1954 to 2017  AD.


These incidents were not included in the original book because,  at the time,  the subjects were  unaccep-
table to most individuals,  & I felt they might turn people away from the main principles presented;  and__
except for a few episodes __ these subjects were really not pertinent  to the book's content.  However,  as
Time and Creating have accelerated,  I'm inwardly prompted to reveal the experiences.
Chapter 21: "Who
We Really Are" suggests that humans are probably the products of  genetic cross-breeding with  Extraterr-
;  and the  "Night Visitors"  encounter that opens  Chapter 22: "What It Means to Be Truly Human",  
presents an additional revelation concerning these "End Times" for planet Earth. This "End" does not imp-
ly the Ending of Earth,  but means the  End of the  
Great Year Cycle__ a  25,920 year  long period__  the
Progression of the Ages"__ whereby the north pointing pole of planet Earth’s axis of rotation describes
a great circle in the heavens__ with the “pole star” shifting from  Polaris to Vega to Alpha Draconis and all
the space in between. It is a time of Transformation, when Earth and the humans who have prepared their
consciousness, will ascend into a higher density existence, and Earth, humans and all life upon  Her move
out of the old masculine, patriarchal way of life, and begin a more feminine, matriarchal existence.

The Mayan Calendar__ of which I was a Daykeeper for 24 years__ was "Ending" its Long Count Calend-
ar of over 5,000 years, and beginning it all over again
December 21, 2012. If desiring further understand-
ing of these events,  see
Carl Johan  Calleman's website:, Ian  Xel Lungold's web-
:, and  in a series of short videos  (write  Ian's name in the  "Video" Search box)

We have been on a  16 billion-year-long program  for raising our consciousness.  The dire events that are
occurring now are part of that schedule, and no matter what happens__ our spirit within will be okay. With
each  catastrophe or challenge,  we will also be  introduced to  remarkable,  miraculous opportunities  and
choices for resolving those problems.
Galactic Underworld period of the Mayan Calendar began on January 5, 1999__a month prior to the
Night Visitor's" (Truly.html)  appearance in my bedroom.  They came to announce the opening of the Gal-
actic Underworld
.  November 12, 2008  had completed the  "Fifth Night" - "Night of Destruction"__ of that
Galactic Underworld  when we  experienced  a global economic  meltdown.  We entered the  Underworld's
"Sixth Day
" on November 13, 2008,  and it was a "Flowering"__ an advanced unifying synthesis,  with an
opposing co-existence  between East & West hemispheres,  and between the new spirituality and the glo-
bal elite powers.

We entered the "
Universal Underworld", the very top level of the Mayan Calendar's Pyramid of Conscious-
ness Transformation
February 1, 2011, suggesting a possible disclosure and mass "Close Encounters of
the Third Kind
" with our Extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters soon.  And so, dear readers.  I felt it was time
to relate my personal UFO/ET episodes

                                                       The Eisenhower Encounter  
(1.) February 17-24, 1954:  My husband,  "Hal",  myself and our  three children__  ages 10 months and 2
and 3 years__ were living in  eastern Wyoming  where winters were  long and brutal.  We had earlier lived
in Idaho,  and decided to  treat ourselves by  driving the several hundred miles back there  for a day at the
Lava Hot Spring pools.

Our return home was  quite late that night . The baby slept in my lap in the front seat,  while the other two
children were  asleep in the back.  As we neared the  Idaho-Wyoming  border  around midnight,  the radio
was tuned to a station we often listened to at home__ a music station with a disc jockey whose voice was
familiar. (No TV available in Wyoming in those days.) Suddenly, the music stopped right in the middle of a
song,  and the announcer began speaking in a very excited voice. We could hear a large crowd of people
in the background and a few muffled shouts now and then. The announcer said he was at the Denver air-
port where  
President Eisenhower's plane  was due to arrive any minute.  We had heard about it earlier
this week, when a report mentioned the president would be going to Denver to play golf this weekend.

After about five minutes,  we heard the crowd  begin shouting louder  as the announcer  breathlessly des-
cribed how  the president's plane was landing. Then,  in another five or ten minutes,  we heard the crowd
begin screaming  and the announcer tried to  shout above their noise that  a huge spaceship was landing
on the runway near the president's plane. Lights were to be seen in small openings around the side of the
saucer-shaped disk,  and a faint humming noise came from it. The crowd slowly calmed down. (Some had
run away, the reporter said.) Then a door opened in the side of the ship. The yelling became even louder.
The awestruck announcer told how the door__  hinged at the bottom,  was dropping down to form a ramp
to the ground.  A figure appeared in the lighted opening,  and still louder screams erupted from the crowd.
The announcer was  so excited,  we could hardly understand  what he was saying__  and then  the radio
went dead!

I frantically began turning up the  volume and seeking other stations.  Finally, the music came back on the
original station__  but no voices,  no sounds,  no disc jockey,  no reporter  from  Denver.  We listened  for
nearly an hour,  but only music was heard. Not even any commercials!  There was no news of  Denver or
the president on any other station, either.  It continued like this until we arrived home, close to 2 A.M.. We
ran to our house radio and frantically flipped dials trying to get more news__ nothing. Was this all a hoax?

In the morning, Hal drove into town and bought all the newspapers,  but there was nothing on the Denver
incident. The radio said,
"The President's trip to Denver had been cancelled."

We heard no more about any of this until
October, 2008,  when I came across an article from the recently
National Archives Files of the UK,  which told of  President Eisenhower's  "secret" meeting with
ETs__  sometime between  
February 17-24, 1954. The article suggested that  the meeting  had occurred
Edwards (then Wright-Patterson) Air Force Base in California. The official U.S. news media said Eisen-
hower was
"on a vacation" for 1 1/2 days during which his whereabouts were unaccounted for, although it
was odd, because the president had just that previous weekend
returned from a week-long vacation else-
where. Later, it was put out that Eisenhower had been at a state dinner when he broke a tooth, and imme-
diately rushed to a dentist, thereby cancelling his golf trip.
(Google: "President Eisenhower's ET Contact")  

                                                                 The Flying Cigar
(2.) Summer, 1963. We'd moved to southern Idaho,  and Hal was coaching Little League. Our sons were
on the town team, & our daughter was along.  We were returning from a game 15 miles away.  About half-
way home we noticed a strange object in the western sky directly ahead of us. It was a silvery gray, cigar-
shaped object moving northward  with a red light shining at its rear end. We all stared at it for the ten min-
minutes it took us  to reach our  home town city limits,  and during that time,  it crossed  
in front of  a large
cloud.  Just prior to our  entering town,  the object reversed itself,  turned completely around,  and headed
south to move
behind the same cloud. Again, the red light glowed at the rear as it passed out of sight.

Here,  big trees and buildings  interrupted our view,  and we drove hurriedly  to the other side of this small
town, but the object did not emerge from the cloud. This was years before anyone heard about UFOs and
many cigar-shaped ones were noted first,  along with the  "flying saucer " types.  Fifty years  have passed
and all five of us still remember the strange sight.

                                                                   Lost River Fly-bys
(3.) July, 1973: Hal's railroad job again relocated us. This time to the Big Lost River Valley of  Idaho.  As
mentioned in (
Gaia.html), this area holds the Arcturian-Idaho Stargate,  and UFO events escalated dram-

After Highway 93__ known throughout the west as the "
Killer Highway" due to its traffic accident record__  
turns at Arco, ID, and continues running northwest towards Mackay, meeting with  "Antelope Road", which
runs up into the Pioneer Mountains to the tiny community of Grouse,  where it accesses  wilderness areas.
A favorite fishing spot for Hal and for watercolor painting for me,  we also often visited friends  living at the
far end of this road.

Shortly before reaching Grouse, there is a huge natural formation called
"Black Rock". People come from
all around east Idaho__ particularly Idaho Falls,  Pocatello,  Blackfoot or Challis. They bring their pickups
and sleeping bags or mattresses on summer nights, to lie in the truck beds and watch the stars, hoping to
see a strange phenomena  that frequently occurs__ a WWII bomber appears near Black Rock, flying at a
very low altitude,  following Antelope Road and the adjacent  Antelope Creek down the valley to Highway
93__ where it disappears from view. No one has the slightest idea why this happens.

One autumn, my friend Valerie and her bowling team were returning from a tournament in Pocatello in the
wee hours of the night. Passing the airport, they noted something at the end of the farthest runway. It was
so dark,  they could barely make out a roundish black object flashing red, blue, yellow and green lights in
a circular pattern. The object and its lights appeared to be  "hopping up and down" as if trying to "take off"
straight up into the air. They were afraid to come closer,  and after a few minutes, drove quickly into town  
to wake the sheriff at his home. When excitedly told of the phenomena,  the sheriff became angry and ref-
used to investigate, replying
: "I'm sick to death of everybody waking me up at all hours of the night  to go
look at some dang fool lights or  'flying saucers'
.  I can't DO anything about it.  And I'm not going to go out
there any more!"

July, 1977: For the first 31/2 years in the  Lost Rivers country, we I lived in our 24 foot RV,  expecting
to return to Magic Valley when the railroad agent there would retire. But it was not to be. A train wreck de-
molished the town depot and the agent from the next town was assigned to cover both town's depots. We
ended up  building a home  on the lower slopes of the  Big Lost River Valley mountainside,  and moving in
that March

One hot afternoon, I was sitting on the sofa, daydreaming out a window next to the street running past our
home,  when I saw a black, triangular-shaped shadow whiz up the street toward the mountain. It moved so
fast, that at first I thought I'd imagined it,  but then noted that the hollyhocks I'd planted where our driveway
met the street,  plus the  tall grasses of the vacant lot across the street,  were swaying back and forth as if
fanned by a strong wind.  I ran out to investigate,  but of course,  it was too late and nothing could be seen.
Oddly, I'd never heard any noise, either.

The next day I met with friend, Sherry, who told me how,  that same afternoon,  her 2
1/2-year old son had
surprised them  by insisting that he go outside
"right now". When asked why,  he looked at the ceiling and
pointed up. He became so upset  when they didn't take him outside,  that they finally did all go out into the
yard. The boy continued looking at the sky.  When asked what he was looking for up there,  he could only
point up at the sky and say,"

We all wondered about this incident for years, for  Lockheed had recently taken over at the INL__  atomic
energy site,  east of  Big Lost River Valley. Later we learned that Lockheed  had been one of the corpora-
tions at   Area 51, Nevada,  where it was believed they  back-engineered captured spaceships. Some say
the Stealth fighters and bombers came out of that project.

                  First Contact
(5.) Sunday, August 16, 1987: It was the Harmonic Convergence__ an important turning point in the May-
an Calendar.  People had  just recently  become aware of this  calendar,  and  celebrations  were planned  
around the world.  Our study group,  meeting weekly in our home,  made plans to gather at the  
Craters of
the Moon National Monument
 that Sunday, but plans fell through, and only Sherry and I drove the 20 miles
to the Craters and settled down to meditate in a quiet little space where we could see a rock formation that
looked like the profile of a man's face.

This special date  was between  sessions  of the  
Dr. Marcel Vogel  Crystal Healing Class  I was taking at
Grand Teton Nat'l. Park.  We had learned to move into  altered states of awareness and communicate with
Nature, Earth, and various entities
;  so while at the Craters, Sherry and I entered into The Zone and asked
for guidance relating to the Mayan Calendar and the future of Earth. As usual,  when performing the simple
ritual outdoors,  a wind sprang up  and we soon smelled fragrant pine wood smoke,  although no fires were
allowed at the Park.  This was a signal that we had  contacted the Nature Spirits.  In about ten minutes, an
etheric energy form appeared to our right,  between two large lava rock formations. It was a strange sort of
craft__ shaped like a "birthday cake" on a platter,  with a second ridge that ran around its domed top. I ass-
umed  it was "
ethereal," because although we could clearly see the object, it was so  translucent,  we could
also see right through it to the landscape behind.

A door opened in the side of the ship,  and a humanoid figure appeared  wearing some sort of metallic-like
uniform. Putting up his hand, he cautioned us against coming closer, and telepathed a message
: "It is too
soon__  contact would be unwise at this time."  
He and the ship then faded away . We wondered__ would
we meet this ship and this fellow again sometime in the future__ and if so, why?

                                                                         The Probe
(6.) June, 1988:  Our "Search For God",  (Edgar Cayce's  Association for  Research and Enlightenment)
Study Group arranged for several public lectures to be presented to the Lost River Valleys public by
__  a Swiss landscaper,  knowledgeable about astronomy,  psychology and UFO history. The prog-
rams were held  in the high school library,  where Franz asked  that one window  be kept open  a foot high,  
but did not say why. During his talk,  we noticed he'd often  glance out that window  as if  expecting to see
something. But we could see nothing out there.

After the  second public lecture, Franz  and his adult son  came to our home  and talked  more to us about
UfO's  and space technology__
 the things he was reluctant to tell the general public. It was most informa-
tive, and was the first time we heard about the "Men in Black", with whom Franz had experienced frequent
confrontations.  About eight  study group members  were present,  as well as  a few people  we knew who
would be open to these subjects.  It was a lovely summer evening,  and recognizing Franz's preference for  
having open access to the outdoors, I had the patio doors open in the dining room.  He looked around the
cedar-lined room, the rock fireplace, cedar beams above, the wooden shutters in place of draperies,  plus
the open doors and nodded appreciatively.

Franz enthralled us all with his information, and after about a half-hour, he glanced at the patio doors with
their closed screen doors, and to my amazement__ in came a strange looking contraption, silently floating
across the dining and living rooms,  coming to rest  upon the center of our coffee table,  directly in front of
Franz and myself!  This thing reminded me of  the bottom part of my upright  Hoover vacuum cleaner,  but
with an antennae about 30" high,  sticking up at an angle from it's back side. It was greenish gray, with sil-
very metallic trim.

I rubbed my eyes and looked again,  but it was still there.  I looked around the room  to see if  anyone else
could  see it.  All were looking at  Franz,  except my  painting buddy,  Helen, and her  teenage son__  both
members of our Study Group.  Their eyes were wide open in amazement, too,  staring at the object on the
coffee table. We looked at each other, breaking out in huge smiles. What the heck was THIS! No one said
a word.

After the talk was over, Hal had not yet returned from his bowling night; it was just starting to get dark, and
only myself,  Helen,  her son,  and Franz with his son,  were still at our home.  We asked about  the object
(which by now had floated back out through the screen door),  and were told  it was a probe  sent from an
alien spaceship. They often appeared when he was giving out his information, and that was why he want-
ed the windows open; but few people were able to see them.

                                                                  A Close Encounter
(7. ) Summer, 1988:  I awoke in the middle of the night to  flashing lights and  a rumbling noise  from the
street outside. I quickly rushed down the hallway to the front of the house  so I could see what was happ-
ening out there. I was almost into the dining room with it's big glass patio doors when my inner voice said
__ loud and clear__  "
Don't go out there.  Don't even LOOK out there!"  I stopped immediately, and cauti-
ously glanced at the doors  under the drawn draperies.  I could tell  there was  something  very large and
very dark sitting  in the center of the street,  for I could see red, white, gold & blue lights  flashing through
the drapery fabric. The lights kept rapidly moving around and around the object in the street. Was it a he-
licopter? But there was not the "whump-whump" noise of the helicopter blades slowly whirling. Instead, it
was a low,  sort of "
pumping" hum. I could see a bit of  the tail end of a local black & white police car at a
tiny opening at the drapery's side,  and heard men's voices talking,  but I couldn't make out what was be-
ing said.

I sure wanted to at least look out at all this,  but decided against it.  I went to use the bathroom,  and when
as I came out, the house began to shake and rumble as the huge object lifted off, up into the air! And then
through the kitchen window, I saw the police cars__ two of them__ drive away down the hill. All was silent.
Now__ WHAT was THAT all about?  And why couldn't I look at it?

Years later,  I read one of  
Whitley Streiber's  books,  in which he told  of being  taken along  with some
ETs on one of their visitations to someone's bedroom at night. Before they left,  he was cautioned to nev-
er look directly at any of the ETs,  and especially not to look them in the eye,  for this would cause  a hyp-
notic effect giving them control of his mind and erasing his memory of the incident.  Hmmm.


                                                                          The Saucer            
(8.) July, 1988:  My daughter, "C", taught a science class in the public schools, and we arranged a trip to
Craters of the Moon  to photograph  this unusual volcanic area  for her classroom slide presentation  next
fall. Her son Chris, age five, accompanied us. By early afternoon, we had tramped all over the park, snap-
ping photos and taking notes, and as the black lava rocks began to heat up, it was time to leave.

With "C" driving,  Chris in the  front passenger seat,  and I behind him  in the back seat,  we started to pull
out of the parking lot onto the Park's loop drive. A caravan of cars on the loop forced us to wait. Suddenly,
I was temporarily blinded by a huge flash of white light coming from my right side.  I thought it was the sun
glaring off some car's windshield,  but the only cars  in that direction  would have been  on the highway, at
least a half mile away. Then I saw the glare was from a source much higher up.

There was a small mountain on the  far side of the distant highway, and on its top, was a flying saucer!  It
was shaped like two pie pans glued together by their rims, and had a raised portion on top with portholes
around it. I called out to C. and Chris to look at it ,but C's view was blocked by the low roof of the car, and
Chris  kept looking at the highway,  and didn't see the saucer above, because he wasn't experiencing the
glare from it as I was.

This glare__  was due to the craft's surface__  as shiny and reflective  as a mirror, and gradually dimming
as it slowly moved away, over and down the other side of the mountain. There were cars and trucks pass-
ing on the highway below,  and I noted that the width of the spaceship  matched the length of one & a half
semi-trucks below it.

C. and Chris never did see the ship before it disappeared over the mountain, but I noticed a pole or ante-
nnae sticking up  on the mountain's peak. Was the ship somehow taking on energy__ or communicating?  
Back in town, I asked around about that pole,  and was finally told that it had  "
something to do with wea-
ther recording"
.  Which was strange;  because I personally knew  the couple that did the weather record-
g__ at the local airport.
                                                               "Up, Up and Away"
(9.) August, 27, 1988:  I did my  Meditation at 10:13 PM__  the time of the  August New Moon;  which, in
esoteric astrology,  indicates "
Spirit's Intentions". This would  be followed soon after by a  Solar Eclipse,  
when the  Moon moves between  Earth and the Sun,  blocking off the Sun's light to Earth for a short time.  
During an eclipse, the Earth's magnetic field declines.

In our home,  I sat  cross-legged  on my bed  with my journal  beside me,  ready to receive  and take notes.
After awhile,  
Higher Self said to  "Stand by for  galactic communications". This was followed by: "Perfect
attunement to the Cosmos leads to the  creative visualizations experienced by the Maya which were pro-
duced by the Star Beings,  with whom  in Mayan times,  contact was made. The
Etheric Webs__  Energy
__  were used to teach how to  Create from the f uture.  They used the same principles that humans
use for their television,  but through their minds instead."
... "Mastery over the  Elements  was one of  the
skills acquired in later years with  the Maya and Star Beings. Cosmic Attunement is the key factor, as al-
ways. The Sacred Warriors incarnate again, bringing Fire from Heaven, from the Cosmos."

Here,  the Angels came through to say: "Lift thine eyes up onto the heavens from whence thou hast come.
It is time
; It is time. There shall come a great signal, a great sign__ then follows the great star."

I rushed to  the bedroom window,  pulled the  drapery aside,  and saw  two beams  of white light  shooting
down from sky to Earth for an instant in the southeast.  I also could see a bright star above the house roof
across the street. It did not twinkle, but shone with a steady light__ a planet?

I was  telepathically directed to come outside onto the deck and watch the star.  I did so, and was amazed
that I could see anything in that sky, for there were terrible forest fires burning at Yellowstone Park, and o-
ther fires destroying over two million acres of Idaho forests. The air had been so smoky for days that often  
we couldn't even see the sun during daytimes, let alone any stars or moon at night.

But there it was__  one huge, bright star__  or what?  As I watched,  it grew even bigger and brighter, put
out two rays on either side, as if it had wings like a plane,  and as I watched for 5 or 10 seconds, the wind
came up and blew the birch tree branches across my field of vision,  and a great beam of light  shot horiz-
ontally out of the star as if from a lighthouse.  I glanced through the big kitchen window to my left at the big
schoolhouse clock  over the living-room fireplace,  noting the time to be  the exact moment of  the Eclipse!
What was about to happen?

I considered if the "star" might be Venus,  and tried to attune to it telepathically and lovingly.  Instantly,  an
intense beam of blue-white light shot out from the star towards me,  and seemed to  "hit" my  3rd eye  with
such force,  that for a second for two, I thought I was going to fall over. It's intensity was so overwhelming,
I felt a bit dizzy and unbalanced.

In the next second,   my heels  hit the  redwood deck__  hard__  as if I had just  plopped down  from up a-
bove.  I had to take several  quick steps backwards  to avoid  falling over from the impact.  Then the "star"  
put out a beam of light to its right , and shot away along that beam  to the south,  disappearing behind the
birch tree  It acted like a meteor or falling star, but shot off in a straight, horizontal line, not falling in a curv-
ed arc.

I found I was losing track of time here.  I'd gone out on the deck at exactly
10:34,  the exact moment of the
Eclipse in our Time Zone.. I was out there barely a minute,  it seemed.  But when the  "star/ship-whatever"
left and didn't return,  I again looked at the clock  through the window__ I had been "gone" somewhere for
eleven minutes . I knew about the  missing time of abductees;  had I been abducted?  I hadn't been  afraid,
and my body felt okay.

So I rushed into the house  to get my star maps and carried them outside,  hoping to determine just where
this strange star was in the ecliptic,  and if it
was a planet__  or what.  What happened?  According to the
star charts, the bright light had appeared at
8 degrees Pisces, which is the Release Point of a YOD__  a
spiritual configuration in my astrological birth chart. It refers to, "
Summoning men to Re-birth, as an evolu-
tionary crisis approaches.
" But__ there were no planets moving through Pisces that day.

Years later,  in the mid-nineteen nineties,  at Riverview Resort  on the  Colorado River  near  Parker,  AZ,  
we had winter study group that included
 Dr. Ken Cooper, Phd. Psy.__a skilled hypnotist who frequently     
was called to  Los Angeles  to assist with patients  who could not tolerate anesthetics during surgery. Our
group members had questions about their personal that lives might be resolved with hypnotic contact with
our Higher Selves,  and Ken offered to assist us with  a group hypnosis session. I chose to ask what hap-
pened that Solar Eclipse night in August when I was "gone" for eleven minutes.

During the session,  we lay on the floor  as Ken did the procedure . I somehow  left my body, and  relived
the experience of being somehow zapped aboard a huge, disk-shaped spacecraft from
Sirius. There was
"Council of 12" Beings meeting on that ship and I seemed to be part of it. I recalled seeing other human
beings there,  all wearing white uniforms with  gold trim across the shoulders  and a curious golden metal
emblem over the heart__ something like the letter "Y", but thicker, more curved__  and upside down.  I &
about 20 other men and women, were standing in a circle inside the center of the ship, facing inwardly to-
ward the ship's center.  Reminded me of the old
"Star Trek" programs. (I later decided that this scene had
been "arranged" along the TV program lines so we would all feel more comfortable about the episode.)

The ship carried us southward to a lake in Antarctica, or
Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia__ (I hadn't heard the
name clearly, & was confused). The craft dove into the lake. There it attached to some sort of under-water
metallic chamber, where one of the crew members turned a big,  horizontal metal wheel in it's floor, opening
a sort of "hatch"  like on a submarine.  Inside, we saw entire underwater cities built of crystalline materials
under huge, glass-like domes. There were many very tall, thin spires, somewhat like the minarets of the
Middle Eastern mosques,  but there were no mosques or temples beneath them. What amazed me most,  
were vehicles floating through the spaces  above and between the city buildings. They did not have wings,  
propellers or rocket jets.  We were telepathically informed  that these were two of many under-water and
underground cities that had been prepared for the future__ for refugees, in case humanity did not 'make it'
through the End Times, and groups would need to be saved to "repopulate Earth" again.

David Wilcock's "Divine" Article on "Stunning New Briefings, Mass Indictments,
Targeted Arrests and Disclosure.":

2007: BRUCE .
(One of Richard Hoagland's insiders,  later became an insider for  David Wilcock.)  He
worked at Area 51, and revealed that glass-like ancient ruins have been found all over our Solar System.

1-1-18: "The MIC SSP, as we said, has craft that can travel throughout our solar system -- and has had
them for many years."
"According to
Sigmund, they have already flown out to this object, landed on it and managed to find a way
Corey was lucky enough to see actual video of the interior. This was one case where I definitely felt
"Most of the technology in the object was long since cleaned out."
"Nonetheless, there is a stunning treasure-trove of super-advanced goodies inside."
"The MIC SSP now feel our technology will make quantum leaps by examining, studying and emulating this
"They have advanced chronometric dating systems that suggest the object is over a billion years old."
"This ties it back in with the enigmatic "Ancient Builder Race," which apparently left ruined, glass-like pyra-
mids, domes and obelisks all over our solar system."
"The Ancient Builder Race is heavily discussed in the second half of The Ascension Mysteries, based on
reports from multiple insiders."
Up, Up And Away" cont.:
While on that ship,  we received more  personal instructions.  I was to go to  Orcas Island,  Washington in
October,  and re-open the ancient  Lemurian Vortex there with my large crystal.  It was to help form a
Grid Pattern for Earth
;  which would  support  Unity Consciousness  for Earth  over the next 12,920 years.
After that,  I would receive  another assignment  to go to  another  location.  My friend,  Melissa  in Alaska,
had also intuitively received instructions to go to Orcas Island.

Then the  spaceship closed its hatch,  and arose from the lake. Next thing I knew,  I was  "plopping" down
on  our deck at home in  Idaho.  Realizing my body was really in Arizona now, on the Coopers' living room
floor, I re-entered it, returned to normal consciousness, and recorded the entire episode.

April, 1994, I went to Austin, TX for  Drunvalo Melchizedek's  "Flower of Life" seminar.  After register-
ing at the  motel complex's front desk,  I was directed to the nearby lounge  where drinks and snacks were
available  as we waited for our rooms  to be readied.  Several other  conference  attendees  were present,  
and more kept arriving every few minutes.  As we introduced ourselves & chatted,  I kept noticing a young
man who often glanced at me, too. I finally went over to speak to him, saying how he looked so familiar__
had we met somewhere before?  He said I looked familiar to him, too,  but he was not sure  if we had met.  
Suddenly, we broke out in big smiles__both realizing we had been on that
Sirian ship! We had exactly the
same memories of that trip, although I had not been sure if we went to  Titicaca or to Antarctica.  His name
was Doug.  He said we went to
Titicaca__  and he'd met  several others  from that ship over the  past few

My friend, Melissa,  to whom I had confided my strange journey,  later told me she met another woman na-
med "Marilyn" who had told her the same story of going to Antarctica or Titicaca on a spaceship with other
people, and seeing an underwater crystal city. Go figure!

                                                                        The Implant
(10.) February 19, 1991:  I had a severe nosebleed.  I'd never had a nosebleed before, and had not injur-
jured my nose in any way; nor was I feeling the least bit ill. I was exhibiting at an Arts & Crafts show in Lost
Rivers,  when it started about 1:30 PM.  I went home
;  but by 9 PM,  it had still not stopped.  Large gobs of  
coagulated blood  were choking my mouth and windpipe. It was hard to breathe. We had no doctor in town
at that time,  and called the local hospital
;  but no one there could help us. We then called the ER in the Id-
aho Falls Regional Hospital, explained our problem, and set off across the desert to that Hospital, 75 miles

We arrived about 3 AM.  I brought one of those little,  curved plastic trays they give you in a hospital, using
it to spit up  chunks of raw,  liver-like coagulated blood, while in the car. As we parked  under the portico in
front of the ER,  the light shone on that tray,  and I noticed a sparkle from a strange little object in it. As Hal
opened the door for me,  I said, "
Look at this. What is this?"  He looked,  saying he never saw anything like
that before.  It was made of metal,  about the size of a large BB,  but elongated,  and at one end,  some tiny
hairs or "wires"  stuck out of it.  My nose was still bleeding,  so we set the tray  on the floor  behind the front
seat and hurried into the ER.

A doctor gave me a shot in the affected nostril, and the bleeding stopped. He packed the nostril with cotton
batting, telling me to leave it in  for a full 24 hours
. However, as we were about to leave for home, I became
very weak and dizzy. The staff suggested we stay in the hospital overnight, as I might be coming down with
the flu that was going around. So I did, but Hal, chose to drive back home.

Next morning, about noon, another doctor came to check me out of the hospital  He wanted to take out the
packing from the nostril before I left
; but I said the first doctor had said to  leave it in for 24 hours, and that
wouldn't be until after 3 AM next morning. So they called in an ear, nose and throat specialist, who unpack-
ed the nostril, looked inside with a little light and a magnifying instrument, and said there was "
no sign' that
I had ever had a nosebleed!

Well, Hal and I headed for home, and along the way I recalled the little elongated BB thing and asked Hal if
he had taken it out when he went home the night before. No, he hadn't__ it was so late, he just went to bed
to get some sleep before returning the next day. I reached  behind the seat, and picked up the tray carefully
__ the object was gone! Was it an implant? If so, why?  Months later, I realized it may have been a tracking
device  allowing  the Sirians  to find me  for the trip to  Lake Titicaca/Antarctic  in  
August, 1988.  But when
and how, had they put it in?
                                                                Masters of the Universe                               
(11.)  Summer, 1992:  Our "Search For God"  study group was in group meditation  when several of us re-
ceived a message
: "Masters of the Universe at Craters of the Moon. Bring your robes."   We were also told
that "they (?)"  would be arriving near the INL site (Idaho National Laboratories atomic energy corporations),
and they would shut down the electromagnetics temporarily, to prevent any misunderstanding of intentions.
Daniel,  who worked at the site, was to be  their contact,  and to inform  co-workers and  superiors that this
was a friendly visit.

First we laughed__we just couldn't believe it__ but the fact that several members had received similar mes-
sages made us feel there was
something to it. The next night Hal and I were the only ones choosing to see
what this was about,  and we drove the 20 miles to  Craters of the Moon National Monument  after dark.  I'd
brought my summer caftan robe__ "just in case". It was nearly 1 AM  when we parked at the area known as
"The Caves" and watched the stars for signs of __ what?  In a short time,  a Park vehicle arrived & a Rang-
er asked what we were doing there.  He had a  thick foreign accent__ German,  I decided__  and was very
knowledgeable about astronomy. We said we'd come to watch the stars, but did not mention "The Masters
of the Universe". We had a pleasant conversation with him for over half an hour before he left, and by mid-
night,  Hal and I left too, without seeing anything unusual. "
Maybe the park ranger was a Master of the Un-
", I joked. In those days, I had not yet heard of "The Illuminati".

Next July,  there was to be a Full Moon just after sunset,  and Hal and I drove out into the high desert  so I
could photograph the moon rising over the Big Southern Butte, a dormant volcano rising over 600 feet from
the desert floor.  It was a lovely night  without wind or clouds,  and the soft colors  of the setting sun  on the  
desert  and the butte were amazing.  I stood beside the pickup,  bracing myself and the camera  against the
side of the truck to snap three or four photos in the early twilight.

It was the next day,
July 17th,  when 17 western states, including Idaho, experienced a three-day blackout
of the  Electric Grid. The news media put forth that it was caused by  "
a little tree growing at a sub-station."
However, when my photos returned from the developer,  we were surprised to see a second, "
shiny moon"  
near the true moon  in two photos
;  and in the third,  a smaller white, "shiny moon",  zig-zagging across the
sky, leaving a trail behind it. Was it a UFO?  Daniel had nothing to report from the INL about this matter. (If
had been anything unusual, the Site Security would probably have warned him not to talk of it.)

Addendum:  2015:  I had scanned many of my photos into my computer,  to be used as  illustrations for the
Newsletters added to my web-book, "
Creating From the Future with Multi-Density Technologies": that went online in 2006. One of the Newsletters, featured information about
The Craters of the Moon area, and I intended to add two of the
 July, 1992  photos of the  "Two Moons"__
i.e., one had to be a spacecraft,  for it is impossible to see what could be a  "rising or setting sun"  next to a
"full moon"  over the  Big Southern Butte
;  for Full Moons can only be seen  when directly opposite the Sun
shining on  the other side of Earth;  and __  in no way will we see a  Full Moon  zigzagging across the night
sky, leaving a trail of light behind it.

However,  when I transferred  the two color photos  to the website,  they would
not print out!  All I could get
was a lot of colored lights scrambled as if a pile of confetti! No matter what I did,  it would not print true. In 9
years of transferring photos to the website I'd never had this happen before. Had somethinig__ or someone
__ been able to prevent the photos from being seen by the public?

Later that year, however,  we had a really good laugh. A motion picture company arrived in town, intending
to make a science fiction film  based at the  Craters of the Moon.  
Dolph Lundgren, was the leading actor.  
They called for people of the community to appear as extras in the story__ to dress in  the
robes  of a prim-
itive tribe. The setting would be a portion of  The Craters area whose huge black rocks looked, from a dist-
ance,  like a ruined city. They would burn rubber tires to make smoke,  suggesting that the off-world planet  
of primitive tribes  was under attack  from invading forces. The name of the film  was to be  "
Masters of the
."  However,  the Craters of the Moon authorities would not allow the burning of tires, as the plant
environment  of the park was a rare,  primitive one,  similar to what evolves after major lava flows, and was
too fragile to expose to such pollution. The movie company returned to California to seek another location.

                                    Night Visitors
(12.) February 19, 1999.  Magic Valley, Idaho. After only a few months in our new home , I'm awakened at
2 AM by the house shaking and rumbling again!. Fearing  another earthquake,  (we'd had a 7.3 one in Lost
River Valleys in 1983). I try to wake Hal, but he doesn't seem to hear me. I reach over and shake his shoul-
der. He still doesn't respond, although he's gently breathing.

The house calms down,  but lights are on in the great room  and I hear all sorts of noises. It's the electronic
equipment__ the TV is blasting, the microwave humming__ even the dishwasher is churning,  and from the
laundry room, I hear the washer and dryer rumbling, and__ is that a vacuum cleaner and an a blender?  I'd
been randomly affecting electrical devices with my consciousness lately, and exclaim aloud, "NOW
going on with this
blasted electrical stuff?

Sitting up in bed,  I lean over to  peer through the sliding glass doors,  across the patio  and  into the  living
room windows.  Every light is on in the house  except for our  bedroom  and the master bath.  Intruders are
inside!__ and making themselves quite at home without our permission! I'm afraid to investigate alone, but I
still can't wake Hal.

Then two people__  or enities__  I'm not sure which,  move from the short hallway  leading to our bedroom,
to stand  a few feet inside the door__  staring at me.  They seem like twins,  for each is  an exact replica of
the other. Although entirely naked,  their genital areas are obscured in some way, like one of those  blurred
areas you see on TV when they interview someone who wants their face hidden. My first thought is of chil-
dren,  for although they're about 4 feet tall,  they're  somewhat chubby,  like toddlers.  Their  foreheads are
high  and their bald heads too large for their bodies.  I'm reminded of  aliens,  but their features  are normal,
without the large slanting eyes of the "Grays",  and their skin as pink as my own. I do note the strange ears
__  like ours,  but with the outer  flap-like part__  just a sort of  tiny ridged hole__ and  a little slit of a mouth
with a nose that is just a slight bump with two holes. We gaze at each other for a few minutes. I ask who are
they, and why they're having a party in our house. They say nothing, just continue to project their eyes as if
they want me to realize something.

Finally, after several minutes of staring in silence, I wish to break the tension, and, feeling the humor of the
situation,  I put my  thumbs in my ears , spread my fingers wide  and wiggle them  wildly  in the  well-known
gesture for "
far-out-weird'.  I also make a noise,  sliding my tongue sideways in my open mouth, "lulla-lulla-
lulla-lulla".  I laugh,  wondering why I'm not afraid of these strange beings,  and why I'm being so silly. They
simply look at each other without expression, then turn to stare at me some more.

Realizing  I
really need to use the bathroom,  I excuse myself,  head into the master bath,  turn on the over-
head lights  and close the door__  locking it.  I have  recalled my dreams  for many years,  and have  never
been able to turn on a light in a dream.  I do my business and begin washing & drying my hands.  I chuckle,  
Boy,  what a weird dream  THAT was__ or was it a dream?  It seemed so very real."  I open the bathroom
door and flip off the lights.  
Whoa!  The two beings are still there__  still staring!  I want something  to verify
whether this is a dream or not in the morning.  It certainly doesn't  
feel like a dream. On a rattan tray on the
dresser,  I keep three bottles of vibrational remedies.  In the dim light,  I grab one  at random,  placing  it on
the opposite corner of the dresser,  so as  to signal me next morning  if I've really been awake,  or not. The
beings then  slowly turn  and leave,  somehow satisfied.  As they move  through the house,  the  machines
cease whirring, and lights go out one after another. All is quiet.  Hal has slept through the whole thing. After
about ten minutes, I cautiously creep into the great room, turn on the lights and check the other rooms. No-
thing.  What on Earth has this been about?  In the morning,  I recall the incident  as soon as I wake.  On the
far end of the dresser sits the lone bottle of vibrational remedy__ "
Morning  Glory".

I check out  "Morning Glory " vibrational remedy in  
Gurudas'  "Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing":
"Developed in early Lemuria to as shape their forms of meditation  in coordination with creative visualiza-
tion.  This ultimately became the  Lemurian science of  
Luminosity__ co-ordinating the  subconscious su-
perconscious minds
                                                     Close Encounter of the Third Kind
(13.)  February, 1999:  I'm referring here  to the "Night Visitors" encounter,  which occurred  at the start of
humanity's entry into the  Galactic Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. The Visitors came to announce that
all the children born on Earth from that time on  would be of the Sixth Race of humanity,  and would have
super-human powers
.  My great-grandson, "S",  was born a month later,  and has proven to be  an except-
ional child,  as are several other great-grandchildren born since that date.  Little "
I",  S's half-sister,  began
talking at
six months. His cousin, "A", before age 2, talked in strange languages to beings up near the ceil-
ing, whom no one else could see__  as if with cherished playmates__  offering them tastes of her crackers
&  jello. Her brother, "
G", age 4 when tested for Pre-School entrance,  needed 6 correct "hits" to be accep-
ted. He had 23. A few months later, the Pre-School instructors told his grampa  that "
G" was a real handful
__ did not want to work, but to play. In fact,  they just realized he knew how to  push their buttons to get his
way. And_ _they didn't know  what to do with him
;  he had a  photographic memory,  and was smarter than
they were! (No
w that's scary!)

August, 2012, and August 2013,  two more great grand-daughters were born, both with names starting
with "
E".They live at a distance from us and we see little of them. Can't wait to hear abut  their "specialities".
I've met the younger girl who had the vocabulary of a five year old__ at two.

                                                                        Men in Black ?
(14.)  October 31, 2006:  It was Halloween,  and we were ready for the trick-or-treaters.  In this part of our
small-town, we get a lot of them__ at least 200 or more. Hal was bowling that night, and son "
J" and oldest
Amber,  came to help  hand out goodies.  Our neighbor across the street  always put on a
huge  Halloween display,  with ugly moving spiders,  skeletons,  and witches flying down from the tall trees
complete with  sound effects and spotlights.  The street between us would be filled with  bumper-to-bumper
cars  and kids of all ages  swarming everywhere,  including our porch,  where we  handed out goodies. We
hadn't quite finished supper when the doorbell began to ring.
"Go Time__ It's Halloween!"  

The younger kids always came early with parents or older siblings. These little ghosties, fairiesk princesses
and pirates began arriving at 5:30 PM.  We had an unusual 15 minute lull in the stream of little ghosties and
goblins as it began to get just dark enough t hat you needed to  turn on your car headlights, when the door-
bell announced  more visitors
;  but when we  opened he door,  we saw  four adults__  a man and a woman  
standing in back, a nd two slightly shorter  standing in front of them  on the  first step of  our porch.  All four
were dressed in black men's suits,  with white shirts and black ties,  and each of them wore the exact same
hairdo__ short-cropped,  thick and black  like a man's. They all wore  dark sunglasses,  although there was  
very little light  outside by then. They did not smile,  and said__ in ominous tones: "
pause),,,.. or Treats
!" in menacing voices.

I shivered. I had put this web-book online in
April that year__ much of it's information controversial, and not
so welcome by the so-called "
global elite" that wished to impoverish and control our world. My first thought
was "
The Men in Black".  But J, laughed and said "Neat costumes", and how he loved it when parents took
part in the  Halloween fun,  too.  He handed out  the goodies,  and they turned  without saying thanks,  and
walked away.  What was most curious,  was that there were  
NO OTHER PEOPLE on the street,  as far as
we could see  for blocks in  every direction__  and  
no cars,  not even parked  at the curbs!  And the  street
lights were all out__ as were the lights in all the other houses.  No kids or people  at the neighbor's big dis-
play,  which was now  completely dark and silent.  We watched as the four strangers  walked to  the end of
the block,  continued around the corner__ and disappeared.  They did not stop  at any other houses on the
street. And it was still only 6 PM. Where WAS everybody?

Was this a warning? I leave it to you, dear readers,  to form your own opinions. We'll see what the next few
years bring. Should be quite interesting!
     Hello Again, Hello
(15.) January 27th, 2010: Information arrived telling of a "Big Event" soon to occur,  and that the source of
it would be revealed on the "
7th Day". (This was after the Haitian earthquake.)  My guides informed me of
January 20th,  so I wasn't sure if "The Event" would occur in 7 days,  or on February 7th__ or even if
they were referring to the" 7th Day" of the
Mayan Calendar Galactic Underworld which would begin  Nove-
mber 3, 2010
. We were presently experiencing the "6th Night' of the Galactic Underworld energy Wave.

January 27th was the night of President Obama's State of the Union Address,  but I had my own  "big e-
vent"  that day,  too.  I'd long been aware that the  creative activities and roles  I'd been playing for lifetimes
over 200,000 years had been preparing me for the  major creative role I took on during this present lifetime.
A series of drastic downturns forced me to realize that it was now time to "LET GO" of that old role,  and all
those years and lifetimes. Somehow they were holding me back from moving forward into the role I needed
to be playing  in these new  inter-dimensional realities. I did let go__ but felt lost,  alone and confused,  as I
couldn't see anything ahead to replace it. Had I made a big mistake?

On the "
7th next Day", I learned that I had made a right decision. I'd learned that  "Who we Believe we Are"
determines the state of our being-ness.  When I painted, made music, wrote, meditated, did dreamwork, or
communed with nature spirits & Earth, or did astrology, etc.__ my 4th density creative work__ I was a me-
ssenger, opening doors & inspiring others regarding our potential future and the Simplicity of Nature. I was
channeling and intuiting much of it,  but the time, focus & energy spent  creating
with those  material artist
was preventing me from fully moving into  what I've been terming  "Expanded-Higher Creativity".
Now, intuitive and channeling abilities were available to me 24/7,  & on this 7th Day,  it activated for me big
time. Strange, vivid & often lucid dreams__ as many as four per night__  presented themselves. Days were
filled with increased paranormal skills and events, heightened intuition and amazing synchronicities.

The  Arcturians,  who sent most of the  Multi-Density  Technology  information  for this  online book,  had
been absent in my life for 22 years. On the 7th Day,  I reconnected with them__ and I didn't have to go into
meditation,  dreamwork or channelling. They told me  they and other off-world beings  are here to assist us
with our
New Reality Services in response to our sincere and loving requests.

Arcturians primarily contact individuals about the
Education of the Masses in preparation for the conscious-
ness shift needed to identify with the  
Unified Intelligence Fields. They are responsible for  most of the non-
manmade crop circles.  It was Arcturians who programmed Multi-D. Technology info into those three Buttes
near the INL site in Idaho,  about a half-million years ago,  when Lemuria was  slowly sinking  in the Pacific.
Information was stored thmn  that would later be released  to bring  Lemuiran  feminine  consciousness and
technologies back into our awareness during the
2000 A.D. millennium age.  It was the 1983 earthquake in
the Lost River Mountains (7.3)  that reactivated the information. The Lemurian consciousness included co-
mmunicating with  Earth energies,  weather and  telluric forces,  as well as  nature spirits , plants,  animals,
minerals,  Gaia Herself, and our Galactic neighbors.

Arcturians are  a highly evolved  race of beings__  the oldest in our galaxy.  They do not use any  physical-
material things__  all is  accomplished with energy and information.  They use no "space ships" to travel__
only Intention and Energy directed by a loving, Unity Consciousness. They do not teach us to use materials
to produce or repair machines, physical object or bodies__ no minerals, chemicals, physical parts, physical
tools, etc.. All is done by influencing Energy with Consciousness. The major message was that  WE MUST
Unity Consciousness before  March 9,
when the Universal Underworld begins. We will be Stewards of Earth: "Earthkeepers' once more.

                                                  Discovering our Galactic Families
(16. ) October 28th, 2012:  A most unusual and informative  web-in-bar with  Lauren Gorgo  and  Susan
was  held online  October 25th about  Releasing Our  Wounded Egos,  and  Meeting Our Galactic
Families, who came here to assist Gaia/Earth. Most of us  Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers, etc., are
"born-ins" or "walk-ins", and we are usually a mix of galactic families. The Arcturians are the eldest Family
of our galaxy,  the first to come to assist Earth and seed Her life-forms.  Of the three  
Sirian star families__
Sirius A sent the Cat People,  Sirius B, the Dolphins & Whales,  and Sirius C, the sharks and fish. Sirius
taught the Dogons in Africa. The Pleiadeans helped create the first humanoid being and have made mu-
ltiple visits to Earth__ the most famous visit to
 Billy Meier in Switzerland.  Andromeda is an entire galaxy,
and  some of their members  are still here on  Earth  in Nature.  Many also came in  as the humans  we call
nerds",  assisting us and Earth with computer-type technologies.  A lot of our galactic family genes are sto-
red in what science has been terming,
"junkDNA", which is to be re-activated after December 21st.

If you feel you may be a  Lightworker, Starseed,  Wayshower, Indigo,  Crystal or Rainbow child,  etc.__ you
can look back over your life  and find the moment  when you were " born-into" or "walked-into" your present
body.  It is often a time of a severe injury,  illness or a traumatic episode  that changed your perception and
way of life dramatically.  If you would like to meet or converse with your galactic family-families, ask them to
visit in meditation or in dreams. The
Annunaki  from planet Nibiru,  were here  (and some still are)  mining
gold and tinkering with our human genetics, but unlike the above mentioned galactic families, they have not
yet fully ascended to the higher densities.
Three nights after discovering my Galactic Families,  I awoke at 5 AM  to the sound of  several small trucks
or very poorly-mufflered cars in the alley behind our home. They didn't seem to drive on through. Their en-
gines rumbled and rattled for at least 20 minutes, seemingly in the same spot out back. Hal had moved the
patio furniture for the winter earlier that day, placing the table and chairs under a tarp and tying them down
with rocks and boards on top  to safeguard them from winds.  The matching bench he moved to behind the
"gooseneck" of the 5th wheel RV in the backyard near the alley,  but the tarp he usually covered it with had
worn out,  and he planned to buy a new one next day.  The heavy metal bench was clearly visible  from the
alley,  and with Halloween only a few nights away, I was concerned that the alley visitors might be planning
mischief or theft.

So I got up,  went to the living room's sliding patio doors, and turned on the outside security light to foil any
mean-spirited notions, but the vehicles did not move away, and I could not see them through the patio door
windows, due to the RV and tall arborvitae trees between us.

I tried to wake Hal,  but he couldn't hear me from the living room,  and by 5:30 AM, the cars or trucks slowly
moved away.  I went back to bed,  but could still hear them  either searching or  chasing each other around
the neighborhood streets.  Finally at 6 AM  I again got up, into the living room, opening the doors and lean-
ing out to try and spy the bench. I still couldn't, but a very bright light in the eastern sky directly across from
the open door drew my attention. I hadn't noticed that earlier__ but realized it was moving very, very slowly
__ almost imperceptibly to the right (southward) and a bit higher__ and that meant it had probably been be-
hind the tree in the neighbor's yard across the alley  as I'd peered out earlier.  Then I thought,  "
That object
isn't moving__  it's just hovering there.  It's the Earth that's slowly moving towards the horizon.

I've always loved to  "sky-watch",  ever since I was very young and  Daddy would  take me out at night  and
show me how to find  Orion,  Sirius and the Pleiades,  as well as the  Big & Little Dippers directing us to the
North Star,  and Cassiopea in her "chair" in the sky. And,  having been a professional astrologer  for quite a
few years,  I was very familiar with  sky maps and the locations of the  zodiac constellations. I knew the Sun
had just entered the sign of Scorpio, and would not rise in the east for another 2 hours. (We're in the Moun-
tain Time Zone, but very close to the Pacific Zone line).

I also knew that stars  twinkle in the sky  due to their great distance from Earth,  and any planets  visible to
naked eyes shine with steady lights. Furthermore, there were a lot of clouds around the sky that night. This
object was NOT a star, nor a planet ! Imagine if you held a green pea  between your fingers at arm's length
__ that would be similar to the size of this object.  It's brightness was greater than any planet or star I'd ever
seen,  and so intense,  that rays of light shot out from it  both horizontally and vertically. This was similar to
that night in
August, 1988,  when another large, bright object appeared in the eastern sky near  Lost River
Valleys, Idaho,  even though forest fires  burning two million acres  in both Yellowstone and Idaho  blocked
out not only the stars and the Moon, but made the noontime Sun only a dim red glow.

I watched this "craft" "_ ?_ for about
15 minutes, and noted it kept slowly climbing higher and towards the
south,  but its projected arc was much too low to be following  the ecliptic path of a rising moon, sun or star
at this season of the year. I sent feelings of love,  joy and  gratitude  toward the object for awhile,  and tried
to attune to any message it might have to impart,  but nothing came through
; so I simply thanked it for com-
ing, and retired to bed.

The following three mornings, I arose at the same time as on the first night and watched the eastern sky for
longer periods because the sun, moon and stars rise a bit later each day as we approach
December 21st
__ the shortest day and longest night of the year. There were no visible stars or shining objects in the eas-
tern sky at all, except on the third day when I did see a few faint, tiny stars very high up in the southern sky.

In the days that followed,  I could not rid myself  of the eerie feeling  that there was some  important signific-
ance to the sighting of this space vehicle.  It had that same, basic  
"flying saucer"  shape that was seen so
many years ago by
Billy Meier and others,  and which I had seen  in a much larger and clearer version  at
Craters of the Moon,
July, 1988: "The Saucer", resembling two pie pans glued together with their rims face
to face, and a sort of  "bubble" form on top with portholes. The world's  earliest reported, modern day UFOs
cigar-shaped, silvery ones, often with a red light at their rear. These were first thought to be from  Ar-
but it was later learned that  Arcturians,  being 7th & 8th density, did not need space-ships to travel.
The "
flying saucers" are from the Pleiades; the very round and flat "pancake" types from Sirius and those
Andromeda resembled huge, elaborate metal horseshoes or scorpions. There is no information reg-
arding the origins of the huge,  black
triangular crafts  with lights in a "V" or triangular pattern recently seen
in Arizona, central Illinois and more recently, at Black Diamond, Washington. There is speculation that they
may be originating from right here on Earth.

I finally concluded that the "
ship" I saw that night had come to welcome me to my Galactic Families.

                                                            Galactic Relative Visitations
Higher Self told me in mediation years later, that the two "boys" who had visited me in our bedroom in 2012
were my "hybrid sons".  It seems that on the Sirian ship,  they took some of my hair, fingernails, or saliva__
all of which contained DNA, and used it to create those two beings.

After 2012,  I found I seldom needed to go into a  formal mediations,  for my Guides and  Higher Self came
through to me at random moments,  and in various locations.  At other times,  when I had  questions about
subjects that were more involved,  I would find my  "answers" appearing on TV, the Internet, in books , in a
phone call, & in my earlier meditations and dreams I intuited as needing to be re-read, and found they had
already covered those subjects.  

October, 2017:  I had had a major breakthrough in consciousness,  and was extremely grateful. The next
evening, while sitting on the sofa, I glanced up and gazed across the living room through the open door to
the computer room, and was amazed to see a figure seated in my office chair, with "his" hands poised over
the computer keyboard. It was a Lion Being from
Sirius. "He" was over seven feet tall,  with feet like paws,
and a long, thin tail that curled out the back of the office chair onto the floor.  His face was triangular,  with
fuzzy ears sticking up at the top two corners of the "triangle",  and his jaw forming the lower corner. He sta-
red at me with his large eyes and smiled, I felt no fear. In fact,  I was absolutely delighted. I smiled & nodd-
ed in greeting. He smiled back,  & nodded his head, as if to congratulate me in some way . I telepathed my
thoughts about the recent consciousness breakthrough, and he nodded in agreement__ then slowly disap-