11-15-15: After waking this AM,  I felt dizzy.  The room seemed to move.  I did an intention to stop the dizziness,
working it differently
:  "As I access  the Creator Source  within myself,  I draw about  myself  the  Unconditional
Love, Unity Consciousness and perfect sense of Harmlessness of the Christ, and Intend that my body, mind &
spirit have clear and stable vision. So be it
."  I also thought about__  (for myself only)__  substituting the words,
Harmlessness of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdelene".

A while later, I  asked H. S. if the Cern Hadron Collider in Switzerland could really have prevented  humans from
contacting Creator Source.
The Answer:  "No, for Creator Source dwells within every human, every creature, plant and mineral of Earth. at
all times. "

"The Planetary MInd will include all these consciousnesses,  & there will no longer be  a need for an internet,
for any governments, senates, houses of representatives, etc.__ when the greater majority of Earth's life-forms
become aware of and able to attune to the Planetary Mind,  then in meditation make the necessary changes in
their thoughts,  feelings,  beliefs and actions__ all Earth and all Her life-forms  will so change as well, and the
Creator Source's Plan for New Earth will be manifested.
ML: Wow! Thanks again!!!!

Intention is a Spiritual Creative Skill  arising through inspiration and concentration,  setting both origin and tar-
\get for the projection of energies from one point to another. It requires an ability to Focus one's Intent to Create,
and then to  Wait for  Universe  to choose the Process  and the Timing  by which the Intention will Manifest. It is
assumed that one's Intention is in keeping with Higher Purposes and free of unconsciously attached "Strings"__
conditions.  As one journeys between Densities__ one has to  Hold  The Thought-form and  Ecstatic Frequency,
as well as the mental Visualization of what is desired to bring into being.  It takes some practice to develop Posi-
tive Patterns of Creative Intentions,  and the necessity of  "playing"  in and out of various densities to "polish up"
one's Light.

When preparing to do an Intention, it's very important to  
Charge Self Up to high vibrational levels with whatever
method works best for you.  Breathing Exercises  (
Breathing.html),  Music, Dancing,  Prayer or Chanting, etc.__
Spirit.html). Before beginning the Intention, say a Prayer of Protection of your choice. The Lord's Prayer, The
23rd Psalm
are fine, or use this author's prayer given in  Ch, 4: Meditation and Dreamwork. (Spirit.html)

When assisting with a healing, ask client what he/she wants to change. In stating the Intention, avoid using 3-D
terms such as  "tumor", "broken bone", "infection", "heal", etc. They don't exist in Higher Densities. Use only PO-
: replace "is free of pain", with "is perfectly comfortable"; or "no more seizures" with "is function-
ing perfectly on all evels
". Avoid " can't", "don't", or "no more", etc..

Always link with  T
he Creative Force Field,  and  Source/Spirit , bringing them  into your  High Heart  before you
state the Intention. Continue to Hold Unconditional Love in your heart through the Intention Procedure,
as One
with Earth/Gaia and All Life Upon Her, and with the object or subject of your intention. Feel the Joy, the
Peace,  the Gratitude. Then state loudly
:  "I Intend that_____",  as you Visualize  a completely positive outcome.
End with
: "All is restored to natural order"  Express Gratitude and state aloud: "How does it get any better than
:  (AncMultiD.html)  (Meditations) VERY IIMPORTANT!

Agnihotra Ritual 1
 Finding many inch-long army worms in part of our Lost River Valleys lawn,  we decide to experiment with
a method mentioned in
Tompkins and Bird's  "Secrets of the Soil". This ancient ritual from India, known as Ag-
nihotra, is best performed while the sun passes through the zodiac sign of Taurus__  between  April 21st & May
21st, or at second best, within a month just prior to, or after those dates.

On first receiving permission from
H.S., I gather some worms and put them in an open-mouth glass jar,  allowing
their short lives to expire.  A few days later, some  unprinted paper or  dry leaves are placed in  an aluminum foil
pie pan with the now dead, dry and brittle worms on top. At this point  I enter the Zone and call upon the various
devas of the garden, the worms and the plants involved, stating my need and intent to free the yard of these de-
structive pests.

I then set the paper and dried bodies on fire.  When cool enough to handle,  I crumble up everything to make a
; then__ stating my Intention aloud with Held Breath and Unconditional Love, I ask that the experiment
be in keeping with Spirit's purposes  and for the highest good of all involved.  I become as one  with the still liv-
ing worms in the soil,  and sprinkle the pepper residue upon the infested lawn. Detaching from the ritual and vi-
sualizing a beneficial outcome,  I feel the joy of it and give thanks. Then I close the Intention and pay no further
attention for ten days.

:  wash hands and forearms in cold water, visualizing them  clear of any negative vibrations that may
have splashed back on your from the distorted subject, object, situation or environment.

Two weeks later,  we transplant some flowers in that area of the yard  and find only one or two worms. Within a
month, all the pests are gone & don't return the following year. This method works  because of the  "Black Body

In what is destroyed by FIRE, the corresponding negative force is pitted against the reproductive powers of that
object/insect which was burned . These negative forces  then radiate  that certain portion  of the  EM Spectrum
from the insect,  into the soil,  the atmosphere or into whatever absorbs or ingests the burned residue.
Fire is a
transmuting substance,  causing a change into another energy level within the 4th dimension.
The "Black Body
involves infrared radiation. Every living creature emits its own infrared vibration. This is the primary radi-
taion human bodies emit when charged up by the incoming breath. Even a planet has its specific vibrations and
tone.  Infrared radiation is on the lower end of the  light portion of the EM spectrum and can easily be converted
into sound. These are formative forces on which life is built and maintained.

The infrared radiations  increased their vibrations  after the worms' demise  from the  insect repelling  Agnihotra
ceremony further intensified them via burning. Similar insects coming near the "peppered" soil, left the area after
sensing the "death" vibrations.  A few "scavenger" type insects,  however are actually attracted to infrared vibra-
tions. Microwave devices radiate infrared rays.

After stating our Intention aloud, we can  intensity the energy of that Intention by standing up, lifting our arms to-
ward the  Creative Force Field sky, and moving them rigorously  as if conducting a cosmic orchestra, while Visu-
alizing the positive outcome.  Dancing (joyful motion) also is very effective,  as is Sound  when commanding the
desired changes in a strong, loving voice.

Strive to LIVE as you've created
; taking one physical action in that direction.  For example, if you have Intended
to clear the yard of pollution, avoid adding more pollutants by using natural compost instead of chemical fertilizer.

"Group Intentions affect the  Electromagnetic Field Fluctuations, and can be measured by computers. Therefore,
we can also affect physical matter in our own reality. Experiments with Water's Memory Retention in white blood
cells began in
1985 when biomolecules communicated with their receptor molecules by sending out low-freque-
ncy Electromagnetic signals,  which the receptors picked up like radios tuned to a specific wavelength __  those
from Torsion Fields.  How cab a molecule  act as an antenna for  EM wavelengths of  several kilo-metres?  And
how does the memory of water fit into all that?"

"Torsion Fields have
non-locality.  Can our DNA Electromagnetically  'TELEPORT' itself?  Our  Unverse can ex-
change information with computers
;  so we can do so with living and non-living forms. We can affect  the flow of  
Electricity in the computer.  So, why not so affect what's in water?  Consciousness can  generate Torsion Fields  
that change the structure of water, and heal__ because Earth and All Her LIfeforms have water in them, too!"   
David Wilcock: "The Memory of Water". (

ML: Is our Universe made of Unity Consciousness,? It must be, in order to "work" the way it does!

The  First Electricity  Intention  for our family  was done in  early  December, 2010.  It was quite  successful,  
although various members  had different results.  When the power bills arrived  a month later,  one couple  who
normally had a winter monthly bill of about $280  (a large, all-electric home)  were charged $240,  with a note at-
: "Estimated". One son who had earlier stated  he'd be happy with only $47-48,  instead of his usual sev-
eral hundred dollars each winter month, received exactly that
: $47.00. H. & my bill was $9.57, instead of the us-
ual $44.00,  because the power meter had been read  a day or two before we did the Intention.  (We heat home
and water with natural gas.) Our youngest son's bill was $0.00 in place of its usual $180. He began to wonder if
a mistake had been made, so called the power company to see if he might be receiving a huge bill the following
month when the mistake was discovered. The clerk looked up his account  and said  not to worry,  as "
we' over-
charged you, and you probably won't have to pay anything until late next month

1-4-11: ML: The family agrees to re-do the Electric Intention, asking for more lasting results. Is this Okay?

HS:  "The 'Colors of the Wind' are the  Rainbows of the Mind.  They are what you think & feel while in your day-
dreams,  intuitions,  intentions and the beta state. You can  'tune' yourself  from one 'color' to another at well, as
you have done. Seek the higher densities and learn to Co-Create with them. Here, the Left Hand enters in."

"Wait until after
January 7t h to repeat the Intention,  and have the children  set the date.  Use  Deep Breathing
with them, etc,,

MEDITATION: 1-18-11: Well, our second electric intention may have hit a snag. L. would like us to do it togeth-
er and on Saturday. When I asked H. if he wanted to do it together or separately, and if Saturday was okay. He
said he didn't give a XXXX! I asked why this made him angry, and he replied "
I don't know." Later, he calmed &
said Saturday was okay with him, and I should  
"get the thing organized" (which,  of course was what I was try-
ing to do.)  Evidently he is not completely sure about this. What do we do now?

A: "Go ahead with your plans, even if H. seems not fully committed to the idea. Remember, he has had to base
much of his life on 'forging ahead' under challenges__not to be 'against' anyone__but to make life better for you
& the family. It has not been easy for him, either. He was born with a huge handicap  and had many more chall-
enges to overcome in his life, too.  Times are changing now, and there is more of a need to 'co-operate' than to
'take charge' and "give orders'.  Remind him of his ability to overcome challenges,  and how you not only appre-
ciate what he'd done for you and the family, but your first attraction to him was in respect to his  'strength of will'
and his ability to 'overcome challenges' among other attributes. He wants to feel that he is a major player in the
family too, now, and since he is now retired, he often feels ineffectual."

M: Thank you again. Had a great talk with H about the above, and things immediately smoothed out.

MEDITATION: 1-19-11: All have agreed on Saturday, 1 PM for the Intention. I need to script it now. May I have
your guidance on this?  Our plan is to make sure the Intention is EXTENDED for longer than 1 month, as before.
I see that the first attempt was a "learning experience" for the family. Is it okay to extend it for a year, perhaps, or
for some other period?
A: " You can extend it up through the Shift,  if you so choose.  Yes, you will be guided by Gaia as you script the
Intention." Thank you.   

Check out
 Local Sidereal Time,  when you align with the  Galactic Center  and are 400% more psychic,  to do
your intentions and inner researches.
1.) POWER UP with Deep Breathing.
2.) FEEL LOVE in the Heart.
3.) STATE ALOUD: "Let this intention be in accord with Universal purpose and for the highest good of all conc-
5.) When Intending with a GROUP, tell them to continue MAINTAINING LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS as all present
6,) Ask all present to VISUALIZE themselves living in the new reality with Love In Their Hearts.
7,) Ask them to FEEL THE JOY OF IT,
9:) DETACH from the Outcome.

MEDITATION: 1-20-11: After relating the P. Brown story to M. on the phone last night, I had qualms about our
doing this Intention  for releasing from the corporate power grid.  Will this endangermy family and friends?  Will
they invade our homes, take our computers & records, etc.... or put us in jail? I don't want a repeat of the Cath-
ar episode.  Maybe I'm being foolish to do this. Maybe it's my ego wanting to "make a difference" &/or "shine" in
the eyes of family and friends?  I thought I was  empowering othe s  to overcome  the global elite's  control over
humanity. Now I'm wondering if I am, instead, endangering them?

A: "Fear not.  Just keep a sense of harmlessness about it.  You do not wish to harm anyone... simply to provide
more options that can  release ALL humanity  from the influences over-riding their free will,  & to  protect Mother
Earth. You asked for protection and you have it."

ML:  Thank you, Gaia,  maybe I need another  "sign" to be fully confident. ( The "sign" came later that afternoon
on an online program that gave me more assurance of our safety.

MEDITATION: 1-22-11: We did the 2nd Electrical Intention as planned, although  C.'s husband B.  opted not
to join in.... he didn't believe in it... and,  at the last minute, L. was unable to join us due to a  change in his work
schedule. There were only the 4 of us... 2 men, 2 women. We went ahead, even without knowing what will hap-
pen with  C. & B.'s home . It was beautiful!  The men remained in
 "la-la land'  for a full  10 minutes after  we fin-
ished.  I sensed they were  "processing" something.  We all had teary eyes afterwards, and the house and yard
felt very still and peaceful. Before they left,  3 flickers (large woodpeckers, symbolizing "seeking within") appear-
ed in our yard. Do you have any suggestions about this episode?

A: "As you intuited from  the numerology of the date and time  (1 PM, 1-22-2011), i t was the beginning of a new
energy for your family, as well as the '222' implying you are all in ascension. Well done, pilgrim."  

M: Who is speaking now please?

A: The Arcturians."

Of course,  The Arcturians__  in charge of  raising consciousness &  higher technology.  Thank you so  very,
very much.''

MEDITATION: 1-24-11: Waking Insight:  If the family chooses,  we could meet regularly  to have guided medita-
tions &/or discuss our dreams. Would this be appropriate?
A: " If family wishes, guided meditations could be useful at this time.

MEDITATION:1-25-11:  About my dream several mornings ago__ My paintings were hanging crooked  because
the walls were not perpendicular__not upright. And the light not working. Is this showing me my creations (Inten-
tions) were not entirely  "upright"  and the "Light"  (Creative Force)  might not be working with us  because  I set
inappropriate boundaries on the Intention  when asking that it  continue in force  until the Shift of the Ages  com-
pleted?  Did I,  by doing this,  unknowingly create the Intention that we will NOT be using free energy-zero point
energy AFTER the Shift, when we are in the New Reality?  

A:  "That is correct.   You are, as you told M. yesterday,  laying the foundations for the  New Reality  every day
now.  We know you understand this.  Do your Intentions with the thought that  they will continue when the New
Reality has completely manifested. Y es, there will be some affects on your homes,  yards,  devices,  etc. from
this Intention. We know you corrected the Intention yesterday, and we thank you."  

ML:  We thank you!!. NO LIMITATIONS NOW, HUH?

A: "YES. the first electrical intention worked in various degrees for different people because of their beliefs a-
bout it,  and lasted  only tha t one month  because  it was a learning experience  to give them  confidence  for
doing more Intentions in the future."

Add to  the electricity Intention  when we do it with L..  that  Earth and all her life-forms  are free from  the global
controllers"... etc. Is this appropriate?
A: " Yes, in fact, we sent it!"

MEDITATION: 2-16-11: I know we need to do an Intention for freely available food and water for the family and
all needy life-forms,  and the gasoline prices are skyrocketing, although there doesn't seem to be any lessening
of its use. I'm asking permission to do a second Intention for our gasoline powered vehicles and machines to run
on free energy, also.
A: "Do the food Intention we requested before March 8th, and yes, the gasoline Intention would be helpful too,
for it will assist Gaia, as well."



3-14-11: The Group Intentions for releasing from the Electrical Grid System  for family & for Earth  did not work
well, if at all.  Only small reductions in our power bills, (one was even higher!) which could have been seasonal
changes in temperatures between February and March.

The Guides: "The recent electrical intention did not work well because the physics of Earth are quickly cha-
nging as human consciousness expands. Therefore, manifesting/healing  works differently now. This does not
mean they will not work at a future time. As always,  the Process and  the Timing of an intention  is up to Univ-
ersal Creative Force. "Time" is speeding up so greatly now
; it continues to move  faster and faster to your per-
ceptions. We are entering a period of
Cyclical Time__ or Holistic Time__ when each mome nt holds past, pre-
sent and future RIGHT NOW__ rather than the linear time that humans have been perceiving for thousands of
years,  with events occurring  one after the other  and with the  time available  between to seek information  or
support to deal with them. There will not be  "time" to do a ritual or even a simple one-line Intention, or to seek
information elsewhere,  as events will occur in dizzying flash-forwards,  and even flash-backwards,  as well as
flashes into and out of other densities You will need to depend entirely upon
Intuition__ your inner Divine con-
nection to  Higher Selves, Guides, Spirit Within__ to sense what to  think, feel, be, or do in each moment. Out-
er world news and communications will not be able to keep up with reporting on these rapid-fire events"

"The way to cope with this new type of Time was presented in the March 10th Newsletter__ basically, WHAT
every positive
need is already  lovingly  manifested__  safely,  healthily,  comfortably,  beautifully,  gracefully  and fun-
ctioning normally__ and IT IS SO!"

The experiences suggested by the (above) was that "The event or effect can occur before the cause of it".
This was brought home to Hal & me this month. On
March 3rd,  we ordered a water distiller, as we felt our cur-
rent method of purifying tap water  was not fully serving our needs.  Surprisingly, the device arrived
March 7th.
We set it up and began using it just one day before the Japan quake and tsunami,  and the resulting release of
radioactivity.  Less than a week later, TV news channels related that  low traces of radiation had been found in
the waters off southern California and the Pacific Northwest.  Idaho is about 600-700 miles from the west coast
with several ranges of high Rocky Mountains between us & the ocean, although I wondered about our normally
western winds and how rainwater could pick up radiation and toxins and dump them even on eastern slopes of

MEDITATION: 7-13-11:  ML: I was listening to Lynne McTaggart  speaking on Intentions on a  CoasttoCoast-
AM program last night,  when our eldest son arrived to say:
"Oh! I forgot to tell you. My electric bill was STILL
$47 this month
Hal and I hadn't received our
July bill yet,  but to date,  most of us had I ncreased charges  on our monthly bills.
What makes the difference for him, but not for us others?
HS: "He lives alone. No one else is there to doubt, fear, disbelieve or negate the results in any way."

The evening of March 20th , an e-mail arrived from Tom Kenyon  with a message from  "The Hathors",  telling
how to make
"Medicines of Light"  that would protect and heal  Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, mutating Bac-
teria and Viruses, which they say will occur more frequently in our near timeline (
of-light). The idea is to  connect with Earth and higher intelligence,  and pull down  the energies  into our heart,
then transfer them  to a container of  PURIFIED WATER  and drink it,  We could not have done this if we hadn't
already ordered and received the water distiller, as our former method only removed chlorine and some flouride.

I did the Hathor's procedure around noon the next day,  and that  afternoon,  a thorough but gentle body cleans-
ing took place. Around suppertime,  I noticed  a lovely fragrance  in the air__  a sort of mix of  peppermint  and a
floral essence I couldn't identify.  I could smell it all evening,  & went around the house sniffing everything to see
where it was coming from. I finally realized__ it was coming from me! My body was exuding this delightful scent!

I like to use
I Ching for additional understanding of what's received in meditations or dreams because it's based
on 64 "hexagrams" corresponding to the  64 "codons" of our
DNA__ ,
only 20 of which have been activated in our species, with 2 of them only used for turning the others "on" or "off".
The Arcturians are assisting us to  re-activate  the 97% of unused  "junk DNA" forming our  Multi-D Operating
System __ i.e., our Light Bodies.

I asked  
I Ching:Why can’t  I do  successful Intentions now?” I cast the three coins, and it came out__  “#38:
”__ “A stand of neutrality between the counteracting forces within you”... “No interaction between
and Mist.”... (The ‘interaction’ was between my Intention and an Illusion I’d imprinted within me. My course
was a kind of  
"Metaphysical Fairness”): “In matters of deeply held principles, your lack of a definitely held po-
sition makes you seem unpredictable and untrust-worthy__  in terms of the ambitions of  others
.”...  (Ouch!).

This makes you unable  to enter fully into relationship with  Friend.”... (Here I took “Friend” to mean  the situa-
tion I was choosing to CHANGE.).  “
It may seem to Friend that you are holding back; however,  in your percep-
tion, it is free of egoism,  of selfishness and  possessiveness”... “Your  Spiritual Life is based upon  the revela-
tion of DUALISM
.”...  i.e.,  what I'm perceiving as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’  spiritually.)... "What are the abstract POLAR-
ITIES within the spiritual system you follow?  When you reconcile these opposite s as One__  perfect  enlight-
enment is possible
In other words, rather than perceiving the CHANGE I wish to manifest as "A HEALING"__ implying that
there is still a lack,  something un-manifested,  perceive the  CHANGE as "WELL-NESS"__ which implies "miss-
ion already accomplished".

"When Healing or Manifesting we must CHANGE our perception of Spirit-Source, which activates a CHANGE
when we link with It__ to the KNOWING that there is  
NO SEPARATION in 5-D__  Each of us is  alway s ONE
with that Greater Consciousness we call "Spirit-Source". Therefore there is no need to perceive Spirit--Source
as an entity or energy existing
outside of us,  with which we must BECOME AS ONE before we heal or manif-
;  i.e.:  We ARE Spirit-Source at ALL TIMES,  in ALL SPACES.  We have  ALWAYS been One, & ALWAYS
WILL be  ONE  with that  Divine  Energy.  We mus t have  "
Source at ALL TIMES.  No need to INTEND IT__ for we ALREADY ARE ONE__KNOWING & FEELING__that

"MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY does not mean that we slip in and out of  
3-D, 4-D, 5- D  and various other dimen-
sions at will.  It means we are  always existing in  Every Dimention/Density
;  ARE NOW;  always HAVE BEEN,  
and always WILL BE.  We CHOOSE the dimension we wish to operate within by simply  FOCUSING on it, and
BEING ONE with it in LOVE."

But years later,  after moving to Magic Valley,  we were both faced with difficult health issues,  and although we
cleared them up with mainstream medicine,  we lost confidence  in our ability to control our own health and wel-
fare. Therefore, we expected more health problems to appear as  we aged __ SO THEY DID__ subconsciously
creating a Future Reality swamp for ourselves.  We didn’t know then, that one day Earth would split into two ho-
logram realities, where one” was entirely a  5-D Reality and the other a combination of 5-D and 3-D reality time-
lines, in which it would be possible to ALTER TIME, & flip from one dimensional timeline to another if so chosen.
When I, in my ignorance, stated at that earlier TIME
:  “This is the Reality I choose to live within, and if H wants
to live differently,  he can move to his own Reality
”__ I manifested two possible  Timelines/Realities ( as above)
__ and when and if we were still together__ unknowingly tip-toeing across the  Threshold into the Future__  we
could flip  between those two timelines,  according to our  "NOW" perceptions o f which one we were living in__
the wellness one, or the illness one.
"In 5-D we are an eternal Light Body.  Although our  "home density reality" is 5-D,  when we wish to interact with
3-D,  we simply FOCUS on 3-D Reality,  and find that  our surroundings  may not have changed much__ if at all
__ but we will find ourselves  having to deal with  3-D environment conditions, events, people & influences.  Re-
maining in Continual Consciousness (Unconitional Love-Oneness), Being One with Spirit-Source, we will be still
be in our Light Bodies  assisted with our endeavors & desires by simply KNOWING & FEELING how to respond.
INTENTIONS & TIMELINES                                                                        
A recent  Coast to Coast A M program held an interview with  Starfire Tor,  who has researched Time for many
years. They discussed Intentions as possible  Time Shifts onto other dimensional timelines. She suggested that
when we Intend a weather change (as if sending rain to stop wildfires) we must first find a Timeline/place that is
now holding the weather condition we seek
; (i.e., presently raining), then intentionally shift it onto the Fire Time-

She also claims that Intentions for Peace do not work,  but does not know why. I recall that when I joined
s  Intention  Experiment   Group to halt violence in  Shri Lanka,  the violence actually increased for a
week or two,  then later subsided.  The Intention seemed to have failed,  but a few months later,  the two groups
involved in the 30 year-long civil war entered into peace talks.

My thought is that one of the major Cosmic Laws is to  N
ever Block Someone's Free Will. Sadly, because there
are still people on the planet who WANT war, an Intention for Peace  would override their Free Will. This is why
I always ask that my Intention be in keeping with Universal/Spirit's Purpose & for the highest good of all concen-
ned. I've never had a negative outcome when doing so.

Quantum Entanglement:  We ARE GOD-SPIRT... a particle of God-Spirit... therefore, we can Create as God-
5-D. we must BE, before we can DO the creationg/healing/manifesting.

Bill Ryan, of Project Camelot Portal, interviewed a most remarkable woman who "helps" people overcome neg-
ativity simply by sitting beside them & doing nothing... just "letting" it work to raise their vibes... after being direc-
ted to them by her Higher Self.  She says we all have this talent and any others, but they cannot be activated by
deliberately working to do so.  We must raise our own vibrations,  or consciousness,  and they will automatically
develop. I am finding this to be happening to me frequently now..

I ask
The Guides: "What about the Intentions I've been dong now & then for healing,  for aiding in catatrophies.
Is that over, or should I continue doing them?

A: "This is true, indeed. The Intentions you were doing  did raise your vibrations,  as you connected Earth and
Spirit in your heart.  You have of late realized "something different" is happening,  as with the dove on the back
of the patio chair & the African volcano erupting.  You noted these were not formal intentions... they were more
of a "Dreamtime" when you put your ego aside, went into your heart, and just "let it be" or "let it come".

"The first intention for releasing from the electricity grid worked when you did this alone. You will find that now
you won't need to do intentions.  Just enter the Dreamtime,  see & feel it happening,  drop ego and "let it happ-
en". You raise your vibrations by remaining at peace,  in lovingness  and in oneness through  personal,  family
and community events. The trial intentions with family members showed them how to do it. Although it did not
'work', they now know how to do it when or if the time arrives that they need to."

ETHER TECHNOLOGY:  5-16-11: We have complicated ourselves  with so much academic learning  over the
centuries, many of us can't see what's really in front of us. The materials that go into a project__or into a space-
craft, for example__ are not as important as the consciousness creating it, operating, or using it__ i.e., what we
are doing and how we're arranging the materials. Everything has an alignment with Sacred Geometry. The Giza
Pyramids in Egypt are one example
: In their Sacred Geometry they embody the simplicity of how ley lines, meri-
dians,  electrons , neutrons and atoms flow
;  and when we follow these patterns,  there is no need for any force.
Atomic solids' different angles&d degrees are important because of the phases they fit us into. A double tetrahe-
dron, when viewed with your mind's eye, looks like a diamond. After aligning with the natural flow, you see noth-
ing inside this except flowing energy.  If we can understand it,  we can manipulate it because everything is alive,
everything has consciousness. If you
focus on something with intention, then let go__turn it over to the universe
__ it will happen
. What's required is to stay out of the way long enough to let it happen, and we'll see it manifest.

When the ancients built their great temples,  stone calendars and  South and Central American  huge structures,
they used this metho
d.  We still cannot replicate them  because they aligned their buildings with the lines & laws
of nature.  Acoustical conditions were applied  with huge horns and drums  that resonated  with the vibrations of
the stones they wanted to move__ even uphill.

A BUMBLE BEE teaches us  that despite the fact modern science considers the bee's aerodynamics to be "imp-
ossible" for flight,  it is created with cavities & proportions that enable it to fly and to hover. When they beat their
wings fast enough,  
they reach the vibrational frequency of their surroundings, creating a vibrating field around
their bodies perfectly attuned  to the earth's resonance.  Once they reach this frequency,
 a magnetic field forms
around their bodies,
enabling them to be free agents and move independently of gravity fields.

We can  change the resonance of anything.  Bridges, when crossed by warriors or horses  stepping in  cadence
will have their frequency  changed so much__ they collapse.  You can change your  REALITY  by changing your
frequency vibrations, becoming a free agent and moviong independent of gravity fields.

Using this "Ether Technology", we need only to know who we really are (energy beings) that we have the power
to change our vibrations through  changing our consciousness , & then manifest,  heal and create any reality we
desire.  Even genetic effects don't have to occu r unless we allow them.  Because we are all  connected through
this "
Ether"  (The Creative Force Field),  we are really only ONE GREAT BEING through all the many universes,
just as the cells in our bodies  are all part of  one human being's greater physical body.  And as we link with that
Oneness, we have at our disposal, a Greater, more Powerful Consciousness.

Because we  
homo sapiens  were created  to be  a slave  race,  we have long  held the notion  that we  have to
"work" & "earn" in order to "receive" and have our needs met. In Nature, this is untrue: nature
only asks us to be
an observer of what's happening,  & the knowledge comes through into us.
It's very easy:  If you cultivate a love
for any subject, and pursue it with that love, the subject matter itself will show you how to do it, as long as it is in
resonance with nature's laws.

Ralph and Marsha Ring  built their house according to feelings,  not thoughts__ the house itself told them what
and how  it wanted to be.  (As did my pigments  as I painted watercolors.
 Chapter 1: The Modes)  This house is
pictured on his website. They use  solar power and have  air wells for water__ an ancient method from Asia and
Africa__ structures like huge beehives of rock  raised so the air goes in at the bottom, condenses under the roof,
and drips down into the cistern below.

The secret government discovered  they needed an evolved consciousness  in order to operate the back-engin-
eered space-crafts they designed from captured off-world crafts. They are one form of electro-magnetic devices.
This makes them f ully capable o f visibility or invisibility.  Their vibrational frequency  is too fast  for our physical
eyes to perceive unless they drop their speed down. There are many different frequencies in Magnetism, just as
in light and sound frequencies.
Magnetism is "all the laws of nature in one magnificent conception".

We can overcome the dark-siders' selfishness and greed by not opposing, resisting or applying any kind of force
to introduce what we have to offer.  It's a matter of
Time.  The vibrations of Earth  are rising rapidly now, and the
natural laws of nature are coming back into full effect.  Our human consciousness is rising to the point  where it's
aware of the natural laws,  as well.  It's "what goes around comes around". What the dark-siders are doing in op-
position to what they should be doing  will "backfire" on them.  These technologies belong to all of us.  In nature,
there are no secrets__ things either are,  or are not.  The dark-siders are afraid for their lives, now,  but we can't
"attack" them because they, too, are part of ourselves. Now they're locked into their money and power world and
it's not working that way anymore
;  according to natural law,  everything belongs to everyone. The Native Ameri-
cans  and other  indigenous peoples  have always known this.  We can show respect  for all those  who secretly
created these new technologies and welcome them back into the fold as they offer their discoveries to all.

When I was much younger, my meditations told me, "THOU SHALT BECOME AS ONE". I had no idea what that
meant until years later. Now I know that Oneness has never let me down, and never will. The internet has facilit-
ated our awareness of this Oneness  and is drawing us closer together. The Mayan Calendar's media coverage
has also made us aware of  the rivers of Unity converging now,  causing even greater and faster changes in our-
selves & in the masses. (Several churches in our community are coming together this week  to organize to more
efficiently and effectively help the needy.)

Life here is changing 180 degrees.  We've waited hundreds of thousands of years for this change to come. The
Ring of Fire is very active, as are Sun flares and climate changes
;  and Japan and the rest of us  are finding out
how  nuclear power  is not the best  for Earth and  her lifeforms. We ourselves, as we  awakened, created these
changes  by changing our  consciousness__ and that's how  we will change the prophecies as well. Catastroph-
es will increase in number & intensity until we "wake up" & CHOOSE different ways of living & being.  By raising
our consciousness,  we avoid more disasters & major earth changes.

We must also align ourselves with the cosmic visitors, for they too, are part of the Oneness, and we must all co-
operate with each other,  as that is how nature works. Everybody will "get it"__ whether in ecstacy, or in kicking
and screaming.  We had to go through all these earth changes & catastrophes, etc.  because we have not been
able to awaken without them
.  Many of us are living in fear now of loss of income,  property,  health or individual
rights.  Many of us have not wanted to hear about the  "new technologies",  "the new consciousness"  &  "the a-
wakening to our true history and who we really are." Many of us are still "stuck" in the old ruts of what to believe
& who to trust  because of being programmed  to remain dependent on  "higher-ups" & self-proclaimed "experts"
with fancy letters after their names__or bulging pocketbooks. These disasters have had to occur so the masses
will wake up and become as IOne.

Free Energy: Tesla inserted a rod  30 feet into the ground with its other end 30 feet intthe air.  With this rod he
produced enough energy to run a small house simply by tapping into the energy lines in earth and in the atmos-
phere. There are literally thousands of people  now working on small generators and free energy devices, many
using magnetism.

Ralph Ring reveals: "Zero Point is like the double tetrahedron going down into a finite, & then out into an infin-
ite. When it gets to the finite, it equates to a black hole or "the eye of the needle",  then goes back out again into
the infinite.  As a huge vortex,  it's like going down a drain  into other dimensions, & you have to be  free of "bag-
gage" to do this__ you have to be free of any adverse thoughts about yourself, others or your environment."
This was demonstrated in
Chapter 8: The Energy Artist: "The Orcas Island Vision".

Our lives are really little else than  a collection of memories.  Since we  “live”our physical lives  more in the past
than present, our mental & emotional bundles of memories must be released as we prepare to live in
5-D NOW.

We need to toss both our past and our present 3-D world addictions and habits before we can ascend. The New
Earth is actually  RIGHT HERE NOW__  but we can’t see it all the time  because we keep perceiving what we’re
in a habit of perceiving. When we let go of the 3-D addiction of viewing things as separate and unconnected, we
also release our habits of duality, competition, win-lose outcomes, service-to-self and hierarchical thinking.

I was beginning to mull over some faint notions about  How The New  Physics  had begun to work  back there in
Lost Rivers in
1991.  It’s well known that  the Laws of Physic  are determined by  the Observer  much more than
realized__ our Changes in Consciousness,  then__ can Change  The Laws of Physics.  Evidently, each time we
performed Multi- dimensional Technology Intentions  for Healing or Manifesting__ we flipped our consciousness
from a 3-D to a 4 or 5- D Timeline/ Reality, and changed the  Physical Laws of the Universe at our location.

When our family did an Intention  for bypassing the electric grid  two years ago, h oping to benefit  the planet as
well as family members  and any life forms  affected by that Change,  one male member was  skeptical about its'
even being possible, and another thought it was "cheating" and refused to take part in it. His wife did participate
but they had no change in their power bill. H and I had a $9.00 bill (the meter had already been read a few days
before we did the intention),  but one son received a notice to  “
pay nothing”  this month. He later began to won-
der if it had just been a mistake and his next month’s bill would be a real whopper. So he called the company.  It
was no mistake
; in fact, the girl told him he had another $150 in credit, so he’d not have to pay anything for next
month either!  Another son, when invited to join, immediately agreed, stating how he’d be happy to have a bill of
around $47 or so, other than the usual hundreds charged him in wintertime. And that’s what it was__ $47.00!

In Magic Valley last Spring,  we chose to try another Intention to exclude our energy needs from the electric grid
and replace them with Zero Point,  Free Energy of space.  But this time,  I had doubts,  wondering if I was "over-
riding the free will  of the power company and their employees"  by choosing that Reality;  or,  if the two formerly  
skeptical members,  although they’d now  agreed to do the intention,  might not truly wish it to fail,  feeling it was
still against their ego or religious principles.

As usual, I stated the Intention be  “FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED”,  but the Intention didn't
fully work.  There was little  or no change  in some members’bills;   BUT  TWO  FAMILIES  HAD BILLS  TRIPLE  
WHAT THEY HAD  LAST  YEAR AT THIS  TIME!. Idaho had a huge heat wave and drought all summer,and our
A/Cs ran day and night.  Our power comes mostly from  hydro-electric dams  on the rivers; b ut water was so low
this year, the irrigation water ran out,  so they had to start digging potatoes  six weeks early.  Also, there was not
enough water over the dams to meet our needs, so the power company had to buy it from other areas. Rats!

Yet one  member__ the same son with an electric bill of only $47 last time__ had a $47 bill this time, too! Higher
Self explained
:He lives alone, so no one else is there to fear or to negate the results in any way.” Turned out,
however, the following months showed the usual amounts."

This Intending stuff in
5-D was boggling my brain.  In June, 2013, I considered another electricity Intention: “If  I
Intend to use Zero Point/Free Energy for all our energy needs__ could I MOVE TO ANOTHER TIMELINE where
this would be true for me?".  I again asked that  "It be for  "THE HIGHEST GOOD OF  ALL CONCERNED."  The
power plant and workers could continue living on the  present timeline, or choose another for themselves.  I then
asked Higher Self for permission and some signs that this was  appropriate.

The TV was on “mute”,  & as I finished scripting the words for the Intention,  I looked up  & saw a phrase ending:
In the Flow of Time.” I smiled and expressed thanks.  I’m beginning to catch on; it’s somehow tied in with those
confusing Timelines we keep learning about!

There are many things to learn  during the
Post-2013 Gestations Period  before we can  fully perform Multi-Dim-
ensional Technologies not only to  heal and to manifest, but for many other wonderful changes to Earth and Her

The “A”s:The healing processes are indeed changed in 5-D. The new way is to simply Change Your Consc-
iousness. You have learned how injuries & illnesses  are basically derived from  an inability to change your at-
titudes, feelings or beliefs that are not part of your spiritual identity
: Your True Self.“

“When an energetic healing was completed,  those who recognized  the foundations  underlying  their problem
and made attempts to correct them,  were healed__ some instantly with that recognition alone. Some  continu-
ed their misunderstood thoughts,  feelings, words and actions. Others continued to look elsewhere for healing,
and some so doubted that they could ever heal, completely gave up even trying.”

“We all have Free Will to intend healing or manifestations,  but Spirit/Source sets the  Process and the Timing
for their completions. Most people’s physical challenges are meant to create transformations & breakthroughs,
combining forgiveness  and spiritual understanding; and when this is  accomplished,  healing does occur. The
Webbook & Newsletters  show people how to heal  by mastering their thoughts and emotions  to clear their in-
harmonious beliefs and actions. This method insures  permanent healing,  and teaches us to take charge over
our own health and  well-being.

“A good start would be to hold a  ‘perfect sense of harmlessness’  as one goes about daily affairs. It ‘rains’ & it
‘pours’ on our lives, but one must still move into higher vibrations for messages or manifestations to enter, and
always, of course with Unconditional Love.”...  “MEDITATE  DAILY__ Listen to that Inner Guidance. Stop wait-
ing for changes to come to you
;  changes need to be made within self first; t hen body and  environment follow
suit.”...  “SPEAK YOUR INNER TRUTH:  We are part of both the Dream and the Dust. Let go of the need to an-
alyze. When free of prior analyses, one’s expression spontaneously emotes more through one’s Love and One-
ness, and one’s tone of voice, rather than through carefully chosen, memorized words."

“Keep the connection , the ONENESS with Earth , with Spiri, and with other living beings,  remaining aware of  
them as you experience, meditate and express with Unconditional Love. The link with the Cosmos, with Spirit,  
is not a state that one ‘enters’ at a certain point in time and space, then follows up later with an ‘exit’ from Cos-
mos/Spirit contact and a‘ re-entry’ into the physical plane. The task is to remain linked to both I nner and Outer
simultaneously, with No Separation from Cosmic Spirit or Earth. Since ‘I AM’ dwells in everything, the link with
friends, family, plant, animal, air__ even the pebbles of the path beneath one’s feet,  is a link with SOURCE__
for “I AM THAT I AM dwells within ALL.”

“When you maintain this awareness in NOW TIME perception, you can be constantly unified with Spirit's High-
est Purpose,  Intellect and  Love.  You then continually dwell  in perfect harmony__ act and express  in perfect
harmony.  If you seek this link Outside of  SELF,  thinking, feeling, expressing as if turning it on and off like an
electronic device or faucet, you are then in a SEPARATION consciousness.“

“It is this sense of Separation that prevents full healing & manifestation in 5-D,  where there is no longer
a sense of Time,  of Space,  as you have known it,  and nothing is unconnected.
 When you perceive your
body as
unhealthy, you are separating the body from its polarity of wholeness __ The body's natural state in a
5-D reality, is that it exists  BOTH as a state of Illness, AND as a state of Wellness,  all in the same space and
No separation."

Mundane Life is based upon the revelation of  DUALISM.”__ (What’s ‘right’ & what’s ‘wrong’ about daily
physical matters.) “What are the abstract POLARITIES within the SPIRITUAL SYSTEM you follow? When you
reconcile these opposites as One__ perfect enlightenment is possible.” We must perceive BOTH sides of that
:  that body's beingness as  ONE COIN__ ONE BODY  that is continually in both states of  needing health,
and of having wholeness, as each state is manifesting in accord with  THE  STATE IN WHICH  WE  CHOOSE
TO PERCEIVE IT  IN THE  NOW.”  If we perceive our body as  "NOW HEALING”,  it implies that  something is
still wrong or missing from it’s perfection__ from  it's “WHOLENESS"
;  & as we perceive a Bond  between both
Healing and Wholeness, we create  ABSOLUTE PERFECTION AND WHOLENESS  IN THE NOW. Not tomor-
row,  or next week, next year__ but AS ALREADY PERFECT AND WHOLE  AT THIS  MOMENT. And then we
MAINTAIN that perception."

“As you achieve a Continual Consciousness of your Permanent Connection with Spirit/Cosmos, you no longer
need to analyze. You will be spontaneously  Sensing and  Responding  in complete harmony  with  All That Is.  
There is then no more need for  ‘question and answer’ sessions with  guides.  Suppression of the analysis fac-
tor sustains contact with Cosmic  Mind, Oneness and Unconditional Love  beyond your unascended, intermitt-
ent linking toward a sustained, permanent connection. Moving from the Virgo mindset of being aware of ‘serv-
ice given or not given’  in practical or non-practical methods, to the more Capricorn mindset of simply  BEING  
Oneness and Cosmic Love for All That Is, you then Flow Source's  Higher Purposes and Service  through your
own Personal Purpose, Spiritual Gifts &  Abilities.  “SERVICE being  all and anything accomplished in perfect  
accord with  Universal Intellect, Purpose,  Love, and Self-Organization.  Every thought,  emotion and  express-
ion is automatically a direct channeling from those powerful Creative Forces.  It is your Consciousness & your
Spiritual Clarity that brings about the most stunning personal changes as we ascend with Earth through
4-D &
and into
5-D New Earth Reality.

"In TIME,  we learn to think in  Multi-dimensional terms instead of 3-D terms,  and when we do so, we feel the
higher vibrations of  Unconditional Love  flowing through our bodies , minds &  hearts.  When we  surrender to
that Love and allow it to weld It higher frequency waves of thoughts & feelings with the highest vibrational fre-
quencies of any given reality, we can liberate ourselves from all the dogma, brain-washing & fears of the past.

“Humans will make decisions,  gain knowledge,  recognize patterns, harmonize groups of dissimilar ideas, ev-
ents and energies__ and create,  heal and manifest  from thei r Multi-dimensional Consciousness,  rather than
from the beta brain-wave state which has,  for most of the last  75,000 years,  been their primary  waking, reas-
ing and discerning state. The beta will then be used to
Act Upon the Choices made in higher dimensional con-

4th Density is for  ‘charging up’  prior to rituals, intentions, affirmations, etc.__ a passageway that moves
our consciousness fro m
3-D to 5-D or higher densities.  Once one is  permanently ensconced in 5-D after asc-
ension, the
4-D actions, thoughts, etc., will no longer be needed to charge up & intend healing, manifestations,
etc.. It will all occur automatically through the Multi-Dimensional States of  Oneness and  Unconditional  Love,
according to one’s chosen perceptions in THE NOW.  he negative controllers will remain in
3 -D & 4-D, unable
to withstand the higher vibrations of
5-D, and unable to affect those beings of the New Earth’s 5-D Reality.”

1-11-89: MEDITATION: ML: What is the best way to produce the Mandalas without stress or strain?
A: "We need to be continually Loving in our work__ to feel the joy  in what we are doing;  to feel loving confid-
ence in ourselves, knowing that whatever is created with Unconditional Love__for the client, the materials, the
process,  and for the intuitive flow and for self__ will be the most harmonious and constructive,  for the highest
good of all concerned."
A PRAYER OF PROTECTION                 
Dear Creator,  as I open myself to the unseen forces surrounding the throne of grace, beauty and might within  
my self,  I draw about myself the protection found in the thought of  The Christ and His  perfect sense of  Harm-
lessness. Let me ever be a channel of blessing,  today,  now,  to all whom I contact in every way. Let my going
in & my coming out  be in accord with that Thou would have me do  and for the highest good of all concerned."
And as the Call comes, here am I, dear Creator__ Send me. Use me." Amen.
David Wilcock #111. (Gaia,com)

*See also
: (LightBody.html)
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX