-mines  how  smart we are , how capable,  how  compassionate,  how  judgemental,  how spiritual,  
how talented. That's why  we must take  a good look inside  now and then to see  how our Identity
has changed. And WE CAN CHANGE THAT IDENTITY (and all that goes with it) AT WILL

During all of July & August, as I worked with Past Life Concerns, I was constantly receiving intuit-
ive nudges to once again refine my ideas about "
Who I Am"__ about MY IDENTITY. The upshot of
all this  was the awareness that  We will be  Required to  Update Our  Understanding of  Who  We
Are every
28+ years (a Saturn Cycle)  as the energies entering Earth  pump us up to new heights.
So we must  "redesign" our Identities.  In other words,  
Who We  Believe We Are Now  determines
how smart we are, how healthy, how capable, how loving,  how compassionate, how judgemental,
fair,  spiritual, etc. That's why we must take a good look inside ourselves now and then to see how
our  Identification has changed.  WE CAN CHANGE THAT IDENTITY  (and all that goes with it) AT

If we've moved onto the 5-D threshold by now,  we will have Contacted our  Soul Groups, & are
now serving that Group's  Mission & Purpose  as well as our own  Personal Purpose__ and begin-
ning to develop our Light Bodies.  In the 5th Density & beyond,  each of us must first of all  BE that
energy __hat vision__ of ourself. Then we have it!  5-D inhabitants are Multi-Density Beings, mov-
ing beyond meta-physics and psychism.

Recently I was AGAIN urged to check over my Twelve Past Lives of Significance__ to discover
Soul Group  with whom I am serving Now. I t became obvious that this present lifetime was all
about balancing out any disharmonies or unfinished business from those past lives, and uncover
and balance anything that was still frustrating me.

I was also told that I could  "go back and re-experience t he choices I thought I had chosen in-
apropriately, refused to make, or to follow through on
"  In multi-dimensionality, the veils,  the walls
are thinned, so this is available  to all desiring  to change their  previous life  choices.  I found  that
each of the  12 Past Lives  opens us to one of the  12 dimensions-densities that are now available
full time in
4-D New Earth. Yes__ we are  All One Being__  Expressing  ourselves in all 12 dimen-
sions. Visualize your 12 dimensional lifetimes as the  outer circle part of a  Tube Torus "doughnut"
shape, all floating  aound and connecting with its center__ the  "doughnut hole"__ which is Where
our Higher Self Resides in The Creative Force Field during this present lifetime.

Some years ago, when we lived in Lost Rivers, Idaho, a dear friend said
: "Someday, Marilyn, you
are going to tell me who you really are
."  I laughed,  as I had recently contacted seven of my past
lives, and wondered  "
which one" was the  "real me". Now, I know__ WE ARE ALL OF OUR PAST
LIVES __ & we have had to re-live__ re-activate__ all the choices refused or inappropriately made
in old lifetimes while now living this PRESENT LIFE.   

We didn't realize it,  but there has been  an Energy__  A Force__ pulsing through us during all our
life-times.  It was the energy expansion of
"Who We Really Are and Have Been All Along."  Seems
we're living  in all 12 dimensions at once now.  Perhaps we can even choose which ones we wish
to move into and  experience for a particular reason. We never made any "
mistakes!". All our past  
choices have led us here__ right where we've been meant to be all along. Even when we thought
we had "
failed",  we manifested successes;  for those failures showed us that what we needed to
change in ourselves __ showed us how to  "
BE THE CHANGE" that we wished to see in our envi-

When we have  
Changed Our  Identity__ to Our  True Selves__ many familiar ways  of  thinking,  
feeling & doing things suddenly change,  leaving us ungrounded in the foundation of the old world  
eneries,  as we try to  figure out  "
?  We try to  manifest or heal things,  but we may just be  manifesting
or healing the "same old stuff", that may not fit with  what is needed in this N ew Earth Reality. We
must find better ways to let go of the old, or new ways to deal with stuff that does not serve what's
necessary now.

At any rate, whatever was not conceived in Unconditional Love, will not survive.