July 1, 2013
                                                    ASCENSION 104
                                  "SURFING THE FOURTH DIMENSION"
                                                                                             Part II

Another possibility for the delays of ascension December 21, 2912, and beyond, is that negative extraterrestrials
have been honing in on the process. However, on
5-D Level 1 Earth, these "boogie men" are now occupied with
fighting each other for the little power and control still out there, so they have less time to mess around with us heart-
centered folks.

It seems the Higher Realms keep changing their minds, for we've once again been tossed about like worn out socks! In
early June,  Earth split for the second time. We mentioned how there are 13 levels within each dimension. N

The sooner we ascension candidates master our personal lessons for each level, the sooner we rise to the next Pla-
ne Eartht
4-D level. (Unless, of course we're already on 5-D!) The Upper levels of 4-D__ 8 through 13__ are much
more abundant, multi-dimensional,  happy and tending toward perfect health and immortality. It seems we humans
seldom learn unless forced to change through various lessons of suffering and misery.

We'll next examine the 6 Upper Levels.
It is important to pay close attention to the experiences and episodes of each 4-D Level, for once we reach the 13th
level, all the timelines of the past merge into one timeline, and anything still unresolved from the other 12 timelines must
be balanced and harmonized before we ascend to the Fifth Dimension. As noted previously, we can spend many
lifetimes on each of those 4-D levels, whether on Lower or Upper Levels.

Many of us were terribly disappointed when it seemed that "nothing happened" on December 21, 2012, but on that
same date, changes occurred first on
quantum levels where a lot of "switches" were thrown and "buttons"pushed.
This was reflected within our human consciousness, and is beginning to be noticeable on physical planes.

If we ARE now living on 4-D, the old 3-D world will appear to us as only 2-dimensional. The holographic universe
is similar to the "Double-slit" experiment__ where photons
were acting as a wave one moment, and as a photon particle another moment.

Level Eight, 4-D Planet Earth: The refugees from Planet 3-D Earth establish homes and communities around the
planet. "Time" and "Space" become accessible in the appropriate states of consciousness.
Psychism is in the main-
stream media here and there. Many of the new sites become Portals or Stargates, where
beings and information can
be accessed by humans who develop their spiritual gifts and become intermediaries, channelling or "reading" infor-
mation sent from higher realms through the portals.
Music, painting, sculpture, and dance begin to flourish, based on a
reverence for Mother Earth and Nature. Both the fine arts and the information received from higher levels are carried
around the planet to other communities. A Teacher of Righteousness arrives to aid the refugees from Planet 3-D Earth
new spiritual information. Although the controllers, immersed in their own materialism, luxurious and licentious livi-
ng, coupled with their sacrificial, black magic rites, have taken a back seat to the planet's evolution; they now fear this
teacher who offers powers and teachings never before known. They set out to destroy her and the inner group of follo-
wers. Although the teacher is thought to have died, this is not so. A group of healers, specially trained for this purpose,
restore her to wellbeing, but she must leave for the wilderness communities for safety, promising to return in the future.
The teachings, however, remain to eventually spread throughout the planet.            

Lessons to learn to advance to Planet 9/4-D: "Time and "Space" can be accessed through expanded conscious-
ness states. New Portal/Stargates open around the planet.
Higher Realms and Beings are thereby available to
teach and inform humans how to evolve their consciousness and move to higher dimensional existences.
But they
are not safe. The Powers That Be do all they can to eliminate both spiritual teachers and the information and powers
they present. The new teachings and the Teacher must go underground to survive in the wilderness.

Fourth Dimension IS scalar wave technologies, which we've been calling "metaphysics". Until we embrace
meta-physics and psychism, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to understand or to learn to operate successfully
in 4-D. We find now, that 4
th dimensional technology alters reality by cancelling or enhancing things. Tesla knew that
scalar waves are 4-D tech, and how they affect reality. All our Planet Realities, be they 3-D, 4-D or higher, are holo-
grams. A hologram is a vehicle that can cause scalar wave technology. (
See Chapter 10: Wierd Science 101"  under:
"The Electromagnetic Spectrum" for more on scalar waves.)

Level Nine, 4-D Planet Earth: The Controllers set up their own distorted belief systems with a costly, luxurious
capital at the center of their original home bases, to counter the New Teachings which are becoming too popular
around the planet. The controlling noble-elite rulers of the various "estate-kingdoms" join with the heads of the dis-
torted organization, setting up armies to rove around the countrysides, exterminating all who accept and practice
the new teachings. Imprisonment, torture and hanging or burning at the stake become commonplace. Many of the
humans who have embraced the new teachings &/or psychism, lose friends and family to the evil controllers, and
many are themselves killed. Others flee to far-away lands to avoid both extermination and forced indoctrination into
the elitist's belief system. In these lands, they begin once again, to set up new Spiritual Centers where they now use
formal meditation, dream-work or channelling to gain guidance and information. Study groups gather to teach and
promote these activities, and to psychically search the beliefs, philosophies and histories of the pre-ascension
worlds. Some begin Journaling to record such experiences and lessons. Although Earth has settled down much
more since She split off numerous planets, occasional earthquakes and weather anomalies occur, but with much
less intensity. New diseases, however, begin to appear among all Earth's humans, due to the stresses of this era.

Lessons to learn to advance to Level 10, 4-D:  Seeing what has developed through the Controllers' distorted
belief organizations, many turn away from religions completely, choosing instead, to seek their own, personal
paths to enlightenment and ascension. Those hit by the new illnesses, use their psychic/spiritual gifts and atten-
dance in the study groups to find new ways to overcome them. Groups of people meditating and praying at a sa-
cred site can transmute energy from that site to another sacred site, to themselves, to other people, and even to
the Cosmos for healing.

Level Ten, 4-D Earth:  A strange, newly concocted pandemic overtakes the most populated areas of Pla-
net Ten, 4-D Earth, affecting both the controllers and the spiritual groups. Entire families are infected, leaving only
a few to carry on. Some of these survivors wander around the countryside, accessing herbal healing from medita-
tions and dreams. Wars proliferate over the next 100 years, led by a young female spiritualist and healer. Although
the controllers finally destroy her, there follows a complete shift in consciousness, lifestyle, relationships, social se-
curity and status among the Spiritual Groups.   

Lessons to learn to advance to Level 11: Metaphysical and astrological information can be received from off-
world visitors through channeling, meditations and group rituals at sacred sites. Books and articles need to be writ-
ten, libraries formed, and the new information and teachings structured into a formal education system. New meth-
ods of healing and technologies based on metaphysical and spiritual knowledge are invented and shared with the

Level Eleven, 4-D  Earth: The Spiritual Groups develop an even closer bond with Earth and Nature, many
living a simpler, more nomadic lifestyle. They live mainly off the land, which by now has been restored to a pristine,
lush and beautiful state. Summers are spent in northern climates, and winters in the southernmost areas. Shamans
and medicine men and women lead groups of youths on Vision Quests and carry Sacred Geometry and Metaphy-
sical principles throughout the planet's settled communities. Herbal healing methods shift towards more spiritual
and metaphysical forms of healing. Magazines and newspapers carry similar messages to those in isolated areas.
A telepathic"'internet" begins to form among the more evolved spiritual and metaphysical inhabitants.

Lessons to learn to advance to Level 12: Connecting and merging with Gaia and Nature, and living a lifestyle
respecting and safeguarding Mother Earth. Becoming knowledgeable about Metaphysics, Sacred Geometry and
spiritual healing methods, and applying those principles to one's lifestyle. Developing more widespread forms of
communication using one's psychic abilities. Anyone who seeks to understand spiritual and metaphysical ener-
gies must understand the higher levels and faculties of Healing. The subtle bodies__ etheric, mental, emotional
and spiritual__ are dimensional states that make up one's entire being. They are dimensional projections mani-
festing from the time flows of the universe and from the level of Spirit Within into the single crystallization that is
the self on this plane.

Everything in the universe is a fractal__ a miniature replica of the Universal Whole. With our Intention,we attach a
program to that hologram. Reiki healers use S
ymbols to carry intentions to the client. The same thing happens with
energy healers, except they form the hologram with their minds and hearts.
Dr. Masaru Emoto, who did the marvel-
ous experiments with water, says that everything is basically I
ntentions and Movement. Even our human voices carry
an intention with the energetic shape of the Sounds we project."

Gurudas: "Everything is merely a crystallization of the Time Flow; everything has its own metabolism and rate in the
time flow. The soul"... the spirit within... "is outside the time flow. It can be either ahead or behind in time; it makes no
difference."... Each of us is a hologram from the level of the Spirit Within..."So one's subtle bodies are clearing the
time flow, before it reaches the physical body or potential disease state that has been recycled from the omnipre-
sent past into the present."...

"Within the
laws of physics, there is height, width and depth. Within the Fourth Dimension, is the source of time,
space and gravity.
This source is not something that most people can understand because few people can per-
ceive in the fourth dimension. This source in
4-D helps set up a pattern that you perceive as the lower 3 dimen-
sions. Its elements consist of time, space and gravity along with length, width and height. In the transference of  
consciousness to higher planes, many are becoming aware that these are illusions. Time is not real, while matter
and things that appear solid fade away as your perception includes that which is available in 4-D. Our languages
have been created to explain 3-D concepts." (Example): "Gravity as we perceive it is an effect, not a cause. What
you perceive as gravity is caused by the vibrational pattern that is set up on a dimensional level that is higher
than you are usually able to comprehend."...

"Then there are electricity, electromagnetism and consciousness to make up the other three dimensions.
are the levels you must attain mastery ove
r, for these levels and projections have direct correlation with the
seven  spiritual bodies. In these days, we are beginning to master
4-D. In treating (healing) the seven spiritual bo-
dies, you are beginning to reach the fulfillment of self as a 4-D being. You are moving beyond just the material,
which occupies the 3 dimensions of height, width and depth, into the control of mastering time and space."...           

Level Twelve, 4-D  Earth: The Spiritual Groups realize they are approaching an ascension phase, and be-
gin to prepare for it. Some find it necessary to move to new locations where they will be better able to perform new
works, new projects, new technologies for the New Reality that is coming; and some move to where they must deal
with issues from their past lives. Hobbies, entertainment and material desires take second place to more spiritual &
metaphysical activities. Some find their health and/or that of loved ones impacted, forcing a change in lifetstyles.
The children born at this time prove to have a greater number of spiritual gifts and abilities, higher IQ's and know-
how. Visitations from off-world beings becomes common. The telepathic "Internet" becomes flooded with more infor-
mation about ascension, its symptoms and the changes in attitude and lifestyle necessary to complete it. All life
seems to focus on spiritual matters now, to the exclusion of worldly or material matters.

Lessons to learn to advance to  Level 13: What is required to ascend to the next dimension, how to do it, what
are the symptoms of it, and when and how will it occur? Anything from one's past that has not been resolved or  bal-
anced, now needs to be returned to balance and harmony. New technologies, based on spirituality and metaphys-
ics must replace material and earth-destructive technologies. The New Children must be understood, and educa-
tion changed to meet their needs. Exo-politics becomes a new priority, in order to understand and to deal appro-
priately with the off-world visitors, who offer spiritual guidance and higher technologies. Time and Space begin to
behave in even stranger ways. The importance of Unconditional Love and Oneness with all life everywhere be-
comes uppermost in people's minds and hearts.

Steven Kelley: " Because the scalar is in fourth density, it is faster than the speed of light, instantaneous.
Computing will also be instantaneous. Scalar 4-D communication could allow for communicating with aliens
probably the same way
Tesla did."...

Level Thirteen, 4-D  Earth: The most important issue at this Level is to Understand One's Personal Mission and
Purpose for incarnating on Earth during these End Times/Shift. Some humans will find themselves under tremend-
ously stressful situations, including mental and emotional health challenges, economic crashes, conflicts in politi-
cal, educational, religious and technological matters. These stresses are meant to push the individual's group
with which he/she is involved into discovering and understand their Personal Missions and Purposes for being here
on this Planetary Level of 4-D Earth at this time__ and beginning at least, to complete it's manifestation. These Mis-
sions will be spiritual &/or metaphysical and relate in some manner to Space and Time, as well as with Multi-dimen-
sional abilities, spiritual paths, new technologies, education and dealings with The Visitors.  

Lessons to learn to advance to The Fifth Dimension: Basically: Understanding one's Personal Mission &
Purpose for incarnating on Earth in the End Times, and bringing it into manifestation. Anything still unresolved,
returns in this lifetime for cleansing/balancing before we can ascend to the next dimension where PLANET
EARTH - A already re-sides. Finalizing one's personal preparations for ascending. Mastering Space and Time,
becoming Multi-dimensional, holding Unconditional Love and Oneness in the heart 24/7. Assisting Humanity
and Earth.

Gurudas: "The ability to travel through 4-D Space and Time is accomplished on the level of the mind by the a-
bilty to
dip into the past or the future, and to bi-locate to various locations. There is mastery of the psychic skills
which function beyond the speed of light. Using the pendulum, also expresses an ability to
master 4-D. You are
bringing forth information from the higher levels and translating it to the level of the mind."

If the evolving human uses the Basic Multi-Dimensional Technologies well__ (Chapters 3 through 7)__ he makes a
quantum leap, entirely skipping over TWILIGHT TIME, to arrive at the
True Enlightenment stage of evolution, ready
to move into the
Fifth Dimension and co-create with Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technologies. Most of us, how-
ever, will stumble through Twilight Zone on our own, reaching True Enlightenment by
gradually discovering the truth
of the grander spiritual potentials lying hidden within us.

"Once we've managed to pass through "Twilight Time", actual physical changes occur in the brains of True En-
lightenment Stage humans, producing connections to the group mind of the planet.
"Thanks to experimentation
with positron emission tomography (PET), we now know the brain can rearrange itself in as little as fifteen min-
utes__ if excited in novel and creative ways".... "Thus, it is possible to stimulate a brain shift... just by reading
this page."
 ( P.M.H. Atwater: "Future Memory: How Those Who 'See the Future' Shed New Light on the Work-
ings of the Human Mind.

While in the T
rue Enlightenment stage, we discover a new kind of living process. It seems to function completely be-
yond our understanding and in accord with unknown rules or invisible forces. As "energy artists" now, we begin to
take responsibility for our own growth in consciousness__ choosing whether or not to act upon inner guidance, and
realizing that we are now Co-creating with Spirit, not simply being "obedient". We spend part of our time in the Low-
er Level 4-D Planet Earths, and part in the
Upper Level 4-D Planets of more expanded realms where thoughts, feel-
ings and intentions determine new situations, environments and relationships around us. As energy artists we polish
up our skills and expand our consciousness to more inclusive realms, where we can know anything, see anything, be
anywhere. Life itself becomes magical. What we now call "occult" (meaning "hidden") becomes the "science" of

Unconditional Love bonded in Oneness with Intellect and Experience produces Wisdom."'To Be Human", then,
means to develop a Mind which knows itself as One, a Heart which loves as One and a Body which behaves in a
Loving, Oneness manner, and to know, feel and co-create with other humans and the Creative Force in higher di-

When we energetically imagine and intend a new future for ourselves as if it were already actualized, we are "
ing From the Future
". Then we relate that vision to others who may choose to do the same. We alone are the judge
of our worth. As we discover and cherish our own uniqueness, we relinquish the need for external approval. Every con-
scious choice is an opportunity to give ourselves a gift for the future, so we live according to visions of a benevolent
future, rather than by past trauma-dramas. In time, our transpersonal plan expands into a collective plan.
Deepak Chopra. Interview.

Whether we've found our niche' on one of the
4-D Earth Planets or not, we have to admit that "the world has indeed
changed." And we have changed, too. Many people and things we enjoyed have been removed from our lives, and
we've also purposely dropped off activities and people we used to be passionate about. They seem, now, to be drain-
ing our energies or they no longer return the energy we used to put into them.

Beacons of Light" suggest a major problem right now, is that we're still trying to use limited 3-D or 4-D methods and
knowlledge in a
5-D reality. Everything around us looks much the same, but the changes occurring on the quantum level
are trickling down into our mental and emotional levels, and this causes confusion, doubt and panic on the physical level.

Instead of dealing with height, width and depth, we now have to add the elements of Space, Time and Gravity! This has
never happened before in the entire universe, so give ourselves some consideration, compassion and space; for the
"old" way to ascend both Earth and the masses of humans, was to destroy 99% of the life forms and start all over again
through eons of Time.

Our greatest difficulty now seems to be how to ground ourselves in this new dimensional reality. We used to ground
physically, by connecting with Gaia/Earth
; perhaps, going to a favorite personal spot in nature, or walking barefoot on
grass or dirt. But
things are done now in groups__ be they friends, family, businesses, belief systems or art guilds__
things we have given our power to__ and we need to "anchor them as groups
". Every group, including governments,
universities, systems, relationships, have to begin to live with "No Secrets" from now on. Some collectives will col-
lapse, fall apart, disappear. Others will be able to make the transition by learning to see themselves in a new way, and
no longer identify themselves with their jobs, their physical appearance, their social status, their physflal fitness, their
intelligence, celebrities, their wealth, etc.. We have given our power away to so many things. All our passions have to
be re-evaluated at this point.

Creative Energies have escalated in all of us, but we haven't found a way to ground it as yet. Our Intentions used
to manifest within a reasonable amount of time, but lately, I find they "work" in strange ways
. Time and Space are play-
ing games with us. An Intention may be delayed for hours, days, weeks, months, even years, and suddenly it manifests
after we really don't need or even care about it anymore. Or, we may only get partial results, with some things showing
up in certain places and others in totally unexpected places__ or where they're not even necessary!

It's confusin' and often not even amusin'. We'll talk more about this in the next issue, and have a greater look at
5-D as
                                                                                          July 12, 2013
                                                                     "SOMEWHERE IN TIME & SPACE"
We've struggled for our "Place in the Sun" for a very, very long Time now. Promises were made, promises delayed and
promises broken, leaving us feeling betrayed and taken for fools. How many paths, programs or processes have we bought
into and followed for how many lifetimes?__ Innumerable!__ And they've all been created and promoted by someone or
some group outside ourselves. We were taught, programmed, brainwashed to believe that we were too young, too ignorant,
or too "asleep" to understand or to act on what we needed to do for ourselves; so we let ourselves be led to this or that "ex-
pert", "teacher", "spiritual authority", etc.. (And so___ what am I DOING HERE NOW?) I'm asking you to FIND YOUR OWN
Is in all Universes.

Have we been left holding "the proverbial bag"?... or, simply,
not well-informed on this subject? So... where are we at now?

Somewhere in Time and Space"
The "answer" exists. In fact, it exists Inside our own SELF. Every person has a
Tesla scalar interferometer between his ears.
The two halves of our brain can, between them, generate
scalar waves (2014: hyperdimensional torson field physics?)__
to our feet when we walk on hot coals, or to our hands when we bend spoons. "
The energy between a sender and a receiver is
Time/Space. We, with our minds, cause Time/Space to curve and oscillate, which affects mass.
Electromagnetic scalar
are the agent of the curvature." (Thomas Bearden)  We create Zero Point Energy within our brains, which provides
an exact mechanism for psychokinesis, levitation, psychic-energetic healing, telepathy, precognition, post-cognition and remote

If  you are now living on the New Earth Timeline, you are ready to operate at the frequency of Oneness or scalar wave frequency.
The scalar wave is the frequency of free will choice."... "it corresponds with Intent".. and by intention... "alters the
state of
electromagnetic particles. These particles, when programmed with Intention, combine or cluster with like-energies to
form a pattern__ a field of energy__ that superimposes itself into physical form."

Choice is now our most powerful tool__ the divine clay by which we now have the tools to mold our life anew. The scalar
wave frequencies will form around us in our spheres of influence, forming information pockets ripe with potential and attract-
ion to those with the same light quotient as these participating fields of intelligence. Some of us who are ready to complete
this phase of our ascension process__ eliminating any fears or false attitudes still unresolved__ will be assisted by the
scalar waves to procure the physical modalities required to build the physical structures and way stations of New Earth.

As we move through this period of fine-tuning necessary to work consciously and effectively with these energies, and are in
tune with these frequencies, we will notice a subtle shift in our human abilities, marked improvement in life, a sense of well-
being and radical changes in how we interact with the world.

We are part of a Process that is going somewhere__ in fact, We Are The Process. Everything, every relationship, every or-
ganization, culture, work of art, blade of grass or pebble on the path has consciousness__is Alive. And everything is inter-
connected. Everything is always moving and changing, and this change-movement is accelerating __faster and faster. So
we have to Stay Alert to the rising need to continually change the pattern of our lives. We're not going to be living some
sort of "formula" or "dogma" or any pattern from the past__ WE HAVE TO MAKE IT UP AS WE GO ALONG. Hence the
need for Inner Guidance. Allow the situation, the environment, the participants (including yourself) to create their own solu-
tions together__ like an orchestra, conducted by the Divine Consciousness.

The current astrological aspects have brought constant tension to most of us. We are being asked to face and to resolve,
once and for all, the deepest layers of our wounding. They are hitting us in the face. For myself right now, with a preponder-
ance of males in the family, it is the old "battle of the sexes"__as an attempt to introduce the feminine energies deeper into

I'm a big fan of the San Antonio Spurs basketballs team. I like the way they play together, their amazing skills, and their bro-
therhood, modesty and integrity during the games and afterwards. They have reached the NBA Playoffs for 16 consecutive
years, and won the Championship four times during that period. (2014: they won the last one, too!)T his is remarkable, as it
seems teams from larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami__ and in the past, Chicago__ have more money to
spend on signing up the most highly-rated athletes, while San Antonio, with only 1 1/2 million residents, and other small cities,
have less chance of winning a championship.

My Dream has been  that someday soon, the games would be played without keeping score. Last night, a family member
visiting from out-of-state mentioned that many high schools, and even colleges, were now playing their various sports without
keeping score. I smiled happily at this news, but he exclaimed, "
What is the point of playing if you don't know who wins?" My
response is that this allows the athletes to polish their skills to the highest degree, to display this during games, and to learn
to play well within and for the group. I myself, although I live very far from where any NBA games are held, would gladly pay to
see the fantastic moves and strategies of such well-coordinated teams, coaches and individual players.

Overcoming the "gender gap" can be quite frustrating, even emotionally and mentally painful, but the aspects can reconnect
us with Earth/Gaia as we cleanse ancient and current deep-set pains from human violence, cataclysms, and the abuse of
Mother Earth. We can regain our Oneness within our planet.

Time and Space now seem quite irrelevant. We may be connecting or re-connecting with our off-world ancestors, brothers
and sisters. This phenomenon is escalating world-wide. If you are personally communicating with extraterrestrial beings,
they may offer you assistance for your chosen
5-D role or mission.

Vibrational remedies and homeopathics can bring people into synchronicity with the time-flow continuum. One may occupy
several positions in time and space relative to the observer. With the ability to move beyond the speed of light, we can ma-
ster the concepts of Time and Space. ...
"Mastery of 5-D is the ability to bend and reshape the time flow." (Gurudas:
"Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Vol. II").

The Guides indicated that my chosen outline for learning to live in 5-D__ was actually limiting me. It was based on the logic
of past experiences and abilities. They suggested it's better if we just Flow in each and every Moment, and wait until some
issue pops up in front of us, then re-adjusting ourself to "playing a role". In
5-D there is no Time__no "past" or "future"__
there is only "NOW". We live in a sphere of "
probability dots", and we are always SELECTING our "NOW DOT" from that
sphere of possibilities__ but for only a split second. And then it changes as we Select the next "Now Dot", and so on and on
We travel in Space and Time with our Mind; and, we can travel through Space and Time with our physical body__ which is
also determined by our Mind. YOU ARE IN CHARGE as an individual consciousness, and as a collective consciousness,
(which are actually the same) of what you see and experience. So FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!

Intentions work differently in 5-D. An Intention__ our Dream/Wish__ arrives after choosing another reality as we day-
dream out the window for a moment, during a boring TV program, or at night as we sleep. We just have to HOLD the feel-
ings of Unconditional Love and Oneness with All Life Everywhere__ and our "Now Dots" manifest.

In our
3-D reality there were sequences of events that had to be lined up so that the process of change could proceed in
an orderly manner. Conversely, the process of change in
5-D is beyond the limitations of Time. Hence, the process of
change is
not sequential. Instead, many possible versions of reality intermingle and merge. This merging of possible real-
ities resembles cells that gradually or swiftly bond together to create the embryo of a new expression of reality. In other
words, certain PATTERNS OF LIGHT intermingle with the creative force of unconditional love to manifest a matrix upon
which a new reality can take birth.

However, since
5-D is Beyond Time, that which is in process of being created, has already been created. We know that
type of thinking is difficult while we are still tied to our linear time-bound thinking. This is why it is important for us all to re-
lax into the process of integrating the new Multi-Dimensional Operating System into our biological computer brain/mind.
We may think of our biological computer as the personal brain to our 3-D expression of SELF. Simultaneously, within our
Multi-D version of SELF, our biological computer-brain functions like the Internet so that we can link into the Group Mind of
the ONE in the 5-D and beyond.

If you are a Lightworker, Starseed or Wayshower who has already arrived on the threshold of 5-D, anything that was unre-
solved on the 13th Planetary Level of 4-D, returned during that lifetime for cleansing and balancing before you were able to
ascend with Earth to 5-D; as all past 4-D timelines merged into one at that level. YOU ALSO WERE REQUIRED TO

History tells us there have been four important leaps in human consciousness since the Middle Ages. At each one of these
leaps, humans have had to surrender one of their instinctive habits. It is well known that human beings have far less instincts
than animals. Which of our instincts will we give up in order to reach a 5th Dimensional Consciousness __food, addictions,
sex, social status, fight-or-flight, or what?

What seems to be causing much of the distress in our world is "fight"... not only wars, but anger, competition and egotistical
motives. Will we make that quantum leap by letting go of our "instinctive hostile energy"? During episodes of perceived neg-
ativity, most of our discomfort arises from fear &/or misunderstandings about what is about to manifest in our lives. We
ask: "
Is everything in this world going to continue to go downhill? If so, how do I protect myself?"

The degree of challenge we are being asked to resolve equals the degree of empowerment__ the leap in consciousness
&/or understanding that will replace it once we work through that challenge. So if we have a long and intense period of fail-
ure, misery, confusion and difficulty, we will eventually enjoy an extreme level of miraculous relief, joy, understanding, com-
fort and an amazing spiritual gift or talent.

When I painted, made music, wrote, did astrology, etc.__ 3-D & 4-D creative work__ I became a messenger inspiring oth-
ers about our potential future through the simplicity of Nature. I was channeling and intuiting much of it. But the focus, time
and energy spent creating and marketing these material objects, was preventing me from fully moving into what I've been
terming in this web-book as "
Advanced or Higher Creativity".

I had to set more time aside for communicating with Gaia, with Spirit and with my Inner/Higher Self, and make some chan-
ges in how I related to significant others, and to any disturbances in my physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual Selves.
I came to realize that what I was perceiving as "bad" or "good" occurrences in my life, were actually "steps" in a process
leading towards some sort of future manifestation. And, I was constantly receiving intuitive nudges to once again refine my
ideas about "Who I Am"__ MY IDENTITY.

The upshot of all this was the awareness that we will be required to Update our understanding of
Who We Are every 28+
years (a Saturn Cycle) as the energies entering Earth pump us up to new heights. So we have to redesign. In other words,
Who We Believe We Are Now determines how smart we are, how healthy, how capable, how loving, how  compassionate,
how judgemental, how spiritual, etc.. That's why we must take a good look inside now and then to see how our Identification
has changed. And WE CAN CHANGE THAT IDENTITY (and all that goes with it) AT WILL.

If we've moved onto the
5-D threshold by now, we will have contacted our Soul Groups, and are now serving the Group's
Mission and Purpose and beginning to develop our Light Body.
In the Fifth Dimension and beyond, each of us must
first of all, BE that energy __that vision __ourself. Then we have it!
Fifth Dimensional inhabitants are Multi-Dimen-
sional Beings, moving
beyond metaphysics and psychism.

Intuitive and channeling abilities become available 24/7; and can activate big time: Precognition, astral traveling, telepathy,
psychometry, manifestation & healing pour through in waves. Strange, vivid and often lucid dreams__ as many as four per
night__ present themselves. And days become filled with increased paranormal events, asimple "Knowing" and amazing
miracles and synchronicities.
                                                                                      July 25, 2013
                                                   "WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENED SINCE 12-21-12?"
                                                                               Part I
                                                                "RING TONES FOR NEW EARTH"
It's been over six months now since The 12-21-12 End Time Point for moving through the Great Shifting and into the
higher dimensions along with Earth. It seems to many of us that "
nothing really happened." A good look at events, ideas
feelings and sensations occurring over the past six months or so indicates that
a lot more has been going on than we may
have realized.

What began affecting us shortly after
OVER 12-21-12:
The first notion that grabbed our mind after this date is "Why Haven't We Ascended?" Are we too late? Is
the Time wrong and we've missed the boat__ or it isn't the Time yet?  Maybe Time has somehow been distorted
. Or, the most
likely answer is that we don't yet understand Time in
4-D or 5-D.

* There are multiple ways to ascend. Earth herself is still ascending into 5-D. I spent most of 12-21-12 sleeping for hours
at a time, then waking__ day and night__ with sudden shocks of "
falling" back into 3-D after having been "somewhere
", leaving me with a sense of "darkness", unable to recall where I'd been, or for how long. I may have been in other
dimensions, and "
darkness" may simply be the inability to recall, remember or understand what happened, or where we
were, all accompanied with nausea, extreme exhaustion, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

During the Shift/Transition Period, many of us experienced "LIFE REVIEWS" It was almost as if we had to "let go" of ALL
our past emotions, intellect, physical world and spiritual beliefs__  hitting the very bottom__ before we could then rise to
the most incredible, blissful heights of Love, Oneness, Consciousness Expansion and perhaps, to Immortality

1-4-13: I awoke at 4 AM. No more sleeping after that, as the next 2-3 hours were spent once again reviewing my childhood
and youth difficulties. But this time, the fear and pain of it all was gone! I was a "neutral observer", as if I were viewing some-
one else's life, although I still felt compassion and love for all concerned. When trying to access the many past lives of strug-
gle and despair to see if those pains and fears were still present, only dim flashes of them would come through; and as a-
bove, it was as if I were watching someone else's lives, with no fear, no pain__ only compassion__ for self and all involved,
as well as complete forgiveness for everyone, including self's responsibility for creating the situations. The following day, I
had a wonderful feeling of relief, of no need to be concerned about anything, anymore. It made me think of that old song:
"He's Got the Whole World In His Hands."

Each of us souls here on Earth today has AT LEAST ONE LIFETIME where we have reached an Ascension-worthy' state,
including even the 'wicked ones
'. THAT LIFE  will make the transition for all  the misspent others. This is possible, as
All Time occurs simultaneously. These time-lines accumulated around Earth looking like one of those rubber-band balls.
Mother Earth breathed, and all the bands (past lives, karma, etc.) let go at once, shooting off into the darkness, and Mother
(and we) were free.

* Ascension may dramatically change our personal beliefs and expectations. 12-21-12 found me with ascension
symptoms causing me to spend most of the day trying to sleep. I did meditate earlier in the day, and reached a state of
Bliss that was more intense and far beyond anything I'd ever experienced before. I used the music of
Pachabel's "
Canon in D",
and Handel's "Messiah" on You Tube, while watching online photos of Earth's most beautiful places. It
got me through the day; and still later, I realized my beliefs had changed again. I felt,
"I and my Father are One"__as if
each of us was becoming "christed".

12-21-12, to "TOILET TRAINING
": i.e. "Letting Go" of everything that resonates only with the 3rd  & 4th Dimensional worlds
at the right time, in the right place, in the right way.  We created something during  these last 26,000 or so years, as a human
race, and as an individual person over this lifetime, that has now lived its life cycle and has served its purpose.
And now we
need to release it.

Very spiritual, etheric-minded people experienced this period as "Utter Joy" and "Bliss."  Grossly materialistic people__
holding attitudes such as "
Promise them anything now, and get out of it later"__may have found their passage through
these months was__ "
A Passage Through Hell". A typical Pisces-12th House- Balsamic Dream is one of suddenly finding
ourself NAKED in the supermarket or some public place. We panic... maybe grab at a
plastic bag trying to cover ourself.

Most of us are a mix of these two types
;  whatever part of us that is "crazy" usually had a hard time of it, and those parts
of us that are "sane", in the deeper sense of the word, enjoyed it
. That "seed' each of us "planted" during this present life-
time, is about to "blossom" or to "bear fruit". At this point in our consciousness evolution,
it is not that we have to push
anything away, but only that we need to release it, and see if whatever else it manifested "goes away'
. The rule of thumb
here  is that
there's really nothing we "have to do": The questions are all existing in our subconsciousness, and in our
"Being". Just let something flow up from inside. What's flowing up is that seed form, blossoming into reality.

* STARSEEDS, LIGHTWORKERS and WAYSHOWERS, in one way or another, find themselves in recluse__ isolated,
and separated from the rest of society. Companions, fellow-workers, friends and family members become distant, fade
away or even die. We lose interest in__ or are somehow prevented from__ continuing with favorite activities. This is be-
cause we will then realize:
WITH OUR OWN "INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM". We have to ... even without that "plastic" bag. There is always some
sense of religious fervor with this "nakedness"; for our "SOLUTIONS
" during this time, are from "ABOVE''__ rather than
what WE choose next.

ACCESSING FORGOTTEN KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM (Lance White, BBS Radio) "We are on the precipice of
monumental change as the end of "
The Cycle for Life Eternal" draws near. It is a time when the veil lifts and all will be re-
Never has there been a time when the collective Human Consciousness has so reverently contemplated who we
truly are, where we come from, what we are doing here and where we are headed
."... "Life's biggest concepts are being
revealed, like a great and beautiful secret we already know.
The information arriving is breath-taking in scope. It resonates
with us highly because it is the most advanced information in any one place on the planet."

DREAMS SHOWING HOW AND WHAT WE'VE BEEN CREATING. They introduce us to the next stages of Creativity
forming for the next Equinox or Solstice
. The incoming Feminine Energies will be prominent, as Higher Technologies pro-
liferate in New Earth.

Back in the late 80's, I had a DREAM in which several young friends and I moved to a new city. We drove downtown where
I could open a new account. The friends waited in the car as I approached the bank building, surprised to see that the bank's
offices were "upstairs". The fellow behind the desk there arranged for the new checking account. I deposited $10.00. We
thanked each other, and I turned to leave, but before I reached the door, he called me back. "Is there a problem?" I ask.
"Oh, no", he says. "It's just that "you get thirteen
", and proceeded to add another $3 to my checkbook. I left completely puz-
zled, as to why I'd "get thirteen". Years later, I learned that Earth's Schumann Resonance__ Her Vibrational Rate__ then
at 7.8, could eventually rise to the next prime number:
"13", at which Earth and Humanity's Ascensions occur.

SPACE, TIME AND TIMELINE DISTORTIONS: Time IS Speeding Up. Everything is speeding up to the point where
everything from our history will happen all at once at Zero Point.
".... ALL the timelines of every life lived on Earth,  ALL head-
ing to the Zero Point." ... (This explains the crowding of events in our lives right now__ "as if they are overlapping each other"
__ and the "figures" in my bedroom representing several of my more recent past lives.)

Itzhak Bentov decided there are two kinds of Time and Space: Objective (consciousness)__ Time or Space that
exists as intellectually measured and proven units
; and Subjective (subconscious)__ Time or Space existing as intui-
tively or multi-dimensionally experienced units that can be stretched, expanded, compressed or manipulated__ sort
of like bubble gum__ according to our state of mind
. People who'd had Near Death Experiences or consciousness tran-
sformations of one sort or another, sometimes experienced "Future Memory". It was as if they had
previously lived ex-
actly what they would experience sometime later. The paranormal episode seemed like a rehearsal or preview of a pre-
viously written script. The present experience, felt like only a "repetition" or "dream" of the former event

These individuals had "Remembered the Future", or, "Created the NOW event from the Future" while in states of con-
sciousness where their understanding and sense of Time and Space was altered from the usually accepted sense__ in
both the paranormal experience, and the NOW reality experience. It seemed that Time, whether Objective or Subjective,
can deviate in ways we've never even thought of. Or we might ask ourselves, "Was the paranormal experience the True
event, and the present experience, only a Re-enactment?" There was no difference between them except for the time
variation. Either experience could have been the "true" one. What this episode seems to be showing us, is that
Present and Future__ the three "dimensions" of Time__
are no longer confined to linear order, as The New Phy-
sics allow Time to re-order itself in any manner what-so-ever!

* OUR PUBLIC IDENTITY: WHO WE ARE SOCIALLY. Clothing represents our public identity. All that had long supported
our little self suddenly becomes questionable, inadequate. We can't rely on our old public identity or images any longer.
We feel vulnerable, NAKED. Our healthy pride collapses. Maybe we panic. Maybe we "Grab a Bag"watching TV__ we
Billy Graham, and "become saved"__ But what we've done, is taken all the issues and problems that have come up
in our life, and taken an "
off--the-shelf" answer. We feel temporarily comforted, we think we've found the answers... But,
have we?

Group 1: Basically, people that seem to have no understanding of either society or people. They may have spent past lives
as slaves,  serfs,  in the military , monastaries or ashrams__  or perhaps in limiting, abusive situations __ where someone
else made all the major decisions about their lives, and all they had to do was "
follow orders". Their evolutionary lessons
are now on the level of "
pain hurts" and "if you want to be paid, you get to work on time and do what the boss tells you."
These people probably have trouble making decisions,  and do not plan ahead, as they don't see any relationship between
what they choose today and what arrives tomorrow. They will most likely "Grab a Bag" by looking for another job, system or
another relationship that can inform or assist them with how to get on in life.

Group 2: The fundamentalist type, defining themselves by their social group and their role in it. They are the organization
men and women, very patriotic, and good citizens__ perhaps "religious" and eager to help the down- trodden. Their "en-
emy" is anyone who isn't part of their social group. "
America, under God__ love it or leave it" is a typical reaction on their
part. This group believes in,  and plans on,  a future that will __ and should__  be like the past,  and the world will be wond-
erful then when everyone is just like them.

Group 3: The typical "Yuppie". The slogan is "The one who dies with the most toys wins." They are performing above ex-
pectations if they can really plan more than five years into the future. Major concerns are "
What will the  neighbors think?"
and how to make more money in order to buy more toys &/or the material things that prove how "
successful" they are and,
oh, yes__ "
retire early'.

Group 4: Perpetual identity crisis. Concerned with their emotional connections with everyone around them, and with them-
selves. They tend toward deep psychological delving, and are learning about how they are put together. People in this
group can effectively plan 20 years or more ahead. This means that they are sensitive to more consequences than the
earlier groups, so they tend to be environmentally conscious, and suspicious of quick fixes. This group is concerned with
Who am I?" and "How do I handle my relationships?"

Group 5: More concerned with living their lives. Their struggle is more with themselves than with the world around them.
More inclined to be philosophical or spiritual,  rather than religious,  and think that  the deep  psychological delving is a
waste of time. This isn't because they are unfeeling__ it's because those are "
old lessons", and because they meditate
regularly for guidance,  so they don't quite understand  how anybody could have such difficulties  with knowing who they
are,  who others are and what to do. The awareness of their time-span includes both past and current  lifetimes,  so they
have a great deal of philosophical detachment. This makes them difficult to arouse to conflict situations that they see as
transient. This group is more concerned with
"doing their own thing" than with "fitting in with the rest of the group". They
promote long-term beneficial changes regarding situations affecting humans and the planet.

We find individuals moving from one group level into the next, and this may be what occurs with each of us as we Shift
with the Ages.             
Years ago in meditation, I was told "THE PRIME DIRECTIVE": "THOU  SHALT BECOME AS ONE". At their most funda-
mental level, t
he human mind and body are not distinct from their environment, but a packet of pulsating power constantly
interacting with the vast sea of the Sun, Galaxy and Universe
. Therefore, our thoughts, feeling, beliefs and intentions can
and do
affect the environment.

The Lightworkers', Starseeds' and Wayshowers' isolation from society and physical companionship also
changes their
; They find they are not just beings made of solids, chemicals and electromagnetics, but
packets of energy, trading energy with the whole environment around them. When they send Light out__ they get
Light back
. Send Dark out__ get Dark back. Eventually, they begin to see themselves as ONE with the WHOLE of HU-
and this soon leads to IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES AS "ONE" with GAIA/"PLANET EARTH'' as well.

In time, our Identities expand to Manifesting
THE BIG SECRET OF QUANTUM MECHANICS": David Wilcock wrote how "dark matter"... "the energy most scientists now believe must be creating matter__
has fluid-like properties." What David calls "
The Source Field", in his book; what these Newsletters have called the
Ethers", what the web-book calls "The Creative Force Field" and Rupert Sheldrake's "Morphic Field" are, quite
literally, t
he energetic manifestation of a UNIVERSAL MIND."... "The vibrations of this universal fluid create geometric
Any vibration of this fluid-like basic state is what we call a thought."

The Law of One states: "All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.", "At the quantum level,
these geometric vibrations of the 'fluid-like field ', of
Universal Mind__ turn into atoms and molecules."... "There are no
particles in the atom__ only
geometric vibrations of a hidden, fluid-like energy."... "This means that everything we see in
the Universe is an
energy vibration. Nothing really exists as a solid object."... "You can create your own geometric vibra-
tions in this fluid-like energy with your own thoughts
."__ "You can do this to 'magnetize' certain things to you__ such as in
The Law of Attraction
. "As you become more advanced, you may use this same power to levitate objects"__ (or move
them?) __ "
with your mind__ or even manifest physical objects out of the air!"

(David Wilcock): "Everything is ALIVE! The Universe is a LIVING BEING! The DNA within All That Exists is actually writ-
ten into the basic blueprint of the Universe's background of quantum mechanics itself."...
Life in the air is Light!  (Are these
"lights/stars" we're seeing in our bedroom at night quantum energy
?) Are we being made aware of technologies we
never could tune into before
? It's coming in slowly, as we may not realize what these new technologies can do for awhile.
Will communicate with the rest of the Galaxy? Will we be a quantum receiver and/or transmitter between solar systems or
? Will we figure out "Who" we're talking with?

Divine Consciousness is the Source of All Energy__ The Ethers__ manifesting Itself as an infinite number of possible
creations, existing in all dimensions. Each of us human co-creator beings has our own frequency, and all matter is essen-
tially interconnected. Hence,
Reality is based on  energy, frequency and harmonic resonance. Time and Space are not
space-time is a single quantity with frequency, defining a spiral where history is mostly repeating itself in
cycles of time. When we understand these changing cosmic energies and how they affect human consciousness, we can
make precise predictions about the future. Astrology is a good way to learn this. We do need to network with people who
have... "pieces" of understanding of the
Mayan Calendar, so as to understand our True Abilities for Directing Our Crea-
tivity, because That Calendar is A Template of the Ethers. It is the mainspring pattern __ the central axis in the cosmic

My Father and I are One."__ "Great Masters like Jesus were able to do all this because they understood THE GREAT
previous Newsletter, we revealed that, "
Since December 21, 2012, each of us is becoming a "christ". While writing the
above information, I learned that not only are we the Ethers, but "WE

David Wilcock
had a new article on http;// on 7-14-13, which I discovered late one evening. I read to
1 AM, but skipped over his audio interviews and videos related to the subject matter due to their length and the lateness
of the hour.

Next morning, I began listening to David;s interview on
OM Magazine:  What I wrote above on 7-13-13, was what David said on that
audio interview with OM
!  He also verified my idea that we all can tune in to ideas, thoughtforms, inventions and feelings of
others__ and do so before they are  made public (Future Memor
y?) __ but NOT by hearing it in actual words; it comes as
a simple "

NEW ENERGIES to guide and assist us are entering Earth from all directions now. "TRUST in Gaia and Spirit Within, for
that Trust gives us COURAGE to face the challenges ahead, and Courage brings CONFIDENCE over time
. Trust is the
tangible realization and understanding of spiritual TRUTH. Truth can arrive in a real (tangible) form of relevance to every situ-
ation. Trust occurs when our current perceptions exceed our old perceptions of reality. Whether we're in doubt or conusion__
not "out there". It is always "Inside Us" "HONESTY, INTEGRITY and CREATIVITY are imperative for saili-
ng calmly through these Strange and Turbulent New Times.

* "
STRANGE EMISSIONS BY OUR SUN ARE SUDDENLY MUTATING MATTER."  "Never-before-seen particles__ or some mysterious force__ is being
shot out from the sun and hitting Earth."... The Rate of Decay is speeding up."... "
The mutation may go so far as to
change the underlying reality of the quantum universe, the nature of life, the principles of physics, perhaps even
the uniform flow of Time
.... "In fact, some evidence of Time dilation has been gleaned from close observation of the
decay rate. If particles interacting with the matter are not the cause__ and the matter is being affected by a new force
of nature, then Time itself may be speeding up and there's no way to stop it."

"What could be causing this phenomenon is a previously unknown force. As the sun builds towards solar maximum" ...
2012-2014)... it's already been proven that the sun's mass warps Time, bends light waves and accounts for mutation
of species on Earth
."... "Once again the titanic forces of nature rear up to over-whelm our technology, and we find oursel-
ves like the playthings of 'gods'."

THE NEW KIDS HAVE ARRIVED"... This will be covered in following issues.