7-15-94: MEDITATION: "Mystic Path = Mind, Intuition in 4-D. Occult Path = Love, Wisdom in 5-
ML:  I became extremely tired and cold. I put on a sweater and lay down on the sofa with a blanket
after turning up the heat. I felt drawn to the "other side", so evoked U. Love, just "let go" and
into 4-D
. I seemed to "sleep" for nearly an hour, but was semi-conscious, receiving instructions on
various levels. I recall  a "

1.) Seeing the word "LEARNING" in big letters near the top of a page of a book entitled: "Sacred
Journeys to Atlantis"
and #20 at the bottom. Later I looked inside that book. There was no
word, "learn" but "understand" was used. It told about th
e Oracles at Delphi, and how that area in
ancient Greece had been the site of
Manifesting on Earth through the 5th Density.
dating to the classical period of Ancient Greece (510-323 B.C.), the site of Delphi was believed to
be determined by Zeus when he sought to find the centre of his "Grandmother Earth" (Gaia).] At the
end if this part of the book,
it addresses the reader as "Commander", and says "she will
have the good health she desires very soon." I felt I was being addressed personally.

We need to dust off both Past and our Present 3-D world addictions and habits before we
can ascend beyond 5-D.
The New Earth is actually RIGHT HERE NOW, but we
can't see it all the time because we keep perceiving what we're in the habit of
When we let go of the 3-D habits of viewing people, events and things as separate
and unconnected from us, we also release our habits of Duality, Competition, Win-lose Outcomes,
Service-to-Self, and Hierarchical Thinking.

For a more detailed and extensive explanation of
How 5-D Physics Work for Healing and Mani-
see "Element Fire" in the Archives.

We have been dealing with TIME, EARTH, WATER & FIRE. We' were further made aware of this
through both ancient and modern
"lost" technologies during the first half of this Second Day.
FIRE"  may be perceived as hyper-dimensional physics__ the ability to move energy and matter
while in higher-dimensity states of consciousness. Some of us found very peculiar glitches occur-
ring in our computers. It  eventually became clear that we were moving the symbols on the comp-
uter screen with our minds while in a hyper-dimensional state__ The Zone__ daydreaming. And
when we "let go" of our fears that the computer was crashing, we moved into a more neutral state
of mind, found answers immediately and the computer behaved. We are affecting not only compu-
ters, but also the events occurring around our personal lives, as well as collectively affecting glob-
al events.

Perhaps "
The effect occurring before the cause" takes place when we enter the Hyper-dimen-
sional Zone while holding a particular thought or emotion, which becomes the "cause" that moves
the computer (or our chosen issue) to respond to the thought or emotion we have just entertained
__ producing the "effect" on the computer screen. (Newsletter 4-22-23-11)

9-28-14: "FIRE is first activated as Loving ,Passionate,  INSPIRATION, which must be present
when INTENDING  a positive outcome.  When we  intend  or act from  Passionate Inspiration,  
already KNOWING that the desired Change is not only possible,but is ASSURED,  because It has
already been  IMAGINED, VISUALIZED__  and probably  PREVIOUSLY ACCOMPLISHED,  it is
more likely to manifest. Thou knowest this from thy art and music activities__  even from the
writing of  positive thoughtforms.  A LOVING, PASSIONATE INSPIRATION is the FIRE producing
all musical, artistic, inventive and manifested creations."         
4-17-13: I find that Intentions work best when I develop PASSION to it highest point before
stating it.
We need to avoid making the mistakes of the Atlantis Civilization with misuse of high
knowledge and powerful technologies. The New Age movement started out well, but later became
self-centered. "The Secret" was an example, using the divine power to create personal abundance
of wealth, high position and glamorous appearance for self. Our world is in great trouble, with
corruption, violence and death seemingly everywhere.,so we tend to focus on ourselves alone.  

August, 1988: I did my usual MEDITATION at 10:13 PM__ the time of the New Moon in August,
which, in esoteric astrology indicates  
"Spirit's Intentions". This would be  followed soon after  by
Solar Eclipse,  when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, blocking off the Sun's light
to Earth for a short time.

Mastery over the Elements  was one of the skills  acquired in later years  with the Maya and  Star
Beings. Cosmic  Attunement  is  the  key  factor,  as  always.   The  Sacred  Warriors   incarnate  
again,  bringing  Fire  from  Heaven,  from the Cosmos

I like to use I Ching for additional verification  of what is received in meditations or dreams because
it's based on 64 "hexagrams"  corresponding to the 64 "codons" of our DNA__ http://en.wikipedia.
org/wiki/Genetic_code , only 20 of which have been activated in our specie, with 2 of those only
used for turning the others "on" or "off".
The  Arcturians are assisting us to re-activate the 97% of
unused  "junk DNA" forming our  Multi-D Operating System __ i.e., our Light Bodies.

I asked  I Ching:  “
Why can’t  I do  successful Intentions now?”  I cast the three coins,  and it came
out__  “#38:
NEUTRALITY”__  “A stand of neutrality  between the  counteracting forces within
you”... “No interaction between Fire and Mist.”...  (The ‘interaction’  was between my  Intention and
an  Illusion I’d imprinted within me. My course was a kind of  “Metaphysical Fairness”):... “In matters
of deeply held principles, your lack of a definitely held position  makes you seem  unpredictable
and  untrustworthy__  in terms of  the  ambitions  of  others.”...(Ouch!)...
“This makes you unable to enter fully into relationship with Friend.”.. (Here I took “Friend” to mean
the situation I was choosing to  CHANGE.)... It may seem to Friend that you are holding back;
however, in your perception, it is free of egoism, of selfishness and possessiveness”... “Your  
Spiritual  Life is based upon  the revelation of  
DUALISM.”...  (i.e., what I'm perceiving as ‘right’ or
‘wrong’  spiritually.)... "What are  the abstract  POLARITIES within the spiritual system you follow?  
When you reconcile these opposites  as One __  perfect  enlightenment is possible!”  
9-28-13:  In other words, rather than perceiving the CHANGE I wish to manifest as "A HEALING"__
implying that there is still a lack, something un-manifested, perceive the CHANGE as "WELL-NESS"
__ which implies "
mission already accomplished".

When Healing or  Manifesting,  we need to  CHANGE  our perception  of that  Spirit-Source,  
which  activates that CHANGE when we link with It__  t
o the KNOWING that there is NO
_  Each of us is always ONE with that Greater Consciousness we call  
Therefore,  there is no need to perceive Spirit--Source-Cosmos as
an entity or energy existing  outside of us,  and with which we must  BECOME AS ONE
before we can  heal or manifest;  i.e.: We ARE  Spirit-Source-Cosmos at ALL TIMES, in
. We have ALWAYS been One, and ALWAYS WILL be ONE with that  Divine Energy.
We must h
ave "CONTINUAL CONSCIOUSNESS" of  Being Spirit-Source-Cosmos at ALL
. No need to "INTEND IT"__  for we  ALREADY ARE ONE, and KNOWING___ FEELING__
that WE ARE!

MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY does not mean that we slip in and out of  3-D, 4-D, 5-D and various
other dimensions at will.  It means  We are always Existing  in Every Dimention/Density; we ARE
NOW;  always HAVE BEEN,  and always WILL BE.  We CHOOSE  the dimension  we wish to
operate within  by simply  FOCUSING  on it,  and BEING ONE with it in LOVE..
In 5-D we are becoming an eternal Light Body. Although our "home density reality" is 5-D, when we
wish to interact with 3-D,  we simply FOCUS on 3-D Reality,  and find that our surroundings may
not have changed much__ if at all__  but we will find ourselves having to deal with 3-D environment
conditions,  events,  people and other influences.  Remaining in  Continual Consci-ousness  
(Unconditional Love,  Oneness),  Being One with  Spirit-Source-Cosmos, we will be still be in our
Light Bodies, assisted with our endeavors and desires by simply K
ING how to respond
We have been dealing with TIME,  EARTH, WATER & FIRE. We were further made aware of this
through both an-cient and modern   lost" technologies" during the first half of this Second Day of
the Mayan Calendar. "FIRE" may be perceived as  hyper-dimensional physics__ the ability to  move
energy and matter while in higher-dimensional states of consciousness.  Some of us found very
peculiar glitches occurring in our computers. It eventually proved clear that we were moving the
symbols on the computer screen  with our minds while in a hyper-dimensional state__ the Zone__
daydreaming. And when we "let go" of our fears  hat the computer was crashing,  (preventing me
from  writing the next newsletter issue), we moved into a more neutral state of mind,  found the
answers immediately and the computer behaved.  We are affecting  not only computers,  but also
events occurring  around our per-personal lives, as well as collectively affecting global events.

Perhaps  "The effect occurring before the cause"  takes place  when we enter the  Hyper-
dimensional Zone  while holding  a particular thought or emotion,  which becomes  the "cause"  that
moves the computer  (or our chosenissue)  to respond to the thought or emotion  we have just
entertained__ producing the  "effect" on the computer's screen.          

Agnihotra Ritual 1
 Finding many inch-long army worms  in part of our Lost River Valleys lawn,  we decide to  
experiment  with a me thod mentioned in Tompkins and Bird's "Secrets of the Soil". This ancient
ritual from India, known as Agnihotra, is best performed while the sun passes through the zodiac
sign of Taurus__  between  April 21st and  May 21st, or at second best, wi thin a month just prior
to, or after those dates.

Receiving a "go" from H.S.,  I first gather some of the worms and put them in a glass jar with an
open mouth,  allowing their short lives to expire. A few days later,  some unprinted paper or dry
leaves are placed on an  aluminum foil pie pan with the now dead,  dry and brittle worms on top. At
this point  I enter the Zone and call upon the various devas of the garden  and of the worms and
plants involved,  stating my need and intent  to free the yard  of these desttructive pests.

I then set the paper and dried bodies on fire. When cool enough to handle,  I crumble up every-
thing to make a "pepper", then stating my Intention aloud with  Held Breath and Unconditional
Love,  ask that the experiment be in keeping with Spirit's purposes  and for the highest good of all
involved.  I become as one  with the still living worms in the soil,  and sprinkle  this residue  upon
the infested lawn.  Detaching from the ritual,  visualizing a  beneficial outcome, feeling the joy of it
and giving thanks, I close the intention and pay no further attention for ten days.

Two weeks later, we transplant some flowers in that area of the yard  and find only one or two
worms. Within a month, all the pests are gone and don't return the following year. This method
works because of the "Black Body Effect".

In what is destroyed by FIRE, the corresponding negative force is pitted against the reprodutive
powers  of that object/insect which was burned. These negative forces then radiate that certain
portion of the EM spectrum from the insect,  into the soil , the atmosphere,  or into whatever
absorbs  or ingests  the burned residue. Fire is a transmuting substance,  causing a change  into
another energy level within the 4th dimension. The "Black Body Effect" involves infrared radiation.
Every living creature emits its own infrared vibration. This is the primary radiation human bodies
emit when charged up by the incoming breath. Even a planet has its specific vibrations and tone.  
Infrared radiation is on the lower end of the  light portion of the EM spectrum and can easily be
converted into sound. These are formative forces on which life is built and maintained.

The infrared radiations increased their vibrations after the worms' demise and the insect repel-
ling Agnihotra ceremony further intensified them via burning. Similar insects, coming near the
"peppered" soil, left the area after sensing the  death" vibrations. A few "scavenger" type in-
sects, however are actually attracted to infrared vibrations. Microwave devices radiate
infrared rays.

Energies downloading to Earth and all Solar Systems from the Suns, Comets, Galaxies, Moons,
and the Cosmos, first cause change on quantum energy levels, which then change our
consciousness, and
consciousness eventually alters the holographic-physical worlds.

Earth's Intelligence Energy Grid  activates according to galactic cycles evolving from the 5th dimen-
sion. Our Sun moves once around  the zodiac wheel  each year__  the  Moon,  goes  around Earth
monthly. Mars circles the Sun about  every two years and  Jupiter takes twelve. The longest
cycle__  Pluto's,  lasts about  two hundred  and forty-eight years. Astronomers, in 2008, found
indications of a probable tenth planet in our solar system with an orbit of from 3600 to 25,920
All planetary cycles  trigger energetic mental,  emotional or spiritual  patterns
within us. If necessary, we can change those inherent patterns by using the
Basic Multi-D

The Waveforms of Electromagnetic Energy suggest it alternates male-neutral-female-neutral
continually __ like the binary series in a computer__ on, off; on, off. This is
Electromagnetic energy holds memories. I
f you slide up the EM Spectrum past Cosmic Rays,
you can access All Space & Time, and access memory beyond Space & Time entropy
i.e., become Continually Conscious__ IMMORTAL.   

"Great art causes your heart to expand.... because beauty held in form through time by caring
humans,  centers you in 3-D and  expands via 6-D morphic fields."... "Often, artists can perceive
these energy fields  around scenes and objects".... "The visual arts make these fields visible, since
the fields are actually the source of beauty.  Beauty and desire cause things to come into existence
in the first place,  and painters make this visible." B H Clow.

Astrologer  Barbara Hand Clow relates how,  "Great art causes your heart to expand.... because
beauty held in form through time by caring humans,  centers you in 3-D and  expands via 6-D
morphic fields."... "Often, artists can perceive these energy fields  around scenes and objects"....
"The visual arts make these fields visible, since the fields are actually the source of beauty.  Beauty
and desire cause things to come into existence in the first place,  and painters make this visible."  

The 6th Density's major issue is Seeing Self as ONE with other humans, all life everywhere,
including the Universe and Spirit. There is also a greater understanding of, and use of Sacred
Geometry as a Method of Creating.

"At seventh to eighth dimensional shifts, an increased sense of Timeleissness, of "Foreverness"__
there is No TIME at all, and therefore, NO HISTORY__ ONLY TRAVEL-MOVEMENTS, and one no
longer even recognizes "Self"__ only "The Oneness" as their Identity. Creativity seems to have a
mind of its own __ it self-organizes its own path to create its own natural laws. We will probably
experience many other-dimensional shifts, back and forth, as we move into New Reality Earth. We
will also encounter beings and objects from the past, the future and realities other than Earth, both
higher and lower.

MEDITATION: 2-19-11: I'm inquiring about another TUNE that rang through my head repeatedly
as I was waking up this AM... "So This Is Heaven... etc."  Never heard it before. What does it
mean? I was thinking about doing some intentions before going to sleep, and noted that the room
was still filled with stars... more than ever before.
A: "
The waking thoughts and the stars at night, indicate that you have developed your Light Body
to a higher degree, and are at that time,
in the 5th dimension. You are also working with the 6th
at times, as you may have noted by your recent attracting of Sacred Geometry information and its
use in manifesting and healing. You will move back and forth between dimensions in service to
Gaia and her lifeforms. Well done, dear one.
M: Whoa!... Thank you!  What do I do now?
A: "
Learn to move in and out of the dimensions at will, and create more of the reality you desire for
your existence. Aid Gaia in her transition, and teach those who are ready how to do the
techniques you present in the web-book

8-21-13: ML:  Life has become quite interesting since holding the Bliss, Oneness attitude most of
the day. Two days ago I understood "
I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM", but today I feel it, not just think
it.__ and amazing things are happening. Things that had been just "hanging"__ unresolved__ for
weeks or months suddenly worked out.

The information I needed about two of our investments finally came through. Eldest son listened
and smiled when I mentioned "synchronicities" and "timelines"__ and smiled! I have more energy
and a lot less pain of ascension symptoms today, and household needs were met easily and

I know I am drifting in and out of
3-D, 4-D and 5-D. Have you anything to tell me about today,
HS: "Things are going to go well for you now. Stay in the 'I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM' mode as
much as possible, and miracles will happen around you. You will find the old/new technology that
is safe and healthynow in your endeavors, meditations, dreams, etc.. Yes, you and
Ra-Ta did
program the huge crystals to retain some of Atlantis' knowledge. These will be found soon__ not
in Arkansas, but on and near Antarctica, which is where you did go in the Sirian craft in
Yes, it was the Galactic Federation of Light that took you and others there. You needed to see that
was devastation of Earth long ago at the end of Atlantis, and havens were created to save some
humans who could start the race over again. Now, humans and Earth are heading very close to
another crash and burn of the planet and all life upon it."

"The 'device' that is missing from your computer is YOU. You have discovered that your "I AM' (we
shall so call it for convenience) makes you ONE in LOVE with the computer, and you will soon
see how this will facilitate our use of it."

"Well done, Pilgrim. We are so happy for you, and especially for you past and early life work to
heal and balance. Yes__ your body is healing__ on all levels. As time goes by you will be able to
go places and met with people again__ outside and inside your home. The time for the end of the
dark cabal is very near, and Earth will change forever. No more secret technologies... no more
hiding of ET crafts, etc.. The truth will begin to out. There will be some hardships, but you humans
will over-come them with the help of your ascended masters, and lightbearers. Yes... you will be
living in your 'paradise world'.
We love you."


How I'M going to bring the New Earth Reality into MY LIFE. If it works for me, then I'll

Alchemy is the art of understanding resonance, which makes it possible to  materialize things
by rai-sing or lowering frequencies
. Our bodies are pre-programmed to resonate with certain
vibrations of musical notes and patterns of notes. Each note and note pattern has a specific
frequency that entrains the mind, emotions and even the body's cells to a specific function or
attitude. When we enter into The Zone for meditations and intentions,
music can help us stay
connected  with the moods necessary for  positive interaction with the Creative Force. E
very time
we do this  entrainment, our DNA slightly shifts toward that of the Light Body.
Why do we
need to know this?  
It is the Light Body that enables us to  ascend fully into a 5th
dimensional existence along with Gaia
. Select music that uplifts you into a state of ecstacy
when meditating for information, or prior to performing Intentions for healing or manifesting.

DREAM: In a classroom, I'm being taught by a group of advanced beings__ something about
becoming an ALCHEMIST; about transmuting my Soul from common to finest Golds before I can
transmute Iron into purest, Spiritual Gold. "T
were to be used. "Like breathing in and breathing out", they tell me. "it's all the same,
only different phases at different Times and Spaces."

I don't need to tell you how our MATERIAL TECHNOLOGIES, our GREED and our practice of
conquering, controlling and  RAPING NATURE, rather than nurturing and SUSTAINING Her, have
__ INCLUDING US HUMANS. Native Americans
have known this for over 200 years, and have been warning us of this for decades__ but as usual,
we haven't listened.

All my life I have
been IN LOVE with EARTH and NATURE.  I grew to  love The Water, swimming
for hours in that lake, as well as in the home town State Park lake and the city swimming pools. I
ADORED water. I loved to shower, to let the water flow down over my face and body, and I
drank lots of it every day.

After marriage and children,  Hal and I  moved to the  high desert and mountains  of the  Lost
Rivers area of Idaho, where I revelled in painting the heart-caressing, beautiful scenery. That area
of Idaho was a Sacred Site__ a "Stargate/Portal"__  where I learned to meditate and do
dreamwork. In time, I discovered that most of my painting there, was being channelled.

During those 2
5 years living within the Idaho Stargate Vortex, very strange and paranormal
experiences occurred to me,  my husband and friends
.  It wasn't until very recently  that I
came to understand  WHY these events  kept occurring,  and what they were  preparing me for__  

This New Web-Book is a Manual showing those who have ascended,  HOW, TOGETHER, WE

Since Earth moved into the 5th Density, THE LAWS OF PHYSICS  HAVE CHANGED! Things
don't work as they used to
;  in fact,  they now empower us  Ascended Humans  to use the New
Physics to RESTORE EARTH__ Oh, not to Her former, original condition__ but TO
that we__ ourselves, have been
creating on Cos-mic Levels since the Creation of this Universe.   

Upon being informed by Higher Self that
my Soul Group and I would be Restoring Earth to Her
Divine Blueprint,
I was overwhelmed at with the whole idea. I DIDN'T FEEL QUALIFIED OR
READY. I asked
The Guides if I could access the necessary information for assisting in Earth's
Restoration, and they only said "
September, 2014".

At first,
I thought of the Newsletters, but I had temporarily stopped writing them after Jan./Feb.
to access and update them to 5-D; so I then went to my Meditation Files and found a
previous meditation with pertinent information. This kind of thing happens all the time Now__ in fact
Time seems to be unlimited. It has no "past", "present" or "future" attached to its activations, and
may appear in
Time Distortions, Time Loops or "Now-Time".

MEDITATION: "There is an energetic wave beginning this Now moment, and it will carry
those who are ready for inner purposeful reflection  to a higher place
,  so that all discon-
nected soul fragments from  Past Lives
 return and align; and in one moment there will be an
instant recognition honoring one's soul path and purpose, Now__ at the end of this current evol-
utionary cycle."... "Remove your-elves from the chaotic energies that aurround you in order to
concentrate on the final leg of the race. Hold the energy of Now, with full intent to receive all
aspects of your Self  returning to you for reconnection. This is the time of the
Convergence of

"The energetic influx s
hall begin in any Now moment,  moving in an incremental fashion over
time, to the culmination of  perfect harmonization. The waves of  constructive interference,  one
upon the other,  promulgate a
 TONE, or  COSMIC SIGNAL,  which,  when reached in its
magnificent climax
,  is returned back to Source as a Signal of Readiness for Change. As each
Light Being reaches their  Wholeness collection of soul fragments
, the Light extention
reaches a peak from which the harmonizing tone is released."

Our clear and on-going request is for each of you to continue to decline situations in direct
conflict  with any aspect of your Greater Being."
... "Your new journey begins in earnest, as it is
Now the final  culmination of all the
 Forces of Nature,  all Forces of Light,  all Forces of
, and all Forces of  Time & Space,  which arrive in that single moment of realization,  as a
conscious awareness of its own life,  wherein there is an instant knowing  that it is ready, that
Gaia and all life in,  on and surrounding  Her has met the standard for onward renewal into a new
creation, a new expression of re- ality. You are each and all so very dearly loved."...
"We are The

MEDITATION  4-26-15:  "May I please have  the privilege of  further understanding  of our role
in the Great Plan of  Reconstructing  
Earth/Gaia and  Her life-forms?  I was told to "Start
with  "
WATER". and that  People would be  contacting me  for information about  restoring water  
to various areas, to assist Earth in those areas with healing Life Force,  as Earth was dying there! I
did so.  Please show-tell me  what I need to do next in my work with Earth and The Plan, if anything.

A: "As one  becomes aware of  The New Earth Plan,  let thy heart  precede thy Mind__ in
WATER, etc., is correct . The Structuring of it,  as thou knowest. Now see how
 plays a role in the  Earth's  Divine Plan.  You have information  on this
already.  Also check  
David Wilcock's information on  EM as applied to consciousness,  energy
and matter creation." (More on Water below).

I felt sleepy  after this message  and lay down for awhile.  Just before waking, I saw a  square
shape with a narrow border around it. Inside were circles of various sizes, each touching
the circles next to them,  and some moving,  "squiggly" lines inside those circles
suggesting  energy  of some  sort __ perhaps
EM? I was reminded of Wilcock's info presentation
Gaiam TV: "Source of Time, Space, Matter, Energy": "Information exists as a DIPOLE in the
Source Field which  communicates instantly throughout the Cosmos."

DIPOLE: From Wikipedia:
"This article is about the electromagnetic phenomenon."... "The Earth's magnetic field, is
approxi-mated as a magnetic dipole. However, the "N" and "S" (north and south) poles are labeled
here geographically, which is the opposite of the convention for labeling the poles of a magnetic
dipole moment."

In physics, there are several kinds of dipole
: An electric dipole is a separation of positive and
nega-tive charges. The simplest example of this is a pair of electric charges of equal magnitude but
opposite sign, separated by some (usually small) distance. A permanent electric dipole is an

MEDITATION: Seeds are again being implanted. The Mayan Calendar related the cycles for
those implants which also correspond to the Earth dating of Great Transitions of the Race of Man.
HE 'SPACES BETWEEN__ THE INTERVALS,  rather than at either pole, where
Creation oc curs.
Thus, there must be Two Poles for Creations to occur."

I thought of "INDIVIDUALITY IN UNITY". "Cells and plants communicate with and motivate cells and
plants around them "(
D. Wilcock).
ML: Do humans do so as well?
Higher Self: "EARTH & NATURE exude Love & Oneness. Electromagnetism is the
"... "As you write for the web-book, etc., your
thoughts and feelings are being broadcast,
 and can be picked up  by those life-forms  who are
in similar reson- ant frequency
:  TELEPATHY.  Therefore,  one's Mental,  Heart-felt and  
Oneness Creations  manifested for Self,  also Manifest for Earth and Her Life-forms a
Manifest for Earth and Her Life-forms."

Ascension Process reached a peak on December 21, 2012, and there's no turning back.
How-ever, the huge blasts of energy arriving over the three days of December 21st, 22nd, and
23rd  cem- ented  Transformations from the Sun,  the Galaxy and the Cosmos into planet Earth  
and all life upon Her,  and are still entering
. We have been living in an  Age of Individualism,
are entering an Age of Oneness__  the "Return of the Christ"__  he Return of Christ-
Consciousness and Christ-like energies to all humanity and the planet.

In this  
Age of Oneness,  our Loving Creativity and Service to the planet,  other humans and all
life-forms__ planets, solar systems, galaxies, multi-universes__is the Name of the Game. We need
to l
et go of all outworn beliefs and expectations__ even of the very idea of further ascension,for it
is completin
g automatically now.

I realized my Beliefs had changed again. I felt,  
"I and my Father are One"__as if each of us had
become a "christ".
There's only One Being here in this universe.  Just as we have billions of
cells in our physical bodies, so has Creator Source billions/trillion__ infin-ite numbers__ of our
individual consciousness's cells as portions of Its Supreme Beingness.

The Mayan Sacred Calendar__ the Tzolk'in__
is a multi-dimensional consciousness pattern__
a sophisticated Map of Time and an Astronomical Calendar of our physical universe
. On
Christmas Eve a thought arrived
:  "It's a 'System Restore' to our Original Divine Plan and
."  December 21, 2012,  marked  "The End of Time"__ not the  End of the World;  as we
are now  
Transcending Time. In those following days, I experienced odd moments of  Time
Stopping, then Starting again, or possibly__ Reversing.

We are going to investigate  The New Laws of Physics Changes, and How we can to Use
Them for the Benefit of Planet Earth and all her Life-forms.

The Changes will need to occur first inside us__  In Our Personal Consciousness__ not in the  
outer physical world.  It took Time for that
Energy Wave to recede from it's high point December
21st. Outer global changes manifested as our  
Collective Consciousness Transformed.  And if
nothing happened"  or, "miracles happened",  it's because the collective consciousness of all
concerned Intend it be so.

New Earth Reality  manifests through our private,  intuitive,  spiritually directed actions,  rather
than through what intellect or ego directs.  
The Feminine Nature Reality has returned: "Gaia"__
Planet Earth's feminine
Spirit Within. In "Creating From the Future", the illustration of the  Medulla
__ or "Mouth of God", (heads.html)__ at the back of the neck__ could be the  "back
r" through which  higher intelligences  communicate with humans  before their  pineal and
pituitary glands  are aligned with the crown chakra.

with the 5th Density Laws of Physics.

LAW OF FREE WILL is still in effect,  for we must not  Intend anything  that overrides  some-
one's Free Will.  I wanted to prevent  the overwhelming number of chem-trails  that the  Dark Elites  
sent to cloud our Magic Valley skies and kill our trees,  birds, bees, butterflies and crops so many
days each week
; but then realized I must not deprive those Dark Elites of their Will to do so. I
managed to come up with the following Intention
: "I intend that  all the toxic substances in the
chem-trails in our skies, are no longer harmful,  but are now  benefiting  Earth and  All Her Life-
forms  in this area of  Magic Valley
". In the following days, we had increased rainfall, warmer
temperatures, and trees and plants began to green up,  where they had been dry,  brown and  
freezing most nights.  Trees leafed out in less than three days, and the plants in my wildflower
garden began spreading across the yard in colorful, healthy profusion__ many where they had
never grown before.

Neither did I attempt to  create a New Earth Reality where All Humans are "Christlike" or
",  for that could go against the free will of people who were not yet ready to do so,
having more lessons to be learned.

I turned over in bed at 2:05 AM the night of December 28th (Full Moon in Cancer, conjoining my
Nadir__ "The Roots of Humanity")__
surprised to see a young, woman standing upright,
enclosed within a huge circle drawn in blue lines against the wall beside the bedroom
My first thought was that this was the woman's astrology birth chart, but looking again,
I saw the circle was portioned off in a number of shapes, two of which were vesica pisces__ a
sacred geometry shape known as the "womb of creativity". Other
shapes marked off several
oddly-formed areas. Inside each shape was a symbol that seemed related to astrology,
barely recognizable in the dim light. I heard the word
"hootsvah" in my mind. I thought awhile
about this word, but was sure I'd ever heard or read it before, and as the woman and circle faded
away, I went back to sleep.

I was not to sleep long, for I kept heard the word, but this time, pronounced
". I sat up and saw against the wall, a small clear cellophane packet holding 4 or
5 inch-sized objects reminding me of "charms", like on a bracelet.
But these "charms" were
made of plastic in various pastel hues__ green, blue, pink, yellow. The one on top was
green, shaped as a round circle with its entire center empty, but with short "spikes" extending
outward from its rim, somewhat like a Captain's Wheel for steering the old sailing ships. I counted
2 of these tiny spikes__ perhaps representing the 12 "houses" of an astrology chart. The
clock then said 3:07

Completely intrigued with the symbols, the circle and the woman__ (me?),
I realized the large
circle had not been 2-D, but 3-D;
and the figures inside each shape were star constellations
drawn using dots for stars and connected with lines
, just as constellations are imaged on star
maps. I recognized a few__
Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. All, astrological Zodiac Signs.

This left me even more puzzled. So I
went into the Zone, and asked Higher Self about it. I was
told th
e circle was indeed an astrological chart, but reflected the new physics of 5-D, which
was no longer linear, but Multi-dimensional in accord with the quantum theory of
__ the connectivity between all things. The "green charm"'s open center
indicated a Portal to the Multi-dimensions now opening.

But what did "hoodzpah" mean? I just HAD to get up to the computer to search Google. I found
some old Hebrew words, too far off in spelling to be related, and not applicable to anything
remotely astrological This didn't seem to apply to the circle, symbols or "charms", either.
were listings for a musical group and many for the "Hoodzpah Art and Graphics"
company, which had postcards of The Great Bear Constellation, also known as "Ursa
Major", or Big Dipper   (North)__ but that was not a Zodiac Sign.

So I tried Google "Image" from the "Art & Graphics" site. Up popped thumbnails of graphics
for that company. I scrolled down, found a b
eautiful scene with a blue summer sky and lots of
puffy white cloud
s and clicked to enlarge it, but in one second it switched to another
website: "True Life"
(which I could not find again next day, nor the page with the blue sky and
clouds photo).
But oddly, there was only one sentence on the "True Life"site__ whose
entire page was an all blue blank: "
Does not relate to astrology."

Whoa! I never used the word "astrology" in my searches! So how did the computer know I
was seeking astrologically related information? Once again, I
asked Higher Self, how this could
happen: "Did the computer 'read my mind'__my 'emotional energy'__ or, did 'my mind
influence the computer'
"?  H.S. replied: "Both! When in 5-D, your clear thoughts with loving
feelings will cause related events to occur."

Something was going on again with emotion__ with E-Motion. I knew from experience how
strong emotions can Move Energy, for Emotions fuel our Intentions. Amazed, I returned to
bed, and noted t
he clock now read 4:44 AM. "444" in my numerology system, means "You are in
ascension now. Look back and see what you just did."

* "Strange Emissions by Sun are Suddenly Mutating Matter."
id=15191  "Never-before-seen particles__ or some mysterious force__ is being shot out from the
sun and hitting Earth."... The R
ate of Decay is speeding up."... "The mutation may go so far as to
change the underlying reality of the quantum universe, the nature of life, the principles of physics,
perhaps even the uniform flow of Time.... "In fact, some evidence of Time dilation has been gleaned
from close observation of the decay rate. If particles interacting with the matter are not the cause__
and the
matter is being affected by a New Force of Nature,  (ML: Ethers or Con-sciousness?)
Time itself may be speeding up and there's no way to stop it."

"What could be causing the phenomenon is a previously unknown force. As the sun builds
towards solar maximum"... (2012-2013)... "it's already been proven that
the sun's mass warps
, bends light waves and accounts for mutation of species on Earth."... "Once again the
titanic forces of nature rear up to overwhelm our technology, and we find ourselves like the
playthings of 'gods'."

Humanity is merging into a

EARTH__ our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions affect the planet's environment (Nature)

But we now know
something has indeed started to Change__ to  grow/evolve within our-
. We're becoming  a New Species. Something is now being birthed  within Earth as
 Science discovered "Imaginal cells"__  In catapillars and butterflies that are in chrysalis,  
other cells begin to  mimic them. The Imaginal cells appear once the entire system (catepilar body)
breaks down.
Extremes of Stress are necessary for the evolution of consciousness and for  
Multi-D. Tech-nologies  to manifest in hum- an being
s. The LAW OF ONE states that the
Higher Powers will send a Catalyst that plagues you until you discover your pre-incarnative
responsibility and act on it . It is extremely rare that anyone on our Earth plane makes totally
efficient use of their catalyst.


Forces of Light.

GUIDES__ OR YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES, rather than from OUTSIDE "experts", "authorities" or
mainstream news and information. Forces of Sound.

and your North Node.

FIND YOUR SOUL GROUP & ITS MISSION: (Check Astrology: Your Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse.)



GESTURES... "element of the Target"


5-9-13: ML: I'm a bit confused. I very recently did a passionate Intention that Earth and all Her
lifeforms were free of all types of pollution now and forevermore. I did hear reports that the chem-
trails have stopped in many places, as well as here. What am I missing? (CHARGE UP!)
"CHOOSE that all harmful allergens, all pollution has disappeared from the entire Earth__
ML: Okay. Will do.



Masuro Emoto
Chow Chose Enomoto.



















Downgrade &/or Change Direction of Hurricanes, Tropical Storms.
"Charging the Elements" (L.'s wildfire & storm)


Environmental Healing Groups
The best defence against violence and civil unrest in the world  may not be  building more
weapons, but perhaps, the  
building of bridges of  sharing,  healing and  manifesting that  
transcend the boundaries of families, neighborhoods, communities, states and nations..

The work of past spiritual orders  necessitated the use of cryptic symbols and words  to hide
universal truths from ignorant or  mean-spirited factors.  When truth  and universal law  are hidden  
from the majority,  it  enables those who hold this information to use  false  information  to spread  
their lies. In the  New  Earth  Reality,  there are to be no more secrets, no elite groups, no secret
methods or cryptic languages, no more mysteries to those who desire to know the truth as per their
level of consciousness and understanding. That's why this author has been permitted to reveal
these skills and procedures to the public.  We have built upon a  spiritual foundation of  ancient
teachings and are now  moving beyond that structure.  We are  creating fresh teachings,  forming  
a new wisdom  which is to remain accessible to every individual who seeks it with a loving heart.

The f
ocus of this Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technology is of your choosing. First,
Connect with Mother Earth-Gaia__ love Her, nurture and protect and heal Her. Second, if you
have not yet connected with Higher Self/Creative Force, do so now. THIS IS IMPERATIVE!  Love
yourself  uncon-ditionally on all levels__ physically,  emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Stay
focused in each moment observing your own actions,  thought and feelilngs. Hold Unconditoinal
Love and Compassion for your fellowman.  Heal self on all levels.  Ask Higher Self for guidance as
to your next step in consciousness evolution. Of great importance is understanding and focusing on
Life Purpose, and understand-ing Who You really Are. Then Create a Vehicle for Manifesting
that Purpose.

For a long time, our intent was to  heal ourselves  and our  relationships as individuals,  and
although that is still a critical need,  we are now learning to  Intend as groups. We may not  be able  
to fully heal Earth  until we  balance ourselves,  our families,  neighborhoods,  work places and  
communities.  We cannot allow  negative relationship issues to  continually re-program  Geopathic  
Stress Zones and Hartmann Lines,  neutralizing whatever cleansing had been accomplished with
environmental healing techniques.

At this time,  it may be necessary to use  very large groups  to effect an  Expanded Multi-D  
Technology for things such as  climate control,  weather conditioning,  environmental cleansing or  
prevention of earthquakes,  volcanic eruptions,wildfires,  hurricanes,  wars,  terrorism,  crime or  
plagues. Organized  Lightworkers  could bring about peace on Earth,  then regularly meditate and
intend  to maintain that peace. At this time, several agencies are at- attempting to do so.

9-3-14: Linda M. Howe, "Extraterrestrial Terraforming"... regarding Gobekli Tepe. The Drone Tail Symbols with "", Pi
Symbols, the CARET report of that symbol being used for Anti-Gravity Devices, and her
explanation of the over-lay of a spoke wheel indicating the 90 degree, small right turns in the spirals
(suggesting a zodiac wheel) over the 2006 Crop Circle near Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, England.

I saw a correspondence between those objects and Gobekli Tepe; one section of which, I believe, is
laid out in the same pattern. MEDITATING on the Purpose of that portion of Gobekli Tepe. I was
first shown the importance of a
Water feature. From my 25 year residence near the Idaho National
Engineering Laboratories (now "INL"), near Arco, Idaho, and Past Life Recalls of both visiting and
living at several Vortex/Stargate/Sacred Sites, I know that an underground, flowing water system
is a major feature of stone monuments, pyramids and mounds energy systems, enabling them to
gen-erate piezzoelecrtic energy. Could there have been__ or still be__ remnants of the Euphrates
River flowing beneath Gobekli Tepe?

My next impression was that
this was some sort of "Geological Energy Site", but not for broad-
casting energy; and I wondered why there had to be
so many circular "Plants" in the same area?
If that spiral-like design was a
Self-Activating Technology__ I suddenly recalled:

Barbara Hand Clow's article on Gebekli Tepe:
relates the "Drone Tail Symbols with "", etc. with Belinda Gore's book: "EC-
". She and Felicitas Goodman used postures they saw on ancient
cave walls, etc., and tried them out, finding that  they created ALTERED STATES OF
CONSCIOUSNESS. One, which promoted

I myself accidentally formed one of those postures and had an incident of TIME & SPACE DISTO-
                 Through the Wormhole     
Another spontaneous teleportation occurs  with changes in both Time and Space while I'm in our
pickup truck  between Taco John's  and the adjacent alley.  I set my  take-out taco salad  on the
floor behind the drivers' seat and start the truck to return home. Other car  block the parking lot
exits, so I drive down the alley. It had recently rained, and when I swished through a big puddle, I
heard a loud "bang". Oh, Oh! Have I blown a tire?

Opening the door to look back,  I see it was only a large plastic soda bottle which flipped out of the
water when I ran over it. I resume driving as  a man and two boys at my left  start crossing the alley  
just six feet in front of me.  I stop quickly, and hear the lid pop off the plastic salad bowl on the floor  
behind me. With right leg straight,  foot on the brake and left hand on the steering wheel, I lean way
back,  turn slightly to my right  and reach behind the seat with my right hand to re-adjust the bowl

Immediately, everything goes black. Then, streaks of red, white and blue lights zoom past at incre-
dible speed. I seem to be shooting down a tunnel of blackness,  with needle-like  points of colored
light  spiraling past me out of a that black tube. I gasp,  concerned about  the man and boys ahead
of me,  and pull my arms and legs  back to a normal position. The tunnel and lights disappear, and I
see the alleyway again__ but now the man and boys are once more just starting to approach  the
alley in front of me,  when a moment or two ago,  they had  already been  nearly across it.       

I'm shaken up. What happened? I wait a few minutes as the people continue past the alley, then
resume driving. I turn into  the empty parking lot of a deserted cafe, as I again see the man and
boys a half block ahead, turning right to walk beside the side street towards the highway.

I cross the parking lot, pause for traffic at the sidestreet, and turn right towards the highway. The
men and boys have already reached the highway, and are turning left, crossing the side street
towards the downtown area.

When I reach the highway intersection, I'm shocked to see that the men and boys are__ again!__
right in front of my pickup, about to cross the sidestreet__ again! What the heck is going on? How
could they be repeating their locations and actions so often?

I wait for them to pass a third time, then carefully turn onto the highway, wondering if they're going
to appear in the middle of the highway__ or what? I drive down the highway to the next intersec-
tion and turn and up the hill, reaching home without further incident.

Years later,  when the "Stargate" film  and later,  the "Stargate SG-1"  TV program  come out,  the
scenes where the "away team"  goes through the  Stargate wormhole  to another planet  is very
similar to  what  I experienced  in the truck that day. Did I, too, go through a worm-hole in space and

I also came across the book, "Ecstatic Body Postures", by Belinda Gore.  She and Dr. Felicitas
Goodman noted that human-shaped art and artifact of ancient world cultures__ many from vastly
different places and times__ displayed similar unusual body postures. The two women  explored
shamanic and religious trance postures  for over twenty years. Their experiments with these posi-
tions showed that the ancients knew that assuming certain body positions, gestures or movements
while in the Zone,  could trigger them into  altered time,  space and other-dimensions. In some of
these states, they also performed healing.

The critical position was first identified in the Lascaux,  France cave drawings  discovered in 1940.  
These drawings date from
15,000 B.C. The picture was of a man wearing a bird mask__ probably
identifying him as a shaman__ and lying at a 37 degree angle. That he was not dead was indica-
ted  by a short line extending upwards  from his crotch__ his male organ was very much "alive".

Twelve-thousand years later, this same image was created in a drawing of Osiris, in Egypt. This
was the first ecstatic body posture  identified by  Belinda Gore.  When her group at Cuyamungue
Institute, Santa Fe,  New Mexico,  tried this position,  they had to build wooden  "launching pads" to
keep their bodies at the  proper slant.  They found the position of  the left thumb very important  
and thereby  easily left their bodies  and moved into other dimensions. "I felt I was a rocket, moving
very, very fast", she related.

While in the pickup truck, reaching back  to cover the salad,  I had unknowingly assumed  the exact
same 37 degree angle plus the arm, leg and head postures. Even my left thumb and fingers grasp-
ing the steering wheel assumed the correct circular position. Again, before deliberately attempting
teleportation, ask permission of Spirit or your Guides.

Could those peculiarly designed circular at Gobekli Tepe be areas where people went to experien-
ce  Altered States and  gain information from higher realms,  or even  travel in those higher density
realms? The figures on the large pillars may be indicating the proper postures to use for such sha-
manic activities. The figure with the staring black eyes, and no mouth or ears, represent it as being
in a trance, Telepathic or a state akin to Remote Viewing?

We continue exploring this Ancient Technology with a discussion of  TIMELINES and  AST-
 and how the Dark Elite used these cycles to time their
destructive acts toward Earth and Humanity, hoping to prevent us from ascending to 5th density
realms, where they could not exist.

The dating of Gobekli Tepe to
12,960, or about 13,000 years, is close to the Half-way Point in the
Precession Cycle
, accelerating the rapid consciousness evolution of Earth, and of mass human
ascensions along with drastic changes to Earth, Solar System and Galaxy. History shows that w
our Sun aligns with the Galactic Center at completion of each Precession Cycle
, then the
half-way point through that Cycle, is in direct opposition to the Galactic Center, forming another
major aspect that causes additional major changes to humanity, Earth, Moons, Planets and Sun at
that time as well.

It was about
12-13,000 years ago that the Great Flood occurred. My research suggests that the
Annunaki__ &/or other off-world visitors__ knew if its coming, and had to leave Earth in their ships
at that time__ leaving the
Great Pyramid of Giza as a "beacon" to guide their later return, knowing
much of our planet's landmark areas would be destroyed or reconfigured. OR, did some of Earth's
indigenous beings cover Gobekli Tepe to hide it from any returning space visitors?

(See following paragraphs about
mutations, or damage to our human DNA...etc.)
Telling next o
f Environmental Harm from chem trails, etc. in our area.

We  transmuted ourselves into
 Human Masterpieces.  We learned to be  Energy Artists  
healing  ourselves and our relationships.  
Now we  use our  Higher  Creative  abilities and  
knowledge  to  co-create  with the  
Uni-versal Creative Force as we repair the destructions
caused by our material technologies,  re-engineer the environment and manifest Heaven
right here on Earth.
 Slowly but surely,  we are building a  world-wide Unity Consciousness. We
are here  offering an opportunity  to become part o f a global network now forming__ a network that
can shift Earth's balance toward a future of greater peace,  joy,  love,  gratitude, security and  well-
being. Perhaps,  once we're attuned to our higher creative sides, we can slip in and out of our
history, our expectations and our genetic coding at will
;  maybe return to a past life to re-arrange
events  so as to be more in tune with our creative potentials.  Could we then instantly alter past,  
present and  future?

Aluna Joy's article: "SACRED GEOMETRY OF A NEW ERA."  In her article,  "The Sacred Geometry of a New Era."  
She again contacts the Andean Masters who tell us about a... "New Geometry that is the
foundation for the new world. They are offering us"... "the gift of this new geometry to be encoded
inside of us. We must each  give permission for this to take place."...

"We are building a  new world in stages.  First we must  en-Vision this new world"... "We must
create it in Spirit  with our hearts and or minds.  This part has already been completed on a
collective scale.  Next comes the process of making this Vision a part of our physical world."...
"Geometry is the framework; then comes Sound as a frequency. Once that is done, our Intent will
begin to take hold."


MEDITATION 3-31-88: on Cahokia Mounds, IL.: "The pools of water were used for detecting
earth tremors, but their primary function was similar to that done prior to your creating the mandala
paintings. The water, standing in the sunlight, and at times aided by programmed crystals, and at
other times, receptive to lightning during storms, became 'structured" or "charged". The priests'
sensitivity allowed them to be aware of the lightning charges. Then the water was programed by
the priests for various purposes: healing, protection, well-being, information, etc..It was considered
then as 'holy water' is considered today. The water from the pools could be programmed to aid in
childbirth, the ascension of the soul after death of the physical body, for growing plentiful crops, for
raising consciousness and for facilitating meditational research and cosmic attunement."   

"WATER LINKS LIFE TO EARTH: therefore, the pools of water served as the early receptacles for
the linking of Spirit with earthly forms. The water was later placed in vessels which had first been
purified in the pools, and then carried to various locations where use was made of the water's
specific program. Thou knowest of the ability of water charged with Spirit's Love to ever expand,
ever bless."

"As for technology__ the revelation of the BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS in reports from many  sources
dealing with hyper-dimensional physics__ both ancient and modern__ seems to indicate a huge
change in the type of technology we will be using in the near future.

"These pyramids are 35,000 years old. Electromagnetic energy coming out of the biggest pyramid
(the largest known in the world to date), is different from any currently known energy. Spiraling
outward from the pyramid in concentric circles, it grows stronger the farther it moves  away from its
pyramidal source. (Suggesting this is probably what Nikola Tesla tapped into). Tunnels beneath
the pyramids heal people who enter them. There is no radiation in the tunnels, which are built of
natural materials__ clay,stone, etc.__ as are the pyramids themselves for the most part. Tests
showed the network of tunnels was built to regenerate the physical body of humans, animals and

"The Bosnian ancients created vastly superior building materials with this pyramid energy. Quartz
crystals in the stones are believed to be the originating source of the energy. It is also apparent that
the location of the Bosnian and other pyramids around the world was important. The geological
features of vortices, portals and stargates around Earth are the best places to build pyramids and
monuments. (Chapter 4: Great Mother tells of the 3 pyramidal buttes central to the Idaho "Stargate
and the Idaho National Laboratories there).

"Use of this energy also enabled the ancients to not only communicate and view other planets and
solar systems, but also to gather their knowledge. The frequency of 28kw. in the pyramid is that of
ultra-sound as is used in current medical practices. Science knows of a brain-blood barrier existing
in our bodies. The brain receives sensations from our 3-D physical world only. Ultra-sound
frequencies break down the blood barrier to the brain, (C. Wilde: so does Turmeric) allowing
medications in the body's blood to reach and treat the brain as well."

Three nights after discovering my galactic Families, I awoke at 5 AM to the sound of several small
trucks or very poorly-mufflered cars in the alley behind our home. They didn't seem to drive on
through. Their engines rumbled and rattled for at least 20 minutes, seemingly in the same spot out
back. H had moved the patio furniture for the winter earlier that day, placing the table and chairs
under a tarp, and tying them down with heavy rocks and boards on top to safeguard them from

The matching bench he moved to behind the "gooseneck"of the 5th wheel RV in the backyard near
the alley, but the tarp he usually covered it with had worn out, and he planned to buy a new one
next day. The heavy metal bench was clearly visible from the alley, and with Halloween only a few
nights away, I was concerned that the alley visitors might be planning mischief or theft.

So I got up, went to the living room's glass patio doors and turned on the outside security light to
foil any mean-spirited notions, but the vehicles did not move, and I could not see them from the
patio door windows, due to the RV and a row of tall arborvitae trees between us.

I tried to wake H, but he couldn't hear me from the living room, and by 5:30 AM the cars or trucks
slowly moved away. I went back to bed, but could still hear them either searching or chasing each
other around the neighborhood streets. Finally at 6 AM I got up to the living room again, opened the
doors and leaned out to see if I could spy the bench. I still couldn't. But a very bright light in the
eastern sky directly across from the open door, drew my attention. I hadn't noticed that earlier, but
realized it was moving very, very slowly__ almost imper-ceptibly__ to the right (southward) and a bit
higher, and that meant it had probably been behind the tree in the neighbor's yard across the alley
when I'd peered out earlier. Then I thought: "That object isn't moving__ it's just hovering there. It's
the Earth that's slowly moving towards the horizon."

I've always loved to "sky-watch", ever since I was very young and Daddy would take me out at night
and show me how to find Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades, as well as the Big and Little Dippers
directing us to the North Star, and Cassiopea in her "chair" in the sky. And, being a professional
astrologer for quite a few years, I was very familiar with sky maps and the locations of the zodiac
constellations. I knew the Sun had  just entered the sign of Scorpio, and would not rise in the east
for another 2 hours. (We're in the Mountain Time Zone, but very close to the Pacific Zone line).

I also knew that  stars twinkle in the sky  due to their great distance from Earth,  and any planets  
visible to our  naked eyes shine with steady lights. Furthermore, there were a lot of clouds around
the sky that night. This object was NOT a star, NOT a planet! Imagine if you held a green pea
between your fingers at arm's length__ that would be similar to the size of this object. It's brightness
was greater than any planet or star I'd ever seen, and so intense that rays of light shot out from it
both horizontally and vertically. This was similar to that night in August, 1988 when another large,
bright object appeared in the eastern sky near Lost River Valleys, Idaho, even though forest fires
burning two million acres in both Yellowstone and Idaho blocked out not only the stars and the
Moon, but made the Sun at noon only a dim red ball.

I watched this "craft" "_ ?_ for about 15 minutes, and noted it kept slowly climbing higher and
towards the south, but its projected arc was much too low to be following  the ecliptic path of a
rising moon,  sun or star at this season of the year. I sent feelings of love,  joy and gratitude toward
the object for awhile,  and tried to attune to any  message it might have to impart, but nothing came
through, so I simply thanked it for coming, and retired to bed.

The following three mornings, I arose at the same time as on the first night and watched the
eastern sky for longer periods because the sun, moon and stars rise a bit later each day as we
approach December 21st__ the shortest day and longest night of the year. There were no visible
stars or shining objects in the eastern sky at all, except on the third day when I did see a few faint,
tiny stars very high up in the southern sky.

In the days that followed, I could not rid myself of the eerie feeling that there was some important
significance to the sighting of this space vehicle. It had that same, basic "flying saucer" shape that
was seen so many years ago by Billy Meier and others, and which I had seen in a much larger and
clearer version at Craters of the Moon, July, 1988, "The Saucer", resembling two pie pans glued
together with their rims face to face, and a sort of "bubble" form on top with portholes.  The
world's  earliest reported modern day UFOs were cigar-shaped, silvery ones, often with a red light
at their rear. These were first thought to be from Arcturus, but it was later learned that Arcturians,
being 7th & 8th dimensional, did not need spaceships for travel. The "flying saucers" are from the
Pleiades; the very round and flat "pancake" types from Sirius and those from Andromeda resemble
huge, elaborate metal horseshoes or scorpions. There is no information regarding the origins of the
huge, black triangular crafts with lights in a "V" or triangular pattern recently seen in Arizona, central
Illinois and more recently, at Black Diamond, Washington. There is speculation that they may be
originating from right here on Earth.

I finally concluded that the "ship" I saw that night had come to welcome me to my Galactic Families.

Whatever the recent shining object was, and where-ever it came from, we may never know for
sure. However, since Higher Self had earlier suggested I check meditation notes from November,
1988 and watch e-mails for information useful for this newsletter issue, I did so, and found several
with links to websites referring to the Orion constellation rising over the Middle East__plus three of
our own solar system planets appearing exactly above each of the three Giza Great Pyramids 11:
11 PM, December, 21, 2012. ("How does it get any better than this?")  These three stars in Orion's
belt point to the Pleiades to their right; and to Sirius to their left. The information received via e-
mails and the 1988 meditations led me to the understanding of my role, my place in the Galaxy, and
that the bright, shining spaceship had come to welcome me to my galactic families. (Once again,
information from the past, present and future merged.)  

February 1991: MEDITATIONS:   "SACRED JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS" : (Barbara Marciniak?)
The  POWER that Atlantis once kniew  = THE CONNECTION OF MIND ENERGY to the
SOURCE. It was HARNESSED ENERGY of the SOUND FREQUENCIES... that must be combined
with the COLOR FREQUENCIES, for manifesting to occur."
(Note where Sound fits in the EME Gand), "COLOR"  = VISIBLE LIGHT, PHOTONS. "SOUND =
Microwave, TV, Radio, Radar, Sonograms.

In February, 1991, when Marcel Vogel died, a group with Marciniak went to BIMINI to OPEN THE
VORTEX at the Bermuda Triangle from Atlantean Days. (The above  and below information is what
i received personally during that period, not knowing of the groups trip and activities.)

"The KEYS will be provided to you daily. The series or messages assigned each morning"...

(Holy Cow! H.S. is doing it again! I told Her yesterday eve that I had no sense of the Future... no
Path or Direction for me, and was growing fearful that I might no longer be here on Earth. I asked
for information about how to gather and organize the tons of info I had about New Earth
Technologies for our New World. Nothing came through last night. I slept like a dead woman.)
THIS IS MY ANSWER!... I received it 24 years ago!...THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH. YOU

cont: "The series of messages will be assigned each morning over 5 days. They commence on
Thursday and conclude on Monday of the week following. We each receive our own CODING to be
decoded. At the end of the day, the information needed to understand the solutions will be
delivered... then SYNTHESIZE them."
* "The POWER CENTERS ON EARTH are activated through TUNNELS."
Saturday, 1-10-91 was the best day to CONTACT THE VORTEX. ( a new beginning).
"Each will be 5 STEPS CLOSER to your goals and completion of your missions by the turn of this
moment in history."
Saturday, Feb. 9th & 10th: How Atlanteans CONTROLLED TIME. "We come from the ETHERS &
JOURNEY TO THE STARS" = How to unlock all by using this KEY to MOVE FREQUENCIES


"We move from the Stars to the innermost planes of consciousnes

"HOLY GRAIL: = holds the HOLY BLOOD... find it and drink from it in the ETHERIC. it symbolizes
the ENERGY that unites with the physical body to sustain its higher, higher consciousness and
enlightenment. BECOME THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR ONCE AGAIN." (Planetary alignment perfect
to support physical ascension of Christ.)

POLARIS: is a Guidance in the New Age. It guides all to the Holy Grail once again. It is a significant
Waystation for the Command. It guides all COSMIC TRAVELLERS to their destinies and realigns
the heavens' elliptical paths every turn of the millennium.  It is the PASSAGE between 2
UNIVERSES....  a DOORWAY between parallel worlds. It governs the regulatory currents in this
period which allow or disallow the Earth to SHIFT ON ITS ACCESS/AXIS.

When Polaris is united with Mercury, NO-THING can be stopped from completing its mission or
destiny on Earth. Polaris is a WAY-SHOWER for the masses into the New Age... to see their own
destiny in the years to come.

ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY will be alive during our visit... the currents will flow from North to
South and carry with them the DREAMS OF THE ELEMENTALS (filled with
"FIRE")... "Your
ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS will be altered by the
fumes of the Forces that will be stirred during these
3 weeks."

(See info on DaVinci's drawing of the Vitruvian Man, and the 2 VORTEX areas where the HANDS
are to be held at his sides)

"In the moment of Truth you will be asked the question of your destiny... respond from you Heart,
not your Mind. FEEL IN YOUR HEART your connection back to the star that gave you birth, and
make commitment to our ancestry that sustains and provides you with life. CREATION PRESENTS

"In this moment of decision, each will experience LOST TIME for a moment. This period of silence
will be present to rejuvenate your commitment to Spirit and the Command. (I became dizzy... had a

"The Brotherhood of All welcomes you to the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK'S COUNCIL TABLE for
debate... Acceptance requires that you are among those who can debate the issues on the table.
LAWS FOR THIS MEMBERSHIP always honor Mother/Father of the Universe first. (1) CALL FOR
(3) When Membership is secured, then ACTIVE PARTICIPATION will be required.

NEW COLOR FREQUENCY... give thanks: and then may move to next level INITITATION.

1. North, South, East & West are truly one direction when it comes to the EME currents that rule
2. Keep a perspective that balances the MOON & ENERGIES with that of POLARIS and you will
reveal to yourself the SECRETS OF THE AGES.
3. BELEIVE that all power rests within your own consciousness, when ego has been denied. The
BREATH contains the depth of the knowledge and provides the means by which the 3RD EYE will
open to reveal the understandings to each of you.

EACH DAY: Take note of CLUES GIVEN, and summarize the info to understand the solution.
(ML: Synchronicities?)

February 7th - 12th: VORTEX OPENED. 12: = information received to help decode the keys to
begin the process of regaining Atlantean knowledge.

ALIGNMENT. Illusion of Peace. Some may FEEL ILL = the 8 BODIES attached to the physical
existence will be producing an ALCHEMICAL REACTION in preparation for the journey. See this as

Feel the power contained within your cellular structures, and beleive YOU ARE ONE WITH THE
Each member was also reliving a personal journey from another dimension in Time & Space.

'LIGHT" is Earth's curriculum, and the highest vibration known to humans. The LIGHT BODY is a

As you entered the vortex, the 1st thing that occurred is that you RECEIVED YOUR MISSIONS...
so when you returned home, everything began moving with rapid force. When in the vortex, each
saw, in the etheric, her own future & how to use the knowledge gained. They affected ALL


Granted to you:
1. Will automatically receive the programming of 1 of the 3 STATIONS, described earlier. Courses
and destinies were set at end of 3rd day.
2. Gift of total freedom in the years to come, (Freed of karmic debts).
the vortex) Next a TEST OF POWER, for those who chose the path of the spiritual warrior... life will
automatically get easier and more fulfilling.

Physical sensation with strength in the heart center.
Be ready for MORE ACCELERATION IN APRIL (1991)  (ML: I then began the LIVE ON LIGHT

In order to assimilate all the new learning, the PHYSICAL BRAIN STRUCTURES WERE ALTERED
to allow NEURON mechanisms to receive the higher vibrations. Since no 2 things can occupy the
same space... something momentarily had to go. (the Nosebleed?)


VISUALIZTION POWERS that we take for granted. One must look to the divine, and integrate what
is known on physical planes to form the creation. In so doing, the 5-D is CREATED WITH ONE'S
souls of humans.

EMOTION = the WILL with which we work in 3-D. As SHAPESHIFTERS & STARMAKERS we
combine knowledge of Universal Law and MASTERY OF THE ETHERIC (EME?) to create stars.
Humans are only now learning to do this as they transcend the physical world and access 5-D.

We humans much BIRTH TERRA into a STAR. The BLUEPRINT is in my own H. S.. Earth has
always been connected to all higher frequencies. We HUMANS NEED TO CONNECT. ALL

1. SANANDA. Seal of 7tyh Sign (PITUITARY GLAND)
3. HILARION... HEALERS. Blessed by Sananda also, & Celestial ranks & Tribunal Council.
4. KUTHUMI... TEACHERS. Plan for EDUCTION in future.
5. DELPHI... Earth Ambassadors.

1-26-91:  Did Robt. Hand's MEDITATION as in his "Metamorphosis & the Moon." :
"I was on the seacoast, on a rocky hill above a deserted beach and tidepools. Black rocks. those
twisted pines around me, I sat on a bed of pine needles and faced South towards the sea, watching
the waves rolling in and out."

"From the EAST came a younger version of the blond-haired fellow in a purple jumpsuit with a
patch-emblem on it (like a cable TV serviceman, or UPS, etc.), whom I glimpsed recently with my
peripheral vision coming to my front door. He carried LYRE or HARP in his hand, and had a
SCHOOL BACK-PACK over his shoulder, which I felt had books, paper and artistic , musical and
writing materials in it. He seemed androgenous (not of either gender). He told me in a whisper: "I
Love You". This seemed to indicate the completion of the healing of my childhood and past... that I
now could LOVE MYSELF. He was an artist, in a broad sense... A Messenger, Delivery Person."

"From the SOUTH came a very muscular man of average height with dark hair (rather long) and
short, dark Van Dyke type beard. Large dark eyes. His body gleamed with perspiration or oil, and
he wore only short leather straps vertically forming a sort of kilt, with metal studs on it. A leather
strap across his bare chest, he carried implements which were meant for weapons, but no sword or
knife was in the scabbard or sheath, and no arrows in the quiver on his back. Never-the-less, he
positively radiated strength, energy  and vitality. ... full of PURPOSE & DRIVE. He told me to
so that TRUST would become the NEW DEVELOPMENTAL MODEL FOR HUMANITY. To begin

"From the WEST, a woman appeared who looked like ME. Hair slate gray with streaks of silver,
and worn in a loose bun, pulled up from her face., but soft and puffy at the sides. She was smiling
radiantly, wearing my aqua meditation robe, and moving gracefully across the wildflower meadow in
bare feet. She was thinner than I am now, but not as slim as presently fashionable. Her face was
young-looking, but full of wisdom and joy. She carried a 'grape tray' , and on it I saw some-thing
alive and moving: THREE SMALL SNAKES... or rather, SERPENTS, which she handed to me. I
accepted them eagerly and as I held them, they entwined each other, becoming erect and standing
on their tails. Then they became a great EAGLE which flapped its wings and flew to great heaights,
holding a RING OF LIGHT IN ITS TALONS, which I took to symbolize 'WHOLENESS' or

"From the NORTH: At first I thought it was the Guru from Little America, but it was an older woman,
dressed in soft grey-browns, carrying the STAFF WITH A VIOLET CRYSTAL at its top (in her right
hand), and a broad-brimmed hat with cloth wrapped around the throat area. ON the staff and
shoulders, and about her, sat and flew many birds and small animals, and plants... herbs, flowers,
vines... seemed to cling to her clothing here and there. She told me my task was to 'OPEN THE

"I felt I was 'seeing' 4 aspects of myself; as related to the Cardinal Cross of the astrological chart
wheel. East-Aries, South-Capricorn, West-Libra, and North-Cancer."

Also, it seemed to indicate 4 STATES IN THE LIFE CYCLES: Childhood, Young Adulthood, Middle
Age, and Maturity."
Robert Hand says it could be pesonifications of ANGELS.
1. FIRE...      MERCURY... EAST... LIGHT... .....MESSAGE.
2. EARTH....EARTH....  SOUTH...     LIFE... .....WILL/PURPOSE.
3.  AIR....  ..  VENUS.... WEST ("iRIS")...LAW.... MANIFESTATION.
4. WATER   ..MOON     .NORTH.....       LOVE.......DEEPEST FEELINGS.

When I was much younger, my meditations told me,"THOU SHALT BECOME AS ONE". I had no idea
what that meant until years later. Now I know that Oneness has never let me down, and never will.
The internet has facilitated our awareness of this Oneness and is drawing us closer together. The
Mayan Calendar's media coverage has also made us aware of the rivers of Unity converging now,
causing even greater and faster changes in ourselves and in the masses. (Several churches in our
community are coming together this week to organize to more efficiently and effectively help the

INTEND: H and i are perfectly healthy, strong and mentally alert, emotionally calm & loving in the
years to come, even if i have
to change Timelines.
; This Conscious Energy may be what impels us to... "become ... part of the Universe's
Timeline"... ..."Transcend Time".    

Newsletter 7-25-13.
Gurudas: "Everything is merely a crystallization of the Time Flow; everything has its own metabolism and rate in the
time flow. The soul"... the spirit within... "is outside the time flow. It can be either ahead or behind in time; it makes
no difference."... Each of us is a hologram from the level of the Spirit Within..."So one's subtle bodies are clearing
the time flow, before it reaches the physical body or potential disease state that has been recycled from the
omnipresent past into the present."...

"Then there are electricity, electromagnetism and consciousness to make up the other three dimensions.
are the levels you must attain mastery ove
r, for these levels and projections have direct correlation with the
seven  spiritual bodies. In these days, we are beginning to master
4-D. In treating (healing) the seven spiritual bo-
dies, you are beginning to reach the fulfillment of self as a 4-D being. You are moving beyond just the material,
which occupies the 3 dimensions of height, width and depth, into the control of mastering time and space."...   

When we energetically imagine and intend a new future for ourselves as if it were already actualized, we are "
ing From the Future
". Then we relate that vision to others who may choose to do the same. We alone are the judge
of our worth. As we discover and cherish our own uniqueness, we relinquish the need for external approval. Every
scious choice is an opportunity to give ourselves a gift for the future, so we live according to visions of a benevolent
future, rather than by past trauma-dramas. In time, our transpersonal plan expands into a collective plan.
Deepak Chopra. Interview.

Instead of dealing with height, width and depth, we now have to add the elements of Space, Time and Gravity! This
has never happened before in the entire universe, so give ourselves some consideration, compassion and space;
for the "old" way to ascend both Earth and the masses of humans, was to destroy 99% of the life forms and start all
over again through eons of Time.

Our greatest difficulty now seems to be how to ground ourselves in this new dimensional reality. We used to ground
physically, by connecting with Gaia/Earth
; perhaps, going to a favorite personal spot in nature, or walking barefoot
on grass or dirt. But
things are done now in groups__ be they friends, family, businesses, belief systems or art
guilds__things we have given our power to__ and we need to "anchor them as groups
". Every group, including
governments, universities, systems, relationships, have to begin to live with "No Secrets" from now on. Some
collectives will collapse, fall apart, disappear. Others will be able to make the transition by learning to see
themselves in a new way, and no longer identify themselves with their jobs, their physical appearance, their social
status, their physflal fitness, their intelligence, celebrities, their wealth, etc.. We have given our power away to so
many things. All our passions have to be re-evaluated at this point.

Creative Energies have escalated in all of us, but we haven't found a way to ground it as yet. Our Intentions used
to manifest within a reasonable amount of time, but lately, I find they "work" in strange ways
. Time and Space are
playing games with us. An Intention may be delayed for hours, days, weeks, months, even years, and suddenly it
manifests after we really don't need or even care about it anymore. Or, we may only get partial results, with some
things showing up in certain places and others in totally unexpected places__ or where they're not even necessary!

Ch.14: "Lightworks"  Remember: we are not meant to discover everything knowable, but only as
much knowledge that we may apply wisely for the evolution of the race, and for those whom we
may be able to influence within our sphere"    

At the August, 1987 Harmonic Convergence, I go to Idaho's Craters of the Moon National
Monument to meditate and commune with nature spirits; but instead,  I have an etheric contact with
a being from the future. Next morning as I awaken I'm inwardly told: "You can learn all you need to
know about energies from 'Kriya'."  Personal and collective information pours in during the next few

988:  We travel 700 miles to Orcas island, and re-open the long-dormant Vancouver Island vortex that evening. I awaken next
morning dizzy, weak and sick to my stomach. HS says: "R
eplace your dependence on right brain Intellect  as
your personal security system, with left brain, Intuit-ion and  Inner Guidance."

After repeated tries, I finally let go of using my intellect as an assurance of safety, and slip through
an inter-dimensional vortex  into an ancient, Lemurian rain-forest,  where I see a tiny hut made of
natural materials. A little man stands in front of it, wearing a tree-bark cape and pointed hood, and
holding a wooden staff.  I then hear a  Group Voice  announce : "The Creatures need to learn  to  
Create from Within Themselves". I recover soon after, but spend years wondering what that phrase
really means.

Then on day it finally dawns upon me__ 'Humans can operate electromagnetic devices with the
same methods we use to create future mental images for our works of art." The skills necessary for
spiritual or holistic healing and manifesting are very similar to the skills learned for fine arts as
offered in Chapt-ers One and Two of "Creating From the Future":
since they all evolved from Creator's Universal Force  Field. Every original painting, scientific
invention, literary or musical composition, etc.,  is a  Reality that did not exist before in exactly the
same way.

"Consciousness Evolution  reflects itself  in every creative process.  If we are to cope with our
current planetary crises and  personal security__  we and our children need to  evolve our  
consciousness to higher densities in which we can Create the New Earth Reality using only our
Hearts and Minds.

"Consciousness is an inward sensibility or awareness of one's own existence, sensations and
realizations  that have been agreed upon  by both the individual and the group of people with whom
he/she has been,  or is now, involved.  It suggests there exists a  Supreme  Universal
Consciousness behind the  underlying patterns of  Everything and  Every  Life-form  in the  
Cosmos.  This  Force  expresses through all of us. Our innovative ideas and inspirations flow
directly from a Divine Creator and All That Exists."

We will learn  How to Heal and Manifest, and How Our Universe Works;  for in order to pass
smoothly to higher consciousness and higher densities of existence, we will__ together__ gradually
Create that New Reality  for the entire planet  and all life upon  Her__  whether it's positive or
negative.  We shall develop the Skills necessary for creating with a higher consciousness,  and
learn to apply those Skills by Connetcing With Our Own Inner Spiritual Guidance  and raising our
body's  vibrational level to the higher frequencies enabling Ascension into the Higher Dimensions
and a New Earth Reality."

Part III ,Chapters 8 thru 1 (  reveal how to prepare
ourselves to ascend to the next higher density__the 4th__ or "Twilight Time",  and then prepare for
the following higher densities.  If we are to cope with the challenges of  A DIS-EASED PLANET
these days, we and our children must first evolve our bodies' vibratory energetics beyond our
present 3-D emphasis on hi-
erarchical systems,  separatism,  material greed,  competition,  intolerance and disrespect and
devas-tation of Earth.

ML: Where we Focus our Attention, is what we are experiencing. So, It is one's Focus that deter-
mines which of the Multi-Dimensions one is presently within.

988: After being called to Orcas island that October, and opening the ancient Vancouver Island
vortex, I awoke the next morning, terribly ill__ dizzy, weak and sick to my stomach. HS said:
"Replace your dependence on right brain Intellect as your personal security system, with one of left
brain, Intuition and Inner Guidance."

After repeated tries, i was finally able to let go of the notion of my intellect as assurance of safety,
and went through a vortex into a dimly lit Lemurian rain-forest, where I saw a tiny hut made of
natural materials, and a little man standing in front of it, wearing a cape and pointed hood of tree
bark and holding a wooden staff. I then hear a Group Voice announce: "The Creatures need to
learn to Create from Within Themselves". I then recovered rapidly, but wonder for years just what
that phrase really means.

7-13-13: "You cannot separate Space,Time and Consciousness. When you can merge Space,
Time and Consciousness and adapt to it__ you can Time Travel."

DREAM: 1-88:
"My name was 'Masu'. I don't know if I came here from somewhere else, or how I got here__ if i did.
Maybe I was born here; I don't recall that either. I only remember becoming a fully-grown per-
son and being called before the High Council and told I'd be working in the Sand Fields along with
all the others."

2-28-14: Asked H.S. for guidance as to which Multi-D Technology would be best for me to pursue
first, when I'm ready?
H.S.: "The Synchonoicity Key" & "The Source Field"... pg. 421.

Was about the Sun & planets being affected by a brown dwarf star... or other things, such as THE
PLATONIC SOLIDS, which are connected with VIBRATION OF A FLUID. The Source Field...
Creative Force Field__ is a FLUID. Is this notion the BASIS of all the Multi-D Technologies?

"The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has only one important
statement: " All things, all of life, all of creation is part of one original thought.!"

"At the quantum level, these geometric vibrations of the Source Field__ of the Universal Mind__
turn into atoms and molecules."

"Each pr
oton in the atomic nucleus is simply one corner of a geometric shape." (the Platonic Solids)
... "Once you finish building one geometry, and more energy keeps coming in, another geometry
begins to form around the first one.?... Everything we see in the universe is an energy vibration....
waves or particles. You can create  your own geometric vibrations in this fluid-like energy__ the
Source Field__ with your own thoughts. You can use this to "magnetize" certain things to you, such
as in the Law of Attraction. As you become more advanced, you can use this same power to
levitate things with your mind, or even manifest physical objects out of thin air. Gret masters like
Jesus were ble to do this because they understood the big secret: THEY ARE THE SOURCE

From "The Matrix": "Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the
"There is no spoon.."... If you Become One with the spoon... "Then you'll see that it is not the spoon
that bends__ it is only yourself."

"Internal vibrations in the Sun Create the Orbital Shells."...(Pg. 426)... "solar seismology"...
H. S.  "In  most cases... YES.!  Thank You!

12-11-201:3 (# 11 Adept) DREAM: A group of us__ mostly women__ were living together here in
our Gdg. home. As we ate dinner at a big table, some vases__ cream-colored one with Oriental
Trees on it; and a varigated blue one with sparkles, flew off the table and shelved, gently hitting
some of us at the table and crashing to the floor. They weren't broken, but had big dents and bul-
ges on them. We were amazed and concerned. What was doing this, and why?

We thought something was outside, so I closed the blinds on all the many large windows. Joyce
was sitting there, curled up in a blanket on the sofa, cuddling a little dog "Wendy" on her lap.

I began reading a book. As I turned pages, the printed words began to disappear. Joyce said she
wanted to "show me something". On one page, a design appeared in orange, blue-green and black
against a white background. It was quite sketchy.  Joyce said it was for Healing & Manifesting. I
turned back a few pages to see if there was info on how to use it. No. but then I saw the design
again__ and it began to become clearer and more elaborate, but with the same colors. I tried to Fix
it in my mind, as I realized I was dreaming (Lucid Dream). I asked Joyce (knowing she had died)
and tore the 2 pages of designs out of the book to keep. I was then told the 1st Design was to
stand on and get info from the "Spirit Rug"__ where  you could not only COMMUNICATE WITH
excited and wished to keep it and use it after waking up.

Next morning, I could still see the designs when I closed my eyes. However, the Vases seemed
important, too, and I didn't understand their significance.(Vessels? For our Bodies? Damaged?)

H.S, Guides: "The vases represented containers of Spiritual Concepts__ Bodies of Knowledge
commonly held by women of spiritual consciousness. The tall, cream-colored one was Oriental
(Buddhism, Taoist, Shinto). The squat blue one was Persian/Middle EAst/Annunaki. They "flew" to
gain the group's attention. The dents represented Misunderstandings of these concepts/beliefs,
and the bulges represented over-emphasis on certain portion of those beliefs: i.e.,; overblown, over-

"The 'Rugs' were more of a Native American-Indigenous Knowledge based on Nature and Great
Spirit. The 1st Design was 'sketchy' because the channelled information was often colored by the
receiver's personally biased view of life. The 2nd Design was complete in that it was founded on
Truth, Experience, Unconditional Love and Onenesss with Spirit-Creator. This is a "CREATE WITH
SPIRIT-CREATOR foundation. As with or without one's Group."

"When we Create with Spirit and with Group__ one must accept what Manifests as the 1st Step-
ping Stone in a Creative Process. The OLD WAY was to expect one's Intention to be wholly mani-
ested in its entirety, either immediately, or in a short time period. This can still be true in some
cases, but in this TIME OF TRANSITION from__ Yes! 4-D to 5-D, the Old is fading away and the
New is still forming. Therefore, some of the 'Old' has to manifest as a 'Trigger', the 'Seed', for the 5-
D New Earth Reality version to sprout from it."

"M.R.'s 'new house' Intention was a prime example. The 'Mobile Home' was a preparation for her
future, where she would need to be 'mobile' and Travel/Teleport to other locations as part of her
service. Many of the Starseeds, Lightbearers, Wayshowers, Wandererers, etc., will be re-locating
frequently, if that is necessary for their higher density service..... We have finished."

Light forms our 3-D reality (Light is a creative aspect of 5-D). Teleportation takes us out of 3-D and
into another dimensional reality and back again; but our brain may not recognize that we have
"seen" or "felt" the other dimension because it's not used to recognizing that reality; so it may be
some time__ or never__ before we recall any part of that visit. This is why we are finding it hard to
remain focused on 3-D reality tasks at times. "In Ether Technology, there is no past or future__ only
"now". Remain attached to your intuitive Zone, and the problem you are working on will come to
you; it will almost solve itself." It becomes a "new now". Keep your brain out of the way. It is a state
of "knowing", rather than of "believing."

Everything is alive; everything is "real"__ right Now. It just "is" as you observe it or deal with it in
this moment. When we consider a an idea, situation or object as in the past or the future, that idea,
situation or object is no longer "real". In the very next moment, it could be an "unreality". Energy is
always in motion. Our consciousness affects it and we create our reality in nano-seconds by
perceiving it and accepting it as "real".

There are no limits__ except those we place on ourselves. The guides have said: "When we are
connected enough with natural law, we know that the things we need will be there when we need
it."  We can throw away our textbooks and records, leaving us with no burdens, no excess
baggage. We are creative energy beings with the capacity to do anything we can imagine."


I was once told that The Arcturians were in charge of the Higher Technologies on planet Earth, the Crop Circles being an
example. We hear all the time through the Mainstream News about "New Tech-nologies" that are to be available to us after
ascension to the New Earth Reality. But, it's like they refer to yet another material device__ a machine__ a huge anti-gravity
construction that will enable a fortunate few to use for traveling, manifesting, healing: perhaps a computer that prints material

Multi-Dimensional/Density-Technologies take us far beyond physical machinery. These "Higher Technologies" are similar to
what I've personally been experiencing through this lifetime. In other words: "We do it all with Mind, Heart and Oneness." We
do it as groups, with benevolent Intentions, Free Energy, etc. There is a lot to consider here. In March, 2013, I asked The
Guides for information:

Gabriel Here: "Ascension does not happen in a blinding flash of light and a deafening crash of thunder; but in Baby Steps up
a tall, towering ladder, so to speak. Then one day, you realize You Are Already There! All expectations, fears, beliefs,
attachments are gone; yet all appropriate desires, needs and information appear in front of you without effort. Love and Light
from your Soul Family. Well Done, Pilgrim."
(Windows Media Playing: "Casualities of War" from the Brian DePalma Suite.)


I was once told that The Arcturians were in charge of the Higher Technologies on planet Earth, the Crop Circles being an
example. We hear all the time through the Mainstream News about "New Tech-nologies" that are to be available to us after
ascension to the New Earth Reality. But, it's like they refer to yet another material device__ a machine__ a huge anti-gravity
construction that will enable a fortunate few to use for traveling, manifesting, healing: perhaps a computer that prints material

Multi-Dimensional/Density-Technologies take us far beyond physical machinery. These "Higher Technologies" are similar to
what I've personally been experiencing through this lifetime. In other words: "We do it all with Mind, Heart and Oneness." We
do it as groups, with benevolent Intentions, Free Energy, etc. There is a lot to consider here. In March, 2013, I asked The
Guides for information:

Gabriel Here: "Ascension does not happen in a blinding flash of light and a deafening crash of thunder; but in Baby Steps up
a tall, towering ladder, so to speak. Then one day, you realize You Are Already There! All expectations, fears, beliefs,
attachments are gone; yet all appropriate desires, needs and information appear in front of you without effort. Love and Light
from your Soul Family. Well Done, Pilgrim."
(Windows Media Playing: "Casualities of War" from the Brian DePalma Suite.)

1994: I eventually overcame our T-Bird's  electronic quirks through use of intention, love, breath
and mental focus, pulling my personal energy field in  closer to my body  to keep it from interfering  
with the car's EM system,  intending that my energy didn't affect the car, and focusing my
consciousness in the left brain, avoiding the alpha or theta states while driving. This worked well
for re-stabilizing computers and other communication devices , too.

Someday soon,  we may beam to any place at will,  either with our Higher Creativity Intentions or
with incredibly advanced,  psychotronic  material technologies. But we must first  purify Earth  of
her devastating pollution  and restore her natural resources.

We continue exploring this Ancient Technology with a discussion of  TIMELINES and  AST-
 and how the Dark Elite used these cycles to time their
destructive acts toward Earth and Humanity, hoping to prevent us from ascending to 5th density
realms, where they could not exist.

The dating of Gobekli Tepe to
12,960, or about 13,000 years, is close to the Half-way Point in the
Precession Cycle
, accelerating the rapid consciousness evolution of Earth, and of mass human
ascensions along with drastic changes to Earth, Solar System and Galaxy. History shows that w
our Sun aligns with the Galactic Center at completion of each Precession Cycle
, then the
half-way point through that Cycle, is in direct opposition to the Galactic Center, forming another
major aspect that causes additional major changes to humanity, Earth, Moons, Planets and Sun at
that time as well.

It was about
12-13,000 years ago that the Great Flood occurred. My research suggests that the
Annunaki__ &/or other off-world visitors__ knew if its coming, and had to leave Earth in their ships
at that time__ leaving the
Great Pyramid of Giza as a "beacon" to guide their later return, knowing
much of our planet's landmark areas would be destroyed or reconfigured. OR, did some of Earth's
indigenous beings cover Gobekli Tepe to hide it from any returning space visitors?

(See following paragraphs about
mutations, or damage to our human DNA...etc.)
Telling next o
f Environmental Harm from chem trails, etc. in our area.

We  transmuted ourselves into
 Human Masterpieces.  We learned to be  Energy Artists  
healing  ourselves and our relationships.  
Now we  use our  Higher  Creative  abilities and  
knowledge  to  co-create  with the  
Uni-versal Creative Force as we repair the destructions
caused by our material technologies,  re-engineer the environment and manifest Heaven
right here on Earth.
 Slowly but surely,  we are building a  world-wide Unity Consciousness. We
are here  offering an opportunity  to become part o f a global network now forming__ a network that
can shift Earth's balance toward a future of greater peace,  joy,  love,  gratitude, security and  well-
being. Perhaps,  once we're attuned to our higher creative sides, we can slip in and out of our
history, our expectations and our genetic coding at will
;  maybe return to a past life to re-arrange
events  so as to be more in tune with our creative potentials.  Could we then instantly alter past,  
present and  future?

It's confusin' and often not even amusin'


9- 9-1989 MEDITATION: ML: Earlier, that morning, I had been shown how each set of three Zodiac
Signs, forming a Trine Aspect with each other in one's horoscope chart, indicate three Past Lives
that  formed a  Lesson for the Soul's experiences,  including challenges,  weaknesses and the
means to understand and rise above them, as well as the skills and abilities to be used in this "End
Times" LIfe-time.  There are four sets of such Trines in one's chart;  together designating the
Twelve Significant Lifetimes that are now__ in this Present Life-time__  being merged to evolve
one's Soul into an  Adept,  able to Serve as Co-Creator in bringing The Divine Plan for New Earth
into manifestation.

I had been feeling that I was "working" on three different levels, or rather __ "living" three different
iives simultaneously, after we had been transferred to St. Louis, MO__so I meditated on it:

In the dense-etheric and etheric bodies, THE HEART IS THE WOMB OF TRUTH. The ELECTRO-
MAGNETIC SYSTEM OF THE HUMAN BRAIN is a triple, rather than a binary system as it relates
to the THREE DIMENSIONS of EARTH PERCEPTION. This triple system can be enhanced to a
Mind as the synthesizer of these Holographic concepts. Whereas an individual mind was able to
grasp several bits of data and combine them into a higher level of a unified idea, the Holographic
Mind can combine groups of data or information with other groups of data/info. In effect,  group
concepts integrate with other group concepts."

"It is the development,  and the later application,  of such mental feats that enables the individual
to continually shift and adapt the MInd  to understand the Truth of the  Whole,  as it continually
forms, shifts, re-groups and re-forms itself in the 'Cosmic Dance' of energies."

"At a still higher level,  the MInd will be a co-creator of  Earth Forms and Structures  in accord
with whatever part of the Divine Plan for Earth can be grasped,  as it works thusly to cooperative
in  endeavors with other, &/or, Higher Minds, building and projecting unified and coordinated
thought-forms. This is the Purpose of the tracking of Three Simultaneous Life-
times' running parallel to each other."

"When a Soul chooses to bring their weaknesses into the Light,  to cleanse them  and change
them into strengths, they will contact and realize their Past Lives of Significance, forming a
PATTERN for the fulfillment of the present life's Soul Mission. Those past life patterns indicate
the Soul's collective personalitie__  as indicated by the MOON in the horoscope chart__  which
are then brought into the conscious mind, and the Soul, having released all its past lives of
Personality envelopes, but retaining the necessary skills and wisdoms, will STAND FREE of
those personalities."

"When this occurs, A NEW ENVIRONMENT IS CREATED around the Soul entitiy__ new people,
new places, and new situations develop. What the new environment includes,  is actually a  
COMPLETE ENVIRONMENT  so that the Soul  can then serve  by functioning  in total fulfillment  
of its long-term contract."

"This indicates that  as an individual changes oneself,  everything in their environment also
changes. It is really the only way we can influence others.  We can express ourselves to others,  
but unless we are At One with Spirit Within ourselves, we may not be able to express the highest
parts of ourselves, and may give false impressions which create around us in that moment,  a
different type of environment than what we had intended.
" The Planetary Psi Bank".

Brain.html "Time and Space have no boundaries in Theta.  Many artists,  writers,  healers and  
scientists work from this level, as do  geomancers and  dowsers  who research and  manipulate  
earth's magnetic fields  and ley lines.  It may be that UFOs  exist in this state,  occasionally  
willfully  accelerating  vibrations to  Alpha  where some of us  can see them."

"At 5.5 cps,  we're shown the  growth required   to transcend  data input  and simply "know";   and
as we approach 4 cps,  we interface  directly with the  Planetary  or  Galactic Mind.  At a still
lower Theta, 3 .5 cps,  we gain  enhanced language retention and the sense of being ONE with
Spirit, Creative Force and All That Is."

THE SIGNS REPRESENT (Yes__ there will be added 2 more signs when
Galactic Resonance is
achieved__ one representing
Systemic Awareness/achievement, and another representing
Galactic Awareness/resonance. This completes a 14 faceted Crystal for the next 26000 Great
Year Cycle: 7 facets above and 7 facets below, which indicate Soul Group consciousness and
development below__ and those above are the carrying of such development and consciousness
to the more inclusive Monadic, or primary Ray Group__ 1 of 7 Systems. The Zodiac (14 signs) as
a whole circle will the represent the entity known as the
Galactic Heavenly Man__one of 7 in our
particular universe."

"'TIME' will no longer be 'known' as now. An evolved Soul Group will have Control of Time, and
can sense an analog or matrix of numerous 'TIME CONCEPTS' simultaneously__ as well as

"Humanity, constantly informed by Planetary Solar and Galactic Resonance, will take an active
part in creating its own destiny as well as that of the planet, solar system, galaxy; and after
7th SubRace
possibilities are activated, the Universe as well."

"In the
Soul Group, every individual Soul has a Function unique to itself, when carries out the
soul Group's Purpose in the keeping of The Great Plan. All the Knowledge, Information and
Experiences achieved by all members of the Group are now open to the individual Soul's intuit-
ition__ including whatever portions and degrees of realization of The Plan of the Hierarchy (the
Collective Soul Groups forming the Kingdom of Souls on Earth) has been achieved by each
member &/or any one member of the Soul Group. As the Soul Groups become increasingly
conscious of each other, so does the consciousness of the individual Soul increasingly sense the
Hierarchical Groups and Plan."

"When the
Planetary Resonancy (ZUVUYA/DNA GRID) is achieved by a majority of human
members of
the Kingdom of 'Gods' (Superhumans)__ Critical Mass occurs and All Knowledge
and Experience is immediately available to every 'Superhuman' on Earth, who can relay it to other
Kingdoms, as well. When
Solar Resonancy (ZUVUYA/DNA GRID) /is achieved, through the
collective awareness of th entire Soul Group members__ (no 'Personality is in any way dominant
or unaware of its Soul)__ they can then attune to other Soul Groups' collective awareness and All
Knowledge and Experience of All Life-forms in the Solar System is available to Each Life-Form in
the System.... (Other planets in our Solar System have already achieved such resonancy of their
own planet, and are waiting only for Earth to do so.)."

When our Solar System reaches this stage of consciousness evolution, it will join with 6
other Solar Systems in our Galaxy.
.. (and yes, they too have achieved resonance and are
waiting for Sol__ our Sun)... so we can all join in Galactic Resonance. Each Life-form in the
Galaxy will then have available to it, every bit of Knowledge, Information and Experience
gathered from All Life-forms in the entire Galaxy."

"It is possible to experience this within YOUR ... (reader's)... LIFETIME! Now we can under-
stand the Joy and Excitement of the Dancing of Light Beings in the Yurt at the Tetons Retreat."

ML: Here we see how every individual's achievement of consciousness evolution benefits the
entire Group; and the Group's experiences and conscious awareness benefit each individual. We
move ahead hand-in-hand__ Mind-in-Mind."

"The instrument is tiring. We will be in contact again soon. Rest now. Drink plenty of water. Stop
and play the rest of the day. The body tires when the brain/mind tires. We have finished."

ML: Who, please is informing me at this time?
"We are called The Planetary Hierarchy."

The Ancients also knew that there are BIO-MAGNETIC FORCES WITHIN THE EARTH
S__ and These Forces are
at their
Highest Intensities at those specific locations. These locations were recognized by the
Ancients as
'PARA-PHYSICAL DOORS", (ML: Portals, Stargates), and as PRIMARY CIVILIZA-

9-30-15: Are there Locations on our Physical Bodies that hold these same abilities?
Guides; You already know of them through your astrological workings. Consider each Zodiac
Sign & House S"tate, and their Planetary Rulers and those planets, etc. existing within them at
ML; Who is speaking now, please?
We of the Planetary Hierarchy__ of course! LOL!"
ML: Many, Many Thanks. LOL!