Overcoming Fear  is the  Seventh Step  towards  Multi-Dimensional  Technologies.  When
Trust in Spirit Within overcomes all fear, we shall  have Peace on Earth.

    * "The Portland Highway Miracle."
        * The Energetic Centers and Fear.
        * The Throat Center.
        * Courage: Emotional Intensity turns on mutation.
        * Beyond Courage.
    * "The Angry Dogs."
    * "Walking With the Buffalo".
    * "Sauce For the Gander".
        * Spirit's Aid requires More Inclusive Intentions.
        * The Spiritual Warrior.
        * The Spiritual Magician.
        * Fear of the Dark.
    * "The Sorceror's Apprentice".

Have you ever been in a dire situation where you were sure you were about to die,  yet you could do
nothing about it?

The Portland Highway Miracle
Completing our business with the Portland gallery,  Hal and I head north to Seattle. Construction de-
tours us to another route,  but this freeway is also under repair. We must tow our RV in the
with  traffic moving in both directions, separated only by  a row of concrete blocks.  After awhile,
the freeway starts to  curve sharply to the left,  putting most of the traffic ahead of  and behind us out
of sight.

As we drive along at sixty miles an hour,  a semi-truck suddenly pops into view rounding the curve a-
head of us. It's in the
same lane as we, heading straight at us!  We have only a few seconds to deci-
de what to do. Concrete blocks sit to our left. Other cars race to our right and behind us. The semi is
in the same situation__
there is no place to go! I feel the adrenalin erupt  when the semi draws close
enough for us to clearly see the driver's face__ as chalky & terror-stricken  as our own. We can't run
or hide from this and we can't fight it. Only a miracle can save all of us.

Hell! There's no place to go__ we're going to crash!" yells Hal.

Totally convinced we're about to die,  I no longer fear death due to earlier NDEs__ I'm willing to go if
this is my time. But I still fear for Hal & others in the vehicles near us and for the possibility of  horrific
injuries and pain. Fear paralyzes us  and everything seems to happen in slow motion. I pray Spirit for
all to be spared.

"I love you, dear." I say to Hal, and send Unconditional Love to everyone in all the cars and the semi.
I feel myself drift into The Zone.  A strange detachment and peacefulness flows over me. There is no  
judgment or blame assigned to the situation
;  I just forgive whatever, whoever may need forgiveness,
and feel Oneness with All That Is, resigning the outcome to Spirit. Everything glows with a white light
as the truck's huge grill looms up in front of our windshield. I close my eyes, bracing for the impact.

But there is no crash.

I open my eyes. The semi is gone.  In the side view mirror, I see its rear doors disappearing down the
freeway behind us.

"What happened?" I cry out. "How come we didn't crash?"

"I don"t know", says Hal. "We__  we just seemed to__ pass right through each other."

Somehow, a miracle happened. We give thanks.
Part of us  yearns to make magic__ to laugh & sing  to the stars__ while another part  whistles in the
dark and ties knots in our stomachs.  There's a fine line between fear and the thrill and excitement of
facing the unknown.  We can cross over this line with Unconditional Love.  Even the most frightening
episodes have the potential  to expand our creative skills toward miracles.  
Emotion is seldom recog-
nized as being on a par with the qualities of body, mind & spirit. Disciplined physical actions can lead
us to increased mental and physical  development.

Emotion,  however,  is the only direct path  connecting us with  Spirit/Creative Force. There
are really only two emotions__ Love and Fear.

We cannot feel both in the same moment. Either we feel terror, or we embrace love. All negative em-
otions stem from fear. We're engaged in a  constant struggle  between our antiquated boogeymen &
our evolving angel-hood, trying to tame the dragons  of our daily existence.  
Fear weakens creativ-
ity by paralyzing both mind and body,  cutting us off from  Higher Self &  distorting  creative

Most humans react to crises  from a state of numbness,  recognizing only what supports preconceiv-
ed notions__ basing decisions  on old fears from the past or  an imagined ugly future__ or on  some-
one else's answers. Not much can wake us from that brainwashed sleep unless it slams us intensely

Energetic Centers and Fear
Each bodily energy center (Figure 2) holds a different fear.

The three lower centers  deal with our physical, material needs & desires. The lowest, the root cent-
r is where we fear for our very lives. Through the second chakra, the sacral center, we worry we're
not "good enough",  "attractive enough", "rich or smart enough". The 3rd center,  
heart  is where we
fear we are unlovable,  can't  see the love around us__ or are  afraid to love others fully  because of
our past wounds.  Ancient shamans used the heart__ the center between th e
solar plexus  and the
throat center
, to invoke spiritual magic. The solar plexus is where we rev up the body's vibrations to
do the Multi-D Technologies, and the throat center projects those energies to the outer world.

The solar plexus is
our localized, personal point of power.  It's where we fear relationships,  feel dis-
connected, abandoned or unacceptable __ or fear Earth or her life-forms. We want relationships, so
we go around with the solar plexus wide open, hoping to attract a partner or a helper
;  but if our con-
sciousness hasn't yet expanded, we feel hurt by judgments from others. When this personal creative
center is open and love is absent__it's painful__because from there, the drive next rises to the
which understands love and wants to see love everywhere,  and we fear the anguish that unrequited
love can bring.

Ego dwells  in the solar plexus.  It's where we discover  if we're not fully  in charge.  We each have a
s-ecific role in the flow of creation, and we are fulfilling that role  regardless of whether we want to or
not.  And that's not comfortable in this world.  Solar plexus  
knows things.  It knows if another person
thinks in threatening ways,  knows how to be  in the right place  at the right time,  knows  if someone
wants to fit us into their mold. It connects with the present and recognizes the flowing of Spirit's Love  
within the Universe.

The solar plexus can also
transcend fear. It's where we recognize Spirit/Universe. Spirit is the origin-
inal Creator. Universe is  Creator's Divine Consciousness  within which Spirit functions. During a fall-
ing dream,  NDE or OOBE,  solar plexus shows us we are far more than just a physical body, a mind,
a socially accepted image or a list of desires.  It lets us out for a bit to reveal  another side to life than
we normally experience, but its silver cord always reels us back.

throat is Higher Self's second Creation Center__ our voice a sacred creativity tool. The words &
vibrations we project to the physical world are based on beliefs,  feelings,  thoughts & attitudes emb-
odied within us.
Karma requires that whatever we do to others,  we must one day__ or one life__ ex-
experience the same done to us. If we're still denying  free will,  believing in a dictator deity who con-
trols our free will, who rewards or punishes, then we are still little kids scared of the Big Boogeyman,
and our voice subliminally vibrates that message to others. When we're vibrating in harmony with un-
iversal purposes, everyone senses it in the Resonance of our speech.

We think someone or something else makes us angry, lonely or afraid. But those feelings come from
deep within self, and others subconsciously pick up on them.  If we don't Love Self,  we actually feed
that negative message to others through our energy fields and voices.  Wouldn't they react with simi-
lar words and actions? We then attract the very things we most fear.

The throat center is where we fear speaking our truths to others, fear sharing spiritual truths that can
shock others. It's also  where we're afraid to firmly__  yet kindly__  assert ourselves when it's  crucial
to do so. It's the center through which we express Unconditional Love and ask Spirit for guidance du-
ring challenging situations, projecting our inner vibrations through our voice's frequencies.

We draw negative people and situations to ourselves in four ways:
) They mirror our unconscious or conscious fears. (Like attracts Like.)
2.) They present opposition because we Expect Conflict.
3.) They mirror what we Judge most in Others and in Self.
4.) They indicate when we need to Change Life's Directions.  We provoke fear & mistrust, even harm
self or others, through words that make us targets for their frustrations.

As we evolve,
deliberately attempting to overcome fear, the time comes when we find ourselves con-
fronted with each threatening scenario we ever imagined__  until we learn to love ourselves & others
enough to deal with them appropriately. Consciously recognizing emotions sets us up for clearing the
fears and changes local energy fields to allow for something other than a fight-or-flight response.

Fully half our brains are devoted to creativity,  but panic blocks our access to it. Few of us have been  
taught how to handle fear. Either we learned from those near us to" fight or flee" in difficult situations,  
or to suppress feelings
: i.e., "you shouldn't feel that way!"

When we act out on feelings, hoping to change the outside world to protect ourselves, we essentially
close down  to a full experience of that feeling . More subtle forms of emotional avoidance are
__ dwelling on a sorrowful past or a dreaded future;  controlling:  living according to  rigid beliefs;
self and others,  or constantly seeking meaning  by complaining about our  emotional proble-
ms instead of  taking steps to resolve them . And last__but most popular__  
relationship dependenc-
. All are addictive ways of avoiding emotion.

Professional artists  enter their work in competitions & exhibitions  to attract patrons,  build a resume
and gain recognition through important shows & galleries. Rejection becomes an almost daily experi-
ence. Artists must continually call on all their strengths and resources to lift themselves out of the pu-
ddles of self-pity and once again prepare to meet their ancient enemy
: fear of failure.  We have to a-
ccept the challenge to tame our dragons day after day by using our inner resources. Through centur-
ies, artists have unleashed the power of creativity to tap the magic within. By applying them to every-
day affairs, we become
"Artists with Life."

Perhaps it's all right to feel fear; it has it's usefulness. It warns us of things that are dangerous or ina-
ppropriate.  It urges us to carefully consider  future plans and actions.  It points us  toward something
greater than ourself, and it may be that instead of choosing between love and fear, we can somehow
integrate the two into a more expanded emotion.

* Human emotion can Entrain Light .
* Emotional Intensity__ whether bliss or terror__ turns on a Mutation Process.
* Strong emotional states can even Regenerate DNA.

It can activate new talents & abilities. During this time of Ascension Processing, if we can't  Shift with
Earth using Unconditional Love, then perhaps we can do it with Extreme Terror.

The beta brain wave state is dominant in a normal condition of alertness.   As with the
Portland Free-
way Inciden
t above,  we may panic when we find ourselves beyond familiar boundaries.  Ego lives in
the beta brain wave state.  However, nothing in alpha, theta or delta brain wave states supports thee-
; it feels threatened__ and it is.

There has recently been uncovered, a state of extreme alertness called "
High Beta" that also relates
to some states of anxiety. This suggests that fear tempered with Unconditional Love, temporarily lifts
us to expanded levels where we can grasp more creative solutions. Even the most horrendous expe-
rience can hold  incredible energy for change.  The desired stat e is seldom reached easily  because
for the
Outcome is not all that important__ It's the Striving!

Each of us is unique and feels our solar plexus effects in a different way. And if the journey
is not pleasant__ it's because we Needed it so.

Rooted in competition, we think we must prove ourselves strong and superior__ so we make our lea-
rning experiences unpleasant to test our fortitude
; or perhaps we turn judgemental__or take a victim
position during a challenging predicament. If so__ need we be surprised to find ourselves being cha-
llenged, judged or victimized in return?

Do we need to re-define fear?  
Without fear,  there is no Courage.  We speak of "Overcoming Fear"__ but that does not necessarily
mean we will never feel fear again. It means
: We will not allow Fear to pull us into negative choices
or behaviors
. Panic arrives when we most need to produce creative resolutions  develop some more
appropriate type of inner control, or allow the Creative Force to perform miracles through us. It's imp-
ortant to accept fear for what it is__ not as a sign of  impending disaster__  but as a  signal from Ego  
that we have ventured beyond our comfort zone,  & need to resolve some issue.  Higher Self has the

* We can use our logical minds to analyze fearful situations & possibly find solutions.  But if we have
no former experience with an event,  we know of no solutions to move toward to__ only a past to pull
away from.   

* We can lift fear to a place  where true clearing  can occur by  First using our mental nature
to get educated about the frightening issue, Then
feeling it fully.

This opens us to possibilities we never knew existed. Later, we can return to daily life & take the ne-
cessary loving action to test it out.

Everyone has physical discomfort from injury or illness at some stage of life.  As Christ demonstrated

Because we really are energy beings, the material body may be unimportant to our consci-
ousness evolution other than acting as a barometer for our present state of being
. It is a ve-
ssel holding emotionally transformable DNA that can be passed on to our descendants.

Sometimes  our paranormal encounters cannot be analyze
d.  We simply feel them fully,  let
them exis
t__ just for now__ believing that  in the appropriate time and place,  the  difficulties
will be understood and transformed.  

What if the "monsters" we face are really angels in disguise, only hoping we will__  just once__ react
with Love instead of Fear.  

Is everything that seems violent in its core, just something feeling helpless, crying out for our Love?  
Life seems to ask us to muck out a lot of sewers before we discover spiritual gold.

We have a right to our own feelings, but we don't have to let them control us.

Overriding fear begins with  first recognizing when we are afraid,  & then allowing it. We can own our
fear without necessarily accepting the negative circumstances behind it.

Once we recognize that  The Source of Power is Within Us,  we no longer need to  engage in
conflicts where each combatant tries to pull power from his opponent  by proving only he is

or Denial  lies behind most of the pain  in any negative emotional encounter, & prods us
toward appropriate change.

Unreleased emotional stress piles up inside until it erupts into the physical.  Instead of dismissing the
fear, we can
feel it and accept it.  

Find the place in the body that holds the fear and
breathe through it, letting the negative fee-
ling do what it wants. It may become intense. If so__ try to endure it.

The best time to examine oneself for clues to resistance  is when emotion is strongest
.  Let
breath clear out the feeling's negativity,  and replace it with Unconditional Love. As fear wanes, we' ll
sense a change within,  and we'll know we've released the negativity. It may take several sessions to
fully clear traumatic fear,  but its hold on us  will gradually lessen
;  & as we move toward the release,
we feel the power of
The Creative Force Field moving through us.

Beyond Courage
Acting bravely in the face of danger  has long been considered honorable and just.  But courage may
be only the First Step towards eliminating fear

Remember: Emotion belongs to our Spiritual Nature, holding  tremendous force for change.

When we feel hurt by others, we can recognize the hidden agendas being triggered. Example: if we'-
re upset because we read how the government is spending our generation's social security fund, we
can realize it's probably based upon our belief in a non-abundant universe.

A most important step when doing any Multi-D-Technology is to Ask Permission from Higher
Self before trying to generate unusual outcomes.  

Higher creative skills can override fear when we follow a process similar to making art:
Using any technique we know to enter the Zone__ sitting still,  meditating,  praying, listening to music
or walking in nature__ evokes emotions after awhile,  as we begin to pull in Divine Love  and release
negativity from within.  Any negative feeling  can be dealt with in this way.  It doesn't matter if it's from
something  that happened today,  four years ago  or four thousand years ago.  It's ripe for  examining,
feeling it to the max and releasing.  Feelings that return again & again  are begging to be transformed
at these times.

When we daydream or envision various desired futures__ each of which exists in an invisible density,
dimensions or time-line of information,  we are unconsciously contacting  
The Universal Mind which
is, actually, supernatural
; i.e., it exists beyond Space & Time.

Universal Mind does not coincide with the physical laws of the planetary densities__ rd, 4th
or 5th__in which we are presently residing, & that control the creative processes within that
densiry__ or it's dimensions.  

Ancient spiritual teachings about "The Mind of God",  can shockingly seem similar. If we are truly__
consciously or unconsciously__s
electing the events that happen in our lives__then changing our
minds should also change what happens.

Considering our daily experiences, this may well assure us that:
Humans who  place their trust in Love  will access futures  where Love prevails  over every
type of misery.  

When  channeling our creativity, we needn't run from  trouble or become defensive__ we can tune in-
to Higher Self and find solutions offering the best for all.

Many of our fears eventually manifest because we trusted outside influences  over our own inner gu-
e. Trust is vital for manifesting miracles, for if we don't trust our Spirit Within,  we won't trust the
Spirit Within of others; and soon we cannot trust Spirit at all.

Rather than assuming higher intervention will be automatic, we need to ask Spirit for assis-
tance only when it's truly needed.
 We cannot expect Spirit to step in  and perform miracles  if we
choose to do something foolish__ like seeing how fast we can drive,  or manifesting an object only to
show off creative skills. Higher Creativity is not meant for needless or frivolous purposes.

Fear fosters  a sense of powerlessness, but we feel Empowered  when we have the courage to face
fear and act to overcome it.  

As we overcome terror,  we recognize a truth about our humanity__
We are "powerful beyond me-
Replacing Fear with Love is the most challenging of all Basic Multi-D Technologies.

Love must be both given and received.  If we long for respect, acceptance, appreciation or affec-
tion, we must give the same to others.  A family provides the best situation through which to learn ab-
out Love.
The Angry Dog
Can you recall a personal situation when you were totally sure of what to do__ but it would place you
in a dangerous situation__ but you didn't know why?

August, 1991:  Hal and I stay overnight at the country home of our son and his family.  The younger
children tell us how a neighbor's dogs bark, snarl, chase them,  & chew on  four-year-old
Ned's pant
legs. Both children are afraid of them, and
Diane__ age eight__ has to pass them daily to & from the
school bus stop.

I wake early in the morning. Our daughter-in-law has left for work,  but everyone else is asleep. I like
to walk outdoors daily and strange dogs can sometimes be a problem. I'd never been bitten but have
had some close calls and wonder if someday it will really occur.

I want to walk before the day heats up, and outside,  I consider which direction to take__the dirt road
into the desert  looks inviting__ I've never  been down it before.  The black-topped road  to the left is
familiar,  but the mean dogs  live over that way.  
Higher Self says  "If you go that way__ the dogs will
come out and bite you
." There's absolutely no emotion attached; it's simply a statement of fact.

To my astonishment,  I turn toward the paved road and the mean dogs. Why am I doing this? I had a
flash of the future,  and without making  a conscious decision,  I march down  that paved road,  dead
certain I'm about to have another
adventure". Even though I stay on the far side of the road, all three
dogs run to the fence, barking savagely. The larger white dog __ a mix of Samoyed & Chow with the
distinctive black mouth & tongue, ducks under the fence and runs up behind me, s narling and growl-
ling, its' fangs bared.

Instead of my usual approach in such a situation, which is to stop__ project a sense of complete har-
mlessness,  and speak lovingly and softly to the animal  in a high-pitched voice,  I surprise myself  a-
gain and take a truly defiant stance. I turn to face the dog, plant my feet firmly on the pavement, legs
apart, hands on hips & just stare it down__something I well know is the worst thing to do with an an-
gry or fearful animal.  I intend to abide by my principle  of not harming this creature, but I'm not going
to running from it either. This behavior works fine at first,  and the dog calms down but doesn/t  back
away. Yet, as I slowly turn to walk on, it jumps up behind me and sinks its teeth into my leg. In fact, it
drives its big canine teeth into my calf and shakes it like an old rag or bone.  I yell and wave my arms
until it lets go and runs back behind the fence, still barking and growling.

The skin is broken in several places
; blood runs freely down my leg. I know I need medical attention.
and probably a tetanus shot.  I just hope that dog isn't rabid!  I hobble back to the house. It's Sunday
& the hospital is  twelve miles away.  Hal drives me to the emergency room  as I try to  halt the blood
flow with a towel.  Along the way  we stop at the shop  where the dogs' owner works.  I show her the
wound and tell her  how frightened  my little grandchildren are of her dogs.  She's very apologetic__  
tells us to send her any medical bills  and explains that  "Lady" is getting old,  suffering from  arthritic
pains & often grouchy. This incident makes them realize that something needs to be done about her.

Strangely, I never have a twinge of pain
; not while being bitten, not limping down the road, not while
riding in the car,  not even when the doctor has to squeeze the wound hard to see if any foreign mat-
erial is inside, and not during the following days when it becomes a mass of bruises extending six in-
ches outwardly from the puncture.  The doctor said animal bites  often permanently  discolor the skin
around them.  he wound bleeds openly for
three weeks. Something is being "released"
Sometime later, phoning friend, Penny, I mention my puzzlement over taking so aggressive an attitu-
de and how there never was the slightest bit of pain. Penny says,  "
You did it for your grandchildren;  
to protect them in the future.
"  I immediately know she's right.  I also did it for  Lady  too__  she didn't
want to suffer outside through another winter.

After the wound heals over , I ask Higher Self what to do about the discoloration. Castor oil is sugge-
sted, I rub it on twice daily,  visualizing the skin clear and normal with love & forgiveness for both dog
and self.  Within a year, the discoloration is gone.  Only a white scar the size of a dime remains. H.S.
suggests olive oil rubbed on the scar. In two more years, the scar is gone forever.

We can accept unusual outcomes as necessary lessons for our consciousness evolution without ne-
eding to fully understand them. During the Age of Pisces,  we needed to have
faith in spiritual forces,  
but during the Age of Aquarius,  we need t o
know them intimately__ & to  know the truth about them.
Tremendous powers of Divine Unconditional Love & Harmlessness were evolving within me.

When I compared other people's reports of deliverance with mine, a pattern emerged:

* 1:  
We need to assure ourselves that we're all right in the present moment.
* 2:  Much of our fear  stems from the  "unknown" and a lack of understanding,  so during frightening
         predicaments, we first need to gather all the information we can on the subject.
* 3:  We align with H. S.,  taking the fearful emotion to a higher level for release by emptying mind of
        all negative or positive emotions  and connecting with  the creative
alpha state__ the Zone__
        the Still Point__sensing an emotional shift into Forgiveness , Divine Love and a perfect sense
       of Harmlessness for all involved.
* 4:  We state our need in positive words, structuring a  precise consciousness of it.  Writing the  int-
        ention on paper is even better__ as it grounds the idea onto the Earth plane.  Stating the re-
        quest aloud through the throat center is even more powerful, projecting those vibrations into
        our DNA and into the immediate environment.
* 5:  Ask for guidance,  visualizIng the problem as already resolved__ and holding it steady until und-
        erstanding arrives.
* 6:  Feel the joy of the solution; express thanks and peacefully act on the guidance received just be-
        fore the amazing change of fortune occurs.
* 7:  Hold a strong sense of wonder  about what incredible, miraculous thing is about to arise.  Creat-
        ive Force knows better than we just what needs to be done and exactly how to do it.
* 8:  Take physical action toward resolution  without worrying about  completing anything or dwelling
       on expectations. Just do it.
* 9:  Detach from it. Forget it. Let Creative Force process it.

It's How We Intentionally Create.  
Our emotional nature & the environment change  when resistance
to negative feelings leaves

Sometimes the outcome is not what we would have preferred.  In the encounter with  the angry dogs,  
the original conscious request  was for guidance as to  which road to take for my walk,  but was  tied
with the higher consciousness  desire to protect the children.  Whatever we  request of Spirit  needs,
in some way,  to stem from higher,  more inclusive levels__ and higher intentions will always take pri-
ority over the lower.

If we find that a win-win solution fails to materialize,  and one or even both parties  are injured,  have
we expected Spirit/Creative Force to work
for us  rather than with us?  Could we ourselves have tak-
en more physical action towards manifesting a positive outcome?  Did we listen to the  inner voice &
follow its suggestions? Others can be of help,  but we alone need to initiate  the courage to  face our
dragons. We must recognize, as in several of the mystical encounters that follow
: We co-create with
Spirit to make the magic happen by assisting the necessary verbal,  emotional and/or  physical act-
ion, instead of depending entirely on Spirit to do it all for us, as is often the case when using prayer

It's come to be well-known that every time we give our power or our energy away to a per-
son or situation, our body loses its ability to regenerate a few thousand cells.

When we encounter a situation  over which we have little or no control,  perhaps we'd do better to a-
void trying to change it__ and instead, find a way to Live with It.
The key is to handle fearful situations without giving our power away.

During the incident with Lady, I wanted something for myself; but it was for my grand-kids, too. They
couldn't do it themselves and had  expressed their fears to me. I had a flash of what could happen to
me, but chose the danger out of love. I felt the fear, did it anyway, detached from the outcome & took
the first action__ a step down the road, willing to do the journey no matter what the outcome.  

My second action was to force a confrontation with the big dog, allowing Universe to manifest an out-
for the good of all involved. If I hadn't been bitten, Lady would have, perhaps, one day serio-
usly bitten the children.  Lady was kept tied after that, & a few months later  we heard she was put to
sleep .The dogs were controlled,  the grandchildren were safe  and the lack of pain taught me a new
: Unconditional Love and courage for others may even overcome suffering.

Synchronicities__ incredible coincidences__ between our inner experiences and events in the out-
er world  indicate when we are co-creating with Spirit,  implying that  consciousness & matter are not
independent from each other & do indeed interact. A non-defensive position to new or disturbing ide-
as, opinions or feelings replaces C
ompetition with the creative skill of Cooperation.

Fear dis-empowers__ but Unconditional Love & Harmlessness neutralize fear and empower us. The
adrenaline rush accompanying fear  is the hormonal fuel that can be directed to project Love through
our energy fields and arrange an environment in which miracles can occur.

When we truly love self and others,  we will gladly take the journeys & the risks  leading to an under-
standing & completion of the struggles before us.  We take responsibility for our own emotions,  cast
no blame,  avoid having a  victim attitude  and are non-judgmental
.  Our fears really do have a purp-
ose in the flow of our lives
:  informing & directing us  regarding our personal reasons for incarnating
on Earth.  As time goes on,  we learn to process negativity faster and faster, until we can do it in only
a few days, hours or even minutes.

The next step for overcoming fear is experiencing
Oneness__Unity Consciousness with all involved
__ and being empowered with higher levels of  Love,  ecstasy, compassion & power
. Invoking Divine
Love & Harmlessness means allowing the other fellow to make his own choices. Does that mean giv-
ing our free will away to others? Not if we view the situation from the collective consciousness of

Our Greater Self;  which knows no "other fellow" or "me" exists__
there's only "One of Us"
here__ Our Creator: Our Collective, Supreme Consciousness.

We can co-create miracles with Spirit  that not only translate pain and suffering for ourselves and for
others, but for Earth and all life upon Her, too. Can we really produce heaven on Earth for only a pri-
vileged, knowledgeable few,  when most of the world  is so clearly in need?  The appropriate sort of
willingness__ allowing self to be a channel for higher purposes__ transmutes fear into Love & Harm-
lessness, moving self to new heights of emotion
:  Divine Love & Compassion  where ecstasy, preco-
gnition and miracles occur.

Did you ever suddenly find yourself  in the middle of a large group of wild animals and their

Walking With the Buffalo
October, 1981:
 Hal and I visit Yellowstone Park in the off-season when fewer people & more wild
animals are around.  Beside the snowy mid-October road, a group of male buffalo  huddle together.
Blanketed with white hoar frost from the combination of cold air  and the warm stream beside them,
they snort huge clouds of steam  from their nostrils. I snap a few photos  from the open pickup truck
window, not daring to go closer.

A little farther down the road,  a herd of elk grazes near the Firehole River. Perhaps I can get close-
ups with my zoom lens  if I creep up on them  through the lodgepole pines between us.  H. waits in
the pickup as I try to creep through the stand of tall, thin trees.  Brittle, brown frozen grass  beneath
the pines scrunches under my feet. I try to position myself for the best shot , adjusting the lens and
focusing.  But then I hear the grass crunching again__  is H.  joining me?  Before I can turn around,
something brushes against my arm,  and as the hair rises on my neck, I slowly turn to find__ I'm in
the midst of an entire herd of cow buffalo and their calves walking beside and behind me!

Recalling grisly stories  about people  who foolishly came between female bison & their young, I'm
paralyzed. These animals are as tall as a man. They weigh at least a thousand pounds each.  It's a
mother buffalo rubbing against me, with her calf right behind.  About twenty other mothers & young-
sters are headed straight for me. I can smell them and feel their body heat.

I can't fight__ and I certainly don't dare run.  I release all emotion and move into  The Zone
:  "What
",  I ask.  The inner voice answers: "Become a buffalo."  Not sure at first exactly what it means,
I try to maintain a sense of harmlessness while the creatures walk, nod & nibble grass. As they slo-
wly move past me, I Love them and  evoke Oneness by making myself feel as if I'm a buffalo, too. I
lift each arm and leg in step with them, breathe with the same rhythm, and even move my mouth as
if munching grass. I gradually slow my pace, and in time,  the entire herd  passes__ heading for the
warm river beyond.

Sighing with relief, I turn to see H. standing at the edge of  the road.
 "I just didn't know  what to do",  
he says, eyes wide.  
"I was afraid to call out to you, afraid I'd startle them__ I thought the whole herd
would attack!"

Again, as with  the Portland Freeway encounter,  fleeing or fighting  was totally  out of the question. I
knew there were other options. I didn't just
wonder it__ I knew it__ becoming non-attached to an out-
come, willing to do the journey and take the risks to allow Creator's purposes to manifest.

A shift in awareness influences the outcome of events.  

we already have all we need within us, feel the joy of it and express gratitude even before any
change begins. Countering fear  activates the magic and miracles of deliverance  within the Creative
Field's Flow where potentials for all outcomes exist.

The Creative Skill of
Detachment  from the final results of creating allows for powerful, intelligent, lo-
ving, self-organizing Creative Force to enter. It is greater than the energetic sum of all the individuals,
creatures, plants or minerals involved, and greater even than the normal 3-D laws of physics, for

The laws of physics are different in higher density realms.

Were you ever "rescued" from a negative situation by OTHER wild creatures?
Sauce for the Gander
Fairview Heights, Illinois,1991: Our apartment sits across the street from a 52 acre park. Some huge
domestic geese  take up residency  at the park's lake-front  and often  harass joggers.  One morning,
several attack me on the first lap of my walk. One four-foot tall fellow actually runs up from behind, tr-
ying to bite my buns__ but only catches the fabric of my shorts.  I turn around & yell, "shoo",  clap my
hands and stomp my feet to scare them away. Recalling the dog bite incident in Idaho a month ago, I
ask Higher Self,
"What's going on now?"

A knowing seeps in:  "As we raise our consciousness,  our energy fields change__ we vibrate more
rapidly and more intensely. Animals can sense this and some feel threatened."

Then a curious thing happens.  On my second lap around the lake, I ponder how to deal with the big
geese again. I consider finding a stick or some stones, but decide against attacks__ they only insure
more violence.  As I start down the little hill  to the lake bridge,  I see there are now  
twelve  big mean
geese swimming in the middle of the lake. They pay no attention whatsoever to the many other walk-
ers, but as soon as they see me__ they raise a ruckus, honking, squawking and turning to swim very
fast across the lake__ straight towards me! Yoicks!

I enter the Zone & project  Harmlessness and Divine Love. Some of the wild Canadian Honkers, who
nest at the lake  in summer,  are standing on  the banks beside me.  When the angry geese  begin to
move across the water towards me,  the entire  Canadian Honker flock  flies into the lake  behind the
angry geese,  beating their wings, keeping the mean geese away. They remain there, splashing wat-
er while I circle the lake before leaving. The mean geese climb out across the lake__ seemingly to a-
wait my return to the top of the hill as I round the other side of the lake . I keep walking, slow my str-
ide &  "
become a goose",  as I did with the buffalo.  The birds ignore me completely. They don't even
honk or hiss, as is usual whenever anyone meets them on the walkway!

At the time  this incident occurred,  I could have left the park,  but I was  deliberately trying to learn to
surmount fear.  I accepted that fear  without fleeing  and refused violence,  wanting the best outcome  
for all involved. Rather than asking for divine
protection, I requested understanding,  & Creative For-
ce obliged__ the energetics of  the environment  miraculously changed.  I was protected  by some of
Nature's wild creatures  and none of the geese were harmed, either.  It may require  numerous such
attempts before major fears  can be overcome.  All consequences__ positive or negative__ are feed-
back from Universe.

Whenever we have a long-standing fear of something, there's usually good reason for it. If we're still
afraid after trying the above techniques, then perhaps we're not yet ready to deal with that fear. Per-
haps  the timing is not  appropriate.  Most long-standing fears  can only be  overcome  by completely
unselfish acts of Love.  When Higher Self knows we're ready,  life presents us with some specialized
situation__ a challenge in which, through Divine Love,  we will find the courage needed to overcome
that fear.  A phobia of heights  might be allayed in a moment of heroism  when a child  is about to fall
off a cliff, and out of love,  we climb out on a precarious tree limb, or dangle by a frayed rope to save
her. We had then,  overcome our fear of heights, never even giving it a thought, because a someone
was in danger, and we cared.

Even long-standing phobias  can be overcome with higher love as we learn to deal with emotions th-
at Transcend Time. Past Life Experiences can impact us  with long-standing emotional trauma in our
current life,  usually through relationships. I did not fully understand where these mystical encounters
were leading. I thought I was learning some kind of "
magic" or "healing" until the Flower of Life work-
shop and my
1994 discovery of the Idaho Stargate.

Because of past-life negativity__ in particular, as a 13th century  Cathar healer caught up in the Vati-
can and French King's  extermination of the Knights Templars & their associates,  the attending Inqu-
isition,  being tortured &  burned at the stake,  plus some  minor residual harassment in that  life-time
about being a  "witch",  I had a deep-seated dread that fully accepting, developing & honoring my of-
ten bizarre paranormal path might once again  either bring persecution and harm to loved ones__ as
occurred with family & friends in the Cathar lifetime__ or entirely alienate me from my current family.

Because of that fear,  it was 25 years before I moved back to  Magic Valley again  where my children
and grandchildren lived.  In a  strange sort of  paradox,  it was the  "spiritual path" itself  that engend-
ered confusion__ not because of what I was learning or doing, but because of my fear that what had
once happened,  might manifest again.  Because I  dreaded  repeating  the Cathar  horror,  my fears
came true when distrust and misunderstanding arose between myself and a dear son. I manifested it
with my  negative expectations. So what, then, was left  to fear about  relationships and past lives?  I
experieced it,  dealt with it and survived after all.  Later, Incidents in Arizona  set off a chain of events
that moved us back to Magic Valley, Idaho, where our family is lovingly integrated once more.

The Spiritual Warrior
The highest possible level of mastering fear is to overcome the notions implanted by organized relig-
ion about  "original sin";  or that we must "suffer"  and physically die  to reach "heaven"__or that bec-
Jesus supposedly had  "died" on the cross  "for our sins",  we don't have to  do anything other
than  "believe" in
Him__ rather than doing the work  to evolve our own self spiritually  by connecting
with Spirit Within and listening to Its' guidance with complete trust in Its' infinite goodness.

Manifesting at this level begins when we become
The Spiritual Warrior. This is not the role of a sold-
ier, gladiator or Kung Fu master, but of an individual who battles to eliminate his own inner weaknes-
ses and conflicts,  rather than blame the people  and the environment around him.  A spiritual warrior
has to use  tremendous discipline  to develop the  inner powers of their spirit & body. His/her senses,
thoughts and emotions  are able to perform  at their highest  and even beyond__ not in some military
aggression,  but in service to  Spirit__ The Creative Force  of the Universe.  The practice of  Tai Chi
presents a perfect example
:  no blow is struck__  yet an opponent  is prevented  from inflicting harm
when we "Become as One" with him.

Tai Chi and martial arts such as  Karate & Tang Soo Do  require the practitioner  to understand their
own body's energies  so completely,  that they can  also understand  the energies of  the opponent's
body. Therefore, if someone is about to throw a punch at you, you empty yourself so completely that
you are literally, "not there"__  which is the  meditative state__ "The Zone".  Being empty means that
you have no ego about the conflict, no fear of life, death or harm,  & you therefore  
become the other
. If you planned to slap your own face, you wouldn't not do it, because you'd know in advance,  
exactly when the slap is coming.  So if you are ONE with the other person, they could not hit you, as
you sense the energy coming from them, know exactly  hen they plan to do so__ & you just "move."

The Spiritual Warrior  feels a tremendous sense of love & compassion  for all life.  When he/she real-
izes that anything is possible  if based on Divine Unconditional Love__he/she transforms into the 4th
level of mastering fear
: The Spiritual Magician__ a miracle-worker  who not only  evades injury and
deflects anger, but uses their skills to both create and heal.

The Spiritual Magician
Frustrations arise  when we've repeatedly tried to tame our inner dragons  and it doesn't work out ac-
cording to our plan__  we find we must try again and again. Perhaps what we really seek  is an even
more inclusive level of dealing with fear__ one beyond just  knowing  how to protect ourselves in diff-
icult situations
; a level that prevents dangerous situations from manifesting in the first place.

Approaching life from The Observer Stage of  Consciousness Evolution__ a more  scientific attitude,
we use our everyday environment as if it were a laboratory. When Life brings us difficulty, we can try
a different approach & watch what happens. If that doesn't work, we try another way, observe its out-
come, & then try another and another if necessary, until final resolution or at least a piece of the puz-
zle is found.

The Spiritual Magician,  working from  Unconditional Love for all,  trusts himself,  Creative Force and
Spirit completely, using his personal creative energy to bring Spirit's energy down through self to ac-
complish healing and creating.  As we tame our fear dragons with Love,  we feel  more alive. We see
ourselves  growing in consciousness  and many difficulties automatically shift.  New situations & new
people enter our lives, responding to us in more positive ways.

Fear of the Dark
The Elite Controlling Factions in this world  benefit from keeping us fearful.  Fear is often used to ma-
nipulate us mentally,  politically,  economically,  sexually,  educationally and even  religiously or spirit-
ually.   When viewing TV or reading,  be aware of how fear is used to push us in certain directions, e-
ven if only  to buy a new snack food,  new medication,  an automobile,  join some elite group or supp-
ort some new political or military agenda. When fear dominates, it prevents us from accessing the st-
-tes of mind allowing attunement to Higher Self, Spirit and our creative potentials.

A major fear of humanity has been that we are powerless in the face of dark forces. The current sub-
ject matter of TV programs,  movies & even children's cartoons,  is to evoke that dark fear
: vampires,
the walking dead, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, men in black and shadow people.  It's Halloween all
year round.  Elite Factions own the major media corporations  and present these offerings to keep us
afraid of evil forces under which we are supposedly helpless, thereby subduing and controlling us.

Somewhere  along our path of consciousness evolution,  we'll find ourselves  challenged by dark for-
ces__ reflections of our shadow sides__ those parts of ourselves  still unrecognized,  over which we
fear we have no control.  We are all facing that fear right now. This represents  our collective fear as
a human species,  for dark forces  have been written and spoken about for millennia  with little under-
standing of where they come from or what they really are.

Intuition activates miracles beyond logic and reason.  

Even if another person threatens us bodily harm, Spiritual Warrriors & Magicians  love that individual
__ and themselves__ unconditionally. They enter the Zone as when meditating,  healing,  painting or
making music__ intuitively attuned to Spirit/ Creative Force. When we refuse to channel that lofty en-
ergy, we experience confusion. When we allow it to flow through us, we have the comfortably secure
feeling of being a co-creator.

Have you ever deliberately antagonized Dark Forces, just to prove a spiritual law?

The Sorcerer's Apprentice   
A most bizarre encounter occurs when I visit my friend Sherry at her shop in Lost Rivers,  Id-
 where she provides  metaphysical & spiritual books,  alternative healing remedies,  & space for
meta-physical and spiritual seminars.

Soon after I arrive,  a former astrology client  enters  and introduces us to her husband.  We catch up
on the intervening years,  and the hubby,  "
Rusty" soon feels free to discuss some deep fears, relat-
ing two recent incidents in  
California which  distress him greatly.  His worst fear  stems from a year-
long apprenticeship with  a Native American shaman. Rusty says he was taught many things, but be-
came terrified when he realized  the shaman was controlling him, & he couldn't break free. He'd seen
the shaman use his powers  to put "curses" on other people, & the results were horrifying.  Rusty left
the apprenticeship  because he didn't want to go down that dark path,  yet lived in constant fear that
this sorcerer, who hadn't wanted him to leave California, would harm him from a distance.

I tell Rusty that no magic,  black or white,  can be used on an individual  unless they themselves,  on
san inner level,  agree to it.  Rusty vehemently denies this,  relating  how the shaman  cast his spells
and what happened to his victims.  Rusty says  he himself  learned how to do this,  and  successfully
used it to create minor irritations to certain individuals,  but refuses  to cause great or lasting harm to

I tell Rusty about  the power of  Unconditional Love,  Oneness and Harmlessness,  trying to reassure
him he'll remain safe  while using those emotions. But__ clearly believing he's powerless against evil,
he becomes agitated,  raises his voice,  jumps up and down  and flings his arms around  wlldly & sh-
outing, He shouts that no one would believe it unless they had experienced it for themselves.

Inwardly, I attune to Higher Self, asking what, if anything, can be done to teach the power of Love to
this young man  and help him overcome his fears. Incredibly, I find myself telling Rusty to please pro-
ject his magical powers onto me  as a teaching example, if he can really do so.  Dark forces can only  
impact us with  unresolved karma,  so here was an opportunity  for me  to overcome  a residue of my
past life fears about  that Cathar lifetime.  Once we know  how to  activate a power and use it, we no
longer have to keep doing it  just to prove to ourselves  that we can
; & I know that  no one  has auth-
ority to open my solar plexus except myself.

Rusty thinks for few minutes,  visibly perspiring as he struggles with his conscience. His wife becom-
es so upset,  she leaves the shop, and Sherry busies herself in the back room, (safely out of the way
of stray energies.  Rusty and I are alone in the front of the empty shop.  He agrees,  and we look into
each other's eyes.

He seems to be working himself up  to an extreme emotional state.  I Become One with Rusty,  listen
for inner guidance and radiate Unconditional Love and Harmlessness toward both of us,  as with the
buffalo,  being sure not to feel,  think or  act defensively  in any way,  nor to resist his projections.  I'll
just let whatever Rusty sends pass right on through me, as did the semi on the Portland Freeway.

After about five minutes,  Rusty comes out of  his emotional state.  He says he's finished.  I'm surpris-
ed__ I felt nothing at all.  He seems  confused,  exhausted and  deflated.  I ask  if he's all right.  Then,
claiming he put a  "timer" on the spell  and it won't activate until later,  he refuses to say when this will
be. I smile inside myself and wish him well as he quickly leaves the shop.

Months__ years pass, but no spell, no curse manifests.

I'm astonished. Again, I did something I normally wouldn't dream of doing. I trusted the power of One-
ness and  Unconditional Love and  demonstrated it to Rusty,  who believed he was  helpless against
dark forces. But I also, verified

To use Unconditional Love & Harmlessness,  & Become as One with an opponent,  shifts us
to  higher levels of  co-creative bonding  wherein we are literally__  
One Being;  and unless
the projector wishes to harm himself also, he cannot project darkness.

As co-creators,  we come to learn  that Spirit sees larger roles for us than we can presently perceive.
I sincerely believe Spirit's greater agenda for Earth  is to promote Love, Peace & Healing for all crea-
tures,  an expanded goal that will soon override selfish intents or elitism.  We need to ask for the ma-
gic only when our personal need  is linked with higher purposes.  In any case,  whether the consequ-
ences bring intense disappointment or rapture,  we still have to be willing to do the journey  & accept
results, however painful or over-whelming they may be.

The search for  love and truth goes on.  Maybe there's always more to learn about courage.  No one
has all the answers.  Even after personal dreads have been cleared, life hatches new dragons for us
to tame,  more frogs to kiss,  more "mean dogs" to face.  Earth supports and nurtures us,  despite the
fact that__ on this planet only__ Mankind deliberately fouls its own nest. If we don't damage and des-
troy Earth and each other as we've been doing,  perhaps we won't  fear that  someone  or something
else will one day do the same to us.

We've created  a civilization based on fear and greed. The greater intent  for the recent  earth chang-
es,  natural disasters,  terrorist attacks,  health,  environmental,  economic &  energy difficulties,  is to
keep nudging all species upon the planet  towards the understanding that
:  TOGETHER: We are all
One Great Energetic Being, with the Free Will and Power to Re-Create a Heaven on Earth.

Courage,  Love and Harmlessness in the face of danger  may be only  "Act 1" for overcoming all fear.
When we perform creative acts appropriately, we enter the stillness & Become as One, if only for the
time required  for a particular transformation.  Perhaps we need to  
BE Oneness, Love & Peace Our-
, rather than performing Intentions to protect ourselves after the need arises.

Above all, be aware that Darkness always leads to Light.

The Final Goal in mastering fear requires Complete Trust in Spirit Within.

But how do we Develop that Trust?

Our ability to create new personalities & lifestyles at will, leads to trust in ourselves. Then, instead of
using the magic purely for personal protection, we become channels for  Universal purposes and find  
miracles of deliverance spontaneously occurring around us.  

We may need to master All the Multi-Dimensional Technologies__ Basic & Expanded__ before we're
able to completely trust Spirit Within.

When that Trust overrides all fear, we shall then have Peace on Earth.