JUNE 26th:  A time to Take Action in regard to the May 20th, Solar Eclipse Project.  In the previous,
June 12th Newsletter,  we covered this Project  and discussed the pictures and diagrams  one might
see while in the half-awake state of mind known as

En.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia: " Before you go to sleep tonight".  "pay attention to that space
where you are just about  to fall asleep to unconsciousness. As your body is deeply relaxed, you will
feel warmth spreading in your body  and a low tone ring in your ear.  Sometimes  if you leave  a light
on,  you will see the light flicker in your periphery vision,  or see  an object appear  in your periphery.
This is  the entry into  the hypnagogic state."  (It is the state where  Astral Projection  is practiced, as

One must  clearly visualize one's dream or ideals  before they can  take effect. Today offers opportu-
nity to see our S olar Eclipse wishes take concrete form  within our Inner Vision.  The world began to
morph into its new form that
May 20th, 2012, and everything in our lives began to re-boot. Whatever
has not been conceived with Love is now disappearing.

"This state has been outside of our  'waking' visible light spectrum__and
is now being reintroduced
to us while awake
. This state is when you are just beginning to 'see' the layers of the illusionary ho-
-ogram's matrix architecture. Over the course of history, philosophers & historians both have docu-
mented  many theories about  the consciousness state."..."In actuality,  these objects in view (while
in hypnagogia or lucid dreaming)  may be encoded symbols,  geometries and math that are used in
the language of the holographic matrix field that reflects our perception of reality. The
brain neur-
will organize these holographic bits into colors & shapes that MOVE or FIT TOGETH-
ER. (These holographic matrix fields  are set up as a hierarchal system of  '
celestial management
' that  define & govern each dimensional plane  of existence.)"... "Science refers to these
MOVING OBJECTS  commonly observed  within hypnagogia  as the  '
Tetrus Effect ' of which  has
spawned a video game that many have played on our cell phones or computers."  (

Was my waking vision  with its spherical grouping of black & white cartoons  symbolic of our current
Earth's 3-D, imaginary reality matrix?

"This last great  Energy shift  brought another  powerful crank forward  in the  '
frequency dial' which
has drastically changed
 relationships to  the space/time field."... "This state is similar to  being with-
in the hypnagogia state,  a different brain wave state  which places  our conscious awareness in the
dimensional space  between '
being awake and being asleep'"... (Some say  dreaming occurs  in the
4th dimension,  so... "the space between waking and sleeping"... is a passageway between different
dimensions." Other sources also suggest that hypnagogia is "
A Bridge to Other Realities."

We can also access Hynagogia  while meditating or simply daydreaming,  letting ourselves enter this
pre-sleep state to do Astral traveling, Remote Viewing and other Light Technologies. We now extend
this process of
 Interior Visualization,  which may be quite essential,  except in the case of  the creat-
ive individual  who has become a totally pure channel  for the Descent of Spiritual Power and a clear
lens through which the Mind of Man__ or of God-Source__ can be projected without distortion wher-
ever needed.  In other cases,  the creative act is  less direct:  a man  
projects into the world  what he
"sees" reflected on the screen of his personal Inner Vision. This New Vision concerns the Process of
Individualized Existence.  It is a phase of  Internal Organization preparing for a projection of one's id-
eals or concepts.

e ELECTRON has something to do with the Relationship of TIME & MOTION, but man  does not
know that  IT SPANS
 THE GULF OF  THE DIVINE MIND."..."The ELECTRON __ as man knowns it
__is only a sub-electron within a SUPER-ELECTRON. This super-electron is the sole electron com-
prising our   immediate  UNIVERSE."... "What man calls  ELECTRONS  within his terrestrial environ-
nment are particles capable of  SUPPORTING  VARIOUS  CONSCIOUSNESS  PROGRAMS which
are constantly being distributed  throughout the SUPER-ELECTRON." (Universe)