Living in the New Reality
April 7, 2011   

We have been experiencing in the FIRST NIGHT of the
9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar sin-
March 28th this year. The 2 Midpoint days of each DAY or NIGHT is the pivot point__ the most intense and sig-
nificant part of that Day or Night. The FIRST DAY Midponts were March 17th & 18th.

* With the extreme world catastrophes of  Japan, New Zealand,  Chili, Indonesia, the Gulf of Mexico and Haiti,
the compassion & response of humanity to aid those suffering  was repeatedly brought to our attention, showing us
Unity Consciousness has taken a huge leap on Earth. We are also becoming aware that we need to move be=
yond nuclear energy and fossil fuels as soon as possible and find better ways of caring for Earth and each other.

* The United States and several other countries agreed to establish and maintain a No-fly Zone over Libya to pro-
tect the Libyan citizens.
Saudi Arabia was part of the team,  making this the first time that both Muslims & Christ-
__ United Kingdom, France, Germany, U.S., etc. united to aid a distressed nation.

* There was much concern in the media  about just where the safest places in the world were these days. My sourc-
es suggested that in the
U.S., the Eastern and Western Coasts of North America were to be avoided,  & the best
choices were
east of the Rocky Mountains,  but west of the Mississippi River. Locally , the North Idaho lake areas
were excellent  ("
Sandpoint",  again?)  with their major supply of  forest  & deep fresh water.  Now, however, we're
told that  small amounts of  radiation have been found on  the
West Coast  and also in  Idaho.  My sense is  that this
radiation  has been here for years,  due to the many  nuclear plants  &  atomic bomb testing  over the last  
65 years.
The Guides agreed.

* The United States offered aid  for the nuclear meltdowns in  Japan.  Japan accepted at the following  First Night.

* One of our sources stated that the  Japanese,  Libyan and other world conflicts were basically t he "Royals" and
"Nazi's"__ long-term factions of the two  Annunaki  brothers,  Enlil & Enki__ both using  extreme aggression to
further their plans.

* As for technology__ the revelation of the  BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS on a
Red Ice Radio interview & subsequent rep-
orts from many other sources dealing with  
hyper-dimensional physics__ both ancient & modern__ seems to indi-
cate a huge change in the type of technology we will be using in the near future.

These pyramids are
35,000 years old. Electromagnetic energy coming out of the biggest pyramid (the larg-
est known  in the world to date),  is different from  any currently known energy.
 Spiraling outward f rom the
pyramid in concentric circles,  it grows stronger  the farther it moves away  from its  pyramidal source.  (Suggesting
this is probably what
Nikola Tesla tapped into). Tunnels beneath the pyramids heal people who enter them. There
is no radiation in the tunnels,  which are built of natural materials__ clay,  stone, etc.__ as are the pyramids themsel-
ves for the most part. Tests showed the network of tunnels was built to regenerate the physical body of humans, ani-
mals and plants.

Bosnian ancients created vastly superior building materials with this pyramid energy. Quartz crystals in the sto-
nes are believed to be  the originating source of the energy.  It is also apparent that the
 location  of the  Bosnian &
other pyramids around the world was important. The geological features of vortices,  portals and  stargates around
Earth are the best places to build pyramids & monuments. (Chapter 4: Great Mother tells of the 3 pyramidal buttes
central to the
Idaho "stargate and the Idaho National Laboratories there).

Use of this energy also enabled the ancients to not only communicate & view other planets & solar systems, but al-
so to gather their knowledge. The frequency of
28kw. in the pyramid is that of ultra-sound as used in current med-
dical practices. Science knows of a brain-blood barrier existing in our bodies. The brain receives sensations from
our 3-D physical world only.  Ultra-sound frequencies  break down the blood barrier to the brain,  allowing medica-
tions in the body's blood to reach and treat the brain as well.

The Midpoint dates of this FIRST NIGHT are
April 5h & 6th. Situations that impacted my personal and inner lives
seemed more numerous  than the events occurring  in the outer world.  This is quite reasonable, as the First Night
is about I
nner Assimiliation of seeds sown during the new Cosnciousness begun March 9th. It is about "Earth" &
is an extension of the foundation laid during the First Day just completed. We are now to
Identify the Challenges &
Obstacles to be Overcome
before the Second Day__ April 14, 2011__ arrives.The First NIght of the previous 8th
Wave/Galactic Underworld
occurred between Dec. 31, 1999 & Dec. 25t, 2000. Something concerning similar ob-
stacles will take place in this  
March 28th to  April 14th period.  For me personally,  it indicated extreme physical
changes to my body,  to my belief system, to understanding the truth about
Unconditional Love, & to Trusting Inner

Right on cue, I began having severe physical body pains in various places, & extreme exhaustion from time to time
over these two midpoint days. I woke
April 5th with a Waking Thought: "The Plague will put an end to that." Wow!
Now What?  ( Higher Self had earlier told me that thi s "Now What" expression  I  often use could only be answered
by "Unconditional Love"). There have been many respiratory illnesses circulating through my family & the entire Ma-
gic Valley. It starts with nasal & sinus congestion, & many still deal with that, but others find it affects the ears (water
in ears), the bronchial tubes,  & some even have flu-like symptoms  of fever, coughing, upset stomach  & even walk-
ing psneumonia. The guides say this is spreading world-wide due to  air, water & food pollution,  overwhelming our
immune systems. In time, it will stop the material greed, the crimes, the conflicts, wars, &andmost importantly__ the
devastation & pollution of the planet. People will be too ill to continue those activities, and will become made aware
that whatever they do to Earth, eventually affects themselves as well.

* The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the  Federal Reserve  had until April 4th to reveal  where all the trillions of doll-
ars went. [To date, the media have been silent on this one. Perhaps the uprisings & conflicts in the
Middle East are
meant to distract us from what's really at stake on this planet.  If the Federal Reserve goes belly up,  so does the en-
tire global economy.]

* We are all concerned in the U.S. with the April 8th deadline to shut down the U. S. government.

* Also on
April 8th:  "The first meeting to  completely overhaul  the world's financial system will take place. Other
countries will now have more of a say
"... "We will create a massive wave of prosperity  & directly pave the way  for
the release of clean, 'free' energy technology.

On a more individual level__  I opened my fortune cookie  last night to read: "You will have  a close encounter  of a
serious kind
": Now, I don't know about you, but I've never had that sort of fortune message before. Had an eerie fee-
ling that it was related somehow to the "
Night Visitors" of Chapter 22, which was, after all, a rather silly encounter.


April 14, 2011
                                                              "A HYPER-DIMENSONAL WORLD"
April 14, 2011  marks our emergence into  the SECOND DAY period  of the   th Wave-Universal Underworld of the
Mayan Calendar, extending for another
18 days to May 2nd when we enter the Second Night. Each Second Day of
a wave/underworld is about
bonding, identifying the service to be performed to obtain this Wave-Underworld's goal.
We "
sowed the seeds" during the First Day.  Now we are to GERMINATE that seed  through an even more expansi-
ve pulse of the new consciousness.  As before, we're building upon the foundation laid in Day One  & assimilated in
the Night One, just completed.. To the elements of "Fire", "Time" and "Earth", we now add "Water",  suggesting this
period will be about
Emotion as well as the planet's waters.

We are experiencing in the first sequence of
10 PORTAL DAYS which began April, 9th.  This group of Portal Days
transduces energy & information coming from  the
Source into the physical world.  They are also our "History". They
represent a space or time when all information  received over the past nine months begins to make sense.  In about
35 more days,  we will have a second group of 10 Portal Days  which is about  energy & information returning to the

4-9-11, PORTAL DAY #1: An article from  Fortean Times suggests the Neanderthals had a highly evolved civiliza-
100,000 years ago,  giving us a new perspective on our  racial History & Time . The Neanderthals had  skills &
abilities even beyond what  Homo sapiens have today,  although we are now regaining some of them.  The article is
lengthy, but well worth the read.,000yearold_civilization.
html     Perhaps the Neanderthals evolved their consciousness  to the point that they ascended into  a higher density
existence with the ability to return to
3-D or other densities at will. Could our mysterious "Bigfoot" creatures be Nea-
nderthals returning for a visit?

Another article today  was entitled  "
Crop Circles in Cyberspace",  telling of  odd, random patterns  occurring  in the
computers of stock market analysts.  The minerals of Earth may be evolving__ as are we humans, animals & plants
__ & the quartz crystals & other elements in computers may be becoming more "alive", creating information on their
own and relaying it to us humans.

David Wilcock,  on www.divinecosmos,com had more information on the U. S. government's proposed shut-down,
Federal Reserve do-over. and on the Bretton Woods meeting to change the world's financial system.

A wonderful
meditation to release fears arrived from including a Video (search
for "
Dear Woman") with various  Conscious Men offering apologies for the imbalance between men & women over
the centuries. You'll get teary-eyed. I recall my mother, born in
1909, before women had the vote & were "owned" by
cattle by their husbands, telling how women who'd lost their husbands  worked in sweat shops  sewing large quotas
of garments daily.  With no relatives or child-care centers,  their children came to work with them  & were chained to
the worktable legs.  Bathroom or lunch breaks  were few in their  
16 hour-long days,  & forget about  coffee breaks.
With doors locked to make sure no one left early, sick or well__ fear of fire was constant.

MEDITATION:  An extremely chaotic day,  with devices malfunctioning & myself making mistakes  right & left. I was
again inwardly informed about refining my personal mission here on Earth, & how being an example by words & a-
ctions was the best way to "teach".

4-10-11, PORTAL DAY #2:  More "History" info arrives. Keith M. Hunter has written  a marvelous book: "The Age
of High Knowledge
" giving evidence of advanced civilizations prior to recorded history. Much of that knowledge has
been discovered & used by the  "down and dirties"  of our planet .  His website
igves  a great deal of information  about  2012,  the Mayan Calendar  & various other subjects  of our past. ("Time").
Scroll down to his "
Chapter Headings" to see all he covers.

In Hunter's interview on "Wistleblower Radio" for March 30th, He said in ancient ti-
mes our Sun & Moon were pushed out of their natural orbits & time relationships.  He believes  Sun, Moon &
are now being returned to their original correct proportions through the many earth-changes we are presently expe-
riencing.  He also gave mathematical data of  the relationship of measurements & locations  on Earth  with those of
the Sun, Moon, Mars and even other star systems.

4-10-11:  Much was relayed from the Guides about  Near Death Experiences,  the "messages" inherent in each, &
what they reveal about the broader perspective of life as it relates to universal principles.

I connected with or heard about  friends from the past  ("Time"),  but when  phoning two dear friends, one afternoon,
was suddenly cut off. A news item stating that  
Zawi Hawass was  re-instated as overseer of the Egyptian Depart-
ment of Antiquities
("Time") surprised many of us.  A Coast to Coast AM program ( was
also in keeping with this FIRST NIGHT's factors of "
Time", plus "Fire" and "Earth". Mashall Masters detailed how
his research ..  "
led to the conclusion that the changing weather patterns are primarily driven by the Sun. In trying
to find the source of the Sun's erratic behavior, Masters and his research team ultimately concluded
,".."that there
must be  an interloper
" the solar system;  i.e., Planet X,  that is affecting the Sun.  According to him,  they based
this determination on measured perturbations in the orbits & atmospheric upheavals of the other planets in the solar

On the nature of
Planet X, Masters surmised that it is likely a  brown dwarf in a "long period elliptical orbit" where it
zooms in and zooms out" of the solar system. He speculated that the object has a  3600 year orbit and that its last
1600 B.C..."was what caused the infamous 'ten plagues of Exodus' ". In light of that,  Masters conten-
ded that we are currently..."
at the cusp of one of these catastrophic,  punctuated events in our planets'  Timeline."
Connecting the object with the Mayan Calendar, Masters said the Sun's activity is expected to be  extremely high in

December, 2012
 which is when people may first be able to see Planet X with the naked eye, from the southern he-
misphere. This arrival of the object near Earth, he said, would initially result in meteorite showers followed by a polar
shift, where..."
our references as to what Time and  Gravity are, are going to be in a state of flux." He described the
true disastrous effects of the polar shift to be less  than a result of the event itself and more due to Earth re-settling a-
fter it has happened.

Pointing to an  
Avebury Crop Formation from  July, 2008, he sees it as a mysterious warning sign of events which
will unfold in the future. Masters explained that the formation, which seems to include the planets in our solar system,
is a "
time stamp reference" to December 21. 2012.  Additionally, he observed that the message seems to suggest
Pluto will be greatly affected by Planet X,  where it will either ..spin out into space or spiral into the sun."  Pluto,
as formerly mentioned, represents TRANSFORMATION &/OR DEATH.

A caller asked how to tell if any quakes or any disasters were caused by nature & the Sun, or were man-made. Ma-
sters told of how  birds & animals sense the catastrophes coming  & move to safer places. Other areas report  fish,
dolphins, or whales beaching themselves before the dire events occur.  Many more pet cats and dogs are reported
mssing from a geographical location weeks before the disasters. Numerous people have visions or dreams, or just
knowings"  of what will happen two or three weeks in advance, even if they are not living within the endangered loc-
ations. These "predicted" quakes, etc., are those caused by nature. But when there have been no psychic warnings
at all__ it's man-made.

Personal experience of this
(C2C Marshall Masters guest) occurred for the two weeks prior to th e 1983  7. 3quake
in the  
Lost River Valleys of  Idaho.  All the birds disappeared,  two weeks before the event,  and when we  drove
through the countryside the morning before,  we noted that all the wild antelope had moved into ranchers' fields with
the cattle,  but everyone of them  was lying down in the field  with the exception of one stag who stood guard with his
white rump facing the herd to signal danger.

Perhaps these numerous dire earth changes are meant to force us to realize that connecting with  Higher Self-Spirit
Within is imperative for being guided to appropriate actions & locations to keep us safe. This is what we came here
to learn and do as well as to develop Unity Consciousness, Unconditional Love & Service to Earth & her lifeforms.

4-11-11: PORTAL DAY #3:  Japan has another 7.1 earthquake,  just one month after the original quake. The nucl-
ear plants are further damaged, placing them in a category equal to or four times greater than

I'm feeling a need to start some
new project__ but what? I consider not eating beef as well as pork. The Guides ap-

Chapter 10: Wierd Science 101:  "Exploring the Frontiers of Field Theory"__ neuro-chemist Glen Rein at
Stanford Universit y &  nuclear engineer  Colonel Thomas Bearden__ revealed  the potentials of scalar energy
, a phenomenon that sheds light on the information field intuitives may be accessing.

Scalar refers to  a quantity  that has  magnitude or size,  but no motion__ for example, pressure. The pressure of a
gas has value & can be measured,  but pressure has no motion. When applied to field theory, scalar refers to fields
of potential energy & information that lie  outside the usual spectrum of  
Electromagnetic Energy. This can be confu-
sing because scalar fields may be coupled with EM phenomena.  Glen Rain said,
"Scalar fields"..."are distance &
time independent
".  (unlike EM fields).. "they are at a distance; and can have negative ion energy; they even ha-
ve the characteristics of being able to travel
backwards in time."

From the of
Slim Spurling/Light-Life Technology Newsletter,,  Dr. Randy ad-
Ms. Katharina Spurling-Kaffl: "Thought, arriving from the brain or heart is scalar in nature. This means it
apriori"..(Websters: "from cause to affect; from a general law to a particular instance")..."to matter, is steerable
and infinite and has no relationship to time or space. It is, if you will,
that which is before matter."

A new Slim Spurling/Light-Life Tool, the
Alchemical Scalar Transmitter__ "AST"__ is being created from copp-
er tubing in the shape of a pyramid  in which various
Light-Life Tools  & a crystal bowl tuned to  the frequency of the
musical note"
E" are arranged in sacred geometric patterns. "Sound produced by an Environmental Clearing CD
as well as a Kings' Chamber CD will be played simultaneously & continuously with speakers focused at 90 deg-
rees to each other. The musical note of "E" is the note of the
third chakra holding the many faces of man. It also
implies right action and focus. It is the gateway between matter and Love

AST devices  will be placed at points around  Earth's equatorial regions.  Each generates scalar waves whi-
ch extend outwardly for
4000 miles  in every direction,  forming a planetary band 8000 miles high & 24,000 miles
long, completely around Earth at her widest circumferences.

ASTs.."amplify the thought or intention initiated  through a highly developed use of human brain ca-
. The process will provide  direct access to the  elements of nature and with the harmony  generated thr-
ough the use of this technique, command earthy elements such as radioactive isotopes to suspend their fissile
nature & become inactive or inert substances stabilized by the essence of the neutrino sea
".. (What we've been
calling the  
Creative Force Field)... "that is influenced & directed  by scalar intention. It is the alchemical nature
of the neutrons throughout the Universe  that we have been given every right to command as Sons of God & as
Stewards to the plane

There will be  at least three people  working on this  simultaneously  in different parts of the world. The AST will
be used to bring together the scalar intention of all practitioners, harmonize the intent to provide maximum am-
plificatio & then to direct that intention to the needed area of support, in this case,
Northern Japan and the pot-
ential geographic areas hit by trade wind drift of elements that may scatter radioactive isotopes such as plutoni-
um, uranium, tellurium, cesium, iodide or strontium to name a few

Sacred Geometry is a 6th Density manifesting tool,  & Sound is the tool of the 7th Density. Ongoing reports on
this experiment will be offered by the
UCBerkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering site at

4-12-11: PORTAL DAY #4: Last night & today we had a huge,  G-1 class geomagnetic storm from the sun. Sens-
itives probably felt this in their bodies.  We programmed the purified water from the distiller with the
Hathor's "Me-
dicines of Light
" ( to prevent and heal radiation, neurotoxins, bacteria and
viruses in the bodies of all who drink it. I'm not sure if
H used the water to make his coffee, but around 1 PM he felt
well neough after two weeks of a nasty cold__ to go to the golf course__ it was the first beautiful day in weeks__ &
maybe play a little golf. He came home later moving in a lively way, seeming happy with his voice sounding "well".

4-13-11:  PORTAL DAY #5:  Richard Hoagland,,  former  space science  museum
curator, former
NASA consultant,  & during the historic  Apollo Missions to the Moon,  was science advisor to Walt-
er Cronkite
& CBS News, was featured on Coast to Coast AM where he told how. "clandestine groups are invol-
ved in a secret space wa
r".. "& the terrestrial equivalent to cover this fact, is the so-called  War on Terror__ that's
why we have  hundreds of thousands of t
roops  stationed at key strategic positions around this planet, having noth-
ing to do with the ostensible reasons why they're there,'' he explained."

There are six groups involved in the space wars, & two of them are non-terrestrial__ possibly humans that used
advanced technology to develop civilizations off-world"
, he suggested. Japan, he noted, is... 'being clobbered for
a reason,  and I believe it is fundamentally part of this secret space war. The
9-11 attacks were  a shot across the
bow that the status quo was over
," he continued, adding that exotic techno logy was used to turn the Twin Towers in-
to dust... "
some kind of massive  disintegrator beam, based on Torsion physics." (Torsion physics is another term
for hyper-dimensional physics.

Hoaglan d told how  the Russians  recently held  a celebration  for the anniversary  of their first  "sputnik"  mission
in sp-ace,  calling it  "
The End of  Newtonian Physics." The most recent  Russian space mission  was labeled #132,
& their next one,  soon to be launched,  is
#133,  which is part of a code  for the  new technologies. The  #133 is the
most mysterious number in physics
; representing  a force that moves matter from Newtonian to  hyper-dimensional

4-14-11, PORTAL DAY # 6,  we emerge into the SECOND DAY of the 9th Wave/Univesal Underworld of the May-
an Calendar.  
The Guides often mentioned how  "The physical laws  of the planet  are changing".  We have been
running this world on  
Newton's Laws,  but now we must raise our consciousness  to where we understand t he H-D
tools  and how to use them appropriately.  Every system  & life-form on Earth  will need to operate from this
new paradigm. We have by this date, contacted hyper-dimensional technologies of both the advanced ancient civii-
izations & of the H-D Physics  by which our world now functions. We are being guided to re-discover the sources of
Energy  & the use of  Frequency in our confusing world today and stop the abuse by those who control the supply of
energy. And we know now that
Source is the scalar wave:  the Creative Force Field of the Universe. The New Re-
is here!                       

April 22-23, 2011
                                     "CREATING THE EFFECT BEFORE THE CAUSE IN THE NOW"
During this
SECOND DAY of the 9th Wave/Univesal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar, (March 27th - April 14th)
we have been  
Germinating the Seeds of the  New Conscioiusness  that we planted during the  FIRST DAY__
which entailed "
Rules for Being Human", "The Point of Synchronicity", "Precognition" & "The effect occurring before
the cause
." This Second Day is An Expansive Push of that New Consciousness.

We have been dealing with  TIME, EARTH, WATER & FIRE.  We were further made aware of this through both an-
cient and modern "lost" techonlogies during the first half of this Second Day. "
FIRE" may be perceived as hyper-di-
mensional physics
__ the ability to move energy & matter while in higher-density states of consciousness. Some of
us found very peculiar glitches occurring in our computers. It eventually became clear that we were moving the sym-
bols on the computer screen  with our minds  while in a  hyper-density state__ the Zone__ daydreaming.  And when
we  "let go" of our fears  that the computer was crashing,  (preventing me from writing  the next newsletter issue), we
moved into a more neutral mental state , found the answers immediately & the computer behaved.  We are affecting
not only our computers, but also the events occurring around our personal lives, as well as collectively affecting glob-
al events.

Perhaps  "T
he effect occurring before the cause"  takes place when we enter the Hyper-density Zone while holding
a particular thought or emotion,  which becomes the "cause" that moves the computer (or our chosen issue) to resp-
ond to the thought or emotion we have just entertained__ producing the "effect" on the computer screen.

Many of us found  the preceding  
10 Portal Days  filled with  rapid-fire negative events.  (Check out the  April  14th
newsletter for some of the collective details.)  At their lowest point,  those Days found many of us extremely depress-
ed, crying to the point of sobbing, feeling helpless & intensely empathic__both for those near us suffering from work,
health and economic difficulties,  and for those across the planet experiencing  wars, famines, earthquakes, nuclear
melt-down,  floods, wildfires & tornadoes.  We were impelled to "let go" of many fears__ fears of the past as well as
of the future.

4-22-11:  Now we've reached th e Midpoint of the  SECOND DAY,  revealing the most pertinent factors  of any one
Day or Night.  An intuitive notion suggested that  our
human history on this planet  has been manipulated  by "elite"
groups far longer than formerly realized.  Those extremely ancient civilizations__  possibly created by  off-world visit-
ors__ which had  hyper-dimensional  technologies__ competed among themselves,  each attempting to  destroy the
other with that technology.  We Earthlings were genetically altered  in ways that dumbed us down  & made each of us
a slave who was  the "property" of  someone or some group.  Not only our History,  but also our  religions,  mythology,
politics, education, archaeology, biology, anthropology, medicine, sciences, etc.__ every "belief system" that has e-
ver existed here __ was used to further keep us compliant & in the dark.  Those "lost" Hyper-D.  & perhaps, other te-
chnologies,  have never really been  "lost",  but instead,  were hidden away here on Earth for hundreds of thousands,
perhaps even millions of years, to maintain that control over us.

Coast to Coast AM program yesterday verified those insights. Joseph P. Farrell, Harvard Ph.D. after many years
of research,  related how..."
The Greeks, Hopi, Mayans, Iroquois, Aztecs, Sumerians  & the Bible all record an anc-
ient war against 'giants' in the dim past. There seems to have been some sort of world-wide or civil war against the
for different reasons, including their sexual practices and/or cannibalism. This 'cosmic war'... among both on-
-and off-world entities... "
may have involved something far more destructive than nuclear bombs__Torsion or scal-
ar-based weapons that effectively annihilated both side

Ancient cuneiform tablets that suggest  some type of genetic manipulation took place  in which  prototypical Ear-
th females and
Annunaki-type males were mixed  to form modern humans t o serve as a slave race. This is  parti-
culary problematic, as our 'cousins' may return one day to claim us as their property
", Farrell warned. Such genet-
ic engineering experiments  also produced chimerical beings  composed of various human and animal components
that were handed down across the globe as folk tales as mythical, monstrous forms, he continued. ( A "Birdwoman",

We are looking at  the activity of one elite group  if not several... "
that has been in continual existence more or less
since ancient times,  and their behavior is to try & preserve knowledge  just for themselves
",  he said,  adding that
their activity is masked  by religion,  mystery schools and temples.  Farrell has a new book coming out,  "
The Grid of
he Gods
", which deals with the aftermath of this cosmic war, and the physics of the "pyramid people".

But who are we Earthlings, that "they" are so afraid of our waking up? What potentials lie within us that they're so pa-
ranoid about? I truly feel it is our capacity for
Intense Emotion,  for this is what affects  the scalar field__ the Creat-
ive Force Field__ through which Hyper-D physics works. As a
Unified, Global Collective Mind  entertaining a particu-
lar Loving thought__ we can create a New Reality and, if we so choose, neutralize the elite's control forevermore.

It seems  we've been asked to live by  "their" sets of  "LAWS",  with dire results  if we don't abide by them.  Possibly,
the only Law each of us needs to live by is the LAW OF ONE__ i.e., our own Law based on Unconditional Love, On-
eness &
Divine Inner Guidance.  By living in the NOW__ each moment of each day__ & basing our choices on what
we contacted in the previous NOW instant, we can overcome fear & use loving thoughts to create the reality we wish
to experience collectively__ immediately.

Recently I had a particularly difficult Portal Day,  after which I asked
 The Guides what was going on: "What each of
us thinks & feels  is now manifesting immediately. We must convince ourselves  that we are fully competent to do
the things we see fit for self & all life on Earth at this time. There is a part of you,  as of all humans  & Earth, that is
dying.  Let it go.  See what comes in its place.  You'll like it.  You are nearing the final level of your waking process.
When & if you can control  mind, body & feelings  in the manner just outlined,  you will be living THE NEW REAL-
ITY every moment

We lightworkers tend to view situations and ideas from a broader perspective or from a number of possibilities. We
each hold our own opinions. We have the right to express them and each is valid for that individual. When I've expre-
ssed one of these "other possibilities" recently, it became evident that some people viewed my opinion as challeng-
ing their own__ perhaps even as invalidating their opinion. I've run into the problem more and more often.

Waiting, watching and yearning for "my group" for the New Reality life , I expected to contact more kindred souls who
were "like me"__ who shared my beliefs__ so we could manifest beneficial things for humanity & Earth together.
Considering the "differences of opinion", I now see that the Real Task here, is to
learn how to Unite with Non-Kind-
red souls__ those of differing viewpoints__& find the harmony, the balance between us.
Isn't that what Unity Cons-
icousness is really about?

-23-11: Walter Cruttenden, Executive Director of the Binary Research Institute, & author of the binary theory of
the precesssion of the equinox, was interviewed on
Red Ice Creations, a Swedish online radio program. Walter be-
lieves we are in a solar system with dual suns__ one a brown dwarf seldom visible to our eyes. His book, "
Lost Star
of Myth and Time
",  involving myths and folklore of Earth,  provides an alternative view of history  based on our solar
system's motion through space.  Our visible sun's  interaction in
 26,000 year-long  cycles  with the invisible brown
dwarf sun may be behind the legends of alternating
Golden Ages and Dark Ages. Walter says we are only a few hu-
ndred years out of the recent Dark Ages, which were at their height around
500 A.D. when our visible sun was farth-
est from the brown dwarf. The increase in subtle light as the two suns progressively near each other could be influe-
ncing our expansions in consciousness,  including increases in intelligence, technology & the information explosion.
He suggests that this ancient cosmology is a . "map of our future".  & by researching & understanding its influences,
we can better plan for & organize life on Earth. In fact, this might be critical to our civilization's survival, for Walter un-
covered evidence that many amnesia victims cannot plan  their futures because they are unable to recall their pasts.

Regarding Earth changes,  it was originally announced that the
 Philippines,  Guam and other Pacific islands had
sunk several feet after  the
Japan earthquakes & tsunami.  Now, however,  651 new islands are forming,  mostly ar-
ound the
Pacific Rim since that disaster. Earth attempts to remain in balance despite the melting of polar ice & the
expected rise in Her oceans.

A second  
Coast to Coast AM program  during these Midpoint days,  discussed  abiotic oil__ a theory first put forth
by the
Russians in the 1950's,  that oil is continually being created deep inside the planet & doesn't stem from dino-
saurs or decayed matter (i.e., fossil fuels). This may be why we had no  success with our two most recent family Inten-
tions to release us from dependency on "fossil fuels"  for home utilities & gasoline-powered vehicles__ they are alre-
ady "
free of fossil fuels", for the fuels did not originate from "fossils". Live and Learn. Actually, there is an abundance
of abiotic oil,  so the  "
scarcity scare"  is a hoax to keep us  dumbed down &  "paying through the nose"...  or should
we say... "
the hose" the gas pumps. At any rate, we do need to get off oil & nuclear energy, as has been dramat-
ically brought home to us with the
Gulf and Japan catastrophes.

And still a third
Coast to Coast AM interview featured  James Martinez discussing Cold Fusion,  which was origin-
ally developed & applied by scientists  
Stanley Pons &  Martin Fleischmann in Utah,  and later discredited by the
news media, oil interests,  & other international experimenters  when they were unable to duplicate the Utah experim-
ent every time.  Martinez said it has now become repeatable,  & is safe,  inexpensive & does not involve a fission ch-
ain reaction as do nuclear plants.

Cold Fusion  is a  21st century technology  that combines  post-modern physics & chemistry  where  fractal quantum
waves induce hydrogen mass into energy as  
Einstein's E=mc2,  all inside a tiny piece of metal,  in a cell o n your"...
desk or table top. It is..."A
peaceful nuclear power using a fuel of hydrogen in water, with enough to last all of Earth
tens of millions of years.  Access to water means  accessing fuel,  empowering  local communities  to control their
own energy resource
." (

We have just completed the first sequence of
10 Portal Days. On April 24th, 2011, we begin a  20 day sequence of
CORE DAYS,  representing the meeting of the Past the Future. (From the above & recent news items , it seems this
has already begun!) Core Days are...
"the NOW of the sacred  Tzolk'in Mayan calendar, a place between what has
been & what will be."... Core Days are in the exact center of a diagram of the
Tzolk'in, representing our  spinal col-
umn and chakras. These days are usually even more  INTENSE than the Portal Days (OUCH!), for... "
they teach
us how to live in the NOW
.  There is no time for the past and no time for the future.  Forward progress can be dif-
ficult for some as we may need to clear resistance to the future frequencies coming directly after  the 20 day cycle.
We may find ourselves  rethinking things  we thought we had  previously  understood.  If we resist being here, now,
we will discover challenges
;  things may become  confused  as we are operating from  a simultaneous merging of
ast & future. If we flow with it,  we can accelerate  our personal  process
."... "The core days are our  umbilical cord to
the energetic center of the galaxy,  the
Pleiades. The Core Days are an accelerated opportunity to work on all levels
of our mastery and to perceive more clearly our ascension process."  
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in.