By  MARILYN LA CROIX

                                                  CHAPTER 16: EARTHKEEPING


MEDITATION: 1988:  Next to my meditation chair  sits a shamrock plant.  At night its leaves fold their
sides together  like praying hands.  After several weeks of  daily meditation,  I notice a response from
the plant.  Each time I come out of  an alpha or theta state,  all the plant's leaves  have moved around
to face me. When I meditate with the plant set across the room, the leaves do not move.

The Sixteenth Step of Creating From the Future and the fifth Expanded Multi-Dimensional
Technology is to protect Earth and restore Her original beauty and purity

Our planet's precious topsoil  has been overworked  and over-chemicalized  into a  gray powder ready
to be  scattered by any chance wind.  With mankind's disturbing impact on the planet, nature spirits are
finding  few natural places  to reside & assist  Earth's ecology.  When performing  Multi-D  Intentions to
manifest or heal, first ask & wait to receive permission from Spirit-Creator, requesting that all be in kee-
ping with Universal Purposes and for the highest good of all concerned.

    * "Plant Communication."
         * Biological Energy Fields.
         * Nature Spirits, Elementals and Devas.
    * "Talking With Mountains."
         * The Findhorn Garden.
    * "The Deva Garden."
    * "Bloomin' Purple Magic."
         * No one consciousness operates in isolation of the Whole.
         * Geopathic Stress Zones and Hartmann Lines.
    * "Environmental Cleansings."
         * L-Rods and Light Life Tools.
    * "Charging the Elements"
         * Gifts From Nature.
         * Alternative Agriculture.
    * "Agnihotra Ritual."
    * "Structured Water."
    *  We are, after all__ creator-gods in the making.

Plant Communication
When I was a little girl, Nature was my best friend. In the  Minnesota woods and around Gramma's cot-
tage  at the Lake, I felt at home & surrounded by love. As I played with sand and water on the beach or
in the tall grasses under the big trees,  picking dandelions &  braiding them into wreaths, the butterflies
caressed my hair and hands. I enjoyed playing with  caterpillars, daddy-long-legs, dragonflies & grass-
hoppers and was never stung by a bee or a wasp  I even liked snakes__ but birds were my favorites
birds could sing__ and fly!

At home in our backyard,  under Lombardy poplars, sumac or Russian olives, I would "see" and comm-
unicate with fairies about how the plants grew & what their purposes were. Sometimes I found rings of
mushrooms or toad-stools  that my little friends said were hide-away s where they danced in the moon-
light.  They taught me to  never harm a living creature,  because even a leaf,  or an ant  had an aware-
;  plants, animals and  even the very rocks and dirt  could sense  how I felt or thought about them.  
When I was confined to bed with rheumatic fever at age six,  elves came to my window,  singing, danc-
ing and entertaining me during the long months of recuperation.

Around age eight,  society's fear and intolerance for psychic events caused me to leave notions of fair-
ies and elves far behind.  All was reawakened at age forty  when we moved to Idaho's  Lost River Vall-
eys, and I began painting in the wilderness. I then saw the little spirits only as balls of light hovering ar-
ound plants and trees. The spirits of trees,  wildflowers, rocks and mountains again spoke to me. Soon
I asked questions of them and received answers__ and with birds, rocks, garden and houseplants, too.

Biological Energy Fields
Among many experiments proving that plants respond to various stimulations, one by Russian scientist
Alexander Gurvich in the early 20th century  introduced the concept of  energy fields,  demonstrating
how an exchange of photons  (from the Creative Force Field)  between  microbiological species can re-
gulate their activity. Later,
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov studied  the energy fields of  living systems at the
University of Russia. He believed the energy field is an
organizing structure for our biological world Ev-
erything in the universe is governed by an energy field

Biological fields are  energetic organizations of assorted energies, essences & origins. Some fields are
electro magnetic or gravitational, & others are collections of molecules. The limitations of some are still
not understood. Although a biological field is considered invisible to human eyes,  the aura clairvoyants
see could be the field's EM or psychic emanations.

Dr. Korotkov developed the GDV camera which measures and photographs the auras of living things,
providing information about the quantum field of humans or plants and their biological functions.  When
someone  approached a plant  carrying a pitcher of  water  or humming a tune,  the energy field  of the
plant increased.  Conversely,  when the plant was  exposed to anger  or violent intentions,  its field be-
gan to shrink. Dr. Korotkov's  research indicates that quantum fields are
psychotronic; i.e., sensitive to
human consciousness and to both our physical and subtle bodies.

This technology offers a new understanding of reality. Once we considered all life as material
forms o-nly.  
Now we view life as  collections of  energy fields  that constantly move,  change &
connect everything that lives

As a basis for  non-machine  communication  between  humans,  plants,  animals and the environment,
this new view suggests tremendous advances in diagnosing and treating physical, emotional and men-
tal conditions including  medicine, psychology,  sound therapy, biophysics , genetics,  forensic science,
agriculture and ecology.

Dr. Korotkov felt that plants had intelligence,  but it was not the "mind" of a single sunflower;  it was the
"mind"  of the entire group of  sunflowers or a garden or forest. These collective nature intelligences__
Elementals__(often called "Devas") are in charge of entire groups of nature spirits. Dr. Korotkov sens-
ed elves, nature spirits and devas in all natural places. He now uses the GDV camera to measure Ear-
th's energy field.  It will be possible  to measure  energy fields  of sacred places, to see how they  inter-
communicate  ith human life. And it's all based on the ideas of energy fields and quantum energies.

Clear quartz crystals  can be set in patterns around fields or gardens and programmed by the farmer or
gardener to aid crops to withstand temperature extremes,  thrive under drought conditions or resist dis-
eases & insects. A master quartz crystal, held in the
 Earthkeeper's hand  is the  programmed to broad-
cast new information to the other crystals in the field. (
Chapter 11)

Talking With Mountains
1987: Communicating with other evolutions of Earth Life  was taught at the  Vogel Crystal Classes. We
entered the woods, sat down beside a plant while in an alpha state, and connected with the nature spi-
rits assisting with  physical form structuring on  subtle energy planes.  Each plant's spirit informed us of
the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual uses of every part whether root, stem, flower, leaf or seed.
This was how Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals gained wisdom about medicinal & practical
uses of local plants.

The second month of crystal healing classes, we're bussed to a parking area below Grand Teton Peak
Dr. Vogel demonstrates using clear quartz crystals  to communicate with  mountain devas. The
parking lot is filled with the cars,  campers &  RVs of visitors enjoying the beautiful scenery.  As twenty-
five of us leave the bus and gather around Marcel for the ritual,  we attract the attention  of the tourists,
many of whom draw nearer to find out what's going on with this group.

The day is perfect with golden sunshine & azure skies dotted with tiny, white fluffy clouds. When Mar-
cel takes "Big Bertha"__ his thirteen-sided crystal__ in his powerful hands & raises it up  to the moun-
tain , he begins to speak to the spirits  in a loud  but loving voice. Immediately, the white clouds  rush
to gather directly above Grand Teton Peak and thunder rumbles overhead.

At this, the tourists' eyes open wide. They look wildly about  at the mountains and at each other,  then
snatch up their kids, dogs and backpacks,  their picnic gear,  soda pop , cameras &  binoculars, mak-
ing a beeline for their vehicles. Within three minutes,  the parking lot empties  except for our bus and
one Allegro motor home. As Marcel continues the demonstration, I look around to see what's happen-
ing around us, & note the lone motor home directly behind us,  whose curious residents are cautious-
ly peeking out between small openings in its drawn curtains.

Marcel continues speaking with the mountain, & soon we smell pine wood smoke,  although fires are
not allowed in the park.  Then__ where it was  perfectly calm before__  a huge wind  begins  blowing
leaves, papers and hats everywhere.  At this, the motor home starts, shifts gears, & barrels out of the
park,too.  We are alone  with the mountain spirits.

Directed to send Love to the mountain  and stay open to a response from her,  we soon feel surges of
overwhelming Love & kindness electrifying all of us. We inwardly sense her expressions  of gratitude  
and joy for being consciously contacted after eons of silence from human beings. We wipe tears from
our eyes   as Marcel thanks the spirits  and lovingly closes communication.  We reluctantly board the
bus and head for the evening barbecue at Moose, Wyoming.

Nature spirits are real. They are forces existing on levels of electromagnetic energies akin to  
human subtle bodies,  thereby enhancing and  intensifying  our nervous systems w hich per-
form primarily with EM.
 Nature spirits are electroromagnetic beings of pure consciousness.

The Findhorn Garden book  further explains  Nature's  "voices".  The Findhorn  Community  began in
1962 after a group contacted the intelligences underlying the physical forms of the plants, trees & land
of that location.  Under spiritual direction,  they planted gardens on a rocky,  salty strip of beach on the
north coast of Scotland  and evolved it to unbelievable lushness. They met regularly with  
Pan, Lord of
Nature and the Elemental Kingdom.  Plants from all climates__ even the tropics__  grew far larger than
normal.  The devas  advised them  about gardening  without chemical fertilizers or p esticides.  Instead,

they talked with the insect devas,  making agreements about what the insects would or would not eat
Findhorn has since grown to international recognition and people come there from across the planet to
learn about not only gardening,  but also about  spiritual development  and  advanced ecological skills.
The Findhorn Garden." 1976. Perennial Publishers.)

All beings in the  Nature Kingdom belong to The Elemental Kingdom assisting humans to cre-
ate on mental planes,  transmuting our thoughts first into  etheric geometric designs and then
into physical forms.  The Elementals serving  Earth  are committed to  materializing whatever
they receive from humanity's collective thoughts or feelings __ including hurricanes, volcan-
oes, earthquakes,  killer bees, bedbugs and the polluted soils, waters and atmosphere.

The Elementals are further organized into four types:  Earth, Water, Air &  Fire.  We were introduced
to a Fire Elemental in the mystical encounter under the glass dome of the yurt (
Chapter 10).  We learn-
ed to be clear  about what we asked for  and how we worded requests. Nature spirits are not threaten-
ing to humans in any way
; they're filled with joy  whenever a human  contacts them  and asks for  their

The Deva Garden
1983: The nature spirits ask Hal. and me to set aside ten percent of our Idaho yard for a Deva Garden.
We are to leave it entirely wild and free from the hand of man__ no watering, weeding, planting, fertiliz-
ing or mulching
;  no pesticides, no picking flowers or in any way affecting the plants that grow there.  It
is to be a home and sanctuary for the nature spirits who will in turn,  assist with plants in the rest of the
yard.  We choose a spot behind our house  where no one walks. S ome prickly pear cactus and weeds
already grow there, so I outline the area with black lava rocks to remind us to leave it entirely alone.

Several summers later,  some unusual plants grow  five to six feet high  in the Deva Garden next to the
wooden fence. B y August,  they're covered with buds.  We wonder  what sort of blossoms they'll have,
but soon their lower portions turn brown & brittle
; i t's the eighth year of a long drought , and the entire
Deva Garden is dried up  except for the upper portions  of these tall plants.  Beyond the wooden fence  
sits our neighbors' firewood, stacked against their house. Our own firewood i s only 6 feet away on the
opposite side of the Deva Garden,  against one of our cedar house walls.  Hal is worried about fire
; he
wants to cut down those plants, and we discuss what to do. I agree they are a hazard,  but suggest we
first tell the nature spirits what we intend__  and why__  and  obtain their permission.

Purple Bloomin' Magic
Hal mows the lawn  while I'm running errands  in the village.  When I return about noon,  he waves  his
hands and rushes towards me  as I get out of the car.  "
Come look at this!",  he says. '"You won't be-
lieve it
", gesturing toward the back of the house  and the Deva Garden. "Remember how these plants  
were nearly all dried up and had only buds on them this morning before you left


"Well, I did like you said .  I talked to the devas  about the fire hazard  and said  I'll be back in an hour
to cut down the plants, and I'm sorry, but you'll need  to find some other place  to stay for awhile. I left
to mow the front yard, & when I came back here to put the mower awa__ every one of those buds had
burst into bloom

It was true. Not one bud had failed to bloom. There must have been eighty to a hundred lovely tiny pur-
ple flowers, all blooming at once.  Later that evening,  we thanked the nature spirits for their assistance
during the year  and thanked the weeds for their lovely display before Hal cut them down.  It seems the
plants needed to bloom to be pollinated by bees and butterflies to complete their cycle before they died.

No one consciousness group operates in isolation of the Whole or of other parts of the Whole.

Geopathic Stress Zones and Hartmann Lines
The Sixteenth Step of Higher Creativity is to love Earth and to protect and restore Her original
beauty & purity. Imprinted into the land for years,  
Geopathic Stress Zones &  Hartmann Lines
hold humanity's "psychic garbage.
" :

Machaelle Small Wrigh
t (Machaelle Small Wright. Perelanda Garden Workbook II:  Co-Creative  En-
ergy Procesesses for Gardening, Agriculture and Life
." 1990.  Perelandra,  Ltd.)  explains how  Nature
defines geopathic zones as: self-contained energy realities found within the planet's soil, water
& air  that can either  enhance the health,  balance &  well-being  of  any life system  that comes
into contact with them  or adversely  impact,  even destroy,  some  living systems  impacted  by

These zones affect the environmental quality,  health & subtle energies of people, plants, minerals and
animals living within or near them.  Groups of people  sharing similar illnesses a re often found  living in
Geopathic Zones holding negative energetics.  On a recent
CBS, 60 Minutes II program, Marin County,
one of the most affluent in California,  was shown to have  the highest proportion of breast cancer than
any other area in the U.S..

Geopathic Stress Zones can hold healing energies  as easily as they hold  negative energies.  Disturb-
ances from negative lines  can be as subtle as  simple discomforts, increased accidental injuries, sleep
problems, trouble with household, garage or office appliances and utilities and even more serious chal-
lenges such as chronic illnesses.

Conversely, loving, warm, peaceful feelings can be contacted in & around churches, ancient stone mo-
numents, fountains, lakes, waterfalls, wilderness parks, sacred sites__any places where people gather
over the years with positive emotions that imprint into the minerals of those areas.

Wherever there have been  ancient  battles,  multiple-car pile-ups  on freeways,  or mass catastrophes
such as earthquakes,  floods or hurricanes,  the related human emotions easily imprint trauma onto the
site,  and anyone passing through it feels the residual fear or anger.  Around the Berlin bunkers  where
Hitler hid during  WWII's  end,  a terribly invasive & poisonous bulbous weed began to grow that crowd-
ed out all other vegetation and could not be completely eradicated.

Even the molecules of the location where the ungrounded emotions are impacting will change. Any ele-
ments that were part of a formerly balanced environment that cannot make the molecular changes nec-
essary to carry the new unbalanced emotional element will evacuate that environment.

Geopathic Stress Lines can be from 300 to 600 feet wide__ sometimes miles wide__ and usually are
connected with densely populated areas  or with heavy industrial or military activities. Even crime rates
are affected by Stress Lines, and they also  impact material objects like automobiles, appliances, elec-
trical wiring, plumbing or utilities.  Hence the popular Chinese  
Feng Shui  patterns  for home, office, &

Hartmann Lines are similar to the Geopathic Stress Lines, although more numerous & narrower, may-
be only  a meter or two wide. The Hartmann Lines were discovered  when two doctors dowsed  homes
of  5000 cancer patients  and found these energy lines  running through their patients' beds.  The point
where the lines crossed on a sleeping patient's body turned out to be the exact spot where each canc-
er developed in 98% of the cases.

Ms. Wright describes methods  for clearing this emotional residue  out of our homes, yards or gardens.
First, we must cleanse and balance ourselves,  as when preparing for an
Energetic Healing Technique
Chapter 12). Then we perform an  Energy Cleansing Process  followed by the  Battle Energy Release
to erase previously imprinted problems. (The ceremony ends with
Soil Balancing and finally, Soil Stab-
to help  shift and re-balance  the soil molecules involved. These processes are well detailed in
Ms.Wright's "
Garden Workbook II" www.perelandra-ltd.com

Environmental Cleansings
The Summer of 1998,  Hal and I intuit a need  to move back to  Magic Valley, Idaho,  near our family. I
feel responsible for a final cleansing of our Lost River home's energetics before we sell it. Also, Hal has
been having pain in his lower legs and feet, especially in bed at night, &  I'm being challenged with min-
nor digestive problems. Could Geopathic or Hartmann Lines be behind this?

I make a layout of  the Lost Rivers house, rooms and yard  on graph paper,  closely proportioned to the
actual measurements.  Kinesiology, pendulums or dowsing rods can be used to find the energetic lines
in homes, yards or fields.  Dowsing rods can be made from  two wire coat hangers, cutting each one to
measure about 12 inches,  with about 5 or 6 inch  "handles"  bent at right angles. The  Hartmann Lines
run exactly north & south, and east & west. Tell the rods to  "
open wide" when a line is located. Locate
each line  by grasping a rod loosely by its handle in each hand, taking a deep breath__ holding it,  and
with love in the heart,  saying to the rod
: "Show me the next negative energy line",  as you  slowly walk
forward.  When you find a line, do the same with only one rod, requesting the
direction  from which  the

Then take the two "L" rods__ (welding rods  can also serve)__ & place them  with handles  facing each
other  to form an upside-down " U" shape. The two long legs of the upside-down "U"s are then  pushed
into the ground  at the edge of one's property__ or in  an apartment,  taped to an inside wall  where the
lines enter the space.

Another way is to purchase a  
Slim Spurling's Light Life Tool (tm)__ a large copper ring__ and bury it
beneath  he nearest utility pole bearing a transformer. This last method will neutralize all the Hartmann
Lines within a block or more.

Once attuned to Higher Self, it is simple to not only find the disturbing lines,  but to also contact & work
with the nature spirits and devas to clear and balance  both land and home.  Starting at one end of the
Lost River home, & exploring every room and hallway,  I use hands or dowsing rods to sense the Geo-
pathic Stress Lines. A red pen marks each room's negative pathways on the chart. Then I do the same
with the Hartmann Lines, marking them in blue.  Surprisingly, I find at least a dozen lines going through
our home at various angles with extensions of those lines into the yard and street.

The Geopathic Stress Lines of the Lost River Valley  home crossed at the very sites  where we've had
trouble with appliances, plumbing, electrical wiring,  the underground sprinkler control box, cracked wi-
ndows or sticking patio door,  and with sickly or dying plants or trees. Two lines cross right over the el-
ectric meter box.  Another line passed over a corner of the yard  where the city repeatedly sprayed we-
ed killer around the fire hydrant,  destroying all our r ock garden plants  within six feet of it. Another line
ran through the spot where carpenters, remodeling the neighbor's house tossed heavy plywood panels
onto our yard one spring, killing the new little plants beneath them.

Most distressful is that  two of these lines crossed our bedroom.  One over the lower third of  Hal's twin
bed__ where his legs and feet lie every night__  then running on over my bed,  across my  solar plexus
and abdomen. To make matters worse, a second line at right angles to the first,  intersects it exactly on
my solar plexus. We need to clear up immediately. Hal agrees.

Home alone next morning, I obtain permission from Spirit, & finish the clearings within half an hour. Fo-
llowing Ms. Wright's directions,  I first use breathing exercises to balance & charge myself, then test for
Gem or Flower Essences I might need for the procedure. None are indicated.

Breath, Love, Intention and Mind will be applied to the negative stress lines while I'm "In the Zone". I go
out on the deck to perform the ceremonies. As I pass through the door, I note several flies sitting on the
outside of the screen,  but they don't even move  when the door opens and closes. Outside__ no birds,
bees or butterflies are evident__ everything is completely still. I sit on the deck to do the
Energy Clean-
sing Process
first. In about ten seconds, a breeze springs up. Feelings of joy&d lightheartedness arise.
After performing the  
Battle Energy Release,  I want to cry tears of joy;  an incredible sense of love and
peace  descends all around, above and beneath me,tthe yard and the house.   

Atmospheric Cleansing that follows  is especially moving.  The city regularly sprays  the unpaved
street  with magnesium chloride to discourage dus t during the summer drought, and the smell is awful.
This odor completely disappears after the ritual , & a light herbal or floral scent  wafts in on  the breeze.
All feels and smells clean,  fresh and wonderful.  The Atmospheric Cleansing was chosen  because we
are not far from the nuclear power site where  Higher Self told me  a
Geopathic Stress Zone exists. We
live on the lower slopes of the mountain where the large fault line from the
1983__ 7.3 earthquake par-
allels high tension power lines not far above us. The Geopathic Stress Zone runs  exactly beneath this
power line leading to the INL site. I do not attempt to balance this large zone because it requires the a-
sisstance of at least five people,  plus permission of the nuclear site officials__ city council members &
county commissioners__ representatives of all who are affected by these negative corridors.

After the first three processes,  
Soil Balancing and   Soil Stabilizing  rituals are executed. The yard and
house again become extremely still
; not even a quaking aspen leaf moves. The sensation is as if I, the
yard and house are enfolded in one of those Vendome Energy Bubbles__ or a "Garden of Eden".  I no-
tice that all the flowers near the deck have turned their faces away from the sunshine, and towards me
and the crystal. Most delightful!

Interestingly, later that very afternoon, the man arrived from out of town to replace the two broken win-
windows from the earthquakes.  We'd been waiting for months.  Next day, a big wind blows, & rain be-
ginds to fall each afternoon for the next two weeks, ending the nine-year drought.

The  Autumn of 1998, we move into  the new house in Magic Valley.  The yard is still just dirt, offering
another chance to put in a lawn & garden in cooperation with nature spirits,  Sacred Geometry & Feng
Shui principles.

   Magic Valley Home Energy Lines  #1                           Magic Valley Home Energy Lines #2

Magic Valley  Home Energy Line Plans  show how we  laid out  the new place.  Plan #1 shows
how I used the  
Golden Mean Spirals  to plot  where the borders of plant beds should be placed. In the
upper part of Plan #1, a light green line cuts across the yard and the right front corner of the house. It's
Hartmann Line,  and where it exits at the right side of the house,  cutting across a corner of the gara-
ge, it hits the wall exactly where the controls of our  under-ground sprinkler system sit.  We had trouble
with that system  continually starting and stopping at the wrong times,  and sometimes only sprinkling a
part of the yard. After clearing the Hartmann line, there's been no more trouble there.

Why do we  need to know about these lines?  Not only do these  green and pink  energy lines
affect our health,  our electronic devices  and the growth of plants and trees in our yards,  but
Human Consciousness  can affect the  environment,  weather,  electromagnetics,  Nature and
even  Earth Herself  when our Intentions  for healing or manifesting  are performed  on one or
more of these energy lines

The location of  Energy Lines can be found  by using  dowsing rods__ or a pendulum over house blue-
prints or maps, which must be drawn to scale. The above Plans were drawn on graph paper.
hedron Lines also provide us with visual information and symbols from Higher Realms.

Plan #2 shows pink diagonal lines crossing the yard and house. These are  Earth's magnetic lines that
directly connect with Her  
Dodecahedron Energy Grid.  (http://en.ikipediaorg/wiki/Dodecahedron)  Note
the point where two lines cross each other  inside the house plan
. When I showed family & friends how
to use dowsing rods to find the energy lines,  we felt tremendous surges of energy there. One of the la-
dies did an intention at that exact point__ which happens to lie  in a small hallway  connecting two bed-
rooms and a bath.  Her intention began working immediately__ she lost about 35 pounds over a only a
few weeks. We now use this portal for healing & manifesting, calling it  "
The Phone Booth", as we con-
nect directly with other dimensions and higher realms there.

And at the house's top edge, beside the sidewalk curving from the driveway towards the front door, are
two more lines crossing outside windows in my computer-office room. This portal creates weather con-

The point where a pink line leaves the house proper, exits through a window,  and crosses the patio, is
used for environmental engineering.  

A portal in our bedroom  (lower right extension from the house)  crosses my bed and provides for astral
traveling or bi-location
; and as that same pink line  moves out the  right-hand lower corner of the house
plan, it creates a portal for reception of
Hypnagogia and Higher Intelligence Information.

There are Earth Energy Lines that cross houses, yards and maps in North and South directions (either
way), and East & West directions. You can use your rods or pendulums to see which are positive ener-
gies__ or negative energies.

Use Intentions  to disable the negatives lines.  These  N., S., E., &  W.  lines are from  12 to 14 in-
ches wide,  but the  Dodecahedron  Lines__ far more intense__  are
19.5  inches wide.  If you can find
a point where  several of either types of lines cross__ especially if  it involves  Dodecahedron lines__  
that point  ill produce the greatest results. .

As always, one must firs t Obtain Permission  from Higher Self,  Spirit-Creator or  Guides, and
from all persons  that will be affected  by the change.
Then Charge Up,  as you hold  Love,  Unity
Consciousness  Peace and  Joy in the heart and mind  while working with the energy lines.  The Inten-
tion must be carefully worded so as to be completely positive. And, of course, one must follow the Uni-
versal Law of choosing  
Never to Over-ride Anyone's Free Will. This includes the  Free Will of the dark
elites, so scripting the Intention can be a bit tricky.

"Charging the Elements"
One evening in August, 2010, in a terrific lightning storm,  our eldest son, living 13 miles away from us
in the Magic Valley countryside, came rushing in our door, excitedly pleading with Hal  to bring his pick-
up over to his house.  A huge wildfire had taken hold in the desert,  burning grass and  sagebrush, and
he and other homes and ranches had been told to evacuate.  He needed help loading and transporting
their home and business articles.  Although it was dark outside, we could see the blood-red glow in the
distance, with lighting bolts continually shooting both vertically and horizontally across the sky.

Hal immediately j umped into our pickup,  our son into his car,  and they raced off  towards the fire.  As
they left,  I stood at the window of my computer room where the two pink lines crossed,  where  I could
see the fire site.  I charged up, said my prayer, and began shouting my Intention in a loud voice, "RAIN,
RAIN, RAIN",  waving my arms wildly,  as if conducting an invisible orchestra.  A huge crack of thunder  
rattled the windows,  and they bulged inward  as if made of rubber,  while rain began pounding down. I
continued shouting, "MORE RAIN"__"HARDER, HARDER"__ and it just poured down in barrel-fulls. In
a few minutes,  Hal and son returned,  saying they had never seen anything like it
:  they got no farther
than  a few miles down the highway,  when the wind shifted  so hard,  it nearly blew them  off the road.  
Then the rain beat down in such quantities, they couldn't see to drive.  So they turned around & came

I was amazed!  I had successfully created a huge downpour  & change in wind direction,  which put out
the fire and saved acres of desert and farmland, as well as the homes, ranches and livestock of people
in the area. So we now find that
the Energy Lines are not all negative!.  Perhaps they pick up and hold  
our human negative or positive  thoughts and feelings,  then radiate them outwardly  from that land.  

All the energy lines of our home and yard were later cleared, but the "Phone Booth" and "Rain Maker"
points were grounded in place.

Gifts From Nature
MEDITATION:  2-27-88: "Evergreen trees  nurture and energize the planet itself,  and Redwood trees
hold energies to Heal the Heart and Throat areas of life-forms."                  

After clearing the Geopathic Stress & Hartmann lines from the Magic Valley property,  Phi ratio-Golden
Mean Spirals and Curves
,  feminine)  are plotted  to balance the  rectangular,  (masculine)  geometries
of the lot's boundaries, house, sidewalks & driveway. The soil is  mounded and curved in planting beds
to give  height and character to the plot,  and a sprinkler system is installed.  Next,  trees are planted in
carefully chosen spots. Sod gives us an instant lawn.

We transplant aspen saplings  and the baby mountain juniper from Lost River Valleys  which the devas
brought us the year before. The aspens are only  three to four feet tall,  but four years later,  they have
grown to twenty feet high. Shasta Daisies & various plants are brought from Lost River, too, & soon co-
ver the mounds with greenery and color. The daisies grow to be four feet tall with 3-inch wide blooms.

The south yard, only seven feet wide beside the house, is set aside for the new Deva Garden.  A bath-
room window is the only window on that side of the house. Since there's nothing but dirt outside,  I rec-
eive permission from our garden devas,  and from my old friend, Norma and her garden devas,  to take
the unwanted Bachelor Button "weeds" from her yard & plant them in our Deva Garden.  By June, they
too,  stand four to five feet tall__ how lovely to look out an open window and see a sea of blue extend-
ing from the windowsill.

Since a past life in Scotland as a Druid I've always loved oak tree,s which grew in my Midwestern child-
hood home- town
;  but they're not native to southern Idaho. Hal & I also admired  the dogwood trees in
the Illinois woods,  but I know of no dogwoods in Idaho, either.  However__ the Spring  after I cleansed
the new property of  Stress & Hartmann lines,  two tiny oak trees  voluntarily began to grow in our back
yard. And I received an invitation from the
National Arbor Day Foundation to join their organization. For
ten dollars, they sen t ten flowering tree saplings__ two each of hawthorn,  pear, crabapple, redbud__
and dogwood.

The nature spirits  bring" whatever plant we desire__ it just starts growing in our yard. Or, like the Sha-
sta daisies,  they spring up across the street where they must be "rescued" before the city burns off the
irrigation canal banks.  Most of the plants in our Magic Valley, Idaho garden  were wild flowers,  & most
were never planted__ they began growing there in response to our requests of the devas. Mountain ju-
niper trees grow wild in the Lost River High Desert,  seldom exceeding eight or ten feet in height__ but
live for as long as five hundred years.  Now, however,  Environmental laws protect them from being cut
down or transplanted. I asked the devas for one, & that same summer,  it sprouted beside the lava rock
garden steps. Ten years later I asked for another near the other end of the house. By spring, a second
one 2 feet high, popped up there. We replanted it in the Magic Valley yard, but after 10 years in a  Phi-
Golden Mean Spiral, it reached a height of 40 feet. We decorated it with lights every  Christmas, as our
very special family Christmas Tree. When we work with Nature, instead of against Her, Miracles occur.

Alternative Agriculture
Our planet's precious topsoil has been overworked and over-chemicalized  into a gray powder ready to
be scattered  by any chance wind.  Earthkeepers of the world  are seeking  ways to  rebuild it  to a rich
loam that can again produce healthy & safe products. Innovative farmers and scientists have,  over the
past fifty years, found ways to purify & strengthen the soil on which humans, plants or animals depend.
Healthier, more productive ways exist to raise food crops,  eliminating reliance on petrochemical fertiliz-
ers and pesticides with their serious health and ecological effects

Plants respond to human feelings & thoughts, &  play an important role in alternative agriculture. We all
love to hear the
birds singing outdoors.  Some investigators believe  the birds' chirps  trigger plants to
begin growing in the spring.  Scientific experiments show that sound can stimulate plantsto grow faster,
larger, and healthier.

Sunlight is a band on the electromagnetic spectrum,  & we know plants need light and heat to
thrive,  so it's not too huge a stretch  to understand how other parts of the EM spectrum, such
as sound or color, could affect botanicals

We've heard about gardeners who "sing" to their flowers,  & householders who "talk" to their house pla-
nts. New evidence shows us that it's not just eccentric behavior. (See
Archives for more.)

Biodynamic Agriculture is a term used by the late scientist-philosopher-mystic, Rudolf Steiner. Tom-
& Bird, in "Secrets of the Soil" explain Steiner's methods and his theory that invisible, etheric e-
nergies from the moon & the planets  are necessary for a healthy soil.  By following his methods, farms
have prospered in Pennsylvania, North Dakota & other states,  & millions of  previously barren acres in
Australia have been rejuvenated.

Steiner's processes include filling old, dried cow horns  with fresh cow manure  & burying them to ferm-
ent. When dug up in spring,  the manure will become  extremely rich and energetic, sweet smelling and
clean. This material is then mixed with water and stirred periodically  in reversed directions to stimulate
vortexes of energy.  Extremely powerful, only very tiny amounts need to be spread over our  gardens &

Crop growers are using
EM waves to discourage harmful insects & diseases, and some Austrians use
rock dust to feed farmlands & forests and prevent acid rain effects. The Hunzas of Central Asia are be-
ing studied for their agricultural methods that seem to promote longevity.  Around the world,  gardeners
and farmers are  quietly & carefully planting, saving & developing non-hybridized seeds, which are fast
disappearing from our environment.

Agnihotra Ritual 1
1988:  Finding many inch-long army worms in part of our Lost River Valleys lawn,  we decide to experi-
ment with a method mentioned in Tompkins & Bird's "
Secrets of the Soil". This ancient ritual from India,
known as  
Agnihotra,  is best performed while the sun passes through  the zodiac sign of  Taurus,  bet-
April 21st and May 21st, or at second best, within a month just prior to, or after those dates.

Receiving a "go" from H.S.,  I gather some of the worms & put them  in a glass jar  with an open mouth,
allowing their short lives to expire.  A few days later, some unprinted paper or dry leaves are placed on
an aluminum foil pie pan  with the now dead, dry & brittle worms on top.  At this point   I enter the Zone
and call upon the various devas  of the garden and of the worms&d plants involved,  stating my need &
intent to free the yard of these desttructive pests.

I then set the pape rand dried bodies on fire.  When cool enough to handle,  I crumble up everything to
make a "pepper",  then, stating my Intention aloud with  Held Breath and  Unconditional Love,  ask that
the experiment be  in keeping with Spirit's purposes &  for the highest good of all involved. I become as
one with  the still living worms in the soil,  and sprinkle the "pepper"  upon the infested lawn. Detaching
from the ritual, visualizing a beneficial outcome,  feeling the joy of it and giving thanks, I close the inten-
tion and pay no further attention for ten days.

Two weeks later,  we transplant some flowers  in that area of the yard  and find only one or two worms.
Within a month, all the pests are gone and don't return the following year. This method works because
of the "
Black Body Effect". (See Archives)

Living Water
Dr. Vogel repeatedly stressed how "Water links life to Earth". At the close of his seminars, he suggest-
ed I use natural spring water for healing or watercolor painting  because it still contained  all the natural
ions of each atom. (Water forced through straight channels or pipes loses an ion from each atom.) Lat-
er,  he told me  how to  create structured water  with a  crystal.  Structuring  water  
charges the water with Unconditional Love,  which returns the missing ions  to each water atom. Struc-
tured water's greater surface tension  makes it excellent for watercolor painting, & it will hold a program
__ i.e.; it will carry a message  that is available to the body of any being drinking it,  or t o any sensitive
person  who views a painting created with that water.  It was used to create the mandala paintings rep-
roduced in this text. They are based on people's astrological charts, promoting inner awakenings, heal-
ing and transformation when viewed.  The "
Uranus Rising" mandala  on the title page of this website is
typical. (
Figure 1)

Structured Water
Structured water can be created by using pure spring water placed outdoors on a sunny day in a silver
or glass bowl  free of patterns on its sides or bottom.  After standing in the sun for several hours,  some
of the water evaporates, causing a change in the water atoms. Then Unconditional Love is pulsed with
breath into the water using a clear quartz crystal, if needed  (
Ch. 11: Crystal Modalities) Another pro-
gram of wellness or positive attitudes  can be imprinted into the water  the same way.  Do not store the
structured water in plastic
:  lass or ceramic containers are best.

1989: Experiments with structured water bring additional surprises. I try watering household plants with
it, & they thrive. A two quart, open stoneware pitcher filled with this water  sits on the kitchen windowsill
and is used to nourish house plants.  Sunlight and evaporation  strengthen the structured water's prog-
rams. Lost River Valley's tap water is very pure, coming from deep underground springs with no chemi-
cals added.

After a few weeks,  we notice a fuzzy grayish film on the inside of the pitcher. By spring, with more sun-
light available,  the film turns bright green.  Examining some of the  hair-like growths  with a  magnifying
glass, I discover they are little plants__ complete with tiny leaves!

Experiments in the Vogel classes  showed us how  Unconditional Love  keeps on  expanding outwardly
over time, (
Ch. 10:"Standing Waves") ready to be absorbed and used by anything and everything in its
sphere of contact.  Once we imprint U. L. into the water  with the structuring process,  all we need do is
reserve  a little of that water  in the pitcher  after we've watered our plants
;   then add  more water.  No
need to re-structure again. The reserved water  imprints its Unconditional Love  to the newly added flu-
id, restoring the required ions while sitting in sunlight and air.

late spring, we note that the cedar wood bolster  just under the kitchen window's exterior is forming
a similar fuzzy green coating of tiny plants,  even though it is in intense,  mile-high sunlight most of the
day. By the start of summer,  the green fuzz has leaped  ten feet across  the redwood deck to decorate
the deck railings, too.

Inside the pitcher,  I find a small black, shiny lump  about the size of the head of a straight pin, firmly at-
tached to the green fuzz.  I decide to  leave it alone & see what happens.  It grows.  By the end of sum-
mer, it reaches the size of a large pea, & begins to move around in the pitcher__ it is a live black snail.
Drunvalo Melchezedek related how scientists have evidence that  water & EME  together  will
create life

They ran an electric current through water containing a crystal  with one side etched with  the figure of
an eight-legged bug.  Over months of continually running currents  through this water, the bug etching
became two, then three-dimensional. It detached itself from the crystal, eventually swam to the surface
of the water, lifted off and flew away.

At the True Enlightenment Stage,  only what was  created or  re-created with  U. Love  is retained  and
carried back to  Creative Source,  where it re-joins Source  to form a sacred foundation  upon which  to
lovingly build our Future Reality.

Dr. Vogel explained how the electromagnetic process of adding electrons to the atomic orbits
of water seems to move it to higher dimensions

Experiments prove that  every healthy cell in our body is surrounded by structured water,  but diseased
cells  are surrounded by water that is short one electron. Energetic Healing may work on "scientific lev-
els" by re-structuring the water in the body to receive not only the missing electrons, but additional ele-
ctrons as well.

Viktor Shauberger believed that  EM forces cause  decomposition of  material substances,  &
that Nature uses both the magnetic and electrical types of EM frequencies to do her work
. His
"Living Energies", tells of experiments with natural energies for water purification, river and flood
management, soil fertility, propulsion and even home power generation (
free energy). He goes beyond  
 bio-dynamic farming  to suggest that with proper water maintenance and encouragement  of
rivers & streams to flow in their natural serpentine patterns,  the land would be free of  the need for not
only chemical, but also animal fertilizers.

Observing our Deva Garden  over many years,  we learned how the "weeds" spring up,  develop & die,
only to be replaced by another kind of weed in a few years,  and then by still other types. The wild gar-
den recycles its plants every few years. Each type of plant takes what it needs from the soil & replaces
nutrients depleted  by the previous plants.  Four different types of weeds succeeded each other  in our
Deva Garden  over a period of about twelve years (a Jupiter cycle),  and then the process was repeat-
ed. The soil was kept at optimum health without fertilization. The idea is probably behind farmers' way
of allowing fields to "lie fallow" in alternate years.

It is a  Cosmic Law that  beings in one dimension do not interfere with those  on another level
unless the former  invites assistance
.  We humans  manifest  divine plans  by receiving  inspiration  
from higher intelligences through our right brain
; then use our left brains to express that concept. Once
we have asked & received  Spirit's permission to continue,  we can request aid from t he elementals  &
devas,  focus and energize that concept  with Intent and Love and co-create  the thought-form into phy-
sical manifestation.
We are, after all, learning to Create on higher levels__as creator-gods.