December 10, 2011
                                                    "BEING ONE WITH GAIA"

The Arcturians
For years, The Arcturians have assisted me to learn about  Multi-dimensional Technologies. They
are responsible for many of the crop circles,  and for the information about the Three Buttes__ do-
ramant volcanoes, east of
Arco, Idaho.  Some of the smaller portions have been cut, some words
emphasized, & other parts have been inserte d from my own experiences. (
Susan Carroll's words
are in italics.

The Arcturians through Susan Carroll:
"Knowing that we did not leave Gaia__ that we bi-located instead__ is difficult for a 3 -D conscio-
usness to understand; & knowing that we are still in the habit of placing our focus on 3-D life, we
can also know that this habit makes us feel empty,  exhausted and lonely. These feelings are the
signal that we ARE IN 3-D AGAIN,  and need to pull ourselves up & out of it  by recalling  that we
ARE multidimensional beings, and needn't limit our perceptions to that lower frequency reality."  

ML: Rocks live in a1-D density reality,  only knowing of form or "up or down", while plants live in a  
2-D reality, perceiving limited motion from "side to side"  as well as "up and down". Humans & anii-
mls exist in
3-D with the same perceptions as rocks or plants, but can move their entire bodies ac-
ross the surface of the planet.  In a
4-D reality, we manipulate "Time" & the  "inner and outer" asp-
ects of physical life as well.

SC : "Portals,  Stargates__ through which  we reach  other dimensional  realities__ are not  time-
bound, & therefore, since past, present & future are all NOW,  our entry into the portal  has no sp-
ecific 'date'. Once we have leaped through the portal/stargate  to a higher dimensional reality, we
become 100%  RESPONSIBLE  for every person, situation, emotion, fear-based-thought or  thing
that we encounter in each and every moment. The reality we perceive, is the reality we live in.

ML: Since ALL are ONE, the above factors ARE US!  If we wish to change a situation, thought, re-
sponse or thing, etc__ we must lovingly perceive how and why it also resides within us, then chan-
ge it in ourselves. As we change our own issue__ the outer reality changes, too.

SC: "In New Earth,  which is the T hreshold World into 5-D,   every occasional thought & emotion
will manifest__ instantly! If our thoughts or feelings hold any fear-based patterns, we will no long-
er be able to resonate to the  5th Dimensional New Earth  & our experience of that reality will end
immediately. There is no morality or judgment involved: it is simply The Law of Resonance.

ML: There is an infinity of realities,  and it is we who choose the realities we wish to experience by
adjusting our consciousness  to the vibratory frequency of that reality.  It is only possible  to under-
stand or discuss multi-dimensional episodes, such as ascension, bi-locating,telepathy or precogni-
tion, from the perspective of multi-dimensional thinking and Unconditional Love.

SC: "When we think in terms of 3-D separation, limitation & time-bound events, it is nearly impo-
ssible  to even consider a reality  in which all life exists  & fully merges with a  Unity of Oneness.
Therefore, we could not experience a reality which is beyond the vision of our mental programm-
ing. We are now learning to embrace and recognize the FEEL of Unconditional Love in every mo-

"The reality that we live, is the reality we perceive. This perception is based on the belief that we
are multi-dimensional beings. This belief expands our consciousness into the 5th dimension and
beyond, & with that Unity Consciousness, we can expect to contact higher realities. Our expecat-
ion then directs our perceptions
; i.e., we are then allowing our 5-D SELF to take the reins."  

"We do not even need to 'try' anymore,  all we need to do is  believe in our 5-D SELF.  Whenever
we decide to maintain a state of multi-dimensional consciousness,  we are choosing to align with
and open our  Personal Portal to New Earth. When our consciousness  falls back into a 3-D state,
that Portal to  New Earth closes. In this way,  we live in two worlds, & flip back and forth between
them by choosing our state of consciousness.  Our greatest challenge now  is to be the master of
every thought and emotion we allow to reside in our awareness."

ML: This is especially difficult for us because although many of us have become reclusive in some
way__ whether by choice or by physical requirements __"we still have to contend__ at least occas-
ionally__ with a 3-D world that is fear-based & obsessed with 'success' and material gain. And bec-
ause our personal ascension intertwines with that of
Gaia (Earth's Spirit),  we must find that peace
within, while daily intermingling with life on 3-D Earth.

SC: "We do wish to warn you that  as long as you feel a need to be successful in the eyes of oth-
ers,  or have a desire for financial wealth in your physical world, you are chained to that world by
your 'need' (a disguised fear) for fulfillment based on someone or something outside of your One-
ness. The question is
: 'How do you discern between  outside your Oneness and inside your One-

"The answer is simple:  If the issue is caused by a
life form,  place , situation or thing outside our
earth vessel
,  we have released t he creation of our own reality  to a  NOT-YOU source. o  recall
the 5-D  you've just visited, you must remain inside your SELF. The 3-D virtual reality game is an
illusion that your  'avatar self'__ your virtual reality vessel__thinks is real. Your avatar self is a 3-
D human being who has logged in and out of the 3-D Game so many lifetimes, that it has identif-
ied with illusions of that Game. Therefore, your avatar self perceives reality in a reversed way"

"The avatar self thinks  that when it  logs out of the 3-D Game__ it ceases to exist,  as it can only
experience life  through the perspective of  the human senses.  In reality,  YOU as SELF,  are the
ONE who logs in & out of the 3-D virtual reality Game.  For many rounds (lifetimes) of the Game,
you have thought that you were reborn  when you logged into the Game and died when you logg-
ed out of the Game.
That is the part that is reversed.  For far too many lifetimes and sojourns into
the 3-D Game,  avatar self believed that it was reborn  when YOU entered into the Game. In real-
ity, because avatar forgot about
bi-location,  when YOU entered the 3-D Game, YOU died to your
SELF and once again became the avatar self

NOW you begin to remember that YOU cannot die! You remember that YOU are pure conscios-
sness  who is choosing to take in  an 'individual' experience for the great ONE  of whom YOU are
a component. When you recall that YOU
are the individual pure consciousness of the ONE, YOU
Know that YOUR  re-birth to SELF occurs when YOU log out of  the 3-D Game & too often,  death
seems like logging in to the 3-D Game.  The Knowing occurs within YOUR 5th dimensional state
of consciousness.  From within this  expanded state,  death of your  avatar earth vessel  does not

"YOUR 5-D expression of SELF  is logging into and out of  infinite varieties of realities within the
same moment of the NOW. Therefore, there is no loss because YOU can enter and leave any re-
ality whenever YOU feel the call. There is no emotional attachement__no birth or death anymore
__ for it is YOUR own choice  to terminate the experience of any reality,__ and birth represents a
new reality to which YOU will bi-locate.  
There is, however,  an emotional factor to log into enter-
ing a reality__ Unconditional Love
__ the binding force of the universe, that allows YOU to log in-
to,  be reborn,  and take a form  in any particular expression of reality.  Any fear-based  emotions
that lower your resonance  below that of YOUR 5-D SELF  will terminate that experience, & YOU
will return to your avatar's ascending process."

"There is no judgment__ for
your resonance must match that  of any given reality that you wish to
.  If your signature frequency  falls below that of resonance,  you can no longer adhere
to that reality. Because you are newly returning  from a very long sojourn  on polarized Earth__ it
will likely take some practice  to be able to maintain your  Multidimensional Consciousness, that
always resonates to the frequency of Unconditional Love, which is quite foreign in a 3-D reality."

"Be patient with yourself,  as you must release  old 3-D habits.  T
o return to  YOUR  Multi-D Con-
sciousness,  remember to release your attachment to any fear-based thoughts, emotions, people,
situations or things
. This release of your attachments allows you to return to YOUR 5-D resonan-
ce so that YOU can either log in or bi-locate into New Earth.
" (The "A's")

ML: Examples of this  "logging in & out" process  could be like that of dreading  a coming job inter-
view, then realizing  that it is fear-based, and evoking Unconditional Love in your heart as you vis-
ualize  a positive exchange  of information  followed by a positive outcome.  Or you may  stub your
toe, sit down in pain & exasperation,  then suddenly realize  YOU are not your body,  but a Multi-D
being,  and simply  send Love to the toe,  believing it is healed__ and it is__ immediately!  Another
example could be a disagreement with a friend or family member who pulls us down into lower vib-
rations,  and YOU choose to  harmonize the disagreement  by evoking  Unconditional Love  in your
heart,  projecting it  toward the other person,  and asking,  "
What do you think  WE can do now  to
resolve our differences
?", knowing that  YOU don't have to  do anything they demand,  but  letting
the other know that YOU seek a win-win outcome for the two of you.

We have all experienced people  who seem to  drain our energy,  whereas others merge with us
& give us strength & joy . The first group are still asleep,  but may unconsciously feel better when
near you.  Because they are  still asleep in 3-D,  they do not realize  that they are  pulling energy
from you. They are totally unaware."

The second group of people is awake,  and nurture us with their loving energy field.  Both they &
us experience a rush of renewed energy when together because we pull each other into the One-
ness of Who We Really Are
. We seek out these people when we want to regenerate and relax."

As we moved towards 12-21-12, we"__may have found__"that the people who are not yet awake-
ke will gradually disappear from our lives, and simultaneously,  we will encounter and relate with  
more and more people who have awakened.
Because we are ONE with Gaia, and we are ascend-
ing along with Her, we need to  BECOME AS ONE with Her consciously, and listen to Her."

"Nature shouts "
stop it" at us  with what we term natural catastrophes,  for Nature is an expression
of the collective consciousness of humanity.  We need to Pay Attention__ to sit within ourselves in
nature, empty our minds and just "listen".
(The "A's")
Marko Pogacnik on "Contact Has Begun"
* "We humans are awakening  to a bigger picture of reality  that is Inter-Dimensional. This is occ-
urring not just in human spirituality,  but also  in our relationship to our planet.  We are beginning
to work with the spirits of Earth energy, ecology and Nature."

Marko was born in 1944  in Slovenia  and graduated as a sculptor from the  Academy of Fine Arts
Ljubljana. With his family,  he lives in Sempas, Slovena.  He is an example of  how to develop
art activitities in the fields of  ecology, geomancy,  social movements & individual spiritual develop-
ment,  having been engaged in geomantic and  Earth healing work since
1979.  His latest achieve-
ment is a method of
Geomancy:   (Chapter 16: "Co-Creating with Nature"
Greener.html ) similar to acupuncture  by using stone pillars with carved symbols positioned on ac-
upuncture points of the given landscape,  and calling it  
"litho-puncture". His methods are stepping
stones towards  the new more complex reality  that is arriving on Earth__ a new reality  of daily life
that brings us closer together with each other and with our planet.

ML:  We are becoming  more inclusive & more sensitive.  Gaia is also  trying  to communicate with
us. Since
2005 , Marko devotes much of his time to creating Geo-puncture Circles, which he crafts
together with his collaborators from given countries.  Geo-puncture Circles already stand in
gal, Croatia,
 the Czech Republics,  the Canary Islands,  Austria,  Slovenia and the USA. The  
circles are a world-wide project to enhance communication with Earth's consciousness."
(Marko Pogacnik)

What Marko Pogacnik  designates as acupuncture points for the planet  seem to be what we have
been calling  
portals, stargates or sacred sites. They facilitate  awakening and  healing processes;
the more people involved with these attempts, the more potent the energy becomes. Blocks are re-
leased in particular sites  where negativity has erupted.  Human beings  have been responsible for
these negative imprints, and therefore,  we need to seek them out  & harmonize them. The
,  for example , is rife with old disaster areas such as  mass burial grounds  from wars, massa-
cres, freezings, famines and plagues.  At other places, humans have mined, logged and built huge
projects such as dams or nuclear sites  that have caused devastations of  Mother Earth.  In
several groups are now physically restoring these negative sites as closely as possible to their ori-
ginal purity, lushness and beauty.

All these factors have blocked natural earth energies  from coming through  to assist humanity and
the environment.  At places where  negative activities regularly occurred  &  imprinted into the land,
crops won't grow well,  and people experience "bad luck",  poltergeist activity, hauntings and frequ-
ent injuries and illnesses.

Marko uses healing stones/crystals, imagination/intuition and meditation  at these sites to listen in-
wardly to  Gaia & Nature.  Human consciousness is rising these days,  so people are more quickly
becoming aware of the need to treat Earth with kindness.  We must find  new ways of relating to &
working with Gaia and Nature.  We can get guidance from other realities for this__ specifically, the
1st, 2nd and 5th densities.

Trees are  natural acupuncture needles  linking Gaia  with the Cosmos,  particularly those that are
tall and have deep roots.  My favorite painting subject was trees__ in fact,   I'm known in  Idaho  as
the tree painter".  In each group of trees,  there will always be a larger  and more central one  that
is the "
Mother Tree",  and this one is  particularly beneficial  for guidance as to  working with Earth
energies. We can__ with Love__ hug the tree,  or put  our hands out  towards one,  BECOME  AS
ONE with it, or with plants, stones, water, birds and animals__ empty our minds & be open to their
sensations and feelings. Listen inwardly to them. They will talk to us.

Circles are particularly powerful for working with Earth__ either stone circles,  crop circles,  or with
groups of people standing in circles.  We've been doing  most of our earth-working alone,  but now
changes  in the physics of the planet  require that  we work more with  groups.  Art,  music, sound,
light, sacred geometries,  dancing, fragrances,  crystals, special types of  stone and ceremony are
especially beneficial for geomantic activities.  We can also time our earth-working around the natu-
ral cycles of the seasons, moon, planets and so forth.

Bonding with Nature"  (Chapter 3: "The Great Mother". )  is the
quickest  and  easiest way to  raise our consciousness.  Instead of  fouling  Nature,  we can be co-
creators with Her.  The elements in Nature__ Earth,  Air,  Fire &  Water__ can teach us how to live
well on the planet  without devastating Her.  Sand can make glass  and other materials,  and hemp
can be formed into  rope, bags, clothing and even logs.  We must learn  to work in  resonance with

Guides: "Each footstep upon the lawn, the land, and the sand, is a kiss from Gaia__ the breezes
bring caresses to your skin__ the fog  hugs you to Her heart__ and Her waters refresh & cle

                                                LIVING IN A NEW REALITY                                                    
December 21st, 2011

December 9th & 10th, I sensed that "Something Big" was going on in the world, but as usual,
nothing was forthcoming  from mainstream media.  Whether this occurrence  was to be  positive or
negative,  escaped me. I also received a message from sources that  "IMPORTANT NEW INFOR-
MATION IS COMING' and whatever it would be, we would need to ACT on it as soon as possible.

That "Important Information" came through the evening of
December 14th. It is long & very comp-
lex,  but I implore you  to wade through it  as best you can,  and send your love and light to  
and Benajamin Fulford for their health and safety. The article & audios describe a PAT-
TERN OF HISTORY  that has brought about our economic challenges and what needs to happen
to overcome them.  Please go to and read  "CONFIRMED" The Lawsuit
That Could End Financial Tyranny
." You can either read the transcript, or listen to the audios by
scrolling down and Clicking on
and pass it on to as many as you can. Even farther down, listen to
and Click on the Archived WhistleBlowers Radio program for the night of Wednesday,
featuring David Wilcock and "Anonymous" for a glimpse of Part II. Thank you.

David Wilcock's  "The Source Field Investigations: "... "Complex Adaptive Systems theory,
which is an offshoot of Chaos Theory and fractals,  states that when you stress a  'complex adap-
tive system' like an economy to a point of peak instability,  it reorganizes into a higher level quite
spontaneously. The way in which it reorganizes  cannot be predicted or scripted in advance, and
single entities within the system can become the cluster points around which the new reorganiza-
ion will occur

This was modeled using computers & studying the behavior of a pile of sand as it formed. Once
the pile reaches 'chaos' or peak instability, the position or direction of movement of each particle
can no longer be predicted. However,  the pile then has an avalanche and immediately reorgani-
zes into a higher more complex and more organized form of its former self."

From The Arcturians through Susan Carroll: This... "information that will soon be released can
actually short-circuit the linear, human brain  to create myriad erratic emotions and behaviors.  It
is vital that the awakened grounded ones adapt to their Multi-Dimensional Operating Systems so
that they can assist others to understand. Those that are new to the information that will be relea-
sed will more likely accept explanations from members of their own society,  and from those with
whom they are already familiar. Therefore, it is important that we 'push' our Wayshowers a bit, as
'time' is running out.  We all want the transformation from the reality of physical Earth into a New
Earth to be as harmonious and peaceful." (
The "A's")

What do you want to see come about in 2012?  The WINTER SOLSTICE today, December 21st,
10:31 PM, MST
)  is a major turning point for the world  and for our individual selves.  The light be-
gins to return to our days  and each of us receives new information from Gaia  about our responsi-
bilities to the planet as She turns over & re-awakens. And if that isn't enough, the first ten PORT-
AL  DAYS begin
C hristmas Day!  Guidance from the all-encompassing  Group Mind  will also be
blessing us.  This is a very important period  in our evolution.  Pay Close Attention.  Stay aware of
incoming impressions. They won't come as "thoughts"__ we will simply 'Know".

The Arcturians through Susan Carroll:
"Polarity is closing and unity is returning. Time is over & the separation from our SELF that Time
created is ending."... "All major reality shifts must be made in certain manners.  In your 3-D reali-
ty there are  sequences of events  that must be lined up  so that  the process of change  can pro-
ceed in an orderly manner. Conversely,  the process of change in
5-D is beyond the limitation of
Time. Hence, the process of change is not sequential.  Instead, many possible versions of reality
intermingle and merge. This merging of possible realities resembles cells that gradually or swift-
ly bond together to create the embryo of a new expression of reality. In other words, certain PAT-
TERNS OF LIGHT intermingle within the creative force of unconditional love to manifest a matrix
upon which a new reality can take birth."

"However,  because
5-D is beyond Time,  that which is  in process of being created,  has already
been created." ... (i.e.,  New Earth)... "We know that type of thinking is difficult  while you are still
tied to your linear time-bound thinking. This is why it is important for you all to  relax into the pro-
cess of  integrating the new  Multi-Dimensional Operating System  into your biological computer
brain/mind. You may think of your biological computer as the personal brain to your 3-D express-
ion of SELF. Simultaneously, within your  Multi-D version of SELF,  your biological computer-br-
ain functions like the internet  so that you can  link into the
Group Mind of the ONE of the 5-D &

"There are times when our lives lead us into an outflow cycle in which we are VERY busy__com-
municating,  working, physically  preparing for the needs of each day.  And at other times, we are
in an inflow cycle in which we need to go deep inside and regenerate, learn, commune, meditate

11-11-11,  we were given a taste of  what  5-D__ New Earth__ life  could be like,  and after
that week or so of generally living in states of bliss,  we suddenly found ourselves falling into the
3-D abyss again, with its fears, its separations, aches , fatigues, confusions and limitations. It
was particularly harsh because  we expected to have  strong feelings of love,   generosity and joy
during the Holiday Season."

"This year, however, was especially rough because of economic stresses, more losses of homes
and jobs for our loved ones,  odd illnesses and exhaustion from trying to keep up the  "Christmas
Spirit"  when we really felt more like  hybernating under the covers & not coming out until Spring.
Coupled with still more  negative political & natural catastrophic news,  holiday tasks,  programs
and visits, it dragged many of us down to a new low."

"There is a sadness about it all.  After we've been  in a state of bliss  for a time  & then drop back
into the sticky old mud-puddles. This is tied to our realization that we will soon be leaving the fa-
miliar life, home and loved ones of Old Earth that we have finally learned to love unconditionally.
So it is a mixture of grief and love that leaves us particularly downcast and worn to a frazzle from
the mental efforts of trying to compute emotions that appear to be in opposition."

"This final month of 2011 with its short days and long nights  seems to require reflection on what
has evolved during the year,  and inner preparations for
:  creating our higher expression  of Self
as well as our new higher expression of Earth. Just as one dips down before they jump up, many
of us are feeling like we need to go down, down, down into the inner depths of our inner SELF to
see  if anything else  needs to be healed and released.  We are moving to  a higher frequency of
expression now,  so we can't carry any 'dead weight' with us. The best way to release inner angst
is with  unconditional love for ourselves."..."In addition,  Earth's changing vibratory levels  are alt-
ering and re-booting our physical bodies' genetic codes.
The DNA genetic codes from your 3%
human genome  are gradually being shut-off__  and the codes of your 97% DNA  known as
'junk DNA' is taking over your personal physical system."

"Therefore,  as we shift from  3rd/4th dimension  to a  multi-dimensional consciousness,  we be-
come so tired that it is hard for us to do much of anything, let alone prepare for and participate in
the holiday season.  And many of us are also required to "play the 3-D Game" for the sake of our
families &/or employers. If possible, it helps to take some time off', (time is an illusion, of course)
for regenerating self."  (
ML: I've had a few "wet-noodle" days again.)"

"If you need to have a great deal of outward focus,  it will slow some process of downloading and
integrating your Operating System. However,  if it is necessary to  "play the 3-D Game", your pro-
cess will continue, but at a slower pace. Since there is no time in our reality,  we Galactics supp-
ort your decision  to allow this  transmutation of  SELF to occur  in what ever way  best suits your
earth vessel & physical responsibilities.  Many Wayshowers are feeling  the greatest exhaustion,
as they must go through this experience first,  & relatively quickly,  so that they can assist others.
We wish you all to know  that your transmutation is a marvelous event,  which you have  awaited
for myriad incarnations on the body of Gaia."
                                           So what to do about all this?

(The "A's"):
"It appears that before full  5-D Consciousness Creating and  Co-Creating begins, each of us first
needs to master our  Emotional Body and its old familiar BEHAVIOR PATTERNS__ our negative
habits, which are what attract the lower vibratory experiences to us. Yes, Life is indeed a Mirror!"

"Habit is the  primary survival mechanism  that you have created  in order to survive the extreme-
ly challenging time of the closing  
Kali Yuga__(the final 2000 years of third dimensional reality).
These habits were not bad
; they were necessary. Therefore, do not judge yourself.  Instead, con-
gratulate yourself. B eing conscious of old habits is a huge achievement, as they hide in your un-
conscious and deep subconscious minds. Habits are the 'primary survival mechanisms' on which
all of your  programs of behavior were written.  Hence, they are the  'ones and zeros'  of your 3-D

"However,  as you release your 3-D thinking,  you automatically release  the baseline programm-
ing that has been the foundation of that thinking. Because of this you do not need to delve deeply
into your past  to heal it.  Now,  you can simply  love it free  with the power of your  unconditional
self-love, which is the higher frequency format of your Multi-Dimensional thinking.  Multi-D think-
ing is truly the only way  that you can fully understand your ascension process of  creating a New

There are no 'edges' or sharp boundaries in 5-D and beyond.  Objects, persons and places
seem to waver,  much like the reflection  on a still pond.
 Once you are fully  'within that zone',
the wavering motion will decrease and become 'normal'.  Therefore, if you see wavering,  unique
colors of unknown form,  you are most likely perceiving New Earth. If you were a blind person for
all of your life  and suddenly had a surgery that restored your vision,  you would see the world ar-
ound you, but you'd have no neural connections to your brain to identify that which you now see."

"In the same manner, you have spent myriad lives on Gaia in which you only returned to
4-D up-
on your birth  or even in meditations. Therefore,  your  neural connections  to your  Multi-D  Soul
have been forgotten and need to be restored.  It is through practice and patience  that you will re-
store these connections enough  to be able to identify  that which you are seeing. Be patient with
yourselves, Beloveds, for you are returning to New Earth much as new babes.  We, the Galactics
and the Celestials, are here to assist you in your remembering.
(The "A's".)

The easiest way to know  what still needs "mastering"  is to observe the incidents, thoughts & feel-
ings in our  daily lives that  "push our buttons"_  _usually coming from  fear-based attitudes  or be-
liefs. We thought we'd conquered most of this during the past year__ and we did__ and if you look
closely, you'll most likely realize that your life is now better than it has been for years, and possibly
better than in your entire life. Now it's time to fine-tune our ascension process to merge with the U-
nity Consciousness "Group Mind" of
5-D and beyond.

Personally,  I find that I still get irked about the bank only giving us  less than 1/10th of 1% interest
on our savings account,  about being frequently interrupted when I'm talking,  and about the nega-
tive quality and loud, interminable commercials of the few TV programs I still watch.

This can be overcome  by first recognizing that  our "buttons" are being pushed,  and  immediately
evoking unconditional love in our high hearts,  comforting ourselves with the thought that the univ-
erse is abundant,  and all our  true "needs"  are being met,  then  becoming as one" with the situa-
tion or person involved  and recognizing their fear-based i nner motives.  We are so used to "think-
ing" all the time in 3-D,  but when we are in
5-D  using unconditional love,  which is abundant in all
higher dimensional realities,  we are free of ALL thinking.  It is  U. Love which moves us into higher
dimensions, and frees our thoughts from separation and limitations of the 3-D realm.

The "A's":
"You no longer need to 'do' anything__ for 'doing' is a 3-D concept,  whereas 'being' is a Multi-D-
concept.  Hence, all you need 'do' is  BE YOURSELF"... "As you continually download & integra-
te your Multi-D SELF into your daily life, you will gradually or swiftly return to Multi-D thinking."

"You__the awakened ones__ are catalysts for the
 decisions  that are currently being made. Be-
cause of your transmutation of fear into love & the great light  that you have been able  to absorb
and project,  the process of Earth's ascension  is being kicked into high gear.  We wish you all to
know that  
YOU ARE EARTH,  and it is your ascension process conjoined with Earth's that is all-
owing  these decisions to be made.  Yes__ we hear you asking  what the decisions are__ but we
must leave that to your multi-dimensional perceptions to perceive.

"Since our  Wayshowers  have deeply bonded with  Gaia,  you will be able to forego the possible
'disasters' of a swift and violent transition.  Because pf the Light and Love that you have taken in-
to your forms  and shared with Gaia,  you have been able to  awaken to your Power  to stand firm
in your convictions that you are  FREE Beings of Light  who do NOT need, and will NOT tolerate,
any further domination from Service-to-Self beings."

There are some  who may desire to create a different reality,  such as a mass ascension of
many people  who separate from the planet and go  'some place else'  However, separation
from Earth is a 3-D PATTERN  to which you have grown accustomed from the death experi-
ences of your many Earth incarnations.

"Death is an Illusion.  Energy__ which you are__ does not die.  Energy merely transmutes...
Some of you will transmute into a Lightbody and appear to  'leave' Earth.  Others have cho-
sen to stay with Gaia.  Therefore, their transmutation into a Lightbody will match the trans-
mutation of Gaia into Her Lightbody. Within this choice of ascension realities, there will be
no 'incident of ascension',  for there will be a steady process of  re-writing DNA,  which will
re-write your thoughts,  perceptions,  creations and form.  Dear ascending ones__ because
you have become the Masters of your SELF, you can be the Masters of your Ascension."

"Which reality  do you want to create?  Where do you wish to  put your Focus?  Some of you may
need to be the  Scouts  to create the  Path into New Earth. Others may want to stay with the una-
wakened. Others may wish to remain asleep."

                                                           "Which do you choose?"