Bonding with Earth and Nature is the First Step toward Multi-Dimensional Creativity. Earth
    is filled with powerful energies, and when you  tap into them,  your intuition sharpens and you gain
    information about living well on the planet. When we create a healing or manifestation, we connect
    with Gaia-Mother Earth through the soles of our feet, or through the perineum, waiting until we feel
    Her loving response, then pulling that feeling up into our high heart.

    * "Earth is Alive."
    * "Earth Shall Bloom Again."
            What we Focus upon expands.
    * "The Progression of the Ages"
    * "Unity Consciousness"
             Everything in the universe is connected.
    * The Planetary Network
    * Pyramids and Monuments
    * North American Vortices.
            Arcturian Technologies.
           The Unity Consciousness Energy Grid.
            Mystery Schools.
    * The Idaho Stargate.
    * Crop Circles
    * Geomancy.
    * Shamans, Storytellers
    * Earth in Distress.
            Global Spiritual Teachings to 12/2012.
    * Stewardship__  What we do to Nature, we do to ourselves.

Earth Is Alive!

MEDITATION ; "It was I, Gaia, Mother-of-All, who births you, who nurtures you, calling you 'my child', 'my
daughter'  in meditation and dreams. Many earth children today  neither respect nor  listen to their elders
because the elders have forgotten to listen to and respect their Great Mother Earth."

"Spirit sends energy through the galaxy star systems and Earth's Sun,  and I express that energy through
my crystal core.  In turn,  I express through  each of my  lifeforms. Through loving  contact with  Nature's  
lifeforms,  one can open to messages relayed from me__ Gaia/Spirit Within Nature__ in this area of the

"If you don't know your origins,  you won't  understand your destiny.  It is time to  remember your future. I  
will nurture, nourish and birth humanity as long as I can, but humanity in turn must also nurture and pro-
tect me, vibrating in resonance with me  when I have  shifted into a sacred, 4th or 5t;h dimensional plan-
et. Native Americans hold all Earth as sacred.  Their prophecies tell  how upright people  throughout the
world will  hear and understand,  will unite to restore Earth,  and will again follow  Creator's guidance  It
will come from  the grassroots __ the people__ not from those  of high position and influence.  When my
lifeforms  perceive and treat  me and each other as sacred, humans will be also."

"As one heals self,  one automatically heals others  and heals me as well.  The difficulty has been in un-
derstanding the steps from the Outer Physical Reality Timeline  to the  Inner Dreamtime Timeline where
the Wisdom is found. Once grasped and carried back to the Physical Reality, the Dreamtime will manif-
est through common bonds and purpose.
                                                         "Welcome home,my dear child."

Earth's Consciousness is "NURTURED CREATIVITY",
Earth's Subconsciousness is "NATURE",  responding to the COLLECTIVE HUMANITY.
Earth's Superconsciousness is GREAT SPIRIT -  CREATOR SOURCE.

is the Mother of our physical bodies. We are formed of the dust__ the minerals__ of Earth. GAIA is
Earth's Spirit Within. Our physical bodies are nurtured by Her lifeforms. If we care for Earth & nurture Her,
She will do the same for us. She is the cradle of humanity__ the foundation of our physical plane security
__ our "groundedness"__  and  a living,  conscious entity.
Nature is the major visual source of inspiration
and  primary stimulant for most artists.

Indigenous peoples see Creative Source in all that lives and know themselves as  One with Nature. Many
of us believe their perceptions  to be mere imagination or superstition  
; but as civilization escalates,  high
tech discoveries and inventions  can seem imaginary__ even magical__  to people of the  everyday world.  
Quantum computer  gurus  make fantastic leaps in the  electronics and  space industries;  yet,  how many
among us can explain quantum mechanics, or even why computers or IPods work?

When we moved to the
Lost River Valleys of Idaho in 1973,  my childhood love and link with Nature re-
awakened and I received inspiration from Her. Earth's physical matter consists of minerals. Through crys-
tal healing classes and mandala paintings, I learned to link with the paint pigments formed from the miner-

als of the planet. They too, hold a type of consciousness:  the understanding of existence in form.  Plants
hold the consciousness of change,  light and temperature,
 and animals hold a herd-mind perception and
choice of movement across Earth's surface.

Whatever we focus on in life expands.

Earth Shall Bloom Again.
Concentrating on regenerating both self and Earth bridges our in-ner and outer natures. As I sketched or
painted in
1978, certain phrases began to enter my mind. "Now is the Time" &  "Earth Shall Bloom Again"  
frequently urged me to view Earth from a broader perspective. What became very clear,  was that  Mother
Earth  was about to undergo  a tremendous  transformation__  and therefore, every living thing upon Her
would need to transform, too!

In the Lost River Valleys of Idaho,  as I translated Nature into  emotionally intense art expression,  themes
Regeneration  crept into the landscape  paintings:  old abandoned  orchards__ broken-down,  twisted
fruit trees, half dead, yet struggling to bloom again each spring__ were favorite subjects, evoking feelings
of trust in survival. Exercising my intuitive right brain,  I repeatedly entered the "Dreamtime" state, merging
and flowing with Earth's aliveness.

At times, Life throws us a curve or two  and we drop into that sensation of  
Unstable Equilibrium requiring
the Creative Skill of
Perceptual  Flexibility. These wake-up periods can more easily and more fully be na-
vigated through
feeling and sensing than through reason and logic.

Progression of The Ages
It's 1985. My entire life seems a mess. Hal and I disagree over a business venture. I do not trust the pe-
ople we'd be dealing with and refuse to help finance the project. We argue daily. I'm down with yet ano-
ther case of flu, complete with all its nasty symptoms. After tossing and turning most of the night, worry-
ing about the investment issue and my physical discomforts, I shuffle out to the living room at 4 AM, di-
mly lit from an outside street lamp, and  drop onto the sofa, aching with fever and misery.

Hal soon comes to see what's wrong.  When he turns on a lamp,  I project my frustrations toward him__
surprised to hear a familiar voice from the past  speaking through
my mouth!  On the edge of hysteria, I
pour out my anger.  Hal gets an odd expression on his face  and comes over to me.  "
Stop it", he insists,
"You sound  just like Bessie
!"  Bessie was a relative  who always  felt sorry for herself,  always blamed
someone else for whatever was wrong in her life. In childhood and youth,  Bessie had often chosen me
as her personal, verbal "whipping post". I'm deeply shocked to hear my own voice sounding exactly like
hers__ and to hear myself treating Hal exactly as Bessie did me. How can this be?

I shut up immediately, but continue weeping. Hal waits and watches
;  not knowing what to say or do, he
finally turns back  towards the bedroom,  flipping off the lamp,  leaving me as he found me__ alone__ in
the darkened room with only a glow from the street light outside.

Alone in the dark"  seemed symbolic of my entire life  up to this moment.  Something erupts from deep
inside__ something suppressed for over forty years explodes into full awareness. I'm alone, helpless &
afraid again__  like that day in the closet!.

I punch sofa pillows to relieve my anger. But in a  moment or two,  it's  Bessie I'm punching__ then each
of my parents,  then Hal and all the people I've met through the years who  I feel have hurt  or neglected
me in some way.  And suddenly__  I 'm punching
 myself.  Then a  subtle awareness takes place:  I AM
BESSIE! Hadn't my voice sounded like her? I AM my parents, I AM Hal, my sisters, my teachers, neigh-
bors, friends, doctors, business associates__ I AM everybody in the world__ and everybody in the world

The realization stuns me. I stop punching, stop crying__  all rage completely gone__ I'm Utterly exhau-
sted.  I collapse back against the sofa pillows, surrendering to "fate", "God"?__ I know not what__ I just
give up. I don't know what to do, or think or feel anymore. I 'm numb. I don't understand, and I don't care
about anything anymore. I don't even care if I live or die. Rats!__ I died before in the dentists' chair, and
it was no big deal__ they just sent me back!

At the moment of full surrender, some Invisible Force  grabs hold of me.  My body floats up off the sofa,  
and soon we are flying  through space__  past the Moon,  and then Mars  with its "canals",  past Jupiter  
with its big red spot and Saturn  and its rings.  We move so rapidly  I don't  have time  to be afraid,  and  
through it all,  the invisible energy  being holds me by the hand. Soon we turn towards Earth again and I
look below at a valley surrounded by green hills & odd trees. A cloud of smoke rises from the valley. No,
it's dust__ a herd of  elephants on the move.
It's  Africa!", I  exclaim.

And then we're off again,  soaring rapidly over the land  until we set down  in front of  what looks like  a
stone temple the color of golden sand. Flanking its  gigantic open doorway are  fifty-foot high statues of
people  carved from  the same stone. Approaching  the temple doorway  is an avenue  lined with  stone
sculptures that look like sphinxes__ but with heads of rams, not humans.

Where is this? Why am I here? It seems familiar. The temple fades away and I feel the sofa beneath me
again, but my mind still sees  foreign images. Scenes of various places and ages  rapidly flash into my
field of vision, starting with a long, gray stone causeway guarded by men wearing  simple fur & leather
garments  and grasping spears.  The scene quickly  shifts to  another,  then another,  until  I realize  I'm
viewing the  history of human civilization  in rapid succession.  When  the images  finally slow and stop,  
there sits the same golden stone temple with the rams-head sphinxes and the huge human figures.  Did
such beings exist sometime in our ancient past?

But then  the scenes  move forward  for the second time.  I view  civilization  after civilization,  war  after
war, catastrophe after catastrophe. Some I recognize,  others I don't. On and on it goes in  dizzying suc-
cession  until I note the events  which occurred world-wide  in my own lifetime
: Pearl Harbor, the Holo-
caust, atomic bombs,  the baby boom,  the Cold War,  Korean War,  Viet Nam War, JFK' s assasination,  
civil rights demonstrations, men on the Moon, Watergate, satellites and computers.

And then we  Pass the Present__  and I see a huge war  with sleek black  flying machines  and strange
weapons  shooting balls of light at each other.  Finally it slows down & halts.  Now only blackened ruins  
and ominous gray skies can be viewed,  reminding me again of the Closet-Birdwoman episode. But this
time__ all is still. Nothing moves. Nothing__ lives.

My body shivers with fear, and cold sweat pours off me. Is this our
Future Earth?  But wait__something
does move!  Red-hot molten lava flows out of the ground, snakes across the blackened earth, then cools.
Tiny plants  and creatures appear,  followed by trees  and large animals  like dinosaurs.  And soon,  I'm
back to the stone viaduct and those men with spears and leather garments.  Life has  started  over.  The
pictures again fast-forward through my eyes. History is repeating
; but__there's a difference. The images
become dimmer and the pages fly faster and faster until it's all one great blur. The last thing I see clearly
is that same old temple with the ram's head sphinxes__ only a moment__then everything begins to fade.
Did that temple exist in the Past__ or is it sometime in our Present or Future?

I feel the sofa beneath me again. I seem to be in two places at once!  I'm in my living room in Idaho,  but
I'm also seeing the  African elephants again,  only this time the sun is rising.  Light glows  in the east as  
the elephants fade away,  replaced by lakes, reeds,  grasses and tall Lombardy Poplars.
Lombardy Pop-
? It's not Africa no__ It's  Hagerman Valley, Idaho,  a favorite painting spot. This scene fades too, &
I'm fully back in my body on the sofa. A real rising sun is shining through my own living room windows.

A clairvoyant friend called these episodes: "The Progression of the Ages." In one of Jane's books, I found  
a picture of that temple__  
Karnak  at Luxor,  Egypt.  It still exists!  I had no idea  why I was  shown  these
things, but life had again changed.
I am responsible for my own wounds__ not family, friends, community
or society.  We've all agreed  on some level  to have these  experiences  together,  so we can  learn from
them.  And I also  understood what
"Oneness"  really means: we are all parts of One Greater Self, of One
Consciousness, One Creator__ it's Unity Consciousness. And perhaps___  just maybe__  our human his-
tory has repeated itself  more than once__  and may do so again!  Within three days, Hal and I reach agr-
eement about the business issue and together  we resolve our financial situation. Life flows more smooth-
ly__ for awhile.

                                                   EARTH ENERGIES
MEDITATION: (Guides). "An individual can become  a Human Computer,  using Earth's Energy Grids
to re-program Earth's life-forms through consciousness regenerations. The Grid System explains how a
change of a consciousness/ paradigm in one individual unit can affect groups, larger groups,  and even-
tually the planet and beyond. Therefore
This type of Service is "UNIVERSALIZED HEALING."

"There are
Universal Grid Systems as well, and if you are 'self-aware', you
can learn to tune to the Grid of Earth that remains constant in and around
everything in the universe. Everything is always moving through that grid.
You can, therefore, attune to METATRON'S CUBE GRID and gain all and
any information about anything and everything in the universe__in infinite
detail__through the Merkaba.  All energetic or geometric  
Platonic Solids
are held within this diagram."

Star Grids  can then be used to form  TIME ARCS which can change
such events as wars,  destruction of species,  weather, climate, etc..Using
the Grids,  a trained Mankind  (collective humanity)   can raise  its mental
vibrations to cause
Telethought Communication  to send information to various global points within frac-
ftions of a second.

" Using this method, even the Grids of Planet Earth can themselves__ be  altered__ with new re-
resonant patterns."

Metatron's Cube  outlines the  Platonic Solids __ (Google),  plus other  Sacred Geometry Shapes.  (Also
Google: "Images for Sacred Geometry")

The Planetary Network
Magnetic streams of energies  flow through Gaia,  varying their courses  to match surface patterns. The  
encoded information  integrates  Father Sky with  Mother Earth,  Spirit with  Matter,  Heaven  with  Finite

NATURE__ the Subconscious Mind of Earth, responds according to how humans think, feel and
act collectively.

Earth's invisible energy network  is similar to  a human body's energy network.  Usually called  "leylines",  
Earth's energetic lines  flow through and  round the planet  resembling  a huge ball with  strings coursing
over  and around its entire sphere,  connecting all points  within and  over the surface  of Earth.  Holding  
tellurc forces, they anchor energy movements into the planet's 3-D time and space.  Everything on Earth  
has one or more energetic grids  around & within its material form,  connecting all living things with Earth  
and connecting  Earth to the solar system, galaxy & universe.  A huge,  invisible scientific communication
system spreads across and throughout Earth's entire surface.

An experiment  proved that  this energy field  really does connect  everything in the universe. An Energy
Field exists that uses
light  to link the DNA of our bodies with matter. Called the "Phantom  DNA Effect",
it indicates that  the DNA  of  human living tissues  affects matter  through light particles called  
Placed in a vacuum, the DNA-tissue caused the photon light particles to align themselves along the axis
of the DNA  spiral helix.  When the DNA sample was  taken from the vacuum,  the new  light pattern  still
held. That energy  appears to be  everywhere at once.  In  quantum physics,  it's known as
This "ether" (the ancient term for it)__ the Creative Force Field__ is now viewed as the Quantum Holo-
gram.  At this time,  our solar system is entering  a powerful energetic area  in our galaxy known as  
Photon Belt.

Ivan Sanderson  investigated all the places  on the planet  where ships
or planes  disappeared  and where  paranormal events  often  occurred,
such as the  Bermuda Triangle. He came up with 12 major Sacred Sites
having  triangular shapes  around the equatorial regions of Earth forming
a  Planetary Grid System,  which turned out to be Earth's Icosahedron E-
shape.  Later, three Russian scientists  laid a Dodecahedron (5-D
Earth Energy Shape)  over Sanderson's grid,  and it showed  over  4000
known sacred site locations.

Becker & Hagens explored the existence of a Dodedcahedron (Ascended Earth's New Energetic Shape),
finding how the entire Earth was cross-crossed with Dodecahedron energy lines, all connected with San-
derson's diagram. These energetic  ley-lines  flow through every location  on Earth,  forming  4000 points
wherever two or more energy lines cross. Called "
Nodal Points", they form sites where we can enter oth-
er densities.

It has military bases  built on these triangulated points.  Discovered first by  Russians in the 1950's,  both
Russian and U.S. astronauts saw two grids from outer space, pulsing alternately as if Earth were breath-
ing in and out.  One of these grids  formed the  
Icosahedron geometrical pattern of  twenty triangles with
common edges
. The other, the Dodecahedron had twelve pentagon shapes with five equal sides__also
having edges in common
. They are the Platonic Solids__ Sacred Geometry shapes for Earth's 4th & 5th
energy patterns, which overlap each other, with the 5-D Dodecahedron forming the Christ-Unity
Consciousness Grid
around our planet. This grid was  completed  February 4, 1989  at  St. Louis,  MO.
with the completion of the Gateway Arch. The Berlin Wall fell shortly afterwards, reuniting East and West
Germany. Russian research reveals that this Grid has an
Electro-magnetic component to it. (Archives)

All over the world, pyramids, monuments and mounds__ both natural or man-made__ were formed at vor-
tex areas. Sacred sites such as
Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Chaco Canyon, Lourdes,  Machu Picchu,
Teotihuacan,  Mt. Shasta,  Cahokia Mounds
and  Ayers Rock (Uluru) are famous.  Many others have
remained unknown to the general public.  Most pyramids & monuments straddle  
flowing water or springs,  
which produce
ions  (charged  sub-atomic particles)  and create  electricity__ affecting human awareness  
and providing an energy source. Through the ages sensitive indigenous peoples performed spiritual cere-
monies to activate the vortex. Scientists have measured tangible,  energy frequency shifts  
atop pyramids
during events such as  
equinoxes or solstices.  Holy lands and sacred sites occur  everywhere  there is a
sophisticated spiritual connection  between people and the land.
 Dr. Marcel Vogel  told us how  "Water
Links Life To Earth
". This is a  very important statement.  Remember it__ if you plan to work with
Earth's energy fields.

At these sacred places  inner and outer worlds interface.  Having sacred geometrical layouts,  the geo-
graphical terrains can be encoded with specialized knowledge and skills, serving as inter-dimensional po-
rtals and communication centers

Anyone can experience these imprinted energies  by lovingly moving mind & heart  into a land-
lscape and Becoming as One with it.  

In 1998  we moved back to  Magic Valley  where its  Creativity Vortex,  supports an uncommonly large per-
centage of resident artists and innovators for so small an area.

Information  instantly travels along  Earth's & the Galaxy's  energetic networks  no matter how great a dis-
tance between points.  Our bodies directly connect with Earth.  A  local Earth energy field can link with, &
be affected by human emotions when meditators, healers and Earth all resonate with similar vibrations

The dynamics of  Earth's planetary grids  are  greatly intensified  at
nodal points where  83,000  energetic
leylines cross,  allowing for  the establishment of  
Sacred Sites__ where  temples,  monuments,  pyramids,  
mounds,  churches and stone or wood circular calendars have been built,  all empowered  by the invisible
energies flowing through Earth's grid line crossings.

VORTICES are spiraling energy whirlpools  formed at the nodal points . A vortex connects  Time
and off-world locations and anchors  inter-dimensional realities into Earth.

There are vortices forming suns in our Milky Way galaxy, a gravitational vortex enfolding our entire solar
system, and on down to tiny vortices in a single atom.  Vortices on our planet  and throughout the galaxy
and solar system  have been here since the beginning
;  we just  haven't been  aware of them. These en-
ergies, holding intelligence, are only sub-consciously sensed by most humans until they
Bond With Earth.
Many psychic, artistic and creative people sense them and are drawn to those sacred sites.

Eager to  learn the global pattern  of this amazing system,  I wanted to know  where all these sites lay and
what could occur there.  At the same time that friend
Penny discovered a triangular grid system stretching
around earth's equatorial regions, our "
Search For God" Study Group organized in the  Lost River Valleys,  
Idaho.  Later, two study group members went to
Edgar Cayce's, A.R.E Center in the southwest near Casa
Grande, Arizona
.  They never mentioned  the grid system,  but a friend  told them that  before they  arriv-
ed, a neighbor woman had asked to meet with them. When they knocked at the neighbor's door she gree-
ted them warmly  with some  long sheets  of paper  in her hand.  "
I've been  expecting  you",  she said. " I
have something for you and your friend.
"  Jim and Sandy were mystified,  not knowing what these pages
were for,  but brought them to our next meeting. It was a list of all the known sacred sites around the world.

Pyramids and Monuments
The meridian of 30 degrees North is the principal North-South latitude of Earth's globe. The Great
Pyramid of Giza
and the mouth of the Nile River both sit upon that line,  as well as the Mississippi Riv-
, the Tigris-Euphrates and the sites of many ancient civilizations.  

Another major energetic line circles around our planet  just north and south of  19.5 degrees No.

They are part of a  World-Wide  Energy Field Grid  that enables huge air flows  above the  earth's surface
and molten lava underneath it. An entire line of volcanoes marches across
Mexico on, or very close to the
meridian. The famous  Mt. Popocatepetl  is within half a degree of it. The Hawaiian Islands__ vol-
canic peaks  thrusting up from the
 Pacific floor__ also lie along this  energetic band  stretching  westward
Mexico.  Kileaeu__ active since the 1980 and  Mauna Loa both sit right on 19.5*.  As we follow this
line around the planet,  we find more active volcanoes in the
 Philippine Islands,  Arabia and  Africa,  all
lying on or within a half-degree of this corridor of fire.

We all know of  the hurricanes that often devastate the islands of the  
Caribbean, then whip on to Florida.
They are born off the west coast of
Africa near the  Atlas Mountains,  famous for sacred sites where my-
sterious events often occur. These storms increase in intensity as they cross the
Atlantic along that same
19.5*  meridian.  As they reach the 80* W. North-South Longitude line  they usually make a right turn when
hitting the Florida coast
;  or they slam into the Gulf of Mexico and head North near the 90* W. Longitude,  
running north and south. We can't help but wonder what makes this latitude so powerful?

It is becoming obvious that our ancient human ancestors  knew something about
Earth's Energy Grid that
we still  don't understand today.  They knew about this  
electrical force field,  and also about  its magnetic
that operate along north-south routes  via the 80 and 90 degree longitudes of the Americas.  
When we consider the
Mayan pyramid and temple sites in the Yucatan, we find that they, too, are placed
on or near that same
90" W. corridor. Moving our eyes northward from the Yucatan , we see the Mississ-
ippi River's
mouth  emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.   is full of videos  about the famous
Mississippian Mound Builders of  No. America,  whose sites lie  along that river's path__ and Yes__ they
too, are positioned according to the
80* and 90* W. magnetic lines, & at Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis,
__  the largest and oldest  of these cultures__  we find them  placed  on the  30* N. meridian.  Cahokia
too, lies exactly on that same line, hundreds of miles north of
Dzibilchaltun, Yucatan__ 90* W. and 19.5.*
. Grid Lines.

Could all these alignments be part of a grand design  holding some secretive purpose?

Coral Castle, Fla.
 is known for energetic anomalies  near that area.  And sure enough, Ed Leedskalnin
built it near the
80* W. line running north & south. Ed once said he'd discovered the secrets of the ancient
pyramid builders in both  Egypt and  Central America. The Truck drivers  who delivered huge coral stones  
to his home-site, said although they offered to help him move those heavy objects, Ed refused and moved
them by himself. People who investigated this idea, reported he had to have levitated them somehow,  as
no one ever saw  him with human help,  or any machines doing the job.  He once said,  however, that he
used the force of individual north-south flowing magnets within a Vortex." Curiously one of the Bermuda
tips also lies on the same grid line.

One note I recently came across, is that coral stone is formed from the remains of dead coral plants of the
ocean, and is therefore, an "
organic material". Limestone is also formed  from shells and bony bits of tiny,  
sea creatures, (i.e., in Water__ which can hold a message or program!) so it's also considered "
The ancient Egyptians originally covered the Great Pyramid of Giza with limestone
; and at Cahokia, near
St. Louis, the early  Native Americans put seeds in mounds created with alternate layers of  oraganic and  
non-organic materials that "charged" the seeds somehow,  increasing their growth and production. These
seed mounds were formed with a "knob" centered at their tops,  and when the spring electrical storms arr-
ived, lightening was attracted to those knobs, further "charging" the seeds, which were also  helped along  
by flood waters of the Mississippi rising every spring to surround the seed mounds,  which were encircled
with small moats to retain that WATER.

A series of
Mayan pyramids runs north and south from the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico down to the
Peten Jungle of Guatamala,  between 19-20* N. Longitude, & from there,  expands to the east  and the
west. Other sites such as
Teotihuacan (The Aztec's Mexico City), and "Tenochtitlan", Peru, have si-
milar grid coordinates.

With more investigations over time, it became clear that the pyramid and mound building civiliz-
ation was indeed global, and based upon natural technologies that have been lost.

When we follow the 30* latitude line of  Cahokia Mounds 90* W. longitude near  St. Louis, MO,  Eastward,  
we find
The Great  Pyramid__ at 30* E. longitude,  deliberately built upon the point where the most
surface land of earth extends east & west, and the most surface land extending north & south__
the planet's geodetic marker
__ we also find the  Mouth of the Nile River__ the only major river  flow-
ing from south to north,  emptying into the
Mediterranean Sea. And, the distance between the two points  
is exactly  
120 degrees,  one third of the distance  around our  360* planet.  And,  we might ask,  "What, if
anything, lies at the point exactly
120 degrees East from the Nile  and 120 degrees West of  Cahokia
, completing three points on Gaia's surface forming a perfect equilateral triangle inside Her body?

Not so great a surprise__ it is the
East China Sea where Yonaguni, the 10,000 or more year-old sunken
ruins of possibly, the oldest man-made construction  in the world lies off the southern tip of
Japan.  (Gra-
ham Hancock, YouTube
). By tracing the  30* N. Latitude line  eastward from Yonaguni  near Japan, ac-
China and on through Tibet &  Napal in the Himalaya Mountains, then on to Pakistan, Afghan-
istan, Iran
, and southern Iraq,  exactly on the upper tip of the Persian Gulf__ where rumors abound of a
Stargate opening__ we end at Giza Plateau.  Is that stargate  behind the wars taking place  in these

This 19.5* business extends  far beyond Earth  to the  Sun,  Mars,  Jupiter and  Neptune. Why are
so many major nations scrambling to get to these planets?  We find tha  sunspots occur  near this latitude  
on the Sun, as does the
Olympus Mons volcano of Mars, and Jupiter's Great Red Spot , as well as the
Dark Spot on Neptune. And__ of course!__  Olympus Mons on Mars lies just 19.5* away from the D& M,
five-sided Pyramid

Richard Hoagland  (  describes energies on the surface of the sun,  planets
and moon that erupt at
19.5 degrees.  He suggests that these corridors of energy are created by the inter-
ferometry of spheres, which, he believes, is when the shape of a  
star tetrahedron _ _(Sacred Geometry's
Star of David")  is placed within a sphere  with its apex located at the pole,  the other apexes will touch at
19.5 degrees  from the equator. They will  also touch  120 degrees apart from each other  on the sphere's

Hoagland calls this__  "hyper-dimensional technology"__ that uses  Sacred Geometry__ platonic
shapes, which can create energy paths on bodies in outer space.

Many ancient civilizations  aligned their sites  along the horizontal energy grid lines at  80 & 90 N. degrees  
around the planet, particularly where east-west lines crossed there as well.

Researchers such as
Cark Munk, Bruce Cathie and Becker-Haggens have investigated earth's energy
grids in fine detail over the years.  However,  not much is known about  the technologies used by  ancient
civilizations used at these energy sites.  It's known that the  
Great Pyramid of Giza,  Pyramid of the Sun  at  
Tiahuanaco, Mexico, &  Monks Mound at  Cahokia, IL  all have nearly the same size base of 13 acres. But
why use the shape of a pyramid? It all suggests some sort of secret template was used

The pyramids were built  with corners exactly aligned  with the four points  of the compass.  The triangular  
faces of the these forms were tilted at about
51.5 degree angles from the earth's surface, as if ready to re-
ceive downloads of energy from sun, moon, planets, constellations and the cosmos.  

And, they and  monuments around the world  were built from granite or other stones  containing
magnetite or quartz crystals__  which any computer fan knows can receive, store and broadcast

Water was a major component of the pyramid's placement. Flowing water creates pizzo-electricity. Tesla
understood this,  creating his famous Tower with that technology,  offering free energy  to the world. The
pointed top of a pyramid shape  attracts lightning bolts during storms,  so additional energies flow into the
pyramids from  north,  south,  east,  west,  beneath and from above.  They  generate power by accessing
Earth's ley-lines, which flow from Her core, and carry electromagnetic energy.

My own  experiences  with greater  psychic powers  and
4th Density events  in the  Lost River Valleys of
Idaho  seem to verify this notion  of Water being able to  
intensify paranormal abilities.  Those regions are
named  Big Lost and Little Lost Rivers because they  flow from the northwest on each side of the Big Lost
River Mountain Range in southeast Idaho, meeting each other in the Arco  High Desert  east of the
National Laboratories
 nuclear energy site  where they sink underground  to flow under that site  into the
Eastern Snake River Aquifer, emerging at Thousand Springs,  about 100 miles south along the
Snake Ri-
ver Canyon
near Twin Falls, Idaho. There they merge with the  Snake River Aquifer,  which flows under-
ground towards
Boise for another hundred miles. It's believed to take a full hundred years for the Lost Riv-
er waters to reach Magic Valley, and possibly another hundred years to reach Boise.

Those rivers & aquifers are possibly  the reason for the
INL being built there.  Recently, however, with cli-
mate change  and increased  irrigation needs , the area has become  so much  drier and warmer,  that the
riverbeds are totally dry except for 3 weeks in spring. That means the Eastern Aquifer is also dry, and just
a few years ago,  we learned that the entire  Snake River Aquifer,  is also dry due to climate changes and
to an  increased use of that water by the many dairies relocating to the Magic Valley area. Because of the  
extremely low water, southern Idaho electricity__ powered by hydroelectric dams on those rivers__hasn't
been able to  meet the area's energy needs  and has had to  import energy from other sources,  greatly in-
increasing power bills. Many of those dairies have closed down due to the increase in water bills.

A long-time friend and psychic  living in the Big Lost River Valle  for many years, recently noted that 30 or
more psychic mediums and healers she knows personally in that area__ and many who have now moved
else-where__ can no longer use their abilities.  Here in north Magic Valley,  after 19 years,  I have not yet  
met anyone with psychic or paranormal abilities or experiences, until Autumn of
2015, when I was contac-
ted by a native Samoan man, his relatives,  & a friend living in nearby small towns. We found we'd shared
a past life as brother and sister in ancient

INow living in Magic Valley,  100 miles south of Lost Rivers, I still do have a strong  connection with Higher
Self & intuition, occasional visionary or telepathic contacts with distant people,  with other locations,  other
time periods and off-world visitors.

The loss of the under water seems to have affected healing, manifesting & psychic abilities here in Magic
Valley, also.
However__ the paranormal activities DO NOW seem to work well, if they are done by
Groups of 8 People
__ no more, no less!

I believe Healing & Manifesting energies of Earth  began to change whe n The Shift of the Ages  began on
12-21-12,  continuing to process__ probably through 2017, affected by our access to higher densities.

During the
Lions Gate Opening following the Lunar Eclipse at the last of the Four Blood Moons,  though,
my spiritual gifts  began returning__ seemingly even stronger a nd faster than ever__  although,  what I've
termed "
psychic" experiences are not evident__ except for an ability  to attract needed information  for my
writing, and many "synchronicities" confirming when I'm
"on the appropriate path".

Back to the
Grid Lines:  I wished to know  what lies aligned exactly below the  Great Pyramid of Giza on
a globe of our Earth. I had to look. And__ lo and behold__ it's
South Africa with Adams' Calendar, com-
complete with pyramids, thousands of stone circles and gold mines where the ancient
Annunaki  genetic-
ally altered us
:  homo sapiens sapiens,  240,000 years ago.  It's Earth's cradle  of today's human beings.
This implies that the mound-pyramid civilization is far older than we ever imagined.

Many of these ancient sites seem to have been created to activate__ or to resonate__ to the sound of the
human voice or the ring  when certain types of stones are struck   Back in
1980,  John Burroughs  found
that when he placed seeds in the ground at these megalithic sites,  at or near sunrise or sunset, earth's te-
lluric energy forces flowed through them,  giving them a magnetic or electrical charge__ or both.  Later on,
when the seeds were moved to gardens or fields, the plants from the seeds grew faster and produced 400
to 800% greater yields.

The Mississippi River has changed its course over the centuries, and was once closer to the Cahokia site  
than it is today. That river still floods every spring  as the northern snows melt and flow southward,  gifting
the flooded land with still more electrical charges. The homes of the inhabitants were also built upon lower
mounds with flattened tops, to not only protect from inundation, but to also create incredibly healing
which they'd drink as a healing tonic. Their knowledge of "
EARTH ALCHEMY" was a wonder.
North American Vortices
There are Five Primary Vortexes affecting the North American Continent. Pyramids, monuments, stone cir-
cles and other  earth-energy sensitive constructions at these Vortex Points,  and also at the  Sacred Sites,  
are connected  with each other,  transmitting energy and information  between them.  These  Vortexes are
locations where manifesting and heaiing power can be greatly intensified.

Four of the Primary Vortices  sit at the corners of the  
United States and  Canada  with one  in the center.
They lie at
: the Bermuda Triangle near Bimini off the Florida coast; Sonoita, Mexico,  just south of Or-
gan Pipe National Monument
in Arizona; Vancouver Island, B.C. & Nova Scotia, Canada, not far from
Montauk Point,
Long Island, NY.. The 5th vortex is the pyramidal Great Mound at St. Louis-Cahokia, str-
addling the
Mississippi River with the Gateway Arch, near the population center of the U.S.

October, 1988,  when the planets Uranus and Saturn  conjoined in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, my friend  
Melissa in
Alaska, & I in Idaho,  were intuitively guided to meet at  Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands
Vancouver B.C., Canada. During our three days there,  I entered the vortex  and was shown visions
of our Lemurian racial past. We used geomancy  and the big Vogel-cut ((tm) quartz crystal  to help awaken
the ancient Vancouver Island Vortex, dormant for over
25,000 years.

Next January, the railroad transferred Hal and me to St. Louis, Missouri. In April, we visited the opening
of the new Cahokia Museum. There, a
Birdman Tablet, found nearby, was being exhibited (Earthgrid.htmi)
__ or is it a Bird-woman?

Meditating atop the great mound, I intuited its origins as at least about
10,000 years ago, plus a spring &
caves under the center of the mound.  Park guides & archaeologists from  
Southern Illinois University  de-
denied this, saying the mounds dated back to
800 B.C. at about the time the classic Mayan civilization di-
sappeared from the
Yucatan.  However,  a physics professor  who'd retired from S. I. U,, later told me  in
confidence that their archaeologists found evidence of the big mound being at least
10,000 years old, but
they could not publicize it because  the information could destroy their  mainstream archaeological reputa-
tions, funding and jobs.

Several years after we left St. Louis, newspaper articles revealed the proof__ a hidden cave with an anci-
ent spring holding artifacts, lay beneath the great mound
;  and a group of archaeological college students,
digging at the site near the Mound, found items dating it to
17,000 years ago, although authorities refus-
ed to publicize it.

February 4, 1989, a New Energy Grid was constructed around Earth to ground the incoming Unity

It began with Egypt's Great Pyramid about 13,000 years ago, and was activated at  St. Louis through its
Gateway Arch__ a huge  "tuning fork".  I and other geomancers  were privileged to help  anchor the Unity
Consciousness energy through the vortex.

An Interrelatedness of All Things in Nature  through grids, energy fields, vortices  & sacred sites
was being verified to me.

But what has this to do with the Creative Process?

At the  Temple of Luxor, as featured above in the "Progression of Ages" vision, Egyptian adepts experim-
ented with consciousness raising techniques, by-passing the students' logical left-minds to bring forth their
heart wisdom. Called the
Right Eye of Horus Mystery School,  this was accomplished with physical act-
ivities, emotional impact and energetic transmutations. Students spent  
12 years in the Right Eye Mystery
, and another 12 years in the  Left Eye of Horus Mystery School,  learning the information necess-
ary to ascend into higher density realms. The student
became the knowledge instead of memorizing it. A
Mystery School for Masters still exists in higher dimensions above
St .Louis. (Archives).

In the  ancient temples and monuments,  initiates embraced  dramatic changes . First their emotions,  their
thoughts,  senses and beliefs transmuted,  and soon afterward,  their physical bodies changed, too__ their
DNA evolved.  Recently the media announced a newly-discovered DNA series, a sort of  
"instruction man-
"  for development  of the physical body.  Amazingly, 150 of our human genes  are also found  in plants,  
and we have all but two or three genes in common with animals. Our human connection with all life on the
planet cannot be denied.

After retiring we spent summers in
Idaho and long winters in Arizona. From there, friend June and I atten-
ded the
1994 Flower of Life Workshops  based on  The Left Eye of Horus Mystery Teachings and Sacred
Geometries presented by
Drunvalo Melchizidek; she in Palm Springs, Calif., and I in Austin, Texas.

Late December  
that year,  I went alone into  the southern California  Mohave Desert  to meditate. On a
high ridge,  I sat on a rock,  closed my eyes,  linked with Spirit  and asked for whatever guidance was app-
ropriate for the moment. Ten minutes later,  I opened my eyes again and was surprised to observe an ent-
irely different scene than when I first sat down! In front of me rose a huge, horizontal ridge of red rock tow-
ers, with pine trees and shrubs. "
What's this?", I inquired of my inner self, who replied: "You will be in Se-
before the season is out."  The red rocks dissolved,  and the Mohave desert browns came back into
June, too, was intuitively sent to Sedona,  which had become a mecca for artists, psychics and he-

The 1994 visit to Sedona began with arrival  March 21st,  the Spring Equinox,  at a beautiful  RV resort
and state park near
Cottonwood, AZ, along the Verde River__  comfortable and convenient.  Huge pine
trees towered among pink & rose-red rocks
;  wildlife and birds  darted through the underbrush,  & at night,  
the lights of the old mining town of
Jerome  twinkled from the cliff two thousand feet above us, like a huge
mothership hovering beneath a canopy of stars.

The largest vortex/portal/stargate  ever seen in the Sedona area was then developing in
Sycamore Cany-
between Cottonwood & Sedona  only a few miles from our campsite. This was why we were here. I got
little sleep that nigh
t:  Information from The Arcturians about Future Multi-dimensional Technology-
poured into my awareness for hours.

Earth herself is so rapidly  shifting her energy patterns,  that all people,  plants,  animals  and even miner-
als are now on an accelerated evolutionary path.  We have richer,  more powerful creative talents than we
ever knew existed, & as soon as one human masters a particular bit of knowledge or technique,  it is imm-
ediately available to all__  In fact:  i
t's pattern is  birthed  into every child  born  after that discovery.  
Hence, the importance of
Jesus' ascension while still alive in a physical body. Now it is our turn.

Why did the stars play so significant roles in important archaeological works uncovered over the
many years?  
Works  revealed that nearly all sacred sites  were built upon patterns of star constellations.  
What impelled  the Ancients  to build  thousands of monuments  both underneath  and upon  the
planet's surface, using celestial positioning in their arrangements?

The Idaho Stargate
Idaho's Lost River Valleys  and surrounding wilderness  are wild & beautiful.  When we moved there, I was
over forty years old, and for the first time in my life, I could paint all day, every day. And I did__ I absolutely
wallowed in it. I reconnected with Nature &  Earth, & linked with the Stargate.  I still thank Spirit for it every

East of  
Arco, Idaho,  a Vortex spins in the high desert  where the  Little and Big Lost Rivers  sink into the
ground to become part of the huge Snake River Aquifer. This underground water later cascades out of the
Snake River Canyon walls over one hundred miles to the south through  
Thousand Springs, a sacred cr-
eativity site  providing water to most of south-central Idaho. This water leaves the  
Arco High Desert fully
a hundred years before it reaches the canyon. The vortex's energies are used by various dimensional ord-
ers of life.  

Star constellations imprint their patterns onto sacred sites on many planets.  The stellar matrix i-
mprinted into each site also holds clues revealing the location of another, closely related, sacred

Three stars in the constellation
Orion's "Belt" reflect onto the design of the Cedonia-Face-on-Mars Co-
, which in turn, describes the Three Great Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

Those Pyramids & spiraling vortices are mirrored in the
Idaho Stargate,  whose three pyramidal buttes &
vortex cover an area  fifty times larger  than Egypt's.  

Earth Grids & Star Grids  hold memory patterns.  Geometrical diagrams at sacred sites  create energy
pathways along their outlines, & at their points,  drawing unique forces into themselves &  radiating inform-
ation back to the constellations they reflect.
 Through a vortex,  intelligence can be downloaded from
all of Earth's grids and sent to and from off-world sites and other density realms.

The Idaho Stargate began forming 500,000 years ago,  when the Lemurians first began leaving the sink-
ing Pacific islands. Highly skilled in geomancy and assisted by
The Arcturians, they programmed the spi-
ritual & metaphysical knowledge  of the  
Basic Multi-dimensional Technologies  (Part II)  into Idaho's three
dormant volcanoes  to preserve it until the cycles of time  would trigger  Earth and humanity's evolutionary
fulfillment__ a period referred as "
The Shift of Ages__ that began December 21,  2012.  The Fifth Den-
ity Multi-dimensional Technologies
 (Part V.)  are also founded on those  Arcturian and  Ancient Lemurian
Mystery School wisdoms.

Although the three belt stars in Orion are mirrored by the Idaho Stargate's three (now dormant) buttes, the
remainder of the site reflects  the constellation  
Bootes.  Often called the "Herdsman" or the "Good Shep-
",  Bootes appears in the summer night sky  not far from  the Big Dipper, Ursa Major. To find  Bootes,
follow the Big Dipper's handle as it goes away from the "cup",  & continue the arc beyond the handle  to a
bright orangsh star. This is
Arcturus,  third brightest star  in our heavens. The base point of the large kite
shape that forms the  Bootes constellation. Intelligences from  Arcturus  broacasted technologies about air
flight to the
Wright Brothers and other early inventors;  and through the Idaho Stargate,  through Sedona,
Arizona and other vortices, they sent the
Fifth Density Multi-D Technologies (Part IV).

Corresponding to the star Arcturus at the Idaho Stargate, is the  
INL__the Idaho  National Laboratories__
operating under the  
U.S. Department of Energy  (D.O.E.).  It is a vast,  nearly 900 square mile complex of
corporate and governmental agencies involved in researching nuclear energy and other classified techno-
logies__ mostly underground. The area is  highly restricted.  U.S. President,
 Harry Truman  and a group
of  scientists  arrived in the  Lost River Valleys of Idaho,  in
July, 1949, to establish the  INL, i mmediately
after founding the famous
 Area 51/Dreamland in Nevada. The first peacetime use of  atomic energy pro-
duced electricity at the  INL,
December 21, 1951,  the Winter Solstice,  at the very hour our first son was
born in
Downey, Idaho, directly south of there. (Grid Line).

At the time we left the Lost River Valleys,
Lockheed-Martin was prime contractor operating, among other
things, the
Star Stealth Fighter, Trans-Atmospheric Warfighter program and the  US nuclear weapons ar-
l.  EG&G,  primary defense contractor for the U.S.Government, is established at INL as well, involved
nanotechnology,  agricultural, genetic and medical research. They and Lockheed have also been major
participants in the mysterious "Dreamland", Area 51- Groom Lake, Nevada complex  northwest of
Las Veg-
. Several members of our Study Group were employed at the INL.

The INL complex, the three pyramidal buttes and
Craters of the Moon National Monument__all part of the
Idaho Stargate Vortex__ lie exactly on one of Earth's  primary ley lines joining  
Banff,  Canada, & Glacier
vortices with those of Salt Lake City & Sonoita, Mexico.  Another line links the  Idaho Stargate with
those at
Mt. Shasta, California, and Machu Picchu, Peru.

The guides told me I was  "
Anchoring the Light"  in the Lost Rivers area, and in time__ some other person
or group would take over, freeing me to go elsewhere and do other energy work.

Earth's grids have now been re-aligned and re-programmed.

Hal had had painful legs when sleeping in his bed.   I'd tested for negative energy lines in our bedroom
before when we moved into this house. Had they changed somehow?  I found one now running ac-
ross both our twin beds at about our upper torso areas  that had not been there before__ and where I had
occasionally felt fibrilations in my chest area.  I did not discover any lines across his leg area, but neutrali-
zed the torso line with Love, Oneness and Breath with No Charge on the outcome.  Another test confirmed  
it had been neutralized. Hal's legs still occasionally ached. I suggested it might be from his electric blanket,
but he didn't agree.

Four months later__ I had no more chest fibrillations
; although I sometimes sensed it  in other body areas
after they put a "smart meter" on our house without informing us or gaining our permission! The meter was
directly behind  where I sat before my computer,  typing on this web-book.  I checked  that dark energy  by
hanging one of
Slim Spurling's "Life Light" Copper Rings  on the inside house wall behind the meter, and
hanging a larg painting over it. No more "wireless attacks".

Checking into reasons for the energy line changes,  Meditation related it to the fact that  
Earth is expand-
ding in material size  as well as into  Higher Density
.  She is a living thing__ matter will continue to in-
crease, with the Electromagnetic connections between
the Sun & the planets in our System,  with the EM
filaments. The planets' and Sun's cores are the connection point.

Temples, pyramids or monuments built thousands of years ago, still hold vibratory frequencies in resonan-
ce with Earth's inner energy network.

They and today's true crop circles are earth-works expressing universal truths.  They are Portals  
where multi-dimensional experiences can occur__
 as when a little girl can be physically present in a
1937 closet in  Minnesota,  while her consciousness  simultaneously links with  a prehistoric episode of
volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in
South Africa.

Crop Circles
When Hans Jenny,  cymatics scientist,  made sand,  charcoal dust,  oil and other substances vibrate to a
range of different sound frequencies, symbols would form at each higher frequency broadcast. The lowest
vibrations caused a circle to form. At each higher tone, more elaborate circles would form.

Crop circles appeared in modern history in the
1980's with simple circular shapes. The next year they had  
concentric circles, & each year reproduced the same sequence of symbolic shapes that Hans Jenny achi-
eved with his research, indicating that
Earth's vibrational frequencies were rising annually.

Both the cymatics and the crops resonate with musical frequencies in the diatonic order of musi-
cal chord progressions

Because they want to introduce more  Earth-friendly changes to our world's technologies,
The Arcturians
are involved with the crop circles.  The legitimately formed,  cereal-grain glyphs fall into several categories
of  technological symbolism__ sacred markings of the Celtic, Egyptian &  Native American Elders of Earth,  
Sacred-Geometries related to  Earth's dimensional changes,  Mathematics,  Electronic Circuitry, Genetics,
and  Astronomy-Astrology.  They give us clues to  the changes  that are occurring  to Humanity  and Earth
during the
End Times and beyond.

At the times of the  Spring & Fall Equinoxes  and the  Summer & Winter Solstices,  between 1998
& 2001, Earth's North Pole perfectly aligned with the North Pole of our Milky Way Galactic Center

This alignment only happens once in about
65,000 years.  In September 22-23, 1998__  the Autumn Eq-
uinox__ Earth began  this alignment  and our  
Galactic Initiation.  The North Pole  of our Galaxy  is like a
crown chakra,  where the galactic energies move in and out. It's only during Galactic Alignments that Earth
receives these galactic frequencies and becomes involved in intergalactic activities.  

The Star Sirius  rises with our Sun every July 26th in Egypt. The Egyptian Sphinx  gazes directly at this
point on the horizon,  but the  Rising of Sirius  occurs on different days  at different  Earth locations,  mostly
July and August. Earth receives spiritual energies from the Galaxy and from Sirius each year.

If we imagine Earth/Gaia  as a living entity  that receives invisible communications  from those locations in
space,  we can see how  Her many pyramids,  stone circles,  monuments and temples were build to assist
Her in receiving these energetic communications, frequencies and information__ much of it  from the stars.  
Our ancestors understood this, designing and building those instruments for our planet's and our lifeforms'  
evolutionary needs.  Humanity also plays a role in this plan,  aiding Gaia  in ways that are  mostly uncons-
cious.  The Sphinx,  the hundreds of pyramids,  monuments,  temples and  stone edifices__  and the Crop
Circles__  were and are being created  at a higher consciousness level  exceeding present humanity's ab-
ility to understand.

Earth is like a living spaceship  traveling with its Sun through the Milky Way Galaxy. We can ima-
gine Her to be like a huge bio-computer.

we  download a new program or application  into our  personal computers,  an icon appears on the
desktop.  Perhaps Earth is a desktop" for Galactic & Star downloads of the new programs, and each Crop
Circle is an icon  symbolizing the function  of a new program  for our  evolutionary advancement.  Actually,  
there was a crop circle that appeared like a  Mother Board of one of our present day computers!  We must
consider  how and when  these programs  will be activated,  and what will occur  when they do.  Is there a  
Master Program utilizing all of the smaller Crop Circle programs that will one day be downloaded?

And perhaps,  Earth is connecting to an  Interstellar,  Multi-Density Internet__  gww":  a  Galactic
Wide Web

From September, 1998 to September, 2001, (911?) the coming Galactic Alignment was announced. Will
Earth create a Galactic Trade Center?

August, 21-22, 1998 was a Total Solar Eclipse. The "Aricibo" Crop Circe appeared: (Google Search: "Ari-
cibo Crop Circle")
. It represented a binary code of our DNA helix spiral.

On,  June 20, 2014
__  the Summer Solstice__  also presented a circle
in Hampshire, England, enclosing a message in Morse Code for "
No More War".

It's becoming very clear that  Earth is sensitive to  the collective mind  of mankind.  

Crop formations,  except for those hoaxed,  often reflect thoughts of  groups of researchers  with the mass
consciousness of humanity__  or of both.  CSETI, a crop circle investigation group and experimenters rec-
ently telepathically projected certain symbols  o the  "circle-makers". The exact same formations appeared  
only days later,  near the experimenters' location in England.  Communicating with us  through crop circles,
echoing our Collective thoughts,  Earth announces her Oneness with us,  guiding us toward full realization  
of our true  identity as
co-creative energy beings.

Research by Linda Moulton Howe ( suggests that the true crop circles could be
made by
Time Travel Visitors, most likely beingss from distant regions, as they form marks in Timelines on

These Glyphs in the fields could be  Self-Activating Symbols  operating like  computer programs,
but without the need of electrical power. Our own research has shown  Electromagnetism is one
of the Universal Forces
, It exists throughout the universe, so it is not surprising that the crops cycle sym-
bols could be drawing power from the Creative Force Field.

Geomancy is the art of working with Gaia  to harmonize with  Earth's frequencies. "Gaia" is Earth's Consci-
ous Spirit.  Every location on Earth  holds encoded knowledge in its energy patterns that can be accessed
and used by humans, animals or plants.

Through Earth's vortices,  stargates and sacred sites, Higher Intelligences offer new information
& Multi-Dimensional Technologies for raising our consciousness.

Geomancers attune themselves to land,  water, wind and weather to place buildings, homes or ceremonial
centers such as pyramids,  stone circles or  labyrinths__ at the most advantageous energetic  locations on
the planet. Earth's' bell-like vibration,  tuned to incoming cosmic rays, relays expanded information to hum-
ans  at these sites.  In the "Dreamtime"  state__ "The Zone"__  human  minds can  harmonize with  Mother
Earth's resonance. The right vibration  in the right place  links us to the  inherent wisdoms of both  Earth &

Quartz crystals in radios,  TVs,  computers & many receiving and broadcasting devices  also sense energy
fields, receiving, storing and  broadcasting information on demand.  
Researchers recently labeled hum-
ans as "living crystals"__ transmitters of these same subtle energies.

Magnetite crystal cells in the human brain, and quartz crystals in the  pineal gland, (Archives) enable us to
both sense and broadcast through energy fields. This is how and why  great civilizations arose at powerful
ancient grid sites.

Shamans and Storytellers
In indigenous  and tribal cultures,  the shaman peers into the unseen,  spiritual realms  through art,  music,
dance, story-telling and astrology,  then informs the tribe  of their sacred secrets. They also serve as spiri-
tual healers.  The ancient Druids of Britain,  as did the old  
feng shui masters of China,  understood these
manifold energy bonds  and knew how to work harmoniously,  creatively, with the  electro-magnetic flow of
Gaia to foster individual health,  community cooperation and planetary peace. The shamans of today work
through th
e fine arts: artists, dancers, musicians, writers and astrologers.

MEDITATION: August,  1988: I did my usual meditation at 10:13 PM__ the time of the New Moon in Aug-
ust, which,  in esoteric astrology indicates "
Spirit's Intentions". This would be followed soon after by a Sol-
ar Eclipse,  when the Moon orbits between Earth & Sun,  blocking off the Sunlight to Earth for a short time.

In our home,  I sat cross-legged  on the bed with my  journal beside me,  ready to  receive and  take notes.
After awhile,
Higher Self suggested: "Stand by for galactic communications".

Then I was told:  "Perfect attunement to the Cosmos  leads to the  creative visualizations experienced by
the Maya which were produced by the Star Beings with whom, in Mayan times, contact was made."

"The Etheric Webs__ Energy Grids__ were used to teach how to Create from the Future." "They us-
ed the same principles that humans use or their television,  but through their minds instead." ... "
over the Elements
was one of the skills acquired in later years with the Maya and  Star Beings.  Cosmic
is the key factor, as always. The Sacred Warriors incarnate again, bringing Fire from Heaven
from the Cosmos."
Joseph Campbell stated that "Artists are the modern day shamans and geomancers."  But artistic or not,
we can all become sensitive to Earth's energies,  bond with Her, learn to create magic through her grids, &
enchant the forests, hills, deserts, lakes & life-forms,  healing all with expanded love & mind through these
energetic "Fields of Dreams".
Telluric forces act as the power source for our Shamanic Master Computer
__ Earth's Energetic Grid Internet.  Our evolutionary software programs are the  Basic Multi-Density Tech-
nologies of consciousness re-programming.

The First Step in the making of a Shaman involves Bonding with Earth and Nature.  It involves re-
framing your whole life as sacred and healing

The Second Step is Seeing Earth & all that lives upon Her as Sacred,  which involves hearing an-
cient spirits sing,  & communicating with the animals' spirits in order to understand Earth's story.

The Third Step is the Healing__ which involves doing daily activities that are safe, kind & respec-
tful of Earth and All LIfe upon Her.

Why investigate racial memories, past lives, idealistic principles & geomancy?
Because numerous universal, galactic, solar, planetary & human evolutionary cycles synchronously mesh-
ed, reaching fruition during the first 12 years of the 21st  Century__ "
The End Times". (Chapter 22.) Long
ago,  as we began to inhabit Earth,  all human spirits  willingly agreed to certain  basic obligations
ago, & later, to a new process of Ascension that was taught and demonstrated over 2000 years ago.

Earth in Distress
Magnetic records trapped in corings from Hawaiian lavas and the seabed indicate that Earth has experien-
Polar Shifts & Reversals a number of times in the past. "Pole Shifts" and Polar Reversals" are two dif-
ferent actions.  
Polar Reversals occur fairly often on our Sun,  when it's  Magnetic North Pole  becomes its
Magnetic South Pole,  and vice versa. This happens at the "
Solar Maximum" every 11-12 years,  when we
also have increased solar flares and
CMEs. (Coronal Mass Ejections) It is soon followed by a  Reversal of
Earth's Magnetic Poles, as well
;  i.e., Earth's Magnetic North Pole becomes its South Pole.

This can change the flow of energies through Earth,  and change our compass points, but it does
NOT mean that the Earth Itself flips over, as some doom-sayers like to prophecy.

A "Polar Shift", however,  may occur in two different ways:  One is when Earth's Magnetic Poles "Shift", as
exemplified by the recent slow movement of Earth's  Magnetic North Pole south and eastward.  At last rep-
ort, it was well into
Siberia. A Pole Shift also occurs when there are tremendous earthquakes, such as the
2010,  8.8 Chilean earthquake that caused  Earth's Polar Axis to shift by 3 degrees.

This did cause movement of Earth's crust,  making our North Pole  point towards outer space in a
slightly different direction so that the Sun's rays struck us at a slightly different angle.

This huge earthquake may have been deliberately manipulated  in an attempt to destroy Earth's Polar Alig-
nment with the Milky Way Galaxy's North Pole Center,  changing our weather patterns, and stopping some
galactic spiritual rays from aiding our consciousness evolution.

Earth's energetics  are changing drastically.  
Records locked in rocks show the
Earth's  Magnetic Field has flipped over many times in the past, rever-
sing north & south magnetic poles.  We don't know the cause,  but history indicates it happens once every
few thousand years, but this varies a great deal. We are, actually__ long overdue for another polar shift.

However, as I update this text, April, 2018, it seemed that Earth's magnetic poles had already dri-
.  Many lightworkers noted that  the sun is now rising several degrees farther to the north than it did in
the recent past, and something other than just our technology is causing extreme temperature variations in
our seasons. In
2010,  we saw that our north magnetic pole had moved southward through northern Russ-
at the rate of 40 miles per year.

The Schumann Resonance__ Earth's Geomagnetic Field's basic frequency, is an energy window
that can influence all life.

This resonance attunes to alpha brain waves,  influencing human behavior  through our  psyches and bio-
rhythms. During
2012 and beyond, we have been experiencing more and more turbulence from the Sun__
which affects Earth's and other planets' geomagnetic fields.

Every year, the Schuman Resonance__normally
7.8 Hz.__has been rising. This was confirmed by NASA's
research  of our planet's  "ring-tone" as recorded from outer space.  By early
1997,  it was already  11 Hz,
&  by 2006 was 12.8. The long-awaited Shift of the Ages was expected to occur at 13 Hz__ (It is an ongo-
ing process that began
12- 21-12.)  Mother Earth is vibrating faster and faster, and if we humans intend to
ascend into a  higher density along with Her,  we must raise our bodies' vibrations  through consciousness
evolution to match Hers.
June 20th__ the 2012 Summer Solstice__ humanity reached A CRITICAL MASS
2017 Summer,  the Schumann Resonance  was rep-
orted at
37 Hz!

A second disturbing geophysical condition is Earth's Magnetic Field. Earth's magnetic field is co-
nstantly changing, and the way that it changes is also changing
. Without the magnetic field,  cosmic
rays can bombard Earth  with high  intensity energies.  We don't know  just how  that will affect  the planet
and her life- forms, but by

We realized that the increasing cosmic rays are changing our DNA,  evolving our physical bodies
into New Species of Human

These two conditions__the rising vibratory frequency of Earth and the lowering of her magnetic field__are
the same spiritual, initiation chamber energetics  built into  
Egypt's  Great  Pyramid;  into the complexes at
Machu Picchu, Peru; Stone henge, England; the Idaho Stargate Vortex and major sacred sites around the
globe. As Earth becomes one huge temple, all humans, all life here, can achieve that initiation at any point
on the planet. That maximum
ended in early 2015.  

Global Spiritual Teachings relate how  Earth will have full transition into the 4th or 5th Density of

Forecasters expect the next Solar Minimum to arrive around 2019-2020.
(Data, courtesy of the Univers-
ity of Delaware's Bartol Research Institute

As we shift along with our planet__ life as we now know it changes forever into a Golden Age.

In fact__ in 2013, we were doing so well in our consciousness evolution,  that some of us were leaping be-
yond 1
3 Hertz__ into 5-D.

There is evidence that  the brains of  migrating animals contain  crystals. Butterflies,  birds and whales use
them to navigate.  We humans are meant to be
Stewards of Earth__ keepers & co-creators of Earth's Rea-

By dis-respecting, neglecting and dishonoring the spirits of the unseen, un-manifested world, we
are actually working against Nature__ and the plants, insects,  four-legged, winged & finned crea-
tures of the New Earth Reality will not manifest.

There are evil factions on our planet  trying to kill off 90% of our population.  Scores of nations around the
world keep making war on each other, greedy for money & power, while ignoring how pesticides extermin-
ate the Bees, Bats and Butterflies
; how Fukishima Radiations, the B. P. Oil Spills & chem-trails slowly des-
troy all life in the Northern Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico & the world in general.

We are literally, erasing  Life's participation  in this  density of Gaia__  ignoring that  WE, TOO, are
Life's participants in this Reality.

ive Americans have much to teach us about connecting with Mother Earth. They know  Spirit resides
in All That Lives. Earth embraces Spirit in every atom.  Without Earth none of us could live here in our 3-D
bodies. As we walk our Earth,  we have responsibilities as caretakers to bond with Her, heal Her,  ourselv-
es and others.  We must respect & honor  the quality  and the interconnectedness of all forms of life on this

What we do to Nature__ we do to ourselves.  

As we continue to befoul Earth  and misuse Her mineral resources,  we pollute our own immune systems &
deplete  our own physical strength  as well.  We are becoming  chronically fatigued,  stressed,  burned out,
angry and over-sensitive.  Instead, we can link both planetary and cosmic forces,  receive their sacred wis-
dom,  open to the conscious mind of Gaia__ Our Great Mother __ honor Her  and receive Her wisdom and
her blessings.

As we learn more about "Creating From the Future"  with Love & Oneness,  we can heal & manif-
fest in Groups of 8 People for Gaia's well-being

A group meditation with  
Lynn McTaggart's latest experiment was held September, 2014,  to send water
to California, relieving its long-term drought, and eliminating the wildfires. The result was rather disappoint-
ting. The fires and drought continued,  although the  intention participants  received some  healings of their
own. Taking part in the experiment, I did the  intention & was amazed to receive information about  "
that I'd desired over a month before. It poured in from TV,  Internet, E-mails, & my own misplaced files from
as long as 30 years ago.

What if  "Real Water" had "poured" on California,  causing flooding,  or more of those landslides  along her
coastline?  It might have been better that our group intention asked it to  Rain in California, but adding
: "by
extracting rain from flooding areas elsewhere in the world

7-26-15: MEDITATION:  "Yes;  I am re-organizing my energies  for the coming split  into several Density
Realities. First there will be  the great download of blissful energies from  Creator's Energy Field. Things
will not change in a moment, but will move along faster than they have before."

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"Creating New Earth with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                                                  By  MARILYN LA CROIX