June 7, 2011
                                                        "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES"

In the last half of the
THIRD DAY of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld we have been continuing to "Sprout", to
Establish the New Consciousness" and "Anchor It into Earth in the Present." We've been getting clear about
what we want to manifest as our New Reality as we "
Gather Resources" and "Live Within it Daily."

5-30-11: Memorial Day__ a day to remember__ to "endure". A quiet day. No family gatherings, no cemetery
visits or flag-flying. Weather cold, very windy and promising rain. Internet, e-mails, Facebook and TV plugging
war movies, stories and tributes to those who fought and died in wars. Hal  and I have lived through seven wars
in this lifetime__ and uncountable in past lives. Do we really need reminders of war and death?  We're all having
our noses rubbed in it daily.

Watched some old "Waltons" re-runs. The one where they gather round the radio to hear of atomic bombs fall-
ing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was poignant, and later the episode announcing Japan's surrender evoked
flashbacks of the war ending and loved ones and neighbors finally able to come home . Except for Hals brother
O., who was reported MIA, then dead, and later returned from 4 years in a Japanese prison camp__ physically,
emotionally and mentally scarred forever__ the walking dead. Guess we never really get over those terrible tim-
es. I broke down and sobbed__ again. Why, oh, why  do we honor killing each other? No one ever wins a war
__ except the fat cats who make money off it.

Still clearing out old files, closets and drawers I find little use for astrology,  as the "answers" now come from
intuition and connections with Higher Selves, or the necessary info simply pops up in front of me when I pay
attention. Neither are Tarot Cards, Runes or I Ching useful any longer. Some sources suggest that dirt, clutter
and ugliness will pull our vibrations down, and cleanliness, order and beauty raise them.

RESOURCES:  "Planting By the Moon" for June/July, 2011: http://www.judyjoyceastrology.com?page_id=379 See
Chapter 16: Co-creating With Nature for suggestions on gardening with nature spirits to create environmental

6-1-11: (New Moon & Solar Eclipse (on my natal Venus/Gemini/2nd House). A crummy day with both computer
and printer problems. If we could only have less than 4 days of rain each week! We had a record low of 34 deg-
rees F. and two days later a high of 86.

Sources say that if the dollar deflates, Tte best thing we can do is get out of debt; sell off all we can that is not
Essential and use it to pay off credit cards, mortgages and autos. Stock up on a few months worth of food, medi-
cations and remedies while prices are still affordable. Have some cash and especially small change on hand in
case the power goes down and banks close and supermarket cash registers can't operate. You might fill gas
tanks and store some water as well.

6-7-11: We begin this THIRD NIGHT of the Mayan Calendar 9th Wav/Universal Underworld on this day. A Lunar
Eclipse is due J
une 15th, which is one of the Midpoint Days of this coming 18-day-long period, requiring "In-
ner Assimilation of the New Wave
." New keywords for this Third Night are "organize equality" and "death"__
some major portions of the old consciousness will die off. We must now "
Balance the Challenges with Solu-
" It's become obvious that many of our traditional belief systems are breaking down. We hear more and
more alternative ideas regarding governments, royal families, justice, technologies, ETs, the Moon, Mars, our
ancient history, the bible and religion in general.

A TV news item this same evening related how the wild Mustangs roaming Idaho and western states may no
longer be rounded up by helicopters and sold off (mostly to slaughter houses). The BLM claims the roundups
necessary because the horses are about to starve due to "dwindling range grasses", although films of these
hunts show the horses being captured while in the background we also see cattle feeding on the same land.
We now know that this horse was not introduced into the Americas by Europeans. centuries ago, as was ear-
lier thought. Horse fossils have been found in Hagerman Valley, Idaho (near the Creativity Vortex) and other
places dating back several million years, and the Mustangs carry the same DNA. You may recall one of my
favorite films "
Hidalgo" where a Mustang won a dangerous race across the Arabian Peninsula. A bill is now
being introduced to label the wild Mustangs as "native americans".... Yipeee!

LOOKING BACK: During the Third Night of the 8th Wave/Galactic Underworld, Dec. 10, 2003 to Dec. 4,
:  December '03: Saddam Hussein is captured by American troops and Muammar Qaddafi announ-
ces he will give up his weapons program. (Oh, yeah, sure!);
January, 04: Pres. Bush proposes ambitious
space program to go to Moon, Mars and beyond;
February: Armed rebels in Haiti force Pres. Aristide to
resign and flee the country;
March: NATO admits 7 new countries: Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ro-
mania, Slavakia & Slovenia;
April: Israeli Prime Minister, Sharon, plans withdrawal from Gaza Strip. U.S.
media displaying graphic photos of American soldiers abusing prisoners at Guantanamo sparks world-
wide outrage;
May: Massachusetts, first U.S. state to allow gay marriages. June: Supreme Court rules
Guantanamo prisoners entitled for petitions of habeas corpus, and also rules that detention of a U.S. citizen
held as an enemy combatant is invalid, rejecting the  government's claim that executive branch has un-revie-
wable authority in time of war;
July: John Kerry announces as Democatic presidential candidate; Aug-Sept:
Republicans nominate G. W. Bush for 2nd term. U.S. final report shows no WMD found in Iraq. Hurricanes
"Bonnie", "Charley" & "Jeanne" hit Florida__ Hurricane "Ivan" in U. S. south;
November: Bush re-elected
under "suspicious" circumstances.

If the economic crunch is playing "keep-away" with you, as it is for many of us these days, you may want to re-
view your budget__or to make one, if you're like me__ I've usually just paid the bills and then used what was
left over to save, share, or spend on toys. Now we need to consider just what is really "essential" and pare
down what we can. Looking over my alternative remedies, I find their prices have risen dramatically, too. Will
we have to choose between food and medicine now? I recall not too long ago when seniors on a fixed incom-
es had to resort to eating dog or cat food. Well__ have you see the price of pet food these days? No longer an

Years ago in the Big Lost River Valley, a group of us women friends contacted an institutional food supply com-
pany and ordered in bulk, then divided it up between us. It really helped. Perhaps we can order a year's supply
of remedies at a time, spaced over the next few months, as larger quantities are usually less expensive and if
you order online, by mail or phone, the shipping is usually less as well.

We had a canning kitchen here in our little Idaho town about
50 years ago, until women went to work outside
the home and no longer had time for preserving large amounts of food. The cannery would set a specific week
or two for canning__ let's say__ corn, and we'd each reserve a date for bringing our corn__ cleaning and pre-
paring it , packing it in cans__ and everyone's corn would all be cooked and sealed at once. A labeling system
assured you'd receive your own product back. How nice to have it all done in one day, and the socializing was
fun, too. Maybe they'll bring that back with so many people gardening these days.

Growing up in the
30's and 40's in the Upper Midwest, we laughed a lot and we cried a lot. Our small town of
5,000 had bakeries, creameries and laundries run by local folks. The postman delivered twice a day, and your
milk, cheese and butter was on the doorstep early every morning. "Joe Palooka", Li'l Abner" and "The Katzen-
jammer Kids" were favorites in the daily newspaper, delivered by a neighbor boy on his bicycle.

One of my Grampas was a butcher at the City Meat Market. It used to be a bank building, and when you op-
ened the double doors faced with shiny brass around their big windows, you met three white marble semi-cir-
cular steps leading up to the main marble floor. The area was partitioned off with polished brass railings. How
elegant. It was always cool, clean and sparkling, and the men behind the counter wore pristine white coats,
pants and hats. You told a man just what you wanted, and he'd have the butchers in the back rooms cut it for
you. Then he'd bring it out, show it to you for your approval and wrap it in heavy white paper with a big smile
and a hearty "thank you". Always, "the customer is right".

More socializing with the other customers occurred there, as at the bakery, the drug store, the barbershop,
hair salon, shoe-shine newstand and post office. My, how times have changed! Maybe going back to the
"good old days" could be a bit of a blessing after all.

Summers had Sunday evening band concerts at the band shell in the main park beside the Minnesota River,
with its popcorn wagon and a stand celling flavored "ice" cones.. The main swimming pool was next door to
that big park. Smaller parks around town had  wading pools with fountains as well as games, sports and craft
programs to keep kids cool and occupied each weekday, and in hot weather, the daily  ice-cream wagon with
its bells rolled through the town's streets,

Winter fun was at the main skating rink west of town covering two city blocks, with a warming house and music
blasting from loud speakers. Two smaller skating rinks were northeast and southeast of town  and since the to
wn was built on low hills, there were plenty of places to ski, sled and toboggan. What?__ you didn't have a
sled or skis?__ well, just run to the furniture store and get a cardboard refrigerator or mattress box. You and
2 or 3 others could get inside and slide down the hill with a spin & a push from another friend or two. Some
kids set their bottoms on the business end of a big steel snow shovel as they faced toward the handle, gras-
pingtits with both hands as they and scooted downhill.

For a real winter thrill one day, we went out to the golf course, much of it on hills where some "tee-off" places
had been built out as ledges__ great for use as ski-jumps, if you were daring enough. One of the boys had a
long toboggan made of wood with a rope in front to pull it uphill. Five of us decided to "jump" that toboggan off
the "ski-jumps." (duh!) Lucky me was chosen to sit in front. We all kneeled on it and I held the rope in my hands
while the four other numbskulls clasped the waists of those in front of them. Down we flew__ what a thrill__ unt
il I realized I was alone on the toboggan__ the others had fallen off while I continued flying solo through the air,
clasping the rope in front of me with knees bent and a big grin on my face with the toboggan hanging straight
down beneath me. I had the good sense to let go of the rope when I realized I could fall upon the wooden splin-
ters and be impaled.. Thankfully, no one was hurt__ the five feet of snow below us saved the day. Live & learn.

When you wanted to eat out, you could go to the Purity White Castle serving their prized grayish "meat", with o
nions and (only god knew what)__ that steamed away in the open pans on the counter before you, before it was
shoveled onto buns the size of baking-powder biscuits. Chrome stools with red plastic seats stretched down in
front of the long counter in a shop barely wider than some of our walk-in closets today. But who cared? The cute,
high school hunk behind the counter would wink and smile at us girls__ and maybe briefly touch our hand as he
served us. (Be still my heart)__ And all this for only 5 cents!

If you wanted a soda after the movies, a light lunch while shopping or a fresh bakery pastry on your coffee break,
you met frends at Eibner's, with its mahogany-paneled walls and square pillars, black & white checkerboard flo-
or and a revolving glass lighted "pie safe". It was clearly the Mainstreet Social Center. A more formal meal could
be found at The Silver Latch, handily next to the Greyhound Bus Depot and around the corner from our music
store, owned and operated by the Wilfahrt brothers. A huge sign above the store's front proclaimed: "Jim &
John Wilfahrt__ Anything in Music."  (I kid you not.)

And there was always the Kaiserhoff, serving its secret BBQ sauced ribs, french fries and cole slaw, for which
you needed to be a member of the Turnverein__ the German-based athletic and social club with its gymnasi-
um where we took "tumbling" and dancing lessons Satrday mornings. A floor above the gym was the theater
with its ornate balcony and curved box seats where the Christmas "show & tell") program was always held, at
the end of which, Santa would come sliding down in his "sleigh" along a wire from the balcony to the stage.
Everybody cheered and clapped, and the little kids squealed and rushed forward to hug Santa, get their candy
canes and order Christmas gifts.

When the crowd cleared out, the rows of folding seats were removed to reveal the dance floor. An orchestra
set up on stage, the lights dimmed, and the holiday ball began. Just off to the side was the Lounge with red ve-
lvet seats curving round mahogany pillars, and a red oriental carpet and a crystal chandelier. You couldn't go in
there without your parents until you were "legal", as one side offered a huge mahogany mirrored bar__ if you
could see it through the gentlemen's cigar smoke, the heavy haze of the ladies' perfumes and the faint scent of

It was the official start of the Yuletide season, which triggered weeks of cleaning, decorating, baking, shopp-
ing, building doll houses, kites and wooden toys, hanging colored lightbulbs on house and trees, sewing Rag-
gedy Anns and Andys, sock monkeys and doll clothes, knitting "something" for bachelor Uncle Donny, and sto-
cking caps, mittens & booties for the wee ones__ and oh, yes__ sending out umpteen Christmas cards__ all
while listening to Bing Crosby's evening renditions of "White Christmas" and scores of "Jingle Bells" and "You
Better Watch Out" ("Santa Clause is Coming to Town") on the radio.

Every school had its holiday program for relatives and friends of students and there was always a family trip to
The City to shop and view the department store windows, decorated with lighted moving angels or elves
accompanied with appropriate music. Other evenings we took rides with the family around town to "Ooh" and
"Aah" at the residential lighting competitions, or up dress up and drive up on "The Hill" to hear the Martin Luther
Junior College annual music concert with its pipe organ  covering the entire end wall of the school gym, and the
huge choir singing Handel's "
Messiah". We collectively sighed in ecstasy at "Oh, Holy Night", "He Shall Feed
His Flock
" and in awe by at the stirring "Hallelulia Chorus".

And last__ but definitely not least__ Christmas Eve at the church to see the kids in  outdoor nativity scenes
and the midnight candle-lighting ceremony with costumed children enacting the biblical pageant. Life was sim-
pler in many way, then; we didn't have computers or TVs, cell phones, AC or automatic washers and dryers. But
never__ no never__ were you ever lonely. After we matured and married, our own children grew up in an Idaho
small town, later relating how "we didn't dare do anything wrong, because everybody in town knew you and kn-
ew your folks, and they'd TELL on you!"

Then WWII came along and life began to go downhill. The men went off to fight two wars at the same time, the
women, children and old folks rolled bandages, held blood banks & collected for the Red Cross, prepared  
care packages for the troops, struggled with ration stamps, meatless meals and the scarcity of gasoline, rub-
ber tires, silk stockings, foods and medicines. Kids collected scrap metal and tin foil and many mothers went
to work outside the home for needed income, taking over where men had left their jobs.

People put red, white and blue little banners in their windows with a white star for every family member gone to
war. If one died, his star became gold. I recall one woman's front window in a small brick house next to the bak-
ery held a banner with five white stars on it. We had to pass it every Saturday coming home from the afternoon's  
hree Stooges" , "Roy Rogers" or "Flash Gordon" B-movie matinees. Every few weeks, one of the stars would
turn to gold, indicating a loves one was lost. Long before the wars ended, all five stars became gold. The films'
joys quickly faded as we passed that little brick house, closing our eyes and bowing our heads, too afraid to e-
ven imagine the pain. We all despaired over the casualties on the front lines, but I never heard anyone mourn
the victims left behind on the home front.

After the initial years of the "Cold War" when both the U.S. and Russia had the "bomb", the Korean War be-
gan. A few of the boys in our high school class had been held back a grade or two over the years, and they
were drafted in the middle of their senior year. They went willingly and proudly; but my friends Jerry and
James came home in boxes. James was the only grandson of the woman whostill lived in the little brick ho-
use that had held the five gold stars in its window.

And true to form, we began the Viet Nam War when our own sons were not yet in middle school. That war con-
tinued for twelve long years__ would the damned thing go on forever? Our eldest son, L. had drawn number
"181" in the draft, and or youngest was oly two years behind. My blood pressure problem began as they en-
tered high school. L. went off to college in late
1970, as they called up number "179". We held our breaths for
another year and a half until, gratefully, the war ended before his number was called.

America has often been proclaimed the "melting pot of the world". It's even more so now. I can hardly think -
of a culture on this planet that has not had a significant number of immigrants settling here. Recent speculat-
ions about "
where we come from" over the past several hundred thousand years, suggests that Earth may be
the "melting pot of the galaxy." It's probable that every one of us earthlings is a composite or  "hybrid" of off-
world ancestors, many times over. We are, indeed, "brothers & sisters" of all that lives. No wonder our planet
is the focus of attention from across the universe, as we struggle to raise our consciousness and graduate to a
higher dimensional life where we will access both our roots and our astounding destiny.

"I Wish You All, A Good Night and Good Luck."
   If you can recall who said this on the radio each night, you are one of "us"__ The War Generation.

June 15/16, 2011
                                                                 "OPENING THE GATES"

6-7-11: PORTAL DAY: We began this THIRD NIGHT of the Mayan Calendar 9th Wave/Universal Underworld on
this date with a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse requiring
Inner Assimilation of the New Wave. Keywords are
organize equality" and "death". In human his-tory, failed systems have been jettisoned, usually by force, during
these 3rd Nights. We are asked to
Balance the Challenges with Solutions. During this "dark night", the
seedling New Reality that sprouted in the 3rd Day period casts off its first two tiny leaves and two larger permanent
leaves spring from the top at 90*... right angles... to the original set.

As a researcher and writer, I simply wish to share my information and views and listen to yours and other people's
as spiritual adults and equals. From time to time we announce dark deeds throughout the world. Our purpose is not
to "point fingers", but to inform you of what has been going on for many thousands of years, what is going on now
and what is likely to come up in the future. More truths are being revealed about these nefarious activities, but it is
vital that we regard them from a spiritual viewpoint, as we are all parts of One Great Being.

Some people who have long bonded with Earth & Nature are hearing sounds in one or both ears similar to the
"white noise" heard between radio stations. Sources and a "
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" on SyFi Channel
revealed that this sound is Earth's VLF__ Very Low Frequencies. They are "hearing" Earth, which is a good time
o tune in to Gaia and receive her wisdom.

An Australian Radio Program announced that some drug salesmen have started blowing the whistle on the dark
secrets behind Big Pharma's operating methods. There is also a new law on the books in the U. S. that Pharma
must publish a list of doctors who receive money and perks from them, and how much. But patients, of course,
will have to seek out that information for themselves.

I moved beyond organized religion and a "Sunday school god" a long time ago, so the idea of humanity being
enslaved to some mysterious, untouchable "supreme being" did not faze me due to past lives of significance
involving "religion" in some way or other__ except for the
1700's Lakota Sioux life with a belief system based on  
the "Great Spirit" and respect for Earth and her life-forms as being sacred. .

I'd already concluded it was time to let go of the idea of a Personality/Superbeing that pulled all the world's strings,
and replace it with the idea of a Loving, Intelligent, Purposeful, Self-Organizing, Collective Greater Self__ a
Creative Force that did not judge, bestow "rewards" or "punish". Therefore, I surmised that night that IF
seeking one or another "god"s approval all through my hundreds of thousands of lifetimes years. Ugh! I felt 20
pounds lighter this morning... as if a huge burden had been lifted off my back. I asked
The Guides:

"About this belief of pleasing a god being: It would be almost impossible in this present world situation to do so,
as the challenges faced and the resolutions achieved are lessons, not rewards, achievement points or
punishments. The only real difference one can make in this world situation is the difference one makes in self.
When one realizes he/she is part of that Oneness, that Greater Self, then one also realizes they, too, have the
same abilities of Unconditonal Love, Intelligence, Purposefulness and Self-organization of one's own life. We all
do. It's who we really are.

The notion popped up that the so-called "mark of the beast" is not that a "mark" or "symbol" had been placed upon
us humans, but that we humans labeled__ "marked" ourselves as "beasts"__ too lowly, too unworthy, ignorant or
"sinful" to make our own choices in life, letting ourselves be controlled and used by what we perceived as higher
authorities, big shots__ "gods". This revelation brought about a release within me of a
200,000+ year-long
misunderstanding. And when I let go... GATES OPENED!

Regarding the "mystery object" still in the underground Khufu temple/tomb, the reason it cannot be retrieved is that
five men died when blasted with its extremely strong energy projections, so no one can even approach it. Lucyna, a
powerful psychic, intuited that this very important object is set to expose its secrets and become useful to the world
sometime by
2012, although it appears there was a slight error in computing the Mayan Calendar's "End Time:", so
the dates could be a bit off by our calendar.

Bill revealed that the so-called "
Black Pyramid" lies behind the 3rd of the great pyramids at Giza, and was actually
built before the 3rd pyramid. The black pyramid marks the desert point where something existed that was either an
alien discovery or their high-tech innovation. It , too, will activate sometime around
2012 as we "Transcend Time"
and Earth and her sufficiently evolved inhabitants ascend into higher dimensional existence. Our Sun-star and
related planets, moons, etc., are part of
an entire 13th Constellation that will make this transcendence. These 17
pyramids and related tombs and communities recently discovered via satellite infrared cameras are not part of the
Giza Plateau complex, but Brown believes they may open this
September-December and reveal their facts and

The GeoMatrix team did intonations inside the Great Pyramid and found its frequency vibrations had changed__
they had increased significantly since their last visits. Was this due to the work going on at the plateau, or because
of the culminating
2012 event; and is it fluctuating or permanent? These energies can heal and move stones.
Schumann Resonance energy is rising rapidly now, as the magnetic field continues downward.

The "mysterious device" inside the underground temple/cave was named "
Sybil". (Wikipedia : "In antiquity, the
oracular seeresses of the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean were referred to by this Greek term." ) More
info can be found at
http://vimeo.com . Hopefully, they will have more about this device when they return in
November. They do know it is linked in with the Pyramid Time Clock. Research on the Timelines showed how
cycles of events occurred, enabling them to trace events such as catastrophes,
2012 and others to determine the

I envisioned how our planet, the solar system, galaxy and universe are created by us as our Greater Self with the
Creative Force, (
Source Energy) understanding and using hyper-dimensional technologies__ Light, Color,
Sacred Geometry, Sound__ and others__ to Co-Create Our Realities. Our world is structured from the tiniest
atomic particle to the many universes and dimensions, to operate in tandem for the good of the Whole. Everything
is planned to activate at particular times, and we have "free will" to go along with this__ or not. We can ascend with
Earth, or stay behind for more 'lessons'. As always, the Choice is Ours. A most entertaining and fascinating video.

Phoenix, AZ is believed to sit atop Egypt-like ruins. A related group in Colorado is also investigating hidden
temples with Egyptian artifacts along the Colorado River.

Today, June 15th, we have reached the first of the TWO MIDPOINT DAYS of this 18-day-long THIRD NIGHT and
have a Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse. These two days indicate the most significant issues of this period. The
Lunar Eclipse today could pull up deep feelings of unworthiness, either from past wounds of childhood or the
collective experiences of our past lives' higher selves. These feelings arise so we can release them once and for
all. As we do so, we will discover "50 energies and enlightened technologies that are available for us to play

Partly due to this potent eclipse passage and partly to the upcoming Summer Solstice, June 21st, "as we raise our
consciousness, we'll soon discover we won't need to "practice' developing telepathy, healing or manifesting with
Intentions, as these spiritual gifts and others can now only automatically begin to activate from within us as our
vibrations increase to higher and higher levels of BLISS. We will "heal or harmonize negativity" by raising the
vibratations of others__ simply by sitting quietly beside them, releasing our ego, and just 'letting it happen'".

I recall
Dr. Marcel Vogel telling of an experiment with quartz crystals. Sherry and I decided to use it to purify and
energize our drinking water. I crocheted a net sling out of pure cotton thread, to suspend my big 9-sided quartrz
crystal point down over a glass basin of water, all within a cube-shaped wooden frame built for the project. The
crystal was not to touch anything but the natural material sling.Then a spiral of copper tubing was coiled within the
frame and around the crystal without touching either. We turned on the tap and water flowed through the tubing,
creating a vortex that charged the crystal, which broadcast the energies into the water.

After several weeks of this project, we stopped when informed that Dr. Vogel had created a similar, more sci-
entific device, but one day when he leaned forward to adjust the crystal to a better angle, it slammed him back 6
feet into the wall, injuring him quite severely. Luckily, Sherry and I, fearing we might somehow "contaminate" the
crystal's energies as it functioned, had never touched it while in use.

This new technology is springing forth everyday. Light activates our DNA__ through the "22 chakras in our DNA".
The sacred geometry of nature's reality is at work. All things come out of Unity__ a natural law__ all things in the
universe, including our bodies. The "22 chakras" are activated by the various frequencies of light. The light source
coming from the Galactic Center's Central Sun is an unstoppable force and it creates life anywhere it touches that
is ready to receive it's energies. Our Sun conducts this force to us.
Genesis:3 states how the Creator said (sound):
Let there be Light"__ and there was light. The videos, "Secret Numbers of God" explains these codes. You can
find all 16 of them on
YouTube.com. Also, be sure to check out Michael Tellinger's videos there, too. As the
program ended, I was filled with gratitude to George Noory, host, and Michael for this amazing information that
generates more HOPE and JOY than I've heard for a long, long time.