"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                       By  MARILYN LA CROIX



                    "IQ is always relative to one's environment.... IQ tests today measure mathematical
                      ability, logic and reasoning, but still aren't able to measure creativity, compassion,
                      intuition or fine arts ability."
Bill Bockus: "The Universe: Theoretical Physics for the Young Adult."

Polishing and Learning to Use Our 4th Density Skills is the fifth step towards creating with  
Multi-Density Technologies
.  Curiously,  the creative skills used by  successful artists are similar
to the spiritual skills of an expanded consciousness,  allowing then to use the new technologies eff-
                                      * "How Our Universe Works."
                                            Coping with an Uneasy Planet.
                                            We Create Our Own Reality.
* "The Power of Focus"
                                            Physical Creative Skills
                                            Mental Creative Skills
                                            Emotional Creative Skills
                                            Spiritual Creative Skills
 * " Brain Waves & Creativity."
                                            Creativity in Sports.
            * "Higher Senses."
                                            Artworks Hold Creative Magic.
             *  "Symbols as 4th Density Screens."
                                     * "The Creative Force Field Responds."
                                     * "The Creative Personality."
                                     * "The Cultural Creatives."

The Guides: 2015:
What each of us thinks and feels  is now manifesting very quickly.  We must convince ourselves
that we are fully competent to do the things we see fit for self,  and for all life on Earth at this time.
There is a part of you__  as with all humans and with Earth__ that is dying. LET IT GO. See what
comes up  in its place.  You'll like it . You are nearing  the final level of your  Awakening Process.  
When__ and if__  you can control your mind, body & feelings  in the manners previously outlined,  
you will be living THE NEW REALITY every moment."    

"Healing had no longer worked  in the Lost River Valleys. The drying up Lost Rivers could no long-
er carry the energy necessary for Healing & Manifesting and the valleys were dying. Also, the ma-
ny Lightworkers holding that consciousness within themselves, had left for other areas. There was
no longer a Group  holding those spiritual Intentions for the area,  and the town was  economically
distressed. The Lost Rivers were entirely dry. The valleys were dying. So negativity has been very
strong there."  
However,  over the past few years,  things have changed.  People seeking  spiritual  enlightenment
have been moving  into the Lost River Valleys again!  Many of these  new people  are already able
to perform  Alternative Healing and  Manifesting.  However,  there is__ for now__ still no  organized
Spiritual or Metaphysical Group holding regular meetings there.

"In most parts of this world, humans are still destroying the planet, as water, soil and air are poison-
ed with chemicals, nuclear radiation, mining, war and fracking for oil."

"It is all in the Earth.  The World Tree,  holding the  seed of  humanity's origins,  has always
been in the Earth and always will be.  Should  the trunk, the branches and leaves  wither or be cut,
or the fruit be rotted or diseased__ will not the roots remain, ready to spring forth once more, to re-
generate again and again in response to the Sun and Cosmic nourishment?"

We Cosmic Starseeds, Lightbearers, Wayshowers, and Wanderers everywhere are receiv-
ing notice of Earth-Gaia's state of crisis__  and are being asked to ASSIST HER

We will be working with the
"FORCES OF NATURE", and "THE UNIVERSE" as we move through
4th Density Reality and learn to REGENERATE THE NEW EARTH.

Later we'll move into the 5th Density Reality along with Earth Herself:
(Part I: http://www.futurealities.info/Process.html).

We'll be learning How Our Universe Works and How to Heal & Manifest.
For in order to pass smoothly to an evolved consciousness & higher densities of existence, we can
__ together__ gradually Create the New Reality for the entire planet and All Life upon Her. We shall
develop the skills necessary for
 Co-Creating with a Unity Consciousness,  learning to apply the
skills by Connecting with our own Inner Spiritual Guidance,  to raise our bodies' vibrational levels to
the higher frequencies enabling ascension to Earth's
5th Density.

Part III: Chapters 5 through 11, of "Creating From the Future" (http://www.futurerealities.info/Twilight.html),  
reveals  How to Ascend to The Next Higher Reality__The Fifth Density. If we are to cope with
the challenges of a  Diseased Planet these days, we & our children must first evolve our body's en-
ergies beyond our present 3-D emphasis on hierarchical systems, separation, material greed, intol-
erance, competition, disrespect and the devastation of Earth.

As our world becomes crazier day by day, we look around to see who or what is causing these hor-
rendous challenges,  fears and miseries.  We tend to blame others  for our sufferings,  but it is  WE
who have created so pathetic an existence for ourselves__
We Create Our Own Realities.

The goals of  Multi-Density Technologies  are not about success, fame or fortune,  but rather about
healing ourselves,  inside and out,  & manifesting our "
needs"__ not necessarily our "wants"__ with
Intellect, Emotion and Intention.

We do so by first Evolving Our Consciousness. Which means we need to fully understand The
Creative Process & how to apply  The Creative Modes & Skills  to contact our HIGHER SELVES__
SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS. We are not attempting to tell you what you "should" do__ your Higher
Self can do that. We merely want to inform you of options, and probabilities available to you.   

Using Focus
It's 3 AM. 1991. I'm in the Eastern Idaho, Regional Medical Center ER with a severe nosebleed. An
hour later, I'm ready to go home, but whenever I stand up I start to lose consciousness.  Previously,
if I fainted,  I 'd often enter an altered state of awareness & receive spiritual insights.  Right now, I'd
rather pass out  than suffer the nausea and vertigo of being  only half-conscious. To avoid falling &
hurting myself, I reach towards the floor with one hand, mumbling that I'm about to faint but the nur-
se holds me up by the other arm and calls out for a wheelchair.

You don't have to faint."  she says firmly.  "Just pick out a dot  in one of those tiles  and stare at it;  
concentrate on it __ place all your mind's attention there

She doesn't understand. I
want to go to the "other side" & have my "peak experience". But she con-
tinues holding me up, repeating how  I must focus on that stupid tile.  Finally realizing  this is getting
me nowhere,  besides prolonging the discomfort, I do what she suggests__ and to  my amazement,
the nausea and dizziness immediately vanish.
Using both  Intuitive-Inspiration and Intellectual-Expressive Modes of the Creative Process,  we de-
velop abilities vital to  manifesting life's necessities on expanded levels,  to draw upon and enhance
aspects of  our entire organism__  physical, mental, emotional, energetic and  spiritual__  to unlock
life purposes,  refine our  inner and  outer lives and prepare us for
Part IV: Advanced Multi--Density
that assist us to Co-Create Earth's New Reality.

When attuning to the Creative Force within, First Enlightenment individuals Awaken their
Creative Drive.

In the Inspirational Mode, our physical senses become keener & awaken Creativity Skills.

Can we, simply by shifting our Focus, change our Perceptions of Reality? Can something
as simple as Attention either keep us in a present state, or transport us to Expanded Lev-
els of Consciousness?

The nosebleed episode above says "Yes".

Painters express their personal views of the outside world.
Realist painters see the outer surface
appearance__ the Objective side of things as their truth.  
Impressionists see truth in the  Object-
tive, but also in the illusory play of light
; while Abstractionists believe truth lies in the inner impre-
ssions or experiences of the subject__the Subjective side of Reality__believing that the more they
can simplify the subject matter, the more freedom of expression they enjoy.

Whether we Focus on an objective or subjective goal as creators, our task is to portray the
world  either as we  perceive it,  intuit it,  or as we desire it to be
.  We have succeeded when
we produce
Expressions delivering our personal truths, feelings and beliefs about life.

However we chose to express ourselves,  certain Creative Skills  need to be learned in preparation
Part IV: Advanced Mulit-Density Technologies, These skills can be acquired  by anyone having
the passion or discipline  for regular practice.  Although they  spring from engagement in creative a-
ctivities__ music, painting, theater, dance, writing,  sports,  prayer, scientific innovation, meditation,  
teaching or healing__ when approached with an open mind, they reveal a broader depth to them.

Movement,Time. We move forward one step at a time. The Creative Process wanders; it stops to
explore,  falls down & then gets up again. Physical movement, action & an appropriate use of Time
accelerate personal development. Our perception of Time changes when we lose ourselves in clo-
se attention to creative activities.  For creative people,  it's the boring  everyday routine that's really
the altered state of today's world.  We may experiment with Time and Focus, setting Time Limits on
creative exercises to boost our innovative juices.

Discipline.  When we're painting or crafting just for fun,  we can't wait to start. But the professional
artist can tell you how the words, "
have to"  cast a dark spell.  Getting up every morning  to execute
an  acceptable work of art & meet deadlines,  requires tremendous discipline and commitment. The
professional can't wait for the right mood
; she has to produce in quality, in quantity__ and on time.

When  first shifting  from an ordinary day job  to full-time  professional painting,  most artists take a
week or more  setting the studio in order,  clearing out cupboards and old art publications , search-
ing for inspiring music__but accomplishing little or no actual painting.  The next two or three weeks
__ with palette, brushes, notes, photos and sketches  neatly laid out beside them__ they stare at a  
blank sheet of  paper or canvas,  unable to bring themselves  to place  a single brush stroke  on its

For others__ transiting gradually from full to part-time jobs__ slowly gaining more hours for painting
and marketing,  a delayed effect may occur.  When I first sold a painting for a thousand dollars, I al-
most chickened out  when facing each dauntingly huge, blank sheet of paper,  realizing I had to find
some way to transform it into a work of art worth that price or more.

At first it's hard,  but after  regularly applying ourselves  to play piano,  learn  a new language,  play
chess or spend time exercising,  we soon reap the rewards  and truly enjoy the discipline.  But if we
invest all our leisure time  in being couch potatoes,  fantasizing about our  "one man show" in
__ nothing happens. Even if we visualized well, we can't produce unless we get up & move.  
It's hard to be another
Rembrandt if we can't avoid the computer, cellphone or TV screen.

As we engage in art,  we first  try to become  skillful  with  tools and  equipment.  During  this stage,
most artists  "broke their necks"  to make the artwork look "real". The invention of the camera, how-
ever,  devastated painters' incomes  at the end of the nineteenth century.  Some began abstracting
subject matter  from the very
act of painting itself.  No longer  giving a damn about making  their art
look "real",  they stopped imitating nature__  although nature remained  a primary source of Inspira-
tion.  With impressionistic or abstract designs, the forms, colors or lines  were only suggested, i nvi-
ting viewers  to complete the work of art with their own minds. This required Attention, Attitude, Har-
mony, Independent Judgment, Risk-Taking, Organization and Intention.

Attention: Energy__ earthbound or cosmic__ will flow according to the path of least resist-
. If we only see the negative in every situation, the energy flows toward negative outcomes__
and our life seems devoid of positives.

Creative work demands a  Focus on one specific aspect of the work,  as well as attention to nature.
people, objects and events.  Unless we  Stay Present in each moment, centered on the  
Doing of a
tproject  rather than on its  
Outcome,  we lose the link to our  inspirational source,  making it almost
impossible to break free of ordinary traits__ to be true to our personal perspectives__or be Original.

Attitude.  Attention is always projected through Attitudes,  and Our Attitude__ positive or negative
__determines the Quality of the reality We Experience.

Harmony is a science.  Its generators are the true artists,  for by imprinting their passionate, loving
feelings and inspirations into physical works,  they engender resonance between Earth and Higher
realms,  transmitting impressions from one density octave to another. Most of us have such short a-
ttention spans,  we seldom gain higher insights for more than a few moments. Sometimes, listening
to inspirational music vibrates us in harmony with expanded levels.

Independent Judgment: One of our most valuable Creative Skills is our Freedom to Choose. We
may not realize  that to abstain from choosing__  is itself__ a choice.  Matured artists  detach them-
selves from formulas or standard techniques,  & balance simplification and complexity,  recognizing
ing what is__  or is not__  in the best interests  of each project.  They include enough complexity to
keep things  surprisingly dynamic__ but simplify  according to  a wider perspective__ distinguishing
what is  or isn't  necessary  to express  the message of the project.  Rather than  choosing  to do  a
thing "exactly like what they already  '
know'",  they choose to  do it  "from within a  broader range of
". They accept mistakes gladly , learning to honor them as Signals of Super-conscious-
ness Egging Them On.

It's mostly our self-imposed,  hard-nosed rigidity  that  limits our creativity  because we are afraid to
Risk change,  afraid to differ from our peers,  or from those we have empowered  as our experts  or
authorities. This attitude  stems from problems with  sharing our creativity.  When artists can  obser-
ve from detached points of view, they can drop defensiveness about their work.

When first seeking  to place art work in galleries,  it felt as if  exposing my work  to critical strangers
was like walking into their offices naked. Even though I'd earlier sent slides, had a firm appointment
and driven hundreds of miles to keep it__ at the last hour,  I'd become so nauseous I'd have to can-
cel out.  This continued  until I learned to  detach my personal identity  from my art. Once the works
were framed and sent out into the world, they began  their own lives.  Guided into proper channels,
each determined its own destiny.  Innovative individuals  view scary obligations from a detached pt.
of view.

Organization:  Through artistry, we develop a schedule, find similarities in the dissimilar,  & create  
order from disorder.  Even organizing some household drawer,  cupboard or closet shelf  before be-
ginning a new painting can entrain the proper frame of mind for composing artwork.

The universe is often likened to  a complex machine.  We feel at home  with things we can  touch or
see,  and the machine idea  allows us to  
grok new concepts  from a materialist viewpoint.  An artist
or athlete, however, must harmoniously organize mind, body & emotions to juggle both inspirational
insights and skillful performances. Mind and heart can be combined in that peculiar  
Unstable Equil-
__ where the Harmony of Emotion and Intellect teeter__ and Chaos Births Unique Inspiration.

Intention:  We all have a deep sense of  Purpose__ a Will to Birth,  to Change,  to Transform or to
Manifest something.  Intentions open us  to a more expanded or surprising viewpoint than we might
have held before the present situation arose. "
As the spiritual energy artist creates,  he can consc-
ously intend the vibrational impacts of the  colors, shapes & techniques  he has chosen to radiate
his inspirations. Intention fosters that sensation
." Not only when we are creating images or sounds
ourselves, but even when they__ negative or positive__ are being viewed or heard by others, even
years after its making.  Intent whispers to everything__  even  the Intention  in the mind of  a doctor,
when he writes out a prescription can awaken the patient's healing process.

Perceptual Flexibility:  It's not so much  what we  see,  or  what happens,  as  how  we choose to
view it and feel it. Logical planning and skillful, decisive action may not be enough to bring forth our
masterpieces. We need to hold an appropriate attitude as we take action.
Perceptual Flexibility & a
Willingness to observe how others operate, can replace mental rigidity and self-limitation.


Joy:  Emotion electrifies our life force and bring s hidden seed thoughts  into being.  As artist, mus-
ician, teacher,  author and  dear friend,  
Lalene Cargill Meyer__ remarked:  "No Heart__  No Art."  
Focusing on the years of study & struggle  necessary to be able to fully express our creative urges,  
and forgetting about  the ecstasy inherent  in the creative process,  we can turn our talent  into just
another daily job.  We can become  robotic,  and both our work and our life  soon lack sparkle.  Joy
comes  when we are so passionately intent  on what we're doing,  we forget everything else__even
ourselves. This happens when  we have clear objectives from moment to moment,  whether playing
golf,  singing in the choir,  crafting a new gunstock,  coaching the  baseball team,  designing  a new
website or forming a new lesson plan.

Willingness to Risk:  Creative individuals  love  challenges__ riddles,  puzzles,  mysteries. They
immerse themselves in  imaginative literature  and open  their minds  to unique feelings,  thoughts
or perspectives. They know that  creativity sprouts  from free-ranging,  uncritical thinking and from
self-examination of the motives behind their worn-out ideas, beliefs and expectations.

Trust: Eventually we come to trust universal feedback, and then we can align more precisely with
more expanded aims. Loving the working process, accepting the challenges of the difficult, & brav-
ing new territories pushes us beyond the status quo.  If a new idea doesn't work,  we find out what
went wrong, then simply start a new project. Courageous creators don't give up, knowing that soo-
ner or later it will work__ or, at least they'll discover why it doesn't.

In youth I dreamed about "
becoming" an artist. Dramatic changes occurred when I dared to declare,
I am an artist." Creative activities flowed more smoothly. The more serious I became about my art
work,  the more real it seemed__ the more rea
l I seemed. The dark periods in life create wombs in-
to which  new skills and awareness can birth.  They can be uncomfortable,  even horrendous while
they happen,  but when all the fuss and sniveling die down, we find a disguised blessing. The Emo-
tional Skills used in Creative Work are Unconditional Love, Joy & Willingness to Risk.   (
We will be learning how to evoke Emotion at will.

Imagination:  Every new project or idea  begins with an inner vision__ we can create nothing with-
out  first having a vision of it.  Imagination breathes life into our creations & must be exercised to re-
smain vital.  Whenever we Focus intently on a thought or image, we activate the energies necessa-
ry to manifest it into physical reality.

Universities experimented with students  electronically connected to  devices measuring  body proc-
esses.  While viewing various pictures,  their physiological responses  were recorded.  They  might
see  a picture of a depressed person  and their vitality level went way down.  When a picture show-
ed a vibrant, healthy animal,  their energy instantly shot up.  It makes us think twice about exposing
our minds toh current TV, electronic games and film offerings.

Visualization  opens our minds  to new possibilities,  whether through unusual information, people
and places or  unexplainable events__ even t raumatic incidents.  In fact,  the imaginative faculty of
human beings  is so powerful,  that totalitarian groups feared it.  
Hitler & Stalin  rounded up  all the
intelligentsia of Germany, Russia and the countries they invaded,  imprisoning artists,  politicians,
writers,  musicians and  inventors  in concentration camps and gulags. Many were eventually exter-

Visualization engenders creativity and hope.  It is of major concern  that here in the US, many of our
schools have dropped art and music classes  from their curriculum.  The effect on the students  is a
growing inability to recognize patterns,  to visualize planned projects,  & to find new ways to resolve
problems. We must ask ourselves__ "
Who benefits from this situation?"

Resonance:  "Becoming As One"  with the subject matter  of a work in progress enhances creativ-
ity.  As we vibrate in tune with trees, elk,  rocks,  clouds or a cowboy,  we attract insights  about the
subject that were formerly hidden from us. Patience & acceptance of periods of non-action allow for
deep probing of the inner self, bringing forth fresh perspectives on subject matter & technique.

Focusing Inward:  is a psychological force.  When turned toward inner realms,  intuition can prop-
el us into unknown worlds.  Continued focus on  feelings  activates our  
Inner  Psychic  Child__ our
sub-conscious,  automatic self.  It does not need the five physical senses.  It exists  in a state of aw-
areness apart from the physical, yet is acutely alert to the physical at all times because we've alrea-
dy  developed a consciousness  more inclusive  than ordinary  awareness.  
(Chapter 2: "Spirit Within")
Both ancient seers and modern day psychologists have suggested that this extended state of mind
and feeling_ _a lost art__ is imperative for a positive existence during the 21st century.

Re-patterning:  Both spirituality and art require a balancing of relationships.  Both the spiritual stu-
dent's and the professional artists' or musicians' basic tasks are to find common patterns & similarit-
ies in relationships.  For the artist or musician,  it is between  colors,  shapes, lines, & textures__ or
tones,  rhythms,  emphasis and impressions__ and, perhaps, between everything contacted via our
physical and  psychic senses. The Creative Engineer  looks first at  all possibilities,  adjusting what
doesn't harmonize and choosing what creates the wholeness he/she seeks.

Law of Attraction:  When we  live from the heart,  radiating joy  in all we do,  our feminine, holistic
nature activates an attracting force from deep within. The Intellectual-logical and Intuitive-emotional
drives of the subconscious  are like automatic magnets__ attracting ideas,  things,  people & situat-
ions according to whatever  we thoughtfully or emotionally focused on.  We make decisions intuitiv-
tively.  We sense pieces,  patterns and resonances  within in the whole,  then choose  from a wider
perspective. This divine electro-agnetism resonates with our personal missions.

Trust in Spirit: Conflicts between spirituality and science  often left us trying to live  either a "relig-
ious" life  apart from what we  perceived science to be telling us about Reality__ or a  "scientific" li-
fe,  often fearing we were  denying our faith.  Worse,  many of us  tried to live both. A price tag was
attached__ neither science nor organized religion  fully satisfied our need for Higher Creative Real-
ms. Creative activities require both trust & Faith
:  Either we have faith__ or we don't have faith. We
can neither pretend we have it__ nor can we fool ourselves that we have it__ but without Trust, Fe-
ar wreaks havoc on

Creative Skills of  Intuition, Meditation,  a sense of Oneness, Unconditional Love, Appecia-
tion and Gratitude
 with everything we see,  plus the ability to enter  various Brain Wave States at
will  are vital to both artistic skills  and to our consciousness evolution. They entrain  both the masc-
uline left-brain  and the feminine right-brain,  help us mature sexually , and finally lift us  beyond our
"adolescent"  consciousness stage.  We then automatically  attract information on  how to lift creati-
vity to even greater heights. Then we anchor it to Earth  by offering it to the world.  Additional Spiri-
tual Skills necessary to both artwork & spiritual creativity are  
Resonant Vibrations:  the Law of At-
and Trust.
Brain Waves & Creativity
The Beta Brain Wave State  relates to  everyday waking awareness & our  logical, reasoning mind.
Beta waves vibrate at levels of
14 cps (cycles per second ) or more.  "All four major states of mind
__ alpha, beta, theta and delta__  are going on in us at all times.  We can, however,  focus at any
one of these levels and cause most of our brain waves to vibrate on that desired level."

Beta and Alpha brain waves  are both closely related to creative endeavors.  Right-brain modes/Al-
pha states__ daydreams,  intuitions, dreams, visions, prayers, holistic perceptions__ are frequently
labeled the  "
artistic brain state",  in contrast to the  logical, reasoning,  more  sequential left side of
the brain. Alpha can interpret & blend  vast amounts of  seemingly unrelated bits of information into
broader views in less than a second.  Many New Children born into our world recently live primarily
in the alpha state.

An Indigo grandson participated  in a university sponsored think-tank experiment at his high school.
A problem__ one over which a team of college teachers and students  had labored for three weeks
__ was proposed. Grandson had the answer in ten minutes,  stating the experiment  indicated  that
The  effect  occurred  before  the  cause".  When asked how he was able to  arrive at this conclus-
ion so quickly, he suggested his musical training allowed him to "
think in different ways".

Serious creative work can raise us into  Higher Brain Wave States t hat more closely merge us with
our work,  and feelings of timelessness, mindfulness, difficulty in speaking words or  understanding
spoken words,  a sense of greater confidence, a lack of anxiety, and a relationship to shapes, lines,
textures and colors that are un-nameable.

Oddly,  alpha state__ the subconscious  Inner Psychic Child__  is even  more alert than the waking
beta mind.  Our memories reside in subconscious alpha,  as well as the beliefs programming our vi-
ews of who we think we are, and the reality  we currently believe we're experiencing. They form our
personalities and is close our inner truths.

The right brain hemisphere holds what many call the "
sixth sense". Many artists manifest spontane-
ous, powerful artworks by relying on their Inner Psychic Child__ their subconscious__which can br-
ing awareness of the power within and encourages trust in ourselves. We come to not only believe,
but also to know from first-hand experience,  that all life is connected.  In the Piscean Age, we oper-
ated with a strong sense of faith
;  but now in the Aquarian Age, we operate from a  Knowingness a-
rising from direct experience with the Creative Force.
Creativity in Sports
Creativity is alive in sports  through unity of  body,  mind,  emotion & spirit.  We can  appreciate this
when we see the amazing moves of great basketball players, the unexpected responses of  famous
boxers,  the unbelievable gyrations and leaps  of passionate dancers and gymnasts.  In order to un-
tangle the mysteries of our unexplored abilities and genius,  we too, must become passionate to ex-
perience adventure, strange territory and incomprehensible predicaments.

Athletes often describe this expanded state of awareness as being  "
In the Zone".  Tai Chi was tak-
en up by
Robert, "The Chief", Parish of the Charlotte Hornets to increase his basketball p roficie-
 Kareem Abdul Jabbar studied yoga.  Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls  spoke about be-
ing in  "
The Zone"  after a game against the  Portland Trailblazers__  game one of the  NBA Finals,
when he scored thirty-nine points, including six three pointers.
"Whenever this feeling comes", said
Jordan, "
you just cherish it. When I got in that rhythm, it was like: A Force." (Phil Jackson: "Sacred

And, it was indeed "A Force"__ it was their connection with The Creative Force Field that enabl-
ed them to perform far beyond their usual expertise. It's what Creative individuals do, creating great
music, artworks or dance movements, etc.. This is the State of Mind  we need to be able to enter at
will__ in order to be ready for Ascension__ and later, for living in
5th Density Earth.

Higher Senses.
Many artistic responders were already spiritually aware.  They confided that in their greatest works
they radically transcended everyday reality,  connected with something far greater than the self,  &
invited higher powers into their work. The Mongolian professional artist who channeled much of her
work, confided, "
Sometimes I painted  as if the artworks were  already completed on higher energ-
etic levels, and my  physical body and mind were only instruments bringing it into solid form."

"When I could perceive nothing more to be done for the work, I would stop. It seemed as if only ten
or fifteen minutes had passed,  but the clock would show it closer to two or three hours.  I'd look at
what lay on the watercolor paper before me. My eyes would fill with tears,  my heart swell joyfully,
overflowing with gratitude for the privilege of  delivering that elegance  into physical reality__ and
for the sheer ecstasy of being alive in this moment, in this place."

Modern art and music look ugly when they portray things no one likes to see or hear; but Great Art  
expands the heart & can be experienced on many levels, no matter how little art appreciation a vie-
wer has absorbed.  Establishing creative outlets &  sharing techniques with others brings feedback
from the environment and evokes trust in both self and universe.

Originality births out of unrestrained explorations of concepts,  emotions & techniques. To be truly
original,  we express strictly according to the most personal and unfamiliar parts of our inner being-
ness. And if we don't find joy in our work, we will seldom go beyond what others in our field have a-
lready produced__ neither will we have the incentive to hang tough and keep trying when the muck
deepens in those  unexplored territories. And those who no longer__ or never did__ absolutely love
what they do, will stop creating & evolving once they reach__ or give up on reaching __ peconciev-
ed ideas of how much money or recognition they desired to achieve.

Artworks Hold Creative Magic
Watercolor is my  painting medium  the summer of 1987  when I enroll in  crystal healing classes at
Grand Institute,
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Our instructor, Dr. Marcel Vogel, contin-
ually stressed the phrase
: "Water links life to Earth."  He taught us to vitalize things around us with
our essence. Any of us can Focus on a spot on the land and imprint it  using  our mind  or a crystal,
much as animals do with body fluids__  or as a painter does  with her medium  on canvas  or paper.
Sensitive persons can sit on,  lie on  or touch that  spot or that work of art__ or reach out towards it
__ and feel the artist's essence.
Both quartz crystals and human bodies  are vessels that  attract and store  Energies. "
Records are
written in stone
", announces Dr. Vogel. Ancient artists of Egypt, India, Sumeria, the Yucatan and
Andes,  lay hands on their stone artworks  and pulsed instructive messages into them. Thous-
ands of years later anyone touching those artworks can still intuit their messages. With appropriate
training we too, can receive, cohere, intensify  and project energies into our artworks or any matter.
(These methods are explained later.)

As he demonstrates  transpositions of the human body's subtle energies to me,  Marcel  predicts__
You will be teaching this through your artwork".  Later he tells me how to  structure & program the
water for my paintings. structured water can be charged with messages that are later transferred to
paper, pigments & viewers, or to human bodies for healing.  
(Ch. 12: "Energetic Intentional Healing.").

Home again, I create Mandalas__ paintings in a circular form__ based on a client's astrological na-
al chart.  Sacred Geometry shapes  included in these works  enhance contemplation  or meditation.
Mandalas aid the viewer to connect with higher powers, integrating physical,  mental and emotional
parts of self into a more coherent personality. Mandalas are pictured as headings for the
Five Parts
of this text.

Symbols as 4th Density Screens.
Symbols are 4th-density screens through which we view the mystical nature of our being. Our pers-
onal essence forms a brilliant pattern of energies pictured in auras (
Aura.html)__ astrology charts &
mandalas.  Ancient, powerful effects lie hidden in sacred mandala symbols. The circular chart or art
reacts profoundly upon both the maker & viewer, confirming humans are basically energy beings.

It gradually became obvious that some works of art can, within themselves, begin to hold a strange
and ancient sacred beauty,  and can project & imprint that spiritual quality beyond themselves
; ind-
icating or suggesting  the presence of its' creator's own  spiritual,  mental & emotional energies. As
any system  comes into harmony within itself   & becomes  "
cohered"__ vibrationaly unified__ what
quantum science now calls "
entrainment" starts to manifest, developing an ability to "entrain", or to
pull to itself", another system which previously was out of balance__ or out of synchronization.

After studying the inherent energies of natural materials,  I used them to paint the mandalas. Natur-
al ox-hair or sable brushes with wooden handles,  & pristine spring water from
 Idaho's  Craters of
the Moon
entrained the artworks with pure energies. Paint pigments__ ground up minerals__ rec-
ceive and  ground the water's messages, bonding with the pure cotton-rag paper.

A study of
The Kaballa as taught by the "Brotherhood of Light" correlated astrological symbols and
geographical locations with  colors, plant materials, minerals or gemstones, using sound and signif-
icant imprinting principles. These were programmed into the paintings with crystal techniques.

I wanted to use the
Four Elements__ Earth, represented by the pigments & paper  Air, which dries
the watercolor medium
; Water, holding the intended emotions, and Fire, representing the painter's
inspired thoughtforms. A fifth element,
Ether__ the energetic fabric of space__  The Creative For-
ce Field
__ carried out the potential for physical manifestation.

I also wished to include
The Four Kingdoms of Nature: mineral, vegetable, animal & human. The
first three were easy
:  I already knew the zodiac sign correspondences to the paint pigments, to the
plant formsand& to the viewer whose birth chart was being intuited. But nowhere could I find inform-
ation as to the
animals relating to all twelve zodiac signs.

The Creative  Force Field Responds
7-1987:  At the Grand Institute crystal healing classes, I exchange tales about metaphysical & spirit-
ual experiences with
Lori, a Utah shamaness. Months later, at the Los Angeles Crystal Convention,
she is drawn to the booth of
Sun Bear, a well-know  Native American.

He smiles, and says, "I
have something  for your friend", handing her a copy of his  book, "The  Me-
dicine Wheel
: Earth Astrology". He tells her to give it to the friend who's looking for this information,
insisting it be free of charge.

Lori knows I'm an astrologer and interested in Native American Lore, so she accepts. After mailing it
to me, I find it reveals the totem animals relating to all twelve zodiac signs.

Inner Psychic Child/-Subconscious  can attract the  highest and best to us.  There is far more
to this  
First Enlightenment business  than just sensing  The Creative Force at work in the world. By
invoking both  Intellect & I ntuition while painting__ or  NOT while painting__ just letting materials or
tough situations follow their own way to be__ a whole new situation can come into being.  

The Creative Personality
The myth of the artist being  selfish, arrogant or aloof  comes from his appearance & behavior when
The Zone__ the right brained, alpha, intuitive state. His close focus on the work & temporary ina-
ability to converse or to understand what's said to him at that time,  makes him seem aloof and dis-
connected from ordinary life situations. He is.  He seems detached__ but if his work uplifts or bene-
fits other humans, society or even the environment, it's hardly selfish.

The artists interviewed  for this book  generally led full lives,  shared themselves with others,  found
nourishment in  family, friends, the workplace & community,  and valued their connection to human-
kind. They were responsible people, who used their innovating gifts  in many areas of life.  Most ar-
tists set time aside to be In Tthe Zone regularly, because they understood the importance of that in-
ner connection. They often expressed gratitude  for the privilege of creating  & for living on Earth in
these currently "interesting" times.

An overwhelming 90% of those interviewed  applied the principles of what they discovered through  
artwork to other areas of their lives. About 70% were happiest while creatin__, feeling alive & enjo-
ying  life more fully. Others used art to relax,  to find peace by being at one with  Spirit, Earth or the
Creative Force.  Still others used art to  develop & keep  their individuality... "
Producing  what Iiked
rather than  what someone else said I should,
."  said a professional painter. "You really don't need
to wait for the right mood__ with practice,  you can learn to turn on the creative juices at any time.
In (
Chapter 2: "Connecting With Spirit Within") we discussed how to do this. (See Archives for more)

12-30-88:  Lori called this morning.  Her cancer has returned.  We talked for 2 hours.  The doctors.
have given up on her__ gave her a
carte blanche prescriptio  for any and all drugs  she might want.
She chided them for their attitudes. She wants a crystal healing from me. She told  of seeing
of Light
" reaching out from the mandala painting I sent her, "massaging" her temples and her crown
chakra__  "soothing and healing", she said.

She also described how a few weeks earlier,  when all of us  Vogel Class friends  came together on
Inner Planes for her  Crystal Healing Circle,  her home  
"rang" with the sound of a bell. Her parents  
also heard it upstairs, & for several days they continued to search the house for the  "
bell that kept
ringing" .
It must have been the intense vibrations  from all those minds and hearts focused as One.
If this is so, then Many, Many MInds & Hearts,  focused on Inner Planes,  could heal  Humanity and
; intensifying the vibrations to the frequency of  "LIGHT"__ even real light! I wept.

The Cultural Creatives.
Each of us  is an incredible reservoir  of  creative energy.  Everything impacts our senses,  and we
can choose what effect that impact will have on us.  We can  plod through life  lost in fogs of numb-
ing daily routines and difficulties,  or we can be awake to our local environment and use that aware-
ness to nurture a new reality from within.

Any spiritual or artistic discipline  stimulates the brain  to disclose the truth about oneself.  But that's
not enough, either__  one mus t live that truth, as well.  
Dr Paul Ray's company:  "American Lives",
does market research on  opinion poling.  He sees  the American population  divided into three sub-
: 1.) the traditional or "religious right";  2.) the  "moderns"  who focus their  tunnel vision on
acquiring and spending more money
;  and  3.)  the "Cultural Creatives"  a growing group whose int-
erests include altruism, environmentalism, global consciousness, women's issues, spirituality & self-

These are not "New Agers'. They are optimistic  & have a strong social conscience. They are care-
ful consumers. They live a different sort of life,  choose authenticity over fakes or media hypes, pay
less attention to TV or advertising,  read books and attend cultural events and workshops. Many al-
so produce or engage in arts or crafts.  Cultural Creatives  prefer  real experiences  over second or
third-hand information and collecting material goods.

When a "
First Enlightenment Stage" individual  attunes to his Inner Psychic Child-Subconscious,
he begins to sense that  he is leading a double life__ the everyday outer life, and a mysterious, en-
ticing inner life.  His mind, body & feelings seem to re-order themselves into new forms of energy &
harmony__ as if they, too__ are artistic mediums.

When a truly committed individual opens to  The Creative Force Field that inspires,  transforms and
makes everything new, she one day realizes__ without a doubt__ how Creative Skills lift her far be-
yond materialism__ and absolutely  impel her to apply  
Inspirations &  Expression to fashion a more
creative lifestyle, as well.

Creative people are far more than just  generators o f aesthetic handiwork  & fantastic actions.  We
may never win recognition  or receive a dime for our work. That's not imperative  in the larger sche-
me of things__ for on higher levels,  it's the striving, the learning__ not the result__ that counts. ne-
vertheless,  the Creative Skills we develop  can carry us through a lifetime of  beauty, richness and
fulfillment as we radiate energetic nourishment to all who thirst for it.


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