11.500 years ago,  Earth's axis was  shifted from a  vertical to a  tilted axis.  Before this,  we had no
seasons__ there was less seasonality__ only very mild changes from winter to spring, to summer, &
so forth.  As we went into
2012 , our axis again shifted.  Note the Sun & Star changes in the July 21-
11 Newsletter
)  and Seasonal Influences got stronger and stronger; hence, the severe weather ano-
malies that are plaguing us every year.  We can prevent or lessen the damages from these changes
by holding the image of a more positive outcome steady in our minds and hearts.

Spring Equinox, March 21st is the most powerful time for intending, creating and manifesting.
Since Seaonality is increasing each year,  the higher consciousness abilities should be even strong-
er  and work  more  quickly.  At the  
Fall Eqinox,  September 21st,  the things  we intended  at the  
Spring Equinox get organized and readied for manifesting. This timing method puts a
Time Lock on
on a situation. Time Locks last a very long time.

The controlling elite know of this and use it. Bush invaded Iraq at the Spring Equinox of
2002.  Oba-
ma did the same,  invading Libya  
March 21st, 2011.  The World Trade Center disaster, 9/11/2001,
occurred at what is known as a "
Trilateral" in astrology__ a configuration between Jupiter, Saturn &
Pluto  or another trans-personal planet such as Neptune or Uranus.)... "Once the US CIA, the Israeli
Mossad, Pakistanis"....  and Saudi Princes...  "got away with that,  they brought in  TSA immediately
after,  which created another  Time Lock on  America__ lasting a very long time.  As we step  into an
airport, we immediately enter a Nazi state, and remain in it until we leave an airport."

2011 was planned by the controllers to be a "Divide and Conquer" year,  getting people to start figh-
ting each other so as to separate them into smaller factions  that are easier to manipulate and intim-
idate. Hence, the Middle East Chaos and probably,  the following Norway shooting and bombing in-
cidents.  The suspect in the Youth Camp murders says  it was done to start an  "Anti-Muslim" move-
ement. (

We also see that US Republicans and Democrats are playing this same game with the Budget-Debt
deal.  It does seem however,  that the controllers themselves are "dividing & conquering" each other.
The Murdoch arrest  showed us the controllers  do have weaknesses,  and we can consider this fall
from power  to be a trigger point for the rest of them. This will continue as people  wake up and stop
buying into the  4-D "fairy stories"  they've been fed for  millennia.  We need to return to our purpose
for being on Earth__ to be the
Keepers of the Planet__ not Dominators of her.

Climate Change  could be caused by  whatever is going on  with the sun  and beyond;  the higher
class flares are projecting charged particles__  narrowed as if a beam.  A recent  M-class solar flare
(middle class)  having the  same impact  as a large  X-class  on  
June 7th, 2012,  produced  CME's
(coronal mass ejections)  both large and small,  and was impacting Earth  at the top intensity  of any
solar flares  ever projected.  Scientists don't know  how or why  this is  happening,  even though we
were in the Solar Maximum, which occurs every 11 years, and lasts 2 years.

The ozone layer depletion has little to do with pollution or exhaust emissions and is instead, caused
more from the charged particles form the Sun. The jet stream, caused by the magnetic field of Earth  
is also doing unusual things  and the magnetic field is also being impacted by the Sun.  Regarding a
current spate of  extremely hot weather in certain parts of the world,  sources say that such patterns
are cyclical and cited heat waves  that occurred between
1925-35  in which temperatures soared up
to 130 degrees in a number of American states with the Dust Bowl was a result.

Twelve more  undersea volcanoes  were discovered on
July 11th, 2002 alone.  We are also exper-
iencing a polar shift, but it is a very gradual shift. This could also explain our concerns  bout the sun
rising and setting in unseasonal places and describing a new arc across the sky.

Geologist and author,
Robert Schoch, Ph.D, discussed the rhythmic occurrence of  Major Mass Ej-
ections from the Sun (CMEs) unleashing discharges upon Earth which destroyed ancient advanced
cultures prior, even to ancient Egypt and Sumeria. These larger-than-X-flares eruptions occur about
every 10,000 years__  the most recent recorded at 9600 years ago,  causing the last Ice Age to end
with  major flooding,  earthquakes,  volcanic eruptions and  erosion of the top and sides  of the Giza
Sphinx  from torrential downpours.  Schoch says  siesmic investigation found  "absolutely something
under the right paw",  needing to be opened and inspected very soon,  as the water table  under the
Sphinx and Giza Pyramids and temples is rising quickly.  Gobekli Tepe in Turkey  has been dated to
even way beyond this same time frame,  and was purposely buried to protect it from the solar event.

We know that  Earth's core was shifted  22 degrees off axis  by the earthquakes off  Chili,  Australia
and Japan,  and She is now re-distributing her waters__ causing great droughts in some areas, and
major flooding in others. Schoch knows that the  Sahara Desert,  Egypt and  North Africa were once
lush and green with vegetation and plentiful rain. Perhaps, with the water table rising,  it will soon be
again. It's been reported that America and Britain  are buying up huge chunks of land in North Africa,
possibly to gain control of the Libyan harbor, the only deep water seaport of Northern Africa.

October 29, 2012: NY Daily News reported that we may not have felt it, but the whole world shudd-
ered on
11 April,  as earth's crust began the difficult process of breaking a tectonic plate. When two
huge earthquakes  ripped through the floor of the Indian Ocean,  they triggered large aftershocks on
faults the world over,  and provided the best evidence yet that the vast Indo-Australian plate is being
torn in two.

Geologists have spent five month s puzzling over the twin quakes - of magnitude 8.6 and 8.2 - which
took place off the coast of North Sumatra. Events that large normally occur at the boundary between
tectonic plates,  where one chunk of Earth's crust slides beneath another,  but these were more than
100 kilometres  from such a subduction zone.  What's more,  both involved  rocks grinding past each
other sideways with very little vertical movement__ what geologists call  strike-slip earthquakes. Yet
strike-slip quakes this large had never been reported before.

Comment: "This is another  unprecedented event,  that we can compare  with other unprecedented
events that are occurring all the time now.  Well,  it seems that geo-scientists have quietly been con-
necting the dots  between space weather  and changes in the interior of the Eart h resulting in an in-
crease in earthquakes and volcanic activity".
 Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov, Chairman of World Forum-
International Congress  GEOCATACLYSM-2011,  states... "we are at the beginning of the so-called
'global energy leap' on our planet and in the Solar System in general."
Source: Link. "New Scientist,
26th September 2012

Is Planet Earth Really Splitting?
"The polar vortex was intact at 50 millibars  (heights in m) on
January 1 to 3, 2013.  "
The polar vortex forms and deepens as its
atmosphere loses heat to space in the dark, long Arctic winter night.
It was split in two by  massive coming heating from below.  A series
of intense storms  in the far northern Pacific intensified  a very long
wave in the  lower atmosphere.  Energy on that  planet-sized  wave
went  upwards  from the  lower atmosphere  around  the Himalayas
and  Tibetan Plateau and broke into the stratosphere,  causing maj-
or sudden warming. It rapidly reversed the strong cyclonr winds in the stratosphere around the pole,
creating a central dome and breaking the vortex into two smaller vortexes. We can see it splitting by
making  a map of the statistics  at the heights a weather balloon would rise to reach the very low at-
mospheric pressure of 50 mb. A standard atmosphere is 10mb."

"The sudden stratospheric warming has split the polar vortex in two.__ The polar vortex
had broken in two (50 millibar heights in m) by January 10 to 13, 2013"

Meteorologist Scott Stevens offered some insights on the recent extreme winter weather, suggest-  
very cold winter  temperatures were a regular  occurrence 20 years ago, but due to climate change,  
they have been much milder.  He recalls a
January, 1979 day  when the  thermometer at his  Idaho
home went to 54 below.  Hal and I both recall a year in the mid-50s in Wyoming  when our old Ther-
mometer sat at 52 below f or a week straight__  day and night!  HD got the car started to go to work
by lighting a fusee under it. Then we learned that mercury freezes at 52 below. We wonder just how
cold it really did get.

Stevens believed that  almost all weather,  including  recent cold snaps,  are being g eo-engineered
on a global scale.  "
There is very little natural weather left anywhere on this planet",  he said  "The
eather is now being used as "eco-terrorism"  by the military-industrial complex, and by others with
various political agendas, noting the unusual intensity of tropical storm and hurricane activity during
Geo. W. Bush presidency,  and the 2013-15 Eastern Seaboard devastating rain & snow storms
__ As usua
l: "follow the money".   

4-28-11: I was concerned about our trees having leafed out over the past two weeks but the leaves
are yellow__ not green. Also, we've had an extremely cool spring with much rain and very few sunny
days_- so many freezing nights that no one has been able to plant their garden or even get into wet
fields to plow. I've also had the feeling for several days that SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO

The Guides: "The tree leaves are adjusting to the changed atmosphere. The yellow leaves on the
trees are due to lack of sunlight to form chlorophyll, to colder nights and to increased pollutants in
the air from various sources. Earth's axis continues to shift dramatically and magnetic north is
moving southeastward even more rapidly then before, changing climates in various regions of the
world. Idaho is experiencing rainfall patterns more similar to the Washington & Oregon states
although not as humid as with ocean frontages. Your regional weather pattern has shifted several
hundred miles more eastward than formerly, and also a bit more north. The same for those of the
eastern U.S. states with huge tornado-wind and snowstorms. This "tornado alley" used to run from
Texas through Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and to the northeast. Recall the wildfires in California.
Now the fires are in Texas."

"The SOMETHING" is occurring NOW as scientists find new information about the Universe and
also SOMETHING soon to occur regarding ET visitor relationships. This is positive information, so
no need to be concerned."

October, 1983 a 7.3 earthquake activated in the Lost River Valleys and released information that
had been programmed into the three buttes.

4-14-11: Caller asked how to tell if quakes were caused by nature and the sun or man-made.
Whales, animals and birds can detect earthquakes in advance, and move to safe locations".

Ch. 14: "Lightworks": "Once we understand how Mind,  Emotion,  Intention and  Breath are keys to
energy activations, we can develop unique methods for coping with massive Earth Changes__ and
for creating the New Earth Reality.

4-28-11: MEDITATION:  ML: I'm concerned about our  TREES having leafed out over the past two
weeks__ but they are Yellow.  I have the feeling that  Something Big  is about to happen.
Guides: "The trees are adjusting to the changed atmosphere. The yellow is due to lack of sunlight
for forming chlorophyll because of colder nights and to increased pollutants in the air from various
sources.  Earth's axis is continuing  to shift dramatically,  & magnetic North is moving to the south-
east even more rapidly than before,  changing climates  in various regions of the world.  Your reg-
ional weather pattern has shifted several hundred miles further north-westward than formerly. You
are now experiencing weather patterns more similar to northern Washington and Oregon, although
not as humid as with the ocean frontages. The same for those of the U.S. eastern states with huge
tornadoes and windstorms. The 'tornado alley' used to run from Texas through Arkansas, Missouri,
iowa and toward the northeast. Recall all the wildfires in California. Now the fires are in Texas."

"The 'Something Big' is occurring NOW, as scientists find new information about the Universe and
also Something Big is about to occur regarding ET visitor relations. This is all positive, so no need
to be concerned.... We have finished."

"STARSEEDS, LIGHTWORKERS & WAYSHOWERS, in one way or another, find themselves in recluse
__ isolated, and separated from the rest of society.  Companions, fellow-workers, friends and family
members become distant, fade away or even die.  We lose interest in__ or are somehow prevented
from__ continuing with  favorite activities.  This is because  we will then realize
ER GUIDANCE SYSTEM". There is always  some sense of religious fervor with this  feeling of "na-
kedness"; for our "SOLUTIONS
" during this time, are from "ABOVE''__ rather than what WE choose

Strange emissions by the Sun are suddenly Mutating Matter. Unknown particles__ or some myster-
iious force__ is being shot out from the sun and hitting Earth. The
Rate of Decay is speeding up.
The mutation may go so far as to change the underlying reality of the quantum universe, the nature
of life,  the principles of physics,  perhaps even the  uniform flow of Time.  In fact, some evidence of
Time dilation has been gleaned from close observation of the decay rate. If the particles interacting
with the matter are not the cause__ & matter is being affected by a
New Force of Nature__ (Con-
sciousness, perhaps?), then
Time itself may be speeding up and there's no way to stop it.

What could be causing this  is a previously unknown force.  As our sun built towards solar maximum
2012-2013,  the sun's mass  Warped Time,  Bent Light Waves,  and  Accounted for Mutat-
ions of Species on Earth
. Once again the Forces of Nature rear up to overwhelm our technology.


We know  something has indeed  started to
Change__  to  grow,  evolve  within ourselves.  We're
Becoming  A New  Specie
s.  Something is now  being birthed  within  Earth as well. Science dis-
covered "Imaginal cells":  In catapillars and butterflies that are in chrysalis, other cells begin to mim-
ic those cells. The Imaginal cells appear  once the entire system  catapillar body) breaks down. Ext-
remes of Stress are necessary for the Evolution of our Consciousness  and for Multi-Density-Tech-
nologies to manfest for  human beings.  The
LAW OF ONE  states that  Higher Powers  will send a  
that Plagues you until you discover your  pre-incarnative responsibility and act on it.  It is
extremely rare that anyone on this Earth's plane makes totally efficient use of their catalyst.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX