A conversation on Coast to Coast Am.com with Dr. Robert Leir, who removes mysterious implants
from people's bodies,  the latest news is that
the implants are  changing people's DNA.  A video
is available at
www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtKb6uVRRPc under "Startling New Research."


"In the  Beginning was  'the Word',  and that sound vibration  went out  to program the  DNA of the
particles of  God-Spirit  Within All Life  so that  God-Spirit  could come to  realize  Self as  various
living fragments  in multiple  dimensional existences.  That vibration then  reciprocated  back and
forth between  Spirit-Consciousness  and all lives which were,  each one,  embodied fragments of
Spirit-Consciousness.  RECIPROCATION is the  MAJOR ELEMENTAL RHYTHM  of the universe.
Other universes operate in differing ways. Some have called this reciprocation force... "karma".

"However, that implies  "tit-for-tat", or .. "retribution"... a return of darkness for darkness given and
a return of light for light given.  True Reciprocation is a sharing of love,  energy and truth between
one embodiment and another embodiment.  As one merges ones' clarified Mind,  Love and Spirit-
Within with the Greater Self collective-consciousness embodiment, so too will Greater Self recip-
rocate by merging love, energy and information with your Spirit-Within-consciousness."

"No,  the future is not  set in stone , but the  'probabilities'  you have recently  considered,  are the
near futures  available to Earth and Her lifeforms.  As for the planet called  "Nibiru" or  "Planet X",
this is a  "consciousness thoughtform " of Unconditional Love arriving soon to planet Earth. There
are those who intuit or anticipate 'something' coming from outer space, and expecting to 'see' that
'something' as having a material form; thus, suggesting a planet or a dwarf sun. There is NO mat-
erial sun or planet  coming into  Earth's spatial environments  during the lifetimes of those now a-
live on Earth.  It is the force from the cosmos known as  "Unconditional Love" that will begin to be
embodied by  every earthly lifeform;  by minerals , plants,  animals,  microrganisms and  humans.
When this has taken hold  in the greater masses,  those beings who choose  not to accept  or em-
body Unconditional Love and  reciprocate it,  will find themselves trapped  in the old  3-D chaotic
existence,  while those who willingly embody & reciprocate  Unconditional Love  move with Earth
into 4th dimensional existence__ and eventually, to
5-D. The Rhythm of Unconditional Love Reci-
procation opens one to Infinite Intelligence."
The Guides.

"A reciprocation takes place between the planetary collective consciousness and the Creative Fo-
rce Field's energetic 'quanta' -  photons - 'potentials'... known to be affected by human conscious-
ness,  enabling them to form as Living Synchronicities.  A similar effect occurs  as  Unconditional
Love moves into Earth's spatial regions & is embodied by humans,  animals, etc.,  reforming their
DNA, as now appear with plants & minerals on Earth's surface forming glyphs in the fields." The

The  building blocks of  DNA  have also  been discovered  in meteorites,  revealing that  not only is
there life out there in our universe,  but it is absolutely  teeming with life!  
Don Yoemans, manager
NASA's Near-Earth Objects Program at JPL,  stated that in no way is there any threat to Earth
from the comets  
Elenin, YU55 and Apophis,  and there is no  Dark Star, Planet X or Twelfth

New Spiritual Families will start arriving in our lives  when we begin to call out to them,  not
only with our spiritual essences,  but also with our bodies and our DNA.  This call of
Oneness, or
Togetherness is, on a biological level, most compelling.  It can be resisted by some for a time, but
ultimately,  these injections of Love into our DNA structures  will become the most powerful force
upon the planet. It will be surrendered to by all who choose to stay on the planet and live in Love.  
In this way, our true Families will be brought together by a Force of Nature: The Law of

Life was  seeded on  Earth  billions of years ago  by
nucleotides"__  molecules that, when  joined,
make up the individual structural units of the nucleic acids
RNA & DNA__ the templates containing
the blueprint for  gradual evolution  through a sequence of stages.  The goal of evolution is to prod-
uce a nervous system  capable of communicating with  and returning t o the Galactic Network.  Life
here on planet Earth  has now reached  the halfway point,  established itself,  and evolved  through
larval  mutations and metamorphoses  to the seven brain states
:  Sleeper, Seeker, Observor,  First  
Enlightenment, Twilight Time, True Enlightenment & SELF Realization.

In a recent e-mail from  
Michael Tellinger  (www.slavespeciescom),  he presented clues as to how
our ancestral humanoids  may have had their DNA  manipulated by the Annunaki.  Highly advanced
both technologically and occultly, the Annunaki competed amongst themselves for power and territ-
ories on Earth.

The Sumerian tablets  tell how humans were cloned  as a sub-species between
Homo Erectus and  
a more advanced,  human-like species that arrived on Earth  some 450,000 years ago.  Suddenly it
makes  a little bit more sense
:  These tablets tell how our  "makers"  removed parts of the  "Tree of
Life"  to alter our intelligence and our physical ability,  and how they  experimented with various life-
forms to create the  "perfect worker"  who would be  intelligent enough  to take  commands,  but not
smart enough  to think for themselves. They referred to us as  "the new creatures".  The Koran and
the Hindu Laws of Manu hold similar hints at genetic cloning.

The "Annunaki"  genetically created us__
Homo sapiens sapiens__ 220,000 years ago, through ex-
periments with  the animals and primitive
homanids   indigenous to this planet.  We carry  the inher-
ent traits of not only  early earthlings,  but also of these,  to us__  "god-like" beings__ the Nibiruans.
They created us to work as slaves in their gold mines in central, east Africa,  manipulating our DNA
to  "dumb us down"  so we could neither  breed offspring  nor evolve our consciousness and realize
what was really going on.  

male-female rift__ the "Gender Gap"__ here on planet Earth manifested when  both the base
codes and the  acceleration code__"
fire letters"__ of the DNA template were scrambled;  all intend-
ed  electromagnetic relationships  between the
mother particle base codes  and the father anti-par-
ticle acceleration codes
in the chemical chains within every  gene in chromosome in the  DNA lad-
der were interrupted.

Ultimately,  this genetic trail leads to the purpose behind the Illuminati's obsessions with  bloodlines
and the emphasis they have  on blending what is called in  occult circles, "
the red" with "the black",
involving a  merging of two human species. "The red"  are the blue-eyed redheads who descended  
from the Neanderthal, with a tendency to be non-violent  and more empathic  as well as tending to-
tards telepathic abilities
: our original earthlings  before alien intervention. "The black" are the blond
or other-colored hair, with blue/green eyes of Celtic descendants from the Annunaki bloodline, who
tend to be more aggressive,  highly intelligent  rulers of people  and with  psychic sensitivity__ also
called the "Illuminti Bloodline."

Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics at  University of Oxford,  wrote "The Seven Daughters
of Eve
",  showing that all humans descended from only seven women  with mitochondria DNA over
200,000 years ago  in Africa.  Bryan Sykes  &  
Seth Shostak's research  indicates that  the human
male "Y" Chromosome  was genetically created from a female chromosome, so homo sapien males
evolved from females, originally. Their latest book:  "
DNA USA: A Genetic Portrait of America." re-
ates how our homo sapiens mothers', ancestral heritage  was determined from  
mitochondria DNA,
and our fathers' from the "
Y" chromosome. They present interesting perspectives on early America
__ that DNA portraits reveal an extreme complexity of human inheritance and how it's nearly impos-
sible to put individuals into specific groups.

We thoroughly further explored  the Annunaki ET civilization's machinations on Earth and their part
in the  Great Flood,  religions,  genetics,  Fall of Atlantis,  Historical Archetypes__ and  the fact that
They Are Still Here, impacting our present day civilization.
The total number of genes  in various species of  Earth's  lifeforms  varies greatly.  The  fruit fly has
21,000 genes,  Zebrafish 50,000,  chicken 76,000,  mouse 81,000,  Chimp 130,000__ and Humans,
68,000.  Is something wrong here?  Why would chickens mice and apes  have
more genes than we
Homo Sapiens? And that's not all__some species of life other than humans use as much as 98% of
their DNA__we humans are only use 3%; fully 97% is "wasted space. The greater percentage does
not contain any active genes that actually carry the code for any of our physical makeup.

Science has just recently found that  Human DNA is closely related to  Dolphins.  If you are familiar
 Drunvalo Melchizedek's work (www.spiritofmaat.com), you will understand.  Over 20,000 of
human genes  have now been identified.  They hold the matrix  for the way our  physical bodies are
formed.  If we are  (as we believe)  the most highly developed life-form on this planet,  why don't we
have more genes, and why are we using so few of those we have?

But wait__ there's even more: All the Apes have 24 pairs of chromosomes__ humans have only 23.
So what happened to the other one?  If we were "descended from apes",  shouldn't we have, at the
very least, 24 pairs?

April, 2005,  researchers from the  National Human Genome  Research Institute announced that
a detailed analysis of chromosomes 2 & 4,  detected the largest
gene deserts known in the  human
genome, & uncovered more evidence that human chromosome 2  arose from the  fusion of two an-
cestral ape chromosomes as reported in
"Nature" magazine.  It is also the second largest chromos-
ome  we possess.  Why would  2  chromosomes  fuse into  one,  yet give us  nothing useful for our

Modern scientists suggest that  the "fusion of chromosome 2"  gives us our humanness.  I prefer to
suggest that we were created as  "slave labor"  to work in the gold mines and genetically and phys-
ically pumped-up, but mental dumbed down.
150 megahertz is the frequency of human DNA. This is also the frequency that activates our pineal
glands to produce  psycho-active events. The pineal is also sensitive to  radio waves  (cell phones,
smart meters,  assistance-alert pendants,  MRIs, etc.)  and signals coming from the Cosmos. When
tuned on,  the pineal produces  DMT  
Dimethy-ltryptamine.  (www.YouTube.com)  Search:  "DMT:
Pineal Gland  and the  Mystical Experience ,
Rick Stressman." 1 hr. 50 min. Dimethyltryptamine is
a substance that can cross the brain's blood-barrier, and fosters Direct Telepathic Transitions.

Creative individuals world-wide are kindred spirits. With
intuition and inspiration  we can recapture
our original sense of Oneness with Nature  and all life on the planet.  Like pieces of a  complex  jig-
saw puzzle,  human genes contain unused  DNA codes for  expanded creativity__ codes waiting to
be rediscovered,  activated and used once again. Creative energies running through Earth and the
Universe  are the same as those penetrating the bodies of  humans,  animals,  plants and minerals,
as all are formed of the "
dust":  the minerals of the planet and the cosmos.

Spending quiet time in Nature,  communing with plants, animals and even mountains, rocks or min-
erals,  we recover ancestral wisdom  stored as  DNA  in our  bodies' cells. The
 July/August, 1999
issue of  
"Arbor Day" newsletter,  announced research at the  University of Illinois. After youngsters
with Attention Deficit Disorder spent time in Nature,  their symptoms were relieved. The greener the
setting, the better.

Cells that have been re-programmed with Love instead of the old DNA patterns of fear, will respond
to each other  with recognition  upon close  proximity.  It matters not  what bodies these cells are in,
because after the reprogramming,  they know they are all in one body__  the body of the united hu-
man being of Love; the human of Oneness__ The Divine Human.
An experiment proved that the energy field__The Creative Force Field__really does connect every-
thing in the universe.  
Dr. Vladimer Poponov discovered a field  that uses light to link  the DNA of
our bodies with matter.  Called the "
Phantom DNA Effect",  his work indicates that the DNA of hum-
an living tissues affects matter through light particles called
photons. Placed in a vacuum, the DNA-
tissue caused  the photon light particles to align themselves  along the  axis of the DNA spiral helix.  
When  the DNA sample  was taken from the vacuum,  the new light pattern  still held.  Dr. Poponov
said,  "
This energy appears to be everywhere at once."  In quantum physics,  this is known as non-
. This "ether"  (the ancient term for the Creative Force Field)__ is now viewed as  the Quan-
um Hologram.  At this time, our solar system is entering a  powerful energetic area in our galaxy__
The Photon Belt.

Evidence was found in Romania in a series of caves under a Sphinx. (Yes. Romania!) that are over
50,000 years old;  a device that can  read out your DNA  in holographic form.  There is also a Pro-
jection Hall that shows the history of Earth.  High technologies have evolved from this find over the
10 years on a more personal level,  describing a "Time Shaver" gismo, and stating that we can
all learn to warp space and time.

The Human Genome Project finds that  the sequencing of human DNA &  where it might lead , gets
pretty "far out wierd". HGP is an international scientific research project with the primary goal of de-
termining  the sequence of  chemical base pairs  which make up DNA,  and for identifying and map-
ping the 20,000- 25,000 genes of the human genome from both a physical & functional standpoint.

Project Camelot  (http://projectcamelotportal.com)  interviewed Cynthia Marie Brewer, who claim-
ed that her DNA was taken and used as  the original fully sequenced DNA  for the HGP against her
will.  A cross-bred creature was grown in her hip & later removed.  From there on her story__ if she
is to be believed__ has tentacles in nearly every aspect of human endeavor on this planet.

Most remarkably,  the story continues to reveal how doctors with the HGP then attempted to "termi-
nate"  Ms. Brewer,  but could not do so.  Every attempt to do her in  by withholding  food and  water
or injecting her  with disease or toxins failed.  She could not be killed.  When she  developed  a dis-
ease,  she would simply fall asleep
;  when she awoke__ it was gone. Evidently, the crossing of two
bloodlines  produced a human  who was  immune to  all diseases  and could  possibly  live forever,  
which may have been the original purpose behind the experiment,  intending to benefit all humanity.
However, there were those who distorted its purpose and diabolically used it for their own profit.

Benjamin Fulford  (YouTube.com)  went to the  hospital for  a spinal operation,  what they  
discovered  at the base of his spine  sounded like a very similar kind of  "creature" or "
chimera":  A
genetically created cross of a human  with an animal. (see
 Chapter I: The Creative Modes__ "The
Closet Birdwoman
")  Once they removed it,  Benjamin  asked to have  the photos  after his  opera-
tion,  but apparently,  all evidence then disappeared"  from the hospital. Considering that Benjamin
is also from an Illuminati bloodline (but not operating with the Dark Elite), this follows along with the
same idea.  That is__ that these implanted organisms  take on  the genetics of the host  & then are
removed and used in genetic experiments  and possibly. future cloning procedures. The records of
these experiments are held & used in  university hospitals around the globe. The entire project was
originally instigated and approved by the Vatican.  
Warning:  The Project Camelot video  is very in-
formative, but also disturbing.

DNA is made of connections of crystals in pentagonal and hexagonal shapes that adjust our affairs
in harmony with  Earth and other humans.  In the distant past, off-world visitors with the long skulls,
so apparent in online news today,  lived on Earth.  These skulls held greater amounts of magnetite
crystals within them than our present-day skulls. The progeny of some of these visitors became rul-
ers of  ancient civilizations.  
Akhnaton was the  last long-headed  pharaoh  of Egypt.  The Cathars
knew about the power of stones and crystals.  They and the  
Knights Templar originated in ancient

Due to the huge tides o f high frequency waves of Christed energy and consciousness from higher
realms activating the  Ascension of Gaia and humanity, the 4th heart chakra  must be open in most
entities on earth so as to comply with these cosmic energies that determine the destiny of our civil-
ization and planet.  Only those entities  who are able  to fully open their  heart chakras,  will ascend
and accommodate to the new harmonious energies of the
4th and 5th Densities.

The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the conscious experience of various fear patterns
that shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the DNA,
by the soul, and affect human behavior in a profound and invisible manner as long as the 4th chak-
ra is still closed.

Hypnagogia State is when you can begin to see  the layers of the Illusionary hologram's archi-
tecture. The objects in view may be encoded symbols,  geometries and math  that are used to form
the matrix field that reflects our perception of reality.  Our brain neuro-chemistry will organize these
holographic bits  into colors and shapes  that  MOVE or  FIT TOGETHER.  The holographic matrix
fields are set up as a hierarchical system of "celestial management structures" that define and gov-
ern each  dimensional plane of existence.  The experiences suggest that  our consciousness is be-
ginning to move into higher states of enlightenment.

Our media daily bring examples of many people still stuck in the  Old Consciousness Paradigm, ba-
sing their choices on it,  working harder and longer, scrambling for more money, buying more mate-
rial goods  and fighting for it, acting insanely,  creating violence and chaos__ or  dashing from  one
stimulating pleasure to another,  distracting themselves,  trying to hold on to  the out-worn values &
criteria for creating material "success" in their lives.

An  old value system  is dying  as a new system  tests itself.  The gap widens.  Remember  how  "
often gets worse  before it gets better
"  whenever a  Multi-D Technology is activated?  We may see
two, three,  even four or more  parallel timelines  existing simultaneously on Earth for awhile.  Many
who  base their  way of operating  upon that of their  parents or  grandparents,  will not  understand
what is "wrong", and those who've awakened must help them to understand what is happening and
lead the way by setting positive examples.

When basing our reality-creating on the spiritual, intuitive mindset,  it is no longer necessary to just
want miracles__ now we create miracles.  It is part of what we came here to do, and we're ready to
show the world  that it is possible to shift reality paradigms at will.  Our Higher Selves  show us the
ways to activate the potentials already inside us
. Creating resonance and harmony with the chang-
ing Earth energy fields  triggers a magnetic force  which attracts the gifts and skills  needed to fulfill
our life purposes. These new treasures elevate us to new realms,  to even more expanded realities
formerly hidden, which have  no limits.  When we generate  this field of force__ this resonance__
can and does change our DNA, as well as our awareness.
It is a never-ending process.

This brings us  to the realization that  the next series of these  incredibly high octaves of  "
frequency  are being sequentially downloaded to our planet  and into our bodies.  It is changing our
DNA Structure. We are feeling this energetic impact as a deep foundational cellular shift in our bod-
ies. Everything we thought we are is fading rapidly.  We are beginning to "see" the PATTERNS OF
THE ILLUSION MATRIX  and the STRUCTURES  that define its architecture.  Who Are We without
this Matrix to define us?  We are about to see. Recently, Higher SELF suggested  I "
Investigate the

The New Genetics                   
We've been told that our bodies are mutating__ our DNA is changing.  But why was DNA created in
the first place?  What was it meant to do? What causes these changes? How could it change? Can
we accelerate the changes ourselves, and what does the new DNA do for us?

DNA carries coded instructions made from a four-letter alphabet:  G, A, T & C, representing certain
nucleic acids.  The sequence of these letters i s our Genetic Code.  A DNA  molecule  resembles a
twisted ladder; each rung made up of  2 "
letters",  with A bound to T,  & G bound to C. The binding
of the letters causes  the whole molecule  to coil up  into a  spiral  staircase-like  structure  called a
double helix.

DNA instructs a living organism  to grow & function,  tells cells  exactly what role to play in the body,
determines the rhythmic beat of heart cells & the right places limbs should hang down, knows when
and how the immune system repels invasions and informs the digestive system to absorb pizzas.

Originally, we had 12 strands of DNA.  Now only 2 are operating,  and the other 10 are called "
DNA".  Actually, the 10 strands are still there__ energetically imprinted onto the other 2 strands.

http://www.youtube.com/ Search: "Patricia Cori__ET Council seeded homo sapiens as intelligent
beings with 12 strand DNA."
Video. 1 hr. "Exopolitics: Annunaki influences on DNA."

Eons ago,  molecular building blocks in outer space formed the  DNA-RNA of our  Original Genetic
Code. This life blueprint formed  a grid network  made up of the original  Hebrew  divine  language
code from "
The Father's Sacred Name",  holding both mathematical-geometric and chemical codes
thought geometries__ controlling the Creative Force Field ("The Ethers") used for our Intentions
and for Manifesting all forms of  intelligence from  the divine mind. They relate to
sound harmonics.
The three lowest sets of letters compose the 64 DNA
codons of a human being. Up to now, only 20
codons were
"turned on" in our bodies; a few acting as "off" and "on" switches.

is 64 Light Grid portion triggers our genetic code__in which DNA-RNA uses higher frequen-
cies of light to permit the life codes  to be genetically re-programmed to operate in less dense phys-
ical forms and to thrive in
high frequency light__(i.e.,  in waves going faster than the speed of light)
__ and  reset  mutating  physical form  needed  for those humans  choosing to  survive  the intense
change in
light radiation as our Sun moves into an electromagnetic null zone.

This null zone  re-crafts our genetic structures,  allowing  bio-physicists  to reconnect  DNA-RNA to
chromosomes  of other  evolutions.  The  
Brotherhood of Light  administers this  reprogramming  to
allow  new humans to  enter bodies formed from  combined bodies of  different  light thresholds, se-
lectively breed and gain positive traits from the gene pools of advanced galactic civilizations.

With perfected DNA we can regenerate our original DNA template for health, reclaim our respective
divine right destinies and renew our personal relationships  to Creator Source.  This is the purpose
of DNA Perfecting__ to help us humans embody higher frequencies so we can work in line with our
soul's missions and rise along with the frequency of Earth for Her ascension

The Ascension Process
The Process of Ascension is "raising the dead"__ those 10 strands__ to life again. In that process,
our physical embodiment is  uplifted in vibration,  little by little,  until it  vibrates  at the frequency of
Unconditional Love.  At an energetic__
etheric__ level, the 10 "missing" DNA strands are being re-
connected and re-activated.  Fear-based patterns and beliefs are released simultaneously, making
room for more joy, creativity and self-expression.

DNA is a means of communication. After Ascension certain blueprints of possibilities are sent to the
Higher Self, perhaps concerning enlightening information from another-dimensional Self, or concer-
ning an accident or illness, offering these blueprints to the soul for resolution. A switch automatical-
ly is thrown,  bringing certain situations  into manifestation.  This is why and how  
DNA & RNA can
become higher-dimensional communication system
s . It's as if DNA  is the link to  Higher Self
and soul, and RNA would be the soul's response, in one sense.  The entire Akashic Records are in
your DNA.

How Our Light Bodies Unfold
We really do mutate from a carbon-based body to a crystalline one... "As a  prime antenna for elect-
rical magnetic (EM)  radiation,  DNA can receive light, trans-duce it,  compute a response, and rem-
mit EM signals  that will have a very definite  modulating effect on specific molecules  or even extra-
cellular targets.  However,  DNA is not just  restricted to  receiving  EM frequencies,  as DNA shows
structural organization characteristic  of fractal antennas.  This would enable it to receive and trans-
duce Zero Point Energy__allow it to interact more directly with the morphogenetic field__ the Creat-
ive Force Field__ the Ethers.  These subtler forms of energy  will interact more directly with consci-
ousness, and in that way influence either the expansion or contraction of conscious awareness."

"When the information within light__ EM__ is received, it can be stored, computed, and transmitted
holographically by DNA."  (
EMSpectrum.html) ..."It is not at all novel to suggest that DNA functions
computationally, as has been demonstrated"...  in the test tube...  "and its computation skills within
the biological system has already been recognized with specific applications."

We might ask  "WHAT CAUSES DNA  TO CHANGE FOR  ASCENSION?"  We have  always been
taught  that Earth,  our Sun and  the solar system belong to the  Milky Way Galaxy.  New scientific
evidence clearly shows otherwise.  Why is the Milky Way at an angle  when we view it from earth?
If our solar system evolved OUT from the Milky Way, we should be right in line  with that whirlpool
disk, but as it is, that long-time mystery has now been solved__ we're viewing it sideways!

A new infrared digital survey of the entire sky  in 2003  by the Universities of Virginia & Massachu-
settes used a supercomputer to sort through half a billion stars to create a NEW STAR MAP show-
ing our solar system  to be at  the exact crossroads  where two galaxies__  the Milky Way  and the
Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy__ merge. We are just now joining the Milky Way Galaxy community.

Scientists were shocked to realize that our  Sun, Earth, planets and Moons actually belong  to the
Sagittarius  Dwarf Galaxy__ and are gradually being consumed by the Milky Way.  The study was
published in the "Astrophysical Journal". Our Sun has been moving in an entirely different direction
than thought. This is the energetic "
Crossing" that the Mayans referred to in regards to December
21, 2012, and the scientific teams have now confirmed that this date is entirely correct.

The overall biggest contributing cause to Global Climate Change, and the melting of Earth's north-
ern polar ice cap,  (Curiously, Antarctica is not melting its ice!) & those of Mars & Pluto, is caused
by our arrival into the brighter, more energetic  equator region of the Milky Way  (where all the ac-
tion is)  as we cut in from  the clearly less energetic,  darker deep space. As we reached full align-
ment in
2012,  Earth and her system  reached the critical climax and point  of the full impact of the
maximum plasma  (
ether- potential)  energies  as we enter into the brightest,  most energetic zone
__ the glowing arms of the Milky Way disc with vast possibilities for all the  DNA of Life  on Planet
Earth. Huge and sudden evolutionary changes are already occurring.  Evolutionary biologists call
this  a "
punctuated equilibrium"  The evolutionary process__  Ascension__ includes long periods
without change
punctuated by short periods of rapid specialization. We are now undergoing such
a specialization,  welcoming a New Age,  so different  from the past dysfunctions o f thousands of
years  as to be  almost  incomprehensible  from our  present  mindsets.  It is  NOT  the end  of our
planet. The "Golden Age" is upon us!

Our physical DNA and human consciousness  are completely interconnected,  intertwined, & com-
mingled. What affects one  affects the other.  DNA is  the physical__  
the  Mattter/Substance__ of
human consciousness. Those who are activating their energetic second heart__  their High Heart
__ are  becoming aware  of the  spiritual aspects   and seeing  the  metaphysical  effects  as well.
Bombard-ment by the rapidly increasing energies now coming from the Milky Way means rapid up-
grades for human consciousness and genetics for all life on Earth,  as every quanta of  matter and
energy in our entire solar system is transformed  while colliding with the many  energetic  frequen-
cies, ions, radiations and cosmic dust  pouring out from  the Milky Way equator,  rapidly engulfing
our entire solar system including Suns, Planets and Moons.

The work of Russian scientists and two recent,  U.S. University independent  astronomical studies
have calculated that the peak  of the alignment  IS  
December 21,  2012  at  11:11 PM Universal
Time at Greenich,  England.  Our
August 17th newsletter issue  explained the time differences in
various World Time Zones  and the probability that Earth & many of Her inhabitants have already
stepped upon  the fourth density threshold.  Again, this is NOT the end of planet Earth__ this is a  
Density Shift.  It is a sudden density shift  of all matter/substance  in our world  from what is called
3-D to 4 or 5-D__ and even beyond.

Our geneticists have already detected  an increase in people having more than two strands of DNA
active. All of these people demonstrate various psychic abilities. This will continue until we achieve
maturity with 12 strand DNA.

With the series of magnetic currents through the roving Earthspot, temporary magnetic poles, there
will be aurora borealis visible  at times all over Earth. This means that
magnetic media will be sub-
ject to being wiped clean

* "
As the hard, angular edges of the 3-D Matrix begin to crumble, that which is in-between is grow-
ing stronge
r." ... "When the 12 strands are merged, it won't look like 12 strands because they won't
be separated."... "3% of our DNA is routed  to those 2 outside strands,  where s 97% of our DNA is
routed into those 10 inner strands."... "The 2 outer strands allow us to perceive our 3-D world. The
10 inner strands, however, assist us to perceive our Multidimensional World.

* When we are Multidimensional, our psychic abilities reawaken and we develop a second neural
network at the etheric level, switching on the 44 DNA codons that were previously dormant. This
second neural network is what allows us to live in multiple dimensions at once. We can hear, see
and communicate with others in these dimensions.

* There are 9 levels in the
DNA Recoding Process &  each requires emotional clearing at the level
that activates the thymus  (
http://www.futurerealities.info/ChakIssue.html ) to change the coding se-
quence of our DNA.  We could liken it to remodeling our body at the cellular level while still living in
it.  This recoding process  works at the
etheric__  some call it the  Light Body__ level.  At this level,
your 10 strands of "junk" DNA along with your 2 connected strands are re-aligned above your head
at the crown chakra. (
http://www.futurerealities.info/Newchakras.html )

DNA is holographic, all 12 strands can reconnect into your 12 Crown Chakra crystals and
reactivate  so that  life force energy  flows  through them again.  Once the  12 strands are  plugged
back into your  Crown Chakra,  your "
Friends'"__ your Genetics Engineer's and  Recoding Guide's
jobs are nearly complete. They will continue to watch over you  and monitor your reconnection until
you reach the frequency needed to fully activate it. The activation happens in 3 steps
*1. Activation of the Crown Cystals: We will feel this as an itching at the top of the scalp. Not like
a dandruff  itch__ more internal.
2. Activation of the Merkaba antenna: (http://www.futurerealities.info/Spirit.html ) :"How to Med-
". Used to receive messages from other dimensions.
3. Activation of the  Hypothalamus Gland:  This is the  Universal Translator  and  translates all
messages into your chosen language. Messages arrive as frequency thought-orms, often complete
with emotions , pictures and  language __
Hypnagogia,  perhaps.  Some have  only one  or two  of
these. The hypothalamus also provides the senders' identity. You will learn to identify senders after
receiving for a while.  Once the hypothalamus is activated,  the Recoding Process is complete  and
your DNA chart is also completed. Proof is
visual (aura photos), (Modes.html ), emotional (not hol-
ding negative emotions in the body),  and
physical (feeling more in control of your power  and hear-
ing messages daily.)

This is a
self-actualizing process. You'll receive off-world aid from a Genetics Engineer. These are
normally beings from
Sirius A. You are also given a DNA Recoding Guide to see you through the

As the process of rebuilding our light bodies continues,  we will slowly begin to notice the effects of
becoming  fully conscious or multi-dimensional. This state will come about  when our  12 strands of
DNA have finally re-fused, reconnected and activated. We then experience life in a multidimension-
al consciousness. In this level of consciousness we live in Mother Earth's dimension while retaining
our connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms. No longer cut off from other dim-
ensions__ including the 1st (Earth's Core, minerals, Elementals)  and 2nd ( plants, animals) dimen-
sions__ we will operate from a state of heart-centered compassion (Christ-Unity Consciousness__
Oneness). This will remain regardless of what dimension we find ourselves in at any time.  Eventu-
ally we will learn how to live successfully in a galactic society, and ultimately in a universal society.

Each  of our DNA  strands  represents  one of the  12 aspects of  multidimensional  consciousness.
Three DNA strands  represent & govern the  
physical body;  another three are concerned with the
emotional subtle body;  three with the mental subtle body  and three with the spiritual subtle body.
All these aspects are represented in our bodies as
neural pathways to the brain. They are connec-
ted and nourished through the endocrine system of ductless glands. These glands work in tandem
with the  energy vortexes in our bodies  known as the  Chakra System.  When all  neural pathways
are working freely with our chakra system, they will provide the conduit to the higher realms, resul-
ting in our experience of Multidimensional Consciousness.

                                  The DNA Strands and Endocrine Glands
Each of the 23 DNA strands represents one of the 12 aspects of Multi-D Consciousness.
* Strand 1: Courage to move ahead and integrate our fears.
* Strand 2: Ability to focus on something and follow it through to completion.
* Strand 3: Maintaining gender balance between male/female power.
* Strand 4: Balance between our energy field and the physical body.
* Strand 5: Living peacefully in a state of acceptance.
* Strand 6: Strength to stand in one's truth regardless of the outcome.
* Strand 7: Ability to accept both our dark and our light sides.
* Strand 8: Ability to hold personal boundaries regardless of the outcome.
* Strand 9:  Ability to accept and live within a diverse community.
* Strand 10: Ability to tune into and listen to one's soul or higher self.
* Strand 11: Power to envision, create and manifest these visions in 3-D.
* Strand 12:  Ability to be accepting, kind and appreciate the value in all things.

The Russians, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists to explore that
90% "
junk DNA". The idea that  our genetic code  was formed from  "fire letters",  apparently holds
true.  It's now accepted that our DNA is not only responsible for the  
building of our  physical body,
and a
 communication device,  but also serves as  a sort of  data storage. The genetic code,  and
especially,  the "junkDNA", operate by the same rules as our human languages. The
syntax__ how
we put our words together  to form sentences or phrases__  and the
semantics__  the meaning of
language formation__ plus
grammar's basic rules are followed by the alkalines of our DNA just like
our languages. Our very words and phrases are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

Pjotr Garjajev & his colleagues managed to...modulate certain frequency patterns onto a
laser ray and with it influence the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself.". "No DNA
decoding is necessary
.  One can simply use words & sentences  of the human language! This, too,
was experimentally proven!  Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in lab tubes) will always re-
act to language-modulated laser rays  and even
radio waves!"  (Think:  Smart Meters,  cell phones
& WiFI)... "if the proper frequencies are used."  This explains perfectly why our carefully worded In-
tentions, hypnosis, affirmations and meditations  can have real and seemingly  "miraculous" affects
on our human bodies.

"While western researchers cut single genes and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastic-
ally work on devices that influence cellular metabolism  through suitable  modulated  radio and light
frequencies  and thus  repair genetic defects."  his means that,  thanks to Garjajev's group,  chrom-
osomes damaged by X-rays from,  for example__ TSAs__ can be repaired,  They even... "captured
information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another,  thus re-programming cells
to another genome. They successfully transformed,  for example,  frog embryos to salamander em-
bryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns!"

We can now accept unconditionally__ the evolutionary theory of our human
homo sapiens sapiens  
race being created by the Annunaki's genetic tampering with us  over 200,000 years ago  in South-
ern Africa, as well as other off-world visitors having played a huge part in our evolutionary process.

Phantom Deaths
In late 1997,  I was experimenting with  changing my DNA  with the use of emotion.  My theory was
that  intense emotional experiences,  if accepted &  allowed to impact us completely, can transform
our DNA. It had been inspired by
Gregg Braden's and Drunvalo Melchizedek's researches

A very traumatic emotional experience occurred at the  Winter Solstice,  
Dec. 21, 1997,  so I allow-
ed myself to
feel  the emotional  negativity of it to the utmost,  even while  projecting  unconditional
love to everyone involved. I was awakened during the night by strange physical sensations all over
my body.  I'd had several "out of body" and "near death" experiences in the past,  when my energy-
body would float near the ceiling and look down upon my physical body below.

But this was different. It seemed part of my beingness was
outside the physical body, but my phys-
ical eyes were seeing  as if I were
still within my physical body.  Perhaps the vision occurred using
the etheric body's eyesight
;  the etheric body being an  energetic blueprint for the physical, interfa-
cing between it and the emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies.

As I got out of bed and moved toward the bathroom, I felt slightly ill, seeing walls, doorways & furn-
iture dimly, as if looking through some kind of veil. I had to feel my way along walls to the bathroom
where I turned on the light. It seemed I was seeing through a sort of
"screen" upon which many red
and black heiroglyphics or  symbols  were printed against  a misty grayish background.  I could see
through this background at the physical world objects, although not clearly.

The symbols were arranged  in both  vertical and horizontal columns  so as to cover the entire sur-
ace of the screen__ my entire field of vision. But what really confused me, was that they were MO-
VING.! Some columns of figures moved up, and others moved downward,  and every now and then
the movement would stop,  then continue a few seconds later. This went on for several hours,  and
even after  I returned to bed,  the symbols were apparent__ whether my eyes were open or closed!  
I worried that I had somehow damaged my vision  by allowing myself to so intensely feel the negat-
ive emotions coupled with he positive, unconditional love during the evening's proceedings.

I asked  Higher Self what was happening__  why was I seeing  these strange figures?  The answer
was that my DNA was changing & realigning itself through energy codings. Not to be alarmed, as it
would be completed  within a few hours.  I fell asleep eventually  and awoke in the morning  feeling
utterly exhausted, but my vision was again normal.

February 2, 1998:  I decided to try another Emotional DNA Regeneration  for my body's disadvant-
aged metabolism, which lay behind a drastic weight gain over recent years. Later, I discovered that
Feb. 2nd, known as "Groundhog's Day" is actually an ancient, earth-religion ceremonial day called
"Candlemas", that lies half-way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

I began losing weight while eating a healthy, sensible diet.  I followed no books or so-called comm-
ercial "diet plans", used no pills, liquid medications or special foods of any kind, and did not exerci-
se more than my usual 1- 2  miles of walking per day,  five days a week.  I was  losing about 6 or 7
pounds a month. This weight loss continued until the Autumn Equinox of
September, 1998, when
I'd lost 40 pounds.  I'd wanted to lose  more than that,  but we  purchased  a new home  in  another
town,  and with all the packing  and selling of the current home, I decided to just maintain the pres-
ent weight  until the  stresses of the move were over.  Although I did not  lose more weight  through
the  fall of
1998 and winter,  spring  and  summer of  1999,  I did not gain,  either.  I mention  all this
because although  I cannot explain it  in logical terms,  I sensed that the choices and  commitments
I made on those particular Earth-cycle dates had some bearing on what followed.

Since  my husband  retired in
1990,  we had been  going south  for the winters,  living in our  RV at
resort areas from  
November through March,  in southern  California  &  Arizona.  We returned  to
Idaho in late
March, 1998,  a bit earlier than usual,  as HD was going  to  help chaparone  a group
of students and teachers  on a tour to Washington D.C., which was to leave the first week of
We reached Idaho on the Spring Equinox,
March 21, 1998 and had a pleasant reunion with our fa-
mily and friends.

But late in the day,  I began to feel very ill. Two nights earlier,  we had eaten a buffet dinner at one
of the casinos south of  Las Vegas,  & both of us  felt a bit queasy in the stomach  by next morning.
HD was actually physically ill for a few hours,  but not enough that he wanted to stop traveling. We
figured we might have had some bad food.

Then it seemed to be  my turn to get sick.  It became  really terrible,  with awful pains in the area of
the solar plexus  and stomach,  and in the back as well.  Fever, chills, nausea, ache all over, etc., I
spent most of the night  on the bathroom floor,  even losing consciousness  a few times.  It seemed
to be food poisoning. Vomiting got rid of it.

Better,  although weak by morning,  we continued the last 100 miles  to our home. I never really felt
very good after that night, and although I could  function as usual,  it seemed every 4 to 6 weeks I'd
have another one of these terribly painful episodes. I found I had to stop eating  anything that came
from  an animal  except eggs__  nothing  "with a face on it".  I became  a true  vegetarian,  although
already leaning in this direction,  having given up red meat.  Now I had to release from fish,  poultry
and even dairy products.

We'd had spiritual/metaphysical study group  meetings weekly in my home in the  Lost River Valley
of Idaho for 13 years, except for
1989 & 90 when the railroad transferred us to St. Louis.  After reti-
erment, Hal and I discussed moving back to  Magic Valley, Idaho,  where we'd lived while our child-
attended school, and where they and their families lived now lived.

June 21st, 1998,  the Summer Solstice,  we made  a serious  commitment  to move away from
Lost River Valleys.  Like so many l ightworkers of that time period,  we felt a strong urge  to "go". to
be near the people we loved and trusted, and who loved and trusted us, as we moved into the final
days of the  coming  Great Shift.  I sensed deeply  that my work  with the  Idaho  Stargate V ortex in
So. East Idaho had been completed, and I now needed to move on to something else. I felt sad ab-
out leaving  the other members and friends of our study group,  but when I  mentioned our decision
to go, we were all amazed!  Every one of us__ except one young woman__ had already chosen  to  
leave the  Lost River Valleys, too.  We were all gone by  
October, 1998!  I had lived there for most
of 25 years after being told I was "
anchoring the light" there in what was called a  "purple-ray area".
That was in
1984,  and so long ago  that  I didn't yet  know what  "The Light"  was.  I was  also  told
that in time,  someone would come to take over that contract,  and I would then be  "freed" to move
towards something else. The one friend & study group member still there is conscious of doing that
spiritual work. She, too,  is a healer, and people of  the Valley  have been coming to her,  asking for
her teachings as they sensed some sort of big "change" about to occur

We finally found a house we liked in Magic Valley, Idaho, the weekend of
July 4th, 1998 but at first
felt it was too expensive.  However, money kept appearing from different sources and it was always
"just enough" to enable us to complete each stage of purchasing this new home. We signed papers
In August__ another 1/2 way point between the June Summer Solstice  and the September Autumn
Equinox__ pagan holidays  & ceremonial times connected with  Earth's seasonal cycles,  but I don't
recall the name of this special day.

October, we hadn't had a definite offer for the Lost Rivers home,  but chose complete the move
to Magic Valley before the snow flew. We moved into the new place in October after listing the Lost
River house with a realtor.

All this time,  the stomach thing continued off and on,  at times going as long as  2 months between
'attacks",  but these usually occurred  when I'd had to  eat out  in a restaurant  or at someone else's
home, and made non-vegetarian choices.

At sometime during the  packing of boxes and moving things around,  I injured a muscle in my back,
in the area  near my right shoulder blade. I'd been an energy healer for 12 years  and healed hund-
reds of people, including myself__ but worried when I didn't seem to completely "heal" this stomach
thing or the back pain. I could make it "better" for awhile, even discontinue it entirely, but eventually
it would return.

By Christmas,  my health began to  rapidly deteriorate  in general.  My energy became so low, with
the moving tasks,  the painful back & stomach disorders,  that I knew I could do no healing for any-
one else.  I feared that after Christmas,  I would probably have to approach  a traditional doctor  for
aid.  Something I rarely did,  as I was capable of  healing everything else myself.  I hadn't even had
a head cold  or the flu  for at least 11 years__  not since  the Vogel  Crystal Healing Classes  in the

My lack of self-confidence in my healing skills  seemed to lap over into other areas of my life, and it
seemed I could no longer do
anything well or at all!  Physically, emotionally and mentally, I was fast
becoming a  complete
"klutz"  and a semi-invalid on all levels. I had emotional swings  from highs to
terrible lows. Mentally, I was confused  and seemingly unable to concentrate on anything, having to
sit and stare at the walls or at the TV screen,  although most of the time  I couldn't tell you what pro-
gram was being broadcast

Something  Terribly Strange and  Dangerous  was happening to me.  What could this be?  I always
thought that  things that happened to us  were only
steps__ no matter how difficult__  in  a process
that would, in time, complete with favorable results__ maybe even a miracle!.

But, as the problems continued and even intensified,  I lost a lot of self-esteem, because I'd always
been eager and willing to help others when they couldn't help themselves. I had to shut down even
the astrology reports  and the book I was writing on human creative potentials, since my back prev-
ented typing at the computer  for more than 15 minutes,   &I couldn't reach upwards very far
;  even
combing hair or brushing teeth brought wrenching pain and tears to my eyes. I couldn't sleep much
much of the time  because of either the back pain, or the diaphragm pain,  or both, which I felt even
without moving late in the day, and increasingly at evening and at night.  In the morning it would be
better. The back would stop hurting if I lay down flat for 1/2 to 1 hour.

I began to think I had an ulcer,  as the pains were similar to one I'd developed in the
1960's caused
by some prescribed medications.

I was called upon to gather and use ALL THE HEALING RESOURCES I HAD EVER LEARNED __
and they were considerable.  I'd always identified myself as a "creator" type person,  a "healer" and
a "teacher", and would explore and experiment on myself with everything I learned,  before present-
ing it to others.

After Christmas, I found a new lady doctor in town and went to her. Tests were taken. My back was
not broken,  and only weeks or months of doing
absolutely nothing  with my right arm or back,  plus
three or more hour long periods of lying down each day served to heal it.

The stomach problem was an ulcer which developed from
campylobactor jejune,  the food-poison-
ing microorganism I must have picked up near Las Vegas. It is very hard to cure, as it has dramatic  
abilities to mutate, and to become immune to medications. My doctor explained how this little entity
used to live only in cattle, but mutated to thrive in humans in the
mid-1980's. Research shows that
this was the time  when we began giving antibiotics and hormones  to beef cattle to  hasten growth,
and in the
1990's, we began giving it regularly to dairy cattle as well.

The only way to cure it,  said the doctor,  was to "
hit it with huge doses of the latest antibiotics" so
it did not have a chance to mutate again. My big problem was  I'd been extremely allergic to all anti-
biotics for thirty years, to the degree that  besides every physical reaction ever noted, my eyes and
throat swelled up and I'd stop breathing and begin to die.

My doctor devised a way of using several antibiotics, in milder doses, but every few hours through-
out the day.  If I started having a reaction, I  could quit the meds immediately with a fighting chance
of  getting to the  ER for help.  I was one scared cookie!  I asked  Higher Self  for  permission to do
this,  and got a big "YES"!  It was time to " slay some old dragons"  and to  acquire some additional
options as we move into our new reality.  I was to learn to  INTEGRATE  BOTH  TRADITIONAL  &
ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES so as to move into what was called "COMPLEMENTARY" or "INTEG-
RATIVE MEDICINE"__ a combination of the highest and best of both methods. Actually, I'd  already
been using alternative remedies to deal with reactions to the traditional medications.

In this life,  I had already  lived through four  Near-Death-Experiences,  and each time,  my physical
body had been  a catalyst for some sort of  transformation,  not only within self,  but also for health-
care professionals.  Whether they  accepted and applied  these suggestions  into  transformational
opportunities, was not made known to me,  except in this most recent case. When my doctor heard
how I had dealt with the side effects__ and there were many__by using holistic skills and remedies,
she was impressed. Although she did not ask me for specifics, I think she thought I was referring to
the use of herbs, for within a few weeks her waiting room had literature available on the use of her-
bal remedies,  and the receptionist  showed me some  herbal sprays  they now had available for at
least a dozen minor health problems. A seed was sown__ and it sprouted!

I was fast becoming a recluse, whether I wanted to be or not. Was I being laid so very low because
of attitudes or beliefs that needed changing concerning my Inner Self__ as I knew that my outer life
was created from my own consciousness. I DECIDED LIFE  WAS TRYING TO  SHOW ME SOME-

3/13/98:  Friend June said she sensed that I had  "taken on my power" somehow.  I noticed when I
walked across the Safeway Plaza  & when I walked home after the mean dog incident,  I was MOV-
ING  DIFFERENTLY,  and when I  checked with  H.S.,  I was informed of  "WALKING IN MY POW-

Joyce then related her version  of how I'd changed during this winter in Arizona,  and it recalled my
deep-seated fear that following my spiritual path as I'd done consciously for 15-16 years or more, it
might someday either bring harm to loved ones close to me (the Cathar/healing/Inquisition life) from
outside persecutions__ OR, would alienate me from loved ones. Well, all this year,  MY FEAR HAD
ALREADY  MANIFESTED,  although  not as intense  as in other fateful lifetimes. So my worst fears
had come true. I manifested it with my "expectations". SO WHAT IS LEFT TO FEAR when it comes
to relationships? I experienced it, and I survived the emotional trauma.

I told
J & J  how this had become  my way of processing difficult issues.  I allowed,  even FORCED
myself to fully feel anger, pain, disgust, fear, whatever so as to work through it more quickly, rather
than having the negative emotions hang on and on for days, weeks or months, attracting further di-
fficulties to myself.  As time has passed,  I can "
process"  it faster & faster, until now,  I process in a
few hours,  usually.  With the  mean dog incident  this AM,  it took less than  ONE  MINUTE  for me
to choose to deal with it immediately,  and to then  process it;  rather than  finding some way  to get
around it  or avoid it.  I then knew  I didn't have to  take on the  dog's  problems  (as we did  with the
dog with arthritis, etc.,  nor did I have to  "
send love"  to it.  Just   let it__ allow it,  to be what it is__
mean-spirited, fearful, whatever.

I'm cutting myself more slack with the "failures" now. I see, too, it isn't a bad reflection on me for not
being "good enough" to overcome failures
; it just means "oh, well... back to the drawing board.!"

For years and years, because of childhood and youth programming, I'd concluded that showing any
fear or  negative emotion  was wrong__  or brought  retributions,  so I didn't  let myself  FEEL much
of anything.  After the heart valve problem,  I learned to LET MYSELF FEEL FULLY__  and then to
dare to let others see and know what I felt. Next i learned that completely allowing emotions to exist
in self, somehow was "healing"; i.e. they catalyzed new resolutions  more rapidly than before  when
I only analyzed them. Then I discovered that "STRONG EMOTIONS CAN CHANGE DNA CODONS

So now I'm at this point where I
purposely INTENSIFY EMOTIONS in self to the point of conscious-
ness breakthroughs and DNA changes.  And it takes less and less time to do so . That's why  J & J
wondered what had happened. They never saw me doing it.  I did it in private  in a few minutes,  or
few hours at most, so the "processing" time  doesn't go on while I'm in public. Also, as I work out the
"preventive medicine measures" and ACT on them__i.e.,  face the problem  with the mean dog and
resolve it once and for all__ I don't attract as many repetitive situations, and therefore don't have to
"do my thing" so often. Life flows more smoothly.

The Human DNA is a Biological Internet
The DNA within  All That Exists  is actually  written into the Basic Blueprint  of the Universe's back-
ground of quantum mechanics itself. Living cells can pick up patterns of  electromagnetic waves__
even when they're sent over the Internet to another lab,  and synthesize the DNA encoded in those
;  i.e.,  we can send a treatment  (homeopathics or Intentions)  in an e-mail,  and then play it
back. Our body synthesizes the DNA that's in that file__ and it heals us!
When we are  Multidimensional,  our psychic abilities  reawaken  and we develop  a second neural
network at the etheric level,  switching on the  44 DNA codons  that were  previously dormant. This
second neural network is what allows us to live in multiple densities at once. We can hear, see and
communicate with others in these dimensions.

In Summary... "These experiments  represent the science behind how we can choose a  TIMELINE
to stay secure,  no matter what else is happening."... "basically, Time in 3-D  is not just linear (past,
present and future),  but it also has depth.  The depth of Time consists of all the 'potential'  prayers,
affirmations  & timelines  that could ever be  intended or exist.  Essentially,  all our prayers &  inten-
tions have already been answered!  We just activated  the one we're living through our FEELINGS.
This is  how we  create our  Reality__ by choosing it  with our feelings.  Our feelings are  activating
the timeline via the web of creation"... The Creative Force Field... "which connects all of the energy
and matter of the Universe."...

Remember that the Law of the Universe  is that we attract  What we Focus on. If you are focused
on fearing whatever may come,  you are sending a strong message to Universe to send you what-
ever you fear.  Instead,  if you can get yourself into feelings of joy, love,  appreciation or gratitude,
& focus on  bringing more of that into your life,  you are going to  avoid the negative stuff automat-
ically." ..."You will be choosing a different timeline with your feelings."... So here's your protection
for  whatever comes
:  Find something  to be happy about  every day,  and every  hour  if possible,
moment-to-moment,  even if only  for a few minutes.  This is the  easiest and  best p rotection you
can have.  If nothing else,  be joyous that  the criminals have  'already been caught'  by Universe
Video: "DNA Coding" 10 min.

Then I came across the following piece of information:
* http://howtoraiseyourvibration.blogspot.com/  "How Will You Know  When You Have Activated 12
Strands of DNA
? "  Gregg Braden shows us that we really do have the potential to  re-activate our
"missing" strands of  DNA,  which have been  dormant for many, many lifetimes.  This is  thought to
occur after we experience a "
Kundalini Rising" to establish Oneness with our HigherSELF,  unseal
the 7 chakras of our body  and bring  hyper-communication  with other dimensional realms  into our

David Wilcock: "Everything is ALIVE! The Universe is a LIVING BEING! The DNA within All That
Exists is actually written into the basic blueprint of the Universe's background of quantum mechan-
ics itself."... Life in the air is Light

ML: Are these  "lights/stars" we're seeing in our bedroom at night  quantum energy?  Are we being
made aware of technologies  we never could tune into before?  It's coming in slowly, as we may not
realize  what these  new technologies  can do for awhile.  Will we  communicate with  the rest of the
Galaxy?  Will we be a quantum receiver and/or transmitter  between solar systems or galaxies? Will
we figure out "
Who" we're talking with?

December 5th, 2013:  CoasttoCoastAM.com  program featuring  Gerald Clark,  discussed how
the news that  400,000-year-old human DNA has been uncovered,  relates to his  research & book.
He said this news supports the Sumerian cuneiform creation epic of
homo sapiens sapiens __ "us"
__ being  genetically re-engineered  over  200,000 years ago
;  and reveals that  there were  "more
potential bipedal humanoids"__ ('such as an ostrich-like "Birdwoman"?)__ possibly created by even
earlier  off-world visitors.  Clark  explained how  "
we have  thousands and  thousands  of cuneiform
tablets  with all kinds of writing  detailing the origins of mankind

Vibrational Remedies: Pegasus Products.com)  can be used to  overcome
the  physical discomforts  of the  DNA and  body changes  now occurring.  Lacking that,  one or two
ounces daily of wine made from the dark purple, concord grapes will also aid the  digestive process.
(If you are on prescription medications, check with your doctor or pharmacist before adding an alco-
holic beverage to your diet.)

Many people of the Canary Islands, the Pyrenees Mountains, Morocco, the Iberian Peninsula - Ber-
bers, Basques, and the Royal Iroquoi, Great Lakes Mound Builders  (a few other tribal nations),  as
well as  the Picts of Iran. . . carry the  
X Haplotype   genetic marker.  The  Basque people  have the
highest percentage!  So far, the X Haplotype  is the only  blood type that does not trace back to  Af-
rica, nor does it trace back to any known source on this planet. True research on this is not yet con-
clusive__ still,  interestingly enough__ the areas where this  rare Haplotype is found... are the same
areas said by the great psychic  
Edgar Cayce,  to be where  survivors of  Atlantis and Lemuria fled
after the sinking of their continents!

David Wilcock #111. Gaia.com
"Group Intentions affect the Electromagnetic Field Fluctuations, and can be measured by comput-
ers. Therefore we can also affect physical matter in our own reality. Experiments with
Water's Me-
Retention in white blood cells began in 1985,  when bio-molecules  communicated with their
receptor molecules  by sending out  low-frequency  Electromagnetic signals,  which  the receptors
picked up like radios tuned to a specific wavelength__ those from Torsion Fields. How can a mol-
ecule act as an antenna for EM wavelengths of several kilometres? And how does the memory of
water fit into all that?"

"Torsion Fields have
non-locality. Can our DNA Electromagnetically 'TELEPORT'  itself?  Our un-
iverse can  exchange  information  with  computers
;  so we can do so  with  living  and  non-living
forms. We can affect the flow of Electricity in the computer. So, why not so affect what's in water?
Consciousness  can generate Torsion Fields that  change the structure of water,  and  heal__  be-
cause Earth and All Her LIfeforms have water in them, too

Is our Universe made of Unity Consciousness,? It must, in order to "work" the way it does!

The Crystalline Grid Structure of Unification__ of "Oneness"
Was triggered for planet Earth at  12-21-12.  As the sunlight  of the preceding season dies, the sun-
light of the new season  welcomes the 13th strand  of our DNA__ the " Universal Love Strand". Like
fine wine,  the Winter Solstice, 12-21-12,  began the  Incubation period  of that  Love strand,  which
stores all the information necessary to live in  New Earth in  ascended mastery,  as the New Christ-
Conscious Human Soul.  
March 21st,'13, the Spring Equinox, Birthed it. June 22, the Summer Sol-
stice  brought its Ripening, and
September 21st, the Autumn Equinox, implanted that "resurrected
"Christ intelligence"  Love strand into Lightworkers, Forerunners, Wayshowers, etc., preceding
for all who were spiritually-embodied.

D. Wilcock:  Nobel Laureate in Biology, Dr. Luc Montaguer, in 2011, experimented with DNA and
discovered that   DNA can  transport itself  from  one vial of water  to a s econd  vial of water  using  
7Hz frequencies of  electromagnetism.  The water molecules in the second tube,  rearranged them-
selves into matching DNA. This  "quantum field effect' doesn't require other life first. Therefore, our
DNA must exist in the background of space itself!  

Mutation of Species
With the series of magnetic currents through the roving Earthspot, ( temporary magnetic poles), we
will see aurora borealis visible at times all over Earth. This means that  magnetic media will be sub-
ject to being wiped clean.

More recent information  about the  "Photon Belt" idea,  is that  it is  NOT a  section of  outer space
through which our planet Earth is moving.
The Guides related that as Earth moves further and fur-
ther into the 4th and higher density existences,  She automatically attracts more photons to Herself,
as her vibrations rise. Humans and all life on Earth are then bathed in a sort of "Photon Shower".

We will all  remain in this photon "belt" for  
2,000 years.  During this remarkable time,  the photonic
energies are triggering  a compete restructuring of life as we know it.  This occurs  because photon
light energy  has the capacity  to lift all of life  into a higher frequency density as it carries the seeds
for the enlightenment of all. ("
The Harvest") The atomic structures within the cells of our bodies are
slowly retuning themselves to match these rising frequencies. We will be shifting from a 3-D carbon
based body  (one that matches  the atomic frequency  and spin of carbon)  all the way up  to a  5-D
crystalline body or L ight Body (to one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of silicon-quartz
crystals). So too, the bodies of animals, plant life, minerals & all upon and within the earth are mak-
ing this transition as is our entire solar system and galaxy.

As the process of rebuilding our light bodies continues, we will slowly begin to notice the effects of
becoming  fully conscious of our multi-dimensiona-ldensity. (Recall that each of  the various Densi-
ties,  holds more  Dimensional States  than the  previous  Density.)  These states  will come about
when our 12 strands of DNA have finally re-fused, reconnected and activated. We then experience
life within the consciousness of multi-dimensionality. In this level of consciousness, we live in Moth-
er Earth's density while retaining our connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms.
No longer  cut off from other densities__  including the 1st (Earth's Core) and the  2nd (Elementals,
Nature Spirits,  Minerals,  plants,  animals density__ we will operate from a state of  heart-centered
compassion  (Christ-Unity Consciousness: Oneness).  This will remain  regardless  of what density  
we find ourselves in at any time. Eventually, we will learn how to live successfully in a galactic soc-
iety, and ultimately in a universal society.

We can actively co-operate in this process by trying to reach some understanding about what's ha-
ppening to us. The light from the Photons entering through our pituitary and pineal glands is prima-
rily driving this DNA recoding process. We are, also,  being reconnected very slowly, otherwise our
physical bodies and our nervous systems could burn out  and we would not survive intact. Our abil-
ity to interact with and absorb  the new frequencies of light into  our physical bodies,  will determine
how we progress in the next step of our physical and spiritual evolution.  And by carefully observing
 beliefs and our  actions,  while using  emotion and  will as the fuel  to grow spiritually,  we will
change and clear many undesirable old thought-forms & patterns that no longer serve us or others.

The best and most trusted guidance always comes from
within yourself, rather than from a lecturer,
a guru,  a newsletter, book, recording or  online article or program.  Be wary of  those offering tech-
niques to  hasten or unduly advance  your DNA recoding__ such as  "
opening  the chakras  before
their time
"__ particularly if they  carry  a large price tag.  Many  higher beings,  angelic  guides and
masters are actively involved with us at this time. If you are in doubt about "
Who or What is contac-
ting me
",  See (Teachings.html) "Recoding to 12 Strand DNA Sequence & Entering Into the Photon

: "Scientists
Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies."

                                 The Human DNA is a Biological Internet
It operates far better than the artificial, material ones.

* "Russian  DNA Discoveries Explain  '
Paranormal' Human Events.'  http://rense.com/   Phenomena
such as  clairvoyance,  intuition,  spontaneous and  remote  acts of  healing,  affirmations,  unusual
light/auras around people,  mind's influence on weather patterns  and much more were explained in
the Russian's research. There are also hints of a whole new type of medicine in which
DNA can be
influenced & reprogrammed by words & frequencies
without cutting out and splicing single genes.

The Russians,  convinced that  Nature was not dumb,  joined linguists and geneticists  to explore
the 90% 'junk DNA
'"... he idea of our genetic code being formed from "fire letters". apparently holds
true.  It's now accepted that our DNA  is not only responsible for
 the building of our physical body,  
a communication device,  but also serves as  a sort of  data storage.  The genetic code,  and
especially, t he "junkDNA", operate by the same rules  as our human languages. The syntax__ how
we put our words together to form sentences or phrases_ _& the semantics__ the meaning of lang-
uage formations__ plus grammar's basic rules are followed by the alkalines of our DNA just like our
languages. Our very words and phrases are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

http://www.in5d.com/gregg-braden-dna-and-consciousness.html "Gregg Braden:  DNA &  Cons-
."  The website offers  three astonishing DNA experiments  done by scientists  that prove
DNA can heal itself according to the "feelings" of the individual.

In Summary... "These experiments represent the science behind how we can choose a timeline to
stay secure,  no matter what else  is happening."... "basically, Time in 3-D  is not just  linear (past,
present and future),   ut it also has depth. The depth of Time consists of all the 'potential'  prayers,
affirmations & t
imelines  that could ever be intended or exist . Essentially, all our prayers & inten-
tions have already been answered!  We just activated the one we're living through our FEELINGS.
This is how we create our reality__by choosing it with our feelings. Our feelings are activating the
timeline via the web of creation"... The Creative Force Field... "which connects all of the energy &
matter of the Universe

Remember that the law of the Universe  is that we attract what we Focus on.  If you're focused or
fearing  whatever may come,  you are  sending  a  strong  message  to the Universe  to  send you
whatever you fear.  Instead,  if  you can get yourself into feelings of joy, love, appreciation or grat-
itude,  and focus on bringing more of that  into your life,  you are going to avoid  the negative stuff
." .. ."You will be  choosing a different timeline  with your feelings.".. ."So here's your
protection for whatever comes
:  Find something  to be happy about  every day,  and  every hour if
possible,  moment-to-moment,  even if only  for a few minutes.
 This is the  easiest and  best prot-
ection you can have.  If nothing else,  be joyous that  the criminals have  'already been caught'  by
the Universe!
"   Video: "DNA Coding" 10 min..

* After 30 years of meditation and intuitive guidance from within  I began to feel that  I was  "
and listening to myself
",  rather than to The Guides, The Arcturians, the Sirians, the Angels, St.
Germaine,  El Morya,  Yeshua,  Mary Magdalene, Gaia,  etc
.. And I wondered why there should
be so many different  "
sources".  The  Inner Knowing arrived  that since  I AM One  with everything
alive  on the planet,  in the solar system,  the galaxy and  universe,  I AM also__ The Guides,  the
Angels, The Arcturians,  etc.__ and They are Me! So in one sense, "I AM__ talking to Myself!
Guides may simply be "
Who We Are Becoming."

Then I came across this information
: (http://howtoraiseyourvibration.blogspot.com/)  "How Will You
Know  When You Have Activated  12 Strands of DNA
? "  Gregg Braden showed us  that we really
do have the potential to re-activate our "missing" strands of DNA, which have been dormant for ma-
ny, many lifetimes. This is thought to occur  after we experience a  "
Kundalini Rising" to establish a
Oneness with our HigherSELF,  unseal the  7 chakras of our body  and bring  hyper-communication
with other dimensional realms into our minds.

With continued  spiritual practice and soul purification,  the high heart will be expanded and the spi-
ritual chakras 8-12  
(Newchakras.html )  will move  through their activations one at a time. Each ac-
tivated chakra brings in more energy and is the catalyst for the next higher chakra to open. As each
spiritual chakra opens, we move through powerful, euphoric, blissful Initiations."

When the  12th chakra is fully activated,  you will merge with all 12 of your higher aspects,  and you
will  KNOW of your multi-dimensionality__ because many of your spiritual gifts will have been retur-
ned to you__
clairvoyance,  clairsentience,  clairaudience and claircognizance... you will see, feel,
hear and know of  your very own
spiritual council of 12  which is YOU__  just higher aspects that
re-side in your higher dimensions!

The 12 Signs of Zodiac relate to our 12 DNA Strands. (S. Parkes)

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                          By  MARILYN LA CROIX