August 5, 2012
                                       "DAWN OF THE NEW EARTH GATHERING"
Part I

                                                      UPDATES ON PREVIOUS INTENTIONS
Our previous Intentions covered Radiation, New Technologies, Weather & Climate, Food & Wa-
ter, the Economy and Restoring Earth. So much information manifested about THE ECONOMY,
that we're focusing on that issue for today. There are a lot of links; whether you open
& read or
view them or not,
 the lists give us a bigger picture  of what's happening in the Economic Finan-
cial World these days. I doubt we'll see these in the mainstream media:
* "Homemade Prosperity: Producing what we need at home."
"Visiting the Economics of the Future": Click: "New Economy"
"Beyond Money": Financing the New Economy. Click "New Economy."
* "How Bartering Works".  Click "Money".

When the Guides were asked how we could overcome our present economic system, they
replied: "
Think beyond money." My first thought was Bartering__ a group sets up a center where
people consign and leave what they want to trade__ or the center records each trader's offerings
and what they want in return, and group members inform traders of what's available. The system
works best in small towns where people know each other, have small farms nearby, a community
garden and family gardens.

There are many things that can be traded. We've had 37 1/2 % unemployment in this county, but
people are "making it". Our married children all had gardens, but now they have to work 2 or 3
jobs or extra hours to make ends meet, leaving little time or energy for gardening. Our retired
daughter and hubby still maintain a large garden, and raise organic, free-range, grass-fed beef for
the extended family. We share expenses.

Zucchini squash grows abundantly in Magic Valley. So well, in late
July, strangers may be told:
"Lock the doors if you leave your car, or you'll return to find your back seat piled with zucchini!"
Idaho's high desert volcanic soil is known for yielding excellent potatoes. Harvest machines can't
dig the corners of the fields, so farmers grant permission to townsfolk to "glean" the corners.

People trade for the food with unneeded possessions, or whatever they can make or do that the
food providers desire. Dairies, and goat farms for kids who can't digest cow's milk, are close by.
There is also a Farmer's Market once a week and a Community Garden run by high school
students. A rural woman raises chickens and sells the eggs at the Senior Center. And be sure to
check out

In the
50s and 60's, the town had a Canning Kitchen. Each week was set aside for processing
one kind of fruit, vegetable, fish or chicken. For example, people brought their corn__cleaned, cut
and measured it into metal cans provided by the cannery, like those at the supermarket. When all
were ready, the cans__ marked with the customer's name or number__ went through the cooker.
After cooling, they were labeled and taken home.

In cities, people did Permaculture (Videos on ), raising food on apartment
building rooftops, balconies, window boxes or patios.

As for Crafts made at home__  at arts & crafts shows H and I attended with our paintings, those
who made wooden toys and games for kids, sold out first day. It seems people will buy things for
their kids before anything else. The toys were mostly unpainted natural wood, sanded and waxed
smooth, with that "fresh wood" fragrance. Checkers, ring toss, bowling games; toy trucks, trains,
tractors, pounding benches, doll houses with furniture, and larger doll beds, table & chairs topped
the best-seller list. You used to be able to go to Home Depot or construction sites and get scrap
lumber for little or nothing.

Other homemade items were Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations, boxes, and costume
jewelry made of Papier Mache'; hand-made decorative papers for wrapping gifts, bookcovers or
lining drawers; kites, banners, wooden canes carved from wilderness tree branches, tall hiking
sticks__ I have one made by Apache Native Americans near Albuqueque, that I used to roam the
Mohave Desert in Arizona. It's 7 feet hgh__ for horizontal balancing on narrow trails and ridges__
made from an aspen tree with carved, leather lacing effects around the large end giving a good
grip, and knots carved into turtles.

We also have a weavers' group. Some raise sheep, but everyone cards, cleans, spins the wool,
then colors it with natural plant dyes, and weaves it into small rugs, wall hangings, shawls,
scarves, caps, jackets, pillow tops, placemats & napkins, etc.. There are ceramic potters here too;
one professional workshop along the Snake River, spanning several generations and holding
classes for apprenticeships.

If you aren't the crafter type, consider your personal talents. What can you teach others?
Swimming, canoeing, dancing, yard & garden decorations, sewing, knitting, music lessons,
drawing or painting, making furniture from willow branches, baskets, decorative gourds,
home-made soaps, or perhaps specialty cooking are just a few activities.

One can also trade items for services__ housekeeping, rug-shampooing, yard work,
window-washing__ fixing toasters, vacuum cleaners or bicycles__ baby-sitting and car-washing.

We have a grandson__ a single dad with two toddlers. Although a fine cook and a fabulous
mechanic, he's been jobless for two years. He repairs our family cars and some appliances, lives
on his step-dad's farm while watching over his teenage step-brother, cooking and doing house
and yard work while step-dad travels as a cattle broker. His aunt provides diapers and garden
produce. His dad babysits and shares cash now and then. I provide vitamins and health supplies.
His other gramma pays for gas, and his step-mother shops at a Children's Clothing Barter store in
the city where she trades the kids' outgrown clothing for large sizes.

Some houses in town are rented to several families who all live there together. The school
provides free breakfasts and lunches not only to students, but their families as well, if needed.
There is a school garden where the students grow vegetables & berries for the cafeteria meals.
The Food Bank and a "Helping Hearts & Hands" group carry on year-round, providing food for
families and for kids after school and weekends, run by good-hearted resident workers and
donaters, including members from the town's various churches.

I also wonder about hat to do if we have an even deeper economic crash this autumn or winter.
With heat waves and droughts, floods, big storms and wildfires escalating, will there be enough
food to barter? And what about electricity, gasoline, natural gas, water and other utility increases?
Many proponents of the New Economy seem to suggest going back to the lifestyles of the
50's. That's when Hal and I grew up and married. Well__ it works if someone stays home full
time to do the house and yard work, kid care, gardening, cooking & canning, sewing, mending,
laundry, ironing,  etc.__ and that would probably fall upon wives and mothers again.

"Living simply" can be tough. I recall our early years with the Railroad in a Wyoming coal mining
town at 7,000 ft. altitude__ chopping wood for the coal & wood burning stoves used for heat,
cooking and hot water __ that had to be stoked, kept burning, emptied and cleaned of ashes, hot
coals & clinkers while keeping the little kids away from them; scrubbing soot off walls, ceilings and
floors; cleaning sawdust out of ice boxes that only kept food edible for 2 days; hand-pumping
water outside, (being sure to keep some hot water to thaw the pump out in winter); washing
diapers on a scrub board in the kitchen sink, hanging them out-doors on a line, then stacking
them up like cords of wood on my arms, still frozen stiff, before bringing them inside at winter
sundowns, or stringing lines indoors to hang them in bad weather.

The thermometer broke one winter; we didn't understand why, until we heard that mercury freezes
at 52*F below. We had to put canned goods in the frig to keep them from freezing and bursting.
The inside north walls were covered with inch thick frost. Horses from a nearby range huddled on
the front porch for warmth and tried to get into the house when the door opened. As luck would
have it, all US coal mines went on strike, so we ran out of both wood and coal. Hal worked the
night shift, so I chopped up furniture and burned it to keep us alive until he got home next morning
with a sackful from the RR, 12 miles away.

Try potty-training kids in an outhouse, half a block from the back door. On winter nights, we had
to shoot a pistol off to scare mountain lions out of the garbage can before trudging through the
snow to the outhouse. Some winters, strong winds raised the linoleum on the floor three to four
inches high while piling snow to completely cover the back side of the house. You couldn't get out
the back door or see out the windows. We kept water running by burning light bulbs under the
pipes. Hal started the car each day with a safety fuse.

Personally, even if I were young again, I wouldn't like to go back to all that full-time, including
having no or little spare time or cash of my own and the freedom to do everything I wanted. No,
not after "being my own woman", as Hal puts it, developing my brain, passion and creativity to
their fullest. So, my thoughts on returning to the past to resolve current economic problems are
that it would probably only set us right back on the same old path leading to today's big mess!

There is a Great Plan & Purpose for the planet, humanity and universe that is now flowing
through All That Is. We've come here to Earth to explore, discover, learn__ and eventually, to fully
embrace this Plan and its Process and live our lives accordingly. We are clearing all human
history from our personal energy fields since the
May 20th Solar Eclipse, the June 6th
Venus/Sun Transit
and the June 20th Summer Solstice.

If we are moving to a New Timeline, a New Earth, doesn't it follow that we need completely New
Ways of Living? It hit me then __ Why did I need to spend
75 years encountering these
"paranormal episodes" (hundreds of them), and learning how to "intend" healing and
manifestations? At first I thought it was to show us "
how to know if we're becoming enlightened,
or evolving in consciousness
"__ as if that were the final goal. Now, however, I believe it was to
show us a new and better way of living for the New Earth Reality!

We are ending, at the least, a
200,000 year cycle within which our human genetics were
repeatedly tinkered with, dumbing us down and preventing us from evolving into Who We Really
Are.... "
We might waste a lot of time trying to recreate what we had instead of learning about the
New Energy. Trying to hold on does not work, because the Laws of Nature
"... of New Earth
Physics... "
are changing along with the Shift."... "So the trick is not to hang on to any of the old
stuff that is falling away from us now. This is part of the divine plan that you agreed to or you
would not be here at this time. We Are Succeeding
." Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

If you were made in the Creator's Image, doesn't it follow that you are a creator being, too? As a
Co-Creator with both Spirit and Earth, you are actualizing the Divine Potential__ CREATOR'S
PURPOSE & PLAN FOR EARTH and HUMANITY. Great Spirit-Creator has given you dominion
over the ELEMENTS of this universe__ FIRE, AIR, WATER, EARTH, MATTER -SUBSTANCE,
ETHER/CREATIVE FORCE FIELD and its ENERGIES__ holding the potentials for manifestation

Is that why I was told to write the web-book? The Guides called it a "
white paper" in 1987, and
said that as we approach
12/21/12, the whole world will transform into the same kind of creative
energy field that existed inside ancient temples, pyramids and sacred sites__ and manifesting and
healing will occur instantly from only our thoughts and feelings. I'm seeing this happen now. The
extreme climate and weather patterns, the planetary shifts and tremors are due to Earth's
vibrations increasingly rising in frequency. The same is happening in our human energy bodies,
actualize Creator's Purpose & Plan for both Earth and Humanity.

It is becoming obvious now that as we raise our consciousness vibrations, our mental, emotional
and spiritual bodies heal, and our physical bodies do, too. Spirit then determines our income, our
work, our habitat, other beings in our lives__everything. Our needs are "automatically" met. Either
people freely give them to us, we trade for them__ or we find items priced at just the amount of
cash we have to spend.

I purchased a set of reading glasses a few years ago__ the kind that have colored rims and come
in similarly colored metal tubes __ to read the tiny print on packages & bottles. Not being sure
what strength I needed,  I bought  three pair in three different strengths. Two days ago , my
daughter wanted to upgrade hers, so I lent her my #2.00 purple pair to try out. She was aghast
when they broke in half the first time she tried them!

I went online that afternoon to find some purple-rimmed glasses to replace them. I spent an hour,
but no luck. The next day, a catalog arrived__ completely new to me. In it were reading glasses in
5 different colored tubes with frames to match at $6 each. But__ no purple ones. "Oh, well", I
thought, "I'll get another color". I wanted to think about which color, and to show my daughter the
catalog page, but she was gone for the weekend. That evening, I went online to listen to a new
radio program. There, right below the heading, was an ad for__ yes, purple reading glasses for
$12.95__ without a case. Hmmm, I didn't need another case. I ordered immediately.

In a "giving" society, everybody wins. You have to be a good neighbor, friend, co-worker, to get
along__to survive. In the dreariest, shabbiest places where Hal and I lived in his early RR working
days, we found the most caring, sharing, friendly people. It seemed that the more affluent people
became, the less they shared__ seldom forming close friendships__ as if "afraid" someone was
going to borrow, steal their "stuff" or ask for money. Real Abundance is giving freely__ even if it's
your only item__ because
You Know you will always have what you need__ When You Need It.
Therefore, there's no need to Store Up, as that only lends energy to the notion that you will be
without necessities some day. And then, suddenly__ you ARE!

This web-book, "
Creating From the Future: A Manual for Creating with Inter-Dimensional
" is showing us How to Survive through the Current Economic Changes and Live in
a New Earth Reality. How else can we release ourselves from the corporate grip? "
How does it
get any better than this?
* Search:
* "V
A Doles Out $100 Million To End Veteran Homelessness."
* Search:
"Bankers Arrested".
* "
450 Resignations from World Banks"  
* "
German Police Take Off Their Helmets, March With The People."

* At the New Moon,
JULY 19th-20th, we were encouraged to "Re-organize and Stabilize our
Collective Energies
." A re-organization is occurring in metaphysical and spiritual groups, where
we sometimes spent more time "talking" about spirituality than "practicing" it. New Groups are
forming__ groups that work together for a common goal. The members download personal
spiritual guidance through meditation or dreamwork, then share experiences and emotional
* "
Certain Starseed Contracts". "TRANSITIONS":
* "Creating New Earth Facebook Group. "MULTIDIMENSIONAL NEWS": Suzanne Lie, PhD.
* .
* Everything We Thought We Are is moving rapidly away. In the last issue, we discussed
Hypnagogia" (June 12th, 2012), the half-asleep, half-awake state of envisioning images that
mean we are beginning to "
see" the Patterns of this 3-D Illusion Matrix and the Structures that
define its architecture. This will continue to unfold as
2012 completes. We need to understand this
so we can build the New Earth.

Many of our "
New Kids" were labeled with ADD, ADHD, OCD, or AUTISM and given drugs to
suppress it, as if they had some disease or mental deficiency. Actually__ they are extremely
gifted, even brilliant__ to the point where they may be humanity's next step in consciousness
evolution. They both think and communicate with Pictures__ like "Hypnogogia"__ as a visual form
of telepathy. This is why they get along so well with animals who also communicate in pictures.
12-21-12, we will all become telepathic, using the new grid lines as Pathways of Light.
Chapter 16: "Co-Creating With Nature." and,
Chapter 17: "Telepathy." .

The world is changing so fast now, that it will soon be hard to... "hold a space around ourselves
and our affairs. The Universe will clean up everything we might have assumed or done that came
from anything but LOVE"... "
Let everything birth from your heart."... "All energy in the chakra
system has a failsafe protection, so no one can use it until they can match the frequency."... "As
our New Hearts & Bodies evolve, we will find that we begin to appear
25 years younger than we
used to
" Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

* Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, pro-wrestler and best-selling author, shared his
contention that the ineptitude and gang-like mentalities of both Republicans and Democrats have
allowed corporations, businesses and politically-motivated wealthy individuals to manipulate
elections, and silence the average American voter. The two parties deliberately discourage third
party candidates, making it difficult for them to participate in the presidential debates. There has
been no 3rd party candidate in these debates since
Ross Perot in 1992. These two parties are
very much like pro-wrestling", he commented. "In front of the public, they're adversaries and
they're going to kill each other, while behind the scenes they're working together__ they're
business partners.

The two-party system keeps people stupid, with conservatives automatically voting for
Republicans and liberals for Democrats, without considering the merits of individual candidates,
he continued. In the upcoming presidential elections, it doesn't matter who wins__ we'll still get the
same policies, he argued. (Ventura said he is supporting the Libertarian candidate,
, former governor of New Mexico.) If Ventura were president, among the things he said
he'd do is close America's foreign military bases, enact campaign finance reform to eliminate the
rampant system of bribery, and abolish income tax and switch to a national sales tax, exempting
food and medicine. Further, Ventura reported that all 8 episodes of his Season 3 TV show,
Conspiracy Theory" were completed by November, 2011, but have yet to air. : "Corrupted Politics"

First Obtain Permission from Spirit Within-Higher Self before doing any Intention. When you get a
definite "GO", state aloud: "
Let this Intention be in accord with Creator's Purpose & Plan for
Earth and All Life Upon Her, and for the highest good of all concerned.

(Become as One with all people of the planet.) Then state aloud: "I Intend that all persons
responsible for managing local, regional, state and provincial, national and international
affairs are honest, wise, heart-centered, Earth-friendly and act only for the highest good
of all concerned in accord with Creator's Purpose & Plan for Earth and humanity, now and
." (Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy. Express Gratitude.) State alooud:
How does it get any better than this?"

Looking Ahead: August 6th: "Curiosity" space probe to land on Mars. will track the landing of Curiosity on Mars daily. Listen free from 1
AM to 5 AM EDT, or 10 PM to 2 PM, PDT daily.

Stay tuned" for Part II of "THE DAWN OF THE NEW EARTH GATHERING." There is a curious
astrological premise__ an ECLIPSE
(MAY 20th), a VENUS/SUN TRANSIT (JUNE 6th), and a
(June 20th) all occurring within a months' time, foretell the events and
knowledge that will manifest by the next WINTER SOLSTICE__
DECEMBER 21st, 2012." What
was happening with you for the 5 days after each event?
                                                                       August 17th, 2012
                                                 "DAWN OF THE NEW EARTH GATHERING"
Part II
"There is a curious astrological truth__ that an ECLIPSE (
May 20th), a VENUS/SUN TRANSIT (June 6th), and a
June 20th) all within a months' time, foretell events and knowledge that will manifest by the
December 21, 2012." Today, we'll review these changes and how they affect us.

Solar Eclipse, MAY 20th was a FLIPPING POINT, A Point of No Return__ as forecast by the Guides, who
added information regarding "Comet Elenin", which they called "
The Voice of Unity":  "This is neither a comet
nor a spacecraft. It is an energy-entity of sorts__ not known on Earth before. It is loving, intelligent, purposeful
and self-organizing, and in a sense is "The Return of the Christ", although few will recognize it as such at first. It
brings revelations to the masses and to energyworkers that will cause Unity-Christ Consciousness to proliferate
throughout the planet. Then you will see telepathy and other spiritual gifts evolving at a radid rate. The entire
world will be transformed in a very short time__ this is the New Earth Reality lightworkers have been creating."
"All the 'gods' in mythology and religions of the past and present have been Annunaki or other ancestral beings
from other dimensions. They are returning. The scattered 'pieces' of the Galactic Family are becoming Whole

The Point of No Return was a Critical Mass of people desiring a higher dimensional consciousness that was
fulfilled at the
May 20th Solar Eclipse. The powerful Lion's Gate Portal (Sirius Stargate) opened August 8th.
This means humanity's ascension by
2013 is assured, the entrance to the Golden Age is official. We are now in a
Unity Consciousness state, having the same frequency as our alpha brain wave state used for daydreaming,
manifesting and healing. We have indeed, stepped upon the threshhold of a NEW DIMENSION!

AUGUST 17th is a NEW MOON at 26* Leo: After over 200,000 years of humanity's struggle to rise above its
multiple genetic downgrades and repeated "falls" in consciousness, we have weathered the heavy storms to see  
a rainbow at last, linking the Covenant with our divine nature and its promise of Immortality. The task now is to
Keep the Link Unbroken by maintaining a state of open communication between "
Sky" and "Earth" within our total
being, and facing the totality of our individual selfhood as it is projected in the many-hued dome (rainbow) of our
sky-flung consciousness. After every successfully met crisis, a REVELATION OF WORTH comes to us, and with it
comes the promise of success, if only we do our part and play our individual roles within the Universal Plan and

What we're trying to do here on Earth through our science, our faiths and our consciousness evolution, is to
understand how the universe is put together__ Why it's here, Why we're here__ and What it's all about. Let's
explore those questions:

All constants__ Elements__of the universe, including matter itself, depend upon the Observer. Even the Laws
and Energies of the universe are fine-tuned to the existence of Life. Without conscious observers, the universe
would not have properties or events. What we call "reality" is a Process that needs our consciousness to exist, and
without that consciousness would have to exist as "space". But "
space" & "time" are are not real__ they are Tools
of the human mind.

"Sub-atomic particles of Matter/Substance all link up in the presence of an observer. Otherwise, they exist only in a
state of
probability. Without our conscious perception, Matter, or Substance, itself dwells only in that undetermined
State of Probability"... which we also call,
The Creative Force Field__ the 'space' that appears as, but is not,
'empty'__ that exists within and between everything in the universe, including ourselves, and with which we connect
during Intentions and Meditations."...
"Since the universe is fine-tuned for life, Life creates the universe, not the other way around; i.e., the universe is
simply the temporal logic of the HigherSELF. "Time" is the Process by which we preceive changes in the universe.
'Space', like 'Time' is not a thing__ it's an Energy of our understanding and has no independent reality. Thus,
there's no absolute, self-existing Matrix in which physical events occur. WE CO-CREATE EVERY MATRIX."
Lanza on "Biocentrism"

"Space and Time are only the way our mind puts it all together. There are many, many universes, making up a
Multi-verse. Anything that could possibly occur in one universe, could happen in any of them. So when our physical
bodies die and self-destruct, it's only the Energy operating through our minds. This Energy doesn't go away at
death. One of the surest laws in science is that
Energy never dies__ it cannot be created or destroyed__ it can
only transmute into something else. So when we die, we are no longer in this 3-D reality, for Life has a non-limiting
dimensionality to transcend any individual history or universe. It's like the flower that returns to bloom again and
again in the Multiverse springtimes."

There's only ONE SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS of the Multi-verse__ and each of us is one particle of that collective
divine consciousness. This Shift of the Ages is the processing of the Plan & Purpose formed by Our
Super-Consciousness when the universes were only
"probabilities"__ just waiting for us to awaken to it by paying
attention to Synchronicities. Unity-Christ Consciousness means that the Collective Super-Consciousness is in
Control, and we need to flow with that source, because the FLOW OF SYNCHRONICITY__ THE LAW OF

Solar Eclipse, 5-20-12. Therefore, we have to keep "dropping" all the Old Consciousness Systems__ the
beliefs, emotional structures, the substance/ materials, the conflict, competition, "taking sides", judging, fear,
sorrow, loneliness, anger, etc.__ that no longer resonate with our New Consciousness. Perhaps our greatest
challenge these days is
Learning to Live With Uncertainty.

We've possibly already been shown "The New Consciousness"__ THE NEXT STEP IN HUMAN EVOLUTION: the
New Kids and their exceptional talents__ facilitated by New Grid Lines of the planet expanding to connect our
physical hearts with Gaia__ Earth's Spirit Within__ enabling us to manifest more and more, and upgrading our
telepathic brain centers. The amazing abilities of our New Kids are revealing what we adults, and every child born
from now on, will Be__ and much, much more__ as time goes on.

Many intense changes are occurring in the foundations of our life structures: diet, bio-rhythm & bio-chemistry,
sleeping patterns, relationships, residences, finances, technologies, hobbies, health and jobs. Because of these
revelations about life in our universe, we now need New Multidimensional Lifestyles.

I asked myself: "
Why did I need to spend 75 years encountering these 'paranormal episodes' (hundreds of
them)__ meditating on them, and taking another
25 years practicing how to "Intend" healing and
? At first I thought it was showing me how to become 'enlightened & evolved in consciousness', as
if the manifesting and healing were the goal. Now, however... I believe it was to show us a new, Multidimensional

There is an old esoteric adage: "
When the student is ready, the master will appear"... or perhaps... "The
information will appear?
" The evening after I wrote the above, I was guided to the website, and
listened to a 2 hour, mind-blowing program that verifies my life's work. If you're up for a really, really great "ride",
check out
: and Scroll down to "Are You on the
Catastrophic or Positive Timeline

Our light bodies, enabling us to enter and dwell in 5-D consciousness, are increasingly expanding. As they do so,
we contact more and more people who share a similar consciousness. Many who have chosen not to ascend in a
physical body are simply passing away, or "disappearing" around the world. We have Major Decisions to make__
for the highest good of ourselves, the planet, and all humanity.

                                   SO WHO ARE WE WITHOUT THE 3-D MATRIX TO DEFINE US?
                                             HOW WILL WE RECOGNIZE 5-D CONSCIOUSNESS?    
Unusual Phenomena begin to occur in our everyday lives: Some physical objects, machines, old ideas, some
unnecessary physical activities, and people of our past, begin to fade away or dissolve. Anything that disappears
from our present reality, can be taken as a sign that we will no longer be needing it in the New Earth Reality.__ On
the other hand, when you step outside, and the trees, the grass, the water, sing to you and you Become as One
with them__ you Know you have arrived.

New Archaeological Finds and knowledge reveal our true human and planetary origins and history, freeing
humanity from dependency and control by negative group connections, ideas, emotions, history and beliefs about
our pasts, such as events in the Lemuria and the Atlantean Phases. The gridlines of Earth's land and sea are
healed of the grief, fear, pain, loss, suffering, nuclear distortion and slave-mentality long imprinted in the past.

* More and more
children appear with a highly evolved consciousness, new knowledge and special gifts, although
unrecognized at first.
Creative Energy rushes in, inspiring us to refine or lift our soul passions to a Higher Level.

* Increasing information and discussions about
Time Travel, Teleportation and the Future emerge in not only the
mainstream media, but also in everyday conversations.

* We
hear music, voices, bells, whistles, etc. from other dimensional realms at odd hours of the day the night. (This
occurs when we don't have sounds from TV, radio, computers, machines, etc. that compete with them.)

* We have sudden, short "
brown-out" periods after which we realize we have "been somewhere else" for a few
minutes, but don't recall just where or what happened there. These episodes gradually last longer and longer, with
more awareness of where we've been and what occurred there. Eventually, the "shift" into another realm no longer
occurs as if in a "dream" or a "brown-out" state, but is part of our everyday consciousness.

* We experience more frequent and longer periods of
Oneness with all life, and Right Relations in all aspects of
our personal lives__ know Who We Really Are, and What Our Personal Truth Is.... "Our Sense of Purpose expands
to the truest, most purified version of ourselves so we can express the deepest levels of authenticity in our
creations and contributions to the world."
Lauren Gorgo  

* Phenomina such as "Hypnagogia" increase__ greater intuitive, telepathic and Direct Knowing episodes, remote
viewing and an undefeatable immune system, beginning with no more colds, flu, allergies, aging, debilitating
body-changes or illnesses becoming commonplace. August is a month in which major healing can take place
simultaneously, allowing for the release of remaining blocks to the activation of our New Level Purpose, lifting us
powerfully towards freedom in unexpected ways. We feel and look more vibrant, more youthful. Body weight
becomes healthier.

Mental sharpness and quickness increases dramatically__ as if a light switch was suddenly flipped on__  although
there's a waning of interest in subjects that no longer resonate with our passion/purpose, as we let go of much of
the tons of new information pouring in from all directions in the days ahead. We shift__ collectively__  from the
Electronic Information Age to the Creator Age.

* We tend to go more into our feminine, emotional body__ our
Spiritual Self__ for guidance and "answers".

* We find ourselves frequently stepping
out of duality, of polarity__ no longer "taking sides". Instead, we envision
an issue or situation as three points on an equilateral triangle, with two of the points at the base and the third point
above. The lower two corners represent contrasting judgements__ two sides of the same coin. The upper point
represents Us as the Observer__ seeing Whole.

Multi-dimensional Technologies surface, resolving collective challenges about health, sustainable energy
resources, environmental and ecological sustainability, transportation, communication, etc..

* "
When your mental acuity has sharpened and your emotions feel more clear, balanced, and your body is
feeling vibrant and youthful, then you will also know you are at your Point of Full Ascension__ but the ticket, the
Passport to Ascension is
LOVE." Archangel Michael.

* We begin to "
see" from within__ with image induction__ the structure, the patterns that create realities through
our thoughts, emotions and beliefs using Light, Sound, Electricity, Magnetics, Nature's Forces and Motion. We can
"see" clearly now, exactly Where we're headed, What's in store, and even indications of What the Next Phase will

* We
Take Charge of our own Consciousness Evolution. Perceiving the changes we need to make in our thoughts,
emotions and actions, we deliberately make choices based either on what Inner Guidance suggests, or on what
we already Know will raise our consciousness to higher frequencies.

* Our
manifestation capabilities proliferate. Our thoughts and feelings become "real" in almost a split second__
unless we still operate from a fearful, separative/polarized mindset, and have not completed our clearing work. So
get to work!__ the POTENTIAL IS HERE! It's up to each of us to open ourselves to the greater gifts and
empowerment that lie just beyond the veil.

* The Master Jesus said:
"By their fruits ye shall know them... not by their roots." LOVE is the power generator. As
let go of our pasts, we recognize our Individual and Collective Power, our Significance, our Specialness,
gaining faith in Our Own Divinity, and even greater potentials develop.
Life becomes fufilling; Synchronicity
increases and Magical Connections are revealed. When we hold the thought of "My Divine Purpose"__ We are
protected against evil.

* We link with and have
dominion over the Elements of the Universe__ Fire, Air, Water, Earth/Matter and Ether__
The Creative Force Field__ holding the potential for manifestation and healing, through the Five Platonic Solids__
Sphere, Cube, Octahadron, Icosahedron & Dodecahedron, using the Law of One, The Law of Attraction,
Unconditional Love, The Flower of Life Matrix__ as
co-creators with Divine Spirit, actualizing the Creator's
Purpose & Plan for Earth.

* We
Astral Travel in our consciousness to other times, other places__ even other planets and dimensional worlds,
and many of us
Teleport to them with our physical bodies, through a Stargate-portal-wormhole and back.

* With a Unity-Christ Consciousness, we have
telepathic communication with people, animals, insects, plants,
seeds, nature spirits, higher intelligence and probably__ other-world beings. We Use these abilities as Stewards
for Earth.

                                      WE TEST OUT WHAT THESE NEW ENERGIES CAN CREATE__
* We no longer Plan Ahead with our logical, time-oriented mind. We have a new control panel for our life and we
are now learning how to use it__ by
Giving Up Control andTrusting in the Divine Plan, or great stress and misery
could follow. We use our new-found mental and emotional intensities to enter fully into our co-creative partnership
with ourselves, humanity, Gaia, the nature kingdoms, star brothers and sisters, and higher intelligence beings .

* We
forego attaching, connecting or forging ahead into our 5-D SELF, for those are 3-D actions. Instead, we find
ourselves using the 5-D actions of
accepting, merging with,and falling into our frequency of SELF. As we release
concepts that were bound by Time__ ego, separation, gender, polarity, competition or fear__ we realize that our
innate thinking is truly Multidimensional.

* We
overide and neutralize negativities such as harmful EME waves__ smart meters, chemtrails, wireless radio
waves, cell phone radiation, nuclear radiation, and harmful solar or cosmic emanation.

* Trying hard to control our Energies no longer works, for "trying" is a 3-D behavior. If we KNOW we can do
we just do it.

* Instead of the old 3-D method of creating by choosing, running towards, and waiting for that which we want to
experience, we now find we have to
follow, flow and surrender into each pattern that we Know We Have Created
with our thoughts and emotions. We no longer "
Try NOT to Try" which fights that moment of surrender, that allows
us to let go of old habits that no longer work.

* The
day-to-day existence is not one of the warrior, but one of Engagement, of Commitment, of Joy, of
Cooperation, of Power. We start to re-frame what it is to be a human being, and to realize that what we call Joy &
Sorrow really are reflections of the polarities, of positive & negative, and in themselves, not particularly significant.
But our ability to Transform them, to bring in these things, and do something with them when they come in, and put
them Out in a different way IS very significant".
Neil Kramer

These Changes begin to occur during the six months between May 20th until November 13th, 2012__ when a
Total Solar Eclipse takes place seeding new Patterns & Archetypes within our Collective Consciousness

We are COMING BACK TO OUR AUTHENTIC POWER now. The Universal Element of ETHER is going to
be essential when we start
be able to manifest anything, including time-dimensional travel. Anything our minds can image we can create.
Each of us will be able to achieve this level of creating. Either is not solid and is something we presently

"Ether is misunderstood and highly-underused in this earthly dimension. The Atlantean/Eyptian Masters and
the Star Elders have known how to create with Ether throughout this current age
(104,000 year cycle). It is
important that we enter into this New Dimension using the right frequencies and focus."... "In our first days into
the new age we will be qualifying or encoding the new cycle with what we are feeling right now.
" Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
* There is some confusion about whether the
December 21, 2012 date for the finalization of the Shift of the Ages
is accurate nor not because our calendars may not have been transposed correctly from the Mayan to the
Gregorian (The Western or Christian).  However, this same date has been foretold by many different cultures and
faiths around the world.

The Guides: "This date is one of Transformation from 3rd to 4th to 5th density, depending upon which timeline
is in effect in each indivindual's life, although Gaia Herself will definitely transform into 5th dimension.

"Time' is a Tool that mankind uses to understand cause and effect. It is spherical. Therefore,  physical entities
do not need to move in a straight line to the next experience. Time is also not 'fixed'; most humans have
experiences of Time doubling back on itself, as in 'deja vu'; or of sensing future events that later manifest.

Intentional Healings that are envisioned as 'already manifested' may occur instantly__ or over periods of time."
"The 'three days of darkness' forcast may relate to differences in Time Zones of the World, and in reality, cover
less than one day."
(1.)  "At the appropriate 'time', when all is in readiness, a beam of intense white light will
shoot from the Central Sun__ around which  the Multi-verses orbit__ into the core of Gaia/Earth. From there, it
will expand at tremendous speed, towards and beyond the planet's surface, expanding Earth to three, six,
perhaps nine times its present size. There will still be some sense of physicality, but if seen from outer space,
the planet would appear to be translucent, less dense, and glowing with white light. All life upon Earth will be
bathed in the ever-expanding, glowing ball of beautiful, blissful, energy of Unconditional Love in Unity
Consciousness, rebirthing all in dependable and effective activation accelerating social and economic
progress__a Divine Gift.

(1.) The 12-21-12 date itself varies from day to day in different sections of the planet. When it's 1 AM in Australia
12-21-12, it will still be late afternoon 12-20-12 in the USA, and later, as USA ends that day, it will already be
ate afternoon of 12-22-12 in Australia.  World Time Zone Converter

                                                  RESULTS FROM PREVIOUS INTENTIONS:
                             (You may need to do a "Search", as some of these sites change articles daily.)
* "Feds Gold Being Audited by US Treasury."
"Bailout: An Insider's Look at Washington's Dirty Laundry"

* "TheEnd of Nuclear Power?". Last Reactor of 50 in Japan is Shut Down.
* "Scott Porzline: Shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant."

* "Interview With Jason Verbelli"  Video: 1 hr. 8 min.
  Article: Ether, Searl Effect Generator, Tesla's Work.   
* "You must always work with Mother Nature. Force is never necessary."
* "Energy Solutions Plan"
Congress Overturns Incandescent Lightbulb Ban"

* Audio: Peter Moon: Although this article deals with ancient technologies, they
are "new" to us in
U.S. military discovered, with satellite technology__ ground penetrating radar, a chamber below the Romanian
, near the border of Transylvania. Moon's book tells about how the chamber is opened and what was
there. Story goes that once a Hall of Records site is discovered and opened, it activates and also activates all
such sites around the world with an energy link. It activated the one in Iraq, which may have been the real reason
for the invasion of Iraq.

In the chamber basically, is technology that is ancient, yet looks futuristic. Six foot high tables read out DNA. You
put your hand on top and it reads out your DNA. Put your hand on another part, and it reads another species of
being and the star system it came from. Still another part of the table tells of the hypbridization of one type of being
with another type, including humans. It was much like Noah's Ark, but of human and other species'

A Projection Hall in the chamber gave the history of Time according to the person doing the viewing. It was
bio-resonant with the viewer, therefore different with each person. It cuts off about
500 A.D., which they don't
understand. All this information is only within the first 6 weeks of the chanber's investigation. Now, in
2012, it has
been investigated for
9 years.... Only 1 person with special energy is able to open each chamber__ a force
field__ which recognizes his DNA. Three people died previously while trying to open this chamber.

The Annunaki were tall, for these table tops were six feet above the floor. A human had to stand on something to
place his hand on the tabletop and view it. An astrology of
8/2003 translation coincides with biographies of the
Philadelphia Experiemtn in
8/1948. All space-time projects are related/ linked by their very nature. All are resonant
with each other....

The Chamber under the Giza Plateau is a Time-Travel device, but you can only travel in your consciousness there,
not in your physical body. It's also
bio-rensonant, i.e., there  is censorhsip involved... you can't look at anything you
want to... (like "who made this device?") ... it's blocked. Each person will see different things than any others.
There's an REM factor, so it's TRUE to the person who perceives it.The device becomes a component of our
consciousness. They don't know if there's a Time-Travel device in the Romanian chamber. The Llama, "
there, seems to be able to affect Time Translation without the use of the device. A Hologram read your DNA
scientifically. "
Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity" a book by Peter Moon & Preston Nichols, tells
of going back to get
Jesus' blood, but it was only in the viewer's consciousness.  Jesus' true teachings were
found to unite the left & right brains.

Ceasar, is said to have visited the chamber, and at one point left the department, going to Inner Earth to be a sort
of ambassador to Beings of the Inner Earth;.possibly to "The Blue Race, Shambala."
Ceasar is scheduled to
return in
Light-Life Tools June and 4th of July Special"
The Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster... "between
April & June 20th, 2010. IX-EL, Inc.'s role in the cleanup efforts
and the effect on residents,seafood, birds and fish. Knowing the Light-Life Tools could help with the clean-up as
well as hurricane damage, I (
Kathryn Spurling) sent over $40,000 worth of tools to people in the area most in
need to offset the terrible effects of the genocide there. Just recently, I met with
Ginger Bowler who was my
connection to the people of Louisiana, Florida and Texas, and who were the recipients of the tools. I was delighted
by their comments and wanted to share them with you."

* "Harvard Study/Finds Flouride Lowers IQ"__ Published in Federal Gov't Journal.  

* "Greening the Desert"

* "Small Pyramid Claimed to Clear Chemtrails, Stabilize Nature." "Tired of seeing chemtrails
in the Los Angeles area, inventor,
Ross Purviance, set out to come up with a solution, starting with Reich orgone
science, and ending up with a very simple pyramid design that he says has kept LA skies clear of chemtrails for 3
months now, along with stopping the bee die-off, and restoring natural weather patterns and even invigorating
natural plant aromas."

When scripting our Intention, we must take care how we word it__ we do not have the right to overide anyone's
free will__ which is "black magic", carrying dark karma.

* (FEELING Unconditional Love in your Heart,
Become as One with Earth and All Life Upon Her.) Then state
aloud: "
I intend that planet Earth and all life upon her are immune to genetic modification programming,
chemtrail components, smart meters, wireless devices and all Electromagnetic Emanations, if they so
choose, now and forevermore."
(Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy, Express Gratitude.) State aloud:
How does it get any better than this?"

About a month before writing the above Intention, I Intended our home to be free from harmful radiations from the
Smart Meter. (All grass within six feet of the smart meter is now dead.) Last night
8-13-12, suggested testing emanations from smart meters by setting an AM radio on a clear
station, and then moving the radio gradually closer towards the home's interior wall just behind the smart meter.
The amount of static that's heard on that same station, indicates the intensity of the radiations entering the home. I
tried this today, and there was NO STATIC at all__ until I placed the radio tightly against the wall, right behind the
meter's location, and that was minimal. The Intention worked. "RESEARCH".... "Conclusion: eclipse cycles
indicate the earth moves 360 degrees around the sun in a tropical year, inconsistent with current lunisolar
precession theory." ... "The binary theory"... (two suns)... "allows local dynamics to determine short period motions
such as nutation, and it provides a more accurate way to predict changes in the rate of precession"... Scroll down to:  1. "Is our Dual Sun 'The Lost Star of Myth & Time'
described by
Walter Cruttenden?" Video 9 min.: "BBC Broadcasts Nibiru in a documentary." "Cruttenden
has evidence that Earth's precession of the equinox is caused by our sun's interactions with a lost companion star
of which the ancients knew. I may also cause a great cycle of Ages that has influenced human history on a vast
scale and continues to influence our life experience here on Earth today."               J. J. Hurtak, "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.": "Population II Life
. "Physical civilizations of higher consciousness using two or more sun/star systems. The worlds and
civilizations of higher technology just entering into the consciousness layers of thought-form technology and
the work of the masters

                                                                          August 31, 2012
                                                                                 Part I:
                                                                        "THE QUICKENING"   
We discovered how we needed to "shape up", "get our ducks in a row"__ or "ship out", and we intuited that
"something" was being prepared Inwardly. After accessing all that, we had to organize it and prepare it to be
carried out into a more visible life after the
Summer Solstice, June 20th.

Now we're at a most critical step: Since the
Solar Eclipse, May 20th, we've been on a journey through the un-
derworld within ourselves__ like the shaman who goes into a cave or a wilderness to gather information from
Spirit, becoming invisible to the outside world. As we emerge again, we share whatever we gathered from with-
in ourselves with our tribe__ we become Publicly Visible.

We need some help at this time, realizing we can't continue performing in this global circus without the aid and
nurturing of an "
alien consciousness". In other words__ we need a Friend__ a "Mr. Miagi" character, or a "Mary
Poppins"__ with whom we can share a sense of equality and balance (not necessarily romantic, but, well__
maybe!) Traditionally, there is a Love Affair__ a Marriage__ or a Divorce. At a deeper level, we attune to our
Intimacy Needs. If these are not met, we move on as a sort of semi-spiritual baglady__ toting our "spiritual gifts"
around in a supermarket cart, not knowing where we're going__ or why. If we've messed up along the way
somehow__ the cycle, the journey rolls on__ but we'll be crippled in our ability to respond effectively to any coming
obstacles. This period is vital__ second only to Rebirthing. Consider:
What have you learned since the Spring
Equinox, March 19-20th
? What do you feel is still missing inside? What would you change if you could?     

August 31st: FULL MOON 9* Pisces: Today, we're like a five-year-old child taking a first dancing lesson. Our
emotional experiences now demand self-induced, active movement; yet the movements are still conditioned by our
cultural upbringing. We can express our own individual character only according to traditional modes. We are still
entirely responsible to our teacher or guru__ that 'Friend'". Yet new perspectives are opening to us. There is a
Common Bond here__ a transitional phase which may lead to mastery. The number "5" represents at least, the

Today is a BLUE MOON (the 2nd Full Moon in one month). It causes our emotions to run full blast, yo-yo-ing from
one extreme to another; but also giving us the utmost clarity into situations. Full Moons always occur because of the
placement of the Sun and Earth, and with Earth conjoining Chiron (the Wounded Healer) while opposing the Sun,
our emotions and our clarity are due to two things:
wounding and healing. Try to stay in the moment today. Full
Moons always bring a REVELATION of some sort, and with their clarity__ perhaps even foresight__ we need to
stay focused on
here and now because too much insight into the future can pull us off track. Things are still in the
process of re-forming: nothing is set in stone, so watch out you are not "chasing" after something today, and
through the long holiday weekend.
Dane Rudhyar & September could bring a lot of drama  about
transportation problems.

The New Genetics                   
We've been told that our bodies are mutating__our
DNA is changing. But why was DNA created in the first place;
what was it meant to do; what causes these changes; how could it change; can we accelerate the changes
ourselves, and what does the new DNA do for us?

DNA carries coded instructions made from a four-letter alphabet:
G, A, T & C, representing certain nucleic acids.
The sequence of these letters is our Genetic Code. A DNA molecule resembles a twisted ladder; each rung made
up of 2 "
letters", with A bound to T, and G bound to C. The binding of the letters causes the whole molecule to coil
up into a spiral staircase-like structure called a
double helix.

DNA instructs a living organism to grow and function, tells cells exactly what role to play in the body, determines the
rhythmic beat of heart cells and the right places limbs should hang down, knows when and how the immune system
repels invasions and informs the digestive system to absorb your pizza.

Originally, we had 12 strands of DNA. Now only 2 are operating, and the other 10 are called "
junk DNA". Actually,
the 10 strands are still there__ energetically imprinted onto the other 2 strands.

* Search: "Patricia Cori__ET Council seeded homo sapiens as intelligent beings
with 12 strand DNA
." Video. 1 hr. Exopolitics. Annunki influences on DNA.

Eons ago, molecular building blocks in outer space formed the DNA-RNA of our
Original Genetic Code. This life  
blueprint forms a grid network made up of the original Hebrew divine language code from "
The Father's Sacred
", including both mathematical-geometric and chemical codes__ thought geometries__ also viewed as "fire
__ controlling the Creative Force Field ("The Ethers") used for our Intentions and for Manifesting all forms of
intelligence from the divine mind. They relate to
sound harmonics. The three lowest sets of fire letters compose the
64 DNA codons of a human being. Up to now, only 20 codons were "
turned on" in our bodies; a few acting as "off"
"on" switches.

64 Light Grid portion triggers our genetic code__ in which DNA-RNA uses higher frequencies of Light to
permit the life codes to be genetically re-programmed to operate in less dense physical forms, and to thrive in high
frequency light__(i.e., in waves that go faster than the speed of light)__ and reset mutating physical forms needed
for those humans choosing to survive the intense changes in light radiation as our Sun moves into an
null zone.

This null zone recrafts our genetic structures, allowing bio-physicists to reconnect DNA-RNA to
chromosomes of other evolutions.
The Brotherhood of Light administers this reprogramming to allow new
humans to enter bodies formed from combined bodies of different light thresholds, selectively breed, and gain
positive traits from the gene pools of advanced galactic civilizations.

male-female rift here on planet Earth manifested when both the base codes and the acceleration code fire
letters of the DNA template were scrambled; all intended electromagnetic relationships between the
mother heli
magnetic particle base codes
and the father heli electrical anti-particle acceleration codes in the chemical chains
within every gene in chromosomea in the DNA ladder were interrupted.

With perfected DNA, we can regenerate our original DNA template for health, reclaim our respective divine right
destinies and renew our personal relationships to Creator Source.
This is the purpose of DNA Perfecting__ to
help us humans embody higher frequencies so we can work in line with our soul's missions and rise
along with the frequency of Earth for Her ascension in 2012.

These new codings will... "1) prepare Man to occupy new space-time thresholds; 2) overcome the aging process;
3) c
reate a bio-energy pulse capable of being used with infinite space arrangements, so that the biological
system is not limited to any planetary field, but can freely circumnavigate beyond the galactic graviton spectrum,

and 4)
allow for a new cross-matching with the genetic spiral of life by the synthesis of light such as untraviolet
."... "Man will use codes with a new biological language of light induction from other biological realms living in
other EM spectrums."... "It is important to teach the scientists of this world that
Matter is generated from Light."
Bio-location takes place under a variety of conditions"... allowing... "the chemistry of Man to re-manifest at other
points on the earth, or other planets that may even exist on a higher frequency."... "Without higher re-programming
being done at this time with direct sanction of High Command for regeneration of the Adamic race and preparation
of the Christ people for new worlds of creation, changes in biological life could not now evolve on Earth." J
.J. Hurtak:
"The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch
This "
mother tongue" is the "Language of Light" known to the ancients as HIBURU__  the primal seed language
Thoth presented at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms__ the most ancient form of Hebrew
is a "
natural language": the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of our brains__ those
colorful flashing lights we sometimes see behind our closed eyes.
"The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true Language of Light, coursing through our very
nervous systems"... "The 'keys' Enoch speaks of, are
sound keys__ keys to the vibratory matrix of reality itself__
the mythic "
Power of the Word."..."Sonic equations encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, are
capable of directly affecting the nervous system, producing profound effects of healing and higher consciousness
"The Secrets of Thoth and the Keys of Enoch"

* Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics at U. of Oxford, wrote "The Seven Daughters of
", showing that all humans descended from only 7 women with mitochondria DNA 200,000 years ago in Africa.
Bryan Sykes & Seth Shostak's research indicated:  "The human male "Y" Chromosome was genetically
created from the female chromosome, so homo sapien males evolved from females, originally
." Their latest
book: "
DNA USA: A Genetic Portrait of America." relates how our homo sapiens mothers' ancestral heritage was
determined from the
mitochondria DNA, and our fathers' from the "Y" chromosome. They present interesting
perspectives on early America__ that
DNA portraits reveal an extreme complexity of human inheritance and
how nearly impossible it is to put individuals into specific groups.

* Michael Tellinger's websites and books confirm Zacharia Sitchin's research on the Annunaki off-world visitors
who crafted our homo sapiens race by reducing our DNA from 12 to 2 strands, to produce workers for their gold
200,000 years ago in southern Africa. Search: "Michael Tellinger."

The Process of Ascension is "
raising the dead"__  those 10 strands__ to life again. In that process, our physical
embodiment is uplifted in vibration, little by little, until it vibrates at the frequency of Unconditional Love. At an
etheric__ level, the 10 "missing" DNA strands are being re-connected and re-activated. Fear-based
patterns and beliefs are released simultaneously, making room for more joy, creativity and self-expression.

As we embrace the original 12 strands again, we are considered "
Christed". We often hear of "The Return of the
, which occurs when a certain quantity of humans on Earth embody the new genetics. One who has
re-embodied the 12 strands of DNA, or become "Christed", moves beyond limitation within human form. He/she
moves out of fear, and as all mankind enfolds the new genetics, civilization gradually orchestrates itself in harmony
with Unconditional Love. "
DNA Activation, Upgrade and Ascension."

"N"__asked for a reading regarding a catastrophe on Venus, of which she may have been a part; and if
so, how and what is the significance of it for her present life?

"There is a very definite relationship between 1500-1400 B.C., the planet Venus, and the present century. The
planet known as
Nibiru by some, was at that time, at the same point in its orbit as it will be at about 2011-2012
. The same influence will be activated within those who had developed 'amnesia' regarding the Venus
catastrophies and their memories shall be gradually reinstated over the following century."

1500 B.C., another planet__ a minor planet not yet known to present day mankind, moved in its orbit to form
a triangle of gravitational disturbances with Venus and Nibiru, and the minor planet was pulled off its orbit and
passed so close to Venus, that tremendous changes occurred on Venus' planetary surfaces, causing
earthquakes, eruptions of molten material from the center, and tremendous storms which caused a part of the
Venusian crust to be displaced, opening a huge gap on the planet's surface. This exposed some of the
crystalline core material in such a way, that its energies flowed forth into the solar system__in particular, toward
Earth, which received the greater part of the energy impacts. Earth is still experiencing the effects of those
energies, which are enabling this planet and its lifeforms to evolve at a more rapid rate."

"Now, as Nibiru and Venus return to the same locations in their orbits as in
1500 B.C.__ but without danger from
the third planet__ the Soul pulls out those memories and senses them as a fear of a coming great catastrophe
in which loved ones, possessions and planet Earth are destroyed. But this time, the fear is projected into the
home planet of Earth, instead of Venus. The higher correspondence of Venus is planet
Neptune, indicating
Unconditional Love, as may be experienced through the collective unconsciousness of earthlings."

"Many souls from that Venusian chaos have incarnated at this time in Earth's history, as She nears Her own
possibility of a planet-wide series of catastrophic events, in order to transmute Neptunian fears of Earth's
collective unconscious into the higher Neptunian energy of Divine Love, as being activated in earthlings'
COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. This need to transmute those fears into Loving Intelligence are
now activating in__"
N"__ and in others__ that they may project, teach and heal through the use of Unconditional
Love Principles."

"The aspects between transiting
Chiron & Venus__ and with Chiron & Venus in the birth chart, indicate WHEN,
WHERE & HOW, by states & zodiac signs, the use of those teachings and healings can be activated."

During Ascension, right and left brains merge into one, and wondrous things happen: your creativity blossoms
along with mental agility and the wherewithal to manifest your creative visions. You gain access to the levels of the
brain which resonate to the frequencies of the higher dimensions, and you tap into the Light packets of wisdom and
cosmic information. The master glands__
pineal and pituitary__ are activated and you reconnect with the
aspects of SELF that have lain dormant for hundreds of thousands of years.

DNA is a means of communication. After Ascension, certain blueprints of possibilities are sent to the
HigherSELF, perhaps concerning enlightening information from another-dimensional Self ("alien
consciousness"?), or concerning an accident or illness, offering these blueprints to the soul for resolution. A switch
automatically is thrown, bringing certain situations into manifestation. This is why and how DNA and RNA become
higher-dimensional communication systems. It is as if DNA is the link to HigherSELF and soul, and RNA would be
the soul's response, in one sense.
The entire Akashic Records are in your DNA.

A transformative change is taking place in your body as well as in Earth. Within this lifetime, there is more evolution
taking place in your body than in the total of all previous lifetimes on this planet. The very cell structures are
changing which will allow you to withstand and integrate the higher frequencies of energy.  "
DNA Activation, Upgrade and

"Life was seeded on your planet billions of years ago by nucleotides"... (molecules that, when joined, make up the
individual structural units of the nucleic acids RNA & DNA)... "templates which contained the blueprint for gradual
evolution through a sequence of stages. The goal of evolution is to produce a nervous system capable of
communicating with and returning to the Galactic Network. Life on planet Earth has now reached this halfway point,
established itself, and evolved through larval mutations and metamorphoses to the seven brain states."... (
Seeker, Observor,  First Enlightenment, Twilight Time, True Enlightenment & SELF Realization)
"You are about to discover
The Key to Immortality in the chemical structure of the Genetic Code, within which you
will find the scripture for life. The time has come for you to accept the responsibility of immortality. It is not
necessary for you to die.

"You will discover
The Key to Enhanced Intelligence in the chemistry of the nervous system. Certain methods,
used wisely, will enable your nervous system to decipher the genetic code. All life on your planet is a unity. All life
must Come Home.

"Total freedom, responsibility and inter-species harmony will make the voyage possible. You must transcend larval
identities of race, culture and nationality. Your only allegiance is to life. Japanese people on your planet are very
advanced and will give protection to the company."

"We are sending a comet to your solar system as a sign that the time has come to look to the stars. When you
arrive back Home you will be given new instructions and powers. Your sperm ship is the flower of terrestrial life, as
soon as the Unity Company is formed and the Voyage begun, WAR, POVERTY, HATRED, FEAR WILL
WILL BE REALIZED.  MUTATE! Come home in glory."
Dr. Timothy Leary in "The Starseed Transmission"  

We might ask "
We have always been taught that Earth, our Sun and the solar system belong to the
Milky Way Galaxy. New
scientific evidence clearly shows otherwise. Why is the Milky Way at an angle when we view it from earth? If our
solar system evolved OUT from the Milky Way, we should be right in line with that whirlpool disk, but as it is, that
long-time mystery has now been solved__ we're viewing it sideways!
A new infra red digital survey of the entire sky in
2003 by the Universities of Virginia and Massachusettes, used a
supercomputer to sort through half a billion stars to create a
NEW STAR MAP showing our solar system to be at
the exact crossroads where two galaxies__ the
Milky Way and the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy__ merge. We are
just now joining the Milky Way Galaxy community.

Scientists were shocked to realize that our Sun, Earth, planets and Moons actually belong to the Sagittarius Dwarf
Galaxy__ and are gradually being consumed by the Milky Way. The study was published in the "
". Our Sun has been moving in an entirely different direction than thought. This is the energetic "Crossing"
that the Mayans referred to regarding to
December 21, 2012, and the scientific teams have now confirmed that
this date is entirely correct.

The overall biggest contributing cause to
Global Climate Changes, and the melting of Earth's northern polar ice
cap, (Curiously, Antarctica is
not melting its ice!) and those of Mars and Pluto, is caused by our arrival into the
brighter, more energetic equator region of the Milky Way (where all the action is) as we cut in from the clearly less
energetic, darker deep space. As we
reach full alignment in 2012, Earth and her system will reach the critical
climax and point of the full impact of the maximum plasma (
ether- potential) energies as we enter into the brightest,
most energetic zone__ the glowing arms of the Milky Way disc with vast possibilities for all the
DNA of Life on
Planet Earth. Huge and sudden evolutionary changes are already occurring. Evolutionary biologists call this a
punctuated equilibrium" The evolutionary process__ Ascension__ includes long periods without change,
punctuated by
short periods of rapid specialization. We are right now undergoing such specialization, welcoming a
New Age, so different from the past dysfunctions of thousands of years as to be almost incomprehensible from our
present mindsets. It is NOT the end of our planet. The "
Golden Age" is upon us!

Our physical DNA and human consciousness are completely interconnected, intertwined, and commingled. What
affects one affects the other.
DNA is the physical__ the Mattter/Substance__ of human consciousness. Those
who are activating their energetic second heart__ their High Heart__ are becoming aware of the spiritual aspects
and seeing the metaphysical effects as well. Bombardment by the rapidly increasing energies now coming from the
Milky Way means rapid upgrades for human consciousness and genetics for all life on Earth, as every quanta of
matter and energy in our entire solar system is transformed while colliding with the many energetic frequencies,
ions, radiations and cosmic dust pouring out from the Milky Way equator, rapidly engulfing our entire solar system
including Suns, Planets and Moons.

The work of Russian scientists and two recent, U.S. University independent astronomical studies have calculated
that t
he peak of the alignment IS December 21, 2012 at 11:11 PM  Universal Time at Greenich, England.
August 17th newsletter issue explained the time differences in various World Time Zones, and the probability
that Earth and many of Her inhabitants have already stepped upon the fourth dimensional threshold. Again, this is
NOT the end of planet Earth__ this is a
dimensional shift. It is a sudden density shift of all matter/substance in our
world from what is called 3-D to
4 or 5-D__and even beyond. "The Light Encoded DNA Filament and Biomolecular Quantum
."  (Download the Beautiful PDF from here. The message is awesome__ if you're brave enough
to wade through a lot of technical jargon and pick out the nitty-gritty to understand how our Light Bodies unfold and
how we really do mutate from a carbon-based body to a crystalline one)... "As a prime antenna for electrical
magnetic (
EM) radiation, DNA can receive light, transduce it, compute a response, and re-emit EM signals that will
have a very definite modulating effect on specific molecules or even extra-cellular targets. However DNA is not just
restricted to receiving EM frequencies, as
DNA shows structural organization characteristic of fractal antennas.
This would enable it to receive and transduce Zero Point Energy__ allow it to interact more directly with
the morphogenetic field__ the Creative Force Field__ the Ethers.
These subtler forms of energy will interact
more directly with consciousness, and in that way influence either the expansion or contraction of conscious

When the information within light__ EM__ is received, it can be stored, computed, and transmitted
holographically by DNA.
"... (EMSpectrum.html) "It is not at all novel to suggest that DNA functions
computationally, as has been demonstrated"... in the test tube... "and its computation skills within the biological
system has already been recognized with specific applications."
Then__ Where do we go from here? The answer may be found in thousands of years of prophecy in all cultures
from the very beginning of humankind's awareness; prophecies that center on the emergence of a new human race,
a new era of peace, while the old worn out, no-longer-working, dying age completely recycles. The cataclysms
increasing all over our planet are not coming all at once, but gradually, and with increasing intensity, building up to a
peak through
2012. Many of us are confused and worried.

RADIATION: * "How a Tiny Group of Activists Blocked a Giant New Plutonium Facility."
"Germany Swaps Nuclear for Solar & Wind Power."
* :  John Hutchison: "The EM frequencies used by the group to diminish pollution
that was put into the waters by the Gulf Oil Disaster has succeeded. They have now moved to Oregon to deal with
the Fukishima, Japan, radiation coming over the Pacific Ocean. They ran their device under a frozen pond, and
could actually see the frequencies coming out."
* "Jason Martell's Research"__ "The Antikytheria Device"  Video 5 1/2 min.
See also: "
Knowledge Apoclypse" book...

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Removing judgment... "REALITY CREATING" (Not single, physical objects)... Drumming.

Before beginning an Intention, write it down in positive, specific terms, as if it has already manifested.
Avoid using 3-D negative words, such as "can't", "won't", "don't"", "isn't." Be sure your wording is
clear and allows Universe to set the Process and the Timing in which it will occur.

(Feeling Unconditional Love in your Heart, Become as One with Earth and All Life Upon Her.) Then state aloud: "I
intend that planet Earth and all life upon Her, if they so choose, are totally free of war, crime, disease,
pollution and poverty, now and forevermore
."  (Visualize the positive outcome. Feel the Joy, Express
Gratitude.) State aloud: "How does it get any better than this?"