By MARILYN LA CROIX

                   CHAPTER 4: THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDERS.

The Fourth Step towards Creating The New Earth Reality with Multi-Density Technologies is to In-
tentionaly manifest and express  Unconditional Love, Oneness and Gratitude in our hearts.  
to ascend beyond the 3rd dimension to 4-D:
"The Observer Stage".

                    *   7. "Materiality, Competition, Duality''.
                    *   8.  "Unity Consciousness."
                    *   9.  "Service."
                    *  10. "Emotional & Mental Self-Management."
                                  Gratitude, Abundance , Attitude, Beliefs,
                                         Actions, Choices.
                                  LAW OF ATTRACTION.
                    *  11. " Creating Our Own Realities."  
                                  The Conscious, Subconscious & Super-
                                         conscious Minds.
                                  Relating, Social Engineering. "Seattle
                                         Special Olympics".
                    * 12.  "Developing Creative Skills."    
                                        Visualization & Focus.
                                        The Still Point.
                    *  13. "TWILIGHT ZONE."                                                          

OCTAVE 7: Materiality, Competition, Duality.
Basic Multi-Density Technologies prepare us to get out of investing in Materiality & Compe-
tition, and invest in our Inner Selves instead.

Maybe we feel we don't deserve abundance or success. Do  we feel we must "achieve" something
before we can be happy?  This attitude never ends
; whatever we attain never seems to be enough.
We want to achieve__ to gain__more and more, and still more,for life shifts, constantly demanding
more enlightenment, more experimentation, adjustment. We create our own life circumstances and
must give attention to what's occurring in each moment.

The purpose of  the dramatic Earth changes occurring now  is to bring us to the realization
that we are spiritual energy-beings, not just physical bodies.

As we bridge with Higher Selves & shift awareness, we gradually lose the over-emphasis on materi-
ality, the related competitions, and even the need to attract or spend money. This is what we leave
behind__ we no longer need it!

Since we are each truly a hologram of All That Is, whatever we do for others, we do for self
as well.

And whatever we do for ourselves we also do for others. Into even the best of times, come moments
ents of confusion and concern until we learn to balance work with play. Eventually, that balance be-
comes so finely tuned we see no difference.  At this point, we rid ourselves of the extremes and the
Duality.  We view what was formerly "work" or play" as simply__
"Loving". Mankind needs to release
from its sense of  
Duality,  to realize that what seems like "opposites"  is really only the two sides of
one coin.

OCTAVE 8: Unity Consciousness.
Anything in life that is not in accord with Higher Self's plan for Unconditional Love and Uni-
ty Consciousness is going to eventually dissolve.

Assist personality to do this by letting go of anything that doesn't serve H.S.'s purpose. We can then
come to feel whole and to love all our selves.  The Maya had a term for this higher emotional state
In Lak'esh
", meaning, "I am another yourself."  We call it Unity Consciousness__"Oneness".

We're coming to unmistakably know that each of us is  one unique thought-form  in an  all-pervasive,
Greater Consciousness__ Spirit __ Creator.  Ultimately,  everything in our lives  will either
merge with all else in Loving Oneness or dissolve away.

OCTAVE 9: Service.
Many of us have been confused  about what we call  "Service".  We think we must  "take care"  of
others, even at our own loss. It can make us feel useful, needed and important.

Better to teach others how  to care for themselves.  If everyone learned to care for self first,  no one
would ever need outside help.  Our higher nature knows self and others  are already whole on inner
levels,  therefore, any assistance required  can be guided by the individual's  own Higher Self,  once
they learn to contact and follow it.

There are times, however, when we compassionately perceive a true need for assistance. Consider
first whether that person or group  really wants or needs our help.  Some people cling to their miser-
ies because it attracts the attention they think they need to feel they belong, or because their disab-
ilities prevent them from taking on dreaded responsibilities.

The 1st consideration for helping people is, Did they request the help?  

The 2nd is: Are we, ourself, capable of giving that help without harming ourself or others?  

The 3rd is: Could they do themselves?  

If either of the first two answers is  "no", or the third is  \"yes",  then we are desiring to give based on
our own inner motives. It's better to show others how to make fire,than to keep building fires for them

A friend related how in youth,  after completing her farm chores,  she would hurry off to  a quiet corn-
er to play her grandmother's violin. B ut if her dad came into the house  and heard her, she'd be mar-
ched off  to yet another chore  in rhythm to words like "
wasting time"  and "useless pleasures".  Just
because it's work w e most enjoy, i t doesn't mean it' s easy or useless.  Like the painters who found
art is in the doing" rather than in the completed product.

Choosing to spend time doing what we Love most is not a selfish pursuit.  It's a hallowed act of what
may very well become an inspiration  or a specialized service to family,  friends, community and pos-
sibly__ to all humanity.

Since we are all  connected on invisible levels,  our joy and passion  invisibly uplifts others
and moves us all closer to a global
Unity Consciousness.  

Whenever we're joyful in our tasks,  trusting universe to provide us with abundance at every level of
living, we'll do our best work,  and we'll perform some valued function in the world__ perhaps one for
which no one else is so well qualified.  And that joy and trust radiates out from us to positively affect
others within and beyond our sphere of contact.

My hubby, Hal, an athlete,  scoutmaster,  Little League Coach and dedicated father & husband, was
employed by a national railroad.  His frequent,  month-long absences from home  demanded increas-
ed  self-sufficiency from both of us.  When our three children entered  middle school,  I took jobs out-
side of home t o help finance their college educations. I sized sausage casings  in a factory,  manag-
ed a collection agency,  then served as assistant librarian  while establishing myself  to be a full-time
professional painter.

We're moving away from the old "work ethic" notion. (Materiality & Competition)

Today's teenagers and Cultural Creative adults sense the futility of always wanting to earn more, a-
chieve more, beat the other guy out of a place at the trough, die with more toys or measure success
by the size of the hoard we've collected.  If the attainment of material luxuries is our primary concern
in life,  we will never be happy__  for there is always  "something else  to get".  Several  adult men  I
know were recently offered positions at work providing more money, power or benefits. But they de-
clined,  knowing those perks also meant longer working hours,  heavier responsibility,  more energy
spent working  and less time at home. They declined,  out of the loving knowledge  that at that parti-
cular time,  their young children needed their loving supportive presence  more than extra money or
prestige .

If we don't love our work,  we'll seldom go beyond  what everyone else in our fiel d already does be-
cause  we won't have the incentive  to keep striving when the mud deepens in those unexplored re-
alms. Work in the New Consciousness Reality will be done because  we love doing it  and it serves
others__ not for money, fame or material possessions.

Most of us thought we  "should" spend our lives doing the kind of work  everybody says we're "sup-
posed" to do. Spirit doesn't care
what Service we do for a living, but Spirit does care about how we
do it.  

We're not seeking the condition of "Doing"__ we're seeking the condition of "being".
We haven't come to Earth to produce anything.  We're here to learn how to  Be. The surprise of Be-
ingness is that when we achieve and maintain that attitude over time, it becomes very hard
not to a-
chieve success in the material world.  If we're "Givers", we're going to also be "Receivers", because
these are two sides of the same coin.

And even if we came into life with talents to make music, teach, cook, write, heal,  build spaceships
or service cars,  no one is born knowing it all. Everyone has to spend time, money and effort to de-
velop their gift. Any truly serious artist will tell you  they've worked longer & harder a t their creative
works than at any other type of job. Even the physical labor involved to mat, cut glass, frame, label,  
build packing cases, pack, transport, unpack and hang forty paintings for a one-man show can  be
tremendous. Potential customers would look at one of my works, note the price tag, and ask
: "How
long did it take you  to paint this?
'  I learned to answer with:  "Oh, about four hours and forty years
of practice__ for every new painting  only exists upon the shoulders of  every work created before
." They then smiled and nodded their heads.

Creative People who work at doing what they love, never give up. They look life in the face, daring
it to keep them from following their bliss. Pursuing our personal passion without harming Earth, self
or others,  we begin to feel fully alive.  We experience the rapture of
just being,  rather than forever
examining the past to find meaning for the future.  We choose to use  Mind and Heart to feel happy
and fulfilled__  not next week,  next year or  ten years from now__ but right now,  this very moment
and in every moment.  

Once we learned to be
warriors__ to confront, to battle, to conquer and "win". Now we can learn to
adventurers. True Enlightenment begins when we discover we can trust ourselves and the
power within.  Let go of the limiting Belief  that tells us Who We  "Should Be",  that anything  worth-
while must be difficult and complicated, or that we're not good enough, smart enough, holy enough,
or highly evolved enough to deserve the quality of life we desire.

OCTAVE 10: Emotional & Mental Self-Management.
Basic Multi-D Technologies  link us with inner sources  inspiring us to reach higher consciousness.
First we Bonded with  Mother Earth and Nature. Then we connected with  Higher Self & Spirit with
Meditation or Dreamwork.  

Now we're learning to use the Energetic Creative Skills of  Emotion,  Belief,  Thought &  Attitude to
Transform our quality of life.

When in "The Observer Stage"__ we learn to watch our  Emotions,  Beliefs, Attitudes, Act-
tions and Thoughts  as if we were another person observing ourself from an outside pers-

INTENTIONALLY manifesting and expressng Love,  Joy,  Gratitude & Abundance from our
hearts triggers
THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.  Some call it "KARMA"  It assists us to learn to
Appropriate Choices; i.e.: whatever we do to another ensures that the same is done
to us in this present life__  or in a future life__ from another outside source.

The more we perceive and express Gratitude for that which we already have,  the more we receive.
Abundance is more than a sense of being fulfilled at a physical , material level. There are emotional,  
mental and spiritual abundances to be considered.  

Spirit does work in mysterious ways.  If it is for our highest good to experience something, it will
all come about as if some higher intelligence or a force within us had planned the entire episode__ It

Sometimes doors open, opportunities appear and we rush towards the new project__only to see the
doors slam shut  and hopes vanish  in an instant.  We ask,  "
Why was this offered__  then suddenly
snatched away?
"  If it's  not going to  work ou t in today's  world circumstances__ not in accord  with
Higher Self's mission, not in accord with our sub-conscious, or situations that will support the project
have recently changed__ the vision flounders. Perhaps we have only been  
shown something about
the true nature of our mission
; "here's something more we need to know, or do__before we can ma-
nifest it
." Or__ "Something Else" is really going on.

We do all this  to move into a  
Higher Density__ the  New Reality__ along with  Earth.  Normally, our
minds wander all over the place. While doing my hair in the morning, I may instead be choosing what
to fix for lunch, or recalling what a friend said on the phone yesterday.  We seldom focus on what we
are doing in each moment,  usually thinking of  something that happened in the past__ or wondering
what could happen in the future.  

Remaining aware  of what we are thinking or feeling  in each moment  is what Buddhist's call,
s".  We also know it as "Staying In the Moment"__ or "In the NOW",  holding images of "peace"
or "love" steady in our hearts.  

Emotional IQ
Just as sound,  light or shape determine the manner in which our artwork expressed , the emotions
and attitudes we hold about ourselves
__ the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us
__ determine the circumstances in which we exist. Trying to manipulate our environment through will
power usually brings only more challenges and conflicts.

Consider Emotions, Thoughts, Beliefs, Attutudes & Actions as Creative Energies. Attitudes
of Love, Abundance, Joy & Gratitude evoked through our powerful imaginations, can create
win-win situations for everyone concerned.

Purposely intensifying emotions during difficult encounters turns on a Transmutation Process__ a
shifting of energy from one level to another.
Emotional Intensity breaks us through to complete-
ly new types of creative possibilities. Deliberately feeling anger, pain, disgust or fear to the
fullest, identifies its origins. We then change our perception by asking Higher Self: "
What is
Love trying to show me now?"__
or, "What would Love have me Be now?"

Acting lovingly  on the answer received  creates new understandings of reality.  Emotional sensitivity
becomes an asset,  not a liability, and we develop  
Emotional Maturity. We take responsibility for our
own  emotional experiences__ we become  responsible for our own wounds,  not blaming something
or someone else.

When we investigate spiritual or metaphysical teachings, we read about elaborate rituals and difficult
testing periods called "

An initiation is not something that happens to us__ it is the  response we make to what hap-
pens that is the true initiation
Initiations help us become aware of how over-identification with a body can leave us open to contro-
llers who  enslave people  simply by guaranteeing  shelter,  food,  health,  security,  beauty,  wealth,
"for giveness of sins", or "a sure path to heaven". This kind of servitude can lead to separative, org-
anized group dogmas with price-tags promoting routes of escape via  paying cash,  begging,  forced
celibacy, elitism, cloistering, or free love and vagabondage.

Creative people can short-cut the natural  Evolutionary Process with mental, emotional and behavi-
oral skills. They create new systems for organizing life that empower others, bringing joy and abun-
undance through  self-esteem enhancement.  A Vision is needed of  what is  reasonable to achieve.
Then,  if the work is to be done in stages, they organize a tentative schedule for using data, specia-
lized skills and knowledge. Intuiting what has real & permanent value every day, they let go of non-
essentials, quickly manage necessary changes, & create a fulfilling & rewarding life even in the mi-
dst of utter confusion.

Nothing happens to us that is not of our own choosing and for our highest good.
Because we do have free will, Creator will allow us to be or do anything we want.  But if what we do
does not lead to happiness and joy after a reasonable amount of time,  then consider if the direction
chosen  is truly in keeping with our life's purpose. If it isn't, we take a different approach or try some-
thing else altogether,  until we're sure we are following the energetic blueprint we chose for this life-

We must take back our power  from the beliefs we have given it to:
The idea that we are not deserving; the idea that we are incapable of coping with the difficulties that
come our way
;  even the idea that being "spiritually evolved" means we are "special" in ways others
are not__  and therefore__  either we don't have to take on  the same responsibilities  that others do
__ or we must take on even more or greater responsibilities than others.  Until we humans have fully
shifted into the New Reality,  we must continue to hold useful jobs,  follow health hygiene, serve self
and family, take charge of home and finances &  prepare for emergencies and  retirement. Strangely
it seems that if we don't  fully tend to the needs of self,  we also have trouble serv-
ing our family, neighborhood or community groups as well.

When we physically incarnated on Earth,  Higher Self helped us create a  Plan for what we
wished to become in this lifetime.
 The  Superconscious - Higher Self  opens when our creative
drive rises to our heart center,  overrides our subconscious and our personality through Love, & re-
veals the blue-print originally designed for our life.

Higher Self will never deviate from that blueprint,  even when we have consciously forgot-
ten what it is.
It doesn't need to be something "grand". When we find our purpose for being here on
Earth during this time, all fear leaves, and Joy moves in.

We also need to  recognize and let go of outworn religious, educational, judicial, medical &
political beliefs that have caused conflict and suffering.  
When all goes well, we feel confident,  
on top of the world. When it doesn't, we feel we're being asked to wallow in cesspools. We're learn-
ing how Consciousness__ thoughts, feelings, attitudes and  beliefs__  affect our life circumstances.  
Have courage. We will not be wading in the sewers of the world forever.  Benefits will come, usually
from a totally unrelated quarter, but not often in monetary form. We may reap a revelation, a healing,
a new friendship, but only when the sharing occurs through Love and without selfish desires.

Heart Math people  (http://www.heartmathstore.com)   have a marvelous gaming device called
"EMWave2". It's an online game that teaches us to raise our vibration and relieve stress.There
is also a hand-held version.

OCTAVE 11: Creating Our Own Realities.
As Earth's energy fields intensify,  whatever we Think,  Feel, Believe and Feel strongly will
manifest more and more rapidly.  
 As we manage our emotions,  we raise our  consciousness. As
we entered the
Ninth Wave - Universal Underworld  of the  Mayan Calendar in  March, 2011, events
began to occur  twenty times faster than they did before.

Emotion attracts people and situations similar to What We Expect__ either through Fear, or
through Love.
 Feelings deliberately evoked and intensified to a high degree might as well be  Ec-
stasy than Agony.

We try to prove our concepts on the physical level,  but we're in a "Catch 22" situation:  a.) We sus-
pect we can change reality with our mind
;  yet, b.) Until we behold physical evidence of that change,
we won't fully accept it as real. Since we don't fully accept a.),  b) won't work for us either. If we con-
tinue to use physical methods to change life, we negate the a.) principle. The common bond for both
a.) & b.)__ is
taking back our power__  physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By manag-
ing emotions, we can control both thoughts and physical actions and change our lives.

Emotion fuels our visualized creations into reality, be it  a home, a symphony,  business or
a healthy mind and body.
To Be Human. then , means to feel emotion fully & deeply. Bookstores,  
libraries, magazines & the Internet  team with self-help books & articles about emotional skills. High-
er Self can direct you at the bookstore or library.
Move into a Daydream State,  letting your rec-
eptive left hand glide across the books on the shelves, not quite touching them. Your hand
will tingle or itch as you near what you need.

If we keep having the thought, "I want a better job",  then that's what we"ll get.  We'll have the exp-
erience of  
always wanting  a better job. Feel the bliss of  already having a better job  present  in
your life,  and thank Creator as if it
 has already been received.  Finally__  just relax__  follow daily
routines , holding the intended vision,  thought & feeling in the back of the mind & watch for opportu-
nities to do what's needed to make them come true.

without our even being aware of it until we behold Its hidden motives.  Subconscious programs from
the past exist on several levels and need  to be faced and dealt with many times over. The first step
discrimination when  choosing the media  we allow into our homes. The  sub-conscious doesn't  
see any difference between what is real  or what is illusion. It identifies with whatever it views.  How
often have we wept in front of the TV when  Lassie finally came home,  held our breath as monsters
invaded Earth,  or yelled with anger or encouragement  at a  Super Bowl  game?  That's  emotion in

Even more insidious,  is what happens when the TV,  stereo or radio are on and we are not directly
paying attention.  The announcer's or actor's words, the song's lyric  impact us subconsciously. Hy-
pnosis shows that  the  
alpha state __  the  subconscious__ is even  more powerful  than  the beta
mind. Everything that happens, even a fleeting glimpse o f 47 fence posts  out a speeding car
window,  is registered somewhere in the subconscious.  And if music is involved,  the effect is even
more intense,  for music has a  hypnotic effect,  as anyone who's ever attended a church,  classical
or rock concert knows__  V,  radio and any music lyrics  can trigger  emotional responses.  Emotion
will permanently imprint that subconscious event into our energy bodies.              

THE SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND__ HIGHER SELF always leads us to the right and perfect
adventure  enabling us to encounter exactly what we had originally planned to experience.
Whether we  benefit from the experience or not is up to us.  It could be what we planned,  or it could
be something else, depending on how we choose to view it.  Perhaps your youth was spent learning
to be self-sufficient, & now your passion is to aid others to be self-sufficient, too.  It matters not whe-
ther you show a lecture hall audience how to structure a billion dollar corporation, or show a kid how
to make a kite  out of newspaper and string.   ou're following your passion , your path.  We're not al-
ways conscious of how or when  our loving service to others__ be it grand or small__ might one day
affect them deeply and spiritually.

Great Spirit-Creator will never, ever, force Its desire on the conscious, physical part of you.
Unconditional Love never forces anyone or anything. It's against Love's nature to do so. No, Creator
will never force Its Will upon Higher Self, either. And Higher Self follows suit and never forces Its Will
upon your personality. However, Mind very often does seek to exert its will on Body.
Similarly,  Body
may seeks to control behavior & frequently succeeds
: remember the last time you were ill or in pain?

Higher Self is completely without needs  (unlike Body & Mind,which may be  nothing but needs)
H.S. allows Body and Mind to have their way,  for if the spiritual being that is you is to create, and
by creating,
Know Who You Really Are,  it must be through an act of  conscious choice,  not through
blind obedience.  We must recover the certainty of our  spiritual beingness & learn to operate__ suc-
essfully and at will __in Peace, Oneness, and Unconditional Love.

Higher Self will assist us to consciously Become One with Our Creator.
Heart's mission
is to contact that Higher Self & receive it's guidance.
Higher Self's mission is to imagine__ to envision all possible alternatives for that task.
Mind's mission is to lovingly choose from those alternatives, and
Body's mission is to act on those choices.
When Body,  Mind and  Heart create together in accord with Higher Self's mission, Spirit be-
co-es flesh on Earth;
or rather__ "Flesh becomes Spirit on Earth."

We're not suggesting you need to change the Spiritual Path you are already walking.  If it works for
you__ stay with it.

The 3rd Chakra__  the solar plexus center__  is our  Relationship Center.  If our creative drive is
stuck or blocked here,  it cannot reach the heart chakra,  and energy from the heart or higher energy
centers cannot download into the solar plexus to be expressed through life.

"We are known by the company we keep"  is an old adage that still applies.  We need to seek co-
mpanionship with people we admire and wish to be like.  Watch films,  online programs & TV shows,  
listen to music and read books that uplift us. It's easier to be detached and full of bliss in the presen-
ce of an authentic spiritual adept or truly loving group__ and easier to perform Multi-D Technologies.
In fact__  a like-minded group is
required for Part IV: Advanced Multi-Density Technologies. If we are
involved with persons or groups  that inspire and nurture us to grow in consciousness, then continue
the relationship, by all means. But if we, or they, are only in it for the sensation, for gaining control or
material assets, then we might do better by ourselves or with individuals truly striving toward greater
unity, peace and love.

We tend to attract people into our relationship patterns with beingness similar to our own.  
These persons act as
mirrors enabling us to behold:
) A reflection of ourselves;
2.) An opposition to who we are, that we may see the difference;  
.) An image of what we judge in self or in others;
4.) What we fear most, or
5.) Who We Are Becoming.  

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears"  is another ancient saying. There are few tra-
ditional "gurus" around now, so our :"teacher" may arrive in unexpected forms & places
:  an Internet
website, a lawsuit, even a new baby in the family. I did meet a traditional guru in
1989, complete with
long robes, crystal-topped staff and a group of Asian disciples. But he didn't show up at my door, nor
did I visit a monastery in Asia. In fact, true to modern lifestyles,  we met in a bus terminal at Little Am-
erica, Wyoming.
Sri Yukteswar, from India, was author of  "The Electricities" & "The Holy Science".
He & his troop of young Asian students were on their way to the Men's Room,  & Ijust leaving the La-
dies'.  I had with me, a newly purchased copy of  
Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi",  which I'd
not yet read.
Synchronicity: it turned out__ Sri Yiketeswar's photo was on the back of that book__
He was Yogananda's guru.

We can learn to deal with stress by being able to say no to favors, staying in touch with & exress-
ing anger constructively,  reaching out to others and  asking for help  when truly needed; and saying
no  to requests from others  without feeling guilty or ashamed  of asserting ourselves  when we must
protect our own needs.

As we evolve our consciousness__ old friends,  neighbors,  co-workers,  even some family
members, gradually fade away.
As we grow in awareness, our vibrations change. We attract new
people,  new environments * new adventures.  Let old  friends and  family members  leave with love,  
wishing them the best in their new lives.  Trust that Spirit is leading us & them  to new ways  promis-
ing more  personal fulfillment and  growth  than anything left behind.  Contrary to  old consciousness
ways,  the 21st century relationships  are no longer  formed  to complement a  perceived  lack in self.

We already have  the only  permanen t partnership  we truly need__  that with  Higher  Self-

A major issue seems to be knowing when to continue a relationship or not
.  Ask Self: "What
is this relationship's purpose
; what is it evolving towards?", for we will consciously or unconsciously
following those directions. Relationships which seem to be going nowhere after a reasonable period
of time  will probably dissolve out of mutual consent.  Often, partnerships end  when one or both can
no longer evolve their consciousness through the relationship. If we find that a relationship no longer
works for any of those involved, and we can't work together__ then we can either "
Serve Them", i.e.,
assist them with their purposes__ or "
Cut the Cords"__ avoiding them entirely.

Creative people manage physical and emotional needs first, preventing Body and Feelings
from calling all the shots in life.
  If we really love ourselves, we will take good care of Body, for it
has to carry out our actions. If we then have time & energy to spare,  we can do more for family. And
if and when, still more time and energy allow, we can move to extended family, neighbors, communii
ty  and state, regional or even national matters.  Some of us may go on to  international or  off-world
service. It depends upon  our chosen path & function. Serving one individual well  is as valid as sev-
ing millions. We are each in the place where we need to be in each moment.

Socially creative people are everywhere. They lead full lives, find nourishment in community and va-
lue their connection with humanity, Earth and Universe. They use creativity in all areas of life.  Their
interest in discovering and learning  gives them great curiosity about how things fit together, how life
works. From Inspirngl sources they perceive new ways to use the information and skills they already
have. Their strong urge to share creates something new and unusual to finely balance the Fantastic
with the Pragmatic.

The Children of Earth will initiate Unity Consciousness here.
Also termed
"Christ Consciousness",  this evolved awareness  will not be set up by governments,
reiigions or that "New World Order" so bandied about. It will come from the grass roots__the masses.
It starts here & there across the globe with one or two people at a time,  then with small groups, then
larger groups  expanding outwardly.

Children know from birth what life is really all about.  
An article by
Lucy Williams in the "Arco Advertiser",  September 12, 1996, gave us this insight: "A
few years ago at the
Seattle Special Olympics, nine contestants, all physically or mentally"...(chall-
enged) ..."assembled at the starting line for the 00-yard dash. At the gun, they all started out__ not
exactly in a dash, but with the relish to run the race to the finish. All, that is, except for one little boy
who stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times and began to cry. The other eight who
heard the boy' cry, slowed down and paused. Then they all turned around and went back. Every one
of them. One girl with Down's Syndrome++ bent over, kissed the little boy's knee, saying__"
This will
make it better
"; then all nine linked arms and walked together to the finish line. Everyone in the  sta-
dium leaped to their feet. The cheering went on for ten minutes."

Life is more about "Being"  instead of "Doing".  When we truly understand that what we think or
feel manifests in our environment or our bodies, we will understand the importance of Mental & Emo-
tional Control

When  socially creative people  move to a New Environment,  they often encounter friction with what
is already there. If we stop driving for awhile, walk slowly and see what surrounds us, a surprising a-
bility to see the supreme order in all life, observed from many points of view, arises. Then we can ba-
lance our actions with those of others. As we go about our daily business, we let our hearts guide us
to new resolutions__ resolutions in which there are__
no losers.

Scholars say that  mankind's  
Outer-Space Technological Advancements  will alter humanity greatly.  
Perhaps it is the reverse. Perhaps we must alter ourselves drastically  before we are able to fully ex-
plore outer space.  What is going to occur in the next few years is beyond the understanding of most
of us.  Be prepared.  If we're having difficulties  in our personal live__
Whatever it is that  we're do-
ing to stop ourselves from growth is popping up in front of our faces right now

We must have the courage and flexibility to change with the times, to let go of old beliefs and behav-
ior patterns & move forward into the future with Love in our hearts & Trust in Higher Self and Creator

Listen to your desires, your "wantings".
They are about something other than materiality. Understanding & capabilities will follow. Higher Fo-
rces are guiding us into realities  holding greater joy and abundance  than what we're tossing behind
us. What now seems most foreign to us will soon become our most trusted experience.

If you've been reading this far__ you are already aware that humans are presently involved in a leap
of consciousness, and some part of you is seeking the courage to go in that direction.

Respectfully & sincerely,  ask Spirit or Higher Self to  give you a signal  as to whether these
Multi-D-Technologies are meant for you
.  Pray, meditate or dream for guidance,  then pay careful
attention to  what occurs around you during the following two days.  Even a TV commercial,  unusual
objects__animals  appearing in dreams  or outside your window__ or synchronous words  in a cross-
word puzzle can be relevant.

OCTAVE 12: Developing Creative Skills.
Humans are  dual beings__ part animal and  part godly__ but emotion is not our  "animal na-
ture",  as some  would have us believe.  EMOTION  is our  "Creator-Spirit Nature" __ LOVE!
How we use emotion is what's important.

All our
subtle bodies  link through the creative drive.  As we develop flexibility and maturity with
Unconditional Love__ the Creative Force connecting all things__ attracts to us manifestations of wh-
atever we do,say, think, feel or believe. If we're angry__ we  invite conflict.  If we're in harmony__ we
invite peace. We must evoke Unconditional Love for self & for All Life Everywhere before we can use
Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technologies to Co-Create New Realities with Earth & Spirit.

And what about that "Let go and let God"  thing?  Letting go doesn't mean releasing oneself from re-
.  It means to be ready to  accept freely,  whatever  Universe presents  in place of  
what we released.
 Mental control allows self to feel emotions  without preconceived ideas of resul-
For example: To keep thinking of  how to be free of a pain, is to continually  focus on the pain its-
elf.  How can we negate pain with thought, if we're always focusing on pain?

Pain centers attention on self, ego & the physical body,  leaving less attention for other matters. The
pain, the thinking and worrying,  burn up energy that could be put to better use. The remedy is
on  a more positive concept:   VISUALIZING the body feeling  comfortable and well. Then,  
VISUALIZE  it as already comfortable & well.  Feel the joy & express Gratitude for already being fully

Occasionally we produce grief, pain or emotional crises. But when locked in Egotistic Strat-
egy & Competition,  seeking only the upper hand for ourself, we have no freedom to create
or follow our own agendas.

The global elite controlling the planet__ know this, and instigate conflict to keep us distracted from e-
volving our consciousness. In the fullness of time we won't need the dramas, the crises anymore
; we
won't give our energy to those scenarios. We will then have made a decision to change, and now we
know how__ by
intentionally changing our thoughts & feelings.

To ascend to 4-D, we not only need to Master Thoughts & Emotions__ but to also overcome
Duality__ to avoid taking sides in conflicts__ seeing things as "right" or "wrong", "good" or

Many Cultural Creatives deliberately seek situations where they're  forced to confront their own neg-
ative feelings. Then they intensify them__  going within themselves  to understand their origins,  and
transmute them to a
Still Point State. S till Point emotions occur  when we find a  Mid-point between
Fear and Love__
a point without an emotional charge on the issue at hand .  In other words, we
Fear possible negative outcomes, nor Crave a specific, positive outcome.

Immersed in this chaotic, old consciousness world,  it's hard to find that  Still
Point__ that perfect em-
otional center where we're neither too afraid to turn aside from an old path that is no longer effective,
nor too anxious to attain our goal.  We can only do it with Love that evolves out of compassion & the
Understanding that whatever does result,  will be for the highest good of all involved__ including our-
self, Earth and others.

A Still Point State allows us to lift our  Consciousness Frequency Levels to  Higher Creative
Realms by  controlling both Mind & Emotions.  
Mind is naturally connected with Body__  but it is
Emotion__ Unconditional Love__ that more quickly and fully aligns with
The Creative Force Field.

This is
Emotional IQ__ Self-Management.  Eventually,  we will one day reach a level of  Conscious-
ness Frequency where we create a  
Light Body__ When no other thoughts  can enter our minds ex-
cept those of Unconditional Love.

It is important to pay close attention to the experiences & episodes for each of the 4-D Lev-
els,  for once we reach the  13th Planetary/Hologram Level__  All Timelines of the Past mer-
ge into oneTtimeline__ and anything still unresolved  from the other  12 Past Life Timelines
must be balanced and harmonized  before we can ascend to 5-D.   As noted previously,  we
spend many lifetimes on each of those 4-D octaves, whether on Lower or Upper Levels.

                     We leave this chapter with a few "Lollipops" for you when things get crazy:
                                                "There's no Victim here___ only a Learner."
                                                "This means nothing."
                                                "What is Love trying to show me now?"
                                                    "Instead of Analyzing, try FEELING our way through."
                                                   "Whatever results__it's purpose is the highest good
 of all concerned, including self."
                                                             "Don't Hurry.
                                                             "Don't Worry,
                                                             "Do your best,
                                                             "Flush the rest."
                                        * This is only one step in a longer Process leading to a
                                                         higher and greater Future."

And Dain Heer on World Puja.org, offered another Question & Answer method that is useful for re-
solving challenges or puzzlements:

MEDITATION: March 23, 2012:
"Nothing out there  can make us feel happy or fulfilled."... "Nor can we  take our pain away by hand-
ing it to someone else."..."We have to create happiness inside ourselves, if we want it to be instant-
ly available, and lasting."
The Arcturians.

                                                              "UP, UP AND AWAY"

                    NEXT: "TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT", or__ "TWILIGHT TIME""