August 8-9, 2011
The MIDPOINT DAYS of the Fifth Day of the 9thWave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar have arrived. What is oc-
curring these days reveals
The Most Significant Aspects of this Fifth Day.":

* Benjamin Fulford: "What replacing the government of the planet means: Power is an elusive thing. It is ultimately a fine
balance of mass psychology built up through the momentum of the past. Changing the very top of the world's power struct-
ure inolves a shift in psychology of the people who rule this planet. That change is then followed by a change in public ann-
ouncements and ac-tions. People watching the collapse of the current world regime are getting impatient because it seems
to be taking so much time. hey need to understand that changing a system that has existed for thousands of years  \needs
o be handled with great care in order to avoid  chaos,  starvation and  war .Nonetheless, the signs of global regime change
are everywhere.

Keywords of this Fifth Day are  "Light", "Creativity", "Intuition", "Spirituality", "NOW", "Healing" & "Peace."  A Fifth Day
is the  Lightest Period of the 9th Wave,
 so we need to prepare on all levels, for the coming Fifth Night  (August 18th through
September 4th)
is the Darkest Period of the entire cycle. (Rats!)

* MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY:   We are NOW learning to work with the  2nd Dimension nature spirits, chemicals, min-
erals, and telluric energies (Hartman & Geophysical Lines).
. (Chapter 16: "Co-Creating with Nature.")

Our lives seem to be in  deep do-do these days.  No one is coming from  across the sea  or from outer space to "save" us. Pe-
ople keep telling us everything that's "wrong" with the world and that we must "do something"__ but never say WHAT or  HOW
to do it.  Most of us don't know what to do.  We're often told to just "be" rather than "do"__  but is that enough? Sources say we
have to "do it ourselves".  We can get guidance from  Higher Selves, angels, guides, etc.__ but they cannot  DO more for us. If
we work with the 2nd Dimension that lies just under the planet's crust,  we can ask  Earth/Gaia what She is doing NOW & what
we need to do to assist Her
.  Our first priority is to "Be"__ to enhance our personal & group spiritual growth and help build a
better world guided through meditation, dream-work or paying attention to our incoming insights and  intuitions.

2. To "Act" on that guidance for both spiritual growth and intentional or conscious physical activity. We know we must avoid
overriding anyone's free will  whether we take physical action or work through the various dimensions,  but we can use Passive
Resistance; i.e., use no violence or vengeance. We just
intend other ways to meet our needs.  

For example, some banks are now requiring us to get debit cards in order to cash checks from other banks or withdraw money
from our own checking accounts even if we have a high credit rating and credit cards that have always been completely paid up
every month. If passed, this HS 4646 bill (see Scopes) will be "sneaked through" after the November elections. If we don't need
a debit card, or don't care to support corrupt systems__ we can refuse it,  and if the bank will not allow that, withdraw most of our
checking & savings account monies before November. We may pay our bills with Money Orders from the Post Office. If we look
deeper, this may just be a ploy to remove all teller employees from their systems. Our own refusals would be acts of Passive Re-

Another way to "ACT" would be to work with 2nd dimensional factions to intend/program our medications or health su-
pplements to be beneficial to the body and free of negative side effects. We can purify our food, water & mediations; assist ya-
rd, garden & house plants to be healthy, abundant & beautiful without harmful chemicals. Restore malfunctioning appliances, a-
utos, lawn mowers, remote controls, etc. to normal function. Heal physical parts of the body without medications or supplements
__ and with meditation, dreams and intuitive guidance, uncover the attitudes or beliefs underlying those dysfunctions.

3. A third ACTION is to spread our Light to others & join with groups that can co-operatively resolve family, neigh-
borhood, community &/or broader area challenges
. We need NEW SYSTEMS that can run MULTI-D. PROGRAMS.

ting on levels of electromagnetic energies akin to human subtle bodies, thereby enhancing & intensifying our nervous systems
which perform primarily with
EM.. Nature spirits are... 'electromagnetic beings of pure consciousness.'"

"The Findhorn Garden is a Multidimensional Project. It's book of the same name further explains Nature's 'voices'. This com-
munity began in
1962 after a group contacted the intelligences underlying the physical forms of the plants, trees & land.  Under
spiritual direction, they planted gardens on a rocky, salty strip of beach on the north coast of
Scotland and evolved it to unbeli-
evable lushness. They met regularly with
Pan, Lord of Nature, & the Elemental Kingdom. Plants from all climates__ even the tr-
opics__ grew far larger than normal. The devas advised them about gardening without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Inste-
ad, they talked with the insect devas  & made agreements about what the insects would or would not eat.  Findhorn has since
grown to international recognition and people come there from across the planet to learn about not only gardening, but also a-
bout spiritual development & advanced ecological skills."     www.findhorn.

"All beings in the Nature Kingdom belong to the Elemental Kingdom. Often called  'builders of form', they assist humans
to create on mental planes, transmuting our thoughts first into geometric designs (
6-D) & then into physical forms (3-D).
The elementals serving Earth are committed to materializing whatever they receive from humanity's collective thoughts or
feelings  (
4-D)__ including hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, killer bees, bedbugs & the polluted soils, waters & atmos-

The Elementals are further organized into 4 types: Earth, Water, Air & Fire. We were introduced to a Fire Elemental in
the mystical encounter under the glass dome of the yurt in
Chapter 10. We learned to be clear about what we asked for &
how we worded requests. Nature spirits are not threatening to humans in any way
; they're filled with joy whenever a human
contacts them & asks for their cooperation." (
Chapter 18: Co-Creating with Nature.) Water holds memory. Our bodies are
about 80% water.
Water holds all the knowledge in the universe. When we connect with the Water Elementals & link in-
to Water__we can know anything!   
Perelandra is also a Multi-dimensional Project:

(See "Celebrating the Power of the Individual" on the above site.) "Co-creative Science is much more than something to
read about, think about & find interesting. It is an applied science which has the most profound implications for all of us. If
you do establish a co-creative partnership with Nature & become involved in co-creative science, what you do may well
be more important than what many so-called scientists are doing
Michaelle Small Wright: Perelandra Garden Workbook II: Co-creative Energy Processes for Gardening, Agriculture & Life.

We leave you NOW with another "feel good" video: Search: "CLOSE TO FEEL OUT".


August 18, 2011
                                                                                   "CHOOSING YOUR FOCUS"

Here we go into the
FIFTH NIGHT of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. These 18 days (Aug. 18 to
) will be the Darkest Period of the entire cycle!  We will now be involved in "DESTRUCTION"  as the Old Conscious-
ness collapses. The Mayan Calendar is abou
t Energy Waves rather than about Time.

August 18, FIFTH NIGHT:
As a huge new wave of cosmic energy moves in today, we are introduced to the "Time for Choos-
_ indicating it's time now to "Pick your Battle"__This doesn't mean to use violence or override someone's free will in an-
y form, but to choose the system or topic you wish to see changed through your passion & creative abilities. This could be tea-
ching, healing, politics, education, weather, environment, etc. or perhaps uplifting people's spirits through creative arts, inform-
ing others of global conditions or acting as a conduit of information from higher dimensional beings. IT'S TIME TO FIND A FO-

Then take three steps to bring your Focus into fruition for the world:
1) PURIFICATION: Purify your body, mind & emotions with
diet, exercise, health supplements & spiritual practices. (
See Chapter 5: "Unconditional Love.") 2.) INTEGRATION: of your ch-
osen Focus with like-minded others.  (
"See Chapter 13: "Co-Creativity")   3.) TRANSFORMATION of your life & the planet will

This Fifth Night period relates to
1932-1952 during the Great Depression, WWII, Korean War & the Nuclear Bombing of Japan
during the
7th Wave/Planetary Underworld; & to Nov. 19, 2007 to Nov. 13, 2008  f the 8th Wave/Galactic Underworld, an enti-
re year was filled by n umerous uprisings,  political clashes & changes  throughout the world.  Cuban President;  
Fidel Castro,
temporarily handed power to his brother; US government began to intervene in our financial system as the Federal Reserve ob-
tained a $200 Billion program to allow the nations' biggest banks to borrow Treasury securities at discount rates & post mort-
gage-backed securities as collateral.
Obama became Democratic nominee for president__the first black candidate in US his-
McCain accepted the Republican nomination,  and, of course,  Obama won .The U.S. Economy crashed. In Science,  the
Large Hadron Collider began to operate in

Keyword for this 5th Night is "Darkness". In our plant's life, it is the growth of the bud__ In our personal lives, it is akin to
"Pube-ty"  Actually, the whole human race has been in puberty__ adolescence__ for over
200,000 years, still dependent on
"Big Daddies"__omnipotent "Gods", Governments, Priests & Pastors, Doctors, Experts & Corporations to "Advise us & Pro-
vide for our needs."

August 13: FULL MOON in Leo.  A Portal opened for contacts with  Star People who wish to help us. Opportunities began
to arrive that can enable us to move into a more heart-centered existence. Travel, Politics, Economics, Communication, etc.
will fall away & be replaced with more positive abilities.
ABUNDANCE will occur in the degree to which we cooperate inste-
ad of
compete with each other.

At this Full Moon we became highly susceptible to mystical breakthroughs, so trust your spiritual intuition all through August,
for the world itself is creating a whole new way of life as we transmute our minds & emotions.
The only solution to the mo-
ney problems will be to turn to spirituality, seek love with our families & friends.
 Meditate daily & analyze dreams.Av-
oiding junk foods, sugar & artificial sweeteners will help you stay more open to intuitive guidance.

No one can deny that our weather and climate patterns are changing dramatically. The magnetic poles are moving__ but they
are moving back to their original positions of
25-26,000 years ago. Here in Idaho, we have noted how our winters have been
warmer, and our summers about 10 or more degrees cooler.

The many revelations & profound changes that will be emerging before the Shift activates sometime between
October 28, 20-
& December 21, 2012  mean that the bumps & shocks are going to come faster than many people  can easily handle. This
is why we continue to advise:"
Don't Wait!". If we wait to fulfill a need or action  we may not have enough time later,  or we may
not remember to do it__ or both.

Our foremost assistance as lightworkers is to
LESSEN FEAR, so we cannot continue to "hide our light__ our true selves__ u-
nder a bushel". Once again we encourage speaking out calmly & lovingly to those near us. Some will listen gladly, others will
be in defense, but later the seed we planted will sprout & grow. Still others stuck in the old consciousness, unable to let go of
3-D beliefs, may even become angry at our revelations.     

As we move closer to beginning the Shift,  our "True Life" will be what goes on inside us__ our thoughts, feelings, attitudes &
beliefs, & what occurs in our "Outer Life" will simply be an immediate reflection of the inner.  In fact, if our "True Inner Life"  is
loving, compassionate, intuitive, tolerant & purposeful, for example,  then the outer world  will automatically oblige & produce
the same around us.

We need to raise our Spiritual Vibrations to Higher Density states before we meditate for guidance, channel off-world
intelligences,  use Intention to manifest our needs  or perform energy healings . The steps for performing Intentions are in the
Part II: Introduction to "Basic Inner Technologies" of this online web-book, "Creating From the Future" . Part II, Chap-
ters 3 thru 7,
 teach how to raise our vibrations. Part IV: "Advanced Inner Technologies, Chapters 12 - 20, show how to
apply Intentions to meet our various physical needs with little or no monetary outlay.

And on these more hopeful notes, we leave you now with this important thought:


August 26 & 27, 2011
                                                               "FREEDOM DEMANDS CREATIVITY"

MIDPOINT DAYS of the Fifth Night of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar are here. We will now
The Most Significant Aspects of this Fifth Night on August 26 & 27, as we continue with the "DESTRUCT-
ION" of the old consciousness.  "
Darkness" is the Keyword of this Fifth Nigh t, & violence & dissolution  seem to be ramping
up all around the world.

SUMMARY: Seems many of our "authorities" are falling off their pedestals these days. The New Moon in Virgo occurs Su-
nday, 8/28/11,
one day after the Midpoint Days of the Fifth Night. It's the call to get our acts together with a focus onr person-
al needs during the rest of this year."
You can't expect things to change in the outer world without first changing yourself."

In general, during this period, rebels have seized much of
Gadhafi's Libian strongholds; "the entire Middle East is in turmoil
over social conflicts:
Israel is in conflict with newly liberated Egypt; the US & Britain are threatening Assad of Syria" whose
military has spread outward to ciities today,  
8/27... with regime change; &  a 5.0 earthquake shook  the East Coast shutting
7 nuclear plants.
We have been attempting  to uncover the secrets of  Multi-Dimensional Technologies  in recent newsletters. Why do we need
to know this?  Because no one can deny that we are,  these days,  dwelling in a very chaotic, very confusing world. Not only is
this world threatening, but also strange & stressful. We are living through a period ripe with waves of uncertainty that trigger i-
ntense accelerations of  personal,  global,  solar systemic & even galactic expansion.  We entered the final phase  of this
plus billion year period on
March 9, 2011.  This lengthy period ends sometime within October 28, 2011 & January, 2013, &
we must understand and use multi-dimensional technologies if we are to cope positively with the many crises of this period.
The impact of corrupt systems will force us into the development and use of these Multi-D Technologies.   

I loved creative arts since before kindergarten & had been a professional artist for many years when in
October, 1988, after
an insanely chaoic day on
Orcas Island,  I was told in a vision that  "The creatures need to create from within them-selves."
Although completely mystified, I became obsessed with that statement. Those words birthed something deep inside me that
led down a path I can only describe as a search for some sort of Higher Creativity.

It was seven years before full understanding arrived. It seems all of us have been following this path for millions of years. The
truths contacted on
Orcas Island  pointed to the mysteries of life,  why we are here,  what's happening to humans  and Earth
right now,  & the realization that our human intellect & material technologies  have reached a climax  in our culture, triggering
world crises. The major issue in these End Times is whether or not we can evolve our consciousness to levels where we can
overcome those challenges & avoid destroying both ourselves & planet Earth. Patriarchal science, logic, competition & gre-
ed need to be balanced with the more Feminine side of ourselves__ creativity, love, intuition, compassion and spirituality__
if we humans are to thrive over the next few months.

We began this web-book focusing on the creative skills and principles involved in making artwork because they are similar
to those of  creating on higher levels__ sometimes  referred to as  "
higher consciousness",  "hyper-dimensional physics",
"multi-dimenisional technologies", or "spirituality".

Part II: Basic Multi-Dimensional Technologies explains how to raise our consciousness to vibrate in unison with higher dim-
ensional states of awareness & how to change our physical, mental or emotional issues by manifesting new situations with-
out using physical or material devices & substances. These changes take place through energy transmutations of thoughts,
emotions & beliefs, enabling each of us to use meditation, dreams, intentions & the Creative Process to link with the Creat-
ive Force Field__ the Creator's system for guidance & manifestation potentials. We are not here on Earth to become "per-
fect"; we are here to develop Unity Consciousness & Unconditional Love,  enabling us to create a new reality for ourselves
and Earth. It is time now to consider what sort of Future Reality we desire for humanity & the planet, for it will determine how
we navigate life during these trying times.
                                                              "                   FREEDOM DEMANDS CREATIVITY"

THE FIFTH DIMENSION is all about "Light Vibrations.".Consciousness in 5-D is unconfined by Space or Time & rep-
resents a higher organizing principle that transcends the speed of light. In 5-D we deal with
relativity, ether theory, precog-
nition, telepathy & synchronicity
, all from the perspective of the conscious universe. The space-time continuum of physics
ignores the realms of the mind, but consciousness represents a higher order of awareness and sensitivity.
Zoroastrian scripture, back in the time of
Atlantis, seems to be the origin of all the world's "End Time" myths and legends.
ML: A nuclear war at the end of the last Atlantis caused a polar shift.) Current physics models, however, now indicate that
we can change the rate of Time with our own consciousness, adding that when there's a solar burst of energy it slightly ch-
anges the flow of Time. He believes that... "w
hat is happening to us  is that the energetic increase  we're experiencing is
making abilities that used to be in the hands of Masters like Jesus available to everyone
." (David Wilcock)

"There exist secret technologies that can slow Time down or speed it up, & this is accomplished by creating a rotation-
al wave in the gravity field, as
Gravity is what powers Time. David believes we' re heading into a Golden Age after 20-
although  there will be some natural catastrophes beforehand,  & we'll discover that  there's a whole lot more to Being
Human than we're presently aware of. According to ET and ancient sources, human beings apparently go through certain
energetic springboards that radically transform human evolution into some sort of Light Beings__ and this may come ab-
out through shifts in the Way that Time Runs."

Tibet & India, he revealed, "there is absolute proof that 64,000 people have raised their personal vibrations to a lev-
el that has turned them into Light Beings
." Recent quantum research shows that when an object moves/vibrates past li-
ght speed,  Time speeds up__ as we & Earth are doing right NOW. Raising our consciousness means that through con-
trolling our thoughts, emotions and actions,  we cause the atoms & molecules of our bodies to vibrate at ever-increasing
speeds. Okay then, you master guys & gals__
rev up!

This Other Side__ higher dimensions__ is not above us up over the clouds, past the moon & stars. It is right here am-
ong us, another dimension superimposed on our own world. It's vibratory frequency is much higher than
3rd or 4th density
consciousness, which is why we don't perceive it with physical eyes. UFO's and ETs exist in
5-D or higher, & can wink in &
and out of
3-D at will, which is why they usually appear "fuzzy". As an analogy, think of a dog whistle__ it's vibrational sou-
nd frequency is so high that it is silent to the human ear, but animals can hear it clearly.

Now think about how animals know when such things as hurricanes, earthquakes, seizures in epileptics, etc. are going to
happen. Most recently, dogs can signal when a person has cancer even in an early state,  by sniffing their breath. Part of
being a gifted clairvoyant or psychic is the ability to sense a wider range of  
vibrational frequencies,  which is why they
are able to communicate with the spirit world.

As we move into 4
th, 5th or higher densities, all the useless, negative old energies that we have been carrying begin to
dissolve. All our
3-D illnesses were created  for learning situations  that would prepare us for  moving into a higher density
existence; but once there, we will no longer need to create illnesses to evolve our consciousness. Our molecular structure
and physical embodiment will arrive at a very different alignment.  Our metabolic rates will change,  our hearts realign with
Gaia & Spirit and our brainpowers expand. We will have larger kidneys, better blood pressure, & so on. If you are around
50 years old at the time of the Shift__  you may add as much as
130 to 150 more years to your life. The average life span
can easily reach into the high hundreds. Even this can be extended, if desired. It will be your CHOICE.

PORTALS around the  world, including the Idaho Arcturian Portal in southeastern Idaho, will be fully open prior to
30 Hours of Darkness that Complete the Shift, although the exact date is still unknown, due to many variables that
can affect it. By then, how-ever, the
Galactic Brotherhood will already have made their presence known to all of Earth.

Some of us have, prior to birth, agreed to be
external portal workers. You will know who you are if this resonates in your he-
art, & y
ou have been involved with portals during portions of this and/or previous lifetimes. This commitment probably sav-
ed you
10 to 20 lifetimes in the 4th & 5th Densities, & you will be rewarded in the light of Master Jesus & all of the Grand
Masters who will be there in assistance
: St. Germain, St. Michael, Raphael, Thoth, Morya, Kuthumi, Sri Yuktesvar &
Sai Baba
will be among them. All of us will be light beings then, & once the portals open & expand, we will feel the Uncon=-
ditional Love and T
he Voice of Unity will call to us, inviting us into the 5th Density.

If you're feeling like me these days, you are danged tired of the hardships of 3-D and wish we could return Home right now.
We have worked for the cause of ascension for many, many lifetimes, & just want to revel in the ecstasy of multidimension-
al light and unconditional love.

Like most of us, I've had a rich & fulfilling life with great love & many challenges, opportunities & awesome experiences.
Whatever project we bellied up to, t
he last third of that project was always the most difficult. First of all, we'd be exhausted
by then, & secondly, we then found that those parts of the process which we'd
"put off until later" because they were so di-
fficult, were blatantly screaming for completion. (Oh, yeah__ and be careful what you wish for.)

We were correct in our procrastinating because that part of the process demanded a multidimensional consciousness
in order to understand and complete it. In addition, Earth's vibratory frequency was not yet at a high enough level for ma-
ny of our exceptional higher efforts to be accepted and appreciated by the collective consciousness of both the earlier
lifetime eras and our current era."

"Earth's frequency is now even higher than it was during the time of
Atlantis. So celebrate!  Many of the problems & pr-
ojects of these darker times will automatically be released because the frequencies of fear and duality can no longer to-
lerate the present resonance of planet Earth, & the transmutation of physical matter into spiritual energies is greatly en-

"Now and then, a great feeling of sadness comes over us as we realize the final transformation means our old world is
dying. This is appropriate, because though this has been one of the darkest periods in human history, many of us fou-
nd great love, triumph and enlightenment in the midst of the separation and limitation of the last
12,000 years."

"We have had some lives of great victory and of horrific suffering. Fear & anger were constant threats during our num-
erous physical incarnations, yet we were brave enough to return, again and again, to serve in trying to stem the ever-in-
ceasing downfall of
Gaia's body. It is our great pleasure to be able to tell you that NOW you can relax into the joy of yo-
ur return Home to your true frequency of expression."

our final act for  ascension was to clear our physical forms, which are truly a component of Gaia's form,
of the many fear-based thoughts, emotions and memories. We have been brave warriors far beyond our knowing. Take
a moment to realize how courageous you have been to return time and time again to a planet where you most likely en-
countered fear, pain, separation & sorrow, rather than joy, love & oneness. But return you did__ lifetime after lifetime".

"Each time we incarnated, we had no recall of past lives and knew not what we'd encounter in this one. Worst of all, we
had no memory of the glorious Homecoming at the completion of each lifetime. In some lifetimes, we became so lost
n the ever-present darkness and fea,r that it took many following lifetimes to return to higher realms where we could re-
member our  rue Selves."

"Blessings, for in this incarnation we have remembered our True Multidimensional Self while in a physical body and in
the darkest of eras. Therefore, do not be fooled by the crumbling
3-D world as it degrades around us.  Release whatev-
er is leaving with unconditional love and joy of completion. At the same time,embrace whatever fills our being with the
love and light of our True Self. See ourselves now as  Ascended Masters, who are still logged in to the matrix of
Earth. With the detached compassion of an Ascended Master, calmly observe the 3-D structures of limitation & sepa-
ration degrading more and more each day In response to this observation, first we transmute our every fear-based th-
ought or action into unconditional love. Then we project that love into each and every situation that comes to our awa-
"Do call upon our Greater Selves and fellow Ascended Masters for assistance whenever necessary
."  St. Germain.