All sensations and emotions have sound vibrations  whether heard by the physical ear or not.  The
Sounds vibrating at 10 Hz (
cycles per second)  make data learning a more relaxed and simple pro-
(39).  Negative emotions such as fear, anger or disgust,  exist at very low frequency levels.
As we become happier in our feelings , the vibrational rates rise accordingly.  The vibrations of ext-
remely positive emotions, however, exist at unlimited frequency states. For instance,
vibrations become
happiness one vibrational octave higher, and still another octave higher become
joy, then ecstasy, then rapture__ It just keeps going. "The English language has no words for such
higher octave emotions, since they are realms where humans seldom tread
." (12)

Hans Jenny,  in his study of Cymatics,  shows innumerable photographs of beautifully symmetrical
shapes formed by  powders jiggled on a surface  vibrated by a specific sound. "
Physical resonance
results from  the vibrating air  'shaking up'  molecules  causing the  energy system  to synchronize
with itself in
standing waves,  which, out of random chaos, produce order, symmetry and stability."
Standing Waves
... "are inherently self-reinforcing and accordingly tend to maintain their existence.
Consequently,  they are a fundamental characteristic  of any self-organizing system,  such as your
".... "Sound can produce order out of randomness by causing an energy system to  synchroni-
ze with itself,  producing standing waves.
"  Any increase  in coherency  moves in the  direction of a
greater life force and increased health.

This author has experienced healing through the use of Sound Wave Energy CD's,  developed by
Nicole La Voie, based on Hans Jenny's experiments. Played while sleeping or relaxing,  each CD
disk  produces the sound vibrations  of one of the seven chakras (
Figure 2),  and others reproduce
the vibrations of states of mind like  Unconditional Love,  Relaxation , Abundance and  Higher Mind.

Children or adults who are  speech disadvantaged  are often able  to sing the words  that give them
so much  difficulty__  they tumble out easily  when put to music.  Group or partner  sing-alongs  are
especially beneficial, for then these souls,  so often left out or looked down upon,  can join with oth-
others in  producing beautiful sounds as equals,  totally accepted  by the group.  My granddaughter
Amber,  severely challenged with epilepsy,  is often  hard to understand  when speaking,  but music
has given her wings
; s he sang a solo at her high school choir concert, every word sweet and clear
as a bell.

Research indicates humans,  birds and whales  may have had a common ancestor.  "
This seems to
signal that  the roots of music  lie closer to our ancient lizard brain than to our more recent reason-
oning cortex, and that music has a more ancient origin than language
." (90)

A blocked system in a human being  has a lower vibration  than his  nervous system,  and particular
types of music  can resonate  with both.  
Sharry Edwards's   "Healing  With Sound"  (91)  indicates
we must change our ideas about the energies of sound,  light,  color,  emotion and thought. Physic-
al body vibrations for anyone who is extremely stressed can be seen and heard in their body langu-
age and voice tones. When Edwards hears a diseased person's voice, she can discern what tones
are absent. Then she treats the individual with the missing sounds,  reproducing them with her own
voice. Repeated treatments bring relief and eventual cures.

A profound link exists  between human brain wave patterns  and the missing vocal frequencies. Ed-
wards has  discovered  it also corresponds  to the motions  of the planets.  "
All diseases  are really
(caused by mind and emotions). You can temporarily remove the symptom,  but for
a permanent cure, you must remove the cause, which is always in the feelings and thinking
." (91)

One way music heals is through  Focus (a creative skill). By placing our entire attention on any mu-
sic,  we synchronize and resonate  with it. The
Intentions (creative skill) of both composer and per-
former then merge with us  through the music. Whatever their motivations,  we will experience a si-
milar effect while we listen.

Tom Kenyon related:  "Recently,  someone sent me  a recording of  crickets,  and if you play it at
the  regular speed  you recognize them  as regular crickets.  But if you slow it down,  the recording
sounds like  a choir of angels singing.  So the harmonics  within the  cricket sounds  are extremely
." (39)
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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX