4-28-11: MEDITATION: I'm concerned about our trees having leafed out over the past two weeks but
the leaves are still yellow__ not green.  Also, we've had an extremely cool spring  with much rain and
very few sunny days__  so many freezing nights that  no one has been able  to plant  their garden  or
even  get into wet fields to plow.  I've also had  the feeling for several days that  SOMETHING BIG IS

Inner Sources say: "The tree leaves are adjusting to the changed atmosphere. The yellow leaves on
the trees are due to lack of sunlight to form chlorophyll,  to colder nights and to increased pollutants
in the air  from various sources.  Earth's axis  continues to  shift dramatically  and  magnetic north is
moving southeastward  even more rapidly then before,  changing climates  in various  regions of the
world. You are experiencing  weather patterns  more similar to the  Washington &  Oregon states al-
though not as humid as with the ocean frontages. Your regional weather pattern  has shifted several
hundred miles  more eastward  than formerly,  and also  a bit more north. The same for those of the
eastern  U.S. states  with huge  tornado-windstorms.  This  "tornado alley"  used to run  from  Texas
through Arkansas,  Missouri,  Iowa & to the northeast. Recall all the wildfires in California. Now the
fires are in  Texas."  "The SOMETHING BIG  is occurring  NOW  as scientists  find new information
about the Universe and also SOMETHING BIG about to occur regarding ET visitor relations. This is
positive information, so no need to be concerned."

This Conscious Energy may be what impels us to... "become not part of the Universe's Timeline, but
of It's non-temporal, HERE-NOW PRESENCE;  i.e., "
A Consciousness Out of Time", and this may be
what evolves us to transform into  Light Bodies.  The Maya said we will  "Transcend Time"  when the
Shift completes.

Newsletter 4-22-23-2011: "We have been dealing with Time, Earth, Fire and Water. We were fur-
ther made aware of this through both ancient and  modern  "lost' technologies., during the first half of
this  Second Day  (Mayan Calendar)    Se
e April 14, 2011 Newsletter re  C2C  interview of Marshall

"A  Coast to Coast  AM  program  (www.coasttocoastam.com)  was  also  in keeping  with this  FIRST
NIGHT's factors of "Time", plus "Fire" and "Earth".
Mashall Masters detailed how his research... "led
to the conclusion that the changing weather patterns are primarily driven by the Sun.  In trying to find
the source of the Sun's erratic behavior,  Masters and his research team ultimately concluded,". "that
there must be an interloper" ...in the solar system
; i.e., Planet X,  that is affecting the Sun. According
to him,  they based this determination  on measured perturbations  in the orbits and  atmospheric up-
heavals of the other planets in the solar system.

On the nature of Planet X, Masters surmised that it is likely  a brown dwarf  in a "long period elliptical
orbit"  where it " zooms in & zooms out" of the solar system. He speculated that the object has a
orbit and that its last appearance"... 1600 B.C... "was what caused the infamous 'ten plagues of
Exodus' ".  In light of that, Masters contended that we are currently... "at the cusp of one of these cat-
astrophic, punctuated events in our planets' Timeline."

Connecting the object and the Mayan Calendar, Masters said the  Sun's activity was  expected to be
extremely high in  
December, 2012.  An arrival of an object near Earth, he said,  would initially result
in meteorite showers, followed by a polar shift, where... "o
ur references as to what Time and Gravity
are,  will be in a state of flux.

Pointing to an
Avebury Crop Formation from July, 2008,  he sees it as a mysterious  warning sign
of events which will unfold in the future.... Additionally, he observed that the message seems to sug-
gest that  Pluto could be greatly affected  by Planet X,  where it will either ... "
spin out  into space or
spiral into the sun
."  Pluto, as formerly mentioned, represents TRANSFORMATION,  DEATH,  DNA,

A caller asked how to tell if any quakes or any disasters were caused by nature and the Sun or were
man-made. Masters told of how birds and animals sense the catastrophes coming and move to safer
places.  Other areas report fish,  dolphins or whales  beaching themselves  before the dire events oc-
cur.  Many more pet cats and dogs  are reported missing from a geographical location  weeks before
these disasters. Numerous people have visions or dreams, or just "knowings" of what will happen two
or three weeks in advance,  even if they are  not living  within the  endangered locations. These "pre-
dicted" quakes, etc., are those caused by nature.  But when there have been no psychic warnings at
all__ it's man-made.

Personal experience of this  (C2C  Marshall Masters guest)  occurred for  the two weeks  prior to the
1983 quake of 7.3 in the Lost River Valleys of Idaho. All the birds disappeared, two weeks before the
event,  and when we drove  through the countryside  the morning  before , we noted that  all the wild
antelope had moved into ranchers' fields with the cattle. Everyone of them was lying down in the field
with the exception of one stag  who stood guard with his white rum p facing the herd,  ready to signal

Perhaps these  numerous  dire earth changes  are meant to  force us to  realize that  connecting with
Higher Self-Spirit Within  is imperative to keep us safe  by being guided to appropriate actions & loca-
tions. This is what we came here to learn and do as well as to develop  Unity Consciousness, Uncon-
ditional Love and Service to Earth and all her lifeforms.

B&C had to dig up their drain field, and when filled in again,  the grass would not grow over the strips
of earth above the drain lines. B. tried all sorts of chemicals (he was a fertilizer salesman & counselor)
and finally asked me to contact the Nature Spirits. I did. They suggested "
wood ashes" and "potato
". B. said that informed him to use phosphorus and potassium. He applied those,  and on our
next visit, the lawn was all lush and green again.

Dr. Marcel Vogel told me how to  Structure Water, because it would enable my watercolor paintings
to be better controlled when I painted. It increased Surface Tension, so that when I added watercolor
paints (minerals) to it,  the water would then  flow across  the surface of the paper  under  more of my
control through mind, heart and oneness.
 I would,  however,  first ask the  paint/minerals  "what they
wanted to happen". They would tell me, and my painting would nearly  form itself under my brush as I
visualized what the minerals and I wished to see manifest.

August,  1988: I did my usual meditation at 10:13 PM__ the time of the  New Moon in August,  which,
in esoteric astrology indicates "
Spirit's Intentions". This would be followed  soon after  by a Solar Ec-
,  when the Moon  orbits between Earth and the Sun,  blocking off the  Sun's light to  Earth for a
short time.

I sat  cross-legged on the bed  with my journal  beside me,  ready to  receive and take notes.  After a-
while, Higher Self said I was to
: "Stand by for galactic communications". Then I was told: "Perfect
attunement to the Cosmos leads to  the creative visualizations  experienced by the Maya as  produ-
ced by The Star Beings, with whom in Mayan times, contact was made. The Etheric Webs__
__ were used for Creating from the Future. They used the same principles that humans use for
their television, but through their minds instead." .. "
Mastery over the Elements was one of the skills
acquired in later years  with the Maya and Star Beings.  Cosmic Attunement  is the key factor, as al-
ways. The Sacred  Warriors incarnate again, bringing  
Fire from Heaven, from the Cosmos."

Here,  the Angels came   n and said
: "  Lift thine eyes up  onto the heavens  from whence  thou hast
come.  It is time!  It is time!  There shall come  a great signal,  a great sign__  then follow  the great

I rushed to the bedroom window, pulled the drapery aside and saw two beams of white light shooting  
down from sky to Earth for an instant in the southeast. I also could saw a bright star above the house
roof across the street. It did not twinkle,  It shone with a steady light__a planet?__ or a spaceship?

What we  perceive as  a Reality,  is a Process that involves our consciousness.  And an  external
reality... if it existed... by definition, would have to exist as space. This is meaningless because space
& time are not absolute realities, but Tools of the human and animal mind.
Color is completely subjec-
; even blind people have their own notions of what  "red," or "blue, or "black" is like.  Science can
change brain cells  so that we would see a blue sky  as green or purple,  for example.  And the same
thing applies  to virtually all the properties.  So what is going on is that  everything we are Processing
right now,  is going on  in our heads
:  For instance,  if we dream, we are able to  re-create space and
time__ we can  fly and move.  We're able to come up  with that sensation  even though  it's all  in our
Minds.  Our mind puts things together,  using space & time as tools.  Space & Time  are  concepts of
the  Mind.  These are  the ways  we put everything together.  Our  external and  internal  perceptions
are intertwined
;  they are different sides of the same coin,  and cannot be divorced from one another.
Objects exist only as "Probability Energies",   and have  no existence in our reality until they're obser-
ved  by a human or animal . Whether we observe  or don't observe it,  makes  all the difference in the

"The behavior of sub-atomic particles all link to the presence of an
Observer.  Without the  presence
of a conscious observer, they are  just existing in an  undetermined  state of Probability,  which we've
been  calling  
The Creative Force Field  on this  website"...  the  ' space'  that appears as,  but is not,
'empty' __ that exists  within and  between  everything in  the universe,  including ourselves, and with
which we connect  during our Intentions and Meditations... "The measurements that  we  are actually
making right now,  determine  the path they took  billions of years ago.  So,  again,  this is what we're
finding  at the microscopic level,  with these particles,  that basically__ the particles are just statistical
projection uncertainties until they are observed."

*Without consciousness, MATTER dwells in an  undetermined state of probability.  Any universe that
could have preceded consciousness,  only existed in a probability state
.   When studying atomic matt-
er at its lowest level, it has no properties until it's actually observed, so its actual location in space &
its position in time are not perceived until you actually observe them.

The universe is fine-tuned for life,  which makes perfect sense  because  Life  Creates the  Universe,
not the other way around
;  i.e., the universe is simply the complete,  temporal logic of  The Self. This
goes  way back to the  Big Bang  question:  How did all the laws of  Nature and  everything else  just
suddenly appear  like magic  and pop into existence one day?  What we're  seeing in  the universe is
simply a Projection of Our Higher Self.

Time" is the  Process  by which we  perceive  changes  in the  universe.  It's like  the  still frames  in  
movie film
.  Our mind weaves them together  to create  an animation of what we observe__ a moving,
changing perception. (A "cartoon"?)   
"Space",  like  "Time",  is not  a thing__ it's  a form  of our  animal understanding  and  does not have
any  independent Reality.   We carry  Space & Time  around with us  like  turtles  with  shells on  their
backs. Thus, THERE'S NO ABSOLUTE,  SELF-EXISTING MATRIX  in which physical events occur!   

Ancient civilizations realized that Earth is a living organism, and that there are locations on the Earth's
planes  that  correspond  to certain  sky  constellations.  The ancients  also knew  that  there are  bio-
magnetic forces  within the  Earth body  and  super-magnetic forces  within the  star  bodies;  and that
these forces  are at their  highest intensities  at those specific locations
.  These locations were recog-
nized by the ancients as  'para-physical doors',  and as  primary civilization fountains that feed the ev-
olutionary process of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.

A new Slim Spurling/Light-Life Tool, the Alchemical Scalar Transmitter__"AST"__is being created
from copper tubing in the shape of a pyramid in which various  Light-Life tools &  a crystal bowl tuned
to the frequency  of the musical note "E"  are arranged in  sacred geometric patterns... "Sound produ-
ced by the  Environmental Clearing CD  as well as the  Kings' Chamber CD  will be played simultane-
ously and continuously  with the speakers focused  at 90 degrees to each other.  The musical note of
"E" is the note of the third chakra holding the many faces of man. It also implies right action and focus.
It is the gateway between matter and Love."

The ASTs... "amplify the thought or intention  initiated through a highly developed use of human brain
capacity.  The process will provide  direct access to the
 Elements of  Nature  and with the harmony
generated through the use of this technique,  command earthly elements such as radioactive isotopes
to  suspend their fissile nature  and become inactive or inert substances  stabilized by  the essence of
the neutrino sea"... (What we've been calling the
Creative Force Field)... "that is influenced and direct-
ed by  scalar intention.  It is the  alchemical nature  of the neutrons  throughout the  Universe  that we
have been given every right to command as Sons of God and as Stewards to the planet."

The  Findhorn Garden is a  Multidimensional Project.  It's book of the same name  further  explains
Nature's "voices". This community began in
1962 after a group contacted the intelligences underlying
the physical forms of the plants,  trees and land.  Under spiritual direction,  they planted gardens on a
rocky,  salty strip of beach  on the north coast of  Scotland  and evolved it  to  unbelievable  lushness.
They met regularly with Pan,  Lord of Nature,  and the  Elemental Kingdom. Plants from all climates__
even the tropics__  grew far larger  than normal.  The devas  advised them  about  gardening  without
chemical  fertilizers or pesticides.  Instead,  they talked with the  insect devas  and  made  agreements
about what the insects would or would not eat.  Findhorn has since grown  to international recognition
and  people come there  from across  the planet  to learn  about  not only  gardening,  but also  about
spiritual developmen t and advanced  ecological skills."  
/,  and www.findhorn.org/2011/03/biomatrix-water-is-a-

"All beings in the  Nature Kingdom  belong to the  Elemental  Kingdom. Often called  'builders of form',
they assist humans to create on mental planes, transmuting our thoughts  first into geometric designs
(6-D)  and then into physical forms (3-D). The elementals serving Earth are committed to materializing
whatever they receive  from  humanity's collective thoughts  or feelings  (4-D)__  including hurricanes,
volcanoes, earthquakes, killer bees, bedbugs and the polluted soils, waters and atmospheres."

Elementals are further organized into 4 types:  Earth, Water, Air and Fire.  We were introduced
to a  Fire Elemental  in the mystical encounter  under the  glass dome of the yurt  in  
Chapter 10.  We
learned  to be clear  about  what we asked for  and how  we worded requests.  Nature spirits  are not
threatening to humans in any way;  they're filled with joy  whenever a human contacts them  and asks
for their cooperation." (
Chapter 18:  Co-Creating with  Nature.)  Water holds memory.  Our bodies are
about 80% water.  Water holds  all the knowledge in the universe.  When we  connect with  the Water
Elementals and link into Water__ we can know anything!

Perelandra  is also a  Multidimensional  Project:    www.perelandra-ltd.com     (See  "Celebrating the
Power of the Individual"  on the above site.)  "Co-creativity science  is much more  than  something to
read about,  think about and find interesting.  It is an  applied science  which has  the most  profound
implications for all of us.  If you do establish  a co-creative partnership  with nature and become invol-
ved in co-creative science,  what you do  may well be more important  than what many  so-called sci-
entists are doing"...
Michaelle Small Wright:  Perelandra Garden Workbook II:  Co-creative Energy
Processes for Gardening, Agriculture and Life.

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DNA, anti-gravity, accessing Parallel dimensions. cancer treatment, plantinum, Anti-aging, iridium and
rhodium__ affect the brain.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX