Living in the New Reality
                                                                               January 12, 2010

A third point in Menninger's Criteria of Emotional Maturity is "The capacity to sublimate, to direct one's instinctive hostile
energy into creative and constructive outlet
s."  Ron Davis, in his interviews about dyslexia and autism on
tells us that there have been four major leaps in  human consciousness  since the  Middle Ages.
At each one of these leaps, humans have had to surrender one of their  instinctive habits. It is well known that  human beings have
far less  instincts than animals.  Which of our  instincts will we  give up in order to  reach a  
5th  dimensional  consciousness__
food, sex, fight-or-flight, or what?

What seems to be causing much of the distress in our world is "fight"... not only wars, but
anger, competition and egotistic mo-
. Can we make that quantum leap by letting go of our "instinctive hostile energy"? Our lives are being impacted with all
sorts of negative events,  information and fear-based "entrainment". Our family are no exceptions.   After a two month period from
Halloween to New Year's last year
(2009)  I had reached a depth of depression and despair that  I'd never known before.  I asked
my spirit guides for assistance in either resolving the negativities,  or learning to deal with them in a  less fearful and angry manner.
The information arrived.

During these spates of  perceived negativity,  most of our  discomfort arises from  fear &/or  misunderstandings about
what is trying to  manifest in our lives.   Is everything going to  continue to go downhill?  It's been said that  the degree of chal-
lenge we are being asked to  resolve  equals the degree of  empowerment__ the leap of consciousness, or understan-
ding that will  replace it once we  work through that challenge. So if we have a  long and  intense period of  failure, mis-
ery, confusion and difficulty,  we will eventually enjoy an  extreme level of miraculous  relief,  joy,  understanding, com-
fort and an amazing spiritual gift or talen

I began to realize that what I was perceiving as  "bad" or "good"  occurrences were  actually "steps" in a process        
towards some sort of future
manifestation. And, I was constantly receiving intuitive nudges to once again refine my
ideas about
"Who I Am". My gosh, how many times do we have to do that? Again I asked H. S. for  understanding and all sorts
of information poured in.  I had left a file folder sitting on the table in my computer room for weeks,  and the afternoon of requesting
the assistance, I was "dinged" to put that folder  away in the file cabinet "now". I did so.

There,  I discovered an old folder labeled  "
Arcturus"  that I'd created at least twelve years ago. The word "Arcturus" had been
brought to my  attention repeatedly over the  last few days,  so I pulled it out and  looked through it.  Inside were numerous
from  1988 that  I had  completely forgotten about,  all telling me  about  "Who I Really Am" and  What I  Came
Here to Do
__  besides  raising my consciousness.  At the time of  receiving  this information,  I didn't really  understand  what
was being said, for many of the terms were completely foreign to me. Now, however, through writing this web-book and  years of
study and research,  I understand it all. It was absolutely mind-blowing and exciting.  Sorry I cannot tell you the  details__  it would
take a month of writing to  explain it.  And I had  absolutely no  idea  about  How I was to  accomplish this  (although I had  already
been unconsciously doing a lot of it).

"IDENTITY DETERMINES OUR INTELLIGENCE." Who We Believe We Are Right Now determines how smart we are, how
capable,  how compassionate,  how judgemental,  how spiritual,  how talented,. That's why we must take  a good look inside now
and then to see how our Identity has changed. And
WE CAN CHANGE THAT IDENTITY (and all that goes with it) AT WILL.
                                                                                  February 1, 2010                                                          
A fourth point in Menninger's "Criteria of Emotional Maturity" is "The ability to deal constructively with reality." The
first half of January brought a  tremendous influx of cosmic energies__  the biggest ever! Google and YouTube told of a
opening in the waters of the  Gulf of Aden on January 5th, this yea
r. We could call this article the "State of the Lightworker
". All I wanted to do was SLEEP and EAT! I was laid so low, that I seriously considered a trip to the local ER on two of those
days,  but intuition said it was ascension symptoms.

The second half of January brought an increase in paranormal episodes. Healing and manifesting occurred even more quickly and  
much more easily.
We have to be  very careful now,  of how/what we  think and feel,  for it  manifests almost immed-
 In fact,  just daydreaming about something for a few minutes can attract it within the hour. Time and Space now seem

Many Lightworkers have recently moved into the
4th Dimension temporarily. Oh, we'll shuffle back and forth  between dimensions
for awhile, but in time we'll be fully into the 4th. We may be connecting or re-connecting with our
off-world ancestors, brothers and
sisters now. This phenomenon is escalating world-wide.  If you are personally communicating with extra-terrestrial beings, they may
offer you assistance for your chose
n 5-D role.

Who We Really Are as  individuals,  as galactic citizens and as  fractals of Spirit is  extremely import-
ant at this dimensional level,  for based on the understanding of our true identity,  we are establishing
 Foundations for  Our Ser-
in this New Reality, and developing a Personal Plan based on that Identity and Foundation.

Things that used to seem extremely valuable in some way, now seem to be utterly useless in this new life. While
some of us are "letting go" of more and more of the old reality ideas, objects and activities, others are hanging on to them for dear
life,  even though  those things are  no longer working or  useful for them.  On the other hand,  I've found  pleasure in  going to You
Tube and  pulling up  old movies or old  episodes of  TV shows I  enjoyed many  years ago. "
The Sandpiper"  was a  favorite,  and
"Cheers" and "Paper Chase". They are  relaxing and offer  temporary relief from th e negativity most media now present as
"entertainment". Yes,
time is irrelevant these days.

On the global scene, the Internet reports that many of the "
controllers" are running out of money for their planned projects and
a few are having a  change of heart. Some say the huge  Haitian earthquake  (which evoked  overwhelming  compassion and  aid
from most of us)  was created by these factions,  using
Tesla-type technology  they had seized years ago,  ostensibly to prevent
the transfer of huge funds to South American banks where it would be  out of reach of said controllers. There is also a huge oil res-
ervoir under the oceans near Haiti, which has long lacked the money and technology to develop it and take their citizens out of ext-
reme poverty.

Many recent articles are telling how the  
New Kids/Indigos  who suffered from ADD,  ADHD,  Autism or  Asberger's
 have  turned out to be  geniuses in their  specific fields,  and earn  big  incomes in  adulthood. Their  DNA
sometimes checks out as being a bit similar to the
12 strand DNA of ETs. These are the long-prophesied  "sixth race"
of humans
,  most of whom have  developed their consciousness  in other realms,  and this is their  first time in a  physical
ody.  Our culture is so  slow-paced and varied,  they are  unable to focus on  any of it for long. About all they can do in child-
hood and early youth, is mirror back to parents, teachers, and other ordinary folks, what those  adults are  projecting into the  
world at present.  "AIM"  (  is a group that has developed ways to help these children and youth find bal-
ance and integration into our physical world, and to aid parents in coping with these unusual, gifted children. Scholarships are  
available at  AIM for those  economically disadvantaged.
More prevalent in cities than in rural areas, the
increase in wireless technology is suggested as a major cause of this.

Communication  problems seem to be  in the fore,  whether it's  travel,  computers,  TV,  telephones of  all  types or
simple  conversations. Being even more  " o
ut of touch" with the  3-D and  4-D worlds can  foster misunder-
standings and even arguments or
conflicts with those in our fields of contact. I find that when I talk about my day's other-
dimensional experiences, those close to me often either ignore it or get upset because they don't understand. Sometimes I feel as
if I'm speaking a foreign language to them. Some seem to  NOt WANT to understand__  possibly because it might require them to
change attitudes or lifestyles in some way.  And
CHANGE, of course,  is  absolutely  necessary these days  on all levels. Many are
resisting it with all their might.

A  program the other night  said researchers testing  late-term  Alzheimer's  patients had
reversed-speech devices on their  babbelings,  and discovered these people are actually  saying something...
but backwards!

In late January,  information arrived telling of a " Big Event" soon to occur,  and that the "source" of it would be revealed. This was
after the Haitian earthquake. Perhaps the communication confusions,  mistakes and  breakdowns so common these days are pro-
pelling us into activating the
Unified Field of Intelligence and telepathic abilities. The guides informed me of this
January 20th,  and  since that date,  Earth is  no  longer supporting  irresponsibility . Responsibility is the  balance to
power. This will be the
"key to life existence as a soul" ( in Earth's New Reality.
In your plans, evoke Unconditional/Divine Love for everyone involved,  including yourself,  for you are a part of the group as well.
Create solutions that  benefit  (or at least, don't harm)  self and all  concerned.  I was told that the  "big event" would occur on "
7th Day".
Was that in 7 more days, or on February 7th?

January 27th
was the night of  Obama's State of the Union address, but I had my own "big event"  that day.  I had
long been aware that the
creative activities  and roles I had been  playing for lifetimes over 200,000 years,  had
preparing me for the role I took on in this present life.  But after a series of difficult experiences,  I came to
not much care if  I lived or died. Then I began to  realize  I  needed to  LET GO of that  old role and  
all  those  years
and lifetimes
.  Somehow,  it was holding me back from moving forward into the role I  needed to be playing in these higher
dimensional realities. I did let go, but felt lost, alone, and confused,  as I couldn't see anything  ahead to replace
it. Had I made a big mistake?

On my "
7th day",  I was  shown that  I  HAD made the  right decision. "IDENTITY DETERMINES  INTELLIGENCE",  we said earlier;
i.e., who we believe we are, determines the state of our beingness. When I painted, made music, wrote, did astrology, etc.__ my  
& 4-D creative work
__ I was a  messenger inspiring others about our  potential future through the  Simplicity of   Nature.
I was  channeling and  intuiting much of it.  But the  time,  focus and  energy spent creating with these  material means,  was preventing
me from fully moving into what I've been terming "
Advannced or Higher Creativity" in this web-book.  Now my intuitive and
channeling abilities were available to me 24/7.
And on this "7th day" it activated for me  big time:
 Intuition,  Precognition,  Astral Traveling,  Telepathy,
Psychometry,  Manifestation &  Healing
poured through in  waves.  Strange,  vivid and often lucid dreams__ as  many as  
four per night__  presented  themselves.  And days were  filled with  increased  
paranormal  events, heightened intuition,
and amazing miracles and synchronicities.

The Universe is a dynamic web of energy and information: The Creative Force. It is what creates all else in
the Universe. And our  consciousness  particularly  
group consciousness, affects that web. My old friends, the
Arcturians, who sent most of the  Inner Technology information in this online book,  had been absent in my life
for  twenty-two years.t some point in our  evolutionary progress,  we have to learn to "
go it alone"__ to move
beyond our  adolescent consciousness and become mature,  responsible adults. On the
7th day, I reconnected
with the Arcturians
__ and  I didn't have to  go into meditation or channeling.  They,  and other  Off-World Beings,  
are here to assist us with our  New Reality Service,  at our sincere and loving requests.

Arcturians are a highly evolved race of beings. They do not use physical/material things at all. Everything is
accomplished with energy and information. They use no "space ships" to travel__ only energy and information
directed by consciousness. They don't help us produce or repair machines, physical objects or bodies with the use
of materials__ no minerals, chemicals, physical parts, physical tools, etc.. All is done by influencing energy with

J. J. Hurtak,  (The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch),  states that  "in a  sense,   the RESCUE  TEAM  
comes from,  or through  Arcturus
"... They  speak then of the  "AHAU  Rescue Team".. . (who) ... "are  not  
interested in any  fear trips
to the  solid  attainment of a  stable,  sentient structure of ecstatic self-awareness"

The Arcturians primarily contact individuals when asked questions which deal with the EDUCATION of the masses,
in preparation for the
consciousness shift needed to Identify with the  Unified Field of Intelligence.  They are res-
ponsible for most  non-manmade crop circles. It was Arcturians  who  helped  Lemurians  program  Inner Tech-
nology info into those three Buttes near Arco, Idaho, about a half-million years ago, when Lemuria was sink-
ing in the  Pacific.  Information was  stored in the  Buttes to  later be  released to  bring  Lemurian  consciousness
and technologies back  into  our awareness  during the 2000 A.D. milennium age.  The  1983  earthquake there
(7.3), reactivated the buttes.

I have also sensed that Lemuria femininity is coming back into our consciousness. We will be doing things more
like they did.  The
Oneness,  or re-Unification  consciousness includes  communicating with  nature
spirits, plants
, animals, minerals and our Galactic neighbors, which was part of what we did in Lemuria
so long ago. We'll be true
Stewards of Earth again.

Music and the Arts,  instead of being  primary activities,  now seem to  serve as  tools for our roles in this
New Dimensional Reality.
I find that certain music puts me into ecstatic states in which I sense the Oneness and
Unity of All That Is.  And
birds,  insects,  plants and animals are at times calling attention to themselves by appearing a-
round us in greater numbers,  or behaving in unusual ways. Understanding what they are showing us,  or better yet__
communicating  directly with them__  can give us  important information and  insights about the  state of the world,
or for our personal use.
Native Americans have known this way of living for millennia.

We need to avoid trying to
"fix" people,  unless asked. If we do too much for people,  we become crutches for them,
and they  never learn to  "create" on their own.  We can  teach them  meditation or dreamwork,  and steer them toward people,  
classes, books,  films, DVDs  &  websites where they can find what they need.  However,  when it comes right
down to it,   didn't you  find that  the  
books, classes, information, etc.,  you used  probably may have  inspired
and encourage you,  but IT WAS
YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES  and  YOUR OWN INNER SPIRIT  that truly  changed your
life? We can only
teach and heal from our own experiences.

No,  this doesn't mean that  4-D life is perfect and  that there are  no challenges to  work through.  But  we have more
and stronger tools with which to do the work. We won't need physical or material things much longer. We are vibrating
at increased levels,  and when we  reach  
the required level of vibration,  we'll move into the  5th Dimension along
with Earth.  We will be
 LIGHT BODIES then,  although we'll  materialize  physical  forms when it's  necessary to
move  into  lower  dimensional states for
service,  where we  may find that  people  inform,  empower and  heal them-
selves__ simply by being in our presence.

                                                                          February 21, 2010
We are ever more rapidly raising our consciousness and our vibrational levels. More and more of us are  awakening to what life in
this world is really all about.
Although the magnetic north pole is moving southward through Russia at the rate of
40 miles a year, the geographical north pole is still in place.  Legends and ancient records tell of an impending geogra-
pole reversal,  but that is not going to happen.  We have raised the consciousness of enough Earth humans
to prevent its occurrence.

The controllers are now desperately trying to wreak more and more havoc in the world to keep us in fear, deprived of ne-
 ignorant of their long-held dark secrets,  and continually  distracted from spiritual efforts to raise
our vibratory levels
. As we  observe these  dire events,  we know that they are only  bringing us  one step closer to our  planetary
and human transformation and the long-promised Golden Age.

We are  Living in Two Worlds at this time  as Earth's reality splits in two.  Large groups of us can intention-
ally override those negative actions.  Just holding a loving,  peaceful,  calm and  positive mindset will do so.  However,
arma, unforgiveness, lack of gratitude, and fear and  service to self  hold us back from  rising vibra-
tionally and overcoming the dark events.

sightings of UFOs around the globe are  exciting some people to  communicate with them, a  nd others
are increasing their
fears about  why the UFOs are here and  what they intend. The shift  occurring on our planet at this
has occurred before on other planets as they reached the vibratory levels for an ascension. Therefore, the many UFOs
may be here watching us during the Shift. Previously, groups o f higher consciousness individuals would have their phy-
sical bodies die
and their souls then "resurrect" into the next higher dimension with their memories intact and all
spiritual abilities enabled.
 However,  here on Earth now,  we are attempting to "ascend" with our planet into a high-
er dimension__  and to do so  
while still in our physical bodies. This has  never been done anywhere in the Uni-
verse before
.  The February  "Beacons of Light"  article stated:  "This has been  heralded as the  greatest of  advancements
throughout the Universe.
" We are, in effect, initiating a practice that will now be available to any lifeforms in the Universe
who wish to Ascend in their physical states
. When Earth takes its Quantum Leap, the entire Universe will
make a Quantum Leap."

Earth is preparing herself and us humans for the Shift. This is why we are experiencing so many strange and often challen-
changes in our physical bodies.  And some people are just now  beginning to have  paranormal and physical
,  so they are ready to LISTEN to what we Lightworkers have been trying to tell them.

My hubby, H, has never recalled a dream in his entire life. For the first time, we've been troubled with mice in our
garage, and set some traps.  He got up to the bathroom during the night,  and as he returned to bed, he "saw" himself
in the garage,  picking up a mouse caught in a mousetrap. After arising next morning,  he left for an appointment, look-
ing at the traps in the garage before he left. and again as he returned__ nothing.  But that afternoon he went to pick up
some groceries, and there was a mouse in the trap
exactly as he had visualized it. He was so please about this.
And so was I__  It's
a sign that he too, is "waking up". And his willingness to listen to an explanation
about "precognitive visions
" meant his consciousness is rising.

Everything is energy (even body aches and relationships). Unconditional Love assists in transmuting difficulties.
We should
 avoid lending our energy to negativities.  No one has a  right to  take our energy  without our

"Synchronicities  maintain the direction of evolution since the Big Bang"__  Carl Callemen: "The Purposeful

There has been controversy about the "end date" as shown by the Mayan Calendar. Some believe the Shift will complete by
12/21/12, while others say it happens sooner on 10/28/11. No one is sure just when the Shift begins or ends. Actually, we are in it
right now. In a recent broadcast by
Exopolitics Radio, the notion was put forward that 11/11/11 is when a Doorway  (a Stargate
or Portal) will open,
 and  Earthlings who have  reached the  required vibratory rate  will begin to  move through it  into
higher dimensional New Earth
. This doorway will remain open until 12/21/12, and then close forever, giving more people
opportunity to ascend.

Recent Energy Downloads
February 1st::  A big download.  I had made a careful exploration of  Who I Am and  How I Can  Serve in
the New Reality
.  Then I made a Plan for how to bring this about.  That Plan grew and grew.  Soon I had two type-
written  pages of a  carefully crafted outline.  I felt more secure about what was ahead. But the guides indicated that
this Plan/Outline was actually
limiting me. It had been based on the logic of past experiences and abilities. It was
better to just Flow in each and every Moment, and to wait until some issue pops up in front of me before
I  "play a role

In 4-D, manifesting can occur intentionally, but we have to either choose where the intent would manifest, and allow
Universe to choose the time;  or we chose when  it would evolve,  and allow  Universe to choose the place.
In 5-D,   we can  choose the action and  the place,  but  we must  
allow Universe to  choose the time
and process through which it manifests.

We are opening to  new sources of information__  we receive bits of info when  it's needed from right out of the
blue. This info can come in thoughts,  feelings,  words,  or phrases we never read or heard before, but will prove
to be completely correct. During the long winter evenings, I like to do acrostic puzzles. Lately,  when I encoun-
ter the
clue for a word or phrase I never heard of before,  the answer often pops into my head immediately, and I
wonder "where did that come from?"

February 4th & 5th:  Special days for humans.  The energies that arrived were bending light  so as to  progress our
DNA toward that of a
LightBody. You may find yourself growing healthier and younger. There are again, changes
sleep patterns, requiring less sleep, but more sleep on days of energy downloads.

More information arrived from the
Arcturians. No matter what the news sources tell us about whether President
Obama is going to release information about UFOs & Off-World Visitors, CONTACT HAS ALREADY BEGUN.  Many
people around the globe are now regularly communicating with The Visitors, individually and as groups. They will
assist us with our missions, if we ask.

It was suggested that we let go of our dependence on outside sources__  mainstream and alternative news and
entertainment media__  and depend instead on information received  
intuitively or through dreams,  medita-
tions, conversations with lightworker friends triggering new awareness, and waking insights.
Often, however, the
outside sources can be  Synchronicities verifying  what we've  already received from our inner being or our own
experiences. Many Past Lives are now being verified with mainstream news items, internet articles, archaeological
and historical finds.

February 9th: Another energy download. It's pouring in these days. I've always tried to use Intentional Healing to
help me through any illnesses or intense ascension symptoms, but recently, it didn't work, so I had to get some
. It caused dizziness and weakness. My dreams showed me how to overcome this. (1) Before using meds, pro-
gram them with the intention that they will benefit my body and  be free of negative side effects
Remove the outer coating. Did so, and it worked great.

Relationships are stressed more than ever now.  Since we're all  fractals of the Oneness,  every person we meet or
communicate with is another ourself__ therefore, think and act collectively. We are meeting people whom we knew
inthe past,  new people  we have  never met,  and neighbors  with whom we were only  slightly acquainted,  but are
now  bonding with us  and each other.  We are  
connecting now to construct The New Reality life together.  We
have been  waiting for New Teams of Lightworkers  to come together,  and  
wondering  what we'll need to do and  
how to do it
. However, when the Teams have formed, we will be informed of our group roles when the time is right,
in the Moment, and will then intuit exactly what to do and how to do it.

The instructional dreams continue. It is vital now to make CHOICES from our heart, from our intuition, while in each
Momentary Flow as required.  I realized  I'd been  doing a lot of this  already__  it was fun,  but often
confusing__ as
I had long  depended upon intelligence and talents  to get me through life.
To live  TOTALLY by Intuition  is not only
odd,  but also scary__  
not knowing  what's going to come from  each choice__  always the "surprises". Now I have
to trust in my heart, my intuition and Spirit that all will be for the highest good of all concerned__ including myself.