Information  instantly travels  along Earth's and  the Galaxy's  energetic networks  no matter how great  
the distance between points.  Our bodies  directly connect with Earth.  
Dan Winter attached electrical
coils to a tree,  making it  a living antenna  measuring the  Earth's  magnetic fields.  He proved  a local
Earth energy field  was linked with,  and   affected by  human emotions  when a  loving healer,  a medi-
tator and Earth  all resonated with similar vibrations  during meditations or energetic healing.
( "DAN WINTER: Sacred Geometry, Phi Ratio and The Golden Mean.")

4-13-85: I woke with the same high frequency vibrations that I'd felt after the psychic reading from Ro-
. I "knew" someone had been into my mind. It felt as if I was a computer, and someone had drained
my memory banks, them re-programmed me and put it all back__ plus some additional info which I co-
uld not have understood before without the re-programming.

I also felt like a TRANSMITTER of some kind__ I can receiver information and energy, and I was able,
this  A.M., to send it out from me in waves.  Someone helped me to do this__ I wonder if it was  
Jan V.
.'s crystal friend &/or her Oregon teacher? In order to cope with the high energy nodes of the Ley Lin-
es in this area,  I have become a  "Transmitter", and broadcast that energy through myself and out ag-
ain; perhaps Transforming it from negative intoi positive, as I do so.?

                                                                              EARTH ENERGIES
MEDITATION: (Guides). "An individual can become a Human Computer, using Earth's Energy Grids
to re-program Earth's forms through  consciousness regenerations. The Grid System  explains  how a
change of a consciousness/paradigm in one individual unit can affect groups, larger groups, and
eventually the planet and beyond. Therefore: HEALING SELF  ALSO HEALS OTHERS  AND THE
PLANET."  This type of Service is  "UNIVERSALIZED HEALING."

"There are  
Universal Grid Systems as well, and if you are  self-aware', you can learn to tune to the
Grid of Earth that remains constant in & around everything in the universe. Everything is always  
moving through that grid. You can, therefore, attune to METATRON'S CUBE GRID  and gain all and
any information about anything and everything in the universe__ in infinite detail__ through the Mer-
kaba. All the energetic, geometric Platonic Solids are held within this diagram."

Star Grids can then be used to form TIME ARCS which can change such events as wars, de-
struction of species, weather, climate, etc..Using the Grids, a trained Mankind  (the human
collect-ive)  can raise its mental vibrations to cause
Telethought Communication to send information
to va-rious global points within fractions of a second. Using this method, even the Grids themselves
of planet Earth can be altered with new resonant patterns."