July 3-4, 2011

have arrived__ when the most significant points of the Fourth Day are exposed. We are still in "Proliferat-
ion: The New Consciousness  Balances the Old
."  The keywords are  "Sustenance" &  "Maize" (corn or food).
However, the Fourth Day period  also shows us"
The Most Perfect Expression of the entire 9th Wave New Co-

In the plant's life, its root grows deeper in the Fourth Day of Light to firmly attach the plant while the stalk thickens &
branches form . It's another period of expansion of foundations laid In human history,
The "new" point of view &
ways of doing things takes dominance
 For instance , the Greek Empire birthed  during an earlier Wave's 4th
A Lighworker friend sent information on Nuclear Radiation "Sedona now has low radiation levels. They were high
after the (
Japan)  reactors melted down,  but now we are lower than most other places.  Infant mortality rate is up
35% in
U.S. since this happened! I shudder to think what we will see in pregnant women here in Japan. Japan is
unlivable, and the only reason they are not evacuating is there is no place to go.

6-24-11: PORTALDAY:  
I ask the Guides for further information on "The Voice of Unity". A: "This is neither a
comet nor a spacecraft. It is an energy-entity of sorts__one not known on Earth before. It is loving, intelli-
gent, purposeful and self-organizing, and in a sense is the 'Return of the Christ", although few will percei-
ve it as such at first.  It brings revelations to the masses  and to lightworkers  that will cause  Unity-Christ
Conscioiusness to  PROLIFERATE throughout Earth.  Then you will see  telepathy &  other spiritual gifts  
evolving at a rapid rate.  The entire world will be transformed in a very short time.  This is the New Reality
you lightworkers have been creating. All the 'gods' in mythology & religions of the past have been Annu-
naki or some evolved beings from higher dimensions. They are returning, but not in a negative way.  The
scattered "pieces" of the Galactic Family will become whole again."

A lightworker friend requested clarification about manifesting physical needs.I had earlier stated that__ "whatever I
need will be there for me.
"  However,  this does not mean  that  it will always arrive  free;  i.e., without  effort or price.
I'd ordered some vitamins  & paid regular prices for them, but hey were not for self__ they were for two  family mem-
bers who were working themselves ragged with several jobs, often run-down with colds,  etc.__ but unable to afford
vitamins. The food storage was meant for  my husband & other family members  who are not "into" manifesting. We
all help each other with whatever we can__ with money or needed items, tools, computer advice and repiar__ phys-
ical service.

When I say,  "
Whatever I need will be there for me",  sometimes it does show up for free. Other times I could not
find the needed item or information, but it appears either within a day or two__ or,  it was already received  before I  
realized the need for it. Sometimes material necessities are offered at reduced rates,  or at a price that I can easily
afford at that time.

Every now and then, things "appear"  for other people.  For example,  I ordered some sinus remedy for myself and
they sent a sample box of probiotic capsules.  I did not need them,  but next day a son mentioned that his wife,  who
had caught
e-coli on their vacation to the Yucatan  some years ago,  was looking for something to help her  with the
digestive complications t hat occasionally cropped up again.  She tried the capsule,  and was delighted.. only need-
ing one a week then.  She helps out with her step-grandson's toddlers  by buying clothes for them in a city  "recycle-
trade shop".  I suspect this  "give and take" thing  is behind our needs being met so smoothly.  Remember:
We can
choose what we wish to have manifest, but Universe chooses the process and the timing by which it will
.  It can be confusing,  but it always works out somehow in its own way,  if we just relax,  believe,  
and "let it"

It ain't easy folks. We walk the line between outer & inner worlds__ between 3-D and higher dimensions, & between
our individual uniqueness & our collective unity.
St. Germain: "If an intention does not work out__know there's
a better way for it to come about.

I've noted that many of the  etaphysical/spiritual researchers and investigators are meeting at large conferences a-
round the world, & are exchanging information with each other. What's happening, is they are not only re-informing
each other's offerings, but establishing a common structure for the way things work in the world.

                                                                                     July 13, 2011

As we enter the  
FOURTH NIGHT of the  9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar,  which is about
Bridge-building to Prepare for a New Consciousness",  we are still in a  "Proliferation" phase. The keywords
are "
Rain" & "War" involving a "Dissemination of Unifying Synthesis." This can be either another period of dar
kness, or the application of new procedures.

During this time, a plant is multiplying its leaves & root system like mad.  (True to form, in past corresponding Days
& Nights,  events listed covered one entire page. For the preceding Fourth Night in
2006-7__3-1/2 pages. Whew!)
In human his-story,  a Fourth Night has usually been a period of
rebuilding  & a time of healing. The previous Fourth
Night of the  
8th Wave/Galactic Underworld was from November 29, 2006 to November 28, 2007. To view, go to   We are now experiencing the same number of events that occurred over that
year, in only 18 Days! This newsletter issue covers only 9 of those days!

The "stars" in my bedroom at night have increased again. Also, the "shadow images" sometimes seen out of
the corner of our eyes  are no moving beyond the shadow stage to reveals colors in clothing, skin, hair, etc.. Some-
times  when I glance quickly  at a TV program  or a living person  in the room with me,  their image seems to "frag-
; i.e., if I'm viewing a person wearing a white tee shirt,  his arm and the border where shirt and skin meet are
split__ as if the tee shirt sleeve edge is to the right, & his arm below the sleeve has moved to the left a few inches.          

Occasionally there seem to be quick flashes of other people  outside the window  or in the corners of the room,  but
when I turn my head,  no one is there.  Sometimes tiny birds  or large flying insects  swoop across my field of vision
when I'm at the computer or just daydreaming with my eyes open.
The Guides say the "stars" are protons,  and they
will increase until the room__ or our reality__ are one solid, white light. Our 3-D reality is beginning to break up__to
fragment the illusions__and show brief glimpses of other dimensional life. They suggest
:  "Raise Your Vibrations."
Part II: Basic Inter-Technologies: Chapter 3-7 in the web-book: )

* "
Loving the darkness is the greatest way of healing it."

The world is indeed making changes on every level. And so we leave you this week, with this message:
"Dear Ones__as we enter the final stages of ascension, many find themselves at odds over contrasting thoughts
of whether the new reality will really happen or not. We assure  you through this newsletter that it is happening__
day by day... and more quickly than ever anticipated  by any beings involved in the process.  Keep to your paths.
You have noted changes in your own actions,  your words, your thoughts,  feelings,  beliefs & attitudes. You have
noted how the negativity around you is slowly fading away,  and more joy and laughter are moving to the forefront.
Hold fast the unconditional, loving unity in your hearts.  Live from your hearts;  & keep your resonance high as we
move into total free will, abundance, complete health, trust and beauty for all the world."
The Arcturians.

                                                       July 21-22, 2011      
                                                                        "EXPANDING THE NOW"     

Midpoint Days of a FOURTH NIGHT of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld  of the Mayan Calendar are upon
us. The keywords, "Rain"&d "War" are still in effect as  we continue Building Bridges to Acitivate a New Conscious-
ness. The MOST SIGNIFICANT POINTS of this Fourth Night are exposed during these two days__ Including  Cyber
Wars, Murdock & Anonymous Group Hacking;  U.S. Budget-Debt & Economy; Airport TSA Scanners; End of the U.
S. Space Program; Education Cheating Scandals;  Environmental issues; Political, Corporate and Social Reforms.
Once again, there were so many news items, that we are listing only those from the two
Midpoint Days, July 21st
& 22nd__
which held a similar message to those received since the last newsletter, July 13th. Most prolific again
during those 9 days were more than 50 "
People Power" events, followed by over 20 "Environmental-Agricultural Is-
" and surprisingly in third place, "Consciousness" with 14 items.               

* During the time of Lemuria,  the human race was genetically modified by a race of off-world beings called  "Annu-
naki". They created us to be their slaves, to mine gold for them. They were very tall, very strong & had greatly adva-
nced technologies.  We looked on them as "gods". We wanted to be like them. We wanted to be gods__ we want-
ed to be powerful and in control of everything.  And this attitude  has persisted throughout the patriarchal era on our
planet. We've been trying to ascend out of that consciousness abyss for over
200,000 years.

I lived a past life during the End Times of Lemuria  as a GMO hybrid bird-woman;  at the End Times of the First At-
__ the Great Flood, 60,000 B.C.__ As an astrologer-teacher in Babylon, attempting to elevate children's con-
;  at the End Times  of the  Second Atlantis__28,000 B.C.,  helping program  huge crystals  to hold the  
positive traits of that civilizatio
n;  and at the End Times of the Third Atlantis__ 11,500 B.C.,  as an Essene during
the Fall of the Roman Empire & the distortion of
Jesus' teachings.  And every single time,  Humanity failed to reach
the consciousness vibratory levels to ascend into a higher dimension.

Now I'm here at the End Time of the
Fourth Atlantis__ between 4-17-32 & 12-21-12__ and we're going to make it
this time! We ARE "making it" right now, as feminine energy re-enters Earth,  and we begin to realize how we were
unable to ascend previously because we dis-respected, manipulated & destroyed Earth with attempts to be "godly"
masters in control of not only other humans, plants, minerals & animals, but also of Nature, & the entire planet, outer
space and the Universal Creative Energy Field.

Our masculine nature was all about  "control", "power", "competition" & "possession." The old ways of doing things
no longer work on this planet. Women have aligned themselves with Nature & Earth; because of bearing, birthing &
nurturing children,  they inherently understand nature's laws & ways of living well on the planet.  The feminine nature
is about "relationships", "compassion", "cooperation" and "intuitive guidance."

Over the past two year or so it has seemed as if the Past of Humanity is catching up with the Present__the NOW__
& Future probabilities are seeping into the NOW as well. But once again, things have changed since the
June 21st
Summer Solstice
. The Past & the Future are now EXPANDING OUT OF THE NOW__ i.e., we are re-creating both
our past & our future in each present moment.The
Beacons of Light article suggests that the Time is  Now to mani-
fest, to speak our truth & to plant seeds of the New Reality. They tell us  "
Don't Wait!",  "Do it NOW"; for ascension
is happening NOW and Earth cannot wait.

ML:  I 'd been wondering where I'd be & what I'd be doing five years from today.  After doing some remote viewing
years ago  for this web-book's research  & also with a lightworker friend  near
Denver,  I gained some  confidence
with the process.

Getting into the Zone,
I asked for my location and activity in July, 2016. I first went through a spiraling tunnel &
came out on a golden sandy plain with a huge, golden stone pyramid in front of me. I thought of
Egypt; & then, be-
fore my eyes, a curious type of golden metallic 'scroll" appeared suspended in the air. It was slightly curled, but
I could see it was covered with a grid of embossed shapes symbols, none of which appeared at all like Egyptian
hieroglyphics. I sensed I was doing some kind of  "investigation" ,"researching or "reporting" again, but perhaps
n a different location than Egypt__ maybe even another planet or dimension?

Back in the present, I thought it strange that I'd be traveling so great a distance when I'd be well into my 80's. A pro-
gram on that night was about Teleportation and Astral Travel (See July 25th newsletter).
The guest told of Out of Body experiences where the consciousness travels, but the physical body  remains behind.
Teleporation, however, he said both consciousness & physical body travel__& do so by first moving through
a wormhole/portal/stargate/vortex tunnel
.  So, it looks like our futures may well include the ability to teleport our phy-
sical bodies in time, space and other dimensions__ or under all of these conditions simultaneously.


                                                                                    July 31, 2011    
                                                         "MAKING HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES."       

Today we enter  the
FIFTH DAY of the  9th Wave/ Universal Underworld of  the Mayan Calendar.  We will, be after
today,  be involved with a  "
BREAKTHROUGH of  the Most Pertinent Expression."  The  "Most Pertinent Expr-
ession" of the entire 9th Wave  (
March 9th to October 28th) was shown to us  during the previous  18 day period
of the
Fourth Day,  from  June 25th- July 12th. These events included  Sun & Stars Changing  as  Earth Chang-
es Course Through  Space,  Elenin & Vesta,  Big Pharma,  Weather &  Environmental Challenges , Cyper-wars__
Murdock &  Anonymous Hacking;  U.S. Budget-Debt  & Gobal Economy;  Airport TSA Scanners;  End  of the  
Space Program;  Education Cheating Scandals;  Political, Corporate,  Religious & Social Reforms, Roots of Hum-
anity,  Pyramid Matrix,  Ancient & Future Advanced Technology.
 Consciousness Evolution rose to the #3 position,
with Nuclear Energy and Middle East Crises in #1 & #2 places.  However, CONSCIOUSNESS & THE ECONOMY
are now tied for First Place, according to information personally contacted!

Keywords of this Fifth Day are "Light", "Creativity", "Intuition", "Spirituality", "NOW", "Healing" & "Peace." A
Fifth Day is the "
Lightest" Period of the 9th Wave, so we need to "make hay while the sun shines", for the coming
Fifth Night (
August 18th to September 4th) is the Darkest Period of the entire cycle!

Our planet now produces new chemicals from sunlight that carry the message to  Produce Buds. In human history,
it was the sections in which
Art was invented, the message of Jesus moved over the Earth, Einstein discovered
Theory of Relativity and America rose to world power with the victory of WWII.

The physical, material high technology  we have so long revered & desired is NOT a symbol of higher intelligence
or higher consciousness. The beings who are  highly evolved  in intellect & consciousness,  manifest,  create and
heal with energy alone__ as does Spirit.  Practicing  intentional healing  or manifesting may get us nowhere since
Spring Equinox,  March 21st, arrived.  Now, the only way to develop these spiritual gifts__ including telepathy,
remote viewing, astral travel, precognition, etc., is to  RAISE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS which automatically cataly-
zes them into our reality__ & that's what  "
Creating From the Future"  is all about. We also need to examine WHY
we do things,  which is far more  important  than  HOW we do things  from now on__& they must come  from heart-
based Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness.

WE NEED TO  USE OUR  MANIFESTING  & HEALING SKILLS NOW,  because if the US-Debt/Budget probl-
em isn't resolved by
August 2nd, the Medicare & insurance policies could be devalued or cancelled; so use your
resources to make sure your home & vehicles are in top shape & working well. (Tires, spark plugs, air filters, light
bulbs, batteries, home appliances, etc.) Lay in a supply of food & water,  if you haven't done so, plus medications
and health supplements__ to last at least until
October 28th.

Many of us have been coping with  extreme fatigue &/or muscle pain, dizziness, headaches, sinus problems, blur-
ry or watery eyes, & noises or pain in the ears. Our bodies are changing quickly now, & we may find them healing
themselves (hurrah!) automatically. We do need to MOVE our bodies more  as the new energies entering our bo-
dies intensify greatly,  or there could be  problems.  Pain is usually  a sign of Resistance.  Seek within  for the root
cause of this resistance__ often stemming from childhood, youth or past lives__ and change attitudes, feelings &
responses accordingly. Also drink plenty of water, and rest when you feel the need.

As our consciousness moves towards higher vibrations, we gain greater connections to what is going on  around
the planet.. We live in a benevolent universe and the "shocks" we are experiencing these days  are opening us to
our inner selves andrging us to seek out & create new systems for our civilization  that can run multi-dimensional

WE NEED  TO BECOME  MULTIDIMENSIONAL NOW__  to overcome  the negativity  of the  world controllers.
" Don't Wait"  still applies
;  things will be happening so fast now  that most of us  won't be able to remember what
occurred last week, or even a few days ago. Sometimes it seems as if  all I do is  get up in the morning, eat a few
times, and then suddenly I'm going to bed again....???

Our extremely negative  Earthling vibrations to date  have long made us  a "prison planet".  Off-world visitors were
forbidden to mingle with us because we carried "spiritual diseases" of conflict, separation, anger, hatred, intolera-
nce, and so forth, and this could be "catching". There was also the Prime Directive in effect__ preventing  interfer-
ence in our world affairs from outside the planet. And we Earthlings were told to stay away from the Moon & other
planets, as well.

Bonding with  Earth & Nature  is a major step toward full consciousness . If we care for Earth and nurture her, she
will do the same for us.  Scientists tell us that  Earth is moving now  into a highly energized area of space, and we
are being bombarded by as many as 500 huge energy blasts per day. Whew! No wonder we're tired!

We are now in a Null Zone of space where all & any futures can manifest. The choices made by our global collect-
ive consciousness determine the future we will soon be living.  Gaia, Earth's spirit within, will aid us from her core
the FIRST DIMENSION, with the physical challenges of our lives. To connect with Her, move into the Zone__ pre-
ferably in or close to Nature__ send Unconditional Love down, down into Her core, & wait for a loving signal to re-
turn to your heart. Then, still holding Love in the heart, ask Gaia for help with questions about  diet, clean water  &
manifesting material needs, nourishment, health and care for your body.

Dr. Judy Wood's evidence of the 9/11 event is a key to what we humans need to do next. Judy cites the fact that
no rubble remained__ only dust__ after the collapse of several huge buildings. She sees it as  confirming the pre-
sence and use of Free Energy Devices  used by psychotic, insane minds against  their own species. Our big que-
stion  today is  "
Who Has These Devices?"  We must  forget about  investigating  who did the dire deed  and why,
and focus instead on a solution,  because if we go down  the blame and punishment trac  to catch the serial killers,
we have to  enter their minds,  their thoughts and  emotions__ & this is contageous!   We could become like them,
feel and think like them!  To find the Solutions,  it is necessary to  recognize & face the facts of  9/11 & other major
world disasters.

The current  wide-spread idea that  "
Earth is Dying"  is a hoax to cause fear &  control the resources  of the planet.
 Sophia's Correction continues,  the false teaching of  mainstream science &  organized religions  will also cru-
mble. The anomalies in weather, stars, sun, moon, creature behaviors, etc.  correlate with Her movements through
the galaxy. Her weapon is BEAUTY,  which began up to about 2 years ago.  We are her children.  She loves us. &
She will speak to each one of us about our own movement and responsibilities.

PORTAL DAY:  Viewing the Future: " Corporations change for the better  or fail;  US deals with its Budget/Debt
for the highest good of all concerned;  People band together to find positive ways of dealing with food problems..
globally; Shelters found/created for the homeless; Negative bills in US legislatures replaced with positive ones;
Peace restored fairly for all; New jobs proliferate; positive, New Energy Resources develop & manifest; Nuclear
Energy phases out; Better health & medical systems  manifest;  Positive New Ways replace worn-out Old Ways;  
Feminine & Masculine natures cooperate. The
Keywords proliferate; Telepathy expands; Organized religions
change or faze out.

Eons ago a rogue planet crashed into the planet
Tiamat orbiting  Mars & Jupiter in our solar system  & shattered
it to form the
Asteroid Belt.  Asteroids are now becoming very important__ note the fuss over  "Vesta"_ because
they represent Fragments of the Feminine returning to us.

The Spring Equinox, March 21st,  is the most powerful time for intending, creating & manifesting.  Since
Seasonality is increasing  as we approach
2012,  these higher consciousness abilities  should be even stronger &
work quicker. At the
Fall Eqinox, September 21st, the things we intended at the Spring Equinox get organized &
readied for manifesting. This timing method puts a
Time Lock on a situation. Time Locks last a very long time.

The controlling elite know of this and use it.
Bush invaded Iraq at the Spring Equinox of 2002, so it is likely we will
not "get out" of Iraq  until
2012 or later. Obama did the same, invading Libya  March 21st, 2011,  so expect a very
long-lasting life for this action__ at least until
October 28th. The World Trade Center disaster, 9/11/2001 occurred
at what is known as a "
Trilateral" in astrology__a configuration between Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto (or another trans-
personal planet such as  N
eptune or Uranus.). ... Once the  US CIA,  the Israeli Mossad,  Pakistanis"... and the  
Saudi  Princes..."got away with that, they brought in TSA immediately after, which created another Time Lock on
America__lasting a very, very long time. As we step into an airport,  we immediately enter a Nazi state, & remain
in it until we  leave an airport."

2011 was planned by the controllers to be a  "Divide and Conquer" year, getting people to start fighting each other
so as to separate them into smaller factions that are easier to manipulate and intimidate.  Hence, the
Middle East
and probably, the recent Norway shooting & bombing incidents__ the suspect in the Youth Camp murders
says it was done to start an
"Anti-Muslim" movement.

We also see that
US  Republicans & Democrats are playing this same game with the  Budget/Debts deal.  It does
seem however,  that the controllers themselves are "dividing & conquering" each other. The
Murdoch arrest show-
ed us the controllers do have weaknesses ,& we can consider this fall from power  to be a trigger point  for the rest
of them. This will continue as people wake up  and stop buying into  the
4-D "fairy stories"  they've been fed for mill-
enia. We need to return to our purpose for being on Earth__ to be the
Keepers of the Planet__ not the Dominators
of Her.