In her most recent book, The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind,
noted  astrologer and  Cherokee shaman  
Barbara Hand Clow,  relates that  our planet's alignment
with the Milky Way Galaxy's center in
1998 had basically changed both the physical and the psychic
fields of Earth. She believes the Mayan Calendar is "
both the generator of time and the time-driven
evolutionary force from the ninth dimension

Clow sites an ancient cataclysm recorded geologically  as well as in legends around the world. This
was abou
t 9500 B.C., or 11,500 years ago. Before that time, geology shows that our Earth was not
tilted on its axis!  It's yearly rotation  was then only
360 days_ _ hence the same number of degrees
in the Zodiac Wheel, and the number of days in the Mayan's Haab Calendar.

Science suggests it was the explosion of a Supernova not so far from Earth, that sent huge energet-
ic waves to topple Earth and other planets in our system, changing the length of our year and tilting
our axis, which resulted in the formation of the Four Seasons. At that time, many peoples around the  
planet erected  wooden or stone monuments  to help them  understand  the newly formed  Seasons,
Solstices and Equinoxes.

Clow feels this cataclysm was so intense, that it imprinted into our racial psyches (and probably into
our DNA as well),  causing us to hold  cellular memories of that terrible event and to,  therefore,  fear
that the  "
End of the World" is what will occur in 2012, rather than a quantum leap in human conscio-
usness and the  "
End of Time". That fear may have caused our race to become so very war-like and

She includes  insights from  
Carl Johan Calleman's  recent book,  The Mayan Calendar  and the
Transformation of Consciousness
. He divided our planet's history into 9 time periods (called "Un-
"derworlds") starting with the 1st__ the Big Bang__ about 16 billion years ago. At the start of the 2nd
Underworld, Time speeded up twenty times faster than it was in the 1st Underworld, and at every fol-
lowing Underworld period, it again accelerated twenty-fold.

Calleman believes a
t the  "End-Time" date,  our consciousness  would be so advanced,  so able to
speedily  grasp information,  that things will seem  to be Happening  All At Onc
e.  As I  update this  
4-19-2015, events are occurring so rapidly that they seem to be Overlapping each other!. It
is becoming  more and more  difficult to deal with them.  The events that  I find  nearly  impossible to  
"fix"  or "change", seem to indicate
3-D systems that are now breaking down and will soon disappear.
We will have to  replace them with  
4-D or 5- D manifestation procedures,  and our spiritual gifts and

The evolutionary force  causing both the speed-up of time  and the consciousness acceleration,  has
been scientifically proven to emanate out of the
Galactic Center, where a black hole exists, radiating
Pulsar waves toward Earth.

The Mayan Calendar __the 9th dimensional Time Pattern for Creating, and for the Evolution of Cons-
ciousness  radiating out of our  Galactic Center__  is now thought to have been  the ancient calendar
originally followed by the earliest civilizations on Earth, such as Egypt, Sumeria, Altantis and Lemuria.
The Maya claim  they originally came  from a group of ancestors  who landed from the Atlantic Ocean
on the northeastern coast of what is now Mexico. They became known as the  
Toltecs, then the Ol-
 and when they later disbande d, their descendants  are said to have become  the Maya.

This entire online book,
Creating From the Future, includes the Mayan Calendar Time Patterns
and the author's personal Mystical Encounters
showing us how to both Create From the Future,
and to Build the New Reality.