Yesterday I discovered how to see the aura around my hand . I had been reading words  
printed on white pages for awhile.  When I held out my hand__  the black opening of the fireplace
was behind it.  Light was flowing in from windows to my right.  As I focused on the fingers  and re-
laxed my mind, colors began to flow out and around my fingers where seen against the black back-
ground.  When I moved my hand  the aura moved and  flowed after it,  like water when one slowly

moves ones hand  through a basin or lake . I could see and feel that  the aura was ALIVE and MO
LF. Yesterday, when I felt a bit ill,  it was purple with dark blue
next to the fingers. Rosy reds flowed upwards from the fingertips
& some greenish-yellow appear-
ed at its outer edges. It extended about 3 inches outward from the skin's surface.

Today, the aura is a pale, bluish-white, and as I go into a loving, meditative state, it glows brightly
and "dances" quickly within itself, extending up to 4 or 5 inches outwardly. I seem to tingle as if my
has was in carbonated water!
 As it does so,  I "hear" a lovely tinkling sound through my skin. Also,
over the past few days or weeks, whenever I enter the silence, I set off a hot flash, breaking out in
perspiration, feeling a buzzing through me, which in turn may be trying to get ovaries to release an
egg. ?) I entered menopause about 3 months ago, so don't know
how long this phenomena will go
occurring. I used to perspire during study group meditations at times.  

7-19-89:  Reading in  "Healing Hands of Light"  by Barbara Brennan,  I surveyed  the aura of my
hands. I was able to envision all 7 levels, even the outer shape of my energy field which appeared  
as  a huge  SEED FORM  (see illustration),  with a cord or  line of energy
 reaching from  the base
 towards Earth,  and a fountain or burst of energy  coming out of  the top of the  head area.
Later in the book, she describes exactly what  I saw!