January 10, 2011
                                                                                   "THE ALCHEMY OF SOUND"
                                                                               PART I: "THE POWER OF MUSIC"
"Alchemy is the art of understanding resonance, which makes it possible to  materialize things by raising or lowering
frequencies." (
B.H. Clow)  Our bodies are pre-programmed to resonate with certain vibrations of musical notes and patterns of
notes. Each note & note pattern  has a specific frequency  that entrains the mind,  emotions & even the  body's cells to a specific
function or attitude.  When we enter into  
The Zone for meditations and intentions , music can help us stay connected  with the
moods necessary for  positive interaction with the
 Creative Forces.  Every time we do this  entrainment,  our DNA slightly shifts
toward that of the
 Light Body.  Why do we need to know this?   It is the Light Body that  enables us to  ascend fully into a  5th
l existence along with Gaia. Select music that uplifts you  into a state of ecstacy when  meditating for information
or prior to performing Intentions for
Healing or Manifesting.

Consciousness evolution, music and mathematics are closely related. Mathematics__ the physicist's "language"__ links every-
thing in the universe, as does Music. Even  hyper-dimensional  (dimensions and densities  beyond 3-D) realms follow the laws of
musical pro- portion and harmony.

"Light Language" coming from star constellations is formed from vibrations arranged in  musical patterns. This Musical
Light Language,
when used with meditation, can take us back to our origins in the star systems where we've experienced past
lives. If you know your
"home planet", before you came here to Earth, choose the Element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Ether) most
significant to that planet. Both
Sirius & the Pleiades are Water planets (as is Earth), so choose "water world" music for your me-
ditations, healings & manifestations.
You Tube has music videos that offer these choices.   

We can, if we choose, return as far back as "The Big Bang"__ an explosion of Unconditional Love__ when Spirit divided
into fragments of Love. Each of us, as one of those fragments, is both a waveform and a particle of Divine Love
simultaneously.  It is our Focus,  (the Observer) that determines which form we will temporarily manifest__ a wave or a
particle__ hence, "inspiration" or "Expression".

As we step down  in dimensional vibrations,  from our original star system  to other star systems,  our entire bodies  
vibrate to such a degree that we feel  intense ecstasy.  Some of us feel our hands  tingling  as we re-experience  
stepping down through our meditations. The en
ergy downloads we are now receiving come primarily into our spinal chakras.
But if the
Axiatonal Lines come into our hand chakras,  which are numerous__  with the more powerful one in the center of each
hand__ tingling is what we feel during consciousness raising
when we are  Returning to  Source"__ indicating  we may  
become healers through our hands, which hold new abilities to be activated during the New Reality.

Aware of  ancient people's practices of  aligning sacred sites and monument orientations  with  star constellations,  archaeolo-
gists studied the placement of the  Aztec temple pyramids at  Teotihuacan near Mexico City. They found the  pyramids located
according to a musical pattern replicating the exact spacing  between planets and asteroids in our  solar system. One scientist
likened the  pyramid spacing  along the processional  to a huge guitar with frets along its "neck", with pyramids and temples at
those frets where fingers would be placed  to produce the string vibrations matching  exact musical scale tones. He then trans-
posed this fret-spacing to musical notes  on a printed  music staff.  It made chords  reproducing the opening tones of
composition, "
Thus Spake Zarathustra, used by Stanley Kubrik as the opening theme for his film, "2001: A Space Odyssey.".

The  Classic Maya  located their pyramids and temples  along the  Yucatan processional in similar fashion. They even included
several  as-then still undiscovered  planets__  one closer to the Sun than Mercury, plus Pluto and one or two others  farther out
from Pluto. Pluto was unknown to modern astronomers before

Musical sound has been perceived  as coming from  an outside source  such as a TV,  a babbling brook,  someone singing or
even the  "music of the spheres".  Few people  realize that  sound and music  impact the body  internally. The voice, especially
when the  throat chakra is  awakened,  has the power to  influence internal organs.  Catatonic patients have been  known to re-
spond to poetry. When we speak aloud,  our diaphragm vibrates with the sound,  and we feel these word-vibrations resonating
throughout our bodies. This idea lies behind the use of affirmations, mantras and chants.

Sound and music  bypass intellect to  directly saturate  the emotional nature,  releasing blocked feelings when  body parts syn-
chronize with each other__  suggesting drug-free therapies.  Intentions,  when spoken aloud in a loving voice,  ride on a sound
wave__  thus producing a more powerful effect than when we silently "think" them. The same vowel sound of "ah"  can make a
plant shrivel up or thrive,  depending on the Intent of the speaker in that moment.  (See
"The Power of Sound" in this website's
Archives.)  Rhythm  (pattern)  serves as an  energy pump through Time.  Physical 3-D sound can  directly impact  other dimen-
sions. The sound of a drum or  rhythmically struck object  acoustically alters both the energetic and physical bodies' responses
to the various dimensions.

Cultures throughout history used music and sound  to train mankind's consciousness,  whether by the  ringing of a bell, a voice
echoing from a minaret to call the faithful to prayer,  the shaking of a  shaman's rattle during a healing,  the cowboy crooning to
restless cattle at night,  the swelling tones of a massive pipe organ  or the soothing harmony of "
Pachabel's "Cannon in D". All
can float us into other-dimensional realms, introducing us to a sea of alternate realities.

In western cultures  we move from  activity to activity,  insensitive as to  how nearby sounds  affect us. Music helps us draw im-
ages from within. We can watch our individually unique pictographs emerge, discerning shapes and colors suitable for healing
mandalas or collages, for murals, fabric arts, or for hanging art when ill.  Indigenous people say that the musical tones of
F#, G
and A are  the most sacred sounds.  Dr. Leonard Horowitz  states that 258 Hz. is the Vibration of Love.  To Be Human, then,
means to have  inherent gifts for  lovingly  influencing natural processes  through the sound of music   Creating with Sound  is a
7th Dimensional activity.

                                                                                    January 30, 2011
                                                                              THE POWER OF SOUND:  
                                                                      PART II. "THE ALCHEMY OF SOUND"

MEDITATION: "Each melody holds a message created by the tones and sounds it projects. These notes and sounds vibrate
at various rates,  and this is what impacts one's consciousness with words related to each specific vibration when one is in
thedaydream state of mind. These sounds  evoke emotion,  and it is emotion__  Unconditional Love__  that fuels the fires of the  
manifestation process. Our etheric bodies are  integrated perfectly with  the Ethers/Creative Force,  serving as  intermediaries
for It.
Peace, Oneness and Unconditional Love connect one with the Creative Force__the etheric 'soup'  holding all potentials
for manifestations, causing It to cohere into a single thought, idea, process or material object."

Sound, Light and Color are vibrational frequencies of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum conditioning the environment in which
healing or manifesting are to be performed. Sound
: songs, music, bells, rattles, mantras, chants__catalyze energy, preparing it
o move towards an intended target.

Sharry Edwards heals with her voice  by replicating tones  missing from the client's voice.  We, too,  can produce light, color or
sounds in meditation that foster regeneration and wellness to the physical & subtle bodies. The effect is amazing when the per-
sonal color vibrations of an individual's aura and their astrological planetary positions are merged into a mandala painting, as in
the "
Uranus Rising" mandala featured on the Title Page of this website.

In the distant past, art, music & healing were one. They were used in many ways as transformational tools. In the valleys of Sou-
th France, archaeologists found caves where hunters had drawn animal shapes on the walls to entreat the spirits of the animals
they needed for food. These caves date from  16,000 to 32,000 years ago.  When scientists examined some of the caves, they
noted a series of dots on many of the  animal forms.  One fellow who'd had musical training,  saw the dots as  similar to musical
notes.  Later,  when they returned to the caves with musical instruments and played those dot tones, the hoofbeats of the animal
bearing the particular dot symbols were heard galloping through the cave. This implies an extremely high level of technological

Portions of the EM Spectrum can both  affect each other and change into each other. In
Chapter 14: Lightworks we learned how
sound can spin, convert into light, and then into various forms of electrical phenomena. Light also converts back into sound when
an object's atomic particles vibrate at a slower rate. The same occurs with chemical compounds__which may
vibrate at slower
rates than the body
. This may be why many people with an expanded consciousness cannot use prescription drugs.

In India, certain types of Sacred Geometries are formed into the temple stone walls, floors, ceilings and chambers which natura-
lly cause certain sounds to vibrate visitor's bodies at higher levels. "The Great Pyramid in Egypt,  is itself such a shape"..when
one lies within the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber and breathes, talks or sings in certain ways, one begins to bi-locate.

Osiris, ancient Eyptian diety,  was said to bring music to Earth  that was considered  the basic sound that enables ascension.
Scientific tests  revealed that the  five different chambers in the  Great Pyramid  each resonate to a  different  vibrational  tone.
There appears to be  an energy burst that  with the right voice,  projects down from the highest chambe r through the lower one
and shifts the minds of those inside the pyramids into altered states resonating to heart beats similar to the EM infra-red range,
which is inaudible to human ears and puts people into an alpha-meditative state.

Recording these experiments, it was found that  the various chambers resonated at 87.3 Hz (cycles per second), which is
and with  174 Hz. (an octave higher  
F#),  with 261.1 Hz.,  which i s C#,  and 369.3 Hz.  (a  second octave higher F#).  These
tones were  deliberately built into the pyramid.,  altering the bio-rhythms of the body__ heart,  glands,  blood,  breath, etc.__to
break us through the power of negativity in our minds

In Tikal,  Guatamala,  the Yucatan, known as the "City of Sound", at Temple #2
atop a pyramidal form, a researcher climbed to
the top level and sang. Lights flashed around him  and the stone structure of the pyramid beneath him began to oscillate. At the
bottom of the staircase, a female voice began to sing from nowhere, repeating the words and melody, but inserting higher tones
with this.
Sacred Geometrical enclosures, the direction and types of stones, etc., are all designed with built-in sound effects. At a Chich-
en Itza temple, when one c
laps their hands at a point on the courtyard below the pyramid's staircase, it is echoed with the sound
of a bird chirping__  a Quetzelcoatl bird.  This was engineered through the layering of the stones in the stair steps.

The ancients knew  the power of sound and light and used them to create
homo sapiens sapiens__ us__ from the early homin-
id that lived on Earth over 200,000 years ago. The  ruins of  circular structures  all over southern Africa  are  formed from stones
carried from distant sites to the sacred geometrical enclosures in which our ancestors were created. These stones, when struck
with a metal instrument, give off a sound that rings like a bell, as well as projecting a certain type of light.

Our body is itself a sacred temple. Ancient people danced and sang i n the fields at equinoxes and solstices to encourage boun-
tiful crops.
Jesus used sound when He said, "Lazarus, arise." He healed with pure energy. We can vibrate these sounds, these
tones, from within ourselves and produce similar results.

The characteristics of healers' energy fields match the behavior of
hyper-dimensional physics. Healers' expanded-state fields
hold higher frequencies which focus energies to our physical organism. Lightworkers are not only able to absorb and adapt the
energies of  Earth and outer-space for collective and universal purposes,  but can also generate and project their own energies
into the environment.

In The Zone__ the Dreamtime__ we create a living energy field around ourselves that affects the EM spectrum here in  Earth's
third density. The after-effects of this  deep meditation last for hours, and with regular practice we can maintain that expanded
energy field around us continually. From within that field, we can then absorb, change or produce electromagnetic phenomena.

At a later stage, Higher Self radiations move through the pineal-brow center, activating the etheric head areas to stimulate the a-
toms of the brain until  oth brain and etheric head vibrations merge with those Higher Self frequencies.

When we release a  focused thought,  it takes on a sacred geometrical pattern  which oscillates, thereby emitting sound and
light. T his is not just a metaphor.  The third eye has been shown to imprint a thought upon Polaroid film
." (Dr. Marcel Vogel.)


                                                                               February 17, 2011
                                          "INNER GUIDANCE  FROM DECEMBER INTO THE NEW YEAR"
11-30-10: Our power bill for mid-October to mid-November arrived... $42.00. Last year at that time it was $44.00. Last month
after the Intention, our bill was $9.57.
Our extended family Intention lasted for only one month. What happened?

A: "It didn't continue working because  2 family members stated that  they thought they were  still on the standard power grid.
They need to be convinced. You recall one member's remark yesterday that
'we never did do our manifestation together'?  If
she BELIEVED that was necessary and she didn't do that, then that was what was received."

M: I see that I, too, became worried after  hearing the other members' remarks. I still have so much to learn, it sometimes over-
whelms me.
A: "Don't worry. Believe that you have already come through it all in fine shape and with your potentials available to you, and
it will soon be so.
If you seek guidance daily,  there will be a tremendous,  sudden change in your body and its well-being. Try
to keep the  loving feelings in your heart, and again...
'Look for the Light' ... that surrounds you. The discomforts will soon be

12-2-10: "The best is yet to come. In the space of time it takes to light a candle,  the world will change for the better. Keep the
love in the heart, the sense of oneness and of peace alive within you. You know
your environment will also change."

12-3-10: PORTAL DAY.  I 'd earlier  asked  if we can  do the electrical Intention  again for our homes and yards,  and was told,
"Yes, when the family better understands about how it works."

M: What else do I need to know today?
"Now my dears, it is time to take a lesson from the winds that blow across the meadows, the mountains, the seas.  It knows
no difference,  and treats all with the sam e
non-judgement.  As a human,  however,  one can be in  non-judgement  like the
wind,  but also have
compassion, l ove and harmlessness in oneness.  Live your days in similar ways.  Be the wind that
blesses all
,  that caresses and soothes,  that uplifts, inspires and loves unconditionally."

12-5-10: PORTAL DAY. When we have developed our Light Bodies, is it possible to still be in a physical body?
A: "Yes. One can, if one wishes, slip out of the physical body and travel in only the light body. This is done when actually en-
tering a higher dimension, rather than simply contacting it."

M: How can Americans best resolve the TSA scanners and "pat downs" problem at our airports?
A: "Intend that it be so, asking others to participate in this Intention."

M: Christmas is often so hard for me... the lack of sunlight, the cold, the pains, the weakness and disabilities, the lack of sleep...
and we Americans have so badly
screwed up the entire Christmas Spirit , I cried over it. I can't fully connect with spirit
within when I'm so down and ou
t. How many "dark nights of the soul" must we go through? I'm wondering if it's worth it...or,
is this just another
"romp around the mulberry bush"  I've bought into... yet again?  How can w e stay positive and loving
with all this crap gong on?
"After the holidays, things will pick up. You are being presented with the shadow side of self... the 'old consciousness'
that tries to hang on forever.
Put your faith in Spirit Within. As to the Intentions, you are in a Process. You will understand
when Christmas is over.
M: Oh, I get it... the  loss of the lowered power bill by the others involved in the Intention experiment is showing them they need
to learn  more about it and do it for themselves
A: "Correct."

12-24-10: L. and the two little great grandkids came to make cookies and Christmas pudding. Had fun with the kids. Lexi,  age
1 1/2 years,  is amazingly.  She
sings... and she  carries a melody. She  "cooked" with an  empty  yogurt cup and  small pla-
stic spoon, walking around the room, stirring in the cup and  talking to various people no one else can see.
Gabriel,  2 1/2, had
fun with the big blocks.  Made a "mountain " and decorated the blocks with stickers. When he saw  sparrows  eating seeds out-
side the window, he delightedly exclaimed, "

The predicted Surprise came when I went to the computer that night,  and Internet Explorer was down.  J. came about 9:30,
and could pull it up on his cell phone. I tried again to bring it in several times,  but no go until  10:30 PM,  when
 I Intended that
return. I was immediately  "dinged" to remove the "Sports Bar"  that NBA insists in sticking in repeatedly,  and was
finally fast enough to disable it.
Internet Explorer immediately returned. Hurrah!

12-25-10: Christmas. Guides: "Put your thoughts now towards Being At Peace with all that comes into your sphere of con-
tact. The year ahead will be  absolutely amazing.  Consciousness progress will escalate  beyond anything expected. After
March 21st, your Intentions will manifest as never before, and your children will be amazed at the power within them-selves.
Keep a stiff upper lip and Love, Peace & Oneness within. Recall the "Good News" that L. shared with you."
M: L. had good news about his finances.

12-29-10: Since my hands are now so disabled, I packed up the keyboard, its stand, accessories and music, plus most
of my Italian and French yarn and all the needles, etc., and sent them to grandson, C. and his wife. She will share the
yarn with her mom.  It was hard to  "let go" of  a  joy that has been with me for 70 years,  but kept  reminding myself  that
whatever I really need will be there for me, one way or another.

M: 'm not certain about yesterday's odd dream of  "Ah, sweet mysteries of life at last I've found you, etc.". I've wondered if
it's a signal that my left brain is no longer dominant, but what was going on with the left hand? Will it become useless like the
dream man's hand?  And I interpreted the song as that the "secret of it all" is  Unconditional Love. Is this correct?

A: "In times of stress,  there is a  great need for  meditation as well as rest.  The song tells you that  you now have the Key to
the New Reality Life, in Unconditional Love, yes, and in Oneness and Intention, as well. You have made great progress with
your relationship with H., who is also struggling with the many changes in body and in Earth. You are feeling  the increased
closeness between you. You are empowering your family. Continue with that. Yes, the left brain is receding as the right gains
in strength.  Do not worry about the  forgetfulness of things past. This is what needs to be, for the New Reality is not based on
the old.  The left hand will soon be used  for activities and abilities  not yet known to you,  although it will remain secondary in
physical  movement to the  right hand.  As for the mask in the dream,  you are taking on a  "new face"  for the world,  which is
only  half manifested to date.  When fully manifested,  you will once again be  "out there"  among people  and groups. They,
too, need to change before the New Reality is accomplished."

12-31-10: Guides: "Things are  moving forward as planned. Feel the Love around you and feel Gratitude for the blessings
you already have. The new year will bring increases in health and relationships, so relax and let it come in its own good time
It will."

1-1-11: M: Any message today?
A: "It is now the time for reflection on the past and where you feel you are heading. Clow's advice about the Solstices is cor-
rect. She has, so to speak, "
her head in her heart.". Keep your  head in your heart. The wind blows  far and wide, and you may
find some unusual  "talents" showing up  before the Spring Equinox.  Use them to best advantage  for the good of the whole.
Enjoy the day.  Contact friends, watch your occasional evening ballgame.  Spend more time with hubby . Yes, he is some-
times like a young boy,  but that is part of  the change for humans on  Earth. You, too,  are sometimes more 'childlike'... ac-
cepting people and events without judgement... seeing the humor in it. Yes... '
The chickens', said with much joy."

1-4-11: M: The family agrees to re-do the electic grid intention, but to ask for more lasting results. Is this OK, and of the 3 Inten-
tions, in which order need they be done, and the timing for them?.
A: "The  Colors of the  Wind  are the  Rainbows of  the Mind.  These are  what you  think and feel  while in your  daydreams,
intuitions, intentions and even in the beta state. You can 'tune' from one 'color'  (frequency)  to an-other at will,  as you have
been learning. Continue to learn to master your  thoughts and feelings until it becomes a Fine Art. Seek the
higher dimen-
and learn how to co-create with them...Here, the left hand enters in."

"Wait until after
 January 7th  to repeat the electric grid intention,  and have the children help  set a date  for the group Inten-
tion of same. Meanwehile, inform each of
Deep Breathing to charge up, and how to evoke Unconditional Love in their hearts.
Explain also, the idea of '
not over-riding anyone's free will'. This is very important."

"Yes, you are having a combined cleansing after your
Personal Season Day (1-2-11), and a download of energies, plus so-
lar energy from the sun. These energies are the 'SOMETHING BIG'. previously mentioned. They are about Unity Conscio-
uness and the more Feminine Nature of life on Earth.

"As for the
3 Intentions:  Please purify the Waters of Earth first,  then the Electric Grid Intention, and then begin learning to
manifest PURE FOOD & WATER for all
. The Timing is up to you... it depends upon  how the process  moves along. Use
your intuition  to know  when to do  each Intention... but  complete the 3  before  
3-8-11... Yes,  the  GROUP SEASON DAY.
Keep your head in your heart... actually, you already have the info you need to work with over the coming months. Enjoy."

1-8-11: MEDITATION: I've had several low days ; just can't seem to get my energy back,  and I seem to be in a different frame
of mind... as if the "real life"  is happening inside me,  and my  outer life is the dream.  Almost as if   I'm meditating all the time.
Can't seem to focus well, either. Working on the  website or writing... even talking  seems harder. Trouble putting words toge-
ther to make sense. What's happening?\
A: "You've reached a major point in consciousness evolution. Congratulations. This is the more feminine energy impact-
ing your mind. The right brain, feminine, is now in charge. Keep the Love in the Heart, and all will be well. It's as if you now
'feel'  your way through life, rather than think and then act. About the Intentions... when J. is ready, set a day for doing the in-
tention, and
let them choose  whether to be in  physical presence with each other, or to w rk separately from their homes."
"You may note you are LIVING IN THE NOW more than before,  and words take TIME to say,  to read,  to write. Soon, this,
too will fade, and you will seldom use words except when speaking to those whose frequency has not yet reached that state.
Do not worry... All is in perfect order."

M: MR. and her friend in another state asked to be included in our Electricity Intention. How do I go about adding them to the
A :"If the children choose to be together physically, phone her and have her and friend Intend along with you. If doing the In-
tention separately, inform her of your date and time. As you yourself Intend, visualize their physical persons standing within
an energetic 'sphere' that is their location. When scripting the Intention, state and visualize the 4 Idaho homes and the home
location of the 2 out-of-state women."

1-11-11: M: Do I need to re-create my Merkaba in order to go through the Shift with my memories intact?
A: "Of course, if you wish to later have recall of this and all past lives. No matter, as you will be in a new world that  'works' in
an entirely different way. You will soon find out how to deal with that, as there will be 'helpers.' "