LIVING IN A NEW REALITY                            
                                                                               July 10, 2012

A new type of "Common Sense"__ Unity Consciousness__ is birthing these days in humanity's
global awareness. This is the Mass Awakening that has been so long prophesied for
2012 by
both major & minor spiritual disciplines and religions.

There is a "
quickening" taking place in the Transformation of Consciousness that is spontane-
ously combusting big time, not only in several
U.S. states, but also in the hearts and minds of
earthlings at this
2012 countdown__ only 23 more weeks to go, folks!

The  Big 2012 Electromagnetic Shift"  culminates as  the accelerated  transformatio n of our  
perception of
TIME as traditionally experienced." (Christopher Rudy) The best ways to birth
this transformation in ourselves and to neutralize the dark controllers of the planet are
our individual consciousness to vibrate in accord with Earth'
s 5-D ascension.  2.) Develop Unc-
onditional Love for Earth (She''s Alive!), & all life everywhere.
3.) Meditate or do dreamwork re-
gularly to receive  Divine Guidance,  & communicate with a critical mass of humans  & all other
Earth life.

We're offering an unusually large number of Links today. Please do take what time and energy
you have available and read or listen to whatever resonates with your personal spiritual path.

                                                THRIVING IN THE NEW REALITY
After landing in New Earth, checking out our surroundings and gathering tools and information
to support us, we then linked with Who We Are and Where We're Coming From by listening to
Inner Voice, as we prepared to give birth to something. As of today, we start giving birth to
. We'll also seek the best places to establish our New Earth homes, & consider form-
ation of our spiritual families. We may also reconsider our thoughts about
"end of life" matters.

It's time to have some FUN... to chill out, to play, to make merry. At a deeper level, play is seri-
ous business. We try out "amusing" roles to play, but it's really giving in to whatever we've he-
ard from our
Voice Within since June 12th  (The Eclipse Vision/Project   "Hypnagogia") to be
activated through our behavior__ with "toys" that invoke childlike laughter from within us. Ev-
en our clothing can be an outward expression of Who We Really Are Inside!

We are, however, still under the spotlight of that
July 3rd Full Moon with its insistence on orga-
COLLECTIVE MEDITATIONS as directed by the powerful spiritual Yod outlined in  June
26th's Newsletter
. Groups of 8 to 12 people seem to work best.

Today, JULY 10th,  is the time to  Begin Manifesting  what we began back at  the New Moon,
June 19th, the day before the Summer Solstice: "A RE-ORGANIZATION & STABILIZATION OF
." Is it possible to create new ways of life, refusing to plod along
like weary mules on a hectic treadmill of waste-producing over-production,  built-in obsolescen-
ce & social competition__ & instead,  step off to develop  stress-free &  uplifting  understanding
through meditation & dreamwork? If so, could we then transform both our individual selves & our
broken-down reality  with creative imagination &  super-physical perceptions?  When we remain
tied to what is currently perceived as the dreary__ mainstream behavioral__ "
race to the money
", we have little time or energy for necessary periods of rest & play__ the "fun"__ wherein
our creative minds can "
See Whole"__ to envision and dream the Big Picture of today's alternat-
ive social situations.

Moon was at this same astronomical location of 20 degrees Aries way back on February
20, 1999
, when the "Night Visitors" showed up in this author's bedroom. (Chapter 22: "What It
Means to Be Truly Human"
 ( There could be another
BIG SHOCK around this present
3 1/2 day Moon Phase:  Possibly new revelations of off-world
visitors; another "hit" on
Japan's nuclear plants, announcements of new high technologies __or,
perhaps the realization that today's society has excluded consciousness from its techn-
ology__ which is not a true human condition.
* Check out:
These last
5-6 months of 2012 bring massively challenging issues in both internal & external
INNER quakes, volcanoes, emotional and other personal and collective crises
that must be dealt with.
It seems the Universe is challenging us to realize that a Gobal Unity
Consciousness is the only way to cancel the probability that our
Northern Hemisphere and all
life within it could be extinguished within a few short years__ and possibly__ the entire planet.
GROUP MEDITATIONS & INTENTIONS to prevent those catastrophes, could be the resolution
for today and the weeks ahead. The goal of meditation and dreamwork is Direct Knowing from
Source, Unity Consciousness (Oneness), Unconditional Love and Enlightenment.
* See: (
Chapter 4: "Meditation & Dreamwork"

An interesting and informative 40 minute discussion on Meditation Methods can be
found a
Click on "More on Meditation Techniques, 31, May, 2012." (The word clif high pronounces as
"Key" is "Chi", or prana__our human life force energy.)

JULY 18t, 2012  initiates A NEW VISION, CONCEPT or PROJECT. Some sort of social upheaval
could demand reconsideration of our current unsuitable values. On a deeper level, the Elites can
always see their wealth, power and security challenged by forces beyond their control, despite all
the misery they may be successfully stirring up to save themselves from an inevitable downfall.
Each of that 1%, as individuals, may no longer be able to depend upon the lowly standards and
selfish values each has attained through education and living in a sheltered lap of luxury. They will
someday have to rise to the occasion of dealing with these "unknown forces" and perhaps undergo
an inner metamorphosis as a result of the crises they are then called upon to accept as their own
inner and outer catastrophes.

We are about to be shown a
contrast in terms of our collective cultural values: Peace & Favoritism
in luxury and comfort, numerous, splendid material possessions, high tech electronics, satanic rit-
ual and intellectual development
against the Challenge to meet a crisis situation produced by un-
controllable karmic forces, that could lead to a successful catharsis for the highest good of all life
on Earth.

The narrowness of many people's lives, filled with multiple, demanding mundane issues, leaves no
time to contemplate, to meditate, to dream. We need more free time to engage in "unusual learning
experiences" that can develop a more stress-transcending and un-propagandized outlook upon
everyday reality. Create a sacred space for your Spiritual Practice and Work to take place. It could
be outdoors, or indoors__ a backyard peaceful greenery, a computer room sanctuary with candles,
aromatherapy, music__ even Dreamwork in a quiet, darkened bedroom. Balance your mundane
life with spiritual discipline and events.

Go to for instructions on "Intentional Healing & Mani-
festing Inter-Dimensionally"
. More info on "Breathing Techniques" at: (Chapter 12; "Medicine
": )      

1.) While in "The Zone", Become as One with both the Fukishima Nuclear Installations and the
radiation from nuclear disasters around the planet.) Then State aloud:
"Let this Intention be in
accord with Universal Purpose and for the highest good of all concerned.": "I intend that all nu-
clear plants on Earth are safe & stable and that Earth & all life upon Her, who so choose, are
now and forevermore unaffected by any nuclear melt-downs or radiation, and all damages are
restored to natural order
."__ (Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy. Express Gratitude.)
State aloud: "
How does it get any better than this?"                                        
While in "The Zone", Become as One with Earth and All Life Upon Her.) Then State aloud:
"Let this Intention be in accord with Universal Purpose & for the highest good of all con-
cerned.":  "I intend that planet Earth and all upon Her, who so choose, are now & forever-
more existing within fair, beneficial and stable economic systems for all Earth. All is rest-
ored to natural order
." (Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy. Express Gratitude.) State
aloud: "
How does it get any better than this?"     

3.) While in "The Zone", Become as One with both Earth's global energy system (oil, gas, coal,
hydro-electricity, nuclear power) and the resulting pollution, expense and planetary devastation.)
Then State aloud: "
Let this Intention be in accord with Universal Purpose & for the highest good
of all life concerned.": "
I intend that our global energy system runs on safe, healthy, low co-
st & environmentally friendly sources of technology for all who so choose. All is restored
to natural order
." (Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy. Express Gratitude.) State aloud:
How does it get any better than this?"                                         

                            HEALING & MANIFESTING DAYS THROUGH JULY 24th:
JULY 10th__ JULY 14th & 15th __ JULY 18th.
In the last newsletter, I mentioned my concern that when I'd be writing at the computer or watchi-
ng TV, and suddenly my head would jerk as my chin plopped down to my chest, and I'd realize I'd
been somewhere" for a few minutes, but couldn't recall where__ or what had happened. This
so-metimes occurred several times a day. Was it a health issue, ascension symptoms or should I
make a reservation at the looney bin?

A recent article by
Susan Carroll put forth a possible explanation for these mental "brown-outs"
regarding "
The Power of Emotion and the Structure of Thought". It seems the thoughts of our
5th/6th dimensional consciousness__ which vibrate beyond the limitations of Time__ are what
structure the matrix of any given reality.  Therefore, once we have created or visited another dim-
ensional reality, we can
return to that  "exact NOW" whenever we choose to log back into it.  We
experience a
4th dimensional thought form of__for instance__ our bodies flying through clouds__
when th
e 5-D matrix drops in vibrational frequency. We may be visiting that reality in our night
body or dream state in order to "
rehearse" our inter-dimensional traveling abilities. Once we have
remembered learned how to
Master Our Energies, simply focusing our thoughts and emotions
connects us to whatever matrix of reality we wish to visit or re-experience: we can "
fly through
" at will.

Our minds may be fuzzy during these visits because our conscious thinking does not yet clearly
connect with the forgotten unconscious emotions which dwell within our childhood &/or past-life
mental and emotional dungeons. Indecision & anxiety can arise from these hidden emotions, until
we bring them up into our conscious minds to heal &/or release their energetic influences. The
fear and old
3-D programming from those unconscious emotions prevent us from full awareness
of our inter-dimensional traveling. Particularly inhibiting are: "
I'm not good enough"; "What am I
doing wrong
?"; "I better not try this__ it could be dangerous."; "People I love sooner or later ne-
glect, abandon or hurt me.
" and, "This is too hard for me.", etc.. We can free ourselves from the
physical fears and brainwashing of the past... "
by thinking multi-dimensionally instead of 3rd
dimensionally; and when we do so, we can feel the unconditional love Flowing from the Gala-
ctic Center, an
d"... "surrender into that unconditional love, allowing it to direct our multi-dim-
ensional light waves of thoughts towards the highest frequency of any given reality
." Susan
And yes__ it works! I thought I'd forgiven, healed and released the most disturbing present and
past life challenges, but this week left me with little sleep as I recalled and re-lived episodes with
Group Work from this present adulthood that had completely slipped away__ or were unconsci-
ously buried. They hadn't seemed important when recalled individually, but when pereceived as
repeating pattern, they were quite shattering, & were holding me back from fully actualizing my
soul mission. After evoking unconditional love for the people inolved__ including myself__ forgiv-
ing those who'd harmed me and thanking them for the grand lessons they had afforded, forgiving
myself for creating that negative pattern & surrendering it to the mental/emotional landfill, I
found myself laughing out-loud in the dark, in the middle of the night over the ridiculousness of it,
over the relief of it all. And after that__ no more "brown-outs".

Since then, the
"vibrating, twinkling stars" that often appear in my bedroom at night, escalated
geometrically until they not only filled the entire bedroom, but glowed beyond the open bedroom
door, filling the living and dining rooms with their dazzling display. I just
had to get out of bed and
check, and was amazed to see "stars" were also filling the backyard with their brilliance!
Self had once told me this phenomena was the beginning of the Light Body manifesta-
tion, and signaled when my consciousness was operating in 5-D.  

Back in bed,  I closed my eyes with a sigh,  expecting sleep at last. But no__ now I was seeing
strange geometrical figures in various colored lights, moving about & continually morph-
ing into new shapes and sizes. I could not stop it
__ sleep eluded me for another hour, due to
the "fireworks display" behind my eyes,&d the "swarming stars" with open eyes.
Higher Self said
my DNA, eyesight and hearing were changing.

Two days later we joined family members at our youngest son's home for our annual 4th of July
BBQ.  Earlier, as I did my hair at the dressing table,  I noted in the mirror  that my hair appeared
darker__ less gray or white__ than it had for years! I am
80 years old now, and have been gray
and white around my temples and forehead for about
15 years, so what the heck was going on

At the family gathering, two women noted that my hair seemed less gray than before. But after re-
turning home,
H told me that I was looking a lot younger lately. (Now who's going to join us with
the guys in white coats with big nets?)

I'm reading a book, "
Synchronicity" by Dr. Kirby Surprise. Just before bedtime, after writing the
three Group Intentions, an e-mail arrived from
Index Angel: One paragraph especially caught my
it is  your consciousness and spiritual clarity that will bring about the most stunning personal
changes as  you ascend with Earth through
fourth density and into fifth. Along the way you will
attain perfect health & re-grow missing limbs and organs. Not only will you overcome the effects
common to aging , but those in advanced years will gradually become younger. You will
unicate telepathically  
with souls elsewhere in the universe,  travel astrally,  and visit  beloved
people in
Nirvana. Through visualization, you will learn to manifest whatever you

The "M flares", the CMEs, and cosmic energies entering us and our planet these days have so
intensified, that
we are living almost daily with extreme fatigue and physical weakness, a-
ccompanied by yo-yo-ish feelings of emotional polarities: joy & sorrow, fear & love, as
well as excitement & foreboding about the coming changes we Feel and Know are also
arriving these days.

"Life as we know it is on the cusp of infinite change. This infinite change begins at a cellular level
and expands to encompass all that you are and everything that makes up your reality. This basic
change, that appears to arise from a cellular level, is actually arising from the very matrix of your
3-D reality
."... YES__ the Time has come!... "WE ARE ASCENDING__ RIGHT NOW!"... This is
why... "
all polarities are merging & blurring toward the 'in-between'"... "in which the extremes of
our polarized reality merge towards the center
"... "for this 'Center' is the NOW."

As past & future merge into NOW, the"... emotional polarities... "begin to demagnetize from the
matrix of your
3rd dimensional earth vessel. Hence, as each old memory rises to the surface of
your consciousness to be released into the ONE, you are experiencing a sense of nostalgia and
reminiscence. Everything that you have ever experienced will be shared with the ONE as you
"... "What has your life been if not a long sequence of memories? Since your physical life
is often lived more in the past than in the present, these myriad memories must be released as
you return to living in the NOW
."  Susan Carroll.

A second Synchronicity arrived that same evening: "The Truth Behind The Energy Lie__ (Su-
ppression of Technological Evolution, the Evidence)"
full movie. 1 hour, 8 min., arrived on ?v=W8ZlL19Y_Lk&feature=player_embedded
The Guides: "After 12-21-12, humans will make decisions, gain knowledge, recognize patterns,
harmonize groups of dissimilar ideas, events and energies
__ and create, heal and manifest from
their alpha-daydream state of consciousness, rather than from the beta state which has, for
most of the last
75,000 years, been their primary waking, reasoning & discriminating state. The
beta will then be used to act upon the choices made within alpha.

The 4th Dimension is for 'charging up' prior to rituals, intentions, affirmations, etc.__ a pa-
ssageway that moves consciousness from 3-D to 5-D or higher dimensions. Once one is
permanently conscious in 5-D after The Shift, the 4-D actions, thoughts, etc. will no longer
be needed to charge up and intend manifestations, healing, etc.__ it will all occur through
the alpha (or theta) state automatically, and the negative controllers will remain in 3-D and
4-D, unable to affect those of the New Earth higher dimensions
." For more on "Brain Waves",

And even more "surprising", was this third e-mail synchronicity from Stewards of the Earth:
(HOPE) a solution to consider"...  The film... "Taxpayers Strike it Rich?__ July 6th, 2012__ is
a very short sequel to the
Foster Gamble "THRIVE" movie on corruption in government, ) at
"After viewing the
second video,  I suggest you click on the  
SOLUTIONS HUB section of the  THRIVE movie web-
site."... "
There are 142 organizations  already registered  as working to make this planet a
better place."
Then... "watch how ICELAND stood up to the banking cabal"...    

Pg. 7                                                            July 23, 2012
                                                          "THE DAWN OF A NEW TIME"

Well__ we were "hacked" again! You may have found this Newsletter had "disappeared" on the
page link. It was still there, but was "stuck" way down on the page, and couldn't be moved up. So
we're transferring this issue & the 3 others for
July & June to a different page. Hope you didn't all
give up.

Since the
Summer Solstice, June 20th, we're awakening to a Changing World Reality. With
all the
Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) from the Sun powered up like crazy, things are getting "ver-
rry interrresting". The veils between dimensional worlds are even thinner now as we move into the
highly-charged Galactic Plane alignment in space__ and things get more intense.

Thriving in the New Reality
After landing on New Earth, we linked with Who We Are by listening to our Inner Voices & starting
to give birth to ourselves. Then we needed some Fun. We tried "amusing" roles to play as an out-
ward expression of  Who We Are Inside.  Something we'll need to muddle over  in the days ahead,
however,  "is our old technology breaking down under all this solar energy activity?"  And we still
can't Plan Ahead__ we have to jus t FEEL the need of the moment, then MOVE as seems appro-
priate__ right away.  We know our culture needs new energy technologies;  they exist__ but are
being suppressed.  Hopefully, this will soon end.  Maybe If we re-unite with the  star nations, they
can teach us some helpful technology.

.) NUCLEAR PLANTS & RADIATION: March, 2012. Northern Pacific Ocean and Shorelines
endangered with radiation and refuse from Japans' nuclear disaster.
Slim Spurling's Multidimensional Technology inventions make huge environmental
corrections to the planet. : "A new Slim Spurling/Light-Life
, the Alchemical Scalar Transmitter, the AST"... "Will be used to amplify the intention
initiated through a highly developed use of heart and brain stemming from the ancient Taoist
tradition of harmony. The process provides direct access to
Nature's Elements, and with the
harmony generated through the use of this device, commands earthly elements such as
radioactive isotopes to suspend their fissile nature and become inactive or innert substances
stabilized by the essence of the neutrino sea that is influenced and directed by scalar wave
intention. It is the alchemical nature of neutrons throughout the Universe that we have been given
every right to command as Sons of God and as Stewards"__
Earthkeepers__ "of the planet."
"There will be at least three people working on this simultaneously in different parts of the world.
AST brings together the scalar intention of all practitioners, harmonizes the intent to provide
maximum amplification, and then directs that intention to the needed radioactive isotopes such as
plutonium, uranium, tellurium, cesium, iodide or strontium, to name a few." For explanations of
scalar wave energy:
Chapter 10: Weird Medicine 101:

* Coast to Coast AM online radio featured a report by Dr. Robin Falkov on the radioactive refuse
from Japan washing up on the US West Cost.
Nick Begich's brother is introducing a bill to
congress for cleaning up this radiation and refuse. A nuclear reactor south of L.A. shut down due
to problems, and July 18th, four reactors on the East Coast also had to be closed.

Dr. David Louis Anderson: "Earth's spinning causes time/space to bend, to curve; and then you
get Gravity."... In
1997 Earth had a Time Shift. The Construction of Reality was changed. In
time/space, Time changes, but Space remains fixed. When you bend time/space, you move to
space/time where Space (dimension) changes, but Time is fixed in the NOW.
A small 2% of humans are sensitive to this NEW TIMELINE. (This writer went on Medicare and her
pension in
1997. We stopped being winter snowbirds, moved to Magic Valley, Idaho and bought a
home whose heart center had kitchen, dining and living rooms all in one open space. We called it  
the "Gathering Room"__ and that's what it became. All our Lightworker friends in the Lost Rivers
country also left for different U.S. cities and states. Our sense was that it was TIME TO BEGIN
Consciousness impulse.

* "
100-Foot Subsea Turbine successfully installed at World's First Tidal Farm Off the Coast
of Scotland
."... "Scotland achieved a major milestone this week by successfully installing a 10MW
array in the Sound of Islay, off the coast of Orkney."... "After it was installed, tests were conducted
to generate electricity for the surrounding regions."__
Inhabitat, July 19th, 2012.

Sterling D. Allen
, CEO of Energy Systems, Inc., with Patrick Flanagan who intuits total recall
of Nikola Tesla's electrical experiments, were on July 7th. Allen
described the types of promising, new emerging energy technologies on the horizon. He noted how
Tesla's Wardcliff Tower had both received and broadcast energy, but similar technology could be
recreated today with a much smaller device that could tap into the
etheric (zero point field) energy
as needed. He also told of Tesla's electric car__ a modified Pierce Arrow harnessing free energy
from an antennae, and running at 90mph for hundreds of miles at a time.
Flanagan had recently been honored by the Chinese for his work on a product akin to
, which has been associated with longevity. He has followed up on Tesla's works, and a
number of them would operate with even lower power today. "I have over 300 inventions__ all of
them unique." he commented, and spoke out against the misuse of his own and Tesla's technology
for the purpose of military weaponry. Author of the
1973 book, "Pyramid Power" (an amazing read),
Flanagan spent 30 years channeling the wisdom of a Persian Master, and once did so on the Tom
Snyder Show.

Gurudas: "Gem Elixirs & Vibrations Remedies, Vol II": The Ethers are totally frictionless, so there
is no resistance on these levels. Spirit/Creator Force, being omnipresent, can make us aware of
Itself by first slowing down the velocity of the etheric time flow to the speed of light, and then
transforming it into matter through the gravity curvature."
"What metaphysics called '
ether', science now knows as 'bio-plasmic energy', 'unified field theory',
hyperspace', 'free energy' or 'zero point energy'. The Creative Force is Loving, Intelligent,
Purposeful and Self-organizing. Our human etheric energy bodies are integrated perfectly with this
Ether/Creative Force Field and serve as intermediaries for it."

Ben Fulford: "The US and European Union are bankrupt, in debt to 147 lender nations that are
tired of NATO mass murder and invasion. They told the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to
block the money__ and they did... "The big blockage depends on Asians and other countries being
allowed to spend their money in Europe and the US without impediment. If that becomes possible,
Europeans and Americans will be hired in large quantities to engage in a massive campaign to end
poverty, stop environmental destruction and start a new age."
July 20th, David Wilcock posted on__ __ a lengthy update on
the economy: "T
he Great Revealing: US Marshalls Expose Biggest Scandal in History."
The LIBOR scandal has started  The Great Revealing of Fina-
ncial Tyranny. Mass arrests must begin with mass charges and mass court cases__ and
that has now
arrived. Disclosure of many great hidden truths will follow."

80% of all the money being
earned in
the world is all going into a centralized network"...
* "
June 27th: Ron Paul's 'Audit the Feds Bill' Advances, Unapposed."
* "THE

David Korten: "Agenda for a New Economy." Video. 50 minutes.

Solar and Cosmic Effects
Are you still reeling from the super-energies of the X-1 Class CME, of the very largest type, that
bombarded Earth and humans
July 15th -17th, affecting the bodies and energy fields of sensitive
humans, animals, plants and minerals? It knocked me for a loop. Four sunspots on the backside of
the Sun merged into one,
July 18th, and bounced off Venus and Earth on the 19th & 20th. Looks
like we're in for yet more rapid-fire M-Class shots.
Mitch Battros, says it would probably take an X-5 CME to seriously damage
our electrical energy grid.

Yes__we're "TIRED" (what else is new?), perhaps a bit dizzy, feeling as if we're about to fall over,

and going ballistic with aches, itches and twitches in odd places. What's affecting me most, is
being "
called to the other side" by Guides in the wee hours of the night, and receiving HUGE
downloads about tweaking my Soul Purpose for 5-D living and for this newsletter, as we begin our
Final Shift Phase into 4 & 5-D. It's most interesting and even exciting, (too lengthy to go into
here)__ but I need more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night! Thank heavens I'm retired__ I don't
know how you younger folks do it__ all this crud and having to go to a job or care for home & kids
(or both!) every day. Oh,my__ just think of having 3 teenagers at once, a full time job as we did,
and trying to deal with all that's happening these days. YIKES!

Higher Self told me to go outdoors and stand or walk barefoot on patches of earth or grass, letting
my body discharge the built-up energies that have done their jobs in our bodies, but have nowhere
else to go. Tried it... felt great!

The New Economy
Our Justice/Legal Systems may take a big hit towards the End of July. Banks may close for
awhile. You might consider having some cash and small coins on hand, as stores won't be able to
give you change. A supply of food and meds, extra gas for cars & lawnmower, and pet food would
help for a few weeks until things stabilize. See above,
David Korten's video: "Agenda for the New

Getting our Acts Together
Actually, we're in for some HARD WORK! (Rats!)__ humdrum tasks__ exposing our weaknesses
as we try to "get our acts together". We need to work on ourselves now; to focus on our respons-
ibilities, our duties to ourselves. It may be a crisis time__ a reflection of troubles arising from the
past, disturbing global news, threatened or harassed youngsters, unusual new knowledge or ac
tivities related to the planet,  relocations or food-related health issues.  We may feel humiliated in
some way, as things we really haven't wanted to show the world may be flushed out now.

July 22-23rd, some sort of a Combustion of psychic energies irrupted through the pineal or pituit-
ary glands, more or less forcefully, into our field of consciousness, exposing us to the Element of
", as the Sun enters the sign of Leo. In esoteric tradition, Leo__ ruled by the Sun__ repres-
ents Solar Fire, the energy released from an integrated person, either through spontaneous radia-
tions at the Truly Enlightened Stage__ or at the superhuman Self-Realization Stage in still more
transcendent realms, deliberately radiated through conscious emanations. (
The Seven Stages: This rising of energies from the Heart to the Head can
be potentially dangerous__ similar to
 thoughtlessly exposing oneself  to sunstroke. The Spiritual
Self arises,  f one's controlled and steady ego
 becomes a lens focusing cosmic Light, without pos-
sessiveness, pride or showmanship. Will humanity learn the difficult process of transmuting 'living'
into 'loving'?

Our Roles in 5-D
The star system Sirius rises at dawn July 26th__ known as "The Day Out of Time" to the Maya
__directly opposite the gaze of the Giza Sphinx, triggering a whole NEW VISION to rise up from
the ashes of the past. Our present
& future Individual Roles will now direct our own gazes toward
our greatest challenges
& future trenscendent processes in this lifetime__ perhaps in All our life-
times. New Experiences open, for this is a "Point of Destiny"__ a guiding principle of Synchron-
icity__ mirroring the subject of our attention, and reminding us of our universal connection to ever-
ything & everyone. Once again__ allow the New Visions arriving in July & August to inspire you
to find your place in the
5-D scheme of things as Earth spins deeper into Oneness.

We need the assistance of superior powers during these critical stages of growth in conscious
ness__ growth of freedom, power and individuality. We are NOT ALONE__ some more evolved
power and intelligence watches, encourages
&d gives examples to be followed. We are develop-
ing Multidimensional Technologies that will connect us directly with that powerful intelligence so
we may effectively resolve conflict at personal, organic or super-personal levels of unfoldment.

Will humanity find New Freedom, & Individual Powers that bring Peace and Oneness? We have
just recently experienced a radical
Reorientation of our lives, but many more decisions lie ahead.
The desires of the body can still drown out visions of the New Human. In an attempt at self-justifi
cation, we may argue with ourselves, hoping to convince ourselves that the old impulses of the
body are still legitimate. Yes__ we need Multi-D Technologies that allow us to overcome the tra
shy refuse which follows from old desires or from restlessness, as we attempt to rationalize these
inner conflicts. Can humanity overcome the desires of the body and follow its New Visions?

"We each have a life script. Over the years the script becomes dense,
& when we recognize this,
we must be willing and ready to change ourselves and our scripts in some ways. You can only
truth when you
live it, becoming something different from week to week, from day to day, etc..
Mabe you've been seeing yourself as an artist, or a forest-wandering mystic"... or a political acti-
vist. Instead, make contact with your  True Self,  who is divin e. Approach that SELF...  "not as a
white-robed, meek pilgrim, but as an elegant, spiritual warrior, wielding a sword of consciousness.
Then live in a state of Poise."... Later, after the Shift is over, you can tell yourself that... "I played a
role in that
& it was very significant.", although valued only in our... "Personal Level of Commitment
__ our Success." Neil Kramer

Cosmic Winks
July 26th,
still more energy bursts bring the possibilitiy of even more Multi-D Tech flying in from
the Cosmos to be integrated into our consciousness, as Black Hole, Circinus X-1 connects with
us today. These flashes of insight must be incorporated, and not treated casually. Perseverance
and sensitivity need to merge for an effective use of this black hole energy.
Timing is the key here;
moving forward at the intuited  moment of action opens the door to
 getting the job done.  Motion
just for the sake of motion does not work;  neither do play and humor  when the time for activation
provide the intended results either.
 Trust the impulses received  and discuss them with great ho-
nesty and openness while chasing after whatever is needed.

Today is the best time to
Act on the New Vision-Idea from the New Moon, of July 19th__ "A
need to develop the inner security which will enable us to meet unexpected crises
." We are fac-
ed with Challenges from Nature__ primarily connected with how to function as an individual within
 collective social processes.  Events for which  we are not normally prepared  can be a
"menace" to mankind's works.

We have a
Contrast here. Nature can reduce to dust, the endeavors & constructive activities of
humans that seemed most permanent. Human works, institutions and/or their achievements can

be washed away, even in their day of greatest glory. Can humanity meet the unexpected crises of
failing social institutions
& services__ banks, insurance companies, health services, telecommun-
cations , energy grids, resources, astounding solar system discoveries,  or even__ off-world visit-
ors? Bill Clinton is again involved, regarding close relationships with intimates__or enemies. Hil-
lary is also in the media.

The Future meets the Past
From July 26th, through the next few years, Pluto, "The Transformer", is in a stressful aspect
with Uranus, "The Awakener", with Uranus "leading" Pluto (first discovered in 1930 under a simi-
lar stressful aspect, but at that time with Uranus "catching up" with Pluto.) This finally happened in
1965-66 when satellite communication systems linked all areas (and eventually humans) of Earth;
"Star Trek" TV series began; and the Gateway Arch arose in St. Louis, MO, completing the
Unity Consciousness Global Grid that connects East with West, as the New Cycle began.  

However, from June, 2012, and off -&-on to March, 2016, the current Pluto-Uranus stress asp-
ect continues in effect.  It's time to ACT  on that  Unity Consciousness Project  begun in 1965-66.
It's also an opportunity  to find enjoyment in the Roles__ the Soul Contracts__ we committed to
carry out by consciously embodying our spiritual values. We need to willingly accept the principles,
patterns and limitations
 of a well-established culture,  and the sensitivity to  spiritual energies that
provide protection,
 if we desire a serene and happy existence, whatever our social status.

Seriously, we must ask__ "Are we really living in a well-established culture, or not?__ and, "Are
we truly sensitive
 to incoming spiritual energies, or not?  As we develop inner wholeness, future
events may become apparent to us,
but developing a personality unclouded by egotism, & there-
by perceiving situations as a "Whole", is more important. We can trust in our well-enlightened be-
ing, rather than over-emphasizing our ego by trying to prove we have one. The Multi-D Technol-
ogy of Focused Attention  on the development of an individualized consciousness  is required.
Can humanity establish a Unity Consciousness Culture that equally serves all life every-

The Summer Olympics
The Stars tell us:  "The basic realities in interpersonal interplay that can neutralize an Occult Rit-
ualization of Conflict  need to be  kept in mind"   London, England,  July 27th.  "The individual
must conquer his animal nature to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient tra
ditional power rituals. He shows himself and his nation to the best advantage and dramatizes its
achievements, while allowing a
Common Bond to flow between all participants sharing a similar
future path
." Dane Rudhyar

A magician uses mis-direction  o get his audience  to look away  from the stage,  at just the right
time, to create compelling
illusions.  Something unusual of global proportion  may be designed  to
occur at the
Summer Olympics  that can divert both energy and attention  through a 4th-density
"pageant" ripe with dark symbolism  suggesting a Stargate or Wormhole to another dimension__
perhaps a
Magic Show. The next question is: "Is it Real, or is it an Illusion?

July's End may present rather intense encounters with others__ particularly those in author-
ity__ as well as circumstances in which we need to  stand up for our positions. These encounters
may reveal aspects of our lives that we have long not und
erstood, or chose to ignore. On the oth-
er hand, we need to avoid playing domineering or overwhelming roles ourselves, as these attitu-
des can create future conditions  in which we will probably "lose out", s omehow.  Breakdowns in
relationships are possible;
 objects and machinery may fail,  and parts of our lives  that have long
"fixing" may now require more permanent solutions.

Under the more positive approach, July's Farewell can be a time when ambitions and forces for
Creative Change peak. It's possible to make many sweeping and fundamental changes now that
we didn't have the power to make before. Make sure they are for the highest good of all concern
ed, and in keeping with universal purpose and plan. It's best not to act alone, as we might encoun-
ter more opposition t han we can handle alone.  Avoid placing self in  situations or  locations
where one could be subjected to force or violence.
Finding enjoyment in the roles we were born to play can trigger rapid creative change. The tend
ency to imitate higher forms stimulates growth. Every seeker looks for a "Role Model__an Avatar";
we cherish association with those
 who have already reached  a superior  evolutionary or mental
level. A
Bonding is required,  wherein we recognize the basics  that start all Learning Processes.
As we bid
July Goodbye,  we may recognize a dire need for positive changes to our Educational
and System.  Can humanity  act out their Individual Roles  and thereby, collectively
make Creative Changes for the well-being and security of All Life on the Planet?   

Welcome, August
Expect REVELATIONS as yet another New Vision arrives
Aug. 1st. The creative power Within
can now easily flow into the brain  or the hands which write or craft materials into original forms.
We need to rely upon the descent of that spiritual force, and on our inner inspiration
& guidance
at the start of any new development, especially when  A NEW PERIOD OF INDIVIDUAL ACTIVI-
TY is about to begin. Lightworkers and Starseeds may now move out into more public service
or recognition. Will humanity avoid depending on Outer Circumstances & on Traditional & Exter-
nal Incentives, realizing that they are collectively formulated & often manipulated? Troubles with
Saudi Arabia may escalate.  

Meditation & Dreamwork instructions str found at :
nce we learn to meditate or monitor our dreams, we no longer need an 'expert', an authority or
intermediary __ or a priest, minister, guru__ between us and our Creator. We need no one to tell
us what God/Spirit is like, what Spirit knows, says or does, or what Spirit expects of us. We can
go within, be aware of our ONENESS with the Loving, Intelligent, Purposeful and Self-Organizing
Greater Self and receive our own benevolent inspiration, guidance and peace.
" (The Arcturians)

Sonya Grace: "Arcturians on Earth" Video. 3 minutes.
Looking Ahead: August 6th: "Curiosity" space probe to land on Mars. will track the landing of Curiosity on Mars daily. Tune in free
9 PM Pacific Time; 1 AM Eastern.

Blocks to creativity arise when we maintain attachment to outcome. Be neither afraid of failure,
nor over-eager for success. We can choose what we wish to manifest, but Universe/Spirit choo-
ses the Timing and the Process by which it becomes a reality.

First Obtain Permission from Spirit Within or Higher Self before doing Intentions. When
you get a  "
Go", begin each Intention with: "Let this Intention be for  the highest good of all
concerned, & in accord with Creator's Purpose & Plan for Earth & All Life Upon Her."

1.) While evoking the FEELING of Unconditional Love within Self, Become as One with Earth &
all Life Upon Her. Then State aloud:  "I Intend that all of Earth's Climate and Weather is safe
and moderate, with appropriate amounts of rain, snow, sunshine &/or wind where,
& as
needed and so desired, for the highest good of all concerned, for now and forevermore.
Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy. Express Gratitide.) State aloud: "How does it get
any better than this?"

2.) While evoking the FEELING of Unconditional Love within Self, Become as One with Earth and
All Life Upon Her.
 Than state aloud: "I Intend that All Life Upon Earth who so choose, have
abundant and inexpensive organic, clean, healthy and nutritious food and water for now
and forevermore.
" (Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy. Express Gratitude.) State aloud:
How does it get any better than this?"

3.) While evoking the FEELING of Unconditional Love within Self, Become as One with Earth and
All Life Upon Her. Then state aloud:
 "I intend that  Earth is restored to Her former beautiful
sea and landscapes with the pristine environment, lushness, and natural abundance and
fertility of one thousand years ago, for all who so choose, for now and forevermore.
Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy. Express Gratitude.) State aloud: "How does it get
any better than this