causative programs originally imprint, and
often the individual resists whatever his/her subconscious is holding. This resistance is what creates the
disorientation and occasional discomfort after a healing technique for some people.

ML: This "Mind-Projection" and "Imprint" stuff sounds almost like a "psychic hook" to me.

Yes__ if it is done to gain personal control over, or energy from, an individual who has not openly requested
re-programming (healing) of their consciousness__ it IS a 'psychic hook'. Hence the confustion, depression and fear
that goes along with a psychic hook. At the Higher Consciousness level, it is only done with Divine Spirit's and the
individual Soul's permission, and with Love. Much less discomfort and resistance are present, so the newly-imprinted
thoughtform or 'message' can rise up into the consciousness quickly and easily, since the Spirit Within of the person
receiving the positive re-programming is, therefore, expecting and open to the changes taking place."

JUNE 26th: A time to Take Action in regard to the May 20th, Solar Eclipse Project. In the previous, June 12th
Newsletter, we covered this Project and discussed the pictures and diagrams one might see while in the half-awake
state of mind known as "

One must clearly visualize one's dream or ideals before they can take effect. Today offers opportunity to see our Solar
Eclipse wishes take concrete form within our Inner Vision. The world began to morph into its new form that May 20th,
and everything in our lives began to re-boot. Whatever has not been conceived with Love is now disappearing.
And FYI, we can also access hynagogia while meditating or simply daydreaming, letting ourselves enter this pre-sleep
state to do astral traveling, remote viewing and other Light Technologies. We now extend this process of
, which may be quite essential, except in the case of the creative individual who has become a totally pure
channel for the..."DESCENT OF SPIRITUAL POWER"... and a clear lens through which the Mind of Man, or of
God-Source, can be projected without distortion wherever needed. In other cases, the creative act is less direct: a man
projects into the world what he has "seen" reflected on the screen of his personal Inner Vision. This New Vision
concerns the Process of individualized existence. It is a phase of Internal Organization preparing for a projection of
one's ideals or concepts. Interestingly, the Moon is in Libra today, at the same degree as
Bill Clinton's natal Ascendant
(Projected Public Image) and Mars (Motivating Force) are located, so we may be seeing and hearing more of him in the

PROCESSES."... "The cultural enjoyment and passion for Gathering Knowledge (though often unusable) stems from the
Adventures in Consciousness of the yogi, the mystic, the ocultist"... "The mystery of FIRE (Universal Element) has
always captured man's imagination because it is the mystery of all tranformations wrapped in the enigma of death. In
times when collective, perhaps total death could be in store for Mankind, the Process of Meditation by an ever-greater
number of people, implies that this
Common Bond can bring us to a stage beyond Life itself."... "Are we ready to
experience death and return to the same body? Do we have the WILL TO TRANSCEND?"  
Dane Rudhyar

On this July 3rd date, we find an unusual astrological Triangle formed between three planetary positions__ a "YOD", or
Finger of God" aspect. (Picture a sling-shot with a long handle)__ in which certain planetary points must "surrender to"
or "
serve" others, and some planets become "catalysts" transforming the other two  points.

PLUTO, the Transforming Force, at 9 degrees Capricorn, forms the "Finger", or "Handle", of the Yod, bringing the
revelation that... "Heaven is Within". We must open and listen to the total harmony of Life, in which we each play a role
that is necessary to nurturing the meaning of the Whole. We do this when we
surrender our separative
ego-consciousness and develop attunement to the rhythm of the Universal Purpose & Plan.

MERCURY, the Conceptual Force, at 9 degrees Leo, becomes the catalyst triggering Pluto's surrender to the
Universal Purpose/Plan Concept, serving Mercury's CREATIVE INTENSITY, which is required for any true and
successful transforming activity. Mercury demands that Pluto transform our egos so we will
surrender our most spiritual
and vital energies to the Creative Act, if we are to produce significant and beautiful new forms for our New Reality.

VENUS, the Attracting Force, at 9 degrees Gemini, forms the 3rd planetary point of our Yod. In this case, Pluto
then becomes the
catalyst commanding Venus to surrender to or serve by Attraction to the Rhythm of Universal

"Mankind's aggressive relationship to natural life was originally formed as a basis for survival and conquest of both
enemies and Nature. The Mind of Man is essentially an arrow; it goes through the object towards which it is attracted or
aimed."... "and this usually implies destruction of the obstacle. At a higher level__ as in the Zen practice of archery__ the
obstacle is, of course, the Ego! Pluto catalyzes Venus to surrender Her Ego-ruled Relationship as 'The Conqueror',
whether it be a conquest of Nature, of perceived Enemies, or of individual, human Instinctual Drives and the limiting
power of our own individual Ego."
Dane Rudhyar     
To every Yod there is a "
Release Point" lying opposite the "Finger" (here, Pluto). It is halfway between Mercury (the
Concept) and Venus (the Attractor). The Release Point symbolizes a
Common Bond by which all three planetary forces
may be merged for the highest good of all concerned. This Yod Release Point sits at 13 degrees Cancer__ a most
interesting and meaningful degree. We are shown here... "A THUMB, symbolizing THE POWER OF WILL in shaping
character. Behind it psychologically and spiritually, there could lie a very rigid thumb indicating an unbending will; or, a
more flexible thumb suggesting a more pliable will. The basic meaning is that Individuality can only EXPRESS ITSELF
Dane Rudhyar.

So, how do we get there from here? Maybe half the problem__ the Dark Hat Controllers__ is really, our own
If we can't FIX IT on the OUTSIDE, then maybe we have to FIX IT from INSIDE ourselves! We need to
understand the relationship between our internal landscapes and the external theater out there. Whatever we
Create Inside us__ manifests Outside of us. As a nation, we Americans can't continue doing things to "Take" or
"Keep" Control over others; because we'll RECEIVE THE SAME BACK. But, first we'll have to change our indivi-
dual attempts to "Take Over" or "Control" others within our personal spheres.

"Other countries have openly announced and welcomed the ET presence. When will Americans open up to the
Truth? Or will we be forced under exceptional circumstances to begin communication with our cosmic counterparts?
The ETs long-term agenda and the potential cultural impact of an off-world presence could find the USA being the
main leading superpower of the global center of economic, social and geographical changes. An official contact with
an advanced society may bring opportunity or risk, depending on how we face our challenges in our planet, and most
importantly__ within ourselves. To understand the reality that we are NOT ALONE in the universe will be THE major
breakthrough in human history. This is a new frontier for an integral development that already began years ago."
Renato Longato: "ET Presence__ the Role of the USA and New World Vision."

The principle, the approach to all this is very powerful, and it seems to increase our levels of awareness, to clear a lot of
this very murky status of
"Why is the world so odd?" Earth is a training ground for consciousness itself. We create. We
participate, we share, we change, modify and adapt. We have a Role to play on Earth; but as Multi-D Beings, we do
NOT "Take Over the World". We simply manifest Life to flow with great beauty, purity, stability, courtesy, unity,
abundance, wellness and Love for the highest good of All.

When we personally have success with healing, with manifesting__ we must avoid feeling as if we're "Masters of the
Universe". NO ONE IS IN CONTROL HERE. We have to flow along with Source's Energy. This is what the spiritual
process of life is all about:
Co-Creating Within Universal Purpose & Plan. UNIVERSAL COLLECTIVE CONSC-
IOUSNESS ITSELF IS IN CONTROL. It propels us forward, and anyone can flow with that energy wave and use it to
upgrade, to unfold, to evolve.

"What is happening is that the outside illusions are becoming weaker and our inner perceptions are becoming
stronger. As our inner peceptions expand, they encompass that which we have perceived as the outer."... "Hence, the
perceptions and experiences of outer and inner realities are becoming ONE Multi-D World. Now we are
remembering that we forgot about our Multi-D SELF; we believed that WE were the only avatar/earth-vessel humans.
Susan Carroll

In other words, we over-expanded our Egos, believing Americans are the world's smartest, richest and greatest
superpower. Oh, we will still view the 'outer world theater', although we know it is only a 3-D "c
artoon-ish" matrix that we
have bought into after creating it with our own planetary group consciousness.

"As we become detached from the outer world of lies and illusions, we become more and more attached to our Inner
Truth. Since our inner and outer perceptions of reality are merging, there won' t be anymore 'inner' or 'outer' reality.
There will only be frequencies of consciousness"... "Then the"... crown chakra... "opens, and we can perceive
thousands of possible and probable Multi-D realities. ALL our memory will be returned and our 3-D reality will be
transmuted to its true Multi-D experience."
Susan Carrol

* Two of the July, 2011, newsletter issues were lost from the Archives, and had to be rewritten therein. Imagine my
surprise, as I was re-writing the
July 3-4, 2011 information, to find that a message had been restored from

The Guides:  6-24-11: PORTAL DAY. I ask the Guides for further information on "The Voice of Unity". A: "This is
neither a comet nor a spacecraft. It is an energy-entity of sorts__ one not known on Earth before. It is loving,
intelligent, purposeful and self-organizing, and in a sense, it is "
The Return of the Christ", although few will per-
ceive it as such at first. It brings revelations to the masses and to the Lightworkers that will cause Unity-Christ
Consciousnesss to PROLIFERATE throughout Earth. Then you will see telepathy and other spiritual gifts evol-
ving at a rapid rate. The entire world will be transformed in a very short time__this is the "New Reality" Ligh-
tworkers have been creating."

"All the 'gods' in mythology and religions of the past have been Annunaki or other evolved beings from higher
dimensions. They__ our "ancenstors"__ are returning, but not in negative ways. The scattered 'pieces' of the Galact
Family are becoming Whole again
."  And on May 24th, 2012, exactly one year later, this data about the May 20th
and the "New Grid Lines of the planet, etc.... arrived:

* 7-24-12: During the May 20th Eclipse, New Grid Lines of the planet developed that connect directly with our human
hearts. All Earth's grid lines have been expanded to spiritually connect us with Gaia__ Earth's spirit__enabling us to
manifest more often, and more quickly. Our human telepathic brain centers are also being upgraded, as we learn to
use these new grid lines __ these Pathways of Light. The
Summer Solstice, June 20th, was a Tipping Point: A

Edgar Cayce forecast this new energy coming to Earth during the so-called "End Times", as representing humanity's
next major phase in evolution. In
1996, dowsers "saw" a Planetary Conciousness Grid forming around the globe__ a
Christ Consciousness Grid having the frequency of 10 Hz__ the same frequency as our alpha brain wave state used for
daydreaming, healing and manifesting. The new energy fosters a Remembrance of SELF as our true spiritual nature, as
we re-align to the new energy grid with awareness, with a knowing of Planetary Collective Consciousness__ including
the consciousness of Gaia, humans, animals, insects, plants, seeds, minerals and nature spirits.

Five beautiful hollyhock plants stood proudly beside our redwood deck__ but they were in trouble. The little white
cabbage moths had laid their eggs on the broad leaves, and after hatching, the larvae were literally chewing the
plants to death. What to do? I didn't want to spray with chemicals.

Gaia was consulted in meditation. Her advice was to sit beside the hollyhocks and talk to the cabbage moths and
larvae while in "the Zone"__ the alpha state__ asking them to eat only from the two plants in the back row, leaving the
three in front to grow, bloom and produce seeds. This way was a "win-win" situation for all. In  few days, the two rear
plants' leaves were riddled with holes, but the front three's leaves  were untouched. They bloomed whole, healthy and
lovely, hiding the destruction behind them. No chemicals needed.

Dr. K. Korotkov of Russia developed the GVD camera which... "measures and photographs the auras of living
things"... providing information about... "the quantum field of a human or a plant and its biological functions."... The
camera... "creates a high-intensity electrical field around a fingertip or a plant placed on the special fibre-optic plate of
the instrument"... showing... "a visible gas discharge glow around the object."

When someone approached the plant carrying a pitcher of water or humming a tune, the energy field of the plant
increased. Conversely, when the plant was exposed to anger or violent intentions, its field shrank. Dr. Korotkov's
research indicates that quantum fields are
psychotronic; i.e. sensitive to human consciousness and to both our physical
and subtle energy bodies.

This technology offers a new understanding of reality. Previously we considered all life as material forms only. Now we
view life as collections of energy fields that constantly move, change and connect everything that lives. As a basis for
non-machine communication between humans, plants, animals and the envivornment, this new view suggests
tremendous advancements in diagnosing and treating physical, emotional and mental conditions, including... "medicine,
psychology, sound therapy, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture and ecology."
Gurudas: "Flower
Essences and Vibrational Remedies" Brotherhood of Light
, Albuquerque, NM.

As these Natural Forces open new pathways, a Process of Reunion takes place through our body cells when we begin
to work with these Forces on new levels__ with
Light Technology__  (Chapter 16: "Co-Creating With Nature":
) __ that offer opportunities to manifest what we need most in our lives,
including our relationships. We can align with and utilize many levels of new dimensional energies.

Ascension Symptoms will come and go, and return again, perhaps becoming more intense during solar activity, but if
we have a constant problem, it may need to be checked out by a professional. Symptoms occurring since the
May 20th
Solar Eclipse
re-alignments, include sleep disorders, depression, neck, shoulder and lower back aches, anxiety, foot
and hand tingling and cramping, blurred vision and the ol' sinus pressure and congestion, of course.

Sadly, just because we're "enlightened" or "spiritual", it doesn't ensure that our bodies are doing well. Our body
disturbances may be due to "past baggage" waiting to be recalled, healed and released. This is a first time Shift__
we're going to be the first earthlings ever to ascend IN OUR PHYSICAL BODIES__ so our bodies need to be lovingly,
slowly and carefully prepared for this.

If you're like many of us these days, you may be spending much more 'time' outside your physical body, and finding it
very hard to come back into 3-D. I'll be writing at the computer or watching TV, and suddenly my head jerks and my chin
hits my chest, and I realize I've been "
somewhere else" for a few minutes, but can't recall where I was or what happened
there; but dropping down to 3-D again feels like I've fallen from a great height with a plunk. This may occur three or four
times a day! Asking around, it seems I'm not the only one having these "drop-down" episodes, so it must be more
"weird symptoms" again.

Perhaps we don't really need to formally meditate anymore__ guidance seems to pop up intuitively the moment it's
needed. The new incoming energy hits the Sacred Sites first and moves out from there, over the grid lines, spreading
more quickly than before. The planet's energy has been re-booted, so there's a New Program, too. With more than
83,000 sacred sites across the globe, this energy will soon blanket the entire planet.

Besides the Significant Events mentioned above, there is a total of
Nine Powerful Events for 2012, including:
JUNE 26th: Pluto squares (conflict) Uranus for over 3 1/2 years. And... Uranus exactly squares (conflict) Pluto as the
Sun in Cancer opposes (contrasts) Pluto, which stimulates the global activation of either Nurturing or Controlling. The
Sun/Pluto opposition puts Uranus at the top of a T-square aspect (triple conflicts with two planets contrasting). How this
works, will be:  
A SHOCK! This shake-up will continue through June 29th when the Sun exactly opposes Pluto and later,
exactly squares Uranus. Whew!

Uranus also exactly squares (conflict) Venus in Gemini (see "Yod" above, so these surprises may come through
intellectual values, possibly a philosophical epiphany. Or, wild & chaotic expressions of Mother Nature may awaken
many to Her beaut
y" Barbara Hand Clow. We implore you to read her remarkable article, "Welcome to the Truth: First
Uranus/Pluto Square: June 24th, 2012
" in which she compares the current Pluto/Uranus square to the one in 1776,
as the USA was birthing.
SEPTEMBER 22nd: Autumn Equinox.
NOVEMBER 13th: Total Solar Eclipse. Helps balance duality. http://shadowandsubstance.com/2017/2017e.html
NOVEMBER 19th: Pleiadian Alignment.
DECEMBER 12th: Restarting the Mayan Calendar.
DECEMBER 21st: Winter Solstice.
                                   "Each date is like another step up on the ladder."
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in